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Exper ts Peter Done, Peninsula Dennison Greer Solicitors

Meet 2 Do Lunch Mix:d & Jason Orange

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During last winter’s snow storms it is estimated that UK business lost over £7 billion. With another hard winter here, businesses must ensure they are better prepared so that staff can work from home, without compromising security, if they are unable to make it into the office. So in this issue we place the Spotlight on Signify ICE, the latest technology solution. We bring you a huge dose of inspiration in the form of Duncan Bannatyne. He is the plain-speaking Scot in BBC Two’s ‘Dragons’ Den’, not afraid to tell contestants exactly what he thinks of their money-making schemes. He has also landed himself in a row with fellow Dragon, James Caan, for criticising the latter’s non-dom tax status. Not surprising, then, that Duncan Bannatyne is equally forthright about helping children and young people to make an informed choice about smoking. Read the full interview on page 22. Benefit from sound advice on how to make New Year Business Resolutions on page 16, celebrate some great achievements from Social Entrepreneurs and find out if it was a match made in heaven in 2 Do Lunch on page 18. Enjoy this issue and in particular, I want to give my special thanks to our LIFE guest editor, Anna J. Westerman. Anna-Louise

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We place the Spotlight on Signify ICE and how to support your staff with remote working. We Ask the experts, Peninsula for some employment law advice. We Debate the property market. Read our advice on how to make New Year Business Resolutions. Anna-Louise interviews the straight talking Dragon Duncan Bannatyne. WorkLife offers you the chance to Win a case of wine. Contributors Peter Done, Dave Abraham, Charlotte Gallagher, Lisa Kemp, Saf Ali, Esther O’Challaghan, Tim Gul, Shazan Qureshi

Work Editor Anna-Louise Gilhooley Guest Life Editor Anna J. Westerman

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Don’t let your business slide in the snow With another snowy winter predicted, businesses are urged to be prepared and ensure they can give all of their staff secure remote access. During last winter’s snow storms it is estimated that UK business lost over £7 billion. With another hard winter reported to be approaching, businesses must ensure they are better prepared so that staff can work from home, without compromising security, if they are unable to make it into the office. Last year Signify, a leading vendor of secure two-factor authentication hosted services, saw a rise of over 50% in remote log-ins to corporate IT systems when travel disruption was at its worst. The latest addition to Signify’s range of hosted two-factor authentication services - Signify ICE, The In Case of Emergency Service - allows rapid deployment of secure remote access to corporate IT networks. “The ability to keep going through all eventualities is essential for today’s businesses,” said Dave Abraham, CEO of Signify. “But at the same time security can not be compromised; so by providing employees with secure remote access they are able to work securely and effectively from home to minimise the loss of productivity. The problem is that although many organisations provide secure remote access for senior executives and staff on the road, the ability to authenticate more staff for short term secure remote access to essential email, files and applications is important to deal with these emergencies.” According to the Federation of Small Businesses, up to three million people missed work because of the snow back on Tuesday 5th January 2010, and that alone cost businesses £600 million. And a recent YouGov poll found that 58% of small businesses suffered as a result of the winter weather in 2009/2010, even though they had thought they were prepared. Another cold snap this year could have similar consequences if companies do not ensure employees have secure access the data and applications they need to do their jobs. When an incident occurs, administrators simply go to the web portal and select the additional users requiring authentication for the organisation’s remote access solution. These users are then notified of the incident automatically by email or SMS and are directed to where they can set up a secret PIN and request a One Time Passcode (OTP). The OTP is sent to their mobile phone via SMS, which is entered along with their secret PIN when they log in to their network, identifying them securely and enabling business to carry on as usual. “As well as rapid deployment of new users, with our flexible hosted service, infrequent users who may have forgotten their log-in details are able to request a new PIN or get immediate guidance from our self-service web site or telephone helpdesk,” continued Abraham. The beauty of using a reliable hosted service is that there is no up front investment and it is very quick and affordable to deploy as well as being flexible and easy to manage for any size of organisation. With increasing disruption to business and public sector services caused by severe weather conditions, transport strikes, virus outbreaks, terrorist threats and now erupting volcanoes, Signify ICE can play a vital role in business continuity management (BCM) by allowing staff who don’t normally work remotely to work from home, with secure access to their email, files and applications.

SIGNIFY helps organisations to secure their computer networks. They provide a secure alternative to passwords that safely enables remote access to systems and information by delivering two-factor authentication as an on-demand hosted service. For more information visit

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C A S T L E F I E L D C L I N I C , 5 T H F L O O R , 2 S T. J O H N S T R E E T, M A N C H E S T E R M 3 4 D A . T E L : 0 1 6 1 8 3 2 8 70 0

Peter Done

Hello and welcome to ASK. (This feature is pretty much what it says on the tin). In this issue we have Peter Done, Managing Director at Peninsula Business Wise, on hand to educate us on the topic of employment law. We ASK the experts for you. So, if you have any queries please just ASK and we’ll see what we can do.

My internet usage report has found some of my employees accessing social networking websites during the working day. After investigating further, I have also found that some of the information on these sites relates to my business. What disciplinary options are available to me? Also, what action am I able to take to block derogatory information being said about my business? Peter Done, Managing Director of Peninsula responds: When your employees are actually ‘clocked in’ they are being paid to work and so should not be browsing social networking websites. ‘During the working day’ is a little more complicated as this will include times when your staff have time to themselves, such as during breaks or at lunch time. As this is technically their free time you cannot dictate their actions, but you can restrict their use of company resources.

10 - WORK

Your IT systems are a business tool and your IT policy should set out what your staff members can use the equipment for and the times at which they can do so. Your first port of call, therefore, needs to be to review your policy and check what it says about internet use. You then need to look at the times during which your staff are accessing these sites to determine the nature of the problem. If your staff are using the internet in breach of the policy then that is a disciplinary matter, which is something your policy should clearly set out. Similarly, your staff have an obligation to devote their time and energy at work to the needs of your business. If they are accessing social networking sites when they should be working, then they are in breach of this duty and again this is a disciplinary matter.

If you have previously allowed staff members to use the internet during their “free” time then you need to consider how and why you want to change this policy. Companies generally restrict access to social networking sites because of the potential exposure to cyber threats as well as the drain on network resources. If there is a threat then inform all staff that they will not be allowed to access these sites because of the risk to the systems. When you inform your staff of the restrictions and the reasons for it also set out that this is a management instruction and anyone who breaks the IT policy on this matter will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings. You cannot control what your staff write on their own web space outside of work time and normally any actions by your staff outside of work you have no say in.

However, you can remind all staff that they have an obligation not to bring the company into disrepute and any comments that are posted in the public domain are subject to this obligation. Make it clear in your updated IT policy that any negative comments made in the public domain about the company will be subject to the disciplinary procedure. You must be clear about your definition of “negative” and you cannot define this too broadly. Inform your staff that in addition to disciplinary action, any derogatory comments posted in the public domain can be subject to libel action in the County Court.

For further information on Peninsula, please visit

RENT VERSUS BUY In an age where mortgage lending is at its lowest in ten years and negative equity fears have made an unwelcome return, the average house price is £230,000 the average deposit is £69,000 and average person’s salary is £25,000, so it is no surprise that there has been a sway away from buying and a surge of lettings all around the country. People are trending towards the European way of renting rather than buying, due to the growing gap between earnings and prices - quite simply, they can no longer afford to buy. Despite house prices being relatively low, the average deposit is 30% of the asking price - or almost three years’ salary - and mortgage lending is down to £1.6billion, the lowest it has been since the end of the year 2000. Since the global downturn hit hard, we’re now a drastic step away from the 1980s - when owning a home was a sign of class and wealth. Just as the rental sector doubled shortly after the recession of the early 1990s, it has again seen a sharp increase in recent years. Working from today’s figures, the average person renting in the North West can save £32,068 over a house buyer over a period of 25 years There has been a significant change in the type of person opting for rented accommodation - lettings in the second decade of this century are no longer just for students and young professionals, they are now for families and more mature professionals, too. However, many apartments currently do not boast enough rooms to house a growing family, Saf Ali, Managing Director of leading city centre lettings agents, Key Properties, believes it won’t be long until they do. “With the shift in the demographics we’re experiencing, it won’t be long before developers start to build bigger apartments, large enough to become a family home,” says Saf.

Another aspect that will change how property rentals are viewed is a change in lease length, believes Saf. “Currently the average leasing period in the UK is six months to a year - some four years less than the typical European lease. It seems almost inevitable that the five-year lease will soon be adopted in Britain, too.” Saf comments: “I believe this will completely change people’s attitudes towards their choice of home and within a few short years we will experience a step change in attitudes to ownership, with rented houses or apartments emerging as less of a temporary measure and instead becoming firmly established as a true family home. This decade is a decade of lets. The demand for rental property is rising, meaning prices will soon rise, too. If you’re going to rent, now is certainly the time to do it.” Saf is a man of his word; currently living in London and commuting to Manchester, he plans to do the same from Barcelona as of next year and plans to rent there, too. Of course, many haven’t given up on the suburban dream and still believe in the notion that it’s better to own than rent. Jenny Gray in Chorlton said that she’s “a long-time renter who now finds herself suddenly on the doorsteps of buying her first home” and is glad to be leaving the days of rent behind. Jenny pointed out that since she and her boyfriend were able to put about 20% down on their home, the mortgage should be roughly the same, if not less, than what they were paying to rent. So they’re excited to be buying. “Mortgage rates are still at or near record lows, and housing prices have remained pretty stable. We are ready to write a cheque each month that goes toward our future, rather than our landlord’s.” However, ownership isn’t for everyone - and it’s clearly better to rent until you’ve saved up enough for a down payment. So whether you’re looking to buy or happily renting, just make sure you can afford to live wherever it is you call home.

