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Tran’sformations At the Movies With Aoife and Addy Theater Presents Charlie Brown



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Rebels Explore the DMV

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Photo courtesy of Carley Rolincik Cover photo byNikki Strickland

Unlucky Number 13 Students Collaborate at Model UN Fairfax Welcomes New Member DC Prepares for Inauguration


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Swim and Dive Succeeds Gymnastics Takes First NHF Playoffs: The Final Four Fairfax Ice Hockey Recruits Supporters Lady Rebels Look to Make Post Season Impact

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Letter From the Editors Dear Rebels,


ongratulations on making it to the end of the first semester! It may seem like this month was the typical mid-winter slump, but I’m choosing to focus on the good—the beginning of the end. Less than 150 days until summer! Seniors, for those of you who have gotten those magical acceptance letters, way to go! For everyone still waiting to hear, patience is a virtue; trust me. This month we spotlight a few things to do in the DC-Maryland-Virginia to help make the rest of this winter, and the rest of your residence in Fairfax, a little more exciting. Check it out in our middle spread. Once you’re done with all the new activities you’ll have to do after reading our middle spread, take a swim through our sports section and find out all about Fairfax’s swim and dive, gymnastics, girls basketball, and hockey teams. As we say hello to the new semester, we also say hello to a new administrator. Fairfax was sad to see Mr. Chong go, but we are excited to welcome Ms. Meoli into our Rebel family. Find a Q&A with Ms. Meoli on page 18. Also on page 18 we are very proud to spotlight all the members of our Rebel family who competed in the Model UN conferences this past month. Way to represent! We hope you continue to enjoy our publication every month and we encourage you to get involved. Email us at fhsrebelroar@gmail.com, stop by our room during 5th period, send us a carrier pigeon—whatever it takes. We want to hear from you.

Happy New Year!

Nikki Strickland Jessica Miers


Congress Dodges Cliff By Suha Khandker


n Jan. 1, Congress approved a Senate proposal that avoided the looming fiscal cliff. The proposal maintained the tax cuts for lower income Americans and raised the threshold for when tax rates would begin to increase for wealthier Americans. It also increased taxes for the wealthiest citizens by %2. According to an article from CNN, many reports have stated that the legislation would increase revenue by $600 billion over a time span of 10 years. The legislation prevents spending cuts for two months and extends unemployment benefits for long term benefits. The fiscal cliff is a term coined to a set of tax increases and budget cuts that were supposed to go into effect at the beginning of 2013. It is called a “cliff” because if all of these cuts and increases were to be enforced at the same time, it would be a huge setback for the weak U.S. economy. While the legislation addresses the immediate effects of the fiscal tax hikes and spending cuts, it fails to address the some major policies that made up the fiscal cliff. The last minute legislation fails to address other looming fiscal issues such as the increasing price of health care and the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is a limit on the amount of money the U.S. government can borrow. According to an article by CNN Money the U.S. reached its limit of $16.3954 trillion on Dec. 31; if the ceiling is not raised the country


will be “roaming in uncharted territory.” The legislation that Congress agreed on also delayed the $110 billion defense and domestic spending cuts by two months. This creates more problems for Congress to deal with later on in the year. Representative David Dreier (R., CA) told the Wall Street Journal that while the legislation is “not a grand bargain”, Congress is working hard “to pull itself back from the cliff.”

Congress meets to discuss cliff. Photo courtesy of www.house.gov


Competition Grows with China


new United States intelligence study in early December predicts that the Chinese economy is likely to surpass the U.S economy in the year 2030; creating questions as to how China’s economic standards will continue to encourage this incline for the next 20 years and what the impact could mean for future generations. “The Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds,” report was issued by the National Intelligence Council, predicting that in the next 20 years the Chinese economy will become the number one economy in the world,greatly surpassing India and the United States. “During the next 15-20 years, more technological activity is likely to move to the developing world as multinationals focus on the fastest-growing emerging markets and as Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, and other emerging-economy corporations rapidly become internationally competitive,” according to the findings in the study. As the United States has held onto it’s record standard for being the world’s economic “superpower,” those who will be facing new world economies as a product of their generation, find the possibility of becoming a thoroughly dependent nation frightening. “Everyone looks to America as the power but now our pride will decrease,” said senior Vicki Kirzl. Driven by technological innovation and a strong core of work ethics, China’s economy and this recent study is not something this and future generations should be quick to overlook. In fact, according to FHS Advanced Placement Economics teacher, Erin Colby, it would certainly be beneficial for future leaders to learn and understand what has made the Chinese economy so advanced over time and what the U.S can do to closely match their progress. “I think American students will need to anticipate achieving high levels of education to be able to compete in the job market,” said Colby. “We need to learn to optimize within our boundaries what we have in America just as the Chinese has. We have to figure out how to best use what we offer like our higher education in order to best prepare students to succeed in higher education that greatly benefits our economy so that we can possibly match and re-surpass the Chinese as needed,” added senior, Becky Tien However, though an increase in technological innovation and outsourcing of U.S jobs would project the likelihood of China to become the largest economic superpower in the world, Surprisingly, Chinese experts predict just the opposite, as there are several domestic and economic conflicts that will likely pause the Chinese advances in surpassing major economic markets. “While there are many people in China who have prospered, there are many more who are still living in poverty. Economic wealth as well as literacy is very unevenly distributed in China and the rich-poor gap is huge. So there are parts of China, such as Shanghai or Beijing, where, if you visited, you might think you are in one of the world’s most advanced countries. Yet, travel 100 miles or less outside these cities and you would think you were in a very underdeveloped “Third World” country,” said David Finkelstein, Director of China Studies as CNA, a non-profit analysis

