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OCTOBER 29, 2009

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Share your prose at the Red Herring Fiction Writers Workshop



The virtues of one local Oriental Market


The U of I Dance Deparment hosts the ACDFA

see details at 202 W. Main Street | 71 E. University Avenue 217-352-1477


SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE ... 9 “I saved you the setlist” does Jet W. Lee



You Guide to this week’s events

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119 W. Main St. • 217.328.4405 TUESDAY-FRIDAY 10:30AM-8PM • SATURDAY 8AM-8PM • SUNDAY 8AM-2PM

nt e for re costum ase, wigs, h rc d u and p , masks an -up make essories acc

101 E. University Champaign 217-351-5974

Hottest Licensed Costumes Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl and more AND plus size costumes! Floor to ceiling of EVERYTHING to suit your HALLOWEEN needs! BEST Selection, BEST Prices

MUSIC Working on a playlist for your Halloween night? buzz sets you up with a list of our favorite spooky jams.

ARTS Just because Halloween is over it doesn’t mean you have to retire your awesome costume. Find out how you can make your costume be more than just a one hit wonder.

FOOD & DRINK Wondering what to do with the surplus of candy corn around your place this time of year? We’ve got the solution in this week’s article on National Candy Corn Day, only online.

MOVIES & TV Reviews of The Boondock Saints 2 and This Is It up on Saturday. The Boondock Saints 2 is a sequel to the cult classic that once again follows the vigilante justice of the MacManus brothers. This Is It is the concert film/cash in about Michael Jackson’s final rehearsal. Doesn’t this movie seem to be coming out a little too soon? The corpse isn’t even cold yet.


Mon, Oct. 26th–Sat, Oct. 31st: 10a–9p

Topless Female Dancers

Silver Bullet Bar

1401 E. Washington Urbana 217.344.0937 2


“Rants and Raves”is an anonymous space for your words, not ours. Post (anonymously) on the’s Rant & Raves forum (find it on the home page) and we will put your scribblings in an upcoming issue. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any post on the basis of content.


Dear Geico, All of your commercials suck. Be it the cavemen or the bundle of money with eyes attached to it, your commercials never cease to annoy me. Please, for the love of God, change your advertising plan and put out some ads that don’t make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon.


Loud much? Dear neighbor upstairs, could you be any louder? You’re no dinosaur, those creatures have been extinct for millions of years now, yet I feel like one lives right above me. Can your tread lightly please, and stop walking around like a tyrannosaurus.


Life Choices: I am so tired of people telling me I chose a waste of a major and my career aspirations are a joke. Sorry I’m not saving the world. Go be miserable somewhere else. I’m going to be happy.


Why is it that every time it rains, the drivers in this town turn into raging lunatics? My drive to work is BARELY fifteen minutes, and this morning I was cut off twice, passed by someone doing at least 45 down Springfield Ave., and almost rear-ended at a stoplight by an idiot on their cell phone (who, having missed hitting my car, decided to honk at me for being stopped at a red light).

18 to enter • Mon-Thur 8pm-1am • Fri-Sat 8pm-2am • $5 Cover (Always Hiring, We’ll Train)


The other evening, I came home to two of my roommates tranced by the movie Twilight. What is with everyone’s infatuation with vampires? I haven’t seen such an aggressive pop culture obsession since the boy band years. At least Justin Timberlake is a member of the human breed. To me, girls drooling over vampires is just as absurd as being attracted to fictional werewolves or aliens. And it’s not Twilight alone that is responsible for the resurgence of vampire folklore. There is the HBO series, True Blood, which has been just as guilty of tapping into this awkward genre of “paranormal romance” as Twilight. Then there was the thriller 30 Days of Night with Josh Hartnett following a more conventional vampire horror storyline and now a new feature, Daybreakers is on it’s way to the big screen dealing with a world in which vampires are the majority, starving for blood as the human race becomes endangered. Oh, and what about all those books? — Anita Black’s Vampire Hunter series, Richell Mead’s Vampire Academy books and Esdaile Banks’ Vampire Huntress Legends. Why so many vampires? Last week I read a strange article in Esquire by Stephen Marche going as far to state that the vampire obsession is tapping into teenage girls’ desire for homosexual men claiming that “vampire fiction for young women ... create(s) an atmosphere of sexual abandon that is nonthreatening.” He draws parallels with the love story in Twilight, likening the character Edward to marginalized teenage homosexuals. Farfetched? Probably. He also notices how True Blood more explicitly foils pointing out that the opening credits includes a shot of a road sign reading “God Hates Fangs” and the series opens with a talk-show interview about vampires “coming out of the coffin” and “mainstreaming.” A little more convincing, but it’s a strange argument. While I’m convinced that Vampires aren’t gay, I do think as the media pushes them to be less gothic and more like normal people, along comes some strange romantic undertone that is fusing with vampire fiction. It kind of creeps me out, but I guess that’s what vampires are supposed to do.



Used under the Creative Commons License. Photo by Brian Holsclaw






What are you going to dress up as for Halloween this weekend? OMAR McTABI

“I’m going to be Spongebob Squarepants.” TOM KRAKAU


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Now Serving Sushi 212 W. Main Street Downtown Urbana, Illinois 61801 (217) 367-THAI (8424) We use vegetable oils and no MSG

by Laurie Shinbaum The University of Illinois’ library is having its annual book sale Thursday, Oct. 29. The sale will be in the Charles & Millicent Marshall Gallery on the main floor of the Main Stacks from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Prices for the books are already significantly reduced, but beginning at 3 p.m., the prices drop even lower with a “$3 Bag Sale.” “We let customers purchase as many books as they can fit into a typical plastic grocery bag for three dollars,” said Chris Johns, a library manager. The idea of the book sale spawned from a project by the Staff Association, a campus organization that existed from 1961 to 1978. Beginning in the 1980s, the library held an annual book sale with a variety of books, from textbooks to romance novels and everything in between. “You can find just about anything,” said Johns. All proceeds from the event go back into the library to purchase books students, faculty and patrons have requested. The library also uses the profit to honor newly promoted or tenured faculty members at the university. The library purchases a book of the honoree’s choice that will be plated with their name and achievements along with the year of the promotion. Johns explained that the sale is a fun break from the day and an easy way to support the library. “The book sale is a great way to recycle books while helping the library,” Johns said. “It’s a lot of fun poking around the tons of books to find something special or unusual.”

Authentic Thai Cuisine with Smiles

“I’m going as a World War II soldier.” JANELLE ARCUS

“I’m going to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween.” AUDREY BRANDL

“Well, my original plan was to be Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, Beth. But another possibility is to be Courtney Love, which is the one I’m leaning towards.”






» ARC Group Fitness Classes: I have never tried one until quite recently and it is quite possibly the most fun I’ve had working out. I felt so svelte afterwards, I ate a cookie when I got home. » Sleeping in: This past Saturday is the first time I have gotten to sleep in past 10 a.m. in a long time. It was heavenly. » Halloween presents from my parents: Who knew this was a gift-giving holiday? This must be what they are doing with the money they are no longer paying my tuition with. MATT CAREY MOVIES EDITOR

GRIPES » Reality TV: It’s sad that television has resorted to this crap to fill the hours. While shows like American Idol and Survivor garner huge ratings, Mad Men and 30 Rock are in the ratings toilet. Watch better TV, America! » Cats: I’m terribly allergic to cats, so I hate them. If you’re wondering, my allergic reaction consists of me sneezing profusely, and my eyes closing up. Good times. » Pitchfork Media: The worst website on the Internet. Those pretentious pricks hate all music, with the exception of Death Cab For Cutie, but who considers that music? buzz


october 29 - November 4, 2009

One on One 


sharing the creative process

of the allen hall zombie mob

by Rebecca Rosman Ahhhhhh! Real Zombies! Well, not exactly, but every Halloween the students of Allen Hall put on one of the most impressive flash mobs of the year with the annual “Zombie Mob.” The mob, consisting of several hundred students, usually stalks several different campus landmarks, including the Alma Mater, Green Street and the Union where they perform the infamous Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance. This year’s zombie mob coordinator, Heidi Tucker, a senior in LAS, shares some inside facts about this scaretacular event. » buzz: When did this tradition begin and how has it evolved? Heidi Tucker: It started five years ago with less than 10 students, and they just did the zombie mob and a version of the dance, made up by a girl named Amy Swanson. It was an adapted version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. This year we sent out invitations to almost all the other dorms we could contact. It’s usually between 200 to 300 zombies, but we’re hoping to break 300 this year. » buzz: What goes into creating a good zombie? HT: Lots of ghoulishness. You have to look dead, stiff. Twitching is always good. Dragging your feet, tripping and asking people for brains. That’s what [zombies] love. It’s their favorite food. » buzz: What’s the greatest reaction you’ve ever gotten from a bystander watching the mob? HT: I really like seeing people in their cars getting upset because they can’t go because we take over the street. Or just exclamations of surprise when people on Green Street aren’t expecting us when they’re drunk. Seeing a mob of 300 zombies can really take them by surprise.

Local writers critique their peers at weekly writer’s workshop by Page Roth

Students invade a dance in the Union as the Zombie Mob, an annual Allen Hall Halloween event last year. Used with permission from the Daily Illini. Photo Adam Babcock

» buzz: Are you going to be doing any special tributes in light of Michael Jackson’s recent death? HT: The whole thing is one big tribute each time we perform it. His “Thriller” dance song comes on and we rise as zombies. This year we’re adding more of his moves straight from his music video. Now you could recognize a bunch of moves from this dance and say, “Oh, I saw it from his music video!” » buzz: What’s your favorite part of being a zombie? HT: That you own the zombieness. When you’re a zombie, you don’t want to go back to normal-

ness. You want the night to last forever. You play pretend for a few hours. You’re stiff and dead, and for some reason that’s really fun. You kind of feel like you’re in some zombie movie. It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done at Allen. I’m a huge advocate for Allen Hall programs, but this is by far the most fun. My mom comes down from Chicago and my brother comes up from Southern Illinois. It’s really enjoyable ... wait that’s not the word. Maybe if you said it was really sexy people would be like, “Okay, now I want do it!”

Frightful festivities Downtown bars host many a scary party this Halloween by Kate Kinsella Remember trick-or-treating, costume parties, bobbing for apples, candy comas — those were the good ol’ days. But Halloween is not just for kids anymore! Three local venues are hosting “phant”astic parties to scarify your Halloween night. Get that candy-induced sugar high in your system, throw on a spooky, sexy, or creative costume and get ready for a “fright”fully fun night! Start off your night at the Battle of the Blind Pig Bartenders at the Blind Pig Co. and Brewery, located in downtown Champaign. For the first time, Blind Pig Co. bartenders will face off against Brewery bartenders, and the customers will act as the judges. Vote for your favorite costumed bartender group starting at 9 p.m. Customers are strongly encouraged, of course, to come dressed in their own wacky costumes. Manager Becca Vann claimed that “pretty much everyone comes dressed up ... it gets pretty crazy, but it’s great!” Starting at 3 p.m. and continuing until 2 a.m., they also offer specials on all pumpkin beers. Vann guaranteed that the seasonal favorites would re


turn, like Southern Tier Pumpking, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. Looking for a more energetic way to celebrate El Día de los Muertos? Head over to Radio Maria to “Dance with the Dead.” Radio Maria has “scare”ified their regular Salsa Night by adding a costume contest and drink specials. Costumes will be judged by the DJ and the Bacardi girls. Starting at midnight, $200 in cash prizes will be given away, and first place will win $150. For another fast-paced dance party with a different beat, make your way over to Cowboy Monkey. Wear your costumes and “boo”gie to techno music presented by such DJs as Chicago’s Phaded and Richie August, DJ Belly, Mobius and Substr8 Dubstep Massacre. You will have to attend the party to find out if 217Mafia really “brings you the bass that melts your face.” Top costumes will have the chance to win a variety of prizes, and drink specials will be offered from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. So whether you are a creepy vampire, a sexy princess, or an imaginative robot, show off your great out-

fit at a Halloween party that suits your style. Wherever you end up, make sure to make Halloween night as “spook”tacular as it was when you were a kid.

