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Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Kingdom of God through Word and Action CDs of Bible stories or similar so as she could listen to them on her way to work (approximately a 45 minute drive to the North Coast from her home). Within a few days suitable material was given to her. As yet she has not come out and directly told any of the Odyssey team that she has become a Christian but she certainly appears very interested. Please pray that through reading her Bible and listening to the CDs that God would speak to her and that she would come to faith in Christ.

S E N I L T H G NI Specific Prayer Requests

From the beginning of September this year Brian Simons, as well as heading up the team at the Odyssey, has been involved with the Rev Chris Bennett in ‘The Dock’ project in the Titanic Quarter. Every Tuesday Brian will be in The Dock, just behind the Odyssey, getting alongside people and sharing God’s love in a real and meaningful manner. This ‘daylight’ work will continue as a trial until the end of the year. Please pray that God would continue to use Brian in this venture.

Can you encourage others to grasp the vision and become more involved? BY PRAYER (Points for Prayer / Prayer Topics in NIGHTLINES and Web Site below) BY FINANCIAL SUPPORT (Direct Debit / Gift Aid) BY BECOMING A VOLUNTEER

It has been quite alarming the number of people who have recently told our team members that though they genuinely believe there is a God and would not deny the truth contained in the Bible, they unfortunately feel they have to earn forgiveness. In other cases people have given up trying, stating that their past is somehow too awful for God to excuse. Please pray that the team members would be able to explain God’s grace to such people. Please remember in your prayers all the new university students, many away from home for the first time. Pray that they would be kept safe and that their new found freedom will not result in too many nights of heavy drinking and missed lectures the next day! Many students quickly learn where the Nightlight tea table is and have found the team members to be of much help when they have needed assistance, especially if their evening does not turn out as planned.

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There have been quite a number of men who have arrived at our tea table who are going through divorce proceedings. Divorce is never pleasant and in most cases involves less time with their children. There is such a mixture of emotions in their stories and inevitably a sense of despondency. Pray that the team members would be able, with God’s help to listen to these people and offer hope, found only in Christ

The Quarterly Prayer Letter of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s Night Ministry

A few months ago, while my daughter was in the back garden studying for her end of year exams, she noticed our big fluffy cat, Jebediah, sauntering across the garden with a mouse in his mouth. While this is not an unusual sight, it is still a rather unpleasant one. Knowing Jebediah only too well, my daughter figured he was only going to play/torment the poor creature and so she quickly embarked upon a rescue plan. Just as she was about to lift the cat, he dropped the mouse and somehow the mouse managed to fall down a grate. She continued to carry Jebediah to the front of the house, hoping to give the mouse a chance of escaping.


Not so! The mouse was now struggling to stay above the water and appeared unable to climb out of the grate. On discovering the plight of this most unfortunate mouse she put on a pair of ‘old’ rubber gloves and pulled the soggy and exhausted rodent from the water. I would point out that while all this was going on I was at the far end of the garden shouting words of encouragement but refusing to come any closer! She placed the mouse well away from Jebediah who by this time had returned to see what he was missing. The mouse was saved and the mission accomplished. God has a rescue plan for our lives and it is so sad the number of people who still refuse to ac-

cept Jesus’ offer of forgiveness. The cross, and all that it represents, is meaningless to so many. Please pray that the team members will be given many opportunities, by God, to explain his perfect and eternal rescue plan. In the following stories initials have been used to protect individuals’ anonymity. Bin-men! What have they got to do with Nightlight? Well, when most of us are tucked up in bed, many binmen are out in the small hours cleaning the streets of Belfast, which of course includes the Golden Mile area. The bin-men have been grateful for the cup of tea or coffee offered to them during the cold winter nights. And, like so many, they have been baffled as to why this group of Christians are out at that time of the morning. They have since recognised the effect that the team members have in this area of town. The team members are conscious that the bin-men are working but have been able to share a little about Jesus Christ. ‘S’ is a young Roman Catholic lad from Belfast who stopped for coffee and a chat at our tea table on Botanic Avenue. He said that although brought up Roman Catholic he has

attended a number of services in Protestant churches. And while he respects what they believe and teach, he suggested that he would not be travelling along the Christianity road. He believes that all faiths are right and all faiths are equal. Please pray that ‘S’ would be challenged to look again at the Christian faith. “God must hate me because of the suffering I have had to endure during my life.” A statement made by ‘M’ at the beginning of the summer. He claimed to have researched many religions and went as far as to say he would like to believe in God but just couldn’t. He believes Jesus was a prophet but does not believe He is the Son of God. When the team member gave answers to his many questions ‘M’ simply did not accept the answers given. He could not understand that God loves him and has a plan for his life. Surprisingly, he is interested to talk some more. Please pray that he would stop by again very soon. ‘R’ spoke of how after fourteen years living with his partner and children that the relationship has ended, and not harmoniously. He is angry with his ex-partner’s pastor for not making time for him and, as

he sees it, rejecting him. He told the team member that even though he does not go to church he does believe there is a God. ‘S’ also mentioned that he believes God is not perfect and that Heaven is not a perfect place. He therefore believes that he will have no problem going to Heaven as he has lived, in his opinion, a reasonably good life. Please pray! Please remember the Odyssey team as recently they have had a number of very intense and difficult question sessions. Some questions have related to demons or fallen angels. Others have included people distressed that a parent, whose mind is too confused to consider eternal life, will spend eternity separated from God. A young man, ‘C’, was asked to leave one of the Nightclubs at the Odyssey. As he stood complaining at the door of the Club, and asking to be let back in, he noticed Brian and made his way over to him, mistaking him to be a doorman. Brian told him that he would be much better not going back in as it was a waste of money and ultimately

not good for him. Surprisingly ‘C’ agreed. He said that he had come out with £80.00 and had already ‘drunk’ £60.00. He told Brian that he and his girlfriend had recently had a baby and were intending to marry. Brian suggested that he would be far better getting a taxi to his girlfriend’s house to spend time with her and talk about their future together. Brian also suggested that they go along to a local church and get to know some people there and through time learn just how much God loves them. At that ‘C’ broke down and cried for quite some time. He said that he was leaving to go and see his girlfriend, but before he left he asked could he give Brian a hug. Certainly was the reply. He thanked Brian and noted that it was no coincidence that he had been thrown out of the nightclub and had had this conversation. Please pray for ‘C’ and his girlfriend that God would guide them to a church where people will be welcoming and non-judgemental. Pray that God would be pleased to move in their lives. About a year ago a young girl at the Odyssey asked for a Bible following a conversation she had had with a team member. A Bible was supplied and she promised to read it. She was in the Odyssey a few weeks ago and asked if it was possible to get

Nightlight Autumn Prayer Letter  

News for prayer about the Presbyterian Church in Irealnd Nightlight Teams working in the the entertainment area of Belfast

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