By Jessica Miers

organization based in Alexandria Virginia. Though economic trends throughout the years have shown the Chinese economy on an incline, such as the economic growth study from the National Security Council, the methods and standards used to stimulate this sudden improvement in their economic health, are also expected to no longer support this growth over the next 20 years. “Specifically, China’s economic growth has been a function of two things: an export-driven economy (subsidized by the state) and government subsidized infrastructures. The export-driven model of growth has in turn depended upon two things: cheap labor and high levels of foreign demand (think Wal-Mart!),” said Finklestein. “Chinese labor is getting expensive and world demand is down because of the financial crisis. Therefore, Beijing is going to have to turn to consumer-led growth at home in China. Whether they can make that transition is one of the major worries of the new leaders,” he added. Even though most experts predict that the Chinese economy may not surpass the United States and claim the title of the world’s new “superpower,” the overarching threat and the results of the “Global Trends: 2030,” study is still very real and may serve as the wake up call the U.S needs to get their own economy back on track. Whether it is through utilizBecky Tien shares her thoughts on China’s rising economic power. ing the resources and higher education Photo by Jessica Miers offered in the U.S or through simply restraining from a major dependence on outsourced labor, there are several ways and opportunities the U.S has to manage, stimulate and maintain the economy. For now, as experts predict, there is still some time to achieve these goals. Finklestein said,“On the economic front, the model of growth that allowed China to prosper for almost 30 years may have run its course.”



News Briefs

N.Y. Gun Control Laws

Grades Leaked

Andrew Cuomo signs new legislation. Photo courtesy of www.newsday.com

Students were alarmed over breach of security. Photo by Jessica Miers

On Dec. 18, an anonymous source posted a document containing grades of all FHS 2011-2012 underclassmen students to the “fairfaxunderground” wesbite. The information in the documents contained the students full name, fourth quarter, final exam and final grades.

On Jan. 15, New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed the first gun control law in the nation since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The legislation, New York SAFE Act is described by Senator Jeffrey Klein to be “the toughest gun control package in the nation.” The new legislation will reinforce current gun control legislation and enacts laws that demand background checks on consumers, especially regarding mental health.

DECA presentation

Obama proposes reform

President Obama proposes gun control legislation. Photo courtesy of www.politico.com

On Jan. 16 President Obama held a press conference where he proposed stricter gun control laws. The plan called for a combination of congressional and executive action. The proposal puts an emphasis on better back ground checks. These back ground checks would include both criminal and mental health history. The proposal also limits the amount of ammunition an individual can carry.


Lanier students watch presentation. Photo courtesy of Brooke Atkisson

Recently FHS juniors, Brooke Atkisson, Mackenzie Ardinger, and Brynn Brezovsky visited Lanier Middle School for a project called “For Me.” The goal of this assignment was to raise self esteem and self awareness in rising high school students in order to help them make responsible decisions. They presented to their project to 250 Lanier students. The middle school students in return were able to share their personal experiences and ask questions about the high school experience.


Tran’sformations: Smokey Eye Edition By Rachel Tran


new year has arrived and it is time for a fresh start! Create a new image for yourself by following these steps to transform the old, dull smokey eye into a beautiful, bronze smokey eye look.

1) Apply eyeshadow primer to lids for longer-lasting color.

2) Apply a bronze eyeshadow to the center of the lids as a base color.

3) Use a crease brush and apply a medium

brown eyeshadow to the crease to add dimension.

5) Line the bottom and top waterline with a black eyeliner.

6) Apply two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes to add emphasis to the eyes.

4) Sweep a dark brown eyeshadow onto the outer corners of the eyes.

7) Brighten the inner corners of the eyes with a white eyeliner and highlight the brow bone.

8) Apply two coats of clear lip gloss to finish off the look.