Battle of the Blind Pig Bartenders

9 p.m. — 2 a.m. Blind Pig Co. 120 N Walnut St, Champaign 298.1532 Dance with the Dead

10 p.m. — 2 a.m. Radio Maria 119 N Walnut St, Champaign Ticket price: $5 398.7729 Dubstep Halloween

10 p.m. — 2 a.m. Cowboy Monkey 6 Taylor St., Champaign Ticket Price: $5 398.2688

If you are looking for a venue in which to share your writing, or if you simply want to turn an ear toward local talent, the Red Herring Fiction Workshop provides an opportunity to critique — and to be critiqued. The workshop, which is free and open to the public, accepts a variety of genres including creative non-fiction, film scripts, screen plays, short stories and novels. Held Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Red Herring’s Fireside Room, meetings are an opportunity for authors to read their works in progress with a group discussion after. “We only have two rules,” said coordinator Elaine Palencia. “One is you can only read up to 20 double-spaced pages at a time, and the other rule is we do not censor content.” Since its foundation in 1980, the Fiction Workshop is still going strong. Palencia, who became involved in the organization a few years after it started, said, “People go away for years and when they come back, they know we’ll be back Tuesday nights.” The group focuses on sharing knowledge of the publishing industry and submitting works for publication. Members have had books and other forms of work published in literary journals such The Antioch Review, Downstate Story and Appalachian Journal. “The goal in general is to help members produce their best work and to find outlets for that work,” said Palencia. Other outlets in which the Fiction Workshop authors have shared their work include public readings at CU’s Boneyard Arts Festival and the Blind Pig. Palencia said that while the workshop focuses on providing constructive criticism, the group is also honest. “I know that in the past we’ve had a reputation for being really tough,” she said. “I think we’re fair.” As an author who began publishing in the ‘80s, Palencia said she is aware of the workshop audience she is writing for. “I always know that I’m going to have an audience that wants to hear my best work and that will keep me honest.” Palencia said the Fiction Workshop is used to a variety of styles. Authors of all levels and ability are encouraged to participate in the workshop. “It’s really about the pure experience of creating.”




the future of cooking Student-designed solar-powered kitchen scores big

Spooky tipples and treats

by Travis Clayton

by Jennifer Bjork

The University of Illinois recently competed in the Solar Decathlon hosted by the Department of Energy on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall, winning second place in the University’s second entry in the contest. The competition, running from Oct. 8 to Oct. 21, tested participants from around the world in ten categories, ranging from architecture to overall power metering. The decathlon, however, required excellence in more categories than engineering and

described as “a home-cooked feeling that went along with [the team’s] vernacular architecture.” Cooking in a cutting-edge sustainable, solarpowered house did not seem to offer many unusual challenges, despite for all its unique qualities. “All the appliances that we have are commercially available,” Bayer said. “For the most part, you cook exactly the same as you would cook in a regular house.” The Illinois team felt that their house served particularly well due to its comfortable atmosphere and easily flowing space. Cooking in the Solar Decathlon however, was not without its challenges. “It was a competitive situation,” Bayer said. Teams had only two hours in their house to prepare the substantial meal they made. In all, the University of Illinois Solar Decathlon team excelled in all fields, and the dinner party was no exception. The cooking and home entertainment section was “a really fun part of the competition where we got to meet other team members” and share experiences and knowledge, added Bayer. “The different categories created a nice juxtaposition between technology ... and currently marketable postions,” she continued. “Hopefully when the house gets back here, I’ll have the chance to do some actual cooking all the way through,” said Bayer.


The Gable Home, constructed by the U of I for this year’s Solar Decathlon. Photo by Jim Tetro

design alone, also including cooking and hospitality in its contest of sustainability. Katharine Bayer, graduate student at the University, said, “We wanted people to be able to feel like they could live in something right at this moment.” With this ideal in mind, contestants pushed the boundaries of sustainable living by demonstrating the ability to turn their solar-powered house into a solar-powered home. As part of the Home Entertainment category, participants in the decathlon were required to host a full dinner party for eight people, and the University’s effort went far beyond what students might expect in a contest seemingly focused on the hard sciences. Bayer and her team prepared a full, six-course meal for their guests from schools in California, Minnesota and Puerto Rico. Focusing on local Illinois flavors and products, the meal began with hors d’oeuvres of vegetable sushi with tiny green sprouts. For appetizers, the team prepared polenta fritters with ingredients from the Moore Family Farm and cheese from the local Prairie Fruit Farms, complimented by dried cherry tart compote. A butternut squash soup with homemade guancale lardons (a fatty bacon) followed before an impressive entrée of Triple S Farms pastured poultry confit. Additionally, a vegetarian option of root vegetable pot pie with corn and soy succotash, roasted beets and braised collared greens was offered. The after-dinner salad was a julienne apple variety with Blue Moon Farm arugula and Prairie Fruit krotovena cheese. To top off the succulent fare, Bayer prepared a rustic pear galette with aged chevre. Using as many local and organic ingredients as possible, the team achieved what Bayer

Solar Power Decathlon washington, D.C. who: US Department of Energy first Place: Team Germany second Place: U of I Third Place: Team California More Info:

when chickens run Chang’s Oriental Mart offers a unique and inviting multi-cultural experience by Olivia Villareal “A running chicken­ — a chicken that is raised on foreign lands who has plenty of space to run around. These chickens are much tastier and healthier for you, too!” explained Paul Chang, coowner of Chang’s Oriental Mart at 505 S. Neil St., C. In his opinion, foreign food can be much healthier than some domestic, genetically modified foods which is why he chooses to sell it. Located about 10 minutes away from campus, Wendy and Paul Chang warmly welcome the CU community to their very authentic Asian grocery store. The happily married couple have been running this store together for about 25 years. “We have been able to keep our business running for this

long because we care about what our customers need and want,” he said. “After all this time, we have become friends with our customers.” Although this store primarily sells Asian goods, they also sell affordable foreign products from countries across the world such as Africa, Europe and South America. The store is filled with different tastes you will definitely want to try or incorporate

Items of Interest: Filipino SkyFlake’s Cracker’s – $5.35 African Ghana Yam – $2.39 Japanese Miso Paste – $ 4.95

Owners Paul and Wendy Chang. Photo by Abby Toms

into food you already enjoy. Walking through the cozy isles, you can smell the fresh fish and Asian vegetables as you near the many bags of imported Jasmine rice next to the fresh plantains. “There is no better rice than Jasmine rice. If my customers do not enjoy it, they can bring it back!” Chang said. There are different types of frozen fresh fish, lean chicken, tofu and different types of grains such as plantain flour from Ghana. Some might argue that food from abroad is more expensive, but Mr. Chang said, “If you know anyone who has lower prices than we do, let us know!” After so many years in business, Mr. and Mrs. Chang have been very successful with their local grocery store. “Knowledge is power. Before you can sell a product you must be able to sell yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, then you cannot sell a product. Even if you are starting from scratch like I did, even if it means buying a donkey before you buy a horse, you must work very hard to become successful in life,” Chang said.

As Halloween creeps up, what better way to celebrate this spooky time of year by preparing festive food and drinks? Whether you are hosting a party or not, here are some fun and simple recipes to get you into the spirit!

The Candy Corn Shot Ingredients » 1 part Irish Cream (Bailey’s) » 1 splash liqueur, vanilla » 1 part Schnapps, butterscotch Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into shot glass.

Mummy-in-Wraps Hotdogs Ingredients: » 1 can (11 oz.) refrigerated breadstick dough » 8 hot dogs » Mustard Directions: Separate breadstick dough and slice each piece of dough in half the long way (this creates more bread for a “bandage”). Pinch the ends of the strips together to make one long “bandage.” Beginning at one end of hotdog, wrap the dough around dog, creating the look of a wrapped “mummy” when you get to the top of the hotdog, leave an opening for the face and wrap the dough around the head once or twice, adhering it to another piece of dough on the back. (At this point the wrapped dogs may be covered and kept in the refrigerator until party-time.) Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 15 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven and place two mustard dots for eyes on the face area. Serve.

“Cobweb” Crisps Makes: 3 dozen bars

Ingredients: » 4 tablespoons butter » 1 bag (10 ½ oz.) miniature marshmallows » 8 cups square rice or corn cereal » 1 cup Halloween baking pieces with semi sweet chocolate chips Directions: Line 13” by 9” metal baking pan with foil; grease foil. In 4–quart saucepan, melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and cook until melted, stirring. Remove from heat; stir in cereal, then ½ cup baking pieces. Immediately transfer mixture to prepared pan. With greased spatula, press mixture in pan; sprinkle with remaining baking pieces. Cool. Lift mixture with foil from pan and place on cutting board; peel foil from sides. Cut into 36 pieces. buzz   




New exhibit questions political controls “Under Control” artistically explores media forms by Clara Bush


Pushing the envelope is quite a clichéd understatement for the Krannert Art Museum exhibit entitled “Under Control,” which opened Oct. 23. The curators, Judith Hoos Fox and Ginger Gregg Duncan, started developing the exhibit at the beginning of the last presidential election. They were concerned about control in the government, which led their work to 16 artists presenting approximately 30 works at the exhibit, all of which have been created within the last ten years. In the exhibition’s companion catalog, Fox and Duncan wrote, “The artists whose work is represented in ‘Under Control’ slip into the proverbial back room to question and reveal where control lies.” The exhibit focuses on political control within organizations such as corporations and governments. It is not a right vs. left, right vs. wrong exhibit, but rather an exploratory look at the “dynamic that if someone is in charge, there is a victim and a perpetrator,” said Fox. “This (body of) work makes it unclear if you are the prisoner or the guard.” Various forms of media exist in “Under Control, from a continual 35-minute video about the spectacle of elections by the duo Los Torrenzos, to the oil-on-linen painting “Detainee Summary 2” by Jenny Holzer concerning declassified government. The question listed in the exhibit’s display is, “who controls whom and what, and where does that leave the rest of us?” This is a very prevalent question in the piece “Screenshot Series,” which consists of 20

Department of Dance to host national festival by Alyssa Schoeneman

“Crowd,” an installation by Eva Grubinger. Used with permission from the Artists Rights Society

chromogenic prints from digital files created in Photoshop. Jon Haddock produced the piece in 2000. The piece is a collection of stills from movies like Sound of Music and Godfather II, and past events such as the Columbine attack and the Tiananmen Square protest. There is a connection between all the stills about race, minority and violence, making a spectator question the authority to kill and who has it. Another notable piece was David Opdyke’s 2005 ink on paper: “It’s All About U.S.” The

piece is a 2D drawing of the world, but a closer look will reveal that it is made up of multiple outlines of the United States. It is a depiction of how the United States’ influence is prevalent everywhere. The work questions the necessity of this prevalence. The “Under Control” exhibit is a must— see artistic exploration of relevant political themes, which represents many forms of media and cultural backgrounds. The exhibit runs through Jan. 3.

Krannert Art Museum 500 Peabody Dr., C What: ”Under Control,” featuring different

works strung together by political themes and mixed medias. When: Now until Jan. 3. Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 9a.m.– 5p.m. : Thu 9a.m. – 9p.m. : Sun 2p.m. – 5p.m.

“Election Night,” a video installation by Los Torreznos. Used with permission from the artists

WitchCraft hits the stage this halloween The Crucible to premier at Krannert

Move over ABDC and SYTYCD, there is a new dance acronym in town: ACDFA. The Central Conference of ACDFA, the American College Dance Festival Association, will be hosted by the UIUC Department of Dance during Spring Break 2010. ACDFA has been sponsoring college/university regional conferences and national festivals since the 1970s, promoting the development of dance scholarship, training and performance. The association values diversity and maintains a commitment to the development of conferences that reflect and give value to the various forms, styles, cultural traditions and aesthetic dimensions of dance performance. This March, about 400 students and 50 faculty members from all over the country will join UIUC’s Department of Dance in an exploration of the creative process, an essential element of choreographic development. Traditionally, ACDFA conferences feature dance technique classes, performances by visiting schools and discussions during which students and faculty can give and receive feedback about the festival’s performed work. The UIUC Central Conference will shake up the lineup with the addition of choreographic workshops. Faculty-based panels from various schools will collaborate to design the content of each workshop, focusing on exploring new modes of feedback; these workshops will offer opportunities for faculty to reimagine the work they present at the festival. Varying forms of dance scholarship will weave throughout the conference’s four days via lectures, panels and nightly synthesis sessions. Synthesis sessions will join the participants of the conference in a dialogue about the day’s performances and experiences. As stated on the ACDFA 2010 Central Conference website, “Together we can continue to reinvent the university as crucial national laboratory for contemporary dance.” From the sound of it, the UIUC Department of Dance is synthesizing a highly successful festival.