WORK - 13

by Shazan Qureshi After floating four companies over the last three years and acknowledged my childhood passion for the stock market, I’ve found a lot of economic talk is heavily theoretical and needs translating into a real life business context. By providing expert advice with guest columnists, as well as sharing experience and insight my aim is to help you make your enterprises asset rich and ultimately give you the freedom of choice in how you wish to exit or retain your business.

S E V E N P R I O R I T I E S FOR LONG TERM U K G ROW T H Here are seven action points to position the UK well for sustained growth over the next two decades. What are your views? 1 Focus on raising productivity sector by sector to drive growth Productivity within sectors matters. Public policy often focuses on innovative niches rather than on the largest sectors whose productivity is low by comparison with global best practice. Service sectors (e.g. retail trade, business services) represent around 65% of private sector output and account for much of the productivity gap with countries such as the US and Germany. Government can lead improvements by working with sector participants and new entrants to remove barriers to growth and support improvements in managerial quality and employee skills. 2 Secure UK’s position as location of choice for multinationals Multinationals may only account for fewer than 2% of UK businesses, but they drive overall economic growth and innovation at scale, accounting for 80% of UK research and development, and growing productivity eight times faster than smaller firms. Government should work with leading multinationals to implement a ten-year plan to make the UK the most attractive European location for multinationals, addressing skills, immigration, infrastructure and tax.

14 - WORK

3 Unlock infrastructure investment

6 Pilot devolution to dynamic cities

The UK will need to spend more than £350bn over the next 20 years merely to maintain its existing transport infrastructure and a further £120bn to £170bn to support our energy infrastructure. This level of investment will require greater certainty and improved economic returns to foster private sector investment in energy.

Cities have been responsible for 78% of the UK’s economic growth over the last ten years. Given the urgency of supporting growth across the UK, now is the time to experiment with options and give cities much greater city-wide coordination roles and financial responsibility.

4 Innovate at scale Government efforts to stimulate the growth of clusters have often ended in failure. Achieving success requires concentration of investments in research into connected centres, access to best practice through immigration of top talent and cluster-specific support that builds on existing advantages. 5 Unleash the growth potential of education and health Education is a huge market - the OECD estimated that in 1980 just over a million students were enrolled at universities and colleges outside their country of origin; that number has now tripled to 3.3m. This is a significant growth opportunity. For example, educating international students is Australia’s third largest export industry. Meanwhile, UK health care could be a £200bn industry by 2030. We need to think about these sectors as international growth opportunities rather than public sector cost centres.

7 Address generational imbalances Demographic trends pose two challenges for major developed economies such as the UK. The first is how to maintain growth in the face of a declining working population. The second is how to fund long-term health and social care, which are set to rise by more than 70% in the next 20 years. We need a radical increase in older working, leveraging the practices of innovative firms and ensuring these are spread more widely. Unlocking the £1 trillion of unmortgaged housing wealth owned by those 60 through equity release would also enable older generations to make greater contribution to paying for the public services they need.

For further professional advice and a confidential one-to-one please email

by Tim Gul In this issue our regular columnist, Tim Gul of the St. James’s Place Partnership, looks at the options that are available to high earners in easing their tax burden. To receive a free guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, produced by St. James’s Place Wealth Management, contact Tim Gul of the St. James’s Place Partnership on 0794 929 3323 by email or visit There’s no escaping it - taxation is lurking around every corner. The economy has been going through fiercely challenging times, and now we all have to pay for the remedies. While high earners will bear the brunt of new taxation measures, the middle income bracket will also be in the line of fire from next year. Those on higher incomes are likely to see their personal wealth impacted through increased tax liabilities. From April, those with incomes over £150,000 will have to share their income over this level on an equal basis with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) though their income tax liability. Higher earners, therefore, are looking at ways to ease their liability. And by carefully working out lifelong cash flow requirements, it is still possible to maintain a desired lifestyle and sustain wealth during retirement - with careful planning. There remain a number of tax mitigating solutions that are worthy of consideration. Retirement planning is one, and setting aside funds for retirement is critical for everyone - and you can still make the most of your pension as a tax efficient investment. Even if you have tax relief restricted to 20%, pensions can still be the most effective way of investing for retirement, even if you are likely to be a higher rate tax payer when you retire. Salary sacrifice is a tax efficient way of increasing your pension contributions and keeping most of what you earn.

Changes in the way HMRC treat salary sacrifice have made salary sacrifice more attractive particularly to those with total income under £130,000. If the employee waives the right to receive part of their salary or bonus then the portion that is waived is no longer treated as earnings and therefore not subject to Income Tax, or National Insurance Contributions. However, as pension contributions start to become less tax efficient for higher earners, other options can be explored. High earners can maximise their contributions to ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), for example. ISAs represent the most tax-efficient way to save and invest for the future. And their tax efficiency and flexibility has even greater value as taxes rise across the board. They are easily accessible, withdrawals are paid with no tax liability, they are a useful short or medium term account for cash, and offer an easy route to the equity markets. And from April, the annual ISA allowance increases from £7,200 to £10,200 for all eligible investors. The full allowance can be invested in a stocks and shares ISA or alternatively, up to £5,100 of the allowance can be saved in a Cash ISA. Other tax-efficient savings vehicles include VCTs (Venture Capital Trusts) and EISs (Enterprise Investment Schemes). These exciting investment opportunities can offer significant tax benefits, such as Income Tax relief, tax free growth, deferral

of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and tax relief when funding for retirement and Inheritance Tax mitigation after two years. High earners should also consider carrying out a review of tax arrangements, making sure that any investments are held in the name of the lowest taxpayer, and set up trusts to make sure income is passed to other family members. In addition, anyone planning to surrender a life insurance policy should consider doing so before 5th April while the top tax rate is still 40%. Additionally, consideration could be given to deferring claims for income tax relief until April 2011 when the relief will be available at 50% instead of 40%. And if bonuses or dividends can be taken before 5th April, these will be taxed at the current lower rate. Getting the right financial strategy and solutions in place is no easy task for timehungry high earning executives, and the financial goals of every individual are different. But with energies naturally focussed on business matters, postponing personal finance decisions at this particular time could have a detrimental effect. The financial needs of people who have created more capital or who earn higher incomes than average are invariably more complex than most. A personal wealth management service with a trusted specialist helping to understand and explain the issues, as well as propose bespoke solutions, will go a long way to help high earners remain as tax efficient as possible.

WORK - 15



The end of the year is fast approaching so it’s an ideal time to start taking stock of your business ambitions for the New Year. From looking at how you can reduce costs to boosting the health and well being of your staff, this is the time to take a step back and review policies to ensure maximum performance and profitability in 2011. WorkLife caught up with Charlotte Gallagher, director of Manchesterbased human resources consultancy P3 People Management, for some sound advice. Charlotte explains, “It has been a particularly challenging year for many businesses as a result of the current economic climate, public sector cuts and forthcoming VAT increases but it’s important to stay positive and look at the small steps that could make a big difference to your business prosperity over the next 12 months. “Companies should start reviewing their business plans now to ensure that everything’s in place to start the New Year with a fresh new approach and a clear set of goals.”

16 - WORK

Charlotte shares her top ten resolutions for improving your business over the forthcoming year: 1 Reduce costs by investing in your people. Optimise your recruitment processes, in-house career development and performance management systems remembering the all-important equation: people plus performance equals profit! 2 Make it your resolution to review policies and procedures and consider using an outsourced HR agency to save valuable time and ensure all policies comply with the latest regulations. 3 Improve work/life balance. As a consequence of the current economic climate, business owners are increasingly stretched and working longer hours than ever before. P3 People Management surveyed clients regarding work/life balance and found that 90% of business owners saw a need for

improvement, for themselves and employees, citing their main concerns as needing more quality time with family or time to unwind. Make a few simple changes to your routine, such as leaving the laptop at the office rather than working at home each night, as a better work/life balance will help you achieve your resolutions. 4 Help improve health of employees. A healthy workforce ensures employees are more motivated and productive, have higher attendance levels and return to work more quickly after episodes of ill health. Boost the health of your workers and in turn their productivity by offering a range of initiatives to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Also ensure that all employees have a bottle of antibacterial hand gel on their desk to reduce risks of colds and flu which spread easily in the office environment.

BUSINESS RESOLUTIONS 5 Focus on pensions and the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) before the new legal duties commence in October 2012. The new guidelines will force employers to help employees save for their retirement, so start planning now. For more information, see 6 Adopt a positive outlook for the future. Rather than fear the impact of imminent public spending cuts and rises in VAT, identify how the changes will affect your business and take steps to manage them. A positive attitude at senior level will filter through to all staff. 7 Increase awareness of age-related issues in order to minimise risks of tribunal claims. Figures from a recent Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) study have proved that 4% of all workers aged 50 and over, and 5% of 16 to 24 year-olds have been

refused a job because of their age, so employers should review their policies to ensure they are fair and to avoid potential claims. 8 Set goals and make them SMART ones. As a business, you have a long-term plan or vision but how will you achieve it? Break down the task into smaller goals and set achievable objectives according to the SMART methodology (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

It’s important to stay positive and look at the small steps that could make a big difference to your business prosperity over the next 12 months

9 Prepare for weather-related disruption. Have a backup plan for winter weather, including a strategy to ensure that the office can be adequately staffed, phone lines can be diverted if necessary and consider remote working policies for those who will struggle to commute in the snow and ice. 10 Celebrate success! It may seem a long way off yet, but once you get to the end of this year, record your accomplishments and celebrate each of your successes with employees. Remember, the best thing about creating a plan is attaining the set goals and appreciating what you and your staff have accomplished.

Then you can enjoy a festive break before working towards your resolutions for 2011.

WORK - 17

The concept is simple: a business lunch for two professionals. But the twist, the interesting part, is that it’s blind. The technical term that we have coined for this social experiment is micro networking.