At The Movies By Adelaide Powell and Aoife Maher-Ryan

The Hobbit


he prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” series, “The Hobbit”, is an exciting but wearisome amusement ride. The fantasy film is the the first in a new trilogy that coincides with the Rings franchise and is directed by Peter Jackson who also captained the previous movies. Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) is a cautious hobbit who is picked as the thirteenth member in a group comprised of dwarves trying to get their treasure back from a dragon named Smaug. Fans of the book will appreciate the faithful adaptation and the special effects that made the movie more realistic than it could have been. Unfortunately, the movie did not live up to the LOTR series, and many scenes could have been cut shorter. However, the film does leave audiences anticipating the dragon’s grand appearance in the second installment, “The Desolation of Smaug”.

Bilbo Baggins (Freeman) looks over a contract before going on an adventure with the dwarves. “The Hobbit” has grossed over 700 million dollars around the world so far.

The Guilt Trip


eth Rogen and Babra Striesand star in “The Guilt Trip”, a mildly funny, predictable film about a mother and son’s trip across the country. Andy Brewster (Rogen) takes his mother Joyce (Streisand) with him on a road trip to reunite her with her former love and to sell his organic cleaning product. Andy’s work does not function as an intriguing plot device and his character also could have used some more development. However, Andy and Joyce act as foils for each other which adds to the entertainment. Along the way, conventional jokes and gags ensue but some moments are genuinely funny, like their time spent in the rental car with a book on tape that makes for uncomfortable moments.The end of Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand give forgetful the characters’ journey, while a tad expected, is also sweet.

Les Miserables


performances in this mother-son road trip comedy. Streisand's’ role in“The Guilt Trip” is her first major appearance in a film since 1996.

he smash hit musical “Les Miserables” has come to the big screen in an epic adaptation by director Tom Hooper. The film tells the journey of Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), a French prisoner who breaks his parole. Valjean starts to lead a more moral life, eventually becoming the mayor of Montreuilsur-Mer and a factory owner who constantly fears the reappearance of his prison guard, Javert (Russell Crowe). Fantine (Anne Hathaway) loses her factory job and turns to prostitution to support her daughter Cosette (Isabelle Allen), whom Valjean cares for when Fantine passes away. Years later, a revolution is brewing and Cosette (Amanda Seyfried) is a teenager and in love with young revolutionary Marius (Eddie Redmayne). The many different characters in the film have interJean Valjean (Jackman) saves Fantine (Hattesting stories to tell, which is mostly done through song. With almost 50 musical away) and carries her to safety. “Les Miserables” performances, the singing becomes tiresome and contributes to the length of what has already won four Golden Globes including already feels like a dragged out film. The entertaining performances by Sacha Best Film (musical or comedy), Best Actor, and Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as conniving innkeepers add some much Best Supporting actress. needed comedic relief to the film. Jackman and Hathaway's more emotional and Photos courtesy of www.Photobucket.com dramatic roles are also wonderful to watch.



“You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”


By Emily Verbiest

he FX Players will perform “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” on February 8,9, and 10. The musical includes characters from the Peanuts cartoon, such as Lucy, Snoopy, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock and more. ..Theatre director Wendy Knight said, “The play follows Charlie Brown through a typical day of his trials and tribulations. From his lonely lunchtime peanut butter sandwich, to his love for the Little Redheaded Girl, to his psychiatric consultations with Lucy to Glee Club rehearsal and finally bedtime.”

Such as “Sally’s struggles with the grade of her coat-hanger sculpture, Snoopy’s longing for food in his supper dish, and Lucy’s crush on Schroeder,” said Knight. The FX players rehearse three to four times a week and work with music director Kirsten Boyd. “The actors have been watching a lot of the animated specials to get in touch with their characters, in addition to memorizing their lines and songs,” said Knight. Noteworthy songs that will be performed include “Glee Club Rehearsal,” “The Book Report” and “Happiness.”

The FX Players rehearse for the “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” musical comedy. Photo by Emily Verbiest

hockey ad


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For Your Flynn-formation By George Flynn

Hot RG3


must admit, I am not what one would consider a football officiando- I’m known to scream “GOOOO FOOTBALL” at school games. But even I, in my ESPN ignorace, can’t help but notice the glory surrounding Robert Griffin III. Even with multiple injuries, the rookie QB for the Redskins is this years NFL Rookie of the Year. #HTTR

Photo by Emily Verbiest


ast week, Justin Timberlake announced that he’ll be releasing a new album. Less than 72 hours later, JT released the first single off the album, “Suit and Tie.” Lets be real, Justin could probably release a recording of nails on a chalkboard and it would be considered magical at this point. Luckily, the new single, which features Jay-Z, is actually fantastic. Suffice it to say, I haven’t been able to get the phrase “I be on my suit and tie” out of my head in days. Photo courtesy of Jive Records



s much of the thought of yet another youth for Kris Jenner to exploit excites me, I’m just left with so many questions about the newly announced fetus. Do shutter Photo courtesy of Nydailynews.com shades and skintight dresses come in infant size? Will this child have it’s own line for Sears? But most importantly, will or won’t the baby be named East? Because if Kim Kardashian gives birth to a baby named East West I might be able to handle it.

