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The Chairman’s View

Working For The Good Of The Members And The Industry By Dale Whittaker, EAC Chairman


ver the past few months we have been out travelling around the state as part of our roadshows and I have to say that I really enjoyed the interaction with fellow agents from different areas of the state. It also gives me and my fellow directors who attend the meetings a better idea on how we can best serve the industry by better understanding your needs as practitioners in the different areas of the state. While not all areas are experiencing the same market conditions many agents commented that they are finding it difficult to get listings and in some cases at prices that are realistic in the current market. Recently we have seen market activity slowing and there would now appear to be less buyers in the market as a result of the home buyers grants returning to their normal levels and the interest rate rises that occurred earlier in the year. It is encouraging to see that the Reserve Bank has decided at the August meeting to put rates on hold. In May we held our Annual Board Planning Day and it was encouraging to see the level of enthusiasm put into the day by both the management team and members of the Board. The Board, Management and Staff should be commended for their hard work which will see the Co-operative return to a profitable position in the last financial year, and all being well, improve further on that result in the year ahead. I would also like to thank our members and customers for their ongoing support as well. EAC Members would have noticed an email from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) in late July advising that as part of your membership to EAC, you will now receive valuable real estate resources from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), including a weekly newsletter. For those that are not aware, REIA is the national association for Australia’s real estate profession. REIA is a politically non-aligned organisation that provides research and well-informed advice to the Federal Government, Opposition, members of the real estate profession, media and the public on a range of issues affecting the property market. This relationship has come about as a result of discussions that I have had with the President of the REIA David Airey in relation to possibly having some representation for EAC Members at a national level. The review of the Residential Tenancies Act is another issue that is facing the industry at the moment and EAC along with several other stakeholders provided a submission to the Minister earlier in the year when requested to do so. In our last series of roadshows held in early August we provided members and the industry with an update on the changes as you cannot and should not believe everything you hear in the media. For a copy of the presentation contact Membership Services. There are some significant changes in the new Act and we believe that it is important that the Minister understands the effect that these will have on the industry and to this end we took the opportunity to meet with the Minister’s advisor on the 28th July to raise our concerns and obtain a better idea on their intentions. Communication continues and we will send out information as it comes to hand. In closing I would like to welcome all the new EAC Members, it is encouraging to see EAC Membership on the rise and to our existing Members I understand that you are all busy trying to list and sell but if you get a chance please take the time to look at the new web site as there just may be a service that you are not using that will make the process easier.



In the Pipeline

What’s happening at EAC By David Crombie, EAC Chief Executive Officer


elcome to another edition of From the Boardroom. The last few months have seen a hive of activity at EAC and during this time we have seen an increase in our membership numbers as well as a take up of other services, as more agents discover what we have to offer. I am also pleased to advise that the Co-operative continues to operate profitably. Earlier in the year we launched the new web site which is designed to showcase all of our products and services. The site also provides an easy to navigate reference centre for EAC Members and the site is updated constantly with news, upcoming events and other content so it remains current and relevant. February saw more good news with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) closing its file in regard to the investigation into our arrangement with the REINSW, with no further action to be taken. EAC has now resolved all outstanding commercial matters with the REINSW on mutually acceptable terms and all prior relationships between EAC and REINSW are now formally at an end. With the investigation out of the way EAC was then able to get on with the business of preparing to re-enter the market with its own suite of real estate forms and agreements – EAC Easy Forms. The uptake of our forms has been encouraging and we had some 120 new eForms subscribers since the changeover. The sale of our printed forms is also increasing every day as word spreads. Based on feedback we have received from Members and the Industry they are preferring our forms because they are much more cost effective, simple to use and, in some cases, half the length of other existing forms in the market. The result is a saving in time and money and hopefully a reduction in errors based on our findings during some of our recent Compliance Reviews. As part of the service EAC also provides free professional advice on forms related queries or issues for both Members and Non Members and as with our previous forms our new improved forms are legally backed and fully supported by EAC. In addition to the forms we can also provide a wide range of stickers and other marketing aids. To view our full range of items visit and take a look at our new Online Store. April saw the launch of a new Portal in Australia – Nestoria. Nestoria are a major player in Europe and EAC was involved from an early stage. All our listings are automatically uploaded to Nestoria on a daily basis and they are now delivering a healthy amount of traffic back to your listings on In May we launched an updated version of the site with a new fresh look and feel. The new site included several enhancements based on consumer and agent feedback. In addition to the new look and feel, the site also now caters for Agent banner advertising to assist with the building of your profile in the new online world of marketing.

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Over the past few months we have been holding seminars across the state and they have been very well received with some 700 or more attendees. The feedback has been extremely positive. We have been receiving calls asking when the next series of seminars will be and these are currently being scheduled for this November . I would also like to remind Members of our Agency Practice Support service that we have introduced whereby Members can call and obtain advice on many of the issues that real estate practioners face in the day to day operation of their business such as agency agreements, commission claims, compliance and questions in relation to vendors, purchasers, landlords and tenants. So when you have a question or need some advice we are only a phone call away. In late May, we held our annual Board Planning Day where the EAC Board along with the Management

team reviewed the operations of the Co-operative over the past 12 months and our Strategic Plan. During the day we reviewed the proposed budget for the next financial year which indicates the Co-operative will once again return a profit. We also updated the Strategic Plan with some forty items covering enhancements to existing services where we believe we can and need to do things better as well as some very exciting new services, some of which we have been working on behind the scenes for some time. There is one project in particular, once released I am sure you will be impressed with; the EAC Board certainly were when they saw it for the first time. That is it for another update. As always we welcome any feedback you might have to help us make our products and services more beneficial to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or your EAC Account Manager.

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FROM THE BOARDROOM 7th edition Website Developed by the industry for the industry is entirely developed and owned by the real estate industry. This solution consists of the website and is supported by several real estate publications of the same name that are distributed in different areas of NSW on a weekly basis. The advertising of listings on the site and in the publications is limited to licensed real estate agents only. We do not accept private listings. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd (EAC).

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EAC Celebrates 50 Year Golden Anniversary By John Carson, EAC Chief Operations Officer


n 12 April, 2010 the Estate Agents Co-operative Limited (EAC) celebrated its 50 year Golden Anniversary.

