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USANA Magazine Volume 5 2011

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The Stars Shine at

USANA’s 2011 International Convention Product upgrades

to upgrade your business

Tested. Proven. We are USANA. USANA’s proud statement says it all.

Ahead of the Curve Every good student knows that staying ahead of the curve is serious business.

brain development

That’s why it never hurts to provide your little scholar with a fun and easy way to get the nutrients they need to be at their best every day, in and out of the classroom. Usanimals™, a smart source of excellent nutritional support, includes vitamins B6, B12, folate, and choline for healthy brain function.* Usanimals supports healthy growth and development with an excellent range of the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your child needs for healthy immune function and energy levels, bone support, and brain development.* For children ages 24 months to 12 years old.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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USANA Magazine is published by USANA Health Sciences, Inc. for USANA Independent Associates.

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Dan Macuga Patrick Kibbie Laura Lewis Suzanne Houghton Teresa Elias Aaron Adams Emily Alaniz David Baker Cameron Smith John Q. Cordova Brian Tatton Penny Whitehouse Colman Aliaga Chris Bambrough Kyle Harris Pete Iccabazzi Mike Jaggi Nathan Paret Jed Skeen Stacey Soldan Kelly Branan James Bramble

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Tested. Proven. We are USANA


C  onvention Recap Living the dream


Team USANA World-class products, world-class athletes, endless opportunities


Social Media Keeping you connected with Convention


USANA & CHF Making a difference


S  cientific Advisory Council Meet the team

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USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

On the Cover

USANA’s award winners are honored at the 2011 International Convention.


Product upgrades to help you upgrade your business


USANA Associates and athletes alike— such as Joey Lindsey, Emily Scott, Rebekah Bradford, and Jessica Smith pictured above— had a blast taking part in Convention 2011

Convention Award Winners 2011 24 D  istributor of the Year 26 D  r. Wentz Vision Award 28 P  resident’s Award 30 R  ookie of the Year 32 Top Associate Enroller 2011 USANA International Convention Awards  illion Dollar Club 34 M 34 F ortune 25 35 G  rowth 25 35 Top Associate Enrollers 36 Top PC Enrollers 36 R  ising Stars 37 Teamwork 37 C  hildren’s Champions 37 P  aceSetter Creators 38

I ndependent Distributor Council The voice of Associates


Product Upgrades Upgrading our products, upgrading your business


I nternational Expansion Welcome, bienvenue, welkom


J oint Efforts TOSH’s Dr. Tyler Barker talks joint health


L  ife in Your Lifestyle See what’s new with Procosa®


C  ontests & Promotions See what’s in it for you


U  SANA Trips Live your dream vacation

In Every Issue 58

N  ew 3-Star Diamond Directors Ted Chun Y. Liu & Tina Tao Pang


N  ew 2-Star Diamond Director Mei Huang


N  ew 1-Star Diamond Director Helen Yoshihara


N  ew Diamond Director Leanne Grechulk

66 68 74 77

E  merald Advancements R  uby Advancements G  old Advancements Asia-Pacific Advancements

78 82

S  ilver Advancements

83 86

Top Associates

B  ronze Advancements

U  pcoming Events


USANA expands its borders yet again


New teams join the USANA family

USANA Quality Control Inspection Form

Quality Control Inspection Form Quality Control Inspector Evaluation Report Number Date Area of Inspection


8/27/20ll Please check all completed items. yes

Focus on solid science


(for nearly 20 years)

Commitment to nutritional research and development Quality, in-house manufacturing modeled after the pharmaceutical industry (no exceptions) Guarantee potency—what’s on the label is in the bottle Reward Associates with a revolutionary compensation plan Provide nutrition at the cellular level Voluntarily adhere to pharmaceutical-level Good Manufacturing Practices Produce the highest quality products without compromise Acquire FDA Drug Establishment Registration Foster valuable research partnerships


Earn the confidence of more and more professional and (Nutritional Hybrid Technology) Olympic athletes Use cutting-edge product development and manufacturing Pioneer customizable nutrition


Provide the best opportunity to find true health and true wealth ** Explain any problems found during inspection and attach a copy of the inspection with this report.

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Quality Control Inspection Form (continued)

Written by David Baker

Tested (Please provide examples): USANA welcomes testing. USANA voluntarily undergoes testing by organizations like NSF International and And we pass with flying colors. There are also several government organizations that do mandatory testing and auditing. As an Australian supplier, USANA is regularly inspected and audited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to ensure we follow a set of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that are nearly identical to pharmaceutical GMPs in the United States. We’re confident our products are the best, and each outside validation only boosts that confidence. Proven (Please provide examples): This list is going to be long. Winner of the NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement™, and the Editor’s Choice in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements for the second straight year. Utah’s Best of State award winner for Best Dietary Supplements (our seventh win since 2003) and Best Personal Care Products/Cosmetics (our fourth win since 2007). Rev3 Energy™ was also named Best Health /Nutrition Beverage for the third straight year. Voted Best Network Marketing Company by MLM Insider ll times. Australian Business Awards. Two Stevies for Best Live Event. Countless Tellys. A variety of Communicator Awards. And I can’t forget my Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences. Additional Information: At USANA, we are a lot of things. We are high-quality, in-house manufacturing. We are science-based. We are cellular nutrition. We are forever riding the cutting edge. We are low glycemic and high potency. We are true health. We are true wealth. We are residual income. We are time freedom. We are global. We are personal. We are spreading a vision. We are living our dreams. We are family. We are difference makers. We are agents of positive change in a world waiting for it. We are USANA.

8/27/20ll Signature: Dr. Myron Wentz

Date Page 2 of 2


ecause you see, by simply pursuing your dream, what ever it may be, you will change the world…” —Dr. Myron Wentz

Written by Aaron Adams


e all have dreams. Whether it’s our family, our financial situation, or our health, we all have an image in our minds of what our life might be like if it were better. Many people dream of a lavish lifestyle with fast cars and multi-million dollar lakeside homes in the Hamptons, while others dream of the simple freedom to pay their bills, send their children to college, and spend time with their loved ones. But for thousands of USANA Associates, August 24–27 in Salt Lake City will forever be remembered as the time and place where they learned just how easy it is to stop chasing dreams, and start living them. And by doing so,

they will undoubtedly change the world.

Energy Solutions Arena, just hours before thousands of Associates filled the stands.

11 20



very year, USANA hosts a celebration that shows the world USANA Associates really know how to have an unbelievable time. Commonly described as Vegas without the sin, USANAfest is the party you don’t want to miss. Fun for the whole family, this is the perfect way to kick off Convention, and it serves as an evening for Associates to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and groove with the USANA VP Band—they’re kind of like the Backstreet Boys, but with better haircuts. At this year’s sports-themed USANAfest, USANA Associates strapped on their baseball mitts, laced up their cleats, and tried their hand at a plethora of incredible games. They also got the chance to mingle with gifted, USANA-touting athletes, win awesome prizes, and get down with their funky selves! USANAfest was the perfect time to let loose and celebrate true health with the entire USANA family.

Good music. Better people. USANAfest had it all.


he Science You Love. The Upgrades You Need. As every USANA Associate knows, it’s the science behind USANA’s products that makes us who we are. Science is what defines us. Science is what has solidified our position at the top of the nutritional industry food chain. And for many Associates, Convention is a terrific opportunity to learn about the science behind the best nutritional products on the market.

USANA® Nutritionals are all about providing peak cellular nutrition—about providing the optimal nutritional resources cells need to stay healthy. And each and every product is developed with a strong understanding of the human body.


id You Know?

• E  very 10 years, adults completely rebuild and remodel every bone in their bodies. • E  very three months, you completely rebuild and replace your blood supply. • Every day, each cell in your body repairs 1,000,000 DNA lesions caused by oxidative stress. • Every month, you completely regenerate your outer layer of skin. • Every day, your heart beats 100,000 times, pumping 2,000 gallons of blood through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body. All these processes happen much faster in kids and teens. Children completely remodel their skeletons once every year. And between the ages of 12 and 18, growing adolescents put on 50 percent of their adult bone mass. Can you imagine how critical Usanimals™, Body Rox™, and Procosa® are for your entire family?

If there is one thing we know about science, it’s that it moves fast. We learn something new about the human body almost every day. Which is why we are constantly upgrading our products to better suit the needs of you and your family.

New flavor. New shape. Formulated for the lacto-vegetarian.

Increased levels of vitamin D, lutein, and phytonutrients to support healthylooking skin.



Now with Meriva®* bioavailable curcumin. *Meriva® is a trademark of Indena S.p.A.

USANA founder, Dr. Myron Wentz.


hey Got Skills Can you throw a fastball? Can you post-up, take the rock to the hole, and drive it home with the ease of an NBA superstar? With their talents spanning from one end of the athletic spectrum to the other, many gifted athletes assembled together on one stage to share their thoughts on supplemental nutrition and why USANA is in a league all its own.

Jennifer Azzi, WNBA legendary hall-of-famer.


eam USANA just filled a few more spots on their winning roster

with the addition of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA). These extraordinary athletes showcase their talents as members of the U.S. Freeskiing, U.S. Snowboarding, and U.S. Ski teams. Representing their country and their sports, these athletes are always training to ensure they are in the best shape as they race down the slopes and trails to the winner’s stand.


ords of Vision

There’s something about a good story that opens our eyes to the realities of the world and the realm of possibility in which we reside. And it’s amazing how inspiring the words of others can be, particularly when those words fall from the mouths of those with the perseverance, tenacity, strength of spirit, and drive to pursue their dreams despite adversity. Each and every speaker who took the stage at this year’s Convention had a story. And those stories made an undeniable impression on USANA Associates, leaving them with hope, courage, and a renewed passion to achieve their own dreams and change the world.

“For us, living is the dream.” —10-Star Diamond Director Zachary Ross talking about his sister, Sharlie, who will receive a double-lung and heart transplant

“ We have enough power in this room to heal the planet.” —Dr. Christiane Northrup “A big part of my health regimen was, and still is, my USANA products.”

—Jennifer Heil, 2006 Olympic gold medalist

“As a society, we are overfed and undernourished.” —Dr. John Cuomo, USANA executive director of research and development

With the heart of a champion and a dream of equality, Billy Jean King taught Associates that with a little faith and conviction, anything is possible.

“ Each and every one of you are champions.” —Billie Jean King

“ Those people spent $70 million to recreate something that I did for nothing.” —Christopher Gardner, speaking about the movie based on his life history

By proving to himself that he could achieve his dream of playing Notre Dame football,

Rudy Ruettiger’s message gave Associates the confidence they need to defy the odds and make the impossible, possible.

USANA’s CEO, Dave Wentz.


ive la France!

Napoleon Bonaparte, who is often regarded as one of the greatest military leaders of all time, stormed the stage, demanding USANA spread its message of true health and true wealth beyond its usual borders and into the heart of his homeland—France. Little did he know, the order had already been given. In the first quarter of 2012, USANA Health Sciences will expand into Europe through France AND Belgium. With the addition of these two countries, USANA will have operations in 18 markets worldwide. Needless to say, this took even the great Napoleon Bonaparte by surprise. Looks like he finally met his match. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), France is the world’s 10th–largest direct selling market, with estimated sales of more than $2.4 billion annually. USANA’s Western European office headquarters will reside in France.






e Are USANA.

Banding together from across the globe, thousands of Associates let their voices be heard, lived their dreams, and let Salt Lake City—and the entire world—know exactly who we are. Tested. Proven. We are USANA. One vision. Hundreds of awards. Thousands of Associates. Millions of lives.

Team succ USANA es at m o n s . Fr o m h l e t e s a th r s the w s in hop peedska e known e t o Snow r ld, and s of achi ing to lu for thei r e vin g boar Team g the e to cr o str engt d As U S h, A ss ir socia tion NA just a place on countr y their p Writ ten o (USS d by S uzan A) a ded mo the med to biath wer, and ne H r e st s we l a , o l oug n o stan , f ll as r eng t h c o e d ur se hton se a . T he th w the K thl , t it y or ea n Sh h the ad ar e som etes tr a heir e or t T d i r ack ition of of the b n for t and Spee he U.S. S est in dska k ting i and team s.

Photo Š Carin Yates

Photo © Carin Yates

The USSA is jam packed with athletes who are no strangers to success. They display their immense talent on the slopes as members of U.S. Freeskiing, U.S. Snowboarding, and the U.S. Ski Team, and while they represent their country on the medal stand, they will now, also, be representing USANA.

U.S. Ski Team

U.S. Snowboarding

U.S. Freeskiing

Full of talent and a flair for the extreme, members of the U.S. Ski Team race around the globe participating in alpine, cross country, freestyle, nordic combined, and ski jumping. Whether they are competing in the Winter Games or the World Cup, the U.S. Ski Team is always on top of their game.

Members of U.S. Snowboarding know extremes—after all, they face them every time they compete. While they strive to catch major air at competitions throughout the year, they are also known for reaching for the bronze, silver, and gold.

Members of U.S. Freeskiing know what it takes to get to the podium. They compete in halfpipe, skicross, and slopestyle, and participate in events such as the Revolution Tour, Dew Tour, and X Games. On and off the slopes, these athletes are revered by their fans.

Korean Short Track and Speedskating Members A number of members of Korean Short Track and Speedskating are now sponsored by USANA and they are powerhouse athletes on the ice. The skaters participated in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and brought home 13 medals.

Athletes are held to an incredibly high standard. They have to know without a doubt they are taking the best supplements out there. That’s why usana provides participating athletes with a guarantee of up to $1 million that all provided nutritionals are free of wada banned substances. With athletes now trusting their health to usana in such great numbers, USANA fans all over the world can be assured of the company’s own incredibly high standards of potency, purity, and quality. For full athlete guarantee program details, please visit Kelly Clark, 2011 Sprint U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix at Mammoth

These athletes are exceptionally talented and hold their health in the highest standard possible so, naturally, partnering with USANA is a perfect fit. “Our athletes regard nutrition as one of the keys to their success,” USSA High Performance Director Troy Flanagan says. The USSA partnership announcement came on the second day of International Convention, and the Associates who filled the EnergySolutions Arena enthusiastically welcomed the new players into the USANA family. As other USANA athletes filled the stage, Associates were able to see how incredible and diverse Team USANA is, and that makes them proud. “I have always known USANA was the best. Watching these athletes join USANA just reconfirms what I have always known,” says Ruby Director Janelyn Marcelo.

World-Class Products. World-Class Athletes. Endless Opportunities. On stage at International Convention, USANA Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media Dan Macuga reminded Associates that Team USANA is full of talented athletes and

that this is just the beginning. “We are a global company, and this is a worldwide story we want to share,” he says. And, he added, “There is no stronger statement to have with prospects that they can trust you just like these athletes trust their health to USANA.”

USANA to prospects. “We are excited to take this message to others, build their trust, and see new partnerships created,” he says. “With the announcement of new countries opening, this is definitely our time for massive growth.”

These outstanding athletes dominate Team USANA helps Associates be assured their sports, and knowing they are powthat when they introduce the USANA opered by USANA’s products is something portunity to others, they are introducing Ruby Director Jordan Kemper can’t wait them to a life of true to share with others. “I am health. “Do you know so pumped!” he exclaims. Athletes are picky what all of these ath“As Associates, we must when it comes to letes need?” Dan asked be bold as we share why the crowd. “WorldUSANA truly is unique and supplementation. If class products. And they trust their health unmatched.” that’s why each of these to USANA, we know Living the Dream athletes trust their we can too! Team USANA athletes and health to USANA’s Jordan Kemper USANA Associates have award-winning nutriRuby Director more than just their love for tional supplements.” USANA in common—they are all pursuThe important connection between worlding their dreams. Whether that dream is class athletes and world-class products racing down a snow covered mountain at wasn’t lost on those in attendance. Team world record speeds, building a business USANA’s growth is something USANA across the globe, or sharing the powerful Director Paul Rohatensky believes will be vision of Dr. Wentz, follow those dreams a great tool and gateway to introducing and let them empower you. n

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Social Media Keeps You Connected Written by Emily Alaniz

Social Media Tips

Justin Morris, Emerald Director; Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Convention is always an excellent time to start the conversation on social media. At #USANA11 (as it was known on Twitter), Associates couldn’t contain their excitement over the product announcements and amazing speakers—so naturally, they shared the enthusiasm on Facebook, Twitter, and their personal blogs. There were plenty of opportunities to learn more about social media at Convention. The social media booth was abuzz with Associates asking questions about the coolest ways to spread the word about USANA online. Many Associates attended the fascinating breakout session where social media gurus Soomin Kim and Christa MacLellan provided pointers to get the most out of the Internet’s most powerful interactive tools. Associates left feeling more confident in their online presence, and they weren’t afraid to tell the world—through social media—about how awesome Convention was.

Spread the word about USANA online

“I actually DO NOT use social media to directly talk about USANA. USANA just happens to be a very important aspect of my life, and it happens to come out in the flavor and texture of my lifestyle— so many times, others will ask me about USANA.” —Soomin Kim, Ruby Director; California, USA “When you know how to use social media effectively, you can grow your business with one hand from your smart phone—it’s so worth learning!” —Christa Jean MacLellan, Gold Director; Ontario, Canada 16

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011



• Use your social media platform of choice to talk about the way USANA impacts your life—if you’re enjoying your morning Nutrimeal™, having a meeting with your team, or getting ready for Convention, write about it! • Don’t overwhelm your friends and followers with spam, which are frequent, unwanted ads for products they have no interest in. Instead, allow their interest in USANA to grow naturally as they develop an interest in you. • Every social media platform can serve a different purpose. Facebook is great for generating interest in USANA among your friends and acquaintances, Twitter allows you to reach people you may never have met offline, and blogs allow you to tell longer stories about the role USANA plays in your life.

USANA & CHF Making a Difference Written by Emily Alaniz


here are times when it’s easy for us to get wrapped up in our own problems—after all, everyone faces their own challenges and works hard to overcome them. But we forget that there are those much less fortunate who live in hunger and poverty. USANA and USANA’s Associates have not forgotten. The USANA family raises money for Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF), a non-profit organization working to help children all over the world. Since CHF’s inception, an average of 99 percent of total contributions have been used for programs serving the needs of children.

Unconventional Generosity At USANA’s 2011 International Convention, Associates could give to CHF in many different ways, and they seized the opportunity. The CHF 5k Run/Walk brought a huge crowd of Associates eager to test their physical fitness while taking a stand against hunger. Of course, all of the proceeds went to CHF. Another huge draw for Associates at Convention was USANAfest, where everyone got a chance to kick back, relax, and enjoy some great music. There were also plenty of games with fun prizes, and the proceeds from all the tickets were donated to CHF. The CHF booth at Convention featured various raffles for logo gear, sports memorabilia, and other exciting items. Associates were eager to buy tickets for these raffles, because the purchase only added to their overall contribution to CHF. Many Associates also took the opportunity to add a monthly CHF donation to their Autoship. These fundraising events added up in a big way. Including the tremendous contributions from Associates, USANA was able to donate $125,000 to CHF at the end of Convention this year.

Getting Involved, Giving More Even outside of Convention, some Associates have decided to contribute to CHF in a very personal way. Ruby Director Dana Ethridge facilitates a program that teaches people to hand knit simple children’s sweaters, which she then ships to CHF to be distributed to families with the greatest need. Liza Ferraro, a Gold Director, sells shirts to raise money for CHF, and at Convention she raffled off a “I ♥ Dr. Wentz” hoodie. The WTA’s partnership with USANA is also helping children in need. Beginning at Wimbledon and running until the end of the season, USANA will donate $10 to CHF for every ace scored at a WTA tournament. As if all this wasn’t enough, the entire author proceeds from Dave and Dr. Wentz’ bestselling book, The Healthy Home, go directly to CHF. It is a book written to make the world a better, healthier place, and it has already done so in more ways than one. It’s never too late to make a difference in a child’s life. For more information on how to donate, visit the CHF pages on and, or simply call Order Express at 1-888-950-9595. For more information on CHF, visit n

Extreme Energy Around the track or around the block

Everyday Energy Contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body can use to create energy. Naturally derived caffeine keeps your mind alert and gives you the stamina to stay focused. A low-glycemic formula keeps you energized without the crash and burn. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

USANA’s Scientific Advisory Council

Leaving Our Mark on the Science of Cellular Nutrition Written by Aaron Adams

By flipping through the pages (or one page) of this manuscript, you will discover some of the most brilliant minds in the fields of medicine, science, nutrition, and research. Unearth the reason this band of scientists works to help USANA be the best, unlock the secrets behind what it is these nutritional mavens do, and marvel at the future of the nutritional industry…

The Scientific Advisory Council, L to R: Christine Wood, Monica Lewis, Bart Moore, Tim Wood, Chairperson Peter W. Rugg, Heather Tick

The Need for Science Science…it’s a common link that unites all corners of the earth by permeating our lives and informing our actions. Science provides us with a deeper understanding of who we are as a species and what we need to survive. Science betters us, and science saves lives. Following Galileo’s footsteps in his efforts to improve our quality of life through research, discovery, and innovation, scientists from around the world are responsible for the development of modern medicine…and the discovery of cellular nutrition. 22

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

The cell, the structural and functional unit of all living organisms, is the source of your body’s energy supply; it’s what keeps you going—it’s what keeps you alive. And USANA’s Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), a board comprised of top medical experts, exists to push the science of cellular nutrition to its limits and turn Dr. Wentz’ dream of a world free of pain and suffering into a reality.

YOUR SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COUNCIL Bringing an impressive list of accolades, credentials, and experience to an already incredible group of USANA in-house scientific researchers, the members of USANA’s SAC are renowned throughout the world and provide USANA with valuable insights into product applications and efficacy. USANA works with the SAC on a regular basis to review formulas and discuss suggestions for how Associates and Preferred Customers can best incorporate USANA’s products into comprehensive lifestyle programs promoting health and wellness. Chairperson Peter W. Rugg, MD, FACEP, is board certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He works with athletes to improve conditioning, performance, and endurance, and he regularly lectures on optimal nutrition, lifestyle enhancement, and the connection between nutrition and health. Monica Lewis, MD, MB ChB, takes a holistic approach to treating and preventing chronic hormonal issues by addressing well-being for the whole person. This encompasses a number of lifestyle factors, including nutritional supplementation, along with the best conventional medicine. Bart Moore, MD, is a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and board certified as a physician nutrition specialist. He practices nutritional/preventive medicine and enjoys physician and community health education, giving frequent presentations and seminars on a wide variety of nutrition and lifestyle issues. Heather Tick, MD, CAFCI, DipAAPM, is a leading physician, author, speaker, and researcher specializing in holistic approaches to treating chronic pain and promoting healthy aging. She is a clinical assistant professor and director of the Integrative Pain Clinic at the University of Arizona, and director of Integrative Pain Treatment Centers in Tucson and Toronto. Christine Wood, MD, FAAP, is a practicing pediatrician, an expert in nutritional medicine for children, and the author of How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It. She is active in addressing childhood obesity and regularly speaks in the media and with schools, parents, and health professionals. Tim Wood, Ph.D., executive vice president of research and development at USANA, has a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology from University of California, a master’s degree and Ph.D. in the biological sciences from Yale University, an MBA from Westminster College, and more than 25 years of experience in research and research management.

With millions of problems and mysteries in our modern society, the need for science will never become obsolete. Looking forward to a better tomorrow, USANA and the SAC work together to keep you not only informed on the state of the nutritional industry, but armed with the powerful knowledge needed to make the most of life. Because without science and the wisdom it provides, our potential to better ourselves, and the lives of others, would be greatly diminished. n


You’d think Rita Hui was a USANA superstar. At the 2011 International Convention in Salt Lake City, crowds formed around her wherever she went, Associates clamoring to get a photo with the only 11-Star Diamond Director in USANA history. So there’s no telling what will happen now that Rita is a two-time consecutive winner of the Distributor of the Year award. Winning USANA’s most prestigious award even once is an amazing accomplishment for any Associate, but for Rita, that win simply fueled the fire she needed to repeat her success. “Ever since I was announced as Distributor of the Year in 2010, my passion for USANA has grown even stronger,” she says. “I am eager to help others achieve greater health as well as financial freedom.” To help share the message of true health and true wealth, Rita focused on training her team members to be successful leaders themselves. Her hard work paid off. To date, Rita’s team includes 120 Gold Directors, 46 Ruby Directors, 16 Emerald


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Directors, 18 Diamond Directors, and 14 Star Diamond Directors. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have her share of struggles. “Time management became quite a headache for me,” she admits. “To cope with it, I now focus

USANA’s recognition by the FDA has proven that my choice of devoting myself to USANA was honorable, and I will do my best to help more teammates accomplish their dreams in 2012.

on training potential leaders so they can handle further training duties and develop other leaders efficiently.” Managing such a large team might seem like it’s all work and no play, but Rita finds time to do both. “Now that my team has developed maturely throughout various countries, I am able to enjoy my harvest,” she says. “I can relish my free time and travel around the world with my family. Last year, I traveled to great destinations like Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Korea, Japan, the United States, and more.” For Rita, winning the Distributor of the Year award for a second time in a row was an exciting honor, but it was also something else: validation of her years of dedication to USANA. “This is the result worthy of every effort I’ve taken,” she says. “All the obstacles I’ve encountered are negligible.” With such an inspiring spirit and an uncommonly fierce commitment to Dr. Wentz’ vision, maybe Rita Hui truly is a USANA superstar. n

DistribUTor of the

Year Rita Hui

This award recognizes USANA’s Top Income Earner who demonstrates vision and dedication in sharing the message of true health and true wealth. This Associate provides inspiration through his or her example and shows us not only possibilities do exist, but also the reality of a residual income through a USANA home-based business. His or her leadership and commitment to teamwork instill the belief in all of us that we are capable of achieving time and financial freedom most only dream of in life. Written by Teresa Elias

Over the past several years, Dean, Sherri, and Matt Chionis have built their USANA business to incredible heights, expanding internationally and joining the ranks of USANA’s elite. But, for the winners of the 2011 Dr. Wentz Vision Award, running the family business is more about family than about business. Fifteen years ago, Dean and Sherri started their USANA business after researching several other companies. It wasn’t until they found USANA that they discovered a business they could stand behind. “It was the integrity of Dr. Wentz that made the company really stand out,” Dean says. Years later, Dean and Sherri’s son Matt was finishing his master’s degree when his father visited him to talk business. “He showed me how it would be possible for me to enjoy the lifestyle he and my mom had,” Matt says. “I am so blessed to be working with my dad now. With USANA, I have the opportunity to impact so many people, and I am just getting started!”


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Together, the Chionis family has enjoyed incredible success with their family business. Not only are they members of USANA’s Million Dollar Club and 1-Star Diamond Directors, but they joined the ranks of the Growth 25 in 2010 and took #14 in this year’s Fortune 25. This, along with a continuing commitment to support the needs of their family and the entire USANA family, contributed to Dean, Sherri, and Matt being awarded the 2011 Dr. Wentz Vision Award.

We feel blessed to be a part of this company…it is one big USANA family.

“You have inspired your children and taught them well,” Dr. Wentz told Dean and Sherri during the Awards Reception at USANA’s 2011 International Convention. “You truly are a USANA family, and I am proud that you are part of my USANA family.” “We feel blessed to be a part of this company,” Sherri says. “This amazing company has changed our lives so much over the years for the better. We get to help people improve their lives and make friends along the way. It is one big USANA family.” “Accepting this award is extremely humbling,” Dean said during the reception. “We are so thankful that God put USANA in our lives. This is such an amazing company. USANA’s integrity and innovation never cease to amaze us.” n

Dr. Wentz Vision Award Dean, Sherri & Matt Chionis

The Dr. Wentz Vision Award honors Associates who endeavor to improve the health and reduce the mental and physical suffering of everyone they meet. The recipient works to make the world a better place by sharing the vision of Dr. Wentz using every available opportunity to present possible solutions to health problems.

Written by Cameron Smith


Mei Huang thought that becoming a member of the Million Dollar Club in 2011 was going to be her biggest accomplishment this year. Man, was she ever wrong. It wasn’t that long ago when Huang set a goal of being a 2-Star Diamond Director before the 2011 International Convention. However, that didn’t happen. She reached 3-Star instead. And then came the ripple effect: she became a Top Income Earner, a member of the Million Dollar Club, and the Top Growth Earner in USANA (AKA President’s Award winner). When she agreed to learn about USANA in 2005, Huang didn’t quite know what to expect. One thing she did know, however, was that she was ready to make a change and take control of her life and hopefully help those around her do the same. Her reasons for joining the company go hand in hand with the description of this award, so it’s no wonder she earned the top spot. “I was impressed with every aspect of this company,” she states. “Great


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

products, strong financial ground, and the best customer service. I plan on spreading the vision of health and freedom for the rest of my life.” Huang understands how successful she has become but would like everyone to know that she hasn’t reached her final destination. To her, success is a journey, and she believes that if every Associate takes the time to enjoy their own journey, they will achieve any goal they set.

I plan on spreading the vision of health and freedom for the rest of my life.

Looking forward, Huang hopes she can use her success to assist others in the pursuit of their dreams. She hopes to educate through her business and teach others to take responsibility for their health. However, while her focus may be on others, Huang does have a few goals for herself. Huang considers USANA to be a lifelong investment and expects to advance and advance and advance until she can’t advance any further. And judging by what she’s done this year alone, that shouldn’t be a problem. Huang feels blessed to share USANA’s vision with anyone she can. “I am so thankful to Dr. Wentz and USANA. They totally changed my life,” Huang says. “I feel very lucky that USANA was brought into my life.” n

President’ s


Mei Huang

The President’s Award is presented to our Top Growth Earner who continually shares the USANA opportunity of financial freedom with those around him or her. This award recipient demonstrates the utmost integrity in business dealings, provides unwavering support to his or her organization and others, leads by example, and is an icon of health, financial growth, and personal growth.