Suit and Tie

Second Semester

Kimye Jr.


f the lyrics to Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” are on repeat in your head, you are not alone. As January comes to a close, so does the first semester. That means that we’re halfway done with the school year, just as close to finals and graduation as to the rubrics and icebreaker games of September.

60 Degree Januaries


have a serious issue with mother nature this month. Usually the epitome of winter, a January that isn’t filled with two hour delays and wintry mixes just isn’t the same. Another year without any snow days is not going to be ok.

Photo courtesy of Weather.com


My Jokes

ast month’s FYF fetaured a joke that was borderline cruel and unusual to expose the school to. Yes, fire may have a high temperature, but that does not mean that it is funny. At all. From now on, fire is hot, ice is cold, and neither will be making an appearance “Really George? Really?” on this page again.


Rebels Explore National Harbor

N Visitors enjoy the beautiful National Harbor.

ational Harbor is the perfect destination when you’re feeling like embracing your inner sailor. You can rent a paddle boat or kayak for the day if you want to explore on your own or you can hop on a sightseeing boat for a day of relaxing on the water as you travel down the Potomac River. When you return to shore, there are restaurants galore to feed the appetite you worked up on the water. Of course, if aquatics just don’t float your boat (no pun intended) there are plenty of stores and other activities to make your day a memorable one.

Photo courtesy of National Harbor

The Verizon Center


his building takes over the center of Washington. It triples as a hockey rink for The Capitals, a basketball court for The Wizards, and a concert hall for some of the biggest artists. As of January 19, the Caps are back. Even though the Wizards don’t have the best record of the NBA, the team is redeeming itself. Both the Caps and the Wizards games are energetic, and tickets are fairly affordable.

Washington Wizards play the Orlando Magic at The Verizon Center. Photo by Nikki Strickland

Mosaic District


The Angelika Film Center in the Mosaic Disrtict shows new movies, along with classics. Photo by George Flynn


f you’re in the mood to feel hip and cosmopolitan without venturing out of Fairfax County, Mosaic District is calling your name. The upscale town center is a new addition to the DMV, but it is already being called “a city in the suburbs.” Just a few miles from school, Mosaic has unique shopping options, such as Ginger, Federal, and Anthropologie. If you’re hungry, check out any of Mosaic’s several restaurants, including Sweet Green and Four Sisters Vietnamese. It is also home to the Angelika Film Center, an upscale movie theater that features big studio and indie movies, as well as throwbacks like “Peewee’s Big Adventure” and “Gone With the Wind.”

the DMV



nown for it’s world class shopping, dining, and residents, Georgetown is the perfect spot to feel luxurious, even on a budget. Hop off the Orange Line at the Foggy Bottom station and enjoy the walk into Georgetown. Make sure to take a stroll down M Street, home to stores like Michael Kors, Adidas, American Apparel, and Barney’s Co-op. Don’t be afraid to explore the boutiques and restaurants along the side streets too!

Ralph Lauren’s Rugby brand store in the heart of Georgetown is one of the many upscale shops in the area. Photo by Nikki Strickland



here are many interesting, inventive, and inspiring museums in DC. The Smithsonian, which is the largest museum in the country contains 19 museums and galleries. A trip to the Smithsonian could include art galleries, the National Zoo, an indoor garden, a look at space, and history of a multitude of races, time periods, and locations. Our nation’s capital also has innovative and new museums. From the Newsuem- a building full of the history of news and journalism, to The Spy Museum which provides an interactive tour to simulate a spy mission.

The Newseum includes inventive maps and infographics to display information about the world. Photo by Nikki Strickland

Georgetown has become famous for its many cupcakes bakeries, including DC Cupcakes, featured on TLC, and Sprinkles, pictured above. Photo by Nikki Strickland

The Newseum is a DC museum devoted to news. It is one the most interactive museums in the Distric and the country, and includes exhibit like the map of global freedom of the press and a satelite remnant from one of the Twin Towers that was struck down on 9/11. Photo by Nikki Strickland


Rebels, What’s Your Favorite Place in the DMV?


