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Executive Times December 2016

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

Save the Date Holiday Potluck

December 11 th | 12:00pm Brookfield Lower Level See Page 11 for more Details

A Timeless Holiday Message of Hope & Gratefulness

Starting Your 2017 off Right

December 11 th | 11:00am Brookfield Lower Level

January 18 th | 10:00am Brookfield Lower Level

Birthday Jodi Olson Josh Prostek Dennis Alsteen Barb Boehler Adam McCarthy John Behrens August Herschede Doug Dann Jeanne Nemovitz Adam Zastrow Neil Miyashita Randy Wollert Tiffany Decker DJ Campbell Gene Anderson Barb Pedersen Nicole Schemehorn

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET December | 2

Living Generously Claire & Adam Zastrow


he holidays are in full swing, and as the year comes to an end we have a beautiful opportunity to reflect on all that has happened so far in 2016 as well as look forward to the New Year ahead of us. When we reflect and think of all the executives and staff at Realty Executives Integrity, generosity comes to mind. The definition of the word is “the quality of being kind, understanding and selfless”. And to us, this definition exemplifies the amazing people that call RE-Integrity home. You give of yourselves every day to serve your clients and one another with excellence. The kindness that you show on a daily basis is extraordinary. Speaking of ‘extraordinary’, our Brokerage was presented with the highest honor at this year’s Realty Executives International Conference: The Extraordinary Brokerage Award! This is award is for YOU and the incredible work that you have done throughout the year. Each office location now has a plaque proudly displayed to honor your hard work, integrity and generosity. Generosity not only includes the qualities mentioned above, it also encompasses giving of our time and resources, which you do selflessly! In previous years, we have been involved in various opportunities to ‘give back’ around the holidays, and this year is no different. We are amazed at the many local organizations that our Sales Executives are involved in daily; four of which have become the featured charities for Realty Executives Integrity. These include: Lindsay’s Voice, JR’s Pups-N-Stuff, Habitat for Humanity and Hope Street Ministries. You can make a tax-deductible donation to the charity of your choice by simply indicating the charity on your Commission Disbursement Form with the amount you would like to donate. Our accounting department will happily take care of the rest! December Newsletter.indd 3


Property Address: ______________________________________________ MLS#: ___________________________ Seller Name: _______________________________________ Buyer Name: ________________________________ Title Company Name: ____________________________________ Selling Price: $ ___________________________ Accepted Offer Date: __________________ Closing Date: _________________ MLS Concessions:



Concession(s) Explanation: ________________________________________________________________________ Financing Type: _________________________ Gross Commission: __________% = $ ______________________

Charitable Donation to Be Deducted From Check HOPE STREET







$100 (Select Charity Below) HABITAT FOR HUMANITY

Listing Agent Name: ________________________________________________ MLS Code: ____________________ Co-Listing Agent Name if any: ________________________________________ MLS Code: ____________________ Listing Company: ______________________________________Gross Listing Side Commission: $_______________ Agent commission: $ ____________ Co Agent Split: _____________% Co-Agent Commission: $ _________________

Selling Agent Name: ________________________________________________ MLS Code: ____________________ Co-Selling Agent Name if any: ________________________________________ MLS Code: ____________________ Selling Company: ______________________________________Gross Selling Side Commission: $_______________ Agent commission: $ ____________ Co Agent Split: _____________% Co-Agent Commission: $ _________________

Referral Fees to be paid: ____________% OR $_______________ Referral Agent: _________________________ Company: ______________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________________ Fax Number: ____________________________________ (If agent is not employed by a Broker/Company attach a copy of agent s current sales license. Referral will not be paid until Accounting receives a completed W-9 from Payee including Taxpayer ID number)

As we approach 2017, we encourage you to continue being the extraordinary and generous people that make RE-Integrity an excellent company to work with. Please take some time to enjoy the holidays with loved ones. Reflect on what you are thankful for. Continue living generously and enjoying the moments as they come. We are truly honored to call you all friends & we are truly grateful for each one of you. Blessings, Claire & Adam Zastrow

11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET December | 3

Living Generously Dana Keegan


recently had the privilege of attending the Trees of Hope Gala with many faces from the Realty Executives Integrity family. It’s a treat to be able to spend time outside of the office setting with good people doing good things and a reminder at how lucky I am to do life with so many of you. While I have attended a few of these galas since it heartbreaking beginning, this one really hit home for me. Our own Karen Wenzel directs the event, and arranges for a special guest speaker as a highlight of the evening. This year, we heard from Jack. Listening to Jack share his journey with acute myeloid lymphoma (AML) was humbling and inspirational. I can imagine it would be quite easy to sink into an abyss while facing your mortality, but Jack became determined to make his life a success. While the meaning of success is different for everyone, for Jack it was about becoming a part of something bigger than himself and that spoke to me. As we got into the car to go home, Bella and I talked about setting some goals for 2017 and areas that we could give of ourselves in order to serve a need outside of our own. It reminded me of a quote from the famous psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Dr. Viktor Frankl. He wisely wrote “he who has a why can bear any how.” This became the very mantra that gave Jack the courage to tackle a devastating diagnosis.