The Co-operative was established in 1960 by a group of seven real estate agents on Sydney’s Lower North Shore – Messrs Arthur Blunt, Don Burns, Bill Carroll, Sid Nielsen, Newell Shead, Vern Thomas and Frank Weaver. They operated initially from small rented premises in Miller Street, North Sydney and then purchased premises in Albury Street, Crows Nest. The seven founding members had a common interest and understood the power of co-operation. Through EAC these original seven sought to provide a total real estate service based on ethical and professional industry standards. The platform utilised to instigate this was the original core business of the Co-operative, the establishment of a multiple listing service. The benefits of multiple Listing were significant. For property buyers, they needed only deal with one EAC agent to see a range of properties available in any area. The system worked just as effectively for the seller. Again, the vendor received the personal attention of the agent of his or her choice, yet enjoyed the benefits of a network of agents working co–operatively to sell the property. The multiple listing of properties provided maximum exposure for their property and gave it the best possible chance of attracting a buyer. From these humble beginnings, when EAC comprised just seven members in the metropolitan area, the Co-operative has grown to include members across the greater part of New South Wales. The membership comprises representation that includes both the independent agency as well as franchisees from all the major franchise groups. It is regarded as the largest commercial real estate organisation in New South Wales. Albeit the multiple listing service was widely accepted, in 1981 EAC launched an awareness campaign using the brand MULTILIST. With its innovative television advertising featuring the well known British comedian, John Cleese, Multilist became a household name, spreading its now famous message of “personal service and wide publicity”. As a result EAC was considered the largest multiple listing bureau in the southern hemisphere and in the top five bureaus in the world.

EAC Foundation Board of Directors 1960

W.D. Carroll



D.F. Burns

S.C. Nielsen


N.A.C. Blunt (Chairman)

During its formative years and onward EAC’s Board and Management, in keeping with its mission to provide its members with the opportunity to enhance market share and profitability, introduced many and varied services to compliment multilist including: • An involvement in establishment of the Estate Agents Permanent Build Society (eventually taken over by other banking institutions); • A suite of real estate pictorial publications known as REALTOR; • Print and graphic design; • Insurance including professional indemnity; • Education and training; • Stationery including real estate forms, both printed and electronic; The further expansion of the organisation saw it outgrow its owned premises at Crows Nest, and following the leasing of larger premises in the same area from 1964 – 1967, the Co-operative relocated to its current location in Sydney’s south west, Villawood. During this period, and in order to better service its members outside of the Sydney area, it also established offices in Newcastle and Wollongong. Over the last decade due to a number of external market forces including deregulation of fees, the concept of multiple listing became less effective in the property sector. As a result EAC continued to remain relevant to the real estate industry by reviewing its “reason for being”. EAC is now seen as one of the largest, if not the largest providers of the broadest range of goods and services to the real estate industry.

Apart from its already well established offerings EAC expanded its services to provide cutting edge technology and data services through its Red Square system. EAC provides members with the ability to manage all aspects of listing management as well as access to property records so that members have the ability to obtain accurate data for listing presentations. EAC also provides its members/customers with web site development and maintenance, as well as several other internet based services. From its inception the Estate Agents Co-operative, despite ongoing changes in the real estate industry, has never wavered from its original mission - to provide its members with the opportunity to enhance market share and profitability. It continues to look at all aspects of its business in order to ensure it is in a position to meet its mission. This was clearly demonstrated in 2007 when it launched the web site and rebranded its real estate publications with the same name. It is EAC’s view that the best opportunity the real estate industry has to control its own destiny and provide the best possible and most cost effective service to the real estate consumers in New South Wales (and for that matter Australia), is to have control of its own data and technology. The establishment of the realestateworld. web site and the accompanying suite of pictorial publications provides the industry with this opportunity. EAC thanks all real estate participants for the support they have given over the last 50 years and, with everyone’s ongoing support, looks forward to being of service and celebrating its 100 year anniversary.


N.R. Shead


F.K. Thomas

F.P. Weaver FROM THE BOARDROOM 7th edition


Agency Practice & Support By Silvana Ferraro, EAC Agency Practice & Compliance Officer


AC provides agency practice and support advice and industry updates to all EAC members as a standard membership benefit. The articles below provide an update on the latest Industry issues and regulatory requirements to assist you in the running of your business. EAC Members can contact Silvana at our Agency Practice Support Division on 1300 137 161.

RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES ACT 2010 What are the main reforms in the Act? Residential Tenancies Act 2010 was passed by Parliament on 10 June 2010. The Act will not come into effect immediately. A new Regulation will need to be developed, which will include standard tenancy agreements and condition reports. It is expected that the new Act and Regulation will come into effect later this year. Once written the Regulation will be released for further community consultation. In the meantime, EAC will continue to raise matters of concern including possible drafting errors and lack of clarity that in our opinion require attention in the drafting of specific sections. The following overview explains some of the key changes; a detailed assessment is not possible until the release of the Regulation. The key changes in the Act are explained below.

Pre-tenancy Holding fees The Act will permit holding fees to be charged only after an application for a tenancy has been approved. This assumes that applications are approved on the spot. This may present procedural problems for both tenants and landlords and needs to be considered through the consultation process for the regulations. Once accepted the holding fee keeps the premises off the market for up to 7 days with no provision for any refund to the applicant if they decide not to enter into an agreement. The 1987 Act (current position), provides that the landlord may retain a fee equivalent to only the amount of rent that would have been paid for the period reserved and refund the remainder (if any) to the applicant.

Information to be provided and material facts Section 27 (1) compels a landlord to provide a tenant with their telephone number or other contact details even if they have an agent. The Act requires the disclosure of material facts to prospective tenants; such as if the landlord has drawn up a contract to sell the property or if a mortgagee has taken court action to recover possession.



Selling of property The landlord must give a minimum of 14 days written notice prior to commencement of marketing. It obliges the selling agent to make reasonable efforts to agree with the tenant on the days and times the premises will be available for inspection. A limit of 2 inspections per week are provided in the Act, and the parties can negotiate if more access is required. If the landlord and tenant fail to agree, the landlord can access twice per week without consent (section 55) provided 48 hours notice is given to the tenant on each occasion.