y river house in Shennandoah, VA is my favoite place to go. It’s really peaceful, and a nice getaway from the speed and people of Fairfax. My dad and I are rebuilding our house, and he’s getting his hunting license. I love to go Lueck enjoys the job of mowing the lawn at her river out on canoes to re- house. lax. Mowing the lawn Photo courtesy of Morgan Lueck takes an hour, but only requires a little steering. ” - Morgan Lueck


love the Sonic in Annapolis! It’s totally worth the trip. Over Winter Break, I had such a craving for some tots and a cherry limeade - they’re to die for - that Allison Garris, Nora Elliot and I made a special trip for some food. It was great.” - Megan McKenzie Elliot, Garris and McKenzie enjoy their Sonic after a quick trip to the Maryland location. Photo courtesy of Megan McKenzie


really love going to Georgetown. It’s not that far away, but I can still forget about everyone in Fairfax. The shopping is great too.”Devon Youmans


Devon and friends enjoy time outside of Fairfax. Photo courtesy of Devon Youmans

To Do: Day Trips in the DMV Ocean City, MD

3 hours 24 minutes


2 hours 31 minutes

Baltimore, MD 1 hour 2 minutes

Luray Caverns,VA

1 hour 33 minutes

St.Michaels, MD

2 hours 8 minutes

Wisp Ski Resort, MD 3 hours

White Water Rafting, VA 2 hours 58 minutes

Colleges: University of Virginia 2 hours 4 minutes

Johns Hopkins University 56 minutes

Georgetown University 24 minutes






very year, Fairfax High School seniors get a new, jazzy black tee-shirt designed to unify and represent the class. Blazoned on the backs of the shirts are a list of all senior students, with some sort of catchy slogan across the top or bottom. The class of ‘11, for example, proudly declared that on a scale from one to ten, they were elevens. 2012 senior shirts teased underclassmen with its slogan, “Don’t you wish you could be 1-2?” The current class of ‘13 had so many exciting prospects: “One-Three, finally free.” “Class of thirteen, best you’ve ever seen.” The numbers one and three can even function as the letter “B” as seen in slogans like: “Saving the 13est for last,” or “13ring it on.” Instead, the senior class is capitalizing on the idea of “lucky number thirteen.” Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number thirteen, and with good reason! The phobia is actually widely accepted in Western culture, as thirteen is regarded as one of the unluckiest numbers. Tall hotel buildings will skip over floor thirteen, opting to go straight to floor fourteen or have a random, arbitrarily named floor like “12-a.” Some airlines have even omitted row thirteen seating on their planes, as to not scare off superstitious travellers.

By Erinn Fecteau

There are many theories behind where thirteen got all of its unluckiness from. For example, there’s a Norse legend that twelve gods were holding a feast, and the thirteenth to show up, Loki, murdered one of the others. Traditionally, there are thirteen steps leading up to the gallows. There are thirteen people depicted in the painting “The Last Supper,” and the thirteenth is known as the betrayer. On the a Friday the thirteenth in 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar, who were seen as protectors. Probably most relatable of all, though: Mr.Krabs from the television show “Spongebob Squarepants,” declares that there a thirteen dirty words that one must never say. It may just be coincidence that so much evidence is aligned against the number thirteen. Perhaps cultures seek ways to either verify or disprove their superstitions, and the number thirteen has so much evidence amassed against it only because people wanted to give it a bad rap. Regardless, if airlines and hotel managers are willing to accommodate for the fear of such a seemingly unlucky number, perhaps the senior class needs to reevaluate its motto-- before it’s too late.

17 Photo Courtesy of Fairfax High Yearbook

Students Collaborate At Model UN Conferences By Rachel Tran


or a group of select students, there is nothing more exciting than the sound of a striking gavel to open the latest Model United Nations (MUN) conference. Model UN, a club in which students discuss foreign affairs, United Nations relations, and current government policies, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Students attend several conferences a month based on the issues that they are interested in and choose a country to research its position on the topic. After the entire committee comes to a consensus on the amount of debate time, each country’s representatives have the opportunity to present their nation’s stance on the issue and propose a solution. Once the countries have expressed their individual views, they may negotiate with other countries and ultimately reach a compromise. Senior Anna Chuluundavaa, who plans on majoring in International Affairs, has gained meaningful experiences through her interactions with different high school students during the conferences. “I really appreciate having intelligent conversations on current world issues; it is nice to meet new people and hear their ideas,” Chuluundavaa said. Senior Ghalib Syed, also an avid participant of Model UN, enjoys collaborating ideas with other members to brainstorm solutions to current issues. “[Model UN] is a great way to not only boost your college resume, but also allow you to interact with students from all over the county in a competitive academic atmosphere and gain a deeper understanding of controversial topics troubling the world,” Syed said. By raising their plaques, members can choose to voice

their argument and try to persuade others to agree with their resolution. Following the discussion, all of the countries vote and decide to take a Ghalib Syed quickly reviews his notes before presenting at the West Point Ethics common approach Conference. Photo Courtesy of Alexander Morozov Photography on the given issue. The judges also present awards to students who excelled during debates at the closing of the conference. “The smaller the committee is, the more you speak and involved you are, so it is easier to get the committee chair’s attention and win an award,” said Chuluundavaa. In addition to the honor of earning awards, Model UN allows many students to break out of their comfort zone and take risks that they may not have considered before. Senior Sammy Elmohtaseb said, “The Model UN conferences definitely built my confidence level and improved my ability to speak in front of others; it is not only a learning experience, but also a social experience.”