“ He who has a why can bear any how “ December Newsletter.indd 4

Dr. Viktor Frankl

So what does that mean for you as a real estate professional? Maybe nothing, or maybe I’m speaking to the wife, the husband, the sibling, the daughter, the son or any other titles you hold dear to your heart. As we enter a season of giving and time spent with loved ones, ponder the “why” in your life. Begin to set your goals for yourself, your family, your business, your community and honor your values to become a part of the bigger picture. For me, it will be to love more on my family, serve my community through volunteer opportunities and sprinkle kindness like it’s confetti. Just a couple of housekeeping items before we hit the end of 2016. As a reminder, please send me your 2017 plan selections by December 15th. If I don’t receive a plan selection from you, you will automatically be placed on the Transactional Plan for 2017. If you need a plan selection sheet, please email me and I’d be happy to send that your way. If you have any questions regarding which plan is best for you, I’d also be happy to go over this with you. Lastly, for those looking to get a jump on 2017, there are several training opportunities through Realty Executives International coming up in the next several weeks. You can register by visiting the TRAINING CALENDAR in Prime Agent. I consider it an absolute joy to work along each side of you. The community of spirits we have at Realty Executives Integrity is nothing short of exceptional and I’m proud to be a part of it. I wish you and your family and very happy holiday season, filled with family, gratitude and a pair of pants with a little stretch in the band! With Gratitude, Dana Keegan

11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET December | 4

Winter 2016-17 | Upcoming Training Modules A Timeless Holiday Message of Hope and Gratefulness

How the Holidays can help us be grateful for 2016 and give us Hope and Optimism for 2017 Pinnacle award winner Jill Geracie shares with us a message of hope, reflection, possibility and appreciation. An opportunity for us to think about the season of giving, love and joy. Potluck luncheon and fellowship to follow directly afterwards.

Wednesday, December 7th at 11:00am | Brookfield Lower Level

Jill Geracie | Jill is licensed to sell real estate in California and Wisconsin. Married to Jim Geracie for over 25

years, she has committed herself to personal development, her husband, her team and their clients. In 2016, she will have managed over 250 real estate contracts and closed well over 100 deals. Her passions include kids, bargain shopping, nutritional health and a plethora of non-profits.

Starting Your Year off Right

In his 40th year of business, the Sage of the GMAR Board and Realty Executives Senior ranking Executive teaches us how to stay focused for the next 12 months. If the real estate industry had a Decathlon award for the agent who excelled, where the sum of his life was greater than the whole of his actions, Bruce would be the reigning Gold medal winner year after year. There is wisdom about his life that transcends the New Year, the new president and another new market. Clear your schedule and cancel your vacation!

Wednesday, January 18th at 10:00am | Brookfield Lower Level Bruce Nemovitz | RE-Integrity’s very own Bruce Nemovitz has sold over 3,000 homes, while loving his wife Jeanne for 44 years, fathering Dara and Karra, and grandfathering 5 boys and 2 girls. A Master Thinker of marketing trends, cultural trends and human behavior, he is a published author of two books, his articles are published in over 50 monthly magazines, he is a featured speaker, former GMAR Realtor of the year, founder of REAL, and a passionate member of the band Lovin’ Kind. A true Renaissance Man.

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET December | 5

REALTY EXECUTIVES INTEGRITY Our Charitable Organizations

Hope Street

• We are a home to men, women, and children whose lives have been affected by the toxic environments they grew up in or by their own poor choices • We are a refuge, a safe place where vulnerable people can rediscover what it feels like to believe that something good can happen, especially to them • We are a nuturing community in which our residents can live, learn, and develop new habits that will help them flourish

Learn more at

JR’s Pups-N-Stuff Dog Rescue

• JRs Pups-N-Stuff began with one goal in mind - to save animals from life threatening situations. • Built by a network of foster parents in the Milwaukee Metro area • “The little rescue with a big heart.”

Learn more at

Lindsay’s Voice (Trees of Hope)

• Lindsay’s Voice was created as a way to celebrate the life of Lindsay (Wenzel) Lopez, a 32 yr old wife and Mother, who lost her 14-month battle against Leukemia on Nov 22, 2010. • Mission - raising awareness for Leukemia, Lymphomas, and blood Cancers AND raising funds to support patient services and ongoing research locally •“Until there’s a day that nobody has to hear the words, ‘It’s Cancer’, we continue to fight.”