The UIUC Department of Theatre debuts its production of The Crucible at the end of this month at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Just in time for Halloween, the first performances are from Thursday to Saturday, Oct. 29 to Oct. 31 at 7:30 p.m. Richard Anderson, associate professor of theatre and the director of the production, said, “My intention is not to re-invent or conceptualize this great play but investigate with the cast, crew, designers and audience, what makes The Crucible alive today ... what still resonates and what fresh connections we can make.” He said they “plan to 


tell the story simply, highlighting the excellent actors of our department and the community.” The Crucible, a Tony award — winning drama based on a true story and written by Arthur Miller, takes place in 17th Century Salem, Mass. In the small Puritan town, a dance in the woods leads to a witch-hunt when a group of young girls are caught in the forest participating in an occult — like ceremony. One of the most shocking events is when Abigail Williams, the Reverend’s daughter, is found drinking the blood of a chicken in order to kill the wife of her lover. Everything unravels

from there. They accuse whomever they think are fraternizing with the devil himself as threats to the community. The girls take advantage of the obvious gullibility of the people around them. Accusations fly, lies spread and innocent townspeople are sentenced to the gallows. It is a tale of standing up for what is right in the face of malice and deceit. Miller’s play comes to life yet again here in Urbana this fall. There will be performances at Krannert next month as well on Nov. 4 to Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m., as well Nov. 8 at 3 p.m.

Photo by Tanmay Chowdhary

by Sarah Alo

I tripped getting off the bus the other day and landed in some guy’s crotch. That’s why I don’t like taking buses.

movie review



by Nick Martin

★✊✊✊✊ ††october 29 - November 4

3Favorites Gory Movies by Matt Carey The Thing (1982)

Photo used with permission from Lionsgate

The Saw franchise has made more than half a billion dollars worldwide, almost double the GNP of Liberia. The next installment of the franchise will be filmed in 3D. There is a Saw comic book, videogame and European rollercoaster. Somewhere, a Hollywood executive is sitting alone in a dark room. The series’ antagonist, Jigsaw, crafts elaborate and brutal death-machines — this executive carefully designs each Saw movie to take no chances or do anything less than the expected. This evil, scheming executive guarantees these movies make lots and lots of money. In Saw VI, Jigsaw returns to enact more macabre “justice� on whomever he sees fit. Even though he died at the end of Saw III, Jigsaw predicted the insurance and banking industries would cause the stock market crash of 2008 — so he posthumously instructs Lt. Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) and his wife Jill (Betsey Russell) to torture two financial bankers and various insurance actuaries to get revenge for himself and America. This movie uses political relevance the same way it uses a pipe-wrench; blunt and heavyhanded. Flashbacks develop Jigsaw’s complicated back story, but instead of seeing the serial killer as a complicated vigilante with a slanted sense of

justice, Jigsaw appears to be someone who seriously misread Man’s Search for Meaning. The victims may not deserve their grisly fates, but the death scenes try to be entertaining. A lady cuts off her own arm, a smoker gets his lungs crushed by a giant metal vice (cigarette smoking is a lame torture-warranting-transgression), a merry-goround is connected to a shotgun, a giant bed of needles pumps hydrochloric acid into someone, and two characters have a fight with an electrical circular saw. Even the “Reverse Bear Trap� headcrusher from the first movie makes an appearance. All this violence takes place in dingy rooms, lit with red light bulbs and shot like a choppy music video. Occasional fast cut montages highlight important scenes from previous Saw movies, and even this one, in case you get confused. Gore abounds in the Saw universe, but quality is compensated with quantity. It doesn’t take a gastrointestinal surgeon to realize the melting organs of one character look suspiciously like strawberry yogurt. Saw VI caters to its primary demographic — 15-year-old boys. If you were on the fence whether or not to see Saw VI, you didn’t see the first five. This is cookie cutter film making at its finest — except this cookie cutter is jagged, rusty and guaranteed to give you tetanus.

a lifetime of terror by Andy Herren Michael? Give me a break. Jason? Yeah, right. It’s all about Freddy. Freddy Krueger, the horrifically burned, razor-gloved maniac of A Nightmare on Elm Street, is by far the most terrifying slasher to ever grace the silver screen. My fear of Freddy goes back to 1994, as I was 7 years old and made a terrifying discovery while prowling the confines of my neighborhood Blockbuster. I came across the box for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, and decided to look at the back. What I saw next, I will always remember — an image of Freddy, opening his mouth huge and wide, swallowing a small child whole. After seeing the image, I threw the box down and started crying. I had to sleep in my parents’ bed for two weeks, and had to sleep with a nightlight for about three years afterward. Finally, at age 12, I mustered the strength to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street, even though I was scared to the point of nearly becoming physically ill. I rented the dreaded film, and forced my grandmother to watch it with me. The tape was playing in my family’s living room, yet I watched from the kitchen, as I was too scared

to even be in the same room as Wes Craven’s horror masterpiece. I should also mention that grandma and I watched the movie at three in the afternoon. I made it, though, and although I had never been so scared in my life, I loved the movie. I actually developed a newfound admiration for Freddy, as I was no longer a prisoner of fear anymore and could finally admire a great movie villain for being so wonderfully evil. The Freddy of the first Nightmare film is by far the scariest portrayal of Freddy in the series, since he gets hokier as the films progress. In the original Nightmare, he isn’t a jokester; rather, he is a nearly mute maniac who slices and dices his way through a bunch of attractive teens. A remake #/5 0/ . and I have is scheduled to be released in April 2010, high hopes, as the astoundingly creepy Jackie Earle  $2).+ OFOZBAGOFBUTTERYPOPCORN Haley (Rorschach in WITHPURCHASE Watchmen) has been cast in the role of Freddy. Here’s to hoping that Mr. Haley &2%15%.4-/6)%'/%23 can breathe life3IGNUPATWWWGQTICOMFORTHE into a once brilliant franchise. Oh, &REQUENT-OVIEGOER#LUB and my grandma still complains about how she was %ARNPOINTSSEEMOVIESFORABARGAINPRICE “forced to watch that crap� in regard to Nightmare. It’s not crap, grandma — it’s brilliance. /:


3AVOY%XP./6 "5::

John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic is renowned for its use of special effects, which at the time were revolutionary. Set in desolate Antarctica, The Thing has enough deaths and body transformations to make you queasy. The film follows a group of American scientists, who find a dog out in the frozen tundra and allow him into their camp. What they don’t know is that the dog has been infected by an otherworldly being, which can take the shape of any creature it inhabits. Once the scientists find out what they’re dealing with, paranoia sets in as no one can be sure as to who is infected and who isn’t. While the effects may look hokey at times, The Thing is still one of the goriest, and scariest, movies ever made. Dead Alive (1992)

Before he made the epic Lord of the Rings series, or the tedious remake of King Kong, director Peter Jackson made this zombie horror comedy in 1992. Lionel is a grown man living with his overbearing mother. When he tells his mother that he’s found a girlfriend and that they’re in love, his mother becomes jealous and tries to sabotage the relationship. Through a series of events, Lionel’s mother ends up being bitten by a monkey, which turns her into a zombie. She then goes about infecting the majority of the town. Dead Alive features one of the goriest scenes in movie history, in which Lionel attaches a lawn mower to his neck, and quite literally, mows down zombies. It is said that the lawn mower seen was pumping fake blood at five gallons per second during that scene. The Fly (1986)

Director David Cronenberg has always used over the top gore effects ever since his debut in the 1970s. Once his films garnered more acclaim, he was able to get bigger budgets, which meant more realistic and elaborate gore effects. The Fly, a remake of the 1958 film starring Vincent Price, shows Jeff Goldblum being a human-fly hybrid (or the brundlefly, as fans like to call it) after a science experiment gone terribly wrong. As the film goes on, his transformation becomes more disgusting, adding suspense as to how much farther Cronenberg can push the gore. By the end of the movie, it’s to the breaking point.



SPOOKLEY THE SQUARE PUMPKIN G (1:26) DLP 11:00 Sat & Sun HALLOWEEN 2 R (2:01) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 - (12:00 Fri & Sat) MORE THAN A GAME PG (2:02) (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:10 – 7:10 – 9:40 (12:00 Fri & Sat) THE KILLERS LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL Thursday 7:30 ONLY MICHAEL JACKSON’S THIS IS IT PG (2:11) DLP (11:00-11:30 Sat & Sun) 1:45 – 2:15 – 4:20 – 4:50 – 7:00 – 7:30 – 9:40 – 10:00 (12:15 Fri & Sat) PARANORMAL ACTIVITY R (2:06) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) SAW VI R (1:59) DLP (11:00 – 11:30 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 2:00 – 3:45 – 4:30 – 5:55 – 7:00 – 8:15 – 9:30 (11:00 – 12:00 Fri & Sat) AMELIA PG (2:11) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:35 – 4:10 – 7:00 – 9:30 CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT PG13 (2:09) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:40 – 4:15 – 7:10 – 9:35 (12:00 Fri & Sat) GOOD HAIR PG13 (1:55) DLP 1:40 ASTRO BOY PG (1:54) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 3:45 – 5:45 – 8:00 STEPFATHER PG13 (2:01) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE PG (2:01) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:10 – 7:00 – 9:35 LAW ABIDING CITIZEN R (2:22) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:45 – 4:30 – 7:15 – 10:00 COUPLE’S RETREAT PG13 (2:07) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 THE INVENTION OF LYING PG13 (2:00) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:30 – 4:10 – 7:15 – 9:40 TOY STORY & TOY STORY 2 3D G (3:06) DLP 3D SURCHARGE WILL APPLY/NO DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED 3:00 – 7:00 (11:00 Fri & Sat) ZOMBIELAND R (1:48) DLP (11:00 Sat & Sun) 1:45 – 4:30 – 7:15 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 3D (1:50) DLP 3D SURCHARGE WILL APPLY/NO DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED 4:00 – 7:30 – 9:40

SAVOY 16   



  "!2'!).47),)'(4 $ ! ) ,9         0 -






(),,3/.'5.)4%$,)6%7%2%!,, ).4()34/'%4(%27%$304(%+),,%23,)6%!42/9!, !,"%24(!,,4(520-


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

buzz †â€


music as an odd Local collective redefines the perception of traditional music by Amanda Shively



he concept of music as an art is undisputed. A degree in the study at University grants a Bachelor of Arts, and its legacy is shaped in and around cultural entities. A less common examination, however, is the concept of music as a science — an exploration of sound waves and tones, physical structure and what does (or doesn’t) define an object as an instrument. As explored on the official Urbana-Champaign Oddmusic web site, “Oddmusic U-C is building a library of unusual and usual musical instruments at the UC-IMC and facilitates events to connect experimental composition, microtonality, and instrument-building with radical social change.

Oddmusic Independent Media Center, U. Where: 202 S. Broadway Ave., U. When: Office hours on Sundays from 7-9:30 p.m. What: A compositional co-op and library of

acoustic oddities Online:

We insist upon ‘music’ as a type of ‘odd,’ desirable when it avoids the same old society telling itself what it already knows.” In other words, Oddmusic looks to redefine and restructure the conventional notion of music through the use of what some would consider “odd” means. Whether creating instrumentation through what is not considered as primarily an instrument (i.e. a saw, vegetables, plants), or exploring the limitless bounds of tonality and rhythm, Oddmusic is for the passionate fan — one that does not see a defining quality to the art. Hosted by Andrew Heathwaite and Jacob Barton, Oddmusic holds weekly office hours on Sundays from 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. in what they call the “Oddstrumentarium & Composing Living Room” at the Independent Media Center in Urbana. During these hours, interested parties are free to visit the office to work on individual or group projects, learn more about the “oddity” of music or simply hang out in a welcoming

environment. Recent office hours have seen the collection of a range of instruments from an accordian to banjo, toy piano and keyboard. During office hours and beyond, projects have included fitting a bass drum with bamboo legs,

tuning of keyed or stringed instruments, looks to gather a following interested in composition with microtones, discussion about pitch and general inquest into the expansion of everyday tones. Oddmusic officially celebrated their “grand opening” on Aug. 14, 2009 with a concert at the Independent Music Oddmusic looks to redefine and Center. The evening included the restructure the conventional notion of concert, as well as the benefit of a question booth and open house of music through the use of what some the instrumentorium. Oddmusic would consider “odd” means. Oddmusic also asked that attendees come with an instrument of their own, is for the passionate fan. to “perform sentences in lieu of and a bamboo stand for a set of 17-tone tubes. applause.” The performance aspect of the evening Images of these objects and further descrip- included eight numbers of varying interest from tion can be found at http://www.oddmusicuc. vocals and viola, to a 22-tone guitar demonstration and piano. The group also hosts a Microtonal Composition Set aside your standards of both oddity and Study Group on Thursdays from 5:30 p.m.-7:00 music with the local chapter of Oddmusic at the p.m. in room 21A at the IMC. Microtonals, refer- IMC. Open office hours are held on Sundays from ring to expansion beyond the standard 12-tone 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. in room 21A.

Andrew Heathwaite plays the zz-tone guitar at the IMC. Oddmusic hosts a Microtonal Composition Group every Thursday, which expands beyond the standard 12-tone tuning of keyed or stringed


Between the Buried and Me


by buzz Music Staff The Great Misdirect

How do you classify a band like Between the Buried and Me — a band whose music seems to switch effortlessly from genre to genre. Groove metal? Death metal? Metalcore? While there are only six songs on The Great Misdirect, four are over nine minutes long; the longest being 18 minutes long. As with their previous albums, BTBAM brings a high level of technicality and musicianship while maintaining a br00tal heaviness. While something about the vocalist’s voice strikes me as “off,” I know that I’ll definitely be getting this album sometime soon. — Jeremy Lin SKIP OR STICK WITH: STICK WITH 



Brother Ali



Rappers are not often seen as being albino and overweight, but in his latest release Us, Brother Ali proves once again that perceptions don’t matter. Ali again teams up with excellent producer Ant to create his best output since his 2003 debut Shadows on the Sun. The title track is another feel good, heartfelt number like his biggest hit “Forrest Whitaker,” and he flows through the remarkable beat of “Crown Jewels” with incredible ease and clarity. Us is a well-needed breath of fresh air in a lackluster year for hip hop as it seaps with the simultaneous angst and hope of the streets. — Benjamin Kuzemka SKIP OR STICK WITH: STICK WITH   october 29 - November 4

Okay, we’ve been dating for awhile now and you have yet to put your pants on.

bloodcurdling beats

I saved you

the set lisT

Dubstep Massacre celebrates Halloween for ninth edition

Jet W. Lee at the Canopy Club

by Jeremy Lin August and Phaded. Both of them are really nice guys and fun to hang with,” Miller said. As per the event’s date, Halloweenthemed festivities will definitely be taking place. “We have a costume contest planned. We’ll also be giving out gift certificates to local stores and autographed vinyl from past artists as prizes,” Miller explained. More information about Dubstep Massacre 9 and related activities can be found on Miller’s blog at http://www. Additionally, an after-hours party will be held following the close of the event. “The location is undisclosed until the night of the party — we’ll start telling people the location later during the party,” Belly said. With loads of music to dance to, drinks to be had and fun times to be made, Dubstep Massacre 9: Dubstep Halloween will unquestionably be one of the hottest parties this Halloween evening. “The Dubstep Massacres have been some of

the best parties I have attended. People come from different towns just for this, and they just go crazy. You can’t really hear anything else like this outside of the Midwest and Chicago area, and we always have a huge crowd,” Miller shared. If you are looking for something to do this Halloween that’s not the average run-of-the-mill party, check out Dubstep Massacre 9 at 10:00 p.m. at the Cowboy Monkey. Admission is $5. DJ Belly in studio. Photo by Rebekah Nelson.

With t-minus nine days until one of the biggest parties of the year, Kevin Miller, also known as DJ Belly, is still in preparation for Dubstep Massacre 9: Dubstep Halloween. Among the activities typically conducted by college students on Halloween, i.e. drinking, scaring little children and drinking, the Dubstep Massacre provides an alternative to the norm for Halloween evening activity. As Miller stated, “This is gonna be a monster party. We have four to five DJs playing music all night long.” The Massacre, which will be held at Cowboy Monkey, plans to showcase everything from German and standard bass, to techno and Dubstep. Dubstep is a style of electronic music that originated in London in the 2000 UK garage scene, and has been celebrated over the past several years by local CU DJs. The event will feature both local and Chicagoarea DJs, three of whom are members of the 217Mafia. “We’re bringing in two top notch DJs from Chicago, DJs Richie

by Todd Hunter On Friday, Oct. 23, on the main stage at The Canopy Club, rock trio Jet W. Lee previewed songs from their forthcoming album Who Shall Remain Shameless. They opened their third local show with “Bridesmaids, Babies,” two minutes of indignation with wild guitar. Frontman Jesse Johnson salvaged the next song, “Anticipation High” from another band, but it was almost unrecognizable —less glee club, more anabolic steroids. The song that people danced to was quite a strange surprise — “How I Mutilated Susan.” For me, the highlight was “Amelia,” introduced as “a song about traveling out in the cornfields.” Six minutes long, the song was cut from the set at the

band’s prior Urbana show. Closer “Dirty Love” was also noteworthy, mainly for fast drumming by Patrick Mangan that gave the feel of a chase on horseback. Who Shall Remain Shameless is in the final stage of recording at Pogo Studio and due out early next year in digital and vinyl formats.

Setlist 1. Bridesmaids, Babies 2. Anticipation High 3. Shallow for So Long 4. The King’s Nightmare 5. New Mexico 6. How I Mutilated Susan 7. Stay Thin 8. Amelia 9. Dirty Love


Jazz in the Courtyard Noon, Free


Steve Marino 8pm, $3 Students/$5 Public


Rock Concert featuring

Batrider & The Duke ofo Uke and his Novelty Orchestra


Battle of the Bands

Co-sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha

8pm, $5 Admission

Doors open at 7pm $3 Students/$5 Public

Accommodation for hearing impaired patrons is available by calling 244-8938 at least 7 days in advance of the event.

217.355.3553 Put us in your phone! Open 24/7


october 29 - November 4, 2009 

The Haunting of CU

the tricks and treats of

CU buildings boast spirits, ghosts and ghouls.


The English building is rumored to be haunted by a swimmer who drowned in its old pool.

by Maggie Puniewska


ave you ever gotten that creepy, crawly feeling walking through campus or around town? And no, I’m not talking about the soybean aphids and lady beetles that have been promenading about your epidermis. This is a different feeling, like someone is watching you or something in the air just doesn’t seem right. Sounds crazy, but you’d be surprised to know that our very own CU community boasts a fair share of stories and legends about ghosts, goblins and ghouls. And many of these terrifying tales occur in places you’ve probably frequented or at least heard of. Here are just a few local places where you can justify your goose bumps as more than just a chill in the air.

Urbana High School’s tower is said to be haunted by the ghost of a teacher who hung herself. Photos by Paul Habeeb

English Building In the early 1900s, this building served as a women’s dormitory and had a swimming pool in the basement. The story goes that a girl drowned in the swimming pool and her ghost has since been haunting the building. “Some of the maintenance workers that I spoke to said they have witnessed the girl’s presence,” said Mary Davis, an officer of Admissions and Records in LAS. “They have heard very heavy doors close by themselves, even when there was no wind or no one else around.” Students also report an eerie feeling when roaming the building at night. “The bathroom in the basement has a creepy feel, because it looks like a pool locker room,” said Amanda Steffenhagen, junior in LAS. “Every time I’m there, I freak myself out.”

YMCA on Wright & Chalmers This haunting has a very “Illini” feel. “Rumor has it that there is a Native American ghost here,” said Betty Earle, the Director of Operations at the YMCA. Although Earle has not encountered the ghost personally, stories say that the painting of a Native American man located on the first floor is more than some acrylics on canvas. At night, the ghost of the man comes out of the painting and supposedly walks about the Y.


   buzz   october 29 - November 4

Tommy is dead.

Costume design Tips straight from the U of I Department of Theatre by Mary Russell


s pointed out in the movie Mean Girls, some females tend to choose Halloween costumes that are reminiscent of traditional children’s costumes — a firefighter, a doctor, a witch — save, however, the addition of the adjective, “sexy.” Such costumes might be fun, but they are surely tired and unoriginal. “I always think that the funny costumes are better,” said Liz Jasperse, an MFA student in costume design. “There’s going to be 30 girls at the party with a short skirt and long socks. Just do something funny; it’s so much better.” Kim Beutzow, an MFA student in costume technology, agreed. “I really like pun costumes,” said Beutzow. She said she’d heard of cutting out a felt arrow and placing it facing up on a shirt to be “felt up.” She also suggested constructing a porcupine costume out of clothespins. Beutzow’s own costume will work with a few layers of hilarity; she will be dressing as Wednesday Adams, who is dressed as Pocahontas on Halloween. Amy Bartelt, an MFA student in costume design, will be dressing as Robin from How I Met Your Mother back in her pop star days. “I’m going as Robin Sparkles, I’m really excited,” said Bartelt. “I’m going try to go to Goodwill ... I don’t have that much time to make a costume, so I would like to find a bleached out denim skirt and some funky tights.” Bartelt said she once dressed as a sandwich and constructed her costume with large colored sheets of foam that she layered and placed over her shoulders. Bartelt’s sandwich idea can easily be run away with. Taking cue from Top Chef challenges, a group of friends might split up and dress as a deconstructed sandwich with condiments to boot. In the realm of makeup, Bartelt suggested that people look for makeup that will last through the night. “You can buy a lot of makeup for Halloween from Walmart and other stores, but if you want it to last and really look good, you want to get the more expensive kinds,” she said. Bartelt suggested Ben Nye, a stage makeup brand which can be found at Dallas & Co. Halloween costumes don’t need to be overly intricate or timeconsuming to construct, but they can still be creative. Goodwill, the Salvation Army and vintage stores like Dandelion make for good starting points. “You don’t need a sewing machine to make a homemade costume at all,” said Jasperse. “You can get something that’s close to fitting you, and then stitch it together. It only has to hold together for less than 24 hours.”

Allerton Mansion, Allerton Park

According to legend, a portrait haunts the campus YMCA.

Clements Cemetery Urbana, IL Cemeteries are notorious for hauntings and this one, and Clements Cemetery, located at High Cross and Illinois Airport Road, is no exception. The story of this ghost has been around for over 150 years. In 1841, the body of the man was found hanging from a tree. Ever since then, he has been said to appear (only during a full moon) as a blue, translucent colored personage.

Urbana High School Legend has it that the Tower of the local high school is home to a goulish inhabitant. According to the high school’s website, the most accepted story is that a love-struck teacher hung herself from the tower, and has since haunted it. Although there have been no reports of seeing any actual ghosts, many have attested to experiencing a weird feeling while in the tower. A teacher that used to have a class there said that on breezy days the wind would blow the false ceiling upwards in a very violent manner, exposing the real ceiling.

There have been many reports of a “Lady in White,” the ghost of a woman believed to inhabit the mansion. People say she has been seen walking around the pond in the gardens, and many guests have reported hearing footsteps in an otherwise empty hallway. According to old photos, this woman was a frequent guest of the mansion and a close friend of Robert Allerton, the man who built the mansion. However, some say that she is not the only ghots who haunts the grounds. “I worked and lived in the house from 1975 to 1981 and definitely had to become friends with the other ghosts,” said Atron Regen, previous night manager of the mansion.

Natural Resources Building Located near Hope Cemetery on the South Quad, this building has some less-than-natural activity going on at night. Students that worked there late at night reported that the elevator would mysteriously come from the upper floor, stop on the ground floor and the doors would open. Although this can be seemingly contributed to mechanical error, the same students that encountered this strange behavior said that it did not occur in the day, only at night.

Illustration by Matt Harlan





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RockStar Karaoke featuring Crazy Craig live music Senator’s Bar & Grill, SaThao with the Get Down voy, 9pm Liquid Courage Karaoke Stay Down Memphis on Main, C, Canopy Club, U, 12pm, 9pm $10 in advance Live Karaoke Band U of I Latin Jazz Combo Radmaker’s Rock & Roll and Jazz 2 Big Band Tavern, Tolono, 9pm Iron Post, U, 7pm, $2 CG Productions presents Portland Cello Project Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $10 RockStar Karaoke featuring Karaoke Opie in advance Bentley’s Pub, C, Blues Jam 9:30pm Cowboy Monkey, C, CG Productions presents 9:30pm RockStar Karaoke featurBrent Jordan Quartet Zorba’s, C, 9:30pm, $3-$5 ing DJ Switch Rock’s, C, 10pm Geovanti’s Live Band Geovanti’s, C, 10pm



“Who Owns Your Scholarship: Copyright, Publication Agreements and Good Practice” Alice Campbell Alumni Center, U, 4pm Under Control Gallery Conversation Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, C, 5:30pm

University Library’s Annual Book Sale Main Library, U, 9am





Country Night with DJ Halfdead and Free Line Dance Lessons from Scotty Van Zant Radmaker’s Rock & Roll Tavern, Tolono, 8pm No cover before 8pm. DJ Belly Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Stitches Goth Night with DJ Rickbats, DJ Kannibal The Clark Bar, C, 10pm Indian Music Classes Channing-Murray Foundation, U, 4pm, $25 group class, $45 private class

karaoke DJ Hollywood Karaoke It’ll Do 2, C., 8pm DJ Bange Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 8:30pm CG Productions presents

IPRH Film Series: The Great Dictator Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, C, 5:30pm Global Lens 2009 Film Series — What a Wonderful World University YMCA, C, 7pm

stage Camelot (part of the WCIA 3 Broadway Series) Assembly Hall, C, 7:30pm, $35-$48 Street Beat Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $13-$28 The Crucible Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students

game-playing Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Savoy Recreational Center, Savoy, 6pm, $4, $5 non-residents

Acts Of Faith: One Book One Campus Book Discussion Illini Union, U, 2pm

volunteer UC Books to Prisoners work session Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 2pm

kids & families ARTfusion Douglass Branch Library, C, 4pm

lgbt Live and Let Live GLBT Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting McKinley Presbyterian Church and Foundation, C, 6:30pm

Country Duo — Gary Raye & Travis Parks Memphis on Main, C, 9pm The Curses Bentley’s Pub, C, 10pm, $3


Street Beat Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $28, $23 seniors, classes & workshops $13 students The Crucible Lunchtime Yoga at Amara dj Krannert Center for Yoga & Arts the Performing Arts, U, Amara Yoga & Arts, U, Top 40 Dance with DJ 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors 12pm, $12 Substitute and students Chester Street, C, 9pm, support groups Homegrown Talent $3 DJs Ian Procell and Reflex Show GROW Weekly 12 Step Illini Union, U, 7pm, $1 Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Support Group The Illini Union Board Provena Covenant Medi- DJ Delayney presents a talent show Highdive, C, 10pm, $5 cal Center, U, 6pm DJ LEGTWO and DJ Belly to showcase student’s Depression and Bipolar talents ranging from belly Radio Maria, C, 10pm Support Alliance dancing and impromptu Provena Covenant Medi- DJ Kosmo Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm comedy to a cappella and cal Center, U, 7pm theatrical dance. Country Dance Night at Sleepy Creek Dinner Bradley’s II FRIDAY 30 Theater Presents Original Bradley’s II, C, 8am live music Silent Disco with the217. Play: Coyote Sleepy Creek Vineyards, com Boneyard Jazz Quintet Fairmount, 8:30pm, $28 The Quad, U, 12:45pm Iron Post, U, 5pm We will be dancing to the Kilborn Alley sporting event beat of our own music Po’ Boys, U, 5:30pm, $4 and grooving out in what Men’s Basketball vs. MisAppy Hour and Live will look like complete Music at Silvercreek souri Southern silence. Silvercreek, U, 5:30pm Assembly Hall, C, 7pm Latin Fever at Clark Bar Batrider & The Duke lectures The Clark Bar, C, 9pm of Uke and his Novelty No cover before 11pm. Orchestra Friday Forum: “Teaching Courtyard Cafe — Illini to Save: How the U.S. karaoke Union, U, 7pm, $3-$5 Can Help Low Income Fairchilds CG Productions presents Families” Huber’s West End Store, RockStar Karaoke featur- University YMCA, C, C, 8pm 12pm ing Crazy Craig Joe Asselin Acoustic Senator’s Bar & Grill, Saliterary Music voy, 9pm Cowboy Monkey, C, 8pm Karaoke with the Outlaw UFL Reads Controversial New Riders of the Golden D.R. Diggers, C, 9pm Books — The Bookseller Maize CG Productions presents of Kabul Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, RockStar Karaoke Urbana Free Library, U, 8:30pm, $3 Geo’s, U, 9pm 2pm

ONGOING EVENTS “MY PERSPECTIVE OF BUSEY WOODS” Anita Purves Nature Center, U 8 a.m. A photo exhibit of all things Busey Woods including the changing seasons and native plants. Manrique is a photographer from Urbana.

“NOT BETWEEN, BUT FROM THE EAST AND WEST” Asian American Cultural Center, U 8:30 a.m. This exhibition will promote the understanding of the universal phenomenon of drawing from the East and the West.


10 a.m.

“THE MORRILL ACT: THE LAND GRANT ROOTS OF A GREAT UNIVERSITY EXHIBITION” Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, C 9 a.m. $3 The exhibition will serve as part of the University’s ongoing celebration of the Lincoln Bicentennial.

“ABRAHAM LINCOLN: LARGE PRESENCE IN A SMALL TOWN” Champaign County Courthouse, U 9 a.m. The exhibit emphasizes Lincoln’s time in Champaign County as a lawyer, a friend, and a burgeoning political leader.

“UNSETTLED GESTURE” Cinema Gallery, U 10 a.m. Steven Hudson presents a new show of figurative paintings and drawings that posit a melancholic and romanticized view of an uncertain cataclysm.

“MASKS & SKELETONS” Kalarte Gallery, U 10 a.m. The exhibition includes masks from Mexico, Guatemala, Africa, India, and Indonesia; and Day of the Dead figures from Mexico. HOTBOX HIRING ASSISTANT PRODUCER is looking for an assistant producer for next semester and bloggers to start immediately. Applications for assistant producer will be due at 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 2. Anyone who is interested in either position should email Molly Durham at

Ballroom · Latin · Nightclub

Dance competition Saturday, OctOber 31, 9am–11pm

Illini Union Rooms A, B and C

UIUC students: Free General Public: $5 Funded by SORF.

Know about

something going on? Email us at 12


fundraisers “Guilded” with Platinum I-Hotel & Conference Center, C, 5:30pm, $60 Auction items include antiques, jewelry, fine art, culinary delights, wine events, and travel opportunities.

classes & workshops

Sleepy Creek Vineyards, Fairmount, 8:30pm, $28 Dessert and Conversation: The Crucible Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 6:30pm, $6


Lunchtime Yoga at Amara Yoga & Arts Amara Yoga & Arts, U, 12pm, $12

UC Books to Prisoners work session Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 2pm


classes & workshops

live music Dinner with Panache Jim Gould Restaurant, C, 5pm Brat Pack Highdive, C, 8pm, $7 Timber Train Huber’s West End Store, C, 8pm Chrissy Corson Trio Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm Headlights with Pomegranates and Common Loon Iron Post, U, 10pm

dj Dance Pop Chester Street, C, 9pm, $3 Hip Hop at Bradley’s II Bradley’s II, C, 9pm, $5 107.9 Rehab Jams Party It’ll Do 2, C, 9pm DJ Tim Williams Highdive, C, 10pm No cover for students before 11pm, $5 cover after. Kosmo at Soma Soma Ultralounge, C, 10pm Dubstep Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm, $5 Saturday Night Throwdown featuring DJ Mertz Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm

Lunchtime Yoga at Amara Yoga & Arts Amara Yoga & Arts, U, 12pm, $12

support groups Celebrate Recovery Addiction Support Group First Christian Church, C, 10am

SUNDAY 1 live music Dinner with Panache Jim Gould Restaurant, C, 4pm Brunch with Panache Jim Gould Restaurant, C, 10am Emerald Rum Blind Pig Co., The, C, 5pm Live music at Carmon’s Carmon’s Restaurant, C, 5:30pm The Disco Biscuits Canopy Club, U, 7pm, $15 Surreal Deal Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 8:30pm

dj Patio Party Cowboy Monkey, C, 5pm Country Western Dance Independent Order of Odd Fellows Arthur Lodge 742, U, 4pm, $2



Dragon Karaoke with Paul Faber CJ Dane’s, Tolono, 9pm CG Productions presents RockStar Karaoke featuring Matt Fear Senator’s Bar & Grill, Savoy, 9pm

Rock Band Sundays Hosted by MC Remy Bentley’s Pub, C, 8pm

stage The Crucible Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students Sleepy Creek Dinner Theater Presents Original Play: Coyote

open mic Anything Goes Open Mic Night with Jeremy Harper Memphis on Main, C, 8:30pm

sporting event Women’s Soccer vs. Michigan Illinois Field, C, 1pm

fundraisers Zindagi Trust (Pakistan) Fundraising Dinner and

Entertainment Event Hanford Inn & Suites , U, 7pm, $50

miscellaneous The Big Beat Highdive, C, 2pm, $10


stage Monday Night Improv Courtyard Cafe — Illini Union, U, 8pm


Introduction to Meditation classes & workshops University Place Christian Lunchtime Yoga at Amara Church, C, 7pm Yoga & Arts game-playing Amara Yoga & Arts, U, 12pm, $12 Board Game Night with Lego Club DJ Casanova Orpheum Children’s Sci- Radio Maria, C, ence Museum, C, 3pm 10:30pm 40 North presents West African Drum Classes TUESDAY 3 Capoeira Academy, C, live music 4pm, $12-$15 Prenatal Yoga with Tami The Piano Man Mor Canopy Club, U, 9pm Amara Yoga & Arts, U, Corn Desert Ramblers 5:15pm, $12 Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., West African Dance U, 9pm Classes with Djibril dj Camara Channing-Murray FounRetro Night dation, U, 6pm, $10-$12 Chester Street, C, 9pm Indian Music Classes Channing-Murray FounMONDAY 2 dation, U, 4pm, $25 live music group class, $45 private class Monday Night Live Nightclub 2-Step Dance Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Lessons $2 Too Wild Mondays Urbana-Champaign Indewith Jobu pendent Media Center, U, Canopy Club, U, 10pm 7:30pm, $40 Mayhew The Traitor West-Coast Swing Dance Memphis on Main, C, Lessons 10:30pm Urbana-Champaign Indedj pendent Media Center, U, 8:30pm, $40 Industrial Night: DJ SorceryKid presents karaoke Nekromancy Chester Street, C, 9pm, MCJS Karaoke $2 American Legion Post 24, ‘80s Night C, 7:30pm Highdive, C, 10pm Liquid Courage Karaoke Maniac Mondays Memphis on Main, C, Cowboy Monkey, C, 9pm 4pm CG Productions presents RockStar Karaoke featurconcert ing Crazy Craig Geo’s, U, 9pm Imagination Movers Paul Faber hosts Dragon — Live From The Idea Karaoke Warehouse Tour The Clark Bar, C, 9pm Assembly Hall, C, 7pm, CG Productions presents $19.50-$28.50 RockStar Karaoke featurkaraoke ing DJ Switch Bentley’s Pub, C, 9:30pm MCJS Karaoke American Legion Post 24, CG Productions presents RockStar Karaoke featurC, 7:30pm CG Productions presents ing Matt Fear RockStar Karaoke featur- Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm ing Matt Fear open mic Mike ‘n’ Molly’s, C, 10pm Open Mic Night with Mike Ingram open mic Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm Open Stage for Bands/ Musicians stage Memphis on Main, C, 8pm Zoo Improv at Indi Go Gallery


St. James’ Church Pesotum 6 p.m. $13 Minimum entry age is 13 years old.