Fairfax Welcomes New Assistant Principal By Hannah Flynn and Aoife Maher-Ryan


aek Chong, the former assistant principal for last names starting Huo-Meo has been replaced by Paula Meoli. Meoli started her new job on January 14 after leaving her previous position as an assistant principal at Poe Middle School. What’s the biggest difference between your old job, and new job? “The biggest difference so far is just the number of students I work with, at Poe it was all the eighth graders in one part of the building altogether, their lunch was all at the same time so it was really easy for me to know the kids I worked with and get to know them and know how they were doing in school. Here it is part of the alphabet and in all four grades levels and everybody’s in all different lunches, it’s just harder to get to know people and figure out what I can do to support them.” Any hobbies? “I love to cook, and my favorite thing to do is hang out with my kids and my dog.”


Favorite Movie? “I always get really sucked into “The Last of the Mohicans” whenever it’s on television.”

What was the biggest challenge on your first day? “The big thing was just knowing where to go. How to get from here to the cafeteria or how to find the bathroom, I didn’t know where anything was, It’s huge it’s a really big building. .It’s been really exciting trying to figure out who everybody is and where everything is.” Favorite part of being an assis- Photo by Aoife Maher-Ryan tant principal? “I enjoy talking to kids that are doing well or not so well and trying to help them be successful. it will be really exciting to see the different types of performances and different activities and sports.” Favorite Book? “I read a lot, so this is one is tough, I really enjoy reading fantasy series. The final book of a series by Robert Gordon is coming out soon, so I’m really excited for that.”


D.C. Prepares for Inauguration By Aoife Maher-Ryan

Photo Courtesy of Aoife Maher-Ryan

Bleachers are already set up around the city in preparation for the parade.


resident Barack Obama will be officially reinstated on January 21, 2013. The inauguration is expected to generate a smaller crowd than four years ago according to Obama’s Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC). Vice President Joe Biden will be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and President Obama will be sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts. The second inauguration for the President is scheduled on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national holiday. Usually the presidents are sworn in on January 20th, but this year it falls on a Sunday, so Obama will have a private ceremony on the 20th and a public observation on Monday, the 21st. The second inauguration will be toned down compared to 2009. Donations used to pay for the celebration will be less, and activities to entertain the crowd won’t be as elaborate. Big musical acts such as Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson will be singing the national anthem, and “My Country Tis’ of thee” respectively. James Taylor, known for his Christ-

The Presidential Inauguration will take place in front of the Capitol with an expected audience of less than a million people. Photo Courtesy of Benson Blake Photography

mas songs, will perform “America the Beautiful.” Sophomore Sarah Gerde will be attending the inauguration for the first time with her Girl Scout Troop 1194. The Troop has been volunteering at the presidential inauguration since Bill Clinton was first elected in 1993. “We will be taking the metro to the capitol at 3AM to beat the rush, and will be wearing red vests to show that we are volunteers,” said Gerde. 1194 will be offering their services from 5AM until 3PM on Monday. Marching bands and the armed forces are performing in the inaugural parade, and started rehearsing one week before the actual event. The parade will go down 15th street with bleachers lining the sidewalks. “Roads will be shut down for 16-18 hours on the day of the inauguration, and the metro will be operating from 4AM until 2AM the next day,” said a D.C. police officer. For iPhone users, the PIC has released an app for this year’s inauguration that includes more information on transportation services, the history of the event and a schedule for the days functions.


Swim and Dive Succeeds


By Adelaide Powell

airfax High School’s co-ed varsity swim team has a record of 4-4 so far this season and is already showing promise in having two more wins than last year, with many more meets still to go. “The team this year is very strong, being lead by a group of gifted seniors,” said coach Maureen McCarthy. “We are a top heavy group with 17 graduating this year, lead by captains John Kim, Thor Rasmussen, Alex Parker, Natalie Dillinger, Hannah Patteson, Katie Quinnette and Megan Green.” The team’s season is going well according to McCarthy because of its “equal amount of wins and losses.” McCarthy also added that, “More importantly, the varsity swim and dive team has bonded well, formed strong friendships and laid the foundation for growth for the upcoming years.” McCarthy stated that there are many talented freshmen as well, including Owen Gentry, Harry Oldfield, Laura Griffin, Rebecca Byrd and Samson Miller. She said that with the help of their more experienced team members they are “sure to take the team far in the upcoming years.” “The team has been doing pretty good this year and its been a lot of fun so far. We don’t really have any big competitions coming up yet, but we do have meets pretty much every Friday in January,” said sophomore swimmer, Juliet Clark. Some of the divers have already qualified for regionals including freshman Samson Miller at his first meet of this year, according to sophomore diver Lizzy Naka. “We have a pretty good freshman this Sophmore Brian Neil completes a high dive. year (Miller)