So, two willing volunteers who are confident enough to take a risk on the chance of business benefit step alone into Bem Brasil and wait to see who will join them for their lunch break... This month we have Saf Ali, who owns his own property company, Key Properties, and Esther O’Callaghan who runs Factory Foundation recordings- a charitable record company, created in the memory of the late Tony Wilson. The chosen ‘2 Do Lunch’ venue: Bem Brasil, Deansgate, Manchester. Let’s see how they got on…

THE LUNCH What was the atmosphere like? I loved the vibrant feel to Bem Brasil… it was everything I like in a restaurant: relaxed, easy going and informal - the perfect backdrop for easy conversation and a great meal. How was the service? Exceptional.

LUNCH PARTNER First impressions: It didn’t take long for me to realise that Esther is intelligent, smart, and full of life. Her enthusiasm for her charity, The Factory Foundation, which she founded - and dedicated to Tony Wilson - to empower young people to change their future through the creative industries, is absolutely inspirational.

18 - WORK

How was the conversation? Free flowing or any awkward silences? Free flowing from the outset! What did you talk about? Our shared love of music before launching my property company Key Properties, I worked at record labels including Polygram (now Universal), BMG and Sony. So, we talked about our history and our plans for the future. It’s interesting that our passion for music has led us in such different directions: Esther has also launched The Factory Foundation Recordings label - the Foundation’s sister, notfor-profit, independent record label. Promoting and supporting fresh artists, bands and musicians from Greater Manchester’s thriving current music scene, I think it’s great that 50% of profits go direct to the artists themselves and 50% to support the Foundation’s work with young people across Greater Manchester.


COMPANY Key Properties (UK) Ltd

Just the sort of initiative the city needs!


Did you have much in common? Yes, we’re both driven people in different ways. We have similar backgrounds in the way we have built our own careers and companies from scratch.


Back in 2004 Key was just a hobby business for me, which I was running at the same time as working in music. But the company took on a life of its own and six years later we have a huge portfolio of stock, a long client list and glossy offices on Deansgate and in Salford Quays… as well as exciting plans for expansion in 2011. Do you think there is a chance you will work together in the future? I hope so.

Managing Director Relaxed and patient

VICES Never being able to stop



What was your lasting impression? Esther’s an intelligent and interesting person, who is really fun to be around. Would you recommend 2 do lunch? Yes, definitely. It’s a fresh and fun concept that works!

IF YOU WOULD... like to try our take on micro networking, please email

PROFILE NAME Esther O’Callaghan OBE

COMPANY The Factory Foundation


VIRTUES Ragged trousered philanthropy

VICES All the fun ones



THE LUNCH What was the atmosphere like? Relaxed and good for a business lunch. How was the service? Attentive, friendly, not ‘inyour-face’ waiting staff.

LUNCH PARTNER First impressions: With my most recent read, John Niven’s ‘Kill Your Friends’ diatribe about the music industry fresh in my mind, coupled with the fact that most property professionals don’t have the best reputation (no offence Saf!), I was wondering how I had been roped into doing lunch with a complete stranger. As I explained to my house mate the night before; “I’m meeting this guy who was in the music business and moved over to property - I can’t imagine we’ll gel.” However, after I arrived 10 minutes late, laden with 14 days worth of personal effects and badly packed clothes, within about 2 minutes, we were chatting like good mates, so, sorry Saf, I stand humbly corrected, you were the most enjoyable lunch meeting I could have hoped for and totally changed my perception of property professionals.

How was the conversation? Free flowing or any awkward silences? My opening line complete with expletives, proved to be an unintentional icebreaker as well as my refusal to ‘air kiss’ - I hug people instead, which I forget can be a shock to a total stranger trying to kiss the other cheek and finding themselves with a mouthful of my hair instead. What did you talk about? Music, Tony Wilson, John Niven, books, music, Brighton, Bristol, Barcelona, Poland, Egypt, Iceland & New York, cancer research (Saf) and kids (me) charities, music, The Hacienda, vinyl, the property market, our respective Asian roots (Saf, Pakistani parents, me, Sri Lankan grandma) and… music. Did you have much in common? We both refuse to play golf to get ahead, prefer being on top of a snow-covered mountain about to ski down than two weeks on a beach, love music and share a work ethic a product of our respective Northern working class town roots (and getting out through hard work and determination).

Do you think there is a chance you will work together in the future? I will be unashamedly tapping Saf up for advice, support and contacts in 2011, given he has 15+ years experience in the music industry, not to mention preferential rates for renting off Key Properties. What was your lasting impression? That you should never judge a book by the cover of the one you have just finished reading. Would you recommend 2 do lunch? Depends on who the two are! Saf and I both had our exit strategies carefully planned mine being the 14.15 to London Euston and Saf’s I actually can’t remember now, because in the end, we didn’t need to use them. Which left me running, with the badly packed bags, through the sludge and ice, to avoid narrowly missing my train - thanks Saf - you owe me dinner next time.

WORK - 19

Rifat and fellow walkers on the second day of their charity walk

Every issue we will be examining an individual whose style we admire; whether that’s their style of management, leadership approach, entrepreneurial genius or indeed fashion sense! This issue; An Asian granny from Hale who has raised £6,000 for the Seashell Trust in Cheadle by walking Hadrian’s Wall. Rifat Saleem, (57), was joined by five other walkers (Tanvir Khokhar, Nadeem Khokhar, Faizan and Anza Khokhar and Asad Humayun) as she walked the 84 miles from Bowness-on Solway to Wallsend, Newcastle. Rifat decided to try and raise money for the local special school after learning about the work that it does with students with complex communication difficulties. Along with her husband Saleem and other family members and friends, Rifat set up her own Charitable Foundation, the Zanfha Initiative, in memory of their parents last year. Each year the Zanfha Initiative selects a different project to support with the pledge of raising £10,000 throughout the year.

In 2009, the foundation raised £12,000 for the community mental health programme in Gaza, working with children and young adults traumatised by the on-going conflict. Rifat says that she and her fellow Zanfha Initiative members were keen to support a charity closer to home in 2010 and chose the Seashell Trust because she had learned much about the work that it does with disabled young people while employed by John Lewis. “I feel very strongly that, while many Muslims give a great deal to charity, we often don’t do enough to support important projects close to where we live and within our own local communities,” she explains.

“The Seashell Trust does an incredible job helping to educate and develop young people with a range of complex communication difficulties from many different communities and this is why we chose to support them in our fundraising efforts this year.” As well completing the walk along Hadrian’s Wall, supporters of the Zanfha Initiative will also be raising funds for the Seashell Trust through a number of other fundraising activities including supermarket bag packs and a planned Ladies Night. They also held a sale of end of season designer outfits on the eve of the Muslim celebration of Eid, Channd Raat. The Seashell Trust is a registered charity providing education and residential care for people with complex communication difficulties from across the UK. It operates Royal School Manchester, a day and residential, co-educational, non-maintained special school and Royal College Manchester, an independent specialist college catering for learners between 19 and 22.

Additionally it runs a residential home for autistic deaf adults with complex needs and a domiciliary care agency. It regularly hosts a number of inclusive community activities on its campus. Dominic Tinner, Business Development Director at the Seashell Trust, says: “We are so grateful to Rifat and her fellow walkers for undertaking this for us. We thank them for their decision to support the Seashell Trust and the money they have raised will help to make a real difference to the young people in our care including several young Muslim students. We are so glad that the weather was kind to them and are also very grateful to everyone who has supported them in their challenge.” Anyone wishing to support Rifat and the Zanfha Initiative can do so by logging on to WalkTheWall-ZanfhaInitiative To find out more about the charitable foundation please see and to learn more about the Seashell Trust visit

WORK - 21


DUNCAN BANNATYNE UK stop smoking charity QUIT’s celebrity supporters have backed the need for a dedicated youth stop smoking service in Manchester. He is the plain-speaking Scot in BBC Two’s ‘Dragons’ Den’, not afraid to tell contestants exactly what he thinks of their money-making schemes. He has also landed himself in a row with fellow Dragon James Caan for criticising the latter’s nondom tax status. Not surprising, then, that Duncan Bannatyne is equally forthright about helping children and young people to make an informed choice about smoking.

Quit’s celebrity supporters call for backing for kids in Manchester Duncan Bannatyne OBE was born 2nd February 1949 in Clydebank, Scotland. He is one of Britain’s most recognisable entrepreneurs, as well as being a philanthropist and best selling author.

‘Wake Up & Change Your Life’ quickly entered the Sunday Telegraph top selling books list, as did ‘How To Be Smart With Money’ closely followed by ‘How To Be Smart With Your Time’.

His business interests include Health Clubs, Hotels, Media, TV, Stage Schools, Property and Transport.

Duncan now owns over 60 Bannatyne Health Clubs and Spas and 3 Hotels, is a trustee of Comic Relief, as well as several other charities, and is one of the longest-running judges on Dragons’ Den.

He is most famous for his appearances as a business angel on the hit BBC programme ‘Dragons’ Den’, where he is by far the wealthiest expert on the panel. He has written 4 books; ‘Anyone Can Do It’ sold more than 200,000 copies;

22 - WORK

Only Duncan and fellow entrepreneur Peter Jones have been on the show since the first series.

Duncan was honoured with the Order of the British Empire for his contribution to charity and supports many good causes, especially for children. He is heavily involved with Comic Relief and UNICEF, and is a passionate antismoking campaigner. At a special charity event at Wellacre Technology College in Flixton, QUIT’s Children’s Champion Duncan Bannatyne and one of the charity’s Vice-Presidents Dr Chris Steele (‘This Morning’) helped raise awareness for the £50,000 needed for a youth project in Manchester and the North West.

