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Learn the basics of pay per click (PPC) advertising Or what are the business benefits of PPC What is pay per click advertising? Pay per click advertising services, such as Google Adwords is a system developed to enable you to create and display a range of ads that appear on the internet but only cost you when someone Screenshot showing PPC Ads along the top and right side clicks on one.

What makes it different from other forms of advertising? Anyone involved in advertising will know the more targeted it is the more successful it will be. Pay per click advertising takes this a stage further by only letting the ads appear when someone is looking for a related product or service. So in the

How pay per click works

example below when someone searches for “wild flower seed� the ad will appear that will take them on to a page on the website and a easy way to buy the product. These are know as qualified visitors. Generally speaking these qualified visitors will covert much more effectively than any other source as the chart shows.

So PPC advertising can be very effective, particularly when it is finely tuned to the needs of a business. However all businesses differ in how they can take advantage of it.

Conversion rate for pay per click advertising

for my business?

How will pay per click or Google Adwords work

What types of businesses does it benefit? Just about any business website that needs visitors who are interested in the product or service can benefit from pay per click (PPC) advertising. Or to look at it another way: if you think visitors will use a search engine to find you then there is a good chance that PPC will work for you. A more important questions is: how much will it cost and will it be cost effective?

First you need to learn about Conversion Rate and why it is so important In web page terms the conversion rate relates to how likely the visitors on the site are to buy or enquire. This is expressed as a percentage. So in simple terms if there are 100 visitors on the website and 1 of them buys a product the conversion rate would be 1%. The next part of conversion rate is conversion cost. This is the cost for the advertising you need to pay to get a sale or lead.

OK, so how much does it cost to get a sale or lead with PPC? From my experience of working with pay per click advertising over the past few years a rough guide to sales conversion cost would be: • Holiday website £20 to £35 per enquiry • Manufacturing £5 to £20 per enquiry • Leisure websites £3 to £15 per enquiry • Ecommerce website £3 to £20 per sale • Ecommerce website expensive items £20 to •

£70 per sale Sales products (non ecommerce website) £10 to £25 per enquiry

The above are just a rough guide and should not be taken as actual figures. Things to sell using a website They are also based on optimised PPC campaigns that are working effectively and may be different from non optimised campaigns.

How do I get started with pay per click advertising? You’ll need to setup an account with pay per click providers. PPC advertising services are offered mainly by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Adcenter. With all of these it is fairly simple to setup an account and get started. With any of the accounts you will need to setup the campaigns, ads and choose keywords that will make the ads appear when people search.

So which one is the best to start with? Currently Google Adwords is the most popular and so it would be logical to start with. It is also reasonably easy to setup and get running and their support system is quick and effective. First visit the AdWords website. Click on the “Try AdWords Now” button. You will work through a number of steps including where you want the ad to appear and what you want to put in the ad, the keywords to choose and how much you want to spend each month. Then you’ll need to setup you Google account information and finally the payment information. As soon as the payment information is processed the ads will start running within a few minutes. This will be a very basic setup, but will do to get started. The great thing about all of the pay per click accounts is that they are very flexible and so

you can go back and change almost everything about you ads and campaigns at any time.

Getting someone to help such as a Search Marketing Agency You don’t need to go through all of the pain of setting up your own account if you don’t want to or feel it may be too difficult. You can use a Search Marketing Agency. These are a relatively new type of advertising agency that specialise in helping people with their pay per click campaigns. They will do all of this work for you but will obviously charge for their time. It could be worthwhile using their services if you are planning to spend quite a bit on PPC or if you thing you spend on the advertising is more than it should be.

Learn the basics of Pay Per Click Advertising