Freshman Samson Miller lands his dive. Photos courtesy of Lizzy Naka

and other really talented divers like Alex Parker and Brian Neill who qualified for regionals last year,” said Naka. Another diver, sophomore Carly Springer added that, “On the individual level, most of the divers are aiming for districts.” Springer also said that the team only has four girls and 5 guys but that they are a hardworking group. Some swimmers are planning on “continuing their swimming career” by swimming for college including seniors Matty Ferguson at Virginia Tech and John Kim waiting for affirmation from the Naval Academy according to McCarthy. Kim is trying for his third school record, the 100 back, 500 free and is probably going to set the record for the 200 free this season too, continued McCarthy. “Looking ahead at regionals and states we should definitely have both girls and boys relays as well as some individual contenders compete. Ones to watch include Matty Ferguson, Natalie Dillinger, Marla Surette, Rebecca Byrd, John Kim, Owen Gentry and Matt Martinez,” added McCarthy.

Gymnastics Takes First By Nikki Strickland



airfax High School’s gymnastic team, despite having two new coaches and many new gymnasts, has been doing very well this season. The new coaches have been quickly accepted as part of the team; junior gymnast Sarah Mazzatenta said, “[Coach Gaines and Coach Hardy are both really good coaches and very nice and funny.” Whether it was due to the new coaches’ leadership, or the energy of the young gymnasts, the team has found victory early in their season. “We’ve really improved from last year, even though we got so many new people. We only have four

returners and the rest were freshmen or sophomores, and some of them never did gymnastics,” said team captain, senior Jhalitza Pimentel. “We hosted a meet (the first time Fairfax has hosted in 18 years) and got first,” said captain, senior Kayleigh Kopach, “That was probably the best part of the season so far. I’m really proud of how much everyone has improved and although there have been some struggles with injuries, everyone has really stepped up and worked hard this season. A great team to have for senior year.”

Seniors Kendra Atkinson, Jhalitza Pimentel, Gabby Vitola, and Kayleigh Kopach bond over gymnastics.

Photo courtest of Jhalitza Pimentel




By Jackson Campbell

fter losing Robert Griffin III to a knee injury, the Washington Redskins seven game winning streak ended in disappointment as they fell in the first round of the NFL playoffs to the Seattle Seahawks. As the playoffs move on, the spotlight around the country is on the remaining Super Bowl contenders.

The 49ers return to the NFC Championship after losing to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants last season. The spotlight will be on 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Against the Green Bay Packers, he ran for 189 yards, an all-time record for a quarterback.

Beating the Seattle Seahawks was a huge step forward, as the Falcons have struggled in the playoffs in past years. Here, the Falcons will need wide receiever Roddy White to find similar success against San Francisco as they did against Seattle’s stout defense.

The key for the Patriots will be to stop running back Ray Rice, because he has proven in the past that he can dominate the Patriots defense. The Patriots offensive line will also need to step up and provide quarterback Tom Brady with enough time to find standout wide receiever Wes Welker.

In linebacker Ray Lewis’ final season, the Ravens are making a memorable playoff run. They traveled to Denver and shocked Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Now they will face the Patriots, where quarterback Joe Flacco can prove he is one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

Super Bowl pick: Senior Chris Abrams, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, believes the Falcons will win it all. “They’ve got an offense that is unstoppable, and a defense that might need a little work after the scare in the Seahawks game, but the Falcons are my pick. Plus, give [tight end] Tony Gonzalez his ring, he deserves it.”

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Fairfax Ice Hockey Recruits Supporters By Jessica Miers


itting in the freezing cold Reston Skate-Quest Ice rink, there is a sudden realization that with over 2600 students at Fairfax High School, the Fairfax side of the bleachers remain empty at almost every scheduled hockey game, in comparison to other schools and their rowdy, spirited hype-squads. Led by head coach, Alex Heidt from Centreville High School and assistant coach, Peter Grose from Fairfax, the Fairfax-Centreville ice hockey team has battled their way through this year’s season as a composite team since Nov 16. However, the sheer lack of students that play ice hockey in the Fairfax community leads to a concern as to what the fate of the team will look like within the next couple of years, especially after Fairfax seniors, Nicky Grose and Jake Angeline, graduate. Despite the team’s small size, the Fairfax-Centreville ice hockey team has maintained an overall winning record for the past four years. This year, with only 17 players, the FHS team fiercely fought through some of their toughest battles resulting in wins, such as their 8-4 success against Bishop Ireton High School on Jan 7, and losses, such as their 4-5 struggle against McLean High School. “It’s not about winning or losing I just put on the jersey and go out with the best attitude I can possibly give. We just want the respect of being a good team from the eyes of other teams in the league,” said forward, Angeline. As the population at FHS continues to grow, there is hope that the team will continue to grow over the next four years. Traditionally, in the spring, the seniors of all


