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Personal Development Program • Strengthen your mindset and resilience. • Understand yourself: Your own psychology that drives behaviour. • Improve your relationships and communication skills. • Learn how to effectively set goals. • Learn the principles of peak performance thinking. • Work with practical tools to improve your skills and achieve your goals. • Fully supported with your own professional coach. • Delivered online for flexibility and working at your own pace.

Professional Development Program • Learn Coaching - to use personally and professionally. • Understand the psychology of human behaviour. • Strengthen your mindset and resilience. • Learn effective communication skills for connection and leadership. • Learn how to effectively set goals. • Learn the principles of peak performance thinking. • Work with practical tools to improve your skills and achieve the goals you have for yourself and your organisation.

Professional Collaboration Program


• Become accredited with BE UNSTOPPABLE COACHING • Learn and competently use the trademarked BE UNSTOPPABLE D-R-I-V-E Coaching Model. • Learn and use the ‘drivers’ for peak performance. • Access to the ‘Drivers Diagnostic Tool’ and understand how to use it for yourself and with those you coach. • Access to an extensive list of resources and tools. • Continuous professional development delivered online and in-person.

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You may be experiencing challenging times … but never let that stop you. Focus on what you want, get the right coach and BE UNSTOPPABLE w w w. b e u n s t o p p a b l e c o a c h i n g . c o m





Australia’s Best Business Coaches

Having A Busines Coach Can Make You A Great Leader



How To Screen Your Business Coach

Improve Your Bottom Line



Why You Need A Business Coach

Business Goals: Know Your Why


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EDITOR IN CHIEF Welcome to the inaugural issue of Australia’s Best Business Coaches magazine. 2020 has brought with it a renewed importance on business and financial security from the smallest sole trader to publicly owned companies. Australia’s Best Business Coaches magazine has been created with the intention to help business owners look toward the future and what it may hold The business horizon is changing, which can be challenging for everyone. Do you know who to turn to in these times? Where to go to get help with the next step? The business coaches featured in this issue have been hand picked by our team and asked these questions and more.

Jo Wilson

If you have never had a business coach or are wondering if you should get in touch with your old coach, you must read How To Screen Your Business Coach on page 16 where we explain why it is so important to choose the coach who understands you and your business.

With all businesses it ultimately comes down to the bottomline, but the question is, can you afford not to have one of Australia’s best business coaches in your corner? Our article on page 18, Improve Your Bottom Line, explains how and why a business coach is money well spent and what you should expect from them. If you are ready to take the next step and consider a business coach, this is the place for you. We have the questions to ask and some of Australia’s best business coaches ready to help you and your business thrive.


Dee Raquel Joma:



esilience is something business coach, Dee Raquel Joma, has built up through navigating multiple personal tragedies and career curve-balls. Finding her way through hardship, armed with the strategies she learned throughout the process, inspired Dee to help others develop a strong state of mind, to be a product of choice, not circumstance, and work with individuals and organisations on achieving personal, professional and business goals. Out of this calling, came BE UNSTOPPABLE coaching. After studying a Bachelor of Coaching and Counselling with a focus on Positive Psychology, at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, in Sydney, Dee discovered that coaching came naturally to her. 6

A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U

Dee is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach, signifying high coaching competence and her commitment to professional standards in the coaching industry, earning the credibility conferred by the only globally recognised professional coaching credential. Taking on a business coach can be a huge turning point for any business. Dee believes the right coach will bring the missing pieces to a business strategy. “A coach can be used as a sounding board, to bounce ideas, to facilitate a space for the decision makers and/ or the people who run the business, to be challenged on thinking, leadership styles, communication, processes and

models, and to be kept accountable to progress and goal achievement,” Dee said. “These powerful elements are rarely achieved when organisations ‘try to do it internally’. The coach brings the missing pieces and a multitude of strategies, to educate and activate within the business.” The impact of a coach extends beyond the business. “The individuals being coached experience a positive shift in all life areas, as a result of heightened self-awareness, more effective communication and the ability to consciously control their mindset to make better decisions. This outcome results in the business developing through staff and bottom line, achieving its goals.” With coaching becoming one of the biggest growing industries in the world, Dee knew that to succeed in doing what she loved, she was going to have to find her point of difference and stand out from the crowd. “I have over two decades of experience working with businesses. I also own the trademarked BE UNSTOPPABLE D-R-I-V-E coaching model, enabling coaches to follow an insightful, systemised approach to coaching. This model, along with the BE UNSTOPPABLE DRIVERS, create a powerful framework for peak performance thinking, mental conditioning, personal and professional development for individuals, teams and organisations,” Dee said.

“No two clients will ever need or want the exact same things, to achieve the ‘vision’ they see in their minds. Understanding the client’s version of success is key to starting the coaching relationship in any business, enabling collaborative working on the most effective strategies to achieve that success.” “When looking for a business coach it is important that you feel comfortable with them, as you are trusting this person to help develop and make changes to you and your business. Be assured that the coach is professionally trained and credentialed with extensive experience in people development, having the ability and strategies to most effectively bring out the best in ‘your people’ and achieve your goals.” Dee, and the team at BE UNSTOPPABLE work collaboratively with their clients, helping them ‘drive’ to their own destination of success.

In ensuring a client’s success, Dee says it can be defined in a number of different ways. It all comes down to what success means for her client. A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U


Dee Raquel Joma


Business Coaches

Dee is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach, signifying high coaching competence and her commitment to professional standards in the coaching industry, earning the credibility conferred by the only globally recognised professional coaching credential. Dee is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology Groups, where continuous professional development is sustained and applied with all clientele. Dee has worked with numerous organisations on complete culture change and skill development of executives and staff, employee and customer-focused rewards programs, company vision and mission statement development, one-on-one executive coaching for personal and professional development, as well as a multitude of life coaching clients, to enhance certain life areas and achieve personal goals.

After what Jim likes to call his “quarter life crisis”, he began his journey as a coach, his mission, to impact as many lives around the world as possible. While completing his Master Practitioner of Coaching, Jim was amazed by the amount of talented coaches that were failing in their businesses, usually due to lacking the right mindset and not understanding the sales and marketing strategy needed to grow a business. With over 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing across several industries it was then that Jim decided he had found his calling, to coach and guide fellow coaches and other experts to help their future clients find them, “I believe there is a massive amount of talent in the world but its lost due to people being stuck in overwhelm, fear or lack of clarity”.

Jim Cocks

Milton Collins

Most business owners and entrepreneurs want the same thing — a thriving, successful and happy business that operates like a well-oiled machine. To make this happen, many believe they need to have big budgets, big marketing campaigns and big teams. But they’re wrong! Milton Collins has built thriving, successful, big businesses using the simple power of small surprises. His unique approach involves maximising extreme customer service with the unique surprise experience. His business strategies have seen him reinvent and create iconic businesses in Australia and coach other business owners to do the same. Milton’s approach allows any-sized business to DELIGHT. DISRUPT and DELIVER.

An experienced business developer with an impressive 20+ year senior management history in developing and leading businesses within the Retail, Hospitality and Franchising sectors, Doug specialises in SME Business Development and Growth, Coaching and Facilitating, Operations, Recruitment, Training, Supply Chain, Marketing and all aspects of Franchising. He is proud to have worked with and helped well over 1000 small business owners throughout his career and in 2018 & 2019, he helped franchise businesses grow on average by over 200% and non franchised businesses grow by more than 50%, which is 15 times the Australian average.

Doug Downer

Paul Manning

Paul has unique skills to assist local SMEs and brings a wealth of hands-on and real-world practicality for leadership in business transformation and change management. He holds an MBA (Finance), B.Sc. (AgEcon) from UWA, Dip. Proj. Mgt. and is an experienced mentor and Approved Advisor, MD, GM and COO. As Director and at Board Advisory level, Paul has shaped and driven the delivery of strategic plans and innovative change management solutions in multiple disruptive markets. Paul has three decades of collaborative leadership experience and has lived and worked in six countries across three continents, helping to grow businesses of all shapes and sizes – from listed companies, to multinationals, to family business and SMEs.

Having commenced his career in technology sales and marketing Graeme has spent the last fifteen years as a Senior Executive working for both international organisations and as a Director on a number of Not for Profit Boards. Combining both his business acumen and inspirational leadership style Graeme has been instrumental in both business turnaround and change management. As the P&L owner, he has prepared operational business plans/ budgets and managed stakeholder expectations ensuring successful outcomes for all. With over 40 years of experience in the commercial environment, Graeme has a wealth of knowledge to share with his clients, especially in the area of Lead Generation and Conversion.

Graeme Ridler



A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U


he world of business is a competitive place. The moment you let up, there’s another organisation willing to work harder for a bigger slice of the pie and leadership is no exception. If you lift your foot off the accelerator, there’s someone else, either from within your organisation or from within another, waiting to replace you. As they say, it’s a dog eat dog world. But, surely business leaders, have limits for growth, right? While this is true, there are ways to stretch those limits. One of the most effective is through engaging a business coach. There are two kinds of leaders who need business coaching - the overwhelmed leader who’s backed up with roadblocks, and the proactive leader who has a stable footing right now, but wants to improve innovation and streamline strategies. You don’t want to be the first one. But if you find yourself in this situation, a business coach can help you navigate your way through it. They will look at your business from a different perspective, which allows him or her to share insights that you may not be able to see. Sure, you can navigate your way through it on your own. But, at what cost? Time is money, as they say, so trying to experiment your way through these roadblocks can cost you hours and precious resources.

ideas off them and merge your expertise to get a broader perspective in crafting action plans and business strategies. Even resilient people get discouraged and disheartened by their failures or other types of disappointments from time to time. Captains of industries aren’t immune to this. They may be considered even more susceptible to this because of the scale with which they’re trying to operate a business. In times like these, a good nudge in the right direction from a business coach that you respect can help you get out of your slump and get your entrepreneurial mojo back. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little encouragement. Over the years, we learn how to react to situations instinctively. If someone greets you ‘good morning,’ you say ‘good morning’ back even if there isn’t anything good about the morning you’re having. It’s basic human conditioning. Business situations can be awfully repetitive, so your response can become automatic too. But, if we can just adjust our response to each situation with more intention and focus, the problems might not even recur. A business coach recognises these patterns and points it out so that we, as business leaders, can craft more personalized solutions. Recognizing detrimental decision-making habits like these isn’t easy especially if you have no one to reach out to for guidance.

If you’re the second leader, a business coach’s experience of both working with their own business and for other clients, makes them a great tool during brainstorming sessions. You can bounce A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U


One-On-One Coaching Are You Ready for professional help and guidance?

We understand how to... • generate immediate sales • create competitioncrushing marketing • develop compelling offers • map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it

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n business, the buck stops with you, the business owner. The decisions you make every day can make or break the entire operation and it can get lonely at the top. Therefore, getting insights from someone who’s already been there and done that has become a valuable resource. If you’ve been in a leadership position for long enough, you may have already found yourself in a situation where you didn’t know what to do. This is where business coaches come in handy. Business coaching is a process that can take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be, but choosing the right person can be a tricky task. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses and it’s your job as a coach seeker to find out how you can maximise your experience with your coach. It’s a low-risk, high reward deal. If you do your homework right and find the best fit for you, you can find a coach to help you and your business experience significant growth. To

help you to thin out the ever-thickening field of business coaching services, there are a few questions you can ask to help clarify what you need and what you don’t need.

A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U


HAVE YOU STARTED YOUR OWN BUSINESS? You will need someone who’s already walked in your shoes. There is no point in getting a business coach who’s never had to talk, eat, and breathe business like you probably have as a startup. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same industry. In fact, getting someone from a completely different industry can help broaden the conversations between you and your coach, so look for a coach who personally knows about business start ups. WHAT’S YOUR EXPERIENCE IN COACHING OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS IN YOUR INDUSTRY? Doing business and teaching business are two completely different things. You can have someone like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos in your ear while still not getting the coaching that you need. Your prospective business coach is going to be limited in the specific industry that they’ve already worked in, so it’s important to gauge how much he or she knows about your industry to make for an effective back and forth between you two. HOW DID YOU PUSH YOUR PREVIOUS CLIENTS OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES? Being complacent could mean the death of your business. There’s no place where business owners get more complacent like when they get stuck in their comfort zones. There are decisions in business that we may not be comfortable making. Layoffs, for example, are difficult to do but are sometimes exactly what is needed.


A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U

But, communicating this need is not a straightforward task. Some business owners tend to retreat into their shell when hard decisions are presented to them. Finding a business coach who naturally connects with you in a way that makes you respond positively right off the bat will ensure a fruitful business relationship. They can bring out the best in you to navigate the uncomfortable tasks. WHAT CAN YOU HELP ME ACHIEVE? Most business coaches talk in generalities. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be less effective than coaches who can give you specifics. In this case, the “how” is more important than “what”. In a way, this question is more of a test. Usually, a specific plan of action is a good sign. This ensures that they’re in sync with you in working towards your goal. CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU FOR CLARIFICATIONS AND SPOT-CONSULTATIONS? IF SO, WHAT IS YOUR AVAILABILITY? Business coaching is a product. Like any product, you should also ask about after-market servicing and warranties. Knowing that your coach can make himself or herself available during crucial moments for you should be a priority. Remember, decision-making in business is a solitary affair. If your business coach isn’t available for a quick consult then, why bother getting them?


you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time. – Steve Jobs

Improve Your Bottom Line T

he business coaching industry has become one of the fastestgrowing service businesses in the world. For an industry that didn’t even exist a couple of decades ago, it’s now raking in billions of dollars every year and taking on a coach has become the norm for a business. Have you ever asked yourself why? The short answer is that it works. Businesses simply do better when management engages the services of business coaches. More specifically, business coaching services improve the bottom line for organisations in various ways. While some coaches have an immediate 18

A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U

impact, others tend to have a more subtle effect on business results. Boardroom meetings, especially ones with plenty of influential voices, can easily turn into echo chambers that are blind to certain factors. It doesn’t even have to be a boardroom scenario; the echo chamber can just as easily happen in sole proprietor businesses. Coaches can provide insights from an outsider’s perspective that can expose vulnerabilities that you might have missed. For some leaders, it’s also reassuring to know when business coaches agree with the planning they’ve already envisioned.

Your strategies guide where your business is going, so it’s important to get it right. Hiring a business coach can help you avoid some fatal mistakes that can potentially sink your business. Marketing can be an absolute money drain. In an ideal world, your product would sell itself. However, the world isn’t ideal. Your competitors might have value propositions that you just can’t compete with. A business coach provides leaders with unbiased insights on how both your and your competitor’s products are perceived. This gives you a better perspective on how to spend your marketing budget more efficiently.

While there many leaders who use their business coach as their confidantes, it is actually the employees who make his life easier. Business coaches, since they’ve presumably had experience with their staff, can help executives traverse the murky waters of employee management and help you to retain your best employees. Want to know how to inspire your workers to be more productive? A business coach has a wealth of experience to share with you about this. This is an extremely important aspect of business coaching as a new employee is only 60% as productive as an experienced one. So, a high turnover rate isn’t ideal for any bottom line.

Small failures and other hurdles can become larger when leaders dwell too much on them. The opposite can also happen when leaders are too focused on the long-term goals that they tune out what’s currently going on around them. A business coach serves as your conscience when you’re getting too preoccupied with certain goals and neglecting the others. So, they’re pretty important if you don’t want to drop the ball because you’re momentarily distracted. We’re all human. Stress and anxiety can bring anyone’s productivity down and can even bring leaders to a complete halt, endangering the bottom line in the process. Some business coaches specialise in keeping clients mentally prepared to face the challenges of business ownership. This is an invaluable specialisation that can potentially save companies a lot of money by preventing an executive-level meltdown. A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U



In the past 2 years we have helped develop and launch over 25 franchise brands into the Australian market. These businesses have grown by over 200% year on year.

STRATEGY We develop your business model

I went from an idea, to a food truck, to a store, to franchising. This was all in the space of 2 years! People thought I was crazy!

Helping you go to market

I have the utmost respect and I am eternally grateful for Doug Downer. He believed in my vision and understood my entrepreneurial mindset from the outset of my journey as a small business owner. By nature, I’ve always been about creation & opportunity. Doug has helped me understand and appreciate the importance of becoming franchise ready. He helped me build this brand into a franchise and brought with him a bucket load of professional experience and most importantly to me, passion!


Doug has provided my brand with support 100% of the way, through our transition from a small business to full blown franchise. Our business would not be where it is today without him!

CREATION Operations manuals, tools & systems


We become part of your leadership team Working with Doug Downer from franchise ready changed the direction from our small restaurant into a national franchise company. Learning how to systemise our business processes in order to operate with higher profit margins and real scalability has led to the success that Milky lane is today.

Pete Haselhurst Managing Director Milky Lane

Exarhos Sourligas Founder lukumades

GET “FLIPPING OUT” AVAILABLE NOW W: E: T: 0413 284 824 2019 & 2020 Top 30 Franchise Executives in Australia

Why You Need A Business Coach T

o last long in business, you’ve got to have an entrepreneurial fire strong enough to weather the storms. Your business idea is going to be tested from the moment you come up with it. The list of potential problems is endless; from constant bouts of selfdoubt to crippling financial issues and everything else in between.

No matter how strong your entrepreneurial spirit is, these tests can make it hard to keep going. It is in these moments that you’re going to need some help to continue moving forward. This is where business coaching comes in.

A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U


YOU CAN’T BE PERFECT AT EVERYTHING The human brain can only handle so much information which makes us excellent specialists and, at best, only adequate generalists, meaning some parts of your business might not be up to scratch. This shouldn’t be the case if you choose the right business coach. He or she should be able to cover the areas that you don’t have the interest or proclivity to learn for yourself. So, if you excel as a marketer, then it might be best to find yourself a business coach who can help you with workplace optimisation. THEY WILL CORRECT YOU WHEN YOU’RE WRONG Business owners tend to have absolute authority over their businesses. This means employees, who sometimes might know better than the owner, aren’t keen on raising their concerns in terms of business decisions. Employees wouldn’t risk stepping on your toes because you’re the one paying their wages. While technically, you’ll also be the one paying your business coach, they’ll remain outsiders to your business because they don’t depend on you for their living. Business coaches usually have other clients or have their own business to rely on. This is a huge part of why great coaches are such an important asset to any entrepreneur. They have an outsider’s objectivity while still remaining invested in your success. 22

A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U

LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING THE EXPERIENCE A business coach usually has experience in starting up his or her own business. This is an invaluable learning tool for you. Since they’ve experienced first-hand how to build their own business, they’ll be able to relate their experience to the advice that they give you. With their help, you’ll be able to anticipate birthing pains for your business and know exactly what you need to get through them in the best possible way NETWORK WITH OTHER BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL Looking for a decent supplier? Your business coach might know someone, or better yet, have a client who fits perfectly your requirements. The important thing here is that business coaches can open new networking avenues for you without much work. Remember, networking is an essential part of business building too. This way, you wouldn’t have to build rapport and awkwardly introduce yourself to others. In most cases, just an introduction from your coach helps you make a good first impression. Overall, a coach will help you to see how customers - current and future view you, your team and your services and will help you retain and attract the right customer for you. They can help improve your image, fill in the gaps where your business is lacking, guide you through the tough times and in turn, increase your sales or longevity in business.

Want to grow your business? Need to build a stronger team? Want to raise your bottom line? Need to generate more revenue?

! t a h t r o f h c a o C a t o g We’ve You face business challenges every day. And today, those challenges can seem overwhelming. For more than 25 years, business owners worldwide, like you, look to ActionCOACH for honest, straightforward, and practical business solutions. ActionCOACH Business Coaches assist you in streamlining operations, creating new growth strategies, and implementing cost-effective strategies to raise your bottom line. It’s time to invest in your business’ future. We guarantee it.

Milton R Collins B.Ec CPA Certified Business Coach


Mobile: 0419 464 444

Business Goals:

Know Your Why By Milton Collins


good business coach will do more than merely tell you what to do. They will be there when you need it most—as each idea takes shape, when you’re faced with challenges and more importantly, when you’re not sure what to do next. They are there every step of the way—helping, guiding, supporting and motivating you to achieve your goals. Sharing their local knowledge, expertise and experience, which only comes from


A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U

assisting a wide variety of businesses to create greater productivity, a coach will bring their vast array of proprietary systems and programs to customise solutions to meet your market demands. A great coach is an experienced business owner who has received worldclass training and exclusive certification and is supported by an extensive international community and they will be focused and driven on helping you reach your business goals.

An early step toward working out exactly what your business goals are, is to find your ‘Why’. It is not so much about what you want to achieve, but why you want to achieve it. This leads to setting clear and significant goals which are easy to quantify, understand and communicate.

1. You’ll get to work less and relax

Business author Simon Sinek talks about starting with ‘Why’ in terms of customer communication. This is the external ‘Why’ and enables you to link it, through how you do things to what you do and create better marketing messages to be used to acquire and develop customers. This external ‘Why’ is a fundamental requirement for achieving business success. However, the internal ‘Why’ should be clarified and understood to ensure your commitment to achieving success remains high and to create the drive and direction for your business. This is exactly why it is so important for setting your business goals.


The only way to get out of or to avoid entering the comfort zone is to set clear, significant and relevant ‘towards goals’. These may be financial, material, experiential, or emotional. Your goals also may be targeted towards improving the lives of others or impacting your community. Whatever form these goals take, understand that it is the manifestation of your internal ‘Why’. So, how well do you understand your ‘internal’ business goal and how well is your business aligned to achieving it? A good business coach can help you discover your ‘Why’. But, there are so many more ways a coach can be invaluable to your business;

more … The business coaching program is like having a marketing manager, sales director, training coordinator, partner, confidant, mentor and friend all focusing on the success of your business. Your coach will hold you accountable and keep you focused on your goals and objectives. No excuses. You will finally get that list of “to dos” done.


You’ll learn the easiest and fastest ways to get your business making more cash and how to turn that cash into bottom-line profits.

4. You’ll learn the most effective team

recruitment system ever designed – guaranteed to give you passionate and dedicated team members. You will then have the best people building your business’ future.

5. You’ll get a new perspective on

your business and use data to make decisions that will change your future trajectory. Learn the “rich” mindset, why it is the most powerful strategy we teach and how to get it working for your business.

6. You’ll learn before you earn. We will

instill a passion for learning throughout your entire organization that will raise the level of engagement with everyone in your company. Learning will lead to the mastery of new skills which will increase the organisation’s performance.

7. You’ll get to harness the power of

our sales and marketing systems to take your business to the next level. These proven processes and strategies are not only fundamentally sound, they have been tested in thousands of businesses. A U S T R A L I A S B E S T. C O M . A U


Success is rare without a plan

business certaintyÂ

- it is possible ... get your 100 day a The 5P's: Professional Practical Planning Produces Prosperity THE PLANS YOU MAKE IN THE NEXT 100 DAYS COULD DETERMINE WHERE YOU WILL END UP 10 YEARS FROM NOW Your plan to con#uer the highest pinnacles of success include professional e*perienced people, and the right practice, process and preparation. You would not attempt to reach the summit without meticulous planning. Apply the same principles to your usiness.


seems to be connected with action.

Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. - Conrad Hilton





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