WorkLife Magazine and members of the Manchester based, Rejuvenate Networking Forum, joined them… In Manchester, children’s smoking rates have increased by 5% in two years, and the new project - run by QUIT’s youth service ‘Quit Because’ - would include a full time Youth Presenter, presentations in schools and youth clubs, stop smoking groups and resources for 8-18 year olds across the North West of England. In the Manchester area alone, this project would reach around 17,000 young people. The Quit Because team presented to Year 8’s at Wellacre Technology College, where they took part in a quiz and saw a fun and informative ‘ingredients’ show, demonstrating some of the 4,000 chemicals found in a cigarette. The event also saw the launch of QUIT’s new youth resource - ‘Inhale This’. The interactive booklet is aimed at educating young teenagers about the effect of smoking on their lungs, and features 3D pages, pop ups, games, quizzes and more.

Duncan said: “This is a great cause, but it is sad that we have to do something like this to try and combat the problem and prevent children starting to smoke. “It is so important to let them know how much damage they can do by smoking, and that it is a terrible addiction. We have got to get this message across.” Dr Chris, who has been a GP in Manchester for more than 40 years, added: “Smoking is a massive issue in the city, and as a GP in the area, I am ashamed of that. I have worked on quit smoking issues for 35 years, and to see kids smoking rates going up here is shocking. “It means we need to do more - like the Quit Because service - as the message doesn’t seem to be getting through.” Local businesses, WorkLife magazine and public health figures were also invited to meet Duncan, Chris and the QUIT team over a lunchtime networking session and stayed to watch the presentations to the Year 8 pupils.

WE ASKED DUNCAN... Why did you become a QUIT UK Children’s Champion, launching an appeal to raise £500,000 for the charity's youth programme, QUIT Because? “450 kids start smoking every day in the UK so when QUIT asked for my support I knew it was important to help. QUIT Because makes a real difference to the lives of the children it reaches.” As a successful entrepreneur, what drives you? “Being happy. I really enjoy my life right now. Business is going very well, I have a great family and I am really quite enjoying myself. I am able to do many things; I love being able to concentrate on supporting my chosen charities and I have the opportunity to spend time with my family whilst keeping a successful business and have much fun along the way. With the investments that I’ve made and television, I’m definitely enjoying myself and that drives me.” continued overleaf...

WORK - 23

laughing at me, saying, “Look Duncan, you were wrong”, and, in fact, they are completely right because they bought one.” Who has inspired you in business? “I can’t really say that there has been one person. I think that would give the completely wrong message. In the end, when it comes to business, it is predominantly about YOU. If you need to rely on others then you will simply not be able to succeed. I have had some great support from my family and friends but, ultimately, it comes down to me. I must say that success stems from selfpromotion. Always push yourself down every avenue. Think locally and build your network and take advantage of every chance and opportunity and always believe that everyone can move you forward. Never limit yourself.” What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve faced? “I’ve faced many along the way; every entrepreneur does. I cannot really pinpoint one major challenge as such but I can say that I have faced many. “Even in my years away from entrepreneurship I faced challenges but the important thing is to take one step at a time and remain focused on your goal. It’s not about the challenges that we face, it’s about not giving up.” When you look back, would you do anything differently? “No. I’m sure there are many things along the way that I could have done differently or better. “However, I could be in a very different place if I changed anything. It’s well publicised the mistakes that I’ve made but I wouldn’t really change any of them because that would make me a different person to the person I am today. “I have had many experiences, many successes so, obviously, also made some mistakes in order to get to where I am. I now am very happy so I certainly wouldn’t change anything that has helped to get me here.”

24 - WORK

What was the main attraction to becoming a Dragon? “I was actually working as an actor at the time and, through contacts, I was told about a show named Dragons’ Den. I was asked to try it as it was a recommended use of my talents. “I believed at the time that it was reality television and was unsure as I only generally took acting parts. However, I’ve really enjoyed my time on the panel and it has opened up many opportunities which I would never turn my back on.” Is there any investment that you’ve turned down in the Den that you wished you hadn’t? “If you remember, there was an episode where we were pitched for the Trunki! It was purely a wheelie bag to offer a solution to the nightmare of traveling with toddlers and luggage. “We just could not see the investment potential. In fact, my words on the show seemed to have led to creating quite a stir due to its success and the fact that I couldn’t see the point. It’s now sold in John Lewis, Harrods and Mothercare and every time I see someone in an airport with one of them they look at me in such a way and I swear they are

QUIT Because helps children and young people to make an informed choice about smoking using a multimedia approach. QUIT are aiming to secure £500,000 from a range of funders to provide national coverage with our Youth Presenters who give age specific presentations and run youth stop smoking groups. QUIT Because uses fun and innovative techniques to inform 8 - 18 year olds about the reality of smoking and include hard to reach groups such as young offenders units and those excluded from school. QUIT Because provides ongoing support to young people via Quitline 0800 00 22 00 and email

EXPERIENCE THE LUXURY OF ‘DU VIN’ ON YOUR NEXT GORGEOUS WEEKEND AWAY For those who just can't decide on town or city, now you don't have to... You can have your Betty's cream cake and eat it! Hotel Du Vin Harrogate

Hotel Du Vin York Veuve Clicquot Suite

Gorgeous Weekend, a luxury concierge service specialising in North Yorkshire, has enhanced their collection of the best city hideaways with a partnership with two Hotel du Vin properties located in York and Harrogate. Located only 30 miles apart, guests can benefit from the ‘Slice of Yorkshire’ package which includes a night’s stay in each hotel.

Lower still is the hotel’s Spa. Housed in the building’s basement this gorgeous little day Spa has five treatment rooms, a steam room and monsoon shower. Using ESPA products, the treatments include aromatherapy facials and detoxifying algae wraps. We love the Pure Pamper package which includes a massage, facial luxury manicure/pedicure, light lunch and ESPA gift.

WorkLife recently stayed at both the Hotel Du Vin Harrogate and York over 2 nights and experienced two of the best cultural hotspots in Yorkshire.

D R E SS F O R D I N N E R . . . The Hotel Du Vin’s beautiful Bistro in Harrogate is open every day for lunch and dinner. Found just beyond the hotel bar, the Bistro here has a classically French style and vibe. The menu is firmly rooted in classic European cuisine, with a nod to the contemporary. Simple classics are given a twist which elevates them to fine dining status; the Beef Carpaccio with white onion ice-cream was simply divine! Front of house staff in this boutique Harrogate hotel match the quality of the food, with attentive but discreet service.

Harrogate The boutique Hotel Du Vin & Bistro in Harrogate enjoys one of the best locations in town. Overlooking the pretty common known as the Stray and close to Harrogate’s fashionable Montpellier Quarter, all of the town’s gorgeous boutiques and restaurants are within a few hundred yards. In line with the Hotel Du Vin philosophy of transforming historic buildings into beautiful hotels, the hotel occupies what was originally eight grand Georgian townhouses. As I entered my room I noticed that the large sash windows and other period features have been lovingly restored, maintaining the hotel’s sense of old school elegance. Inside the theme is classically Hotel Du Vin; contemporary chic with a comfortable and relaxed ambience. A large open plan lounge and reception area leads you to the hotel’s stylish bar with its fantastic range of wines, spirits and cocktails. Below the bar I soon found the hotel snug; perfect for a post dinner glass of Baileys and lazy game of billiards.

26 - WORK

TIME FOR BED... After a satisfying dinner, cocktails at the bar and claiming victory at billiards, I found great comfort back in my room enjoying an oversized bed with a handsprung mattress, fine Egyptian linen, a deep stand alone bath and spectacular power shower.

The drinks menu is seriously impressive with probably the largest selection of malts in Yorkshire. The cocktails are also rather good; the Mojito is a must!

Above: Hotel Du Vin York - Bar Area Right: Harrogate’s Fashionable Montpellier Area

York True to the brand, the Hotel Du Vin & Bistro in York is a beautiful boutique hotel set in a wonderful early 19th Century Grade II listed building. The trademark theme of contemporary but classic design is apparent from the off-set, with the period home’s beautiful creamy exterior complemented with flashes of sage and black.

What made this weekend particularly enjoyable was the hassle-free element. Gorgeous Weekend took care of everything! Aimed at delivering a first-class customer experience, the team at Gorgeous Weekend offers a selection of exclusive services, from hand-picked accommodation to downloadable PDF guides to each area.

Inside I found the tone of understated luxury continues with a cosy little bar and lounge. The drinks menu is seriously impressive with probably the largest selection of malts in Yorkshire. The cocktails are also rather good; the Mojito is a must! Across the flagstoned hallway you’ll find the Bistro and pretty little courtyard - lovely for a spot of al fresco dining in the summer. To the rear there is also a luxurious little cigar bothy; heated and candlelit in the evening, it’s a charming little spot for post dinner drinks.

Their concierge service can create bespoke packages tailored to any taste, whether it’s a romantic retreat, a girls’ spa and shopping getaway or a boys’ adrenalin-filled weekend of outdoor frolics from teeing off to hang-gliding. With local insider knowledge of North Yorkshire, the team at Gorgeous Weekend provides sound recommendations to ensure an unforgettable break.

D R E SS F O R D I N N E R . . . Found just beyond the hotel bar, the Bistro has a classically French feel, with its candlelit tables and panoramic wine displays. And as you would expect with the Hotel Du Vin, the wine list and knowledgeable sommelier take some beating.

‘ S L I C E O F YO R K S H I R E ’ - £ 9 9 P E R P E R S O N P E R N I G H T, B A S E D O N T W O S H A R I N G Gorgeous Weekend brings you the best that Yorkshire has to offer with stays at Hotel du Vin Harrogate and York. This sumptuous package comes complete with three course dinner at their trademark Bistro, breakfast at each hotel and a bottle of wine to toast your arrival. To take the stress out of planning, Gorgeous Weekend also include a two-day Yorkshire Pass that allows complimentary access into many of Yorkshire’s top attractions. From exclusive boutique stores to exquisite architecture and quaint cobbled streets, explore the divine offerings of York and Harrogate courtesy of Gorgeous Weekend.