Learn more at

Habitat for Humanity (MKE)

• Build and renovate homes for families in need of sustainable housing • Mission - bringing people together in homes, communities and hope • “We envision a world where everyone has a decent place to live.”

Learn more at

Welcome New Executives! Please Welcome Patti Rozeski to the Brookfield Office. Patti can be reached at (262) 424-6135 or

Please Welcome Sherri Underwood to the Brookfield Office. Sherri can be reached Please Welcome DJ Campbell to the at (414) 336-8545 or Whitefish Bay Office. DJ can be reached at (414) 336-8545 or Please Welcome Dennis Alsteen to the Brookfield Office Dennis can be reached at (262) 424-6135 or Please Welcome Charlie Bianco to the Brookfield Office. Charlie can be reached at (414) 750-6467 or Please Welcome Terra Radtke to the Brookfield Office. Terra can be reached at (414) 855-7643 or

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

Have you placed an order for your NEW sign panels? Place an order before the end of 2016 to recieve the 50% offer from the Wisconsin Region!

Contact your office CME to order or learn more! December Newsletter.indd 7

11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET December|9

Seasons Greetings! Wishing you peace and prosperity throughout the year! Warmly, The entire Knight Barry Title family



Franklin/Whitefish Bay

Angela Hall:

Kurt Colburn:

Barb Wyskochil:


East Troy

Whitefish Bay

Kris Richter:

Samantha Noble:

Jenny Klug:

Mike Rasmussen:

Jodi Witt:

Joe Alvarez:

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET December| 10

Are YOU ready for some FOOTBALL? It’s that time of year again and Diamond Mortgage is coordinating our football pool. Want your chance to win? Fill out this week’s pool picks and turn in to your Front Desk with $1 to be entered Good Luck and GO PACK GO!

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

ET October | 9

Holiday Potluck

Join us beginning at 11 am for ‘A Timeless Holiday Message of Hope & Gratefulness’. Then help us to celebrate another successful year together!

Wednesday, December 7th Brookfield Lower Level

12:00PM | Directly Following Jill Geracie’s Training Module Last Name A -F please bring a side dish Last Name G - K please bring a fruit Last Name L - P please bring a veggie dish Last Name Q - Z please bring a dessert

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11/22/16 3:00 PM

Looking for Help Designated Realtors Pam Burki (East Troy) (262) 203-1812

Dana Keegan (262) 618-2575

John Behrens (Hartland) (262) 391-8116

Arlene Nesta (262) 369-8935

John Plavsic (Brookfield) (262) 364-0555

Certified Marketing Executives

Betsy Head (Whitefish Bay) (414) 967-7700 Adam Poehlman (Cedarburg) (262) 618-2565

Career Development

Claire Zastrow (Brookfield) (262) 369- 8959 Nicki Wendt (Brookfield) (262) 783-7080 Angela Riemer (Hartland) (262) 369-8900

Brian Maguire (262) 364-0567

Caitlin Flanagan (Northshore) (262) 618-2580

Performance Coach

Tiffany Decker (Franklin) (414) 235-5777

Adam Zastrow (608) 498-0994

December Newsletter.indd 13


Erica Lemke (Cedarburg) (262) 377-6099

11/22/16 3:00 PM

Locate Us Brookfield

13005 W. Bluemound Road Brookfield, WI 53005 P: (262) 783-7080 F: (262) 783-4885 M-F 8:30am-6:00pm Sat & Sun 9am-2pm


W61N306 Washington Avenue, Ste 203 Cedarburg, WI 53012 P: (262) 377-6099 F: (262) 377-6088 M-F 9:00am-5:00pm

East Troy

2887 Main Street East Troy, WI 53120 P: (262) 642-3363 F: (262) 642-3364


9130 W. Loomis Road, Ste 1000 Franklin, WI 53132 P: (414) 235-5777 F: (414 ) 235-5771 M-F 9:00am-5:00pm


N112W15568 Mequon Road Germantown, WI 53022 P: (262) 250-0995 F: (262) 250-0997


810 Cardinal Lane Hartland, WI 53029 P: (414) 369-8900 F: (262) 369-8909 M-F 9:00am-5:00pm

Whitefish Bay

412 E. Silver Spring Dr. Whitefish Bay, WI 53217 P: (414) 906-4500 F: (414) 908-9888 M-F 9:00am-5:00pm Sat 9am-2pm

Where Home and Happy Meet TM December Newsletter.indd 14

11/22/16 3:00 PM

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