Written by Laura Lewis


When Dongxu Gao lived in China, she was a television and movie producer. Once she moved to the U.S., Gao felt she had many options in the “Land of Opportunity,” but she wasn’t sure which one to pursue. USANA’s belief in true health and true wealth first drew her to the company, and she soon found that network marketing was the foundation for her success in the U.S. “USANA helps you learn the most valuable skill in life: how to communicate and interact with people,” Gao explains. Gao’s experiences with USANA have touched her and the lives of those she cares about. “USANA has truly positively affected my health, my friends’ health, and the health of many other people I know,” she shares. “Also, USANA has helped me, and I accordingly help many other people who have a health-related or financial need.” What Gao loves most about having a USANA business is the personal freedom it allows her. “It puts your life under your own control,” she explains. She also loves that USANA can provide her with a promising future, even in times of economic uncertainty.


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

“When I reflect on what I’ve achieved with USANA,” Gao says, “I realize it would have been impossible without my upline’s selfless help and my team members’ support.” Gao believes she has been so successful with USANA because she prioritizes her business. She emphasizes, “You have to take persistent actions with passion to get what you want.”

I strongly believe the universe rewards action.

Though Gold Director Dongxu Gao hasn’t been with USANA for long, her commitment has already brought her tremendous success, and she was rewarded with the Rookie of the Year award. “I definitely felt excited and encouraged,” Gao shares, “and what I have done has been recognized in the end. This has galvanized me to work harder on USANA in the days to come.” For those who aspire to build their business as Gao has done, she has some practical advice: “Learn how to handle rejections.” She also reminds other Associates of the importance of following through with new prospects, because as she describes, “With USANA, prospecting is not always a one-time game. It requires you to persevere in what you do.” Though she has already accomplished so much, Gao still has dreams for the future. “My long-term goal is to make my American dream come true, and be a walking example to inspire more people to join me in pursuing the USANA cause.” No matter what the future brings her, Gao knows she has made the right decision with USANA. As she explains, “Life is beautiful when you have true health and true wealth.” n

Rookie of the

Year Dongxu Gao

The winner of this award experiences the largest amount of growth in his or her USANA business during his or her first year as an Associate. Rookie of the Year is the #1 Associate in the Rising Star category (criteria is based on Associates being in the business for two years or less and on absolute commission growth in their first 12 months).

Written by Emily Alaniz


In 2004, when USANA opened its doors to the México market, Alma Corres Zincúnegui received a fateful call from her twin sister in Miami. “She said, ‘Please get together at least 100 people, because I am coming to México with Carmen Marshall to promote USANA, the best company in the world,’ ” Alma recalls. Alma immediately began speaking with people at her husband’s medical clinic, where she worked. She also had a convincing story of her own to share— Alma had started taking USANA’s products and was amazed by the results. “I had been looking for a better way to maintain my health for 30 years, and my body had experienced a lot of mileage,” she says. “But an amazing thing happened in a very short time after I started taking the USANA supplements—I began to have energy, joy, and the happiness to start a new life!” Alma was convinced USANA was the real thing. She brought as many people as she could to the meeting with Carmen Marshall, and stayed up late entering the information of all the people who wanted to join USANA into her computer. “I was also madly studying


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

both the Health & Freedom Newspaper and Health & Freedom PowerPoint Presentation so that I had the knowledge to talk to people with confidence,” Alma recalls. Later, Alma went to her first International Convention. “It completely changed my vision,” she remembers. “Learning from all the superstars of USANA…I visualized myself being like them. I wanted to help my family and all of my friends, and then the entire world.”

My potential Associates notice that I truly believe in USANA’s products and share the vision and dream of Dr. Myron Wentz.

By working toward her goal, Alma helped others see how life-changing USANA could be. And like her, they too wanted to join. In 2006, Alma was one of USANA’s Top 100 Associate Enrollers. In 2007 and 2008, she was in the top 25. In 2009, she was number three. In 2010, she proudly accepted the Top Associate Enroller award as the number one Associate Enroller in the entire company. And at the 2011 International Convention, she won this prestigious award for the second time. “It was really incredible for me to receive the Top Associate Enroller award for two years in a row,” Alma says. “The reason for my success is simple. My potential Associates notice that I truly believe in USANA’s products and share the vision and dream of Dr. Myron Wentz. There is a lot of competition in this field, but the research in cellular nutrition by Dr. Wentz gives USANA the winning edge.” Not only did Alma walk away with the Top Associate Enroller award, but she also ranked number 11 as a Top Preferred Customer Enroller, as well as winning the Children’s Champion award. “I am privileged to be a part of USANA,” says Alma. n


Associate Enroller Alma Corres ZincĂšnegui

The award for Top Associate Enroller honors the Associate who is the most successful in sharing Dr. Wentz’ vision of true health and true wealth through bringing new Associates into the USANA family.

Written by Patrick Kibbie

2011 The stars shine at usana’s

Awards ceremony

Million Dollar Club

You don’t need to be a Star Diamond Director to be recognized at this awards ceremony. Associates from every level, every country, and every walk of life got to experience the spotlight as they were celebrated in nine categories that show just how passionate and determined they are in sharing USANA with those around them. Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck to everyone in the coming year.With hard work and persistence, you could be on stage next year!

Associates who have earned $1 million in their USANA careers

CONGRATULATIONS TO USANA’S NEW MILLION DOLLAR CLUB INDUCTEES: Wei-Ching Ko & Jia-Chien Shieh, NZ; Ladd McNamara, US; Dennis Chen & Sheila Xiao Nan Wang, US; Ginette Desjardins, CAN; Justina Rudez & Darrell Coates, US; Karen Shumka, CAN; Chris & Helen Bolton-Jamieson, NZ; MaengJa Lee & BongKi Kim, KR; ChangJin Lee & JaeYun Jung, KR; Huang Lee Shin, TW; Lisa Liming Li & Qi Sheng Jiang, CAN; Shingo Otsuka, JP; Cynthia Li Zhang, US; Brenda Alcaraz & Dr. Alberto Peña, MX; Salim Farah, US; Mei Huang, US; Dave Steinhaus, US

Fortune 25

USANA’s top 25 Income Earners

FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dave Wentz; Rita Hui, HK; Jim Barabe & Connie Yao, CAN; Alan To, HK; Zak Ross, US; Vincent & Mable Chan, CAN; Ted Chun Yong Liu & Tina Tao Pang, US; Jeremy Stansfield, US; Bryan & Monica Penrod, US; Bibiana & Peter Pau, US SECOND ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Liu Tang Jung, TW; Bill & Jenny Huang, NZ; Zang Houng Wu & Dr. Wen Chi Wu, US; Wang Bai Lu, TW; Matt Chionis, Sherri & Dean Chionis, US THIRD ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dennis Chen & Sheila Xiao Nan Wang, US; Frank Feng & Bin Yang, AU; Daniel & Dr. Paige Hunter, US; Zhi Xian Jin & Steven Chen, AU; Bob Lin & Mary Ma, AU BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Bryan Morris, US; Lin Shi & Meiqin Jiang, AU; Mei Huang, US; John & Susanne Cunningham, CAN; Annette & Victor Que, CAN; Chun Yan Kelly Li, US 34

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Growth 25

USANA’s top 25 Business Growers in North America

FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT):Wei Ping Zou & Xuemei Chen, CAN; Alexander Denk, US; Kevin Guest;Yaney Gao, US;Yvonne Hua, US; Ri Yue Liu, US SECOND ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lydia Yuan, CAN; Dennis & Gwen Doty, US; Marlene Robbins, US; Amy Nie, CAN; Lijuan Xu, CAN; Dr. Steve & Andrea Hryszczuk, US THIRD ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jim Robbins, US; Leanne Grechulk, CAN; Queeney Tang, CAN; Sidong Wu, US; Xiu Ya Chen, CAN; Perry Chong, CAN; Wei Liang, US; Rena Nong Ren, CAN BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lisset Monte de Oca & Michael Callejas, US; April Rutka, CAN; Dongxu Gao, US; Ding Frank Gu, US; Emma Rao, CAN; Luke Chen, US

Top Associate Enrollers

Associates in North America who have enrolled the most USANA prospects

FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Scott McGee & Simon Chan, CAN; Connie Yao & Jim Barabe, CAN; Alma Corres Zincúnegui, MX; Roy Truett; Verónica Ramírez Lomeli, MX; Luis Antonio Vega Chávez & Georgina Orozco, MX SECOND ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dennis Chen & Sheila Xiao Nan Wang, US; Alexander Denk, US; Wei Ping Zou & Xuemei Chen, CAN; Marlene & Jim Robbins, US; Jeremy Stansfield, US; Conchita Vargas Lugo, MX THIRD ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Luis Vizcaino & Marcela González, MX; Dennis & Gwen Doty, US; Anna Jonca, CAN; Queeny Tang, CAN; Lijuan Xu, CAN; Alejandra Ceballos Alba, MX BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Aristotle Ibasco, US; Qi Sheng Jiang & Lisa Liming Li, CAN; Jie Li, CAN; Rebecca Chai, US; Emma Rao, CAN; Lydia Yuan, CAN

Top PC Enrollers

Associates who have enrolled the most Preferred Customers

LEFT TO RIGHT: Zora Pesio, US; Janice Moranz, US; Dr. Karen Wolfe, US; Margot Aiken, US; Elizabeth Pasquale, US; Tina Matthews, CAN

Rising Stars

Associates who have the fastest growing business in their first year with USANA

IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Helen Bao, CAN; Mark & Debra Bowman, US; Xiao Chun Chen, US; Wei Chen, CAN; Liang Shan Cui, CAN; Alexander Denk, US; Juntao Ding, US; Lin Fan, US; Dongxu Gao, US; Joyce He, CAN; Julie Hood, US; Xiuqin Jia & Gordon Gao, CAN; Shane & Michelle Lashley, US; Bonnie Lin, US; Ke Yi Lin, US; Mary Ma, CAN; Teresa Khanh Nguyen, US; Doug Taylor, US; Peng Teo, US; Thong Tran, US; Xiao Yan Wang, CAN


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011


Associates who have gone above and beyond to help their team find success

LEFT TO RIGHT: Shigekazu Endou, JP; CheolSoo Kim, KR; Maurizio Flores, US; Dr. Alison Grimston, UK; Marie Huynh, US; Shannon Gibson & Steve Beauchamp, CAN; Dawn Russman, CAN; Leanne & Daryl Eldstrom, CAN; Kate Gyngell, AU; Katy Parsons, NZ; Louise Coughlan, NZ;Verónica Ramírez Lomelí, MX; Ana Paula & Carlos Ayala, MX; Rosalia Botas, MX; Sam Taylor, US; Joe Katchka, US

Children’s Champions

Associates whose compassion and contributions have helped children in need around the world

LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott Echols, US; Rosie Bank, US; Karla & Mark Rickert, US; Lisa Sobecki, US; Stephen Netherby, US; GueDeok Lee, KR; Alma Corres Zincúnegui, MX; Serge & Mado Morissette, CAN; Heather Pattullo, CAN; Qi Sheng Jiang & Lisa Liming Li, CAN;Twinkle Chisholm, US; Marci Williams, US; Jacob Palmer, US; Soomin & Natalia Kim, US; Lyca Chen & Jeremy Hsu, CAN; Dave Phillips, CHF President

PaceSetter Creators

Associates who have encouraged the most team members to become PaceSetters

FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dan Macuga; Connie Yao & Jim Barabe, CAN; Ted Chun Yong Liu & Tina Tao Pang, US; Yaney Gao, US; Sheila Xiao Nan Wang & Dennis Chen, US BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Queeney Tang, CAN; Wei Ping Zou & Xuemei Chen, CAN; Alexander Denk, US; Lijuan Xu, CAN; Conchita Vargas Lugo, MX



Voice Associates: USANA’s Independent Distributor Council

Written by Emily Alaniz


The Independent Distributor Council (IDC) meeting at International Convention was full of excitement as returning members offered words of encouragement and warm welcomes to the new faces of the IDC. It was an auspicious start to what will surely be an eventful year. The IDC members are voted in by their peers—Golds and above in their respective markets. They work diligently every year to help improve USANA by serving as a voice for all Associates. The decisions the IDC makes often reflect changes that Associates have been requesting for years. Recently, because of the Council’s actions, there have been upgrades to the sales tools, improvements in and weekly newsletters, enhancements to the Autoship program, and many other positive changes.

The mission of the IDC is to be the voice of the Associates, uplift and nurture Dr. Wentz’ vision of a world free from pain and suffering,



partnership with USANA Health Sciences to create the strongest self-employment opportunity available in the world.

To submit proposals to the IDC, talk to a Gold Director or above in your upline. Gold Directors and above, log on to, select the “Recognition” tab, then click on “IDC Proposals.”







“What an honor it is for me to be inducted to the 2011–2012 Independent Distributor Council for the USA. For over a decade, I have seen wonderful changes and enhancements brought about by the IDC. Being a member of this year’s IDC means that I will have the opportunity and responsibility of representing your voice. I pledge to do my part to keep USANA moving onward and upward.”

“I believe that one of the most powerful things we can do is work together with the Home Office and management of USANA, while representing the field! Protecting Dr. Wentz’ vision, enabling communication, opening up creativity and ideas, and helping stay true to our ethics and purpose as a company, protects everyone’s businesses and the health of families around the globe!”

“Being on the IDC is a chance to serve and give back to the best company in the world. USANA has given us a future with unlimited income potential. In a time of economic uncertainty, we want to be a voice of faith and hope—a voice that echoes Dr. Wentz’ vision of a world free from pain and suffering.”

Zachary Ross

Patti Roney Ruby Director, Wyoming, USA

Diamond Director, Virginia, USA

10-Star Diamond Director, California, USA

“To be a member of the IDC means being not only a voice for the people, but also being a general on the field with the people.”


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011


Dave Delevante

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the IDC again. We feel this is a pivotal time, and that we are in a position to make a contribution to all of our fellow Associates in the field.”

Aaron Dinh & Cathy Ngo

Phil & Penny Kirk

2-Star Diamond Directors, California, USA

1-Star Diamond Directors, Arizona, USA

“Being a part of the IDC is a wonderful privilege! I strongly believe that this will further strengthen communication between USANA corporate and Associates across Canada. I am so excited to learn, share, and support incredible USANA growth over the next year!”

Leanne Grechulk

“For me, USANA is the perfect vehicle for sharing today’s urgent message of health and disease prevention. In the past decade, I have received so much from this great company. Serving on the IDC gives me an opportunity to give back, by working on behalf of Canadian Associates’ interests.”

“It’s a privilege to work with the other members of the IDC and brainstorm weekly on ways to improve the experience of the Associates while balancing with the requirements of the company to ensure that it will still be running and solid 20, 30, and 50 years from now.”

Ani Black

Line & Luc Dubois

1-Star Diamond Director, British Columbia, Canada

Diamond Directors, Québec, Canada

Diamond Director, Ontario, Canada “Representing the field as members of the Canada IDC is our way of giving back and being a voice for the Associates who choose USANA for their health and freedom. We are working toward another record-breaking year.”

“I wanted to join the IDC to be a bridge between the Associates and the company, and to help to make this great company even greater for everyone. Being an IDC member means that I have an opportunity to give back to my fellow Associates and USANA.”

Susanne & John Cunningham 2-Star Diamond Directors, Manitoba, Canada

Jean Cheung 1-Star Diamond Director, British Columbia, Canada


SUSANNE & JOHN CUNNINGHAM “Working closely with USANA corporate— providing input and suggestions from a field perspective on a wide range of issues such as contests, products, policies, compensation plan, business tools, and so much more—is not only productive but very rewarding. As IDC members we have also had the opportunity to interact with other USANA leaders, learn from each other, and develop new friendships.”

Germain & Lyne Lafortune Diamond Directors, British Columbia, Canada




México Silvia Vazquez & Rodolfo Wohler

Paulina Septién & Armando Gomez

Ruby Directors, Monterrey, México

Ruby Directors, Querétaro, México

Julio Lara & Evangelina Rivera

Conchita Vargas Lugo

Ruby Directors, Ensenada, México

Daen & Raúl Cervantes Ruby Directors, Tijuana, México

2-Star Diamond Director, Querétaro, México

Josefina Castro & Gustavo Ament Ruby Directors, Tijuana, México


Steps to Success Take your business and your dreams to the next level with Steps to Success. This businessbuilding event will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the demanding world of network marketing. Whether you’re a veteran USANA business owner or you’re just getting started, our hands-on training will provide the extra edge you need to turn the USANA opportunity into an opportunity for true health and true wealth. Don’t miss this intensive one-day training: • Prospecting techniques and strategies for success • How to become a USANA leader • Training from successful Associates • Highlights from USANA’s 2011 International Convention

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Long Beach

Saturday, November 12, 2011 Renaissance Long Beach Hotel 111 East Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802

• Hear from members of USANA’s management team • Enjoy local recognition, giveaways, and interactive activities

Visit the event registration page on for more details and to sign up today. Space is limited and on-site registration will not be available.

Your Dream is Waiting


Written by Aaron Adams


Sometimes you just need to make a change. It doesn’t have to be a big change, just significant enough to keep pace with the accelerating momentum of life. At USANA, we pride ourselves on our ability to remain at the forefront of scientific innovation, which is why we’re right there with you, changing, growing, and updating our product line to better suit your needs. In our efforts to produce nothing but the best, we’ve given a select few of our favorite products a little extra USANA love, increasing their potential to provide you and yours with the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to lay the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. The science is solid, the benefits are strong, and the winds of change continue to catapult USANA, and your business, to the top of the nutritional industry. Because when science takes one step forward, USANA takes two.



Usanimals™ is an advanced formulation of nutrients necessary not only for a healthy childhood, but also for giving kids a head start in creating good health for a lifetime. Now with an improved, great-tasting natural wild berry flavor, an extra boost of vitamin D, and the addition of iron, this new lacto-vegetarian formulation is sure to be a hit with parents and children alike.*


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

APPROACHING YOUR PROSPECT Good nutrition plays a critical role in everyone’s health and is especially important for children because they are constantly growing, from birth to the end of adolescence. And between the toddler meltdowns and the back-to-schoolblues, the last thing a parent wants is to stress over the health of their child—but they do. As a mother or father, your prospect is looking for nothing less than the best for their family. And that is exactly what you’re offering. With Usanimals, your prospect can not only teach their children that being healthy can also be fun, but they can also be sure that each bottle contains the safest, highest-quality children’s supplement on the market. Finicky Eaters Any parent will probably tell you that aside from a vivid imagination and an appetite for destruction, pickiness, when it comes to food, is one of the primary components of what it means to be a kid. Pecking, poking, and gawking—it’s all part of the routine. And that’s only

when parents can actually get their squirmy youth to sit at the table for more than five minutes. The result of this behavior is apparent. Many studies show that adequate amounts of key nutrients such as zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, and calcium are missing from the diets of more than 50 percent of children from two to 10 years old. Vitamins C and D are also often deficient. A quality nutritional supplement, such as Usanimals, can help ensure that none of these essential nutrients are missing from a child’s diet. Why Iron? After 24 months of age, toddlers are at risk for iron deficiency because they are most likely no longer drinking iron-fortified baby formula and may not be eating enough iron-containing foods. Iron deficiency can progress into anemia, affect growth, and may lead to learning and behavioral problems.

Body Rox™ was created with teenagers’ lifestyles and priorities in mind. With increased levels of vitamin D, several B vitamins, lutein and phytonutrients that provide extra support for healthy-looking skin, and the inclusion of USANA’s Poly C® vitamin C blend for superior antioxidant protection, Body Rox is the best choice for active teens. Plus, they won’t be able to turn down the new vegetarian formula and tropical fruit flavor.*

Procosa®, USANA’s supplement for joint health, combines 1,500 mg of high-quality, vegetarian glucosamine HCl with a blend of important vitamins and minerals, including Meriva®† bioavailable curcumin. Meriva is an innovative phytosome that delivers water-soluble curcumin complexed with soy lecithin, which more easily crosses cell membranes for dramatically improved stability and absorption. The increased effectiveness means you’ll receive the same joint-supporting benefits with fewer tablets.*

APPROACHING YOUR PROSPECT The teenage years can be rough, for both the parent and the adolescent. When you consider that the teen years are a period of intense growth, not only physically but emotionally and intellectually, it’s understandable that teenagers have every reason to be conscious of their health. Between homework, school activities, and a hectic social life, teenagers can’t afford to neglect their body’s immune system. Remind your prospect that even if their teenager brings home an unfavorable date or fails that English test, nothing is more important than their health—and Body Rox can help. For the Athlete Like any sport, good nutrition has basic ground rules, the first of which is that all athletes need a nutritious, well-balanced diet to perform at their best. But finding the time to sit down and eat a proper meal can be challenging. Running from class to the field, from the library to the movies, from morning to night, doesn’t leave much time

APPROACHING YOUR PROSPECT for healthy eating. This can lead to an athlete that’s too worn out to make the most of every practice. But for a true competitor, missing a big game or training day can be devastating. Luckily, the calcium and other minerals found in Body Rox can help maintain strong bones, good muscle function, and a healthy heart, so your athlete can stay on the top of their game no matter how many activities they have packed on their plate. For the Vegetarian Whatever their reasons may be (cultural beliefs, animal rights concerns, or health issues), more and more teenagers are becoming vegetarians. Although there are many health benefits to being a vegetarian, it can be harmful to a teenager’s physical development. Of course, this all depends on whether or not they receive the proper nutrition. Body Rox provides beneficial levels of nutrients teenagers need to perform at their mental and physical best every day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Now, more than ever, people are concerned with their health, and exercise is widely believed to be the most significant step a person can take to increase their chances of living a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, older adults (over the age of 45) or those who live or have lived extremely active lives tend to have joint health issues that decrease their ability to participate in active pursuits. And nobody wants to find themselves held back by joint discomfort. For those who hope to maintain full mobility and an active lifestyle, Procosa might be just what they’ve been waiting for. Keeping Your Prospect in the Game Cartilage is the protective layer that provides structure, support, and lubrication for the joints. Buffering our bones from the wear and tear of thousands of movements every day, the cartilage in our joints is gradually worn down, decreasing our ability to do all the things we love. So, if your prospect prefers to stay in the game of life, rather than sit on the sidelines, urge them to keep their joints in shape with Procosa. †Meriva® is a trademark of Indena S.p.A.


Defy with Aging the Perfect Duo Perfecting Essence:

A Breakthrough Illuminating Treatment Perfecting Essence utilizes DSR™ skin-care technology to help gently boost skin’s natural renewal cycle, diminishing the look of blotches, age spots, and dull skin. This advanced formula beautifully renews the skin, leading to noticable improvements in skin smoothness, clarity, and texture, while helping prevent visible signs of aging.

Serum Intensive:

A Concentrated Youth-Activating Serum Serum Intensive features a concentrated hydroxy complex that absorbs deep into the top layers of the skin to dramatically boost the cellular renewal cycle. With continued use, the look of fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably lessened, skin texture appears smoother, and firmness increases.


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011


Welcome, Bienvenue, Welkom





mongst a dichotomy of ancient stone monuments and bustling urban metropolis, the USANA family is spreading the vision of true health and true wealth to two vibrant, exhilarating, and incredibly beautiful parts of the world. In the first quarter of 2012, USANA will welcome Belgium and France as its 17th and 18th international markets. “We are very excited about our decision to enter France and Belgium. We currently have a number of leaders and customers, particularly in our North America region, with existing ties to these markets,” says Dave Wentz, USANA’s CEO. “We expect this new expansion to support positive growth on both sides of the Atlantic.” With growing anticipation of these upcoming European market launches, USANA Associates are contacting their friends in both markets, researching the countries and the local customs, planning ahead to figure out travel and lodging, and focusing their energies where they know it will matter most. But most importantly, they are moving fast!

So, are you ready to take your USANA business international?

Bienvenue France

USANA’s 17th international market gives you the chance to build a business by spreading the USANA opportunity from the sidewalk cafés of Paris to the sun-drenched Mediterranean sands of the French Riviera. The French Direct Selling Association estimates that eight out of 10 people in the country already know about direct selling, which makes France as exciting a place for network marketers as it is for tourists and sightseers.

Capital: Paris

World Interest: France is a founding member of the United Nations, and is a member of the G8, G20, and NATO, among others. It is also a founding and leading member state of the European Union.

Language: French

Population: 65.8 million (Government of France, 2011)

Area: 260,558 square miles

Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic, under President Nicolas Sarkozy

Currency: Euro, CFP franc

Fun Fact: France is the 10th largest direct selling market in the world, with $2.41 billion in sales—based on 2009 estimates—and a sales force of more than 265,000.


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

It takes 600 steps to reach the second level of the Eiffel Tower, Luckily, there are a lot fewer steps you need to take to get your business ready to expand internationally. Get informed. Check out USANAtoday for FAQs and other great information to make sure you are ready to take the vision of USANA global.

Welkom Belgium

France’s neighbor to the north will become USANA’s 18th international market when it also opens in the first quarter of 2012. Whether on the streets of Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges, or throughout the castle-dotted countryside, Belgium presents its own exciting opportunities for growth, and is known by many as the gateway to the European Union.

Capital: Brussels

World Interest: Belgium is a founding member of the European Union and is the home of its headquarters. It is also a member of other major international organizations, such as NATO.

Language: Belgium is home to two main linguistic groups: the Dutch speakers, mostly Flemish; and the French speakers, mostly Walloons; plus a small group of German speakers.

Population: 11 million

Area: 11,787 square miles

Government: A federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy under King Albert II

Currency: Euro

Fun Fact: Belgium is home to WTA superstar and USANA Brand Ambassador Kim Clijsters.



What’s in your business? 2011–2012 2011–2012 2011–2012





Health & Freedom Newspaper

Now designed in breakaway sections for more targeted prospecting

Product Information Booklet

Contains a quick look at the products plus detailed, scientific descriptions 1

Product Catalog

These professional tools are the final pieces you need to help you prospect, giving your soon-to-be team members the complete picture of everything a USANA business offers. Shop smart. Save 15% orShop more on Autoship. 1more on Autoship. Save 15% Shop smart. Savesmart. 15% or more onor Autoship. 1

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011


Provides an at-a-glance introduction to the products and the benefits of each





El ia s Te re sa Ty le rB ar ke r, Ph .D ., an d by W rit te n

Think about what you did this morning. When you woke up, maybe you hit the snooze button a few times before getting out of bed and making your way—albeit groggily—to the bathroom. Maybe you took the time to make breakfast, or maybe you simply turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower. You washed your hair, your face, your body, and then toweled off and got dressed for the day in your favorite button-up shirt and those nice, classy slacks.

Arthritis, the symptoms of which include pain, stiffness, aching, and/or swelling of the joints, is the effect of years of wear and tear on our body’s joints. And with an estimated 50 million people suffering from doctor-diagnosed arthritis in the United States alone, it is the nation’s most common form of disability. Its limiting effects on a person’s mobility significantly reduce quality of life and the tasks a person can perform on a daily basis—even the simplest ones.

To most people, this morning routine is done on autopilot. But to someone suffering from joint inflammation, commonly known as arthritis, this morning routine can be described as anything from slightly uncomfortable to downright agonizing.

But there is hope. By understanding the causes of arthritis, and by taking preventative action, we can help save our joints and live long, healthy, active lives.

Family history: Genetics does seem to have an affect on whether a person develops osteoarthritis. Advancing age: The older you are, the more likely you are to develop joint pain.

There are several different risk factors for developing joint pain. Some cannot be prevented, and others can:

Obesity: Carrying additional weight on your frame puts you more at risk because you are putting extra strain on your knees and ankles. Overuse or injury: Those who put extra strain on their joints, such as competitive athletes or those whose jobs require repetitive motion, are at a higher risk of developing joint issues.

pre•va•lent |ˈprevələnt| adjective, widespread in a particular area at a particular time



The knee is the most common site for osteoarthritis, and controlling or regulating inflammation and the strength of the surrounding musculature could be paramount in coping with osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis-related symptoms. Scientists like Tyler Barker, Ph.D., Clinical Researcher at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH), are leading the way by studying how disparate vitamins and supplement regimens, when combined with physical therapy, may improve health and rehabilitation from various injuries. Dr. Barker has been working in the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine for several years, and his latest study focuses on the role vitamin D may play in the rehabilitation of those recovering from total knee replacement. “We are very excited about this study. We believe that we can establish the causative influence of vitamin D with omega-3 and glucosamine sulfate on muscular weakness, subjective pain, and inflammation in patients clinically diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Importantly, we believe that we will be able to identify if improving vitamin D status influences the quality of life in the most common debilitating disease in the world. “We are currently screening and enrolling patients for the vitamin D/osteoarthritis study, and we expect this study to last for approximately two years. Within the next year, we are hoping to establish and provide preliminary results.”

Based on years of scientific data and research, Dr. Barker recommends preventative action to lessen your chances of developing arthritis as you age. Even if you are already showing signs of joint inflammation, following these few steps may help you get more life out of your joints: “Although it is uncomfortable to exercise on a diseased joint, it is imperative to maintain the strength around that joint. Exercise will be influential in improving synthesis and impairing degradation of the cartilage in the joint suffering from osteoarthritis. So, stay active!” “Active and dynamic stretching are key components to maintaining ligamentous and muscular flexibility. Flexibility is an important determinant in muscular performance, and thus, poor flexibility can impair daily living, quality of life, and predispose you to additional injuries. Make sure you stretch all the major muscular groups. For example, if you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors and extensors on a regular basis. Also, I encourage individuals to stretch prior to and following exercise. With aging, you will start to notice that if you do not stretch and warm up properly, you will likely feel more pain and stiffness during and after workouts.” “I recommend a well-rounded diet. An adequate balance in protein, carbohydrates, and fats would be ideal. I would recommend eating fish, fruits and vegetables, and dairy. Spend plenty of time outside, and don’t forget your supplements!”

Share the Knowledge Know someone suffering from joint pain? Encourage them to learn more about the research TOSH is conducting by visiting

“In individuals suffering with osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis-related symptoms, I recommend a complete, wellbalanced multivitamin and mineral supplement rich in diverse ingredients, vitamin D, omega-3, and glucosamine. I believe that those supplements will improve someone’s quality of life if taken habitually. This belief is the rationale for several of the studies we are currently conducting at TOSH.”


What Puts the In Your



Staying active is the key to lifelong vitality. Don’t let joint trouble slow you down. Procosa® is USANA’s groundbreaking supplement for joint health. And now, with a new formulation designed to give you even more joint health benefits, Procosa can help you keep the life in your lifestyle.



Meriva has been shown to improve joint comfort and function and to support a normal, healthy inflammatory response.

Traditionally, curcumin (from turmeric) tends to break down in the stomach and does not pass through cell walls Curcumin efficiently, making it necessary to include large quantities in a product to deliver any Cell Interior real health benefits. Phytosome Meriva enhances the action of Procosa by wrapping curcumin in a protective lipid barrier, Cell Interior keeping it from breaking down in the stomach and helping it pass through cell walls more easily.

VEGETARIAN SOURCE OF GLUCOSAMINE Glucosamine has been shown to provide the building blocks your body needs to naturally build and repair the components of healthy joints. The new vegetarian glucosamine HCl blended with joint-supporting minerals delivers the same great action as glucosamine sulfate with excellent purity and potency and without using shellfish.


Bioavailability (AUC/100mg)


400 300

Curcumin Curcuminoids


30X 20X

100 0 Stnd Extract


A study conducted, in part, by USANA scientists and published in the Journal of Natural Products showed that this innovative phytosome technology delivers nearly 30 times more curcuminoids to the cell than traditional preparations. Increased absorption means fewer tablets for the same results窶馬ow Procosa is only three tablets per day! n

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. * Merivaツョ is a trademark of Indena S.p.A.


Contests & Promotions— See what’s in it for you

—May Waldon, Director, Michigan, USA

ast Start Bonus and Free Starter Kit promotions. The Grand Slam, Prospecting to Paradise, and Launch Pad to Success contests. Cruises, WTA tennis matches, and Convention tickets. Need we go on? Well, yes. The list goes on. And on, and on. In fact, the total amount of money given away in the form of cash and prizes just from the contests listed above equals more than $1 million! And the latest contest announced at Convention—you know, The Crazy Cash Contest? Add in another quarter of a million dollars. And it’s all up for grabs. So just how crazy is USANA for putting on all these promotions and contests with unbelievable prizes and enormous amounts of cash? Crazy enough to keep doing it. In fact, USANA touts so many contests and incentives, it’s included as one of the six ways you can earn income in this business!

With all of the contests and promotions USANA puts together each year, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be, or wouldn’t want to be, participating. Not only are the contest rewards amazing, but they can be business changing and life changing as well. And the best part is, there’s no end in sight for these incentives. So if you don’t quite make it to the top of one contest, you can rest assured that another one will follow closely behind. n




Check under the Contests & Events tab to find out how to get the goods in the next USANA promotion.


“I am always very excited about meeting the challenge of a new contest. These contests help me motivate people to join our USANA team and to share USANA’s products. They also inspire people to believe they’ve made the right decision to work in a network marketing business. The benefit of winning a contest is not just the cash and prizes—it also gives me the ability and confidence to conquer difficult challenges.”



t t

Written by Laura Lewis


But it’s so much more than that. It’s not just that you are earning mega money, mega prizes, and other mega perks—it’s that you’re meeting amazing people and rubbing shoulders with fellow Associates, and that alone can impact the future of your business for years to come.


t t



Live Your







This big, blue planet of ours is ripe with beauty. Taking a substantial, juicy bite out of it is what some people’s dreams are made of. But how to finance this tasty tour? As USANA Associates, it’s simple—build your Castleout trips by the bushel to landgives business. Throughout the year, USANA o m delicious destinations.

oland Castle m o



















Grand adventure in Iguazu Falls, Argentina The boat cruised through canyons, rapids, lush jungle, and finally met the mist of the falls, which rested on the 2010 Fortune 25 as they took in the breathtaking cascade.







oland Ca rom s D




On the Emerald Isle, history juts up the castle, in grey stone walls. Inside 2008 Fortune 25 members were treated  to 5-star luxury accommodations and profound beauty.


AN RIVIERDromoland A Castle, V I I E R RA County ANClare, Ireland


Written by David Baker
















Gliding through the deep blues of glacial Lake Lugano, 2007 Fortune 25 members ate lunch while drinking up the scenery of Morcote, Switzerland— the Pearl of Ceresio.




I C55O






Boat ride on Lake Lugano SAN LU to Morcote, Switzerland BO C









Gala dinner at Hacienda  La Esperanza, UAZU FA ABO SA G Mayan Riviera, México









Barefoot elegance and dining experience, ORCOT CaboUSanLucas, México TAMH

The inaugural Emerald & Ruby Retreat brought may things. But only the Emeralds experienced the cool sensation of sand between their toes, the flickering I of a blazingT bonfire, Z E R Lthe A Nunique luxury of crushing grapes beneath their feet, and the trained hands of a masseuse. And that was all before dinner.










You can live your dream vacation, too. These trips are incentives for you and your new Associates to build your businesses. Work hard and you could find yourself in one of many magical places, or in the midst of the excitement surrounding the 2012 Diamond Retreat in Oahu, Hawaii, April 17–22. Log on to to find out how you can qualify for some of these incredible trips.

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011








The snowcapped peaks of the Wasatch Mountains hide numerous adventures. In the spring and summer there are horseback rides through high-mountain pastures, the fall brings fly fishing on Utah’s scenic rivers, and winter waits with an exciting backcountry snowmobile trek.




A I GoldMRetreat, Park City, Utah





















The warm gradient of the evening sky and the beauty of the Maui coastline provided S the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable eveningL for the 2010 W IT Z E R Growth 25.








OR cruise, Sunset N Hawaii Maui,



four-course meal awaited the 2009 Growth 25 at a beautiful private estate surrounded by lush R gardens and colorful entertainment. G



X IAC Ogourmet,



d Castle olan











r u o Y g n i k Ta e h t o t s s e Busin f o n o i t a n i Dest s m a e r D r You



omoland Ca Dr











M AUI Set in a tropical paradise infused with unspeakable beauty, USANA s Emerald Ruby Retreat is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soak up all the businessbuilding knowledge you need to propel your business to the next level.




Crystal-blue waters, sandy beaches, and much more await you…


• Hear from top USANA leaders, USANA s management team, and industry experts. • Gain new skills and discover innovative ways to build your business. • Share your experiences and learn from others as you meet Associates from around the world. • Snorkel from a private boat, relax in a private cabana, or shop until you drop.



Los Cabos, Mexico March 21-25, 2012 For more information, visit

• Emerald Directors will be treated to an exclusive, ocean-side dinner.


Tina Tao Pang & Ted Chun Y. Liu BRONZE



3-Star Diamond Directors

Maryland, USA


otivating and inspiring”—simple words Ted Chun Y. Liu and Tina Tao Pang use to describe their feelings about International Convention. That phrase could easily be used to describe the couple as well, and that is evident as Tina and Ted continue to take their business and dreams to the next level. The last year has been one of tremendous growth for Ted and Tina. From 1-Star to 2-Star to their new title of 3-Star Diamond Directors, the couple has not only advanced consistently but has also achieved a place in the esteemed Million Dollar Club. The couple often compares their life to a journey—for them, they say, each achievement is “a new step to mark how far we have traveled in pursuit of true health and freedom.” Over the course of seven years, Ted and Tina have always remained focused on consistent growth while establishing a life full of financial freedom. “We started with a crystal clear goal in mind and that has never changed,” they say. “We always emphasize that you need to dream big and have a clear vision of the life you want to establish with USANA.” One of the greatest things Ted and Tina have established is a team that is consistently expanding with Associates who are equally as passionate about challenging themselves as they are about spreading USANA’s vision. “When you have core team members who are fired up and on the same page as you, you are going to be successful,” they say. Ted and Tina have learned many lessons on their way to becoming two of USANA’s top leaders—one of the greatest being persistence. “You are going to experience setbacks and frustration,” they say. “But turn that into motivation to work even harder.” In addition to hard work, according to the successful 3-Star Diamond Directors, an individual’s level of success depends on their willingness to push themselves. “You can’t build a solid foundation if you aren’t self-motivated,” they stress. “If you are committed, you won’t let obstacles stop you.”

“We are

grateful for the

friendships USANA has helped us develop.”

The couple has undoubtedly faced their own hurdles, but the level of success they are experiencing makes it all worth it. While they have accomplished a number of goals and received several accolades, their favorite part of their business ultimately comes down to the connections they have created with others and the opportunity to work with many different types of people. “We have been able to establish wonderful friendships thanks to USANA,” they say. “We really try to develop relationships with our core team members and make the best use of technologies, such as webinars, to train our team members on a regular basis.” As confetti rained down on thousands of USANA Associates at this year’s International Convention, Ted and Tina couldn’t help but wonder what next year has in store for them. More stars to add to their names? Quite possibly. But Ted and Tina are planning on doing what has worked so well for them all along. “We are just going to keep doing what we have been doing for more than seven years,” they say. “We want to grow with USANA and help our team grow with USANA as well.” n

Written by Suzanne Houghton

$91,000 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate. $24,000 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Total includes all earnings from the Compensation Plan, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests, and incentives. Calculations based on earnings for fiscal year 2010. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned checks at a median rank for at least 20 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 90% have been Associates for at least one year and 57% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. If you include all 146,714 with the title of Associate, which includes Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $656.77 with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 170 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Club members.

“This advancement is another step to mark how far we have traveled in our pursuit of true health and true freedom.�


Mei Huang BRONZE



2-Star Diamond Director

New York, USA


ewly minted 2-Star Diamond Director Mei Huang earned her latest rank advancement* by setting a clear goal, working with persistent perseverance, and holding a strong belief in herself and USANA’s products. And now that she’s built a successful USANA business, she wants others to view her hard work as a model for their own success. “Associates simply have to embrace their challenges and then they will see their dreams become reality,” she says. Huang says that others can be successful if they combine a belief in themselves with a true desire to share Dr. Wentz’ vision. “As long as you are confident in your abilities and you work to share true wealth and true health with others, you’ll discover the heights you can reach,” Huang says. “You’ll see that everyone can earn great results.” While Huang’s amazing results with USANA haven’t necessarily been easy to achieve, she believes she can keep her success going by setting goals and working tirelessly to reach them. After all, it definitely works for her. “After determining my goal was to become a 2-Star Diamond Director before the 2011 International Convention, I simply did everything possible to reach that goal,” she says. “Of course, there were difficulties along the way, but with help from my incredible team, I am happy to say I did what I set out to do.” While she makes it look simple, Huang admits that success with USANA requires more than just a clear vision of what you want. “Success is the result you attain from consistently exceeding what you thought you could do by using a step-by-step process,” she says. “Along with realizing this vision—and acquiring the needed technical training—we can all achieve our goals. This is what I teach my team members, and our results show this is the most efficient way—really the only way—to grow your business.”

“My main goal is to use my own success to help

and influence more people to succeed.”

Huang has internalized a lot of information about USANA by leading countless trainings with team members, but there’s nothing quite like first-hand experience to help an individual understand and be able to describe the benefits of USANA’s products. Huang says spreading the message about USANA’s quality products is easy for her because of the positive experiences she has had with the company’s supplements, which have helped her feel healthy. Inspired by the products and the benefits of sharing true health with others, Huang’s USANA business allows her to learn and grow while helping others do the same. “I truly enjoy telling others about USANA and Dr. Wentz because I have always seen this endeavor as an educational process,” she says. “As an Associate, you are helping people change their concept of health through using these products and teaching them to take responsibility for their own health.” Most importantly, though, Huang doesn’t want other Associates or her teammates to think any goal is unreachable. “I know everyone working with USANA can do exactly what I’ve done, as long as they are unwilling to give up and will continually fight to be successful,” Huang says. “If you truly value health and wealth, then you will never want to give up—just like I don’t.” n

Written by Teresa Elias *Mei Huang reached the level of 3-Star Diamond Director after the deadline for this issue. Her 3-Star advancement story will be published in the next USANA magazine.

$91,000 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate. $24,000 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Total includes all earnings from the Compensation Plan, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests, and incentives. Calculations based on earnings for fiscal year 2010. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned checks at a median rank for at least 20 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 90% have been Associates for at least one year and 57% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. If you include all 146,714 with the title of Associate, which includes Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $656.77 with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 170 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Club members.

“I am very grateful for the management team at USANA.”


Helen Yoshihara BRONZE



1-Star Diamond Director

California, USA


elen Yoshihara knows the advancement routine by heart—after all, she has had many successful runs in the past. But as she worked toward 1-Star Diamond Director, she made a pact to make this advancement different. “I have always advanced with the help of my team, but not necessarily with my team,” she says. “I made a decision this time that we were going to advance together.” It was that attitude that helped Helen create a certain energy within her team, Sy.NRG. “We really focused heavily on developing momentum within ourselves,” she says. Thanks to that outlook, Helen not only finds herself hitting a new rank, but she also continues to beam with excitement as she witnesses her teammates move forward within their own businesses. As a member of the USANA family since 2005, Helen has spent the last six years developing into a recognizable and respected leader. And while she has experienced notable success, Helen continues to make each day an opportunity to progress and learn from everyone she works with, no matter their level. “When you create a buzz and momentum with each other, it is really exciting and you need to take advantage of that,” she says. “Together, you can create a ‘you can do it’ type of attitude.” Pursuing her dreams has always been a top priority to Helen, and she finds satisfaction in assisting others to do the same. Because she understands that dreams make for difficult goals, Helen advises others to expect challenges, but also to let those experiences become part of their own personal success stories. “Always have determination and perseverance,” she says. “You aren’t going to become successful if you don’t allow yourself the time to succeed.” “Challenges are always going to be there,” she continues. “But challenges also become more manageable along the way.”

“My team is the reason I am where I am at.”

Over the past six years Helen has remained devoted to consistently growing her business. And while she is still actively building, Helen has also come to understand the possibilities of residual income and the importance of developing a strong team. “I am surrounded by great and talented individuals, and I truly realize how valuable USANA is to me,” she says. Helen’s success has far exceeded what she had originally thought was possible. “I was hoping to just earn a little extra income,” she says. “But a number of different, good things have happened to me.” She was surprised that she was able to leave her position as a nurse to focus fully on USANA, but now she can’t imagine life any differently. “There are so many things I treasure about USANA,” she says. “I have met wonderful people, have an amazing team, and the time and financial freedom I have found have been life changing.” More important than her financial success, though, is that Helen’s life has been enriched by the ability to be more actively involved in the life of her 10-year-old son. “To be able to support him in his activities has been incredibly special,” she says with a smile. “Being able to have the freedom to work whenever I want to and being able to spend quality time with my family is a tremendous blessing.” n

Written by Suzanne Houghton $91,000 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate. $24,000 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Total includes all earnings from the Compensation Plan, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests, and incentives. Calculations based on earnings for fiscal year 2010. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned checks at a median rank for at least 20 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 90% have been Associates for at least one year and 57% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. If you include all 146,714 with the title of Associate, which includes Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $656.77 with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 170 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Club members.

“Have determination, perseverance, and stay focused on your goals.�


Leanne Grechulk BRONZE



Diamond Director

Ontario, Canada


here is something unique, empowering, and, maybe most importantly, something motivating about International Convention—and Leanne Grechulk can attest to that. “I went to Convention last year and was blown away by the professionalism and energy,” she says. “It was there that I committed myself to go Diamond.” As one of USANA’s newest Diamond Directors, Leanne will surely be the first to tell you this advancement has “been the most incredible experience.” And like so many great USANA leaders and mentors, she has worked hard to surround herself with incredible people and experiences alike. “I am so motivated by the people I have the privilege to work with,” she says. “And every Convention I get more and more inspired.” Leanne finds a great deal of satisfaction working with her USANA teammates. They are known as Game Changers International, and each of them have joined together to make their individual businesses skyrocket. That collective energy and drive was evident during Leanne’s run. “We ended up having about 100 rank advancements during my Diamond run, and this was the true reward to me. I love watching others create success for themselves,” Leanne says. “There is nothing better than watching your partners shine.” While Leanne loves to attend live and virtual USANA events, she finds balance in her busy life. “Over the past 12 months I have been so fortunate to have traveled to Hawaii, Ireland, France, and Arizona, among other locations,” she says. “I was also able to spend close to a month away pursuing my yoga teacher training.” It has all been possible thanks to Leanne’s ability to view, and share, her USANA business as a portable and global opportunity for anyone looking for time and financial freedom.

“I have an immense passion for wellness and for helping others!”

While Leanne finds herself partaking in sights around the globe, she also dedicates a great deal of time to continuously improving herself as a businesswoman. “I am always attending training seminars, reading great books, or listening to inspiring audio,” Leanne says. “There is rarely a day that goes by where I don’t plug into a tool that inspires me.” Leanne knows the struggles one may face while striving to hit new ranks within USANA, but she also knows the power each person has to overcome personal doubts. She chooses to focus on what could be instead of focusing on what may not be working at the time, and she encourages others to do the same. “There are always opportunities out there,” Leanne says. “Think of the words by Wayne Dyer: ‘You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.’” With an incredible amount of success to her name in the last six years, Leanne is using that as motivation to continue moving forward because, to her, the possibilities are endless. “Before starting with USANA, I honestly thought I would be working in a corporate business until I retired,” she says. “But now I am in the process of creating my own freedom and I look forward to continuing to inspire others to bring health, joy, peace, and freedom into their lives.” n

Written by Suzanne Houghton $91,000 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate. $24,000 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Total includes all earnings from the Compensation Plan, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests, and incentives. Calculations based on earnings for fiscal year 2010. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned checks at a median rank for at least 20 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 90% have been Associates for at least one year and 57% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. If you include all 146,714 with the title of Associate, which includes Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $656.77 with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 170 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Club members.

“The leadership skills you develop and the beautiful people you have an opportunity to partner with as you build your business is truly extraordinary.� 65

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011


Dr. Deborah Kern Texas, USA

Dr. Deborah Kern’s USANA business has truly been a labor of love. “Love is the key to success. When I hit Emerald, I reminded my team that the reason we succeeded was because we love USANA, we love our downline, and we love a challenge,” Dr. Kern shares.

Her experience in USANA has taught her a few helpful ideals, one of which is that a positive attitude attracts positive people to her team. “Don’t force anything,” Dr. Kern suggests. “Allow things to grow organically. It may feel like there is pressure in network marketing, but you can’t slip into being motivated by fear.” Her advancement to Emerald was a result of this kind of natural growth and continual positivity. “I communicated regularly with my team during my Emerald run. It really fueled the fire and made it fun!”

Dr. Deborah Kern



Emerald Advancements


“This kind of business should be built on love.”

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Dr. Kern also learned how to adapt to new situations. “Before USANA, I was a manager in the old-fashioned way,” she explains. “I had never learned about real leadership. But you have to love the people you work with enough to step out of the box and do things that scare you.” Emphasis on her team’s success has been critical to Dr. Kern’s advancements, and she encourages other Associates to focus on their downlines as well. “Specifically, help them stay clear on why they’re building a business,” she says. “Help them with their goals, and you’ll achieve yours. Great Associates want to be of service.” Dr. Kern also wants Associates to remember that USANA is a great way to give back to society. “Some people think that you can’t be of service while building a business, but what they don’t understand is that helping people become financially stable can be a great service. It’s not an ‘either/or’ situation.” A personal approach to business has become Dr. Kern’s trademark, and she encourages other Associates to become their own best sales tool. “Really become a product of the products,” she says. n See income disclaimer on page 58.



Emerald Advancements SILVER

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011

Marie-Pascale Tremblay & Sylvain Ménard Québec, Canada E

leven years ago, Marie-Pascale Tremblay was searching for highquality nutritional products. As a naturopath trying to help clients pursue a natural approach to improving their health, she was frustrated that many of her clients would start taking nutritional supplements, only to return for their next visit with the same concerns.

And she was glad she did. Marie-Pascale was interested in recommending high-quality nutritionals to her clients, but she was also interested to see if they could help her manage her own battles with feeling tired and worn out. She believed that if they could help her, they could also help her clients. After using USANA’s products, Marie-Pascale became more energized and felt healthier. She was so impressed with the performance of the products that she became a USANA Associate and, along with her husband, Sylvain Ménard, recently achieved a long-time goal of attaining Emerald Director status. “The most beautiful thing that could have happened in our lives is to have found USANA,” she says. “As our business has continued to grow, our family enjoys an extraordinary quality of life. We are truly living the dream, year after year. We are firm believers in Dr. Wentz’ vision and the quality products USANA offers.” Marie-Pascale believes USANA can be the opportunity of a lifetime. “Anyone who becomes a USANA Associate will discover the health and financial freedom the company offers,” she says. “USANA helps you live a life most people can only dream about.” The couple is planning to continue to expand their business, and they are striving to become Diamond Directors. “We are motivated to continue rising,” Marie-Pascale says. n

“Make the

decision to

aim higher and be

united as a team.”

Marie-Pascale Tremblay & Sylvain Ménard

Marie-Pascale realized that her clients were buying products based on advertisements or cost concerns without finding anything that really helped them. It was while she conducted her own research—studying government reports on natural products and reading various scientific guides—that Marie-Pascale found USANA.


May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011


Ruby Advancements

Although Josefina Castro and Gustavo Ament are now successful Ruby Directors, they both still believe that each day offers a chance to improve upon their success. “Every single time we meet with a prospect or host training sessions, we are giving 100 percent at that moment,” they say. But they’re not only thinking about growing their own business. “We want to see our hard work benefit all of USANA, not just our team.” The couple initially knew little about USANA, but they were inspired to learn more after they were both impressed with the products’ performance. They attended a presentation and became excited while hearing about USANA’s compensation plan. “At that moment, we grasped the amazing opportunity this company offers,” they say. “And now, we have seen it become a reality thanks to our hard work and our awesome team. Because we have learned first hand how wonderful the company’s products and business plan are, we stay inspired to grow our business and keep advancing in rank.”

Josefina Castro & Gustavo Ament

The couple is proud of their accomplishments, and they want to continue using every opportunity they have to help other Associates reach their goals as well. “We want everyone in USANA to realize their dreams so that as many families as possible can achieve true health and true wealth—just like we have!” n

Baja California, México

Alexander Denk didn’t originally plan on advancing from Gold Director to Ruby Director in just a matter of weeks, but as he was finishing his Gold run, he realized he could easily keep his momentum going and make a push toward Ruby. Determined, strong-willed, and confident, Alexander follows the philosophy that if you really want to accomplish something, you have to be willing to go for it without any trepidation. “Don’t allow yourself to say maybe,” he says. “It’s either yes or no.” Alexander has an incredible résumé—after all, he is a professional chef, a wellknown personal trainer, and has been featured in numerous films. But even with that incredible list of accomplishments, Alexander finds great pride in knowing he is helping others achieve their own dreams through USANA. “Unselfish thinking increases the quality of life,” he says. “This is all about others and not about myself.” Alexander hopes others can use this attitude of giving to strengthen themselves and, as a result, their businesses. When asked about his future, Alexander’s excitement is easily apparent. A self-described people person, Alexander’s top priority is helping others achieve success. “I want to see duplication on my team and I want to help them become strong leaders,” Alexander says. “I believe in humanity, mutual helpfulness, and living in a happy and peaceful world.” n See income disclaimer on page 58.


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Alexander Denk California, USA



Ruby Advancements SILVER

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011

B rett and Melanie Ethridge were so determined to take their business to the next level, they decided on a specific date to do it. “After spending time in prayer and planning, we set June 17, 2011 as our Ruby advancement date and decided that, no matter what, we were going to become Ruby Directors,” they say. That decision helped propel Brett and Melanie forward, but they are quick to credit those who helped them fulfill their goal. “People always talk about what a blessing it is to work with a really great team, and we have certainly been blessed beyond words,” they say. Brett and Melanie’s teammates also experienced great success during their recent run, making this advancement even better for the couple. “We saw rank advancements each week during our run, and that’s what truly made it four of the best weeks ever for us.” All Associates learn lessons while building a business with USANA, and the Ethridges have learned to focus on what is in front of them at any given time. “Having a ‘why’ is certainly important,” they say, “but having a ‘why’ that motivates you right now is truly powerful.” Brett and Melanie may not have known how instrumental USANA was going to be in their lives when they first signed up, but they now know it’s forever part of their lives, and they are forever part of USANA. n

Brett & Melanie Ethridge Colorado, USA

When Jessica Grandel started working on becoming a Ruby Director, she thought about all the ways she could make this advancement possible. But when it came down to it, she realized she didn’t necessarily need a new plan—she just needed to rely on the basics. “I worked really hard and followed the USANA plan,” she says. Jessica wasn’t new to the network marketing industry when she became a USANA Associate last year. With a few years of experience already behind her, Jessica was quickly impressed by USANA, the products, and the potential opportunity. As a network marketing veteran and now a new Ruby Director, Jessica understands what it takes to build a successful business, and she gives a few key tips she hopes others will implement. “You need to stay focused first and foremost,” she says. “If you will do that, in addition to setting goals and following USANA’s proven system, you can become successful.”

Jessica Grandel Delaware, USA

Jessica admits, however, that becoming successful isn’t necessarily going to be possible if you rely solely on yourself, and she feels privileged to work with a great group of talented individuals. “I really do appreciate the great support of my partners and teammates,” she says. “I am excited to help each of them achieve their own dreams.” n


May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011


Ruby Advancements

Soomin Kim is dedicated to USANA, and his resolve has helped him reach his latest goal: Ruby Director. Despite his success, Soomin has no plans to slow his relentless march toward higher levels in USANA because he wants to help others achieve the financial freedom he now enjoys. “It is my intention to help my teammates build their businesses and achieve their goals, just like I have,” he says. It’s Soomin’s philosophy to give back to those who have helped him attain his new rank. “My colleagues, Team syNRG, continually help me improve, and I want them to prosper.” Soomin developed his successful business strategy early on during his USANA career. While working to help his current teammates advance, he simultaneously prospects for new Associates and helps those newcomers achieve Platinum PaceSetter status. Soomin does this while maintaining his core values of hard work and consistency, which he considers vital to his success. “Regardless of your talent or your team, if you fail to stay consistent, you will not prosper,” he says. “I always strive to be painstakingly consistent, focused, and energized.”

Soomin Kim California, USA

Soomin is incredibly grateful to his leadership partners, 1-Star Diamond Directors Helen Yoshihara and Daniel Song, and his new wife, Silver Director Natalia Kim. Their support and encouragement motivates Soomin to help his teammates even further. “I’ve learned that helping others continually proves to be inspirational, both for myself and my team,” Soomin says. n

“Nothing short of amazing.” Those four words accurately describe the feelings of new Ruby Directors Rafael and Annie Lagado. The couple didn’t plan on making their move to Ruby so soon—they were focusing on advancing their teammates instead. But they quickly realized their Business Centers were maxing out and they would be experiencing a big change in their business along with their successful team members. One of the greatest lessons the Lagados have learned during their time with USANA is the importance of having a clear perspective. “The USANA opportunity, just like life, isn’t always going to be perfect or go our way,” they say. “We may not be able to change what takes place, but we can always choose to change our way of thinking.” The couple’s success comes down to the basics most can relate to: commit to your goals and team, and have a positive attitude. “Belief is the fuel that ignites effort, and when combined with others, anything is possible,” they say. The Lagados say becoming Ruby Directors was a “chapter in the book of our USANA journey,” and they definitely believe there are more chapters to come. Each new accomplishment, no matter the size, is helping them become great USANA leaders. “We must remember that we cannot become who or what we want to be by remaining who we currently are,” they conclude. “Always be willing to move forward.” n See income disclaimer on page 58.


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Rafael & Annie Lagado California, USA



Ruby Advancements SILVER

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011

Shelly Matsos knows the challenges Associates face when it comes to advancing, but she also knows the outcome is well worth it. “Every Wednesday,” she says with a smile, “is the day you are ready to throw in the towel. But so many things can happen before Friday, and giving up is never the option you should take.” Shelly’s advancement to Ruby may not have happened the way she had planned, but she did know the timing was right. “It had been a year since my Gold run and I was really excited about some new incentives. I knew I definitely wanted to advance before International Convention,” she says. Just like her previous advancements, Shelly can’t help but stress the importance of teamwork in addition to setting your goals high. “When I set my intentions on something, I do everything possible to make it happen,” she says. “I am all about working with my upline, downline, and crossline. It’s great to be able to give and get support from others.” With her business building at a steady pace, Shelly is not about to slow down— in any areas of her life. “My fiancé, Ryan, and I are building a second level on our home, expanding the bar we own in Toronto, and planning our December wedding,” she says. “So advancing to Emerald in 2012? Game on!” n

Shelly Matsos Ontario, Canada

Newly appointed Ruby Directors Marlene and Jim Robbins stress one thing to those who become part of the USANA family—it really is simply about living the ultimate dream. “It is definitely possible to achieve the dreams you desire,” they say. “We are living the dream from within and not from the outside looking in.” But they weren’t always living that dream. Marlene was an overwhelmed event manager for a top hotel chain, and when introduced to USANA, she admits she feared it would be identical to all the other direct-selling companies. But something about USANA wasn’t the same, and after taking the products, she knew she might have found something worth looking into. Five years later, the couple is proof that success is possible.

Jim & Marlene Robbins California, USA

One of the greatest accomplishment for the couple happened at this year’s International Convention as they were named members of the Growth 25 in addition to Top Associate Enrollers. As recognized leaders within their team, their advancement to Ruby Director came down to practicing teamwork. “It’s really not about us,” they say. “It’s about helping everyone on your team find success.” On anyone’s given pathway there are bound to be moments of discouragement, but Jim and Marlene have made it a point to make sure that while working diligently, they are also enjoying the experiences with which they have been blessed. “You have to have fun while building your business, and that’s one of the key lessons we have learned. Let others see that you are more than just a business.” n


May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011


Ruby Advancements

To reach Ruby, April Rutka had to get out of her comfort zone. “Our comfort zone doesn’t let us grow,” she explains. But she wasn’t the only one striving for advancement. “It’s always a group effort,” April emphasizes. “I feel blessed to have my team and work with them. It’s a joy to wake up to this every day and see their businesses flourish.” April’s time with USANA has brought her tremendous satisfaction. “I wanted to be my own boss while helping others achieve financial freedom, and it’s really amazing to be able to do that,” she says. But everyone has to start somewhere, and April was no exception. “In the beginning, I was just like everyone else,” she recalls. “I didn’t know the right people. But you have to grow and learn and meet more people. You have to push yourself.”

April Rutka Ontario, Canada

April readily offers advice to other Associates aspiring to improve their businesses. “First of all, never give up,” she says, because she believes that dreams are worth the work. “Always be in action. Move toward what you want, and you will succeed.” Consistent learning is also essential to April’s approach. “The more dedicated you are to improving your own skills, the more successful you will be,” she says. Finally, she encourages others to stay optimistic: “Stay positive. Things will work out—but they may not work out the way you expect them to.” n

After becoming a Gold Director, Sidong Wu couldn’t wait to get started on the next step in advancing his business. “I really wanted to become a Ruby Director within a year,” he says. “I set my goal and then put my plan into action.” Walking across the stage at this year’s International Convention with his new title, Wu already has his eyes set on his next goal—Emerald. Although Wu has experienced great success, the decision to start a home-based business wasn’t easy. “I was familiar with the direct-selling industry, and I was a little nervous,” he says. “However, once I learned more about USANA, the products, and the compensation plan, I really felt like I could give this opportunity a chance.” As Wu’s business has continued to develop, he has learned more than just what it takes to build a great business—he has developed an intense passion for the vision of Dr. Wentz. “This vision is a great platform that helps others reach health and financial freedom,” he says. One of the greatest pieces of advice Wu stresses to Associates is the importance of having trust in USANA’s products. “That’s one of the most important things,” he says. But that’s not all. “You must also have perseverance, a belief in yourself, and be sure you never stop learning.” n See income disclaimer on page 58.


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Sidong Wu New York, USA

Reward Yourself. Power Your Business.


Will you be there? “Gold Retreat was a special and unforgettable experience allowing us the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishment. It was the perfect crowning event of us becoming Gold Directors.”

Dennis & Gwen Doty, Gold Retreat Alumni

“Not only did USANA wine and dine us, we got to see first hand how much USANA values our hard work and effort. This is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.”

David Block, Gold Retreat Alumni

“It was an incredible experience that propelled me to Ruby and, ultimately, to Diamond.”

Frank Gu, Gold Retreat Alumni

“It firmed up my belief in USANA and where I want to take my business. It was fun, energizing, and incredibly inspirational.”

April Rutka, Gold Retreat Alumni

Expert training to private tours to relaxation. Gold Retreat will provide you with the chance to change your business and, potentially, your life. Will you be there?

Gold Retreat 2012 Winter



February 2–5

May 31–June 3

October 11–14

Zermatt Resort

The Canyons Resort

The Canyons Resort

Qualification period: September 3– December 30, 2011

Qualification period: December 31, 2011– April 27, 2012

Qualification period: April 28– August 24, 2012

Please visit for a complete list of rules for qualification.

Vern Bond & Ann Robins Manitoba, Canada

Lyca Chen & Jeremy Hsu British Columbia, Canada

Lisa Cui British Columbia, Canada

After looking over a USANA Health & Freedom Newspaper and participating in a presentation, Vern Bond and Ann Robins knew there was just one more thing left for them to do—get started as quickly as possible. “We liked what we heard and it made perfect sense to us,” they say.

J eremy Hsu and Lyca Chen say their motto, “We believe it, we see it, and then we reach it,” has sparked their success and helped them become Gold Directors.

Lisa Cui didn’t have much interest in USANA in the beginning. She was involved in a ceramics business and considered life to be good. But after an acquaintance told her more about the company, she was curious. “I realized USANA’s products were the best, and I was pleased with the compensation plan,” she says. “I felt like USANA was the perfect company for me.”

Vern and Ann originally hoped to create a sense of freedom for themselves, but now they look forward to exceeding that initial goal. “Our motivation is still based on that dream, but it has definitely grown,” they say. “It now includes creating a team of wonderful friends.” As new Gold Directors, Vern and Ann encourage others to set goals and then take advantage of every opportunity you can. “Attending USANA events and trainings with your teammates is incredibly powerful,” they say. “Stay together, work together, and play together as you share the vision of Dr. Wentz and USANA.”

Before joining USANA, Jeremy and his girlfriend Lyca were worried about their monetary situation because they doubted Jeremy’s supermarket job could provide them with long-term economic stability. After meeting Ruby Directors Alex Tai and Vivian Lee, the couple decided USANA could help them reach their financial goals. “We wanted to build our own business and believed USANA was the best way,” Jeremy and Lyca say. The couple has since worked diligently with their team to become successful. While they initially joined USANA to improve their financial situation, they now want to spread USANA’s message to others because of Dr. Wentz’ vision and the company’s quality products.

New Gold Director Not Featured: Aristotle Ibasco, California, USA See income disclaimer on page 58.


May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011



Gold Advancements

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Lisa is proud of her association with USANA as well as the teammates she gets to work with. “Without my team’s help I wouldn’t have experienced this success. They are positive, supportive, and motivating,” she says. Lisa is proud of her new Gold title and is looking forward to the many possibilities that await her. “I am happy to share USANA with others.”

“USANA is the perfect company for me.”

Gordon Gao & Amy Jia British Columbia, Canada Gordon Gao and Amy Jia didn’t necessarily know what it was going to take to advance their business to Gold Director status, but they did know they had the support they needed. “With our upline’s encouragement, in addition to the incredible support from our team, we knew it was going to be possible,” they say. “The key to our successful run definitely came down to the power of teamwork.” Gordon and Amy have many more dreams they look forward to fulfilling with USANA, and they know with a strong determination anything is possible. “Having goals and dreams is so incredibly important,” they say. “If you have perseverance, your dreams can definitely come true.”

“Our long-term goal is to become Diamond Directors.”

Judi Moore Virginia, USA

Liliana Suciu Québec, Canada

Jeannie Thai California, USA

Sam Wang, Delaware, USA

Judi Moore spent more than

When Liliana Suciu was introduced to USANA, she had the same trepidations as many other Associates. “I was incredibly skeptical,” she says. But after deciding to see if the products could help her family maintain their health, she turned her skepticism into a desire to teach others about the products and company she loves. “My mission is to tell everyone I can about USANA and the vision of Dr. Wentz.”

Jeannie Thai’s mentor, 2-Star Diamond Director Aaron Dinh, always taught her to focus on the finish line, and to not worry about the ups and downs she encounters along the way. That advice has paid off. By following in Aaron’s successful footsteps and allowing her team to inspire her, Jeannie has proudly attained Gold Director status. “I’ve been strongly motivated by the belief my mentor and my team have placed in me,” she says.

Sam Wang spent several

10 years as a swim coach, so when it comes to motivating her team to take action, it’s no surprise she goes into coaching mode. “A coach knows how to encourage their teammates, and that’s exactly how it is with USANA,” she says. “You have to know your Associates and understand what motivates them.” For Judi, her motivation comes from knowing that every time she shares USANA, she is helping others change their lives. And she knows it’s possible because USANA has changed her life. Becoming a Gold Director has always been a goal for Judi, and while she’s enjoying the accomplishment, her focus remains on others. “I am so thankful for what Dr. Wentz has created. I want to share that with others,” she says. “I want to see my teammates become successful and, for me, that’s the most important thing.”

Liliana strongly encourages others to never let fears or doubts stand in their way. Instead, use them as motivation. “You can succeed with USANA no matter what your background is,” she says. “When I decided to become part of USANA, I also decided not to let anything stand in my way of success.” As a new Gold Director, Liliana is motivated to help her teammates experience the same success. “I definitely want to make sure they have the same opportunity.”

Before she became an Associate, Jeannie was an unemployed, full-time student. Now, as she enjoys her newfound financial and time freedom, she realizes she made the right decision in joining USANA. “It took a leap of faith to decide to become a USANA Associate,” Jeannie says, “but I’m so glad I did!”

“Only through an appreciation of everything and everyone, can you ever have more.”

years working for another network marketing company so he was familiar with the industry, but something always seemed amiss. “After a few years I realized I wasn’t accomplishing what I wanted in life,” he recalls. “Then I was reintroduced to USANA, and I realized this was the company for me.” Becoming a Gold Director was possible for Sam thanks to his strong work ethic and teammates. “I am very thankful for my upline who helped me gain an understanding of USANA and showed me how to take my first steps here.” One of the most important pieces of advice Sam has to offer others is to keep business as simple as possible. “USANA is a simple, straightforward business,” he says. “There is no need to make it complicated. It just takes hard work and diligence.”




Gold Advancements


May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011


Gold Advancements May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011 BRONZE



Congratulations to USANA’s own

Sam Stosur Xiao Fei Wu British Columbia, Canada

THE 2011 U.S. Open champion

Xiao Fei Wu had done all of his research on USANA, but he didn’t know if he could be successful at building a business. However, after making a trip to USANA’s Vancouver office, something changed. “As I looked at their Wall of Fame, I realized these Associates were ordinary people just like me,” he says. “If I worked hard like they had, I too could become successful.” Wu’s recent advancement to Gold Director came as a result of his persistent effort to succeed, but he doesn’t discount the help his teammates gave him. “Becoming a Gold Director definitely was possible thanks to them,” he says. Although Wu may not have realized the amount of success he could have with USANA, he now knows the future is unlimited.

“Dr. Wentz’ great vision changed my life.”

The See income disclaimer on page 58.

Asia-Pacific Advancements Diamond


2-Star Diamond SiHee Park & ByungSoo Kim, Korea BRONZE


USANA Health Sciences would like to congratulate all of our Asia-Pacific Associates who advanced from May 8, 2011—July 16, 2011.

1-Star Diamond YaeJae Jeong & HeeYun Lee, Korea Diamond Robin & Brenda Ellis, Australia Melissa Quah & Carl KK Tan, Singapore




Ruby Shu Jun Che & Ren Huai Gao, Australia YoungMi Choi & SoungGu Kim, Korea Wang Chunyan & Wang Qingli, Hong Kong Jeannie Do, Australia

Gao Hanling, Hong Kong Cai Junfen, Hong Kong Asuki Kume, Japan Wei Wu & Hong Yan Li, Australia Baiyang Zhou, Hong Kong

Van Le-Hugh, Australia MiSook Jeon, Korea EunHee Jung, Korea OkHee Kim, Korea KyeongKeun Ko, Korea MinHwa Kwak & JungWoon Kim, Korea Ka Yee Lam & Wei Kit Won, Australia Kieu Lam, Australia Toan Quang Lam, Australia HanSun Lee, Korea JaYoung Lee, Korea MyungHee Lee, Korea SookHee Lee, Korea YoungSook Lee, Korea Guohua Li, Hong Kong Lin Li & Peter Coates, Australia Xiaoying Li, Hong Kong Yunhua Li, Hong Kong Shiu Fang Liang, Taiwan Shouyi Liang, Hong Kong

Xingding Liu, Hong Kong Xiaoyan Luo, Hong Kong Bojo and Sugar Malanog, Philippines Xiao Hui Ning, Hong Kong EunSeon Park, Korea MinGoo Park & YoungSuk Yang, Korea Jinlan Peng, Hong Kong Tan Poh Poh, Malaysia Fang Qian, Hong Kong Erwin Remonde, Philippines Xiaojuan Ren, Hong Kong Jerlyn Sabran, Philippines HyeSook Seok, Korea Sheldon Sepe, Philippines Jie Shen, Hong Kong Fan Shufen, Hong Kong Lijun Sun, Hong Kong Jouie Tamse, Philippines Pamela Tham, Malaysia

Tianning Zhou & Weidong Liu, Australia Shou Min Zhu & Min Li, Australia


Satoshi Asai, Japan Dave Carpio, Philippines Miyoung Chai, Korea Xiuqing Chen, Hong Kong Guangrui Cheng, Hong Kong Li Han Chu & Shan Ju Liu, Taiwan Weimin Deng, Hong Kong Guizhen Du, Hong Kong Runping Fan, Hong Kong Zhang Fang, Hong Kong Hua Fei, Hong Kong Guili Fu, Hong Kong Shuxia Guo, Hong Kong Feng Han, Hong Kong MyoungSun Hawang, Korea Misato Hayashi, Japan Wei He, Hong Kong Xiucai Hong, Hong Kong Foo Ooi Hoon, Malaysia Chun Hua Hou, Hong Kong Aijuan Huang, Hong Kong Zixian Huang, Hong Kong SILVER





Emerald Billy & Josephine De la Fuente, Philippines Mu Jingmei, Hong Kong Luyen Pham & Son Vo, Australia Nathaniel & Joan Sunio, Philippines Ying Wang & Yue Ning Lan, Australia

Bei Tian & Zhongqiang Chen, Australia Shuangrong Tian, Hong Kong Fatima Leigh Margallo Viril, Philippines Jiayi Wang, Hong Kong Tianshang Wang, Philippines Weidong Wang, Hong Kong Hualong Wu, Hong Kong Youtang Wu, Hong Kong Xuehui Xi, Hong Kong Ji Xiaohong, Hong Kong Liyong Xing, Hong Kong JooYeon Yook, Korea Atsunori Yoshida, Korea Guangqing Yu, Hong Kong Jun Zhang, Hong Kong Nianhong Zhang, Hong Kong Qinglan Zhang, Hong Kong Xingming Zhang, Hong Kong Dongfang Zheng, Australia Lulin Zhong, Hong Kong

Congratulations also to our 299 new Silver Directors and 95 new Bronze Directors from our Asia-Pacific markets.






Silver Advancements

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011

Wes & Gerrie Akau California, USA

Mario Alvarado Texas, USA

Devra & Ray Betts Nevada, USA

Christopher Brown Texas, USA

Brenda Buchan-Howard Ontario, Canada

June Caponpon California, USA

Steven Chao California, USA

Helen Chen Pennsylvania, USA

Natalia Cherubini California, USA

María Eugenia Ortiz Delgado Colima, México

James Dolas California, USA

Daniel English California, USA

Elisa Graci Ontario, Canada

Jonathan Grothe California, USA

Brenton Haag Texas, USA

Terri & Jason Hander, Texas, USA

Lindsey Hardy Georgia, USA

Bi Tao He British Columbia, Canada

Mei Jin British Columbia, Canada

Suzette Kaulukukui California, USA

USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Valerie Kesler Colorado, USA

Raymond G. Lamarche Québec, Canada

Cordia Leung Texas, USA

Hong Li Maryland, USA

Jie Li British Columbia, Canada

Man Li British Columbia, Canada

Nelie Lucero-Aguirre California, USA

Jia Carrie Luo Ontario, Canada

Stephen Makanju Texas, USA

Art Montiel California, USA

Tony Nguyen Missouri, USA

Nunnaphat Panpisetpittayakul California, USA

G. Kevin Parker Texas, USA

Yolanda K. Parker Texas, USA

Shan Shan Peng British Columbia, Canada

Beth Querner Maryland, USA

Elizabeth Rider Colorado, USA

Ray Rios California, USA

Liila Roberts Texas, USA

Samantha Rodriguez Texas, USA




Silver Advancements


May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011




Silver Advancements

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011

Sarah Rutka Ontario, Canada

Meghan Ryan Ontario, Canada

Phimonphat Sirisakthanakun New York, USA

Christine Sui British Columbia, Canada

Mayerling Verduzco Jalisco, México

Julie Wang British Columbia, Canada

Nancy Wang California, USA

Lisa Whittall Ontario, Canada

Nan Yang New York, USA

Donghui Zhang New York, USA

Shao Jun Zhang British Columbia, Canada

New silver Directors Not Featured: Kevin Hallett, Texas, USA Qi Di Huang, New York, USA Keith Kittirungruang, California, USA Chen Liu, Ontario, Canada Kelly W. Liu, New York, USA Dr. Brian Lum, California, USA Sylvain Ménard, Québec, Canada


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Jennifer Mercado, California, USA Tony Yi Fan Pan, British Columbia, Canada Yongxin Qiao, British Columbia, Canada Maximo De Los Reyes, California, USA Terrence Rice, California, USA

Christine Rutkunas, New Jersey, USA Bang Jeng Shiah, New York, USA Gilbert Villegas, Texas, USA Eric Walker, California, USA David Wang, Delaware, USA Lang Wu, New Jersey, USA Man Kin Yam, New Jersey, USA



Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Location:


Paradisus Palma Real Resort


Rewards November 8-12, 2012

Bordering Haiti and lying between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of México, the Dominican Republic is a product of its history. This nation was home to the first Spanish colony in the New World, and today, the vibrant mixture of Taíno, African, and Spanish cultures produces a traveling experience unlike any other. On November 8–12, 2012, USANA’s Growth 25 will discover that the Dominican Republic is where ease and tranquility joins excitement and discovery. Find full details and qualifying rules for the Growth 25 at

USANA Growth 25 trips give you a great chance to enjoy the most exciting moments of your life. You are treated like kings and queens. You also have opportunities to meet the USANA management team, share experiences with rising USANA stars, and to enhance your business. You have to be there—you deserve it! — Rena Nong Ren & Perry Chong Diamond Directors British Columbia, Canada



Bronze Advancements

May 8, 2011–July 16, 2011

Xiujuan Gong British Columbia, Canada

Judy A. Karpinski Colorado, USA

Carmen & Tim Koebke Texas, USA

Justina Suk-Man Lam Ontario, Canada

Cui Hong Liu Ontario, Canada

Gui Ping Liu Ontario, Canada

Laura Martínez Colima, México

Teresa Meadows Virginia, USA

Melanie Okerlund Colorado, USA

Chris Vaisnoras Illinois, USA

Ma. del Rocío Gómez Vallarta Querétaro, México

New Bronze Directors Not Featured: Jinghong Cheng, British Columbia, Canada Shiquan Ding, Maryland, USA Andria Hoda, Ontario, Canada Jia Rong Li, British Columbia, Canada


USANA Health Sciences Volume 5 2011

Dywana Mack, California, USA Ligaya Oliveros, California, USA Yan Zheng, British Columbia, Canada


May 7, 2011–July 15, 2011


Top North American Growth Earners Top North American Associate Enrollers Top Global Income Earners Top North American Preferred Customer Enrollers

Dear Associates, Congratulations to everyone who made it on stage at this year’s International Convention! Competitiveness swims within our blood, especially in our industry. But this type of competitiveness drives us to move forward and better ourselves as individuals. The awards ceremony is one of the greatest events at Convention because we get to honor our top Associates. A lot of attention is reserved for the top five—Distributor of the Year, the Dr. Wentz Vision Award, President’s Award, Rookie of the Year, and the Top Associate Enroller—which you can read more about on pages 24 to 33. But there are also other honors to be handed out. Each award is an incredible accomplishment, and every Associate has the ability to receive recognition. Every year, Associates ask me one common question. “How many awards are there and how can I take one home?” Beyond the usual hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you have to be strategic and be aware of the criteria for the following awards, which are given out in addition to the top five: Fortune 100 is presented to the 100 Associates who have the highest income (inclusive of all commissions and bonuses) in the company. The top 25 in this category are awarded a luxurious trip, and the top Associate is Distributor of the Year. Growth 100 is presented to the top 100 Associates who have the highest growth in absolute commission, excluding bonuses. The top 25 growth Associates earn an all expense-paid-trip to an amazingly beautiful destination. Top Associate Enrollers is presented to the top 25 Associates who personally enroll the most new Associates. Top Preferred Customer (PC) Enrollers is presented to 25 Associates who enroll the most PCs. Associates who consistently share Dr. Wentz’ vision and USANA’s products are generally in this award category. Rising Star is presented to the top 25 Associates who have been in the business for two years or less and is based on absolute commission growth in their first 12 months. The PaceSetter Creators Award is presented to 25 Associates who have created the most PaceSetters in their organization. Associates who are growers in the company will generally be in this award category.  The Teamwork Award is presented to an Associate who attends trainings and meetings on a consistent basis, with or without prospects, knowing that the event needs them as much as they need the event. To achieve this award, you should be a good listener and problem solver. Be respected as someone who cares as much about others as yourself.  The Children’s Champion Award is presented to an Associate of any level. The recipient is someone who diligently seeks to improve the health of children through USANA’s chosen charity, Children’s Hunger Fund. The time frame used to calculate these awards will be between July 16, 2011 and July 6, 2012 for next year’s International Convention. Now that you have a better understanding of the criteria for USANA’s awards, I want to challenge you to circle the one you want to take home! Set your goals, determine your timelines, and just go for it. Like I always say: “Fire first and aim later!” We have a strong field development team on staff to help you determine which award is closest to your business potential.  Let the games begin and I will see you on stage in 2012!

Belynda Lee, Vice President of Canada & North American Asian Market


Top North American Growth Earners Determined by comparing the “Top Associates” time period from the previous issue of USANA magazine to the “Top Associates” time period in the current issue. February 26–May 6, 2011 to May 7–July 15, 2011 Associate Name


Jessica Grandel Shiquan Ding David Wang Mei Huang Sidong Wu Marlene & Jim Robbins Ding Frank Gu Soomin Kim April Rutka Jared Crebs Tina Tao Pang & Ted Chun Yong Liu Leanne Grechulk Amy Jia & Gordon Gao Xiao Yan Jennifer Gong Kunlayanee Vongkattiya Helen Yoshihara Vern Bond & Ann Robins Rafael & Annie Lagado Jeannie Thai Kelly W. Liu Shelly Matsos Tuanai Wu Brett & Melanie Ethridge Xuemei Chen & Wei Ping Zou Vivian Lee & Alex Tai Michael Callejas Xiao Fei Wu Lisa Cui Aaron Yip Serge & Mado Morissette Marie-Pascale Tremblay & Sylvain Ménard Aristotle Ibasco Rebecca Man Ping Lin Liliana Suciu Judi Moore Theerasak Tungmonkhong Anna Jonca Jun Yu James Cui & Emma Rao Jeremy Hsu & Lyca Chen Juntao Ding Connie Yao & Jim Barabe Ben Jung XueJia Wang Andrea Equihua Gasca & Salvador Millan Verónica Ramírez Lomelí Adam Lee Chris Dawkins

Delaware, USA Maryland, USA Delaware, USA New York, USA New York, USA California, USA New Jersey, USA California, USA Ontario, Canada Texas, USA Maryland, USA Ontario, Canada British Columbia, Canada New York, USA New York, USA California, USA Manitoba, Canada California, USA California, USA New York, USA Ontario, Canada Delaware, USA Colorado, USA British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada California, USA British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada California, USA Québec, Canada Québec, Canada California, USA British Columbia, Canada New York, USA Québec, Canada Virginia, USA New York, USA Ontario, Canada New York, USA British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada Maryland, USA British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada Querétaro, México Querétaro, México California, USA Texas, USA

Top North American Associate Enrollers Based on the number of personally sponsored downline members enrolled. May 7–July 15, 2011 Associate Name Number Region Enrolled Dra. Noemí A. Díaz de León Martínez 26 San Luis Potosí, México Verónica Ramírez Lomelí 23 Querétaro, México Marlene & Jim Robbins 19 California, USA Helen Yoshihara 17 California, USA Alma Corres Zincúnegui 16 Jalisco, México Aristotle Ibasco 15 California, USA Jeremy Stansfield 13 Utah, USA Alexander Denk 13 California, USA Paulina Margarita Escobedo Torres 12 Jalisco, México Jesús Estrada Palomo 11 Estado de México, México Maurizio Flores 11 Texas, USA Simon & Kelly Chan and Scott McGee 10 British Columbia, Canada Soomin Kim 10 California, USA Xuemei Chen & Wei Ping Zou 10 British Columbia, Canada Krizia Carbonell 10 California, USA Ma. del Rocío Gómez Vallarta 9 Querétaro, México Anna Jonca 9 Ontario, Canada Conchita Vargas Lugo & Paola Vargas Lugo 8 Querétaro, México Jeannie Thai 8 California, USA Rubí Yadira Hernández Franco 8 Nuevo León, México Lita Nantaphoom 8 California, USA Donghui Zhang 8 New York, USA Christopher Botsacos 8 California, USA Connie Yao & Jim Barabe 7 British Columbia, Canada Bryan Morris 7 Texas, USA Lucía Sánchez López 7 Querétaro, México Rafael & Annie Lagado 7 California, USA Shelly Matsos 7 Ontario, Canada Amy Jia & Gordon Gao 7 British Columbia, Canada Bailing Wang 7 California, USA Fabio Fazzia 7 Baja California, México Khurram Khakoo 7 California, USA Jonnyo Dulay 7 California, USA Jacques Laflamme 7 Québec, Canada Hui Fang Yu 7 British Columbia, Canada

When I enroll a new Associate my thoughts are always focused on helping others. This is the reason why being one of the Top Associate Enrollers makes me feel tremendously grateful to God, because he allows me to help so many people. This is my mission.

Dra. Noemí A. Díaz de León Martínez San Luis Potosí, México

Top Global Income Earners Determined by the total commissions earned. May 7–July 15, 2011 Associate Name Rita Hui Connie Yao & Jim Barabe Jeremy Stansfield Collette Larsen & Zachary Ross Mable & Vincent Chan Tina Tao Pang & Ted Chun Yong Liu Queen & Alan To Mei Huang Bill & Jenny Huang Liu Tang Jung & Pan Hsiu Jou Peter & Bibiana Pau Bryan & Monica Penrod Chiu Liang Yin & Kung Bing Feng Dr. Wen Chi Wu & Zang Houng Wu Bob Zou Bryan Morris Dennis Chen & Sheila Xiao Nan Wang Wu Shiao Chen & Lai Feng Yu Steven Chen & Zhi Xian Jin Frank Feng & Bin Yang Bob, Mary, Amy & Xian Lin Lin Shi & Meiqin Jiang Zhang Baowen Daniel & Dr. Paige Hunter Annette & Victor Que Wang Bai Lu & Chiang Chun Tze Dean & Sherri Chionis and Matt Chionis Susanne & John Cunningham SiHee Park & ByungSoo Kim Wang Ying Chiao & Lin Sen Chi Carmen Marshall Feng Ye & Jian-Qin Gu Vera Wang MaengJa Lee & BongKi Kim Zhao Minghui & Wang Rongmin Matt & Shanna Ryan Sterling & Mary Ottesen ChangJin Lee & JaeYun Jung Chun-Ming Chang & Aileen Zhou Jasmine Zhao Penny & Phil Kirk Ri Yue Liu Terry Wang & Linda Ju Pete & Dora Zdanis Conchita Vargas Lugo & Paola Vargas Lugo Michael Callejas Eduardo Barreto

Region Hong Kong British Columbia, Canada Utah, USA California, USA British Columbia, Canada Maryland, USA Hong Kong New York, USA New Zealand Taiwan Washington, USA Texas, USA Taiwan New Jersey, USA Hong Kong Texas, USA California, USA Taiwan Australia Australia Australia Australia Hong Kong Texas, USA British Columbia, Canada Taiwan Illinois, USA Manitoba, Canada Korea Taiwan California, USA Australia Hong Kong Korea Hong Kong Texas, USA Utah, USA Korea Australia Singapore Arizona, USA New York, USA Hong Kong Pennsylvania, USA Querétaro, México California, USA Distrito Federal, México

Top North American Preferred Customer Enrollers Calculated by the total enrolled Preferred Customers who purchased a minimum of 25 points. May 7–July 15, 2011 Associate Name Number Region Enrolled Ma. del Rocío Gómez Vallarta 111 Querétaro, México Ning Lu 43 California, USA Lourdes Josefina Sánchez Flores 33 Guanajuato, México Janice F. Moranz 31 New Mexico, USA Luke & Holly Shen 30 California, USA Wang ShuJun 26 California, USA Emily Bright & Jacque Chapman 24 West Virginia, USA Alma Corres Zincúnegui 23 Jalisco, México Zora Pesio 21 Washington, USA Dr. Karen Wolfe 20 California, USA Matt Johnson 20 Wisconsin, USA Tina Matthews 20 Ontario, Canada Andrea Cuellar Chávez 19 Jalisco, México Karin Henderson 18 British Columbia, Canada Kimberly Koller 17 California, USA Astrid Cuevas 17 Jalisco, México Sarina Jones 17 Ontario, Canada Ruben Carrillo 16 California, USA Shayla Lee 16 Washington, USA Dr. Christiane Northrup 15 Maine, USA Wesley Epplin 15 Illinois, USA Gemma Hughes 15 West Virginia, USA Olga Miriam Medina García 15 Baja California, México Yanik Tereso 15 Québec, Canada María Teresa Favela Pérez 14 Estado De México, México Jasmohanjit Gill 13 British Columbia, Canada

Becoming a Top PC Enroller is a great honor. It reminds myself, as well as my teammates, that you can achieve your goals if you work hard and with your heart. I feel empowered as I tell my team they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Ma. Del Rocío Gómez Vallarta, Querétaro, México


Upcoming Events 2011 2012 November




Steps to Success Atlanta, Georgia

Winter Gold Retreat Zermatt Resort Utah



Fortune 25 Bora Bora Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

Qualification ends to attend the Emerald Ruby Retreat


Canadian CrossRegional Conference Toronto, Ontario

Steps to Success Long Beach, California






U.S. Cross-Regional Conference San Antonio, Texas

2012 International Convention Salt Lake City, Utah



Diamond Retreat O‘ahu, Hawai‘i

Qualification ends to attend the Fall Gold Retreat


Qualification ends to attend the Summer Gold Retreat

December 30

Qualification ends to attend the Winter Gold Retreat

March 1–3

México CrossRegional Conference Guadalajara 2

Qualification ends to attend the Diamond Retreat 8–12

Asia-Pacific Convention Sydney, Australia 21–25

Emerald Ruby Retreat Los Cabos, México

September 16–21

Remember, informative

Fortune 25 Paris, France

conference calls are held each


Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. MDT. Check out for details. Go

line On

May 31–June 3 Summer Gold Retreat The Canyons Resort Utah


Fall Gold Retreat The Canyons Resort Utah

November 8–12

Growth 25 Dominican Republic

July 6

Last day to qualify for rank advancement recognition at the USANA International Convention Dates are subject to change without notice. Visit for more information.

Paris, France

September 16–21, 2012 For more information, visit



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