TIME FOR BED... This boutique hotel in York houses 44 stylish rooms including several gorgeous suites. Every room features oversized beds with handsprung mattresses, fine Egyptian linen, deep standalone baths and spectacular power showers. You’ll also find large flatscreen TVs, DVD players, Satellite TV and WIFI access as standard in both hotels. Of the suites, the Veuve Clicquot is our particular favourite, with its stunning open plan living and huge airy bathroom.


For more information or to book a Gorgeous Weekend, visit or call 0844 736 6276

WORK - 27

by Anna-Louise Gilhooley In each issue, The Social Entrepreneur’ article aims to be engaging, informative and a useful resource for business people who are passionate about changing lives, building communities and nurturing the environment. Through this magazine and a series of special events, my mission is to bring together the vast range of individuals and organisations across Manchester interested in the social enterprise movement in a space where they can learn about and inspire one another.

LADIES LUNCHEON HELPS RAISE FUNDS FOR ST ANN’S HOSPICE Since our last issue, WorkLife joined St Ann’s Hospice and their many supporters for a lavish lunch and fashion show by John Lewis held at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. The days proceedings started with a champagne reception and delicious lunch as well as the catwalk display featuring the latest autumn/winter fashions from John Lewis, sponsors of the event. It was so much more than simply a fashion show as featuring alongside the professional models were courageous body image models; these inspirational women are current and former patients who have accessed the services of St Ann’s Hospice and were ‘strutting their stuff’ on the catwalk.

Roger Brownhill, St Ann's Hospcie Chief Executive Jayne Bessant and Judith Brownhill (life model)

“This was a fantastic chance to enjoy the luxury of a little time out with friends or colleagues and of course see the fantastic new season collections from John Lewis. And with all the money raised going to St Ann’s Hospice, you know you have supported a really worthwhile cause” says Catherine Williams, Director of Fundraising and Communications at St Ann’s Hospice.

Jo Farrell, Jayne Bessant, Caroline Mellor, Dianne Oxberry

Starting at the front, the lady with blonde hair and grey panel on the front of the dress is Ruth Barron, then round left to right, Wendy Latham, Michele Haddican, Karen Campbell, Adele Aldred, Dawn Smith, Sharon Kettle, Sally Williams (Brown Shipley), Kate Dugdale and finally with dark hair, wearing mixed black & grey dress - Lucy Brett (Brown Shipley)

28 - WORK

Debbie Strand and Anna Louise Gilhooley

M I X - D : C ROW N T H E F I R S T M I X E D R AC E F AC E W I N N E R S O F 2 0 1 0

Mix-d: are celebrating the success of hosting the UK’s first mixed-race modelling competition. Florence Cassidy and Graham Scaif were crowned the male & female Mix-d: Face winner for 2010; each will be given a 12-month contract with Boss Model Management. Manchester-based social enterprise Mix-d: organised the event in collaboration with Harvey Nichols Manchester with sponsorship from the Rejuvenate Group, Castlefield Clinic, Sport & Dance and Gemini International Events. Hosted by Waterloo Road actor Tachia Newell and Coronation Street Actress Tupele Dorgu, the event was held at the recently refurbished Monastery in Manchester. The twenty finalists from around the country took to the runway in amazing fashion provided by Harvey Nichols which included collection pieces from the likes of John Galliano.

The audience, which included Take That’s Jason Orange, also enjoyed performances by the Manchester Singout Choir and singer Julie E. Gordon. The event raised over £2,000 to help fund the ‘Mix-d: education Pack’ aimed at increasing understanding of current mixed-race issues. The education pack will help continue the work of the organisation in providing resources and material to share their expertise and give people the confidence to engage confidently with the subject. Bradley Lincoln, founder of Mix-d comments “Over the last couple of years we have worked to remove the awkward silence around this subject and the event is an extension of the work we do, we’re extremely proud to have provided a platform for mixedrace people to be present in the fashion industry and that the event was a wonderful success.” For more information log onto

H E L P M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E TO A LOCAL CHILD THIS CHRISTMAS Every year thousands of children across Greater Manchester wake up on Christmas morning with no presents. Key 103’s Cash for Kids Christmas Appeal in association with ASDA would like you to be a ‘Secret Santa’ and buy an extra present to help make a real difference to a local child this Christmas. You can drop your new and un-wrapped gift or make a cash donation at any ASDA store or at the Key 103 reception. Don’t forget we help boys and girls from birth to the age of 18 so all types of toys and gifts are welcome.

To find out which ASDA stores are involved in this years Christmas Appeal or for a list of additional drop off points please visit

WORK - 29

Would you like WorkLife to visit your working space? Get in touch by emailing We’d love to have a snoop!

The state of your office says it all, but what about when you’re working with a client’s divorces, pre-nups, child custody battles and financial disputes? We met up with Lisa Kemp, Partner and Head of the Family Law Department at Dennison Greer Solicitors to go back to the office.

THE JOB Lisa has handled over 1000 divorces in her career and has a natural aptitude for and a passion to get the maximum benefits for her clients. She has extensive experience in cases involving, Separation, Divorce, Children issues, Domestic violence, Financial Matters, Civil Partnerships matters and Pre-nuptial Agreements. She also offers a holistic service to clients, helping to put them in touch with professionals who are able to offer them further support. Lisa is a member of Resolution which means that she follows a Code of Practice which promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. She is also a member of the Greater Manchester Collaborative Law POD, an organisation committed to helping couples resolve family law issues using the collaborative process.

LOCATION, LOCATION, L O C AT I O N After qualifying in 2003, Lisa began her career at an established firm in Worcestershire before moving back to her roots in Manchester to head up the Family Law Department at a city-centre firm. Lisa joined Dennison Greer in 2009 and heads up the Family Law Department at their Castlefield office.

Dennison Greer Solicitors has recently launched the world’s first pre-nup package in partnership with Harvey Nichols Manchester. If you would like to find out more please visit or email

WE ASK What’s the best thing about working in Manchester? The tea shops in the Northern Quarter. Real little gems! What’s the favourite part of your job? Listening to a different life story every day. And the worst part of your job? Seeing clients who are going through a bad time when they’ve split up with a partner or being refused contact with their children. What’s the state of your desk? Verging on OCD tidy with a touch of post-it note mania! What do you do for lunch? Is it eat out? Or do you pack-lunch? I make salads for the summer, but in the winter there’s nothing better than the chicken noodle soup from EAT. Are you part of the twitterati? No, I’m yet to be converted! Give it time… What’s your guilty pleasure? Fish finger sandwiches with Manchester caviar (mushy peas!) How do you relax (after work)? Running 5 times per week… Oh! and chocolate… Oh! and wine….

WORK - 31

THE MARKET Packaged water has been one of the fastest growing categories over the past 10 years. In the face of an overall volume decline in 2008, driven by a global economic slowdown and a poor British summer, imported brands have suffered the most while British brands show the greatest resilience. Highland Spring produces more than 240 million bottles of water per year and in 2008 recorded a sales turnover of £54.2 million.

PRODUCT The water catchment area for Highland Spring, approximately 1,000 hectares, is certified organic by the Soil Association. The land has been kept free from pesticides and pollution for more than 20 years. Highland Spring launched new-look packaging across its range from April 2009, and the new designs vividly illustrate the brand’s organic and environmental credentials. Highland Spring remains the only bottled water brand recognised by the Eco-Management and Audit System (EMAS).

TIMELINE 1979 Highland Spring Ltd is formed

1993 Highland Spring displaces Perrier from the number one slot

1998 Highland Spring becomes the official water supplier to the World Snooker

ACHIEVEMENTS Highland Spring is the number one sparkling water brand in the UK, outperforming its nearest competitor by more than two to one. Highland Spring bypassed Volvic to be ranked second in the take-home market and was the fastest growing brand among major multiples. It remains the leading UK produced brand of bottled water. Highland Spring was the ‘most trusted’ British bottled water brand, according to consumer research.

PROMOTION 2009 saw a major development in Highland Spring’s brand communication strategy. Having successfully communicated its unique rational credentials as the first bottled water to be drawn from land certified organic, Highland Spring set out to make an emotional connection with consumers via a high profile national press campaign. Using iconic cinematic moments of ‘unconditional giving’, featuring some of Hollywood’s most treasured stars, the campaign conveyed the idea that choosing to give someone Highland Spring is an act of ‘true love’.


2001 Highland Spring becomes the first British brand of bottled water to have its land certified organic by the Soil Association

2004 Highland Spring celebrates its 25th anniversary

2006 The first national TV advertising campaign is rolled out

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Highland Spring is leading the way in communicating the benefits of bottled water and healthy hydration. A major advertising campaign spearheads this initiative. In 2009 Highland Spring acquired premium Scottish brand, Speyside Glenlivet Natural Mineral Water. Bottled at source on the Crown Estate of Glenlivet, it is drawn from Scotland’s highest spring. The brand is found in some of the world’s most distinguished hotels, from London’s The Dorchester to The Ritz in Paris.

