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Consider Wallpaper If you thought you knew wallpaper, it’s time to think again. We might associate wallpaper with the 1950s, but boring walls were given personality with wallpaper beginning five centuries ago with the invention of the printing press. Wallpaper has been gaining in popularity fueled by improved selections and a renewed interest as public exposure. Wallpaper has the ability to transform a room in ways that paint can’t. Paint is one dimensional, and wallpaper adds a very different dimension to your walls. Three elements to keep in mind when tackling the powder room: 1 Color pallet

2 How bold of a

statement to make

3 Budget

One of the best features of wallpaper today is the wide range of options and colors. Technology has made the product more attractive. You can purchase wallpaper that looks like tile, with bold geometric designs, or unexpected color palettes, and larger scale prints that offer a modern take on a classic design. You can even get wallpaper that mimics natural materials like wood and stone. Don’t be afraid to see a small space as an opportunity to think big. Hanging a big, bold pattern in a small room might seem counterintuitive, but when done correctly, it can actually make the space appear larger- and certainly more lively and unexpected. One accent wall may be all you need to achieve the drama of wallpaper without the huge commitment, and don’t forget the 5th wall–the ceiling. There are many types of wallpaper, but four of the most popular kinds are vinyl coated, coated fabric, paper or solid sheet backed vinyl, and fabric backed vinyl.

Vinyl-coated wallpaper is one of the most diverse types, suitable for almost any room, but particularly the bathroom due to its improved water resistance. This type of paper is sprayed or coated with an acrylic vinyl on its surface resistant to moisture penetration. A popular type of paper due to its wipe-ability, ease to hang and strip abilities. Similar to vinyl-coated paper, fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper has a strong moisture resistant surface. As its name implies, this type has a fabric backing rather than a paper one. Fabric-backed vinyl paper is very durable and tear resistant as well as impervious to moisture and humidity. Moisture resistant wallpaper is great for bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean waterproof. It’s recommended to install a tile or hard surface splash around the vanity. A single roll of wallpaper measures about 56 square feet. However, after waste is figured in, you won’t get much more than 30 square feet of coverage. When ordering wallpaper make sure you clarify whether you are talking about single or double rolls, and American or European coverings. Wallpapers come in an infinite array of styles and price ranges, but a rule of thumb for what you can expect to pay ranges from around $40 to $60 for a single roll of lower priced paper to around $140 for a single roll of mid-range paper, and $300 or more for a high end paper. It’s a good idea to order a sample before proceeding with an order, and always inspect the wallpaper you have purchased roll by roll to ensure you have the correct paper, color, and sufficient quantity of the same lot number. There are many flaws you can spot even with new paper. Some flaws include: damaged edges, un-even coloring from side to side or roll to roll.

Who to Hire While it’s possible to hang wallpaper yourself, it’s not recommended. Professional wallpaper installation can save you time, money, and frustration. It pays to do your research before hiring a wallpaper hanger. • Ask for recommendations • Check references • Search the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers database for members in your area. • Make sure he or she has a contractors license, if required in your state, and insurance

• Once you’ve narrowed down your list of qualified candidates, it’s time to solicit bids.

• Installing wallpaper is a fun way to transform the look of a room without radically altering the space.

• The lowest price isn’t always the best deal. A more expensive paperhanger may use higher quality materials.

• Take your time in choosing a wall covering you truly love, and you’ll love it when it’s up.

• Installation costs depend on many factors including: size of the wall(s), condition of wall(s), the number of obstacles, and your location. 1-844-9-REBATH


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Re-Bath Effortless Issue 3 2018  

Bathroom design inspiration by Re-Bath.

Re-Bath Effortless Issue 3 2018  

Bathroom design inspiration by Re-Bath.