Limit on amounts payable by tenant before agreement The tenant can no longer be charged the $15.00 contribution towards the lease preparation fee.

Limit on Bonds payable by tenant Under section 159 bonds are limited to the equivalent of 4 weeks rent for both furnished and unfurnished premises – current position is 6 weeks rent for furnished premises. Under section 161 (2) bonds can no longer be topped up in an ongoing tenancy.

Urgent repairs Under section 62 (j) definitions of urgent work and repairs now includes the addition of cooling.

Breaking a lease early The Act will enable tenants to break a lease early without penalty in certain situations, such as, when they accept an offer of public housing or need to move to a nursing home. The Act also introduces the concept of an optional ‘break fee’, fixing the penalty payable in other cases where a tenant breaks a lease early. A break fee is invoked only if the agreement provides for the early termination of the fixed-term. The break fee for a fixed term agreement for a fixed term of not more than 3 years is an amount equal to 6 weeks rent if less than half of the fixed term had expired or an amount equal to 4 weeks rent in any other case. Where there is no break fee term in the agreement the current position remains that the defaulting tenant is liable for compensation to the landlord for any loss (including rent) to the end of the fixed term and the landlord has an obligation to mitigate the tenant’s loss.

Termination notices Periodic agreement (continuing) The Act increases the “no grounds” notice given to tenants who are no longer in a fixed term lease from 60 days to 90 days. A tenant may give 21 days notice – no change from current position.

Fixed term A landlord may end a fixed term agreement at any time before the end of the fixed term to take effect not earlier than 30 days after the day on which the notice is given – current position is 14 days. The tenant may end a fixed term by giving 14 days notice – no change from current position. The Tribunal’s discretion has been removed whether to end a lease ‘without grounds’ where the landlord has given proper notice and we are advised there will be greater certainty of possession through the Tribunal where a tenant does not move out in accordance with a ‘no grounds’ notice. However, section 114 (1) provides that the Tribunal may suspend the operation of an order for possession of the premises for a specified period if it is satisfied that it is desirable to do so, having regard to the relative hardship likely to be caused to the parties by the suspension. The interrelationship between these two sections is not yet clear and its effect, if any, on the level of certainty for possession.

Rent arrears evictions We are advised that the time taken for a landlord to get their application heard by the Tribunal where the tenant is behind in rent will be shortened. Section 88 (4) provides that a landlord may apply to the Tribunal for a termination order before the termination date specified in a non-payment termination notice, however the Tribunal must not consider such application until after the termination date. The Act also gives a guarantee to tenants that their tenancy can continue if their rent arrears are paid or if they follow an agreed repayment plan. However, this guarantee may not apply if the landlord makes an application to the tribunal for a termination order and the tribunal is satisfied that the tenant has frequently failed to pay their rent on time.

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The notice must inform the tenant that the tenant is NOT required to vacate the premises if the tenant pays all the rent owing or enters into, and fully complies with a repayment plan agreed with the landlord. Any warrant for possession issued as a result of any order for possession, ceases to have effect if the tenant pays all the rent owing or enters into, and fully complies with a repayment plan agreed with the landlord and the tenant has not vacated the premises. If a tenant repays all the rent or enters into and fully complies with a repayment plan, the landlord must notify the Tribunal if the landlord has applied for a termination order and the application has not been finally dealt with or the Sheriff if a termination order has been made and a warrant for possession has been issued but has not been enforced.

Service of notices or other documents The provisions of section 223 permit landlords to serve notices directly to the tenant’s mail box. – saving the four additional working days required when sent by mail.

Determination of excessive rent For the purposes of making an order under section 44 the income of the tenant or their ability to afford a rent increase are not relevant factors for the tribunal to consider in deciding whether a rent increase is excessive.

Alterations The Act gives tenants greater flexibility to make minor alterations at their own expense, provided they obtain the landlord’s written consent. Where the parties fail to agree the tribunal may adjudicate. Landlords will be able to reasonably refuse requests involving internal or external painting or work not reasonably capable of rectification, repair or removal. The Act also clarifies the rights of landlords to seek compensation where the work is not done to a satisfactory standard or will impact on the ability of the premises to be rented in the future. At this time, it is unclear whether there is increased risk of landlord liability for personal injuries as a result of work performed or what process a landlord should follow to control the alteration. The development of the supporting regulations may add clarity to this provision.

Rent payments The Act will require all tenants be given at least one free and easy option to pay their rent. Tenants will be required to pay the landlord’s costs for any dishonour fees.

Sub-letting The Act gives tenants greater flexibility to sub-let part of the premises or bring in an extra co-tenant, provided they obtain the landlord’s written consent. Landlords will be able to reasonably refuse such requests, on the grounds of the person is listed on a tenancy database; the number of occupants will exceed the number permitted under the agreement or lead to overcrowding. Other potential grounds, such as a lack of references; income; history of violence, that could influence a landlord’s consent have not been defined in the Act. Under section 75 (1) the Landlord may withhold consent to a transfer or sub-letting relating to the whole tenancy or residential premises whether or not it is reasonable to do so. The landlord must not charge for giving consent to a transfer or sub-letting, other than for the reasonable expenses of giving consent. There is no catch-all to protect a landlord’s right to decide whom he or she must contract with.



Goods left behind The Act will streamline procedures currently in place but in summary the tenant must be given notice that the goods will be disposed of after 14 days or 90 days in the case of personal documents. Method of notice includes by post and orally and failing these options by posting a notice in a prominent position on the premises for 2 days. The ability to remove perishables remains unchanged. The landlord may require a former tenant or person who claims the goods to pay an occupation fee for each day the goods are left on the premises or stored if the quantity of goods left on the premises is sufficient to prevent the renting of the premises. The occupation fee must not exceed the amount of rent for 14 days.

Water efficiency The Act will require rented premises to be water efficient if tenants of separately metered premises are to pay for water. The standards for water efficiency will be determined when the regulations are made later this year. Landlords have 12 months in which to carry out any required work if they wish to continue to directly recover the cost of water usage from tenants.

Co-tenant disputes The Act introduces new measures to resolve disputes between co-tenants or shared households, including domestic violence situations. Victims of domestic violence living in a rented property will have the right to change the locks and seek to take over the tenancy if their name is not already on the agreement.

Tenant may vacate before end of termination notice period The tenant’s obligation to give 21 days notice after they have received a termination notice from the landlord has been removed – they are able to leave prior to the notice period.

Defects in termination notices The Tribunal has power to fix minor procedural defects and not have to send the parties back to the start.

Commercial Building Disclosure program Owners and lessors of commercial space with a net lettable area of 2,000 m2 or more, will be required to disclose energy efficiency information to prospective purchasers and tenants when the space is to be sold, leased or subleased. The disclosure requirements under the Commercial Building Disclosure program (CBD program) will commence on 1 November 2010. The following information is the July Update issued by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Commercial Building Disclosure program UPDATE – JULY 2010 The disclosure requirements under the Commercial Building Disclosure program (CBD program) will commence on 1 November 2010. The CBD program will ensure that credible and meaningful energy efficiency information is available to prospective purchasers and lessees of large commercial office space. Owners and lessors of commercial office space with a net lettable area of 2,000 m2 or more, will be required to disclose energy efficiency information to prospective purchasers and tenants when the space is to be sold, leased or subleased.

Legislation All legislation giving effect to the CBD program has now been finalised and, once registered, will be accessible on the Commonwealth Government’s legislation website, via the program’s website. The applicable legislation is listed below: • Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010; • Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010 – Proclamation; • Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Regulations 2010; • Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure (Disclosure Affected Buildings) Determination 2010; and • Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Determination 2010.

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Transitional provisions The legislation contains transitional provisions that will apply for the first twelve months of the program (i.e. from 1 November 2010 to 30 October 2011). During this period, a valid National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy base or whole building rating1, must be disclosed. After the transition period, a full Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) is required to be disclosed.

Advertisements to include energy rating The NABERS Energy star rating1 will need to be disclosed in any advertisement about the sale, lease or sublease of the office. The requirements for how star ratings must be disclosed in advertisements are specified in the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Determination 2010. A fact sheet about the advertising requirements will be released on the program’s website in the coming weeks.

Requirements for a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate The requirements to disclose a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) will commence in the second year of the program (i.e. from 1 November 2011) and will include three components: 1. a NABERS Energy base building rating1 2. tenancy lighting information 3. generic energy efficiency guidance. 1

If a base building rating cannot be obtained due to inadequate metering, a whole building rating will need to be disclosed. NABERS Energy ratings disclosed under the program must be exclusive of GreenPower.

The BEEC will be valid for up to 12 months. At the time of disclosure, the certificate will need to be valid, current and registered on the publicly accessible registry on the program’s website.

Exceptions and exemptions The legislation sets out certain categories of exceptions to, and potential exemptions from, the requirements of the CBD program. Exceptions for which there is no action required by the owner or lessor include: • newly constructed offices for which the certificate of occupancy (or equivalent) is less than 2 years old; • strata-titled offices. The following transactions do not give rise to a disclosure obligation, even if the relevant office space is a disclosure affected building: • the sale of a building through the sale of shares or units or the sale of a partial interest in a building; and • Short-term leases and subleases of 12 months or less. Exemptions may be applied for in relation to certain types of offices and in relation to the provision of information to assessors. This includes offices used for police or security operations and offices for which it is not possible to obtain a rating. Please refer to the compliance page on the program’s website for further details on exemptions.

More information A new Commercial Building Disclosure program website has been established, with links to the Act and subordinate legislation: If information on the website does not answer your questions please email Please note that in responding to queries about the program, the Department can only provide general guidance and may not be able to advise on specific issues. The Department cannot provide legal advice, does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information it provides and accepts no legal liability or responsibility for the information it provides. The Department recommends that independent legal advice be obtained to ensure compliance with the legislation.



Material Fact There has been much debate in the Real Estate Industry over the past few years in regards to what constitutes a Material Fact. As many Agents are aware, the definition of a Material Fact is somewhat blurred, other than the words of the learned member from the Administrative Decisions Tribunal in the case of Mahevi Pty Limited and others against the Commissioner for Fair Trading or as many of you would know the “Gonzales case”, it was said “An agent must not conceal or suppress information where there is a reasonable expectation the information will be of concern”. The issue that then arises is what is a “matter of concern” to each respective purchaser of a property, this will vary due to many different factors including personality, cultural beliefs, religious beliefs and prejudices. Fair Trading themselves give no definitive definition of Material Fact other than a series of examples saying that a serious crime during the current occupation would be a stigmatising event. However, the question then begs would a reasonable person want to be informed of things such as the following: murders, suicides, death by misadventure, death by natural causes, pest infestations, unapproved building work, whether the premises was a formal brothel or a drug laboratory or other issues including water damage, flooding, mould or asbestos. The list is not exhaustive but from an Agent’s point of view, how can they best protect themselves so as to avoid criticism at a later date which could lead to action being taken against their Licence by Fair Trading. In the past a number of commercially available Agency Agreements contained a material fact clause. However, it is our opinion that such a clause does not necessarily protect an Agent should a Material Fact arise. These clauses on their own do not offer the Agent comfort; the Agent is required to make their own enquiries independent of the Agency Agreement as to any issues of material Fact.

Material Fact. Agents need to take into account that when obtaining information particularly in regards to matters of death, it should not be limited just to the period of the current owner, but any information that the owner has to their knowledge of any previous events of a stigmatising nature which can affect the property due to the circumstances of the death and/ or serious crime. This type of Marketing Assistance Form then requires the Vendor to warrant that to their knowledge the information they have provided is true and correct. If the Agent is then misled by their Vendor, this type of Marketing Assistance Form can give the Agent a greater degree of comfort that they have made the necessary enquiries and can rely upon this form to a far greater extent than having a Material Fact Clause inserted into an Agency Agreement. Written by Greg Jemmeson, Solicitor Jemmeson & Fisher

About Jemmeson and Fisher Solicitors Greg is a partner in Jemmeson and Fisher a boutique legal and accounting firm situated in Surry Hills which specialises in consulting services to the real estate industry. Greg has spent the past twenty years working in and around the Real Estate Industry, representing agents before the Office of Fair Trading, as well as commission disputes, industrial actions and the sale and purchase of real estate businesses. Greg also spent ten years with the Office of Fair Trading exclusively in the field of real estate compliance. Greg regularly appears on Sky Business Channel discussing legal topics relevant to the Real Estate Industry.

To assist Agents in making the appropriate enquiries, in collaboration with EAC, we have assisted them in preparing a “Marketing Assistance Form”, which allows an Agent to obtain more detailed information from their Vendor, allowing the agent to broach particular questions in regards to repairs, pest infestation, safety issues, together with areas of defects and stigmatising events which would all be deemed matters of a



Real Estate Forms & Stationery By Maureen Faapito, EAC Stationery Manager


arch saw the launch of the new EAC Easy Forms, feedback from members and the industry have been extremely positive. Based on feedback from members and the industry, we created our EAC Easy Forms which are simple to use and in most cases half the length of other existing forms in the market. EAC Easy Forms are cost effective and the simplicity of the forms will be beneficial when it comes to explaining and completing forms for vendors, landlords and tenants. EAC Easy Forms cover all of the popular residential, business, rural, commercial property management and sales forms. The forms have been colour coded for ease of identification. Our range of forms include; • • • • • • • • • •

Residential Sales Agreements Commercial and Industrial Sales Agreements Rural Sales Agreements Business Sales Agreements Residential Leasing Agreements Residential Property Management Agreements Commercial and Industrial Leasing Agreements Commercial and Industrial Property Management Agreements Commercial Lease Retail Lease

Extensive user guides have been written to assist in the use and correct completion of our forms. This has been highlighted during several compliance reviews we have performed in the last twelve months.

Congratulations Joyce, you were our first EAC Easy Forms customer! “The new EAC forms are great! So easy to read, the font is bigger and so easy to fill out. I also have had good feedback from our tenants as they do find it easier and clearer to understand. I definitely prefer the new forms!” Joyce Boustani Property Manager - Bobb Property Group Punchbowl

“We are happy with the new forms easy & quick to use” Warwick MacDonald - Principal Professionals Bishops Real Estate Lismore



Moving forward we have expanded on the products available to give our members and the industry a wider selection of items to choose from. EAC has become NSW Distributors for the following new products; • Endurosign - A Frames • Seinforks – Metal Stands • Securakey – Key Cabinets

All our forms, marketing aids and stationery can be viewed and purchased online.



DEAC Print Forms Your Simple Cost Effective Printed Real Estate Forms Solution

Why use EAC Easy Forms?

EAC has listened to its Members and the Industry and has responded and is pleased to announce the release of EAC Forms. EAC Forms will provide your office with quality easy to use real estate forms at a cost that will easily compete with most existing forms in the market.

3. FREE professional advice on forms related queries or issues.

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Residential Tenancy Agreement Part 1 - EAC110





Residential Tenancy Agreement - Each Part 1 Pages 2 to 9 - EAC110A





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Residential Tenancy Agreement Condition Report Short Version Part 2 - EAC110B





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Residential Exclusive Leasing Agency Agreement - EAC131





Residential Open Leasing Agency Agreement - EAC132





Commercial/Industrial Exclusive Management Agency Agreement - EAC133





Commercial/Industrial Exclusive Leasing Agency Agreement - EAC134





Commercial/Industrial Open Leasing Agency Agreement - EAC135





* Based on published REINSW information as at 1 April 2010



D EAC eForms Your Simple Cost Effective Electronic Real Estate Forms Solution EAC eForms provides your office with the best electronic forms solution that will greatly reduce the time required to complete forms. Our eForms solution brings the future of real estate forms to your office today.

Why choose EAC Easy Web Forms? EAC eForms will provide your office with over 40 forms and agreements in an easy to use system.

Fully Backed by EAC EAC eForms are legally backed and supported by the Co-operative avoiding any compliance issues that may arise from using other non industry providers. Make sure you read their terms and conditions as some actually suggest you obtain your own legal advice as to the compliance or otherwise of their forms. We stand behind our forms and provide you with peace of mind.

eForms Benefits t 8FCCBTFE OPTPGUXBSFJOTUBMMBUJPO t Online access ensures that you are always provided with the most current form available without having to download or install updated forms, which eliminates redundancy t With automatic population of your office information and the ability to save defaults for each form, the risk of errors and incorrectly completed forms is greatly minimised t $BOCFQFSTPOBMJTFEXJUIZPVSP贸DFMPHPTXJUIUIF ability to maintain separate company details for sales or property management t Default settings provide consistency & minimise potential errors t Unlimited technical support via the EAC support line t Search and re-print completed forms for up to 24 months t 'MFYJCMFBOOVBMBOEQBZQFSGPSNTVCTDSJQUJPOQBDLBHFT  available to suit your offices budget

Member Discount All EAC Members receive a discount on both the subscription packages and enjoy reduced prices under the pay per form option.

Demo Online You can see a demonstration of the functionality and versatility of Easy Web Forms by simply going to Once you have entered the site simply click on Demo eForms now

How to Order

Call the EAC Easy Forms Support Line on

1300 137 161

for more details or simply logon to to download an order form



Technology Review

By Don Harb, EAC IT Manager


hat is Search Engine Optimisation? This is a question that I have heard in walks of life from various people for various reasons. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is more commonly known is simply making your website as accessible as possible to the Search Engines i.e. Google, Yahoo etc for indexing of the information on your site. Although this may seem a reasonably simple task, there really is an art to great search engine optimisation. As website importance increases within the Real Estate industry and your business in general, SEO will start to play a more important role in how well your site ranks on these search engines. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help in choosing the right website for your office:

Page Titles Page Titles are the text that is displayed in the very top left hand corner of your browser window in the blue bar of the browser application. These tags normally relate to the context of the page. For example on your homepage, this text would be something similar to “123 Real Estate – Real Estate for Sale, Real Estate for Rent” whereas on the Residential for Sale page it would be more focused, similar to “123 Real Estate - Homes for Sale”. Each page on your website should have a unique Page Title.

Site Navigation Making your site easy to navigate is all about consumer experience. Keeping a simple navigation system makes it easier for both the consumer and the search engines to find information on your site. Try to avoid complex navigation systems that require a search engine to delve too far into your site to get to the content it requires for content.

Content of your site This is probably the most important factor in SEO. The quality of the information on your web site plays a large role in whether a consumer will pass your website on to others for their perusal as well. This will build your profile online as more people using the site increases your reputation with the search engines. Always make sure that the information is easy to read, organised, relevant to that pages purpose i.e. the different services that you provide and the areas they are provided in that is relevant to that page, and try to refresh the content on information pages from time to time. Pages like your homepage and about us page should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. EAC employs these different methods into all its sites, whether they are the, or our client sites to try and create a great SEO experience. These practices not only allow us to create sites that the Search Engines can find and navigate easily but they also create a great user experience. Many people use search engines these days to find information on whatever they are looking for and if your SEO is done right, the chances of the consumer finding you greatly increases. If your content is relevant they will tell the people they know and will come back themselves in the future.



An insight into EAC CEO David Crombie By Damien McDonald, EAC Sales & Marketing Manager


any of you would know David Crombie as the CEO of EAC for the past 4 years and would be familiar with his work on the development of the Red Square property data product. David has been instrumental in the shaping of the Co-operative into the service and technology focused organisation it is today. But, would many of you know that David enjoys race car core racing and enduro motocycle riding in his spare time? I asked David a series of questions to give you all a better insight into the life of “the Chief”. Q: Tell me a bit about your role – what’s a typical day? In my role there is no such thing as a typical day and this is what I like about the role. There are always things that will come up that need to be addressed and I am always looking for a new challenge. Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? The most rewarding aspect of my job is the satisfaction that I get from seeing the way the team at EAC operates and what they actually achieve with the resources at hand. In several areas of the business we are competing against large multi-national companies and doing so successfully. Knowing that we are assisting the agents in the day to day running of their business and saving them money is also encouraging. Q:What are the biggest challenges in your role? There are many but one of the biggest is getting the industry to understand the power that they have collectively and that they can control their own destiny on several fronts if they really wanted to. Q:What is your favourite holiday destination? I have many but my favourite city in the world is Rome. Q:If you did not have to work, what would you do? I would spend my time driving race cars, riding my dirt bike and going to the gym. The truth is though that I would actually find it very hard not to work. Q:Who are your dream dinner party guests? I would prefer a dinner with family and close friends. Q:What are you reading at the moment? The Sales Manager’s Handbook By Doug Malouf



Creative Circle

By Damien McDonald, EAC Sales & Marketing Manager

EAC announces the new face of the advertising campaign featuring Wendell Sailor


uly marked the launch of the Illawarra regions new 12 month advertising campaign promoting the dominant Illawarra publication and property listing web site.

An aim of the launch was to also unveil the celebrity, Wendell Sailor, who would champion the brand through Television and Radio commercials over a 24 month period. The launch took place at the City Beach Function Centre in Wollongong on June 30 and was attended by the majority of real estate agents in the region, senior EAC staff and local EAC marketing committee members. Wendell Sailor, who also attended, entertained the audience with his now familiar bravado before previewing the television and radio commercials that had been secretly produced beforehand. The Television and Radio adverts commenced July 1, via local Win Prime TV in addition to i98 and Wave FM Radio broadcasters and are all hosted by Wendell who was chosen as the brand champion for his wide ranging popularity and media presence. EAC Chairman, Dale Whittaker commented on the appointment with, “Wendell was the obvious choice for the promotion of the brand. He is extremely popular among all age and gender demographics, not just in the Illawarra, but across the entire Eastern Seaboard. This will assist in the marketing of the brand in other regions where we have a strong publication and website presence.� Since the launch of the campaign in the Illawarra, the commercials have been re edited and booked to broadcast in mid July in the North Coast of NSW via the NBN network.



OAMPS Professional Indemnity Insurance Proving a Winner with NSW Agents


ince the 2009 partnership of EAC and the OAMPS insurance group to provide an industry alternative for risk cover and associated services, NSW agents who have taken up one or several of the insurance services have voiced their approval;

“We use OAMPS to arrange our Professional Indemnity Insurance & when we had a claim we were amazed that we weren’t treated like a number! They guided us gently through the experience & after some time, we came to a satisfactory result! We’d recommend OAMPs for both value for money & results!” John F Sercombe - R&W Coffs Harbour

“The reason I chose OAMPS was the great service I received right from the start. I felt like I knew the staff and they made me feel like I was important to them and not just another number. Secondly a great deal was put together just for me.” Sharon Blease - Macquarie Real Estate Group

“We chose to proceed with both the Management liability Policy and Professional Indemnity Insurance due to the exceptional service offered by the Company” Hunter Ridley – The Property Shop Orange

OAMPS has the experience and capability to provide the industry with a wide range of insurance advice and solutions including; • Professional indemnity/management liability insurance • Property insurance – broadened definitions of buildings, stock and weather perils • Business interruption insurance – with extended indemnity periods and cover extensions • Public and products liability programs • Stock and Station • Machinery and equipment programs • Commercial motor vehicle fleet Join the already satisfied customers and contact an OAMPS office for an obligation free appraisal of your insurance requirements. NORTH SYDNEY (02) 9424 1705 WOLLONGONG (02) 4266 8700 CANBERRA (02) 6283 6555

PARRAMATTA (02) 8838 5700 NEWCASTLE (02) 4979 3333

WAGGA WAGGA (02) 6933 6600 FORBES (02) 6851 1200



Red Square Web Services Red Square Web services specialise in creative template and customised website designs with cutting edge web development options, content management, domain name registration, search engine optimisation and providing a cost effective solution to best suit your business requirements. We can assist with the registration and management of your domain name, redirection of your email addresses, through to the template design and hosting of your web site. We can also assist with the setup of Google Analytics, Google Adwords and your Social Media marketing presence. We have been building web sites since 1997 when we launched Realnet and since that time have been building web sites for salespeople, offices, small and large real estate groups and even the portal. Rather than just providing a web site, we work with you to develop a complete internet strategy for your business based upon your requirements.

Domain Name Management & Hosting Owning your own domain name is critical to your internet strategy and should be an integral part of establishing your business online. It’s an effective and economical tool for marketing your services, and helps people find you quickly and easily on the web. When choosing your domain name you need to consider how it aligns with your offline profile and ensure that it’s easy for customers to remember. We can assist you with the selection, registration and maintenance of your chosen domain name. If you already have a domain name and would like us to host it in conjunction with your web site then we can also assist with the process of getting it moved over.

Template Designs Red Square Web services recognise the time, effort and cost that can be spent on establishing a customised web presence. That’s why we have created our range of template sites to give you all these benefits through our option of either Starter, Pro or Elite template packages plus the assurance of an established and independent Real Estate Technology Company as your IT business partner. The templates come in a number of Design options that can be customised to match your office branding.

Starter Package - $699 The Starter package has incorporated all the basic features required for an effective web presence including; • • • • • • •


Home page About us page Staff profiles page All listing and display pages including For Sale, For Rent and Recent Sales Contact us page Feature Property on the homepage Mortgage Calculator


Pro Package - $999 The Pro Package has all the inclusions of the Starter Package with several enhanced features, taking your site to the next level, which include; • Quick Search from the homepage • Neighbourhood Report feature • Your choice of any 3 additional real estate forms including;

- Tenancy Application

- Market Appraisal

- Rental Appraisal

- Buyer Enquiry

- Rental Enquiry

- Repair Request

Elite Package - $1499 The Elite package is for those offices that want all the features of the Pro Package and them some! This package also includes an easy to use fully editable content management system so you can change content on the site whenever the need arises. The Elite package is also equipped with Email Alerts as standard and the complete set of real estate forms including; • Tenancy Application • Market Appraisal • Rental Appraisal • Buyer Enquiry • Rental Enquiry • Repair Request

Custom designs to help your brand shine The Professional website package includes the development of a customised website for your business. Your website will be created through a collaborative process with our experienced design team that specialise in real estate web design. The result is an effective online solution for your business that is charged at an hourly rate depending on your individual requirements. If you have any questions on domain registration or if you are after a website for your real estate agency, call Red Square Support on 1300 137 161, and we will assist you in registering your domain and discuss with you the various options you have in building a successful website.



Member Profile

Paul Deegan, L.J.Hooker Lismore By Damien McDonald, EAC Sales & Marketing Manager


ach edition of From the Boardroom features a profile of an EAC member to give you an idea of how they have achieved success in their areas. This editions focus will be on Paul Deegan who manages the highly successful L.J.Hooker franchise in the sunny Northern Rivers town of Lismore. Paul has been a member of EAC since March 1986 and also sits on the Board of Q: What is your real estate background? A: My grandfather started this business in 1916. After WW2 my father and his brother came home to Lismore and continued the business until my father died in 1987. I was working in Sydney in the Construction industry as a Project Manager and had completed my real estate qualifications and returned home. Subsequently I bought the business from the family, and the business is now heading for 100 years in the same family. Q: What do you see as the secret to the success of LJ Hooker Lismore? A: I don’t think there is any secret. Hard work, staying abreast of, and using the technology that is now available. I think it would be hard to argue that this office would be the most technologically advanced real estate office in this town, in terms of what we offer for marketing. Q: How has being a member of the Co operative helped your business? A: We have been members of EAC for more than 20 years. I think in recent times we have benefited in particularly with the advent of realestateworld to be able to be lifted to Google maps at no extra charge. The costs of the major portals are increasing exponentially, and as they lose customers to other providers – they will no longer have the stranglehold over the real estate industry that they are beginning to try to exercise right now. Q: In your opinion, what is the best feature of Red Square? A: It’s hard to pick the best feature. The property data is fantastic because all the agents in this area contribute to the data and therefore it is the most up to date data available. I recently had a look at another data provider’s system. The data as compared to Red Square, was months behind. The fact that the website in conjunction with the publication can deliver so many more enquiries than any other method of marketing we have is probably up there with the best features. The reports that Red Square can produce are as good as any that can be produced and extremely cost effective. Q: How do you support the industry alternative, A: We support realestateworld because fortunately, in this area, all the agents have embraced the website and contribute their data. The publication is now 3 years old, and has literally swamped the other publication. Realestateworld has twice as many agents, three times as many OFI’s and two and a half times as many properties advertised on a weekly basis. In the month of April, the Realestateworld website delivered more enquiries than and I believe that trend is set to continue, as agents will eventually come to the realisation that the portals need them more than they need the portals. This is a bit like the realisation that agents have had with the newspapers. Q: Where do you see yourself and LJ Hooker Lismore in 5 years? A: Five years is a much shorter time span in my working career than it once was. LJ Hooker Lismore may well still be here, and I may be as well. I think I will celebrate the Century of this business in 2016, and then go travelling.





Staff Profile

Tiberiu Muranyi, EAC Adbuilder Developer By Damien McDonald, EAC Sales & Marketing Manager


ost publication advertisers, who use the EAC AdBuilder product to supply their weekly real estate advertising, will be familiar with “Tibby” as the point of customer contact relating to any template designs or customer production day queries. Tibby has been an integral team member with EAC for the past 3 years and I thought I would ask him some revealing questions to give you all a better insight to “the voice behind the phone”. Q: What were you doing job wise before working with EAC? A: Prior to joining EAC in September 2007 was a horrible six months of job interviews, meetings, writing different resumes, and facing the usual refusal answer “you are overqualified”, as I come from Eastern Europe where my education and specialisation is a bit different from the Australian Education system. So in September 2007, I joined EAC in the Publications Department as a Desktop Publisher/Graphic Designer. After a short period of time I took over the EAC - AdBuilder programme and started to develop and implement it,consequently attracting more and more clients into the system. This is how I became the AdBuilder trainer and developer at the same time. Q: What are your usual daily tasks as AdBuilder Developer? A: I am the contact person for our AdBuilder customers who call in for support or new design requests. My job is to listen to their requests, take notes, give quotations for the jobs, provide estimates & implementation times. I then construct the new designs or make the requested changes. Q: Give an example, without naming names, of an interesting situation you have had to deal with since appointed to your position. A: I can’t really remember any interesting situations since I have been here. I don’t get any of those “interesting” calls because all my calls are redirected from the main switch. However I can tell you that training over the phone has its own sets of challenges, especially if the client is not as familiar with IT programs as others. Everyone gets it in the end though. Q: What motivates you to come to work every day? A: Are you really asking me this question? Well, i guess the same thing that drives mostly everyone to work... No seriously, for the past three years EAC has been like a family to me and I can say that working here is fun and relaxing, even if sometimes we are facing problems. I wish all my workplaces were/will be like EAC! Q: What sort of hobbies or activities do you like to participate in after work hours? A: Well as a computer guy, I am addicted to online games, and one of my favourite games is EVE-Online. Also I like to swim as I was in my national team of water polo in my country and water is my second habitat. Q: What sort of music do you listen to? A: I can say that I listen to almost all kinds of music; it really depends on my mood. If I’m driving “alone”, then I listen to loud house/trance/rock music, if I’m not alone then rock ballads, or just anything on the radio. Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A: Five years from now I see myself finishing another university course maybe architecture, and would love to be involved in building planning in 3D and see some real house plans coming out of my hands. If not then maybe a team leader position at EAC, or who knows where.



in association with

for bookings and course details phone

1300 818 874



Welcome New Members

The Board management and staff would like to extend a warm welcome to the following new members that have joined the Co operative. Bangalow Real Estate Five Dock

Mary O’Connor

James Tsolakis

Pulse Real Estate Springwood

Central Coast Bestagents Kariong

Sharon West

Phillip Leishman

Century 21 Ultimate Wollongong

Synergy Realtor Kogarah

Hakan Kutup

Tony Lofitis

Western Plains Real Estate Dubbo

Century 21 Gold West Dubbo

Anthony Chapman

Rebecca Wiliams

A Plus Realty North Parramatta

Colemans Rimes Newtown

Nassif Semaan

Fiona Rimes

Bay Realty Double Bay

Raine & Horne Blacktown

Shane Lightwood

Lorraine Young

Rural Property Partners Leppington

Greenway & Banks Realty St. Peters

Michael Cavagnino

Geoffrey Beach

Barry Hornsby

Farah Real Estate Parramatta

Barry Palmer

Julie Farah

Wolli Creek Real Estate Wolli Creek

Compass Realty Waterloo

Peter Tsatsoulis

Andrew Chen

Len Bailey Real Estate Orange

Tarago Real Estate

Len Bailey

Judith Alcock

Cabonne Real Estate Canowindra

Eastern Suburbs Real Estate Randwick

Geoffrey Beach

Jack Rosenstraus

All Star Caringbah

Eastside Realty Randwick

Alan Cramond

George Karabalios

Residential Real Estate Mona Vale

Sanders Penshurst Estate Agents Penshurst

John Gavagna

George Antipas

Costar Real Estate Hurstville

Property Lane Surry Hills

Alvin Li

Joanne Bezzina

Riva Real Estate Cabramatta

Elders Real Estate Bangalow

Charles Huynh

Duncan Lorimer

Inglis Property Macarthur Camden

PRDnationwide Harvey Oatley

Garry Gilkeson

Ray White Oak Flats/Albion Park Adam McGrath



James Walters

EAC Contact List

SYDNEY Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd. ABN 52 079 055 637 274 Miller Road Villawood NSW 2163

Phone: (02) 9724 6999 Fax: (02) 9724 6407 Email:

General Enquiries

Phone: (02) 9724 6999

Membership Services

Phone: 1300 137 161 Fax: (02) 9724 6407 Email:

Red Square Support

Phone: 1300 137 161 Email:

Web Design & Development

Phone: 1300 137 161 Email:

Real Estate Forms & Stationery

Phone: 1300 131 161 Email: Publications

Phone: 1300 789 675 Fax: (02) 9724 6260 Email:

Training & Professional Development

Phone: 1300 818 874 Email:

Print & Design

Phone: 1300 789 675 Email:

WOLLONGONG 11 Victoria Street Wollongong NSW 2500

Phone: (02) 4228 8445 Fax: (02) 4226 3926



Your EAC and Account Managers

For the information of EAC members and Subscribers we have included your EAC Account Managers contact details below.

Jeff Buchanan

0419 697 677 Area of Operation – Upper North Shore, Northern Beaches, Northern District, Hills District, Gosford, Central Coast North, Newcastle Region, Maitland / Hunter District, The Entrance, Lower Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens

Beanca Karaniki

0407 648 440 Area of Operation – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney City, Inner West, Lower North Shore, St George - North of M5

John Kay

0425 389 715 Area of Operation – Illawarra, South Coast, Ulladulla District, Southern Highlands, The Murray

Victor Baptista

0434 155 886 Area of Operation – Penrith, St Mary’s, Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool, Fairfield, Blue Mountains, Central West NSW, Riverina, Outback NSW

Angelo Lofitis

0434 155 887 Area of Operation – St George - South of M5, Sutherland, ACT, Southern Highlands, Snowy Mountains



Pat Royce

0425 257 485 Area of Operation – Forster / Tuncurry, New England / North West, Taree, Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast, Hawkesbury

Phyllis Devereaux

1300 137 161 Member & Client Services

Malcolm Walsh

0425 332 151 Area of Operation – Illawarra / Mid South Coast

Glynis Cole

0434 155 889 Area of Operation – Illawarra / Mid South Coast

Jon Casey

0434 155 888 Area of Operation – Mid North Coast, Grafton, North Coast

EAC Membership and Red Square enquiries. Publication enquiries.



One insurance broker understands the real estate agency business.

The complexities of running a business today require support by an insurance adviser who understands your specific risk exposures and is able to develop tailor made solutions that adequately protect your business. At OAMPS Insurance Brokers we’ve made it our business to get to know the risks associated with running a real estate agency business. Working in conjunction with the Estate Agents Co-operative, OAMPS has developed industry specific risk cover and services, including • • • •

Professional Indemnity and Management Liability Expanded business insurance policy coverage Workers Compensation advice and claims/premium expertise In house claims processing

For an obligation free appraisal of your insurance requirements, contact your nearest OAMPS branch. NORTH SYDNEY (02) 9424 1705 WOLLONGONG (02) 4266 8700 NEWCASTLE (02) 4979 3333

PARRAMATTA (02) 8838 5700 FORBES (02) 6851 1200

Closer to clients, closer to communities® OAMPS Insurance Brokers Ltd ABN 34 005 543 920 AFSL 238312

WAGGA WAGGA (02) 6933 6600 CANBERRA (02) 6283 6555

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