BRAND VALUES Highland Spring is an iconic Scottish brand. The water is drawn from an underground spring in the Ochil Hills in Perthshire, Scotland. As guardian of the land, the company goes to great lengths to protect its source, ensuring the water is as pure as possible. Highland Spring is committed to protecting the wider environment and developing its business in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

2007 Highland Spring is revealed as the exclusive drinks sponsor to British tennis star Andy Murray and brother Jamie

2009 New packaging is launched and classic Hollywood stars are used to promote the water

WORK - 33



and I’ll show ‘Tell me whatyouyouhowwant, to get it

Welcome to Sharon Machon Consultants, a professional leadership and development company unlike any other. Based on internationally acclaimed teachings on the power of the mind, Thinking Into Results teaches business leaders at all levels how to unleash the potential of their most important asset - their people. Many companies in this weakened economy are fighting the same battles with some barely surviving: resources spread too thin, sales slumping and unmotivated employees fearing the loss of their jobs. Thinking Into Results is a program that presents twelve logical, straightforward and practical lessons that ensure a thriving, success-driven company culture that translates into an exceptional return on investment for your company. We believe that everyone has the power to change and become more productive and creative at work and live happier and more fulfilled lives at home. They just have to learn how to apply the power of their minds. Contact Sharon Machon to find out more or arrange your FREE consultation on 0796 837 4493 or email:

WIN WINNING WINE There’s not many vineyards who, in only their second year of production, could successfully scoop two of France’s most prestigious wine awards. Add to that the fact that the wine is harvested organically (no nasty chemicals, herbicides and pesticides) - and that it’s been enthusiastically endorsed by leading chef and author Aiden Byrne and you undoubtedly have in your hands a winning wine. Now here’s your chance to try some for yourself. WorkLife magazine and the Rejuvenate Group has teamed up with Tour de Belfort to offer six bottles of their acclaimed red wine to one lucky reader. TOUR DE BELFORT The ideal accompaniment to a meal with friends and family, this very drinkable red, made from a blend of four grape varieties, has a complexity and length that makes it the perfect partner to all your favourite dishes. And best of all, being a natural wine, you can enjoy a glass or two safe in the knowledge that because there’s no hidden additives you’re far less likely to wake up with a headache in the morning. Win! Win! The Competition All you have to do to win your own six-pack normally available direct from their vineyard via their website is answer this simple question: Which country does Tour De Belfort come from?

E-mail us with your answer to stating ‘WIN WINE’ in the subject field. The closing date is 28th February 2011.

36 - WORK

Fashion Baby, it’s cold outside Ugg Boots Special

Beauty Party Essentials New Year Best Buys

Events Mercedes-Benz Gents Evening Pop-Up Party Boutique





A N T I - W R I N K L E T R E AT M E N T




C A S T L E F I E L D C L I N I C , 5 T H F L O O R , 2 S T. J O H N S T R E E T, M A N C H E S T E R M 3 4 D A . T E L : 0 1 6 1 8 3 2 8 70 0

Guest Editor: Anna J Westerman I felt so honoured being asked to be WorkLife’s guest editor for this issue! With this being my first editor’s letter I’ve ever written I’m hoping I do it justice… A major high for me was interviewing the lovely Chloe Lonsdale of MiH Jeans, finding out what makes her tick and how she balances being a ‘yummy mummy’ with being designer and creative director of the brand. Check it out on page 25. If you - like me - struggle with remaining warm whilst looking stylish during Winter, check out the UGG’s fashion shoot from page xx for that Autumn/Winter wear inspiration. UGG boots are the perfect must have boot to battle those Winter blues. What was once thought of as a “love them or hate them” brand (I myself secretly own 3 pairs - oops) UGG’s have moved on into more subtle and classic styles and I loved seeing the new styles including sophisticated and chic buckle boots with subtle fleece lining and some outrageous yet stylish Mongolian yeti boots! As well as this, WorkLife gives you advice on how to survive those Christmas sales on page 35, which trust me, can be a bigger struggle than preparing the Turkey! With the step by step instructions you’ll be able to sales shop wisely and avoid buying any fashion faux pas. Enjoy the issue and hope your festive season is full of Christmas cheer, spending time with those that count and lots of mulled wine to fight off the cold! Anna J. Westerman If YOU would like to be a guest editor for Lifestyle within WorkLife magazine please email us at

4 6 15 17 25 35

Get all the latest goss and dates for your diary in News. Luxury Living: Selfridges share their Christmas wish list and must have items. Check out all the party essentials in Beauty. In this issue’s Fashion Story we bring the latest trends from UGG to keep you warm this winter. Guest editor, Anna J, interviews founder of MiH jeans, Chloe Lonsdale. WorkLife bring you a much needed Tutorial on how to survive the sales!

Contributors Anna J. Westerman, Natalia Colman, Shazan Qureshi, Mark Marriott, Dr Agarwal, Riverford Organic, UGG. Managing Editor Anna-Louise Gilhooley Digital Production Shazan Qureshi Guest Life Editor Anna J. Westerman Design Director Andrew Mills

This magazine is printed six times a year by Re-Publish Media Limited, which is part of The Rejuvenate Group. The contents and pictures may not be republished, reproduced or reprinted without prior written permission. The publishers are not liable for statements made or opinions expressed in this publication. While every care is taken, prices and details are subject to change and the publisher can take no responsibility for omissons or errors. No responsibility can be accepted for any breach of obligation by advertisers or claims made by the advertiser.


T R AV E L O U T F O R . . .



Christina Aguilera will make her theatrical film and musical debut as the leading character, a “small-town girl with a big voice”, who finds work at a Los Angeles neoburlesque club, inspired by Bob Fosse’s ‘Cabaret’.

Festive excitement in Liverpool is at fever pitch as Hollywood Superstar Pamela Anderson is in town! Pammie is dusting off her lamp in preparation for her opening performance as The Genie in Aladdin at the city’s Empire Theatre, which runs from Friday 10th December - Sunday 2nd January 2011. Pamela is delighted to be performing in the city and has been welcomed warmly by her scouse co-stars Les Dennis (Wishee Washee), Mark Moraghan (Abanazar), Dani Rayner (Princess Jasmine), Radio City’s Pete Price and Marc Mulcahey (Aladdin). Pamela returns to panto following her enormously successful debut appearance in the same role at the New Wimbledon Theatre last year. Now, she is set to make all of Liverpool’s Christmas wishes come true! “I had a lot of fun playing the Genie at Wimbledon last year. To me, theatre is really exciting. I never thought I would be able to do it, but I get to sing and dance and have a little fun over Christmas.” So get your 3 wishes ready, dig out your magic carpet and prepare for some fabulous festive entertainment from this star-studded cast.

The film also marks the first starring role in a decade and first musical film for Cher. She plays Tess, a former dancer who struggles to keep the nightclub open and serves as a mentor to Christina Aguilera’s character, Ali. The movie hits UK cinemas 17th December.

4 - LIFE

FASHION The WorkLife team recently enjoyed a taste of the Cheshire living at the launch of Suzanne Neville’s new eveningwear collection at their Wimslow store. Suzanne Neville is currently the top UK couture bridal label and creates a beautiful range of classic evening wear. Her dresses are ultra glamorous and fit for the red carpet - so much so that they are regularly worn by celebrities, such as Anna Friel, Alexandra Burke and Alesha Dixon as well as being commissioned for many TV shows. Suzanne Neville gowns are known for their perfect fit, with the amazing corsetry and seamstress skills giving the wearer a perfectly streamlined and feminine silhouette. Her use of carefully sourced, luxury fabrics, are all handmade into unique gowns, giving them an extra special feel. Due to popular demand, Suzanne Neville’s evening wear collection is now available to view in the Knightsbridge, Wilmslow and Guildford showrooms.



L AU N C H THE ALCHEMIST On a freezing night earlier in December we headed over to Spinningfields for the opening night of new cocktail bar and restaurant The Alchemist. The Alchemist’s amazing interior is reminiscent of a stylish, uptown New York bar and we were completely spoilt for choice regarding the vast list of cocktails and drinks on offer, plus the most sumptuous canapés. Open till 2.30am on weekdays and 4.30am on weekends and with an extensive selection of drinks and eatery, there is no place better to spend your evenings this festive season.

Perception Sales & Marketing, based in Cheadle Hulme Cheshire, recently hosted their annual media showcase in Central Manchester. Taking place at chic city champagne bar Epernay, the event brought together media and press from across the North West to admire what some of the leading hotels from Perception’s impressive portfolio showcased what they have to offer. These included foodie haven, Fishmore Hall, based in Ludlow, Shropshire, and member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst, located in Cologne.


ICE, ICE BABY Spinningfields Ice Rink - an established part of Spinningfields Management Company and Manchester City Council’s festive programme of events - is newly situated on The Avenue, Manchester’s luxury retail quarter and is open to the public until Monday 3rd January 2011. The authentic two-floored 300 capacity lodge offers the ultimate experience in service and atmosphere. The second tier is available for private parties and events and is open to the general public outside of private bookings. The ground floor is open into the night to ensure skaters and visitors to The Avenue can enjoy festive food and seasonal beverages.

Multi-coloured tree decorations// Christmas crackers// The Chronicles of Narnia// Another big freeze// FatzK jewelled over-theknee cashmere socks// Party dresses// Champagne cocktails// The clock striking 12// New Year resolutions// Gym memberships// Breakfast at Alchemist// Shopping the sales// Gents cardigans//

LIFE - 5

D E S I G N E R W O O L L I E S , S PA R K L I N G C H A M PA G N E , A P E DA L C A R F RO M A U D I A N D A W O R L D - W I D E E X C L U S I V E S U P E R - S I Z E D B OT T L E O F C H A N E L N O. 5 T H E R E I S S O M E T H I N G F O R E V E RYO N E ’ S C H R I S T M A S W I S H L I S T

Chanel No.5 Les Grands Pure Parfum £800 to £3000

Audi Pedal Car £279

6 - LIFE

John Smedley Scarf & Mittens Set £55

sponsored by

Moet et Chandon Celebration Case £365

Karl Donoghue Lambskin Earmuffs £86

Marmite Teaspoon Set £9.99

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Our first sowings of beetroot are made in February under glass, then planted out in April for picking in July. Further sowings keep us going through summer and up until November, before the first hard frosts. If harvested and stored carefully, beetroot can keep until April. When they arrive on your doorstep, store them (unwashed) in a cool vegetable rack - they should keep for several weeks. If you’re not going to use the tops, twist them off to avoid the beets going soft. You can use beetroot pretty much all year round. Roasted or boiled from fresh, it takes on a sweet earthy flavour and its vibrant colour livens up a dinner plate. For a delicious, warm winters dish try serving Jane Baxter’s simple ‘Beetroot Haters’ Soup’. Find this and other recipes in the Riverford Farm Cook Book.