128 E. Sangamon Ave. Rantoul 7 p.m. $7 All proceeds go to the Rantoul Squires Youth Group.

» NEGANGARD PUMPKIN PATCH 1883 County Road 700N Sidney 9 a.m. Sells pumpkins, squash, gourds, corn stalks, Indian corn, straw bales and more.



Orpheum Children’s Science Museum C 6 p.m. $10 adults $5 children The Prompting Theatre will transform the museum into a family friendly haunted house.

» HABITAT FOR HUMANITY TRICK-OR-TREAT FOR CHANGE St. John’s Catholic Newman Center C Oct. 30 at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 31 at 4:30 p.m. Trick-or-treaters will meet at Newman Hall, check in, assemble into groups and be driven to designated areas in Urbana and Savoy. Maps,

Indi Go Art Gallery, C, 9pm, $2

literary Red Herring Fiction Workshop Channing-Murray Foundation U, 7:30pm

social issues AsiaLENS Screening: Daughters of Wisdom Spurlock Museum, U, 7pm

classes & workshops Lunchtime Yoga at Amara Yoga & Arts Amara Yoga & Arts, U, 1pm, $12 Siblings Class Provena Covenant Medical Center, U, 3pm

WEDNESDAY 4 live music

Donnie Heitler Great Impasta, U, 6pm Traditional Irish Music at Bentley’s Pub volunteer Bentley’s Pub, C, 7pm Matisyahu UC Books to Prisoners Foellinger Auditorium, U, work session 7pm, $22-$24 Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, Dave Cooper and Joni Dreyer U, 7pm Senator’s Bar & Grill, Sakids & families voy, 8pm Caleb Cook Story Time Champaign Public Library, Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm C, 6:30pm



Rainbow Coffeehouse Wesley-United Methodist Church & Wesley Foundation, U, 6:30pm

Hillbilly Humpday with DJ Halfdead Radmaker’s Rock & Roll Tavern, Tolono, 8pm Weekly Top 40 Chester Street, C, 9pm DJ LEGTWO Boltini Lounge, C, 9pm I Love the ‘90s

mind/body/spirit Tarot Card Readings Carmon’s Restaurant, C, 5:30pm, $15

collection boxes, stickers for identification, and cards explaining Habitat’s mission to distribute upon donation will be supplied.

» KARAOKE BY PAUL FABER AND HALLOWEEN PARTY Po’ Boys U Oct. 30 8 p.m. Come in costume and enjoy some karaoke fun.

» CANOPY HALLOWEEN BASH Canopy Club U Oct. 31 9 p.m. $10 Featuring Cornmeal, Zmick, The Bridge and Truth and Salvage.


Memphis on Main C Oct. 31 9 p.m. $5 Prizes for the best costumes.

» HALLOWEEN SHOW Mike ‘n’ Molly’s C Oct. 31 10 p.m. $3 Featuring Withershins, The Curses and Dottie & The Rail

» GRUESOME, GORY, AND GHASTLY GHOSTS AND GHOULS Spurlock Museum U Oct. 31 2 p.m. $5 This afternoon family event will feature multicultural ghost stories appropriate for children grades K-8.

Soma Ultralounge, C, 10pm DJ A-Ron Highdive, C, 10pm Indian Music Classes Channing-Murray Foundation, U, 4pm, $25-$45 Tango Night with DJ Joe Grohens Cowboy Monkey, C, 8pm Swing Dance Illini Union, U, 9:30pm Weekly Salsa Night Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm

karaoke CG Productions presents RockStar Karaoke featuring DJ Switch The Corner Tavern, Monticello, 8pm The Legendary Karaoke Night with The Outlaw White Horse Inn, C, 9pm Wednesday Night Karaoke with Paul Faber’s Dragon Productions La Gourmandise Bistro on Main, U, 9pm “G” Force Karaoke/DJ every Wednesday at Fat City Fat City Bar & Grill, C, 10pm

Open mic at Green St. Green St. Cafe, C, 8pm Open Stage Comedy Night Memphis on Main, C, 9pm Open-Mic Night Radio Maria, C, 10:30pm

stage The Crucible Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students

classes & workshops Lunchtime Yoga at Amara Yoga & Arts Amara Yoga & Arts, U, 1pm, $12 Mastery of Consciousness: How to become a stronger force for good in the world School of Metaphysics, U, 7:30pm, $20

support groups

Coming Out Support Group Illini Union, U, 7pm open mic Safe place to listen, talk Open Mic Night at WRC and learn about sexual Women’s Resources Cen- identity and coming out issues. ter, C, 7pm



october 29 - November 4, 2009 

CU Sound off

by Tolu Taiwo

... On refusing interracial marriages


ne of the many duties given to a judge, among keeping America in line with the law, is to perform the service of matrimony. As long as the union is between a man and a woman of the United States — at least in most states — anyone can get

married. However, Keith Bardwell, Louisiana State Justice of the Peace, refused to marry an interracial couple on Oct. 15. This is not the first time Bardwell has denied a mixed-race marriage; Bardwell claims that “most interracial marriages don’t last long”

and he doesn’t marry such couples because of “concern ... for the children.” Is it Bardwell’s personal right to act this way, or does it violate the right of all the interracial couples who want to get married?









“His job is to be a judge and perform his duties. He shouldn’t be able to discriminate. ... I thought that was ridiculous because it’s a man and a woman. It shouldn’t depend on race. He can’t make that call because it’s their decision and interracial couples have just as much chances of making it as same-race marriages.”

“I don’t think he has the right to not marry people. I think people should be allowed to marry whoever they want. It doesn’t matter what color, gender, whatever. It’s his job to marry people, not decide who’s in love. And if they’re in love, they should be allowed to be with who they want to be.”

“Well, I would say it’s kind of both. He has his right to his opinion, but it’s still okay for people of interracial [couples] to get married. I think it’s wrong that he did that, but he had his right. I think we should have been past this topic by now, but some people still have a problem with different races getting married; that’s just the way some people are these days.”

“I guess from a legal standpoint he doesn’t really have a right to refuse the union. But I think from a personal standpoint, I guess he does if he really wants to. I feel like judges aren’t necessarily required by law to marry anybody that asks them, and I guess if he feels personally that strongly about the ethical wrongness of interracial marriage, then I think he has the right to refuse.”

Fall Sale Save $50 on 13" MacBook Pros, and $100 on 15" MacBook Pros. Hurry, sale ends November 3.

13" White MacBook:

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512 E. Green Street, In The Heart of Campus 217.337.3116 14


Store Hours: Mon–Sat: 9am–6pm   october 29 - November 4

I truly underestimate the power of tomato juice.


by Jo Sanger and Ross Wantland

The horror

a nigh t of horrors

Teen Sexuality in Horror Flicks As Halloween approaches, “Doin’ It Well” turns attentions to the most horrifying and ghastly transformation of all: puberty. The changes undergone during puberty — developing secondary sex characteristics and the accompanying feelings that can come along with it — usher in a new phase of sexuality for teens. What is there to be afraid of? Let “Doin’ It Well” guide you down the ghoulish path of puberty’s horrors. Hairy Palms

The social expectations for young men and women are different, and horror movies depict this well. Teen Wolf is an excellent narrative about boys’ sexual coming-of-age. Scott, a lovable dork that just can’t seem to assert himself, begins to notice his body changing, including a deeper voice, claws, and hairy palms. When he gets anxious, mad, or aroused, his “wolf” comes out, until he can’t hide it any longer. His “wolf” is athletic, suave and in control, in many ways a perfect man, but he’s also egotistic and selfish. In the end, he tames his beast and learns to incorporate his “wolf” into himself. Movies like Teen Wolf perhaps correctly suggest that puberty is rife with anxiety and struggles. We can see Teen Wolf as a story about a young man trying to figure out how to control his body as he’s experiencing new sexual feelings and urges. But they also carry on a dangerous narrative about male sexuality — it’s wild, primitive and unstoppable. Not Me!

Stories about teen men’s sexuality often place these sexual urges outside of their control. Not only does this discourage men from seeing their sexuality, desires and actions as being a part of who they are, but it also allows us to excuse violent behaviors as beyond the man’s control. In the film, Idle Hands, the main character Anton has a real problem on his hand; it’s demon-possessed, violent and maybe just a little horny. As his hand gropes women and slaughters his family, it’s all done with a wink and a nod to the idea that once a man gets turned on it’s just so difficult to stop. The Curse

For women, there is a whole different set of worries associated with puberty. Menstruation, breasts, telekinesis — you just never know. Yes, we are talking about Carrie, the awkward and homicidal title character. In the film’s beginning, Carrie discovers that she is bleeding from between her legs while in the locker room showers. Unaware about menstruation or her body (and a case for comprehensive sex education if there ever was one), Carrie’s panic also sets off her abil-

ity to move things with her mind. Her final straw, a blood-soaking prank designed to humiliate her, leads Carrie to murder the entire school and her sex-negative mom. For young women, puberty isn’t so much about gaining a special power, as it is being cursed. In many of these stories, women’s sexuality is out of control, but in a totally different way than that of young men. We have to be protected from it, and she from herself. And in the end, everyone dies. See ladies, puberty is just full of surprises. It’s also worth noting that when men’s puberty is the subject, the movie is lighthearted, perhaps a dark comedy. When women’s sexuality is being discussed, however, we can expect a gruesome and gritty story, much more horror than anything else. Bloodlust

A new genre of teen sex horror is upon us now: the vampire. As Twilight has taught us, women have sexual urges, too; they are hot for vampires! Bella, the new girl who doesn’t quite fit in, meets Edward, a vampire who is practicing bloodsucking abstinence. Overcome by his undead beauty, Bella tries several times to lure him into her bed. But when he gets too excited, Edward’s vamp instincts kick in and he withdraws to “save himself” from biting her. The movie, then, walks a line between Bella’s sexual desires and Edward’s attempts at protecting her from his dangerous urges. The new part here is that the girl is also a complex, sexual being, rather than an object to be acted upon. And yes, we think that’s progress. But he also paternalistically “protects” her from his beastly tendencies. And that sounds like more of the same. Trick or Treat?

Despite our criticisms, these movies do bring up the subject of puberty and teen sexuality, which is a start. Throughout our lives, our sexuality is constantly shifting, but perhaps most during puberty. These stories capture the insecurities, fears, angst, and social anxieties that accompany many of us through puberty and beyond. At the same time, youth are much more complex than the stories show. Both young men and women are figuring out sexual desires and arousal, and both struggle with the feelings during this phase. For a real scare, next time you’re watching a horror film, think about what it’s saying about sex and what’s missing. Join us next week as we look at feminist porn. Send Jo and Ross your questions and ideas to

1 WEEKEND only! October 30 & 31 9:30 pm


COB Buzz 5” X 8.208”

Come i n costume oct. 27 for half price tickets!