Photos by Jessica Miers

the Northern Virginia Scholastic Hockey League teams, say their goodbyes and welcome eighth grade players to join the teams early and become acquainted with high school ice hockey. “This season so far has been really fun, especially being a senior. I will mostly miss the fun of high school hockey. Being able to play against many friends I have previously played with is always exciting too while also currently holding the record for most career assists in the varsity league,” said, forward, Nicky Grose. With the hopes of becoming a bigger, and independent high school hockey team, FHS also hopes to increase their fan-base as well. As FHS football ends each year in Oct, some Fairfax-Centreville hockey fans have found that watching the hockey games has served as another great way to support Fairfax sports on a Friday night. “This season have been difficult for the players, but they’re having fun so it doesn’t matter,” said junior and hockey fan, Joe Rice. “I also like that we can bang on the boards and make fun of the other teams without getting yelled at,” he added. Though the team is part of NVSHL, because Fairfax is a composite team with Centreville High School, they will not be eligible for the playoffs. However, as a club, the players and fans of the team hope that their effort and hard work each year will soon gain the same recognition that other sports and clubs in our school do. Angeline said, “The thing I will miss the most is playing hockey for my school. Even though it’s a club I see this program just as equal to football and the other Fairfax sports teams that we have.”


Lady Rebels Look To Make Postseason Impact


s the season has progressed, Fairfax varsity girls basketball has remained in the thick of the Liberty District standings. With a young team, they will need to get key contributions from the few veteran members of the team to make a playoff push. Head Coach Marcus Konde stressed the importance of the leadership of the upperclassmen, saying, “our Captains this year are Kylie Murphree and Taylor Intermill both who have been good leaders on and off the court. We are a young team but we are very talented in every position. However talent is nothing individually, its when it is seen collectively as a unit that we will do great things.” “It takes mature players like Taylor and Kylie to relay to the other players that no one can be bigger than the team and that everyone has to do their part for us to be successful.” Konde continued. The Lady Rebels opened the season with two victories in a tournament at Woodson, kicking off a 9-5 start that includes strong wins against district rivals Langley High School and South Lakes High School. With just 11 players, everyone has an important role on the team. Their only losses in the district so far came to Stone Bridge High School and McLean High School, but the girls were competitive in both games. “We have had some success early on and more than the wins

By Jackson Campbell

in district, its the losses that we have learned from. Unlike previous years our three out of district losses have come against three top notch teams (Centreville, Edison, and Westlake) that currently have a combined record of 33 and 7 with two currently ranked in the Washington Post Top 20,” Konde said. “In each of our losses we know we had a chance to win and more importantly if we play just a little bit better we can beat them if we are lucky enough to see them again. We want to not only be a force in the district but follow in the boys footsteps of last year and make noise at the regional level,” Konde said of his expectations.” The team may be without the star power of individual players of past seasons like Lauren Burford, who now plays for Villanova University’s girls basketball team, but the camaraderie of the team as a whole is paying off, evident in their early success. In 2011, Konde founded a girls basketball league for middle school aged girls. After beating some of the stiffest competition in the area, with a team full of underclassmen, it is clear all the preapartion is paying off. Intermill says the team’s biggest strength is working together. “As a team we are strong and talented. Although we have lost the last few games, it has just made us realize that we need to stick together as a team at all times,” Intermill said. “When we communicate and play as one we are unstoppable.”

The Rebels may return as many as 10 players next season Photo courtesy of fairfaxhighsports.org


Rebels Compete for A Cure

By Nikki Strickland


n Saturday, Jan. 12, Fairfax High School’s DECA chapter, led by seniors Carley Rolincik, Ryan Hess and Hannah Kostoff, in partnership with the Special Events and Workplace Giving Coordinator, Laura Logan, hosted “Compete for a Cure: Couples Olympics” to raise money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The Olympics consisted of games including basketball, target toss football, scooter races, badminton toss, and minute to win it games. With two age brackets, 18 and younger and 19 and over, more than fifty people participated, according to Rolincik. Each team paid twenty dollars to participate and all proceeds went to the ALS Association. The event raised over one thousand dollars from the competing teams as well as raffle tickets that were sold; and prizes included gift cards to Ruth’s Chris, Great American Restaurants, Chick-fil-a, and Rio Grande, all of whom were sponsors of the event.

Photos courtesy of Carley Rolincik

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