S E RV E S 4


• • • • • • • • • •

2 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 potato, peeled and diced 2.5cm piece of fresh ginger, grated or finely chopped Grated zest of 1 orange, plus extra to serve (optional) Juice of 2 oranges 3 medium beetroots, cooked and cut into small dice 1.2 litres water Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper A little cream or yoghurt, to serve (optional)


Heat the oil in a large pan, add the onion and fry until soft but not coloured. Add the potato and ginger and fry for 3 minutes. Add the orange zest and juice, plus the beetroot and water, then bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes, until the potato is tender. Blend until smooth. Reheat gently and season to taste. Serve garnished, if you like, with a swirl of cream or yoghurt and a little grated orange zest.

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C O R N E R H O U S E T H I S C H R I S T M A S ! T R E AT S F O R F I L M A N D A RT L OV E R S This festive season, Cornerhouse has the ultimate treats for film and art lovers, from festive favourites, to films back by popular demand, from public choice films, to some alternatives too. Not to mention the ultimate present for loved ones - year long Cornerhouse Membership, as well as original art gifts, from limited edition framed works by artist Kim Thompson, to the annual Art Book Sale for those hard to find books.

Cornerhouse adds a touch of magic to the festive film experience with well-loved and heart warming gems for everyone, whilst also bringing you up to speed with the latest film and art offerings that will keep art lovers and film-goers in the festive mood all month-long and see them through into 2012. LOOKING BACK... ...As far as Hitchcock’s silent thriller The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927) presented with a live original soundtrack from Manchester’s, The Otto Show on Sun 12 Dec at 16:00. …On the ultimate Christmas film and Cornerhouse seasonal favourite It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). With over 760 people visiting Cornerhouse last year to see screenings of director Frank Capra’s genuinely tender and unforgettable classic, the film returns for an extended and limited time this year, running from Fri 17 - Thu 23 Dec. This one is set to book up fast! … At recent releases like The Illusionist (2010) and The Secrets in Their Eyes (2009) that adorned screens not so long ago but they were so popular we just had to bring them back!

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…To those the classics requested and voted back by audiences, including Blog readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook group members. Prepare to sit back, relax and indulge in some real cinematic greats on the big screen, including the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski (1998); Scorsese’s great, Goodfellas (1990); British romance classic, Brief Encounter (1945); and rediscover the power of truly great storytelling and follow the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz (1935). …At programme regular Matinee Classics, which also gets a sprinkling of festive spirit with hot apple cider or hot chocolate plus a mince pie on offer for just £3 to those heading to catch either Some Like it Hot (1959) or Santa Claus: The Movie (1985). Nothing says Christmas better than this! …Returning after a sell-out event earlier this year, Chris Morris, the controversial satirist, acclaimed writer/director and cult comedy icon comes back to Cornerhouse on Wed 15 Dec at 18:00. He’ll be answering those burning questions audiences missed the chance to ask last time, following a screening of his debut feature film, Four Lions - one of our most popular films of 2010!

LOOKING FORWARD... …Indulge a loved one with a Cornerhouse Membership, giving them the chance to get closer to the films and art they really enjoy. £25 for one year plus two free tickets to see any film. … If all the Christmas cheer is too much, then Cornerhouse presents an alternative - new release Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010), a macabre festive fantasy thriller that reveals a not so cuddly side to Santa - definitely not one to take your granny to! Screening from Fri 17 Dec. …Get something truly unique for those art lovers in your life and snap up a limited edition framed work by artist Kim Thompson from her series ‘Samuel and Stelma’, which are currently on display in Cornerhouse’s Café & Bar, as part of Cornerhouse Projects. This could inspire them to start their very own art collection in 2012!

…Know someone who loves books, then for all those bookworms out there, the perfect gifts, stocking fillers and art book rarities can be found at Cornerhouse’s annual Art Book Sale on Mon 6 Dec, from 11:00 - 17:00. Or pop into Cornerhouse Bookshop for a pick of film, music and art related gifts, including a postcard box-set of classic Joy Division images by Kevin Cummins, which have been hand embossed right here in Manchester, priced £22.50. …To 2012! For the first time in 25 years, Cornerhouse welcomes the New Year in style with live performances from Dr. Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band and resident DJ Abigail Ward for a New Year’s Eve Party on Fri 31 Dec, from 20:00 - 02:00. £12.50 full price or £10 for Cornerhouse members, and includes a champagne cocktail at midnight. Tickets available from Cornerhouse Café.

T H E P H A R AO H H A S A R R I V E D I N T H E U K TUTANKHAMUN - HIS TOMB AND HIS TREASURES A major exhibition of the international archaeological sensation, featuring a spectacular reconstruction of the Pharaoh’s tomb and treasures

MUSEUM OF MUSEUMS, MANCHESTER: 22 OCTOBER 2010 - 27 FEBRUARY 2011 On display in the UK is a new enchanting exhibition that allows visitors to experience ‘first hand’ the moment archaeologist Howard Carter entered the treasure-laden burial chambers of Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. ‘Tutankhamun - His Tomb and His Treasures’ carries visitors on a captivating journey through time into the lost wonders of ancient Egypt and reveals the epic story of the discovery of the forgotten tomb of the ‘Boy King’ who died under mysterious circumstances aged only 19. With the assistance of leading Egyptologists and using sketches and diary notes made by Howard Carter and original photographs taken by exploration photographer Harry Burton, three burial chambers and an extensive collection of the most important treasures of Tutankhamun have been authentically recreated. For the first time, UK audiences have the opportunity to look through Carter’s eyes and experience the amazing moment of discovery for themselves.

Over 4,000 square metres of exhibition space and state-ofthe-art multimedia technology bring to life the story of Tutankhamun and the fascinating cultural and spiritual world of ancient Egypt; its funerary cults, gods and mysterious hieroglyphic script. These include jewellery, cult objects, amulets, coffers, chests, chairs, weapons, a stunning golden chariot, large golden shrines and the iconic death mask; a rare and beautiful sight not seen in the UK since the original mask was displayed at the British Museum in 1972. ‘Tutankhamun - His Tomb and His Treasures’ has already delighted over 1,700,000 visitors across Europe and is now open at Manchester’s new ‘Museum of Museums’. ‘Museum of Museums’ is situated next to Barton Square at The Trafford Centre in Manchester - one of the UK’s largest leisure and shopping destinations.

For more information and to book tickets visit or call 0844 249 1000

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Back in its original home of Cathedral Gardens in Manchester City Centre, the North Pole Bar has plenty of lovely food and drink to warm you up on these dark winter days.

I T ’ S C O O L T O B E S E E N AT T H E N O RT H P O L E B A R Manchester’s first and finest temporary bar is the brainchild of events company Ear to the Ground, and is supported by Manchester City Council. NoChintz were appointed as interior designers on the project by Ear to the Ground. Natalie Gray, NoChintz said: “We’ve worked on lots of different installations and events with Ear to the Ground and have really enjoyed helping to create the North Pole Bar this year as we had a lot of ideas and concepts to work with. With a lot more space to play with than previous years we’ve been able to create different areas to suit the ways people want to use the bar. You can take it easy on the Chesterfield sofas with your Winter Crumble cocktail, grab some noodles in the chalet, or people watch from the bar area.” NoChintz developed the design for the North Pole Bar along with Ear to the Ground. With a 400 square metre footprint the space is split into four distinct areas, including the “Bar Humbug” featuring Victorian lamp posts, black and white stripes, old books and sweet jars plus oversized quotes from Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. Head through the icicle doorway, created using large recycled cardboard rolls to this secluded area which can now be booked for private parties, just ask for Ebenezer behind the bar. Then there’s the chalet where tables are adorned with chequered cloths, vintage ski’s, ice skates & snowshoes along with cuckoo clocks decorating the walls. The snug includes vintage Chesterfield sofas, fire surrounds complete with life-like plasma screen flames and antler lights hanging from the ceiling, while the actual North Pole bar area features snowy wooden cabins with snowflakes falling to the ground. Also keep an eye out for the family of penguins and the life size polar bear. “We are really pleased with the North Pole Bar 2010 it seems to be a big hit in Manchester again this winter, and is a great alternative to the Christmas markets” said Natalie.

NoChintz is a team of creative thinkers and designers. Its Manchester based studio offers design services across the full spectrum of residential, commercial and leisure sectors, creating interiors that their clients want to be part of. NoChintz work to improve the environments where we live, work and play, all with one common goal; making good design accessible to all. The company was set up in 2007 and is owned and run by Natalie Gray, Dominic Beardwell and Lucy Goddard. The North Pole Bar is open every day from 12 noon -11pm until 24 December 2010.

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Cosmetic surgery is now more popular than ever with plenty of reality TV shows increasing public awareness about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures. Although in the past, cosmetic surgery was only available to the rich and famous, it is now becoming popular amongst the general public. In this regular feature, WorkLife asks your questions about surgical and non-surgical procedures to offer you, our readers, the correct information and provide safer options.

Q : T H E R E A R E S O M A N Y P RO D U C T S A N D L OT I O N S O U T T H E R E , T H AT I D O N ’ T K N OW W H AT I S A N D I S N ’ T G O O D F O R M Y S K I N . D O YO U H AV E A N Y A DV I C E ? A. I would always recommend a skin analysis before buying any products, even if you know they work. The skin needs to maintain a pH of 5.5 to appear healthy, and also to be at its optimum to retain the water you drink during the day. A good skin analysis system should check five things; hydration, elasticity, pigmentation, sebum level, and the pH. By checking all of these parameters, you can start to understand your skin better, and be better educated as to how to improve your skin. If your skin isn’t hydrated or it is sun damaged, or indeed the pH is anything but 5.5, then it would not matter which products you use, they won’t have the desired effect. A skin analysis can potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

Dr Ravi Agarwal M.B.B.S M.S. is Surgeon and Medical Director at Castlefield Clinic on St. John Street in Manchester. With over 30 years of surgical experience in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, he has treated in excess of 20,000 patients. This body of work puts him among the leading surgeons in the UK, and he is here to answer some of your questions.