Climate ProsPects for Action in tHe U.s. And AbroAd! Hear from a panel of environmental experts discussing global warming, the prospects for an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and what policies each country can use to meet its commitment.

tuesday, November 3, 2009 12:30 - 1:50pm Deloitte auditorium Business instructional Facility 515 Gregory Drive, Champaign, il PA N E L I S T S Charles Kolstad, An internationally known economist and one of the authors of the report for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Nathaniel Keohane, Director of Economic Policy and Analysis at the Environmental Defense Fund Don Fullerton, Gutgsell Professor of Finance at the University of Illinois and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs Larry DeBrock, Dean, College of Business at the University of Illinois, Moderator

This event will feature further comments from the directors of the three co-sponsoring organizations: Jeffrey Brown, director, center for business and Public Policy Robert F. Rich, director, institute of Government and Public Affairs Wes Jarrell, Director, environmental change institute

Environmental Change Institute



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WPGU-FM 107.1/Illini Media is seeking organized, motivated students to work as sales reps. You will be in charge of a list of clients consisting of local and national businesses. You will be expected to call on these businesses to sell broadcast, internet, and promotional advertising. This is a paid position, and sales reps are required to put in a minimum of 15 hours per week to be worked around class schedules. If you are serious about gaining reallife, business experience, and making valuable contacts in the professional world then this job is for you. If you are interested in the position or if you have any questions, please email Dave Longwell, WPGU Student Sales Manager, at


HELP WANTED Full/Part time


Survey takers needed: Make $5-25 per survey.





510 E. Green Secured building Large 2 BR Washer and Dryer Sunroom or Sleep-over Room Balcony, Free Parking Call Cindy 841-3028 $1200/mo $600/person


506 E. Stoughton, C.

Fall 2010 1, 2, 3 bedrooms. Location, location. Covered parking, laundry, furnished, patios. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Fall 2010. Great location on the park. Private balconies. Fully furnished 3 bedrooms. Parking, laundry, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

For August 2010. Extra large efficiency apartments. Security building entry, complete furniture, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

203 S. Sixth, C.

509 Bash Court, C.

For August 2010. Large 4 bedrooms, 2 bath. Balconies, laundry, covered parking. Starting at $300/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Fall 2010 Great 3 and 5 bedrooms, near 6th and Green. Fully furnished, dishwashers, laundry. Off-street parking. Starting at $330/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

104 E. Armory, C. Fall 2010. Location!! 4 bedroom, 2 bath. Some skylights and flat screen TVs. Covered Parking. Laundry. Starting at $375/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Available Fall 2010. Large 1 & 2 bedroom furnished, great location. Phone 352-3182. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP

106 Daniel, C. For August 2010. 1, 2, 4 bedroom mardi gras balconies and townhouses. Parking, laundry. Starting at $360/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

207/211 John C. 2, 3, 4 BR. Great Location, on-site laundry, parking. 3 BR with 2.5 bath/ spa with own washer/dryer. 4 BR with leather furniture plus flat screen TV. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

307, 310 E. White, C 307, 309 Clark, C Fall 2010. Large studio, double closet, well furnished. Starting from $350/mo. Behind County Market. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1107 S. 4TH, C. For August 2010. 4 and 5 bedroom lofts. Best location. Completely furnished. Laundry, parking garage, elevator, flat screen TV available. Starting at $360/person. Phone 3523182. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP

509 Stoughton, C Fall 2010 Near Grainger, spacious studios and 2 bedrooms, laundry, value pricing, parking. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

111 E. Chalmers, C.

411 HEALEY, C.

August 2010 studio and 1 and 4 bedrooms. Furniture, skylights, offstreet parking, laundry. Starting at $360/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Best Location - Fall 2010 Spacious 3 and 4 bedroom apts. Fully furnished, dishwasher, laundry, and value pricing. Covered parking. Phone 352-3182. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP

NEW KITCHENS 503 - 505 - 508 White 2 Bedroom with den $790 3 Bedroom $830-950



4 bedroom campus apartment for 08-09 school year. Furniture, parking, internet, laundry all included. Ideal place, great price. 79 W. California, Urbana (217) 369-2649

1005 S. Second, C. Fall 2010 studio and 4 bedroom penthouse. Secured building. Private parking, laundry on-site. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

602 E. Stoughton, C Fall 2010. Unique 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. All furnished, laundry, internet. 2 Bedrooms starting at $387/person. Parking available. Must see! THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

604 E. White, C. Security Entrance For Fall 2010, Large studio, 1, 2 bedroom, Loft Apartment. Furnished, balconies, patios, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182


705 W. Stoughton, U Fall 2010 3 bedroom apartment. Spacious living area. Communal balcony & great backyard. Plus a bar area in kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer in each unit, value pricing. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

GREAT VALUE 306-308-309 White, C August 2010. Furnished studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Balconies, patios, laundry, dishwashers, off-street parking. Behind County Market. Starting at $265/person. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

HEALEY COURT APARTMENTS 307-309 Healey Court, C. Fall 2010. Behind FU Bar. 2 and 3 bedrooms. Parking, laundry. Starting at $343/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Completely Furnished On-Site Parking & Laundry On-Site Resident Manager 217-352-3182

Fall 2010 5th and Green location Outdoor activity area. 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms available. Garage offstreet parking, laundry, and value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

509 E. White, C.

56 & 58 E. Healey, Champaign 1 Bedroom Apartments $470 - 535 Rent includes: HEAT, SEWER & TRASH Secure building with intercom On-site Laundry Balcony / Patio Parking Available $40/mo

August 2010. Large Studio and 1 bedrooms. Security entry, balconies, patios, furnished. Laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

11 Bedroom On Campus. $3600/mo. Fall 2010 367-6626 801 Iowa: Remodeled 9 bedroom house, 3 baths, widescreen TV, leather furniture, hardwood floors, fireplace, stainless steel appliances. Free parking and free laundry. $485 per bedroom. Call Missy 202-6412. Furnished 4 and 5 bedroom houses on campus near Ohio and Lincoln and Stoughton and Sixth. Fall 20092010. Call 356-1407.

ROOMS (217) 377-8850


Campus Rooms from $350 (217) 367-6626

ROOMMATE WANTED 550 2 Bedroom Apt. Pay half utilities, close to campus $395/mo. 367-6626

John Street Apartments 58 E. John, C. August 2010. Studio, two and three bedrooms, fully furn i s h e d . D i s h w a s h e r, c e n t e r courtyard, on-site laundry, central air, parking. Starting at $298/person. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Old Town Champaign 510 S. Elm, C. Available Fall 2010. 2 BR close to campus, hardwood floors, laundry, W/D, central air/heat, off-street parking, 24 hr. maintenance. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

APARTMENTS Unfurnished


705 S. Randolph, C Loft like 1 Bedroom. Near downtown and campus. Now available. $430/ mo. No pets. 217-352-8540 for showing

800 W. Church, C Centrally located. 2 BR. Near shops and transportation. Now Available. $490/mo. No Pets. 217-352-8540 for showing.

Looking to sublet your apartment? Call DI Classifieds 217-337-8337

The Best Apartments in the Best Locations! Now Leasing for Fall 2010! JSM Apartments is now on Facebook!


Location: First St. between Green & Springfield


10 Bedroom On Campus. $3500/mo. Fall 2010 367-6626

605 S. Fifth, C. Contact Justin at 618-304-8562


BEST OFFER CAMPUS 1 BR Loft 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR Campus. 367-6626 Available August 2010


203 Healey, C.

Survey takers needed. Make $5 - 25 per survey.



1006 S. 3rd, C.

105 E. John, C.

WPGU-FM 107.1/Illini Media is seeking organized, motivated students to work as sales reps. You will be in charge of a list of clients consisting of local and national businesses. You will be expected to call on these businesses to sell broadcast, internet and promotional advertising. This is a paid position, and sales reps are required to put in a minimum of 15 hours per week to be worked around class schedules. If you are serious about gaining real-life, business experience, and making valuable contacts in the professional world then this job is for you. If you are interested in the position or if you have any questions, please email Dave Longwell, WPGU Student Sales Manager, at davelongwell@


Can we pause for a second to contemplate the plural form of the word “fox”. Foxes? Foxi would be so much better.


BENTLEY’S PUB CheCk out our great

weekly specials & brand new patio

Now booking for holiday parties call or e-mail for reservations

m t w

triVia 7-9 pM w/ eVan and Monty acoustic karaoke 10pm-1am w/ Steve Meadows 1.75 20oz. pbr drafts 2.50 wells karaoke 10pm-2am w/ rockstar production 3.50 Sweet tea Vodka drinks irish traditional Music Session 7-10pm bartender’s Choice drink Special

10pm-2am w/ rockstar production th karaoke 2.00 domestic bottles f/ LiVe MuSiC sa band w/ MC remy su rock 2.00 Miller high Life bottles


Monday - Saturday: 3pm - 2am Sunday: 5pm - 2am

Check us out on Facebook at Bentley’s Pub or visit our Web site at 419 N. Neil St. in Downtown Champaign (217) 359-7977 buzz


october 29 - November 4, 2009 


(March 21-April 19)

You may be as flooded with briny emotion as a Pisces on a meandering binge. You might be as embedded in a labyrinth of your own creation as the Geminis who verge on being too clever for their own good. You may be as cagey a listener as a Scorpio who’s searching for a hidden vulnerability in an ally. In other words, Aries, you’re not exactly yourself. But it’s one of those rare times when that’s a good thing. Halloween costume suggestion: the opposite of what you think you are.


(April 20-May 20)

In my ideal version of Halloween, we wouldn’t scare ourselves with images of ghoulish skeletons, eyeballs floating in cauldrons, and hissing, three-headed snakes. Rather, we’d confront more realistic fears, like the possibility that the effects we have on the world are different from our intentions . . . or that we have not yet reached our potential . . . or that people we like might completely misread and misunderstand us. Then Halloween would serve a more spiritually useful purpose. It would bring us face-to-face with actual dangers to our psychic integrity, whereupon we could summon our brilliant courage and exorcize the hell out of them. Costume suggestion: exorcist. (Begin by exorcising yourself.)


(May 21-June 20)

During this phase of your cycle, you’ll generate good fortune if you brainstorm and meditate about your relationship with work. I urge you to empty your mind of everything you think you know about the subject. Adopt a fresh and innocent perspective. Here are some questions to prime your investigations. 1. What’s the quality of the experience you want to have as you earn a living? 2. What gifts do you want to give to life as you toil at challenging tasks that are interesting to you? 3. What capacities do you want to develop in yourself while doing your work? (P.S. For your Halloween costume, why not pretend you’re doing your dream job?)


(June 21-July 22)

Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000) witnessed the full range of experiences that life on this planet has to offer, from war to love and everything in between. During an interview he gave in Jerusalem in 1994, he said, “I can stand on my balcony and tell my children, ‘Over there I was shelled for the first time, and over there, to the right, just beneath those trees, I was kissed for the first time.’” I suspect his words will soon be meaningful for you, Cancerian. It’s likely you’ll have a breakthrough or epiphany near a place where you once suffered disappointment. Halloween costume suggestion: the phoenix.


(July 23-Aug. 22)

October 29 - November 4


(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

“Behind every face, there are a thousand faces,” says film director Bryan Singer, who worked on two of the X-Men movies. He deals with professional actors, who specialize in revealing the myriad faces beneath the surface. But I think his assessment applies to lots of people, especially you Scorpios -- although it must be said that you do have mad skills at hiding all the action going on beneath your surface. This Halloween, I urge you to make a break with tradition and show five or six of the real you’s lurking below your poker face. Costume suggestion: be inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “hero with a thousand faces.” The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown has a unique way of stimulating his imagination: He dons his gravity boots and meditates on complex storylines while he’s inverted. It’s also a good way to overcome writer’s block. “You think differently upside-down,” he says. Do you have an equivalent method for providing gentle shock therapy to your perspective, Sagittarius? This is a good time to use it. If you don’t already have a creative aid like that, hunt around for one. In the days ahead, it will come in handy. When Sheelah Ryan won $55 million in the Florida lottery, she used the money to create an organization dedicated to helping the disadvantaged. “I guess I’ve disappointed a lot of people,” she told a reporter. “I could be traveling all over the world, or have a beautiful mansion on the ocean, or have a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. But that’s not my style.” She’s your role model for the coming weeks, Capricorn. When good fortune comes to you -- and I’m almost positive it will -- I recommend that you look for ways to share it. The ironic fact of the matter is that if you’re generous as you tap in to your gift, there’ll be more of the gift.



by Matt Jones

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)




i n u r c r o s s w u r d , m a k i n u s o lv .

At a family planning conference in Beijing, a researcher from Ghana presented testimony about tribal issues that he had in part gleaned through interviews with dead ancestors. He said that spirit mediums had acted as his “translators.” When he was met with skepticism from colleagues, he was defensive. “If I only heard from the living,” he explained, “I wouldn’t get a very good balance.” His perspective would be smart for you to adopt right now, Libra. To make the wisest decisions and take the most righteous action, draw inspiration from what has passed away as much as from what’s alive and in your face. Halloween costume suggestion: a spirit medium.


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

“2 F u n n y ”-- i ’ z

suggestion: Incorporate the themes of plain beauty, secret genius, disguised power, and open secrets.

Author Gary Smalley says that the sexual nature of men is like a microwave oven, while women resemble a crockpot, the device that cooks food at low heat for a long time. Right about now, I’d advise you Leo men to be like crockpots not only in the bedroom but everywhere else, too. To spot the subtle opportunities that will be available, you’ll have to be gradual, deliberate, and thorough. Leisurely foreplay should be your all-purpose metaphor. As for you Leo women: I’m betting there are ways that you have fallen under the sway of the microwave meme. If I’m right, it’s time to fully re-embrace the spirit of the crockpot. Halloween costume clues: the tortoise, not the hare; a 400-page novel, not Twitter; the Pyramid of Khufu, not a sandcastle.

“The more beautiful the bird, the poorer the singer,” wrote L. M. Boyd. “Peacocks scream, macaws screech. Birds of Paradise croak.” Among the most interesting singers, on the other hand, are birds that are far less spectacular in appearance: the Black-capped Chickadee, the Willow Thrush, and the White-throated Sparrow. Keep that in mind as you navigate your way through the coming week’s dilemmas. My personal inclination is to favor inspiring singing over comely appearance, but you may have a different bias. The important thing is to recognize the nature of the options before you. Halloween costume


(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

When I did a performance in Santa Fe a few years ago, a woman in the audience came up to me after the show and made a sardonic proposal: Would I like to join her twelve-step program for writers who are overly fond of vivid adjectives and adverbs? With all the uppity mock politeness I could summon, I told her that I was preposterously happy with my scintillating addiction to brazen language, and didn’t regard it as a raggedy problem that needed invasive correcting. Now I’m advising you to be like me and follow your heart when it tells you to be bigger, bolder, and brasher than ever before. Right now, shiny intensity is your sacred duty! Halloween costume suggestion: the sun. (Feb. 19-March 20)

I hope you won’t merely wander around the frontier. I hope you’ll undertake a meticulous yet expansive exploration of that virgin territory. Here are some tips on how to proceed: 1. Formulate specific questions about what you’re looking for. 2. Develop a hypothesis for the experiments you want to carry out. 3. Ignore what doesn’t interest you and pounce only on what stirs your fascination. Halloween costume suggestion: an alien anthropologist visiting Earth from another planet; a time-traveler from the future who’s doing a documentary on this historical moment; a religious pilgrim who’s keeping a detailed journal.

Solution in Classifieds.


1 Paparazzo’s need 5 Actor Sharif 9 Prefix meaning “one tenth” 13 Bread spreads 15 1990s electronic music party 16 Worst of the population 17 Insurance company with TV ads featuring cavemen 18 Rate Jennifer Lopez’s newest alter ego? 20 Like some marble designs on furniture 22 The clap, e.g.: abbr. 23 Porcine pad 24 Time to phone your nearest Nabokov character? 28 “Brother” of Bruno and Borat 29 Aromatic, oily substance 32 Grp. that issues fraud alerts 35 “Commander in Chief” actress Davis 37 Prefix meaning “one quintillionth” 38 Got lazy for the sake of worship? 42 Three-layered snack 43 Biden’s boss 44 Ed.’s submissions 45 Choir section 48 Panache 49 With 59-across, Kojak’s bootleg British porn title? 55 Bullfighting cheer 57 “The Office” character 58 Adjective for Porky Pig and Sylvester 59 See 49-across 63 Grandmas, to some 64 Jessica of “The Love Guru” 65 Former Israeli prime minister Olmert 66 Muse of love poetry 67 “In ___ of flowers...” 68 Uses finger paint, say 69 Actor Gold of the Fox series “Stacked”


1 Common sense 2 Verdugo of “Marcus Welby, M.D.” 3 Actor Sam of the “Jurassic Park” series 4 Orange County’s area, slangily 5 Nonprofit’s URL suffix 6 Damage the surface 7 “Stop,” to a pirate 8 Colorful identifier for some Levi’s 9 Cable Internet alternative: abbr. 10 Community of organisms 11 Extremely devoted group 12 “If ___ be so bold...” 14 Dirty condition 19 Old Icelandic saga 21 Portioned (out) 25 Deceive 26 Yearly parody prize awarded at Harvard 27 Jai ___ (fast-moving sport) 30 Four-wheelers, e.g. 31 Barney’s hangout 32 Amorphous mass of goo 33 When doubled, an island in the South Pacific 34 Wiccan salutation 36 Have ___ (party it up) 39 Come in last 40 It may have attachments 41 First designated spot at a swim meet, perhaps 46 Former Montreal baseballer 47 On the schedule 50 Mutual city? 51 “Sugar is sweet and ___ you” 52 Historic record 53 “That’s cool!” 54 Vacuum cleaner inventor Sir James 55 Shape of some hand mirrors 56 “Mystic Pizza” actress Taylor 60 Oui, it’s water 61 Place for a round of darts 62 Mag. bigwigs

I hate dancing because it lets everyone know how sexually inadequate I am.

AND ANOTHER THING ...   october 29 - November 4


Candid Camera Remembering the glory days, one snap at a time I was in Chicago a couple termine how dorky and dipshitty all my friends of weeks ago to see Dinosaur and I were in grade school, but it’d still be hiJr. The seeing the band part larious to see. The pictures from high school has nothing to do with the ac- wouldn’t be that much better, I’m afraid. Geez tual column, but they were Louise, the more I think about it, I can’t imagine completely awesome just the any picture from the past doing anything but same. Anyway, while I was embarrassing the hell out of me. I bet it would be sort of an eye opener about up there I met up with a friend who used to live in town that I hadn’t seen for awhile. We eventually some things though. I can imagine being an started telling old stories. They were hilarious, old man and looking back on some random ironic, insightful and probably not especially true. day in the early 1990s. “Oh wow, my clothes The truth didn’t matter all that much. I’d really pre- don’t look as stupid as I thought. Geez, I forgot fer to rely on memory instead of evidence when it all about that apartment. I wonder what hapcomes to old stories. It makes everyone seem far pened to that couch? What the hell am I doing more interesting than they actually are. in that picture, making a sandwich?” EventuI think it probably becomes like a game of ally, I would stumble upon the sad and terrible telephone. A person tells the story somewhat fact that there were many days when the most close to what actually happened but adds a little interesting thing I did was sit on the couch and something to make it more interesting. Eventu- watch television for fifteen hours. ally, those added comments become more Oh, I was gonna tell this fantastic story about funny and interesting than the actual facts. what happened last night, but I reviewed Things get added and the pictorial evidence and it turns out it was taken away until the whole thing becomes a pretty much just a bunch of drunk people work of art. It’s a total standing around in a circle. I have to tell you community project and even though it’s probably though; it seemed very funny at the time. not ideal to lie, it makes for far more interesting stories when a bunch of It would be nice to look back and see pictures folks are standing around drinking beer. of some of the old friends I’ve long forgotten. Of All of this embellishing could be coming to course, those pictures would probably show us sitan end soon. A U.K. company called Vicon will ting on the couch and doing nothing but watching soon begin producing a camera that users wear television for fifteen hours, but still, it’d be nice just around their necks. The device is programmed to reminisce. I mean, I have a crapload of old picto automatically take pictures of whatever tures that I go through every so often, but virtually is going on, as often as every thirty seconds. everyone is posing for those, so it seems like less of Such a camera could really throw a monkey an actual document of the time. Everyone in those wrench into the art of story elaboration. “Oh, I pictures is also holding a beer over their head and was gonna tell this fantastic story about what pretending they’re the lead singer for a metal band, happened last night, but I reviewed the pictorial so that also lessens the impact a little bit. The thing I do like about it is that it’s not really evidence and it turns out it was pretty much just a bunch of drunk people standing around in a pictures of you; it’s pictures of everything around circle. I have to tell you though; it seemed very you. This is appealing to me because I never take funny at the time.” a good pictures, and I’d just as soon not have a It’s tough to come down too hard on this com- lifetime of evidence of this fact. pany though. The camera was originally designed It’s probably not the worst thing in the world to help out Alzheimer’s patients by allowing them that there could finally be some quality controls to look back over what happened during the day. on all those stories people tell about their lives. I’m sure it was also used by the caretakers of Al- Maybe we’re all getting a little carried away with zheimer’s patients to find out exactly where the the embellishing and a record of pictures might be piss Grandpa was at all damned day when they just the thing to challenge us. We might have to couldn’t find him. It’s nice their heart was in the actually do all of those interesting things instead right place but the problem is once that technol- of just talking about them. We might have to think ogy gets out, people will use it not just for good, faster so a person can actually say that perfect but also for evil. You know, the kind of evil that zinger at the time rather than adding it a few years makes all of us into liars. down the road. Almost constant pictures of our I have to admit, it’s sort of a cool idea to have a lives could possibly make us far more compelling document of your entire life. It’d be nice to look people. It could make us try harder. It could be back on certain points and see how it really was. sort of nice, but I’m betting it just makes us all a I don’t need a whole lot of confirmation to de- little more boring. buzz   


This week

october 29 - November 4, 2009 

Kr annert Center for the Performing arts

Th OcT 29

Thank you To The following sponsors:


Krannert Uncorked // Marquee

Street Beat


Street Beat // Marquee


The Crucible // Depar tment of Theatre Fr OcT 30


Street Beat // Marquee


The Crucible // Depar tment of Theatre


Global Transfer Afterglow: Fareed Haque and the Flat Earth Ensemble // Marquee Sa OcT 31


m ov e • b r e a t h e • c r e a t e Dixie and Evan Dickens Global Transfer afterglow: Fareed haque and the Flat earth ensemble

Dessert and Conversation: The Crucible

Daily yoga classes on a drop-in basis at varying degrees of intensity: Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Sivananda, Prenatal, Candlelight Yoga and Core Yoga. Beginners welcome.

// Depar tment of Theatre


Illinois Brass Quintet Halloween Spooktacular // School of Music

vladimir Feltsman and the Pacifica Quartet


UI Steel Band // School of Music

Jean and Howard Osborn


The Crucible // Depar tment of Theatre

Elizabeth and Edwin Goldwasser

Su NOv 1


UI Percussion Ensemble // School of Music We NOv 4


Melanie Loots and George Gollin Selma Richardson

Fall Special: Through October 31st $15 off a ten class pass ($84, regularly $99) Located in Lincoln Square. Use entrance on the Vine Street side next to the Great Impasta.

217. 32 8 .96 4 2 w w w. a m a r ayo g a . c o m

Judith Rowan and Richard Schacht Anonymous

The Crucible // Depar tment of Theatre Th NOv 5


Krannert Uncorked // Marquee


Vladimir Feltsman and the Pacifica Quartet // Marquee


The Crucible // Depar tment of Theatre

good times poured nightly

C A L L 3 3 3 . 6 2 8 0 s 1. 8 0 0 . K C P A T I X

Corporate Power Train Team Engine

Marquee performances are supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council—a state agency that recognizes Krannert Center in its Partners in Excellence Program.

."35*/*'-*()54t6-53"ʰ13&.*6. $0$,5"*-4t&$-&$5*$8*/&-*45

40 North and Krannert Center—working together to put Champaign County’s culture on the map.

1902 S. First St. | 217.819.5005 | Located in the iHotel 20


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Oct. 29, 2009

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