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moments M k h Make holiday lid memories i with a new Tupperware tablescape and more


Holiday Dinnerware fit for a family feast


Family size

Only $5

a Tupperware Essentials Salad Set

with every $100 spent

Includes one 18-cup/4.3 L Large Serving Bowl and set of four 2¼-cup/550 mL Salad Bowls all with single-touch seals. $40 value. Save $13! 81630 $27.00

b Salad Forks




For simple serving. Limit one set with every $100 spent. $10 value. Save $5! 881830 $5.00

Save over 40% c Tupperware Essentials Serving Dishes Serve fall favorites. Includes 7½-cup/1.8 L Deep Server with Ladle and 7½-cup/1.8 L Shallow Server with Serving Spoon. $60 value. Save $25! 81632 $35.00


Save $10!


e Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates Set the table for memorable moments. Set of four 9 ½"/24 cm plates. $29 value. Save $10! 81633 $19.00

Only $25 d Tupperware Essentials Beverage Set Includes 2-qt./2 L Stirring Pitcher and set of four exclusive 16-oz./470 mL tumblers with liquid-tight seals. $38 value. Save $13! 81631 $25.00

Buy More Save More! f Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates


Big family? No problem. Set of eight 9 ½"/24 cm plates. $58 value. Save $33! 81634 $25.00 3

Celebrate New Ways to recreate old family recipes


SAVE $35 a TupperWave® Stack Cooker Make everything from holiday candies to family dinners. Includes ¾-qt./750 mL casserole/cover, 1¾-qt./1.75 L casserole, 3-qt./3 L casserole, cone, colander and two seals. $114 value. Save $35! 81635 $79.00 4

Only $12 with every $50 spent b Mini Canisters It’s clear that canisters make great gifts. 2 cup/500 mL. Set of four. Limit one set with every $50 spent. $24 value. Save $12! 881827 $12.00

Save $5 c Silicone Spatula



This stain-resistant spatula can endure heat up to 400° F/200° C. $19 value. Save $5! 81637 $14.00


Best for baking d Silicone Wonder® Mat Line cookie sheets and baking pans to eliminate oily spray, foil or parchment paper Q. $35 value. Save $10! 81636 $25.00 5

For Holiday Hosts who bake and take sweet treats to all



Ask a Consultant about hosting a party today! Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive the Ideal Lit’l Bowl FREE.

FREE! with a $500 party + 2 datings*

HOST A PARTY Host a party with $175 or more in sales and receive a FREE Date & Hold Gift of your choice from among a selection of our most popular products from the latest Tupperware Catalog. Limit one Date & Hold Gift with qualifying party.


Holiday Host Prep Set Happy holiday hosts get all the classic favorites. See the Fall & Holiday 2016 Catalog for details. $189 value. 8776 $75 in Host Credit

HOST GIFT SPECIAL FREE! with a $750 party

+ 2 datings* Holiday Host Premium Set Includes Holiday Host Prep Set, PLUS Holiday Host Baking Set! $306 value. 8778 $113 in Host Credit

$306 value


with a $750 party+ 2 datings*

HOST BONUS Only $39 with a $600 party + 2 datings* Holiday Host Baking Set There’s nothing like baking old recipes with loved ones. Includes Silicone Oven Glove G, Chef Series Baking Sheet, and Perfectly Plaid Cheat Sheet Apron G. $117 value. Save $78! 1870 $39.00

Silicone Oven Glove

Chef Series Baking Sheet

Flip the bottom hem of your apron over for common kitchen conversions!

Perfectly Plaid Cheat Sheet Apron

* Limit one of each Host offer with qualifying party sales and two friends who date and hold their own parties within 21 days. Host offers do not count toward party sales for Host Credit.


Peace on Earth while the kids are distracted

Only $20 a Mini Baking Set* Share the joy of baking with your young ones. Includes 6-cup/1.4 L ThatsaÂŽ Mini Bowl, Spatula, Mini Mix-N-Pour Pitcher, Mini Rolling Pin, Measuring Spoons and Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter. $29 value. Save $9! 81638 $20.00





Save 50% d Tote-Em Pails® Toy

Exclusive b Stencil Art Set Keep kids busy while you get things holiday ready. Set of eight stencils include holiday designs, letters, shapes, animals and more. 81639 $15.00

A great gift—stacking containers teach colors, shapes and animals, and nest for compact storage. $30 value. Save $15! 81641 $15.00

Only $10 c Modular Mates® Square 1 Container Perfectly sized to carry your Stencil Art Set! $17 value. Save $7! 81640 $10.00


ONLY BY TUPPERWARE e Disney’s Baby Mickey Mouse Feeding Set * Perfect gift for new moms. Includes 2-cup/500 mL Big Wonders® bowl with embossed character seal, 4-oz./120 mL Snack Cup, 7-oz./200 mL Bell Tumbler with Domed Sipper Seal and two Feeding Spoons. $19 value. Save $4! 81642 $15.00

e © Disney

*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.



My motto is, ‘I don’t sell Tupperware products. I teach people how to use them.’ Because if you teach someone how to use the products, they always come back for more.


They have never let me down. I turned to my family and my Tupperware family for support and they were there with arms wide open. They are the ones that have kept me strong. Tupperware has kept me feeling “normal” in all this chaos. Tupperware—the people, the company, the money. All of it has really helped my family. To go from working shifts with late days and late nights, to being a stay at home mom and selling Tupperware was a huge lifestyle change for me. I always said “I don’t know if I can actually sell Tupperware.” But when I received my SmartSteamer and my Power Chef, I started making my own baby food and that is when my career with Tupperware took off and I became passionate about the business. My motto is, “I don’t sell Tupperware products. I teach people how to use them." Because if you teach someone how to use the products, they always come back for more. And that’s what really has grown my business. The last couple months have been trying for not only myself, but for my team. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, and when forest fires ravaged my city and took everything from me, my house, my neighborhood, the life that I had established there, I was in disarray. When I received the text that morning of the picture of my house burned to the ground I was in shock. Everything was overwhelming. But it was my team who was there. They were the first people I called to make sure they had made it out of the fire and that they were okay.

With everyone slowly moving back to Fort McMurray we want to be able to save people as much money as we can and give them the best service that we can. We have risen from the ashes. My team is unstoppable. Tupperware, this business, is unstoppable!

So when people ask “Why Tupperware?” I tell them, “It’s because of the people.” My team has persevered and we have come out on top. I would give them everything I could just to say thank you for being there for me. Tupperware is my second family. I stay with Tupperware and I’m with Tupperware, not just for the product but for the people, my family. I love what I do. I love this job. JESSICA CARLSON, STAR DIRECTOR Fort McMurray, Alberta

JOIN thousands of other Tupperladies and gents by asking your Consultant how to get started or by visiting TUPPERWARE.COM. 11






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For carrying holiday cookies and other baked goods. Limit one when you attend a party. $21 value. Save $9! 89430 $12.00

Round Container

Only $12



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Mid oct 2016 brochure Tupperware us  
Mid oct 2016 brochure Tupperware us