A. If I may say that this is a problem that is more common than you might think. So you mustn’t get disheartened by it all. Something can indeed be done. There are two causes of ‘man boobs’ or the medical term gynaecomastia. This is basically where a man has a very feminine shaped chest area. The first cause is hormonal and the breasts develop during puberty due to a hormone imbalance as you are maturing. If this is the cause, then the procedure involves removing some of this breast tissue around the nipple area, which, when it heals leaves the chest area flatter. The second cause is excess fatty tissue. If this is the case, then the simple solution is for some liposuction to remove the fatty tissue, and the skin will retract leaving the breast flat as with the previous operation. In both cases, the operation is relatively simple and the results are excellent, and more importantly, the patients are delighted to have addressed their confidence issue.

Q: I’VE BEEN THINKING OF HAVING A BOOB JOB FOR A WHILE NOW, WHAT SHOULD I BE LOOKING OUT FOR? A. In my practice, breast enlargement accounts for 50% of the number of procedures I carry out. The demand is both steady and also high, and subsequently there is a large number of providers who can perform the procedure. This makes choosing the right place to have your surgery, essential. I would say the things to look out for are; is the surgeon registered with the General Medical Council, is the clinic registered with the Care Quality Commission, can you see before and after pictures, and also can you speak to previous patients who have had the surgery before. I would also add that a key deciding factor is trust. You need to feel that the person sat in front of you is capable and worthy of your trust.

If you have any questions for Dr. Agarwal then you can email him at

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PA RT Y E S S E N T I A L S This issue, we share all you need to make your eyes sparkle and see you through the party season With the Christmas parties nearly upon us, there has never been a better time to gain some beauty tips to ensure you look and feel your best for that big night. WorkLife bring you a selection of skin and body treatments to see you through the party season.



(1) Bremenn Hylexin Serious Dark Circles (15ml) Tell tale signs of late nights taken its toll on your eyes? Hylexin Serious Dark Circles has you covered. Hylexin’s functional ingredients have been shown to reduce the appearance of dark discoloration and undereye bags, by reinforcing the thin tissues around the eyes that can exaggerate colour differences in the eye area. Price: £52.00 Available from: Urban Retreat, Harvey Nichols or (2) Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Like paillettes for your eyes. Glitter Liquid Eye Liner contains a blend of sparkling pearls to create brilliant shine and intense metallic colour-great for transforming your daytime into a party-perfect look. Price: £14.50 Available from: All Bobbi Brown counters.


(3) Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Smoldering Eye Palette From classic charcoal to rich plum to warm gold, Bobbi’s got three new ways to go all out on your eye makeup with the new Smoky, Sultry and Smoldering Eye Palettes. Each one features a base and an eye liner color plus a bold metallic and a dramatic shade of Bobbi’s new Long Wear Eye Paint. Price: £14.50 Available from: All Bobbi Brown counters. (4) Benefit Wonderland Set



The box may be adorable, but what it contains is just as exciting! You get the great Bad Gal Lash mascara, known for its volumising properties, Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation which comes in a record case style compact, and the lovely Sugarbomb all purpose blush. Price: £44.50 Available from: Selfridges, Manchester Exchange Square. (5) Overnight Repair Mask (50ml) The perfect post party mask, to keep you feeling fresh faced when you feel anything but! The Overnight Repair Mask intensely hydrates skin overnight, while tackling the signs of ageing with botanical extracts, leaving your skin with an unmistakable healthy glow the following day. Price: £43.00 Available from:

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Staying cozy and chic has never been so easy; with fabulous UGG boots in this fashion story that will have you shaking your toes for cold weather.




One of our biggest fashion statements this fall, the women’s UGG® Sheepskin Cuff Boot is sure to make you stand out. The length and curliness of the Mongolian sheep on the cuff varies from pair to pair. All boots in our Classic Collection feature a soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin and have a molded EVA light and flexible outsole designed for amazing comfort with every step.

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The women’s UGG® Lynnea has so much to offer - style, versatility, and comfort in one totally unique look. Rich leather or suede uppers and fully lined in sheepskin fleece - this boot can be worn up or down. This boot will quickly become a staple in your Fall wardrobe.

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The women’s UGG® Jillian takes a classic riding boot and adds metal embellishments and strap detailing. Combining both style and function, the Jillian offers suede uppers and a molded rubber outsole for enhanced durability and comfort.

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The women’s UGG® Kensington is a motorcycle boot with the comfort you’ve come to expect from UGG®. The upper is plush leather fully lined with genuine sheepskin, has buckle details and a signature UGG® logo metal hardware on the heel.




The men’s UGG® Haddon is new to our collection and features our latest outsole that is both durable and flexible, yet lightweight.


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The future of business networking

Rejuvenate is a community of ambitious professionals who understand the value of networking and mutually beneficial relationships in the business world. A social scene. A commercial forum. A place to do business, and have fun!

MiH Jeans’s Chloe Lonsdale has denim in her blood. Her family history and ties to the denim industry from before she was born have made it no doubt inevitable that she would one day follow in their footsteps to become the founder and designer of the MiH Jeans brand (known in the 70’s as ‘Made in Heaven’).


Words by Anna J. Westerman

History-wise, her godfather Tony O’Gorman originally created the line while her father Tony Lonsdale founded the legendary ‘Jean Machine’ in the 70’s, bringing all the famous denim brands to Britain under one roof. Through his success he eventually expanded to go on to own 150 stores in and around London. He soon became known as the ‘Blue Jean King’ and went on to meet his Blue Jean Bride in the form of Chloe’s mother Chekkie Maskell; a top 70’s denim model who went on to become the face and model for the Made in Heaven brand itself. When Chloe came along a few years later, MiH was officially the coolest jeans brand around. Synonymous for its identifiable styles of long, lean lines and cuts and classic silhouettes in solid, saturated shades of blue; the brand gave you an immediate sense of that 70’s era and became the “it” jean in London throughout the decade, even worn by huge 70’s icons and starlets such as Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett.

Oblivious of her family’s cool credentials until discovering a trunk full to the brim of the old jeans one day whilst playing in the attic with her sisters, from here the seed was planted, all these denim genes had to come to something.

With major fashion publications hailing its modern reincarnation and celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Bosworth and Jessica Biel being part of its cult following it seems Chloe has achieved her wish; MiH Jeans is the new brand of the moment.

Finally following a fashion degree at Central St. Martins and training at Nicole Farhi, 25 year old Chloe set out to revive Made in Heaven with one main goal; to re-establish it as the premium British jeans brand - and revive it she did. Initially taking the three best-selling cuts from the 70’s that still applied today and tweaking them to appeal to the modern market Chloe was able to keep the look and legacy of the company’s roots intact. Her re-launched MiH Jeans brand has a definite design aesthetic; priding themselves on using only the highest quality fabrics and the utmost attention to detail to create perfect fitting, leg lengthening jeans; timeless with a modern twist.

... continued overleaf

LIFE - 25

Anna J.Westerman finds out more and interviews founder and designer Chloe Lonsdale to discover what makes her tick… What made you decide to re-launch MiH Jeans and where did your inspiration come from? I always wanted to work in denim and watched my parents lead the denim revolution as I was growing up. I was surrounded by images of mum modelling the original Made in Heaven label in the 70’s and they just had such a sense of cool timelessness. It was the obvious starting point for my inspiration and is still the best source of it today. How did you know the time was right to make such a bold career move? I was pretty young and in hindsight I probably didn’t realise how bold it was at the time. I had worked at Nicole Farhi for two and a half years and was ready to move on. I had an amazing mentor in Roger Saul, founder of Mulberry, who liked my idea and really encouraged me to pursue it.

26 - LIFE

With the denim/fashion industry being such a big part of your childhood, did you always dream of working in the industry or did you have other aspirations as a child? In my late teens I considered a career as a marine biologist but I had always loved art and fashion, and it felt like the more natural route for me. How different things could have been! How would you describe your style? Very, very classic. I love nothing more than a pair of jeans, great quality cashmere sweater, Converse and a Mac from Vivienne Westwood. It is quality over quantity for me.

What’s the one materialistic/luxury item you couldn’t live without? Great shoes. I can’t wear cheap heels. There is something totally elevating about wearing a beautifully made pair of shoes. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Starting MiH, although as I mentioned before I’m not sure I entirely realised the level of risk at the time! I did however put everything into it I sold my house and invested it all in the business. After that I put my head down and got on with it.

Now I have a child and another baby on the way, it is a little more of a conscious effort to make sure the balance is right, especially since my husband sits at the desk next to me and manages the finances of the company.


WorkLife Magazine is an equal blend of work and lifestyle. How have you found your balance between work and your personal life? Work has become so much of my life as the office is like a growing family in itself. While the hours have been long it has never really felt like work. Now I have a child and another baby on the way, it is a little more of a conscious effort to make sure the balance is right, especially since my husband sits at the desk next to me and manages the finances of the company. We have a rule to switch off as soon as we get home in the evening and take at least one holiday a year away from it all. This Christmas it will be a far flung beach in Brazil. What has made you who you are today? My parents. I recognise more and more of them in me the older I get and elements of both. From my father: His business and finance mind; From my Mum: Her compassion and eternal optimism.

MiH Jeans are available to buy online and at various stores around the UK with an ever-growing worldwide list of stockists, including Harrods, Matches and Harvey Nichols in London and Intermix in America.

And finally, what are you plans for the future? There are so many exciting things happening with the business on a daily basis. The bench marks are always moving but launching our first e-commerce operation, and potentially a retail store, and expanding the line with ready-to-wear pieces and exclusive collaborations. That is for the next year - beyond that I need asking again!

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If you would like WorkLife to cover YOUR Events, just email

with the details

MERCEDES-BENZ: ‘AN EVENING OF PERFORMANCE’ In partner to the previous Mercedes-Benz Ladies Night organised by the WorkLife/Rejuvenate team, Mercedes-Benz Central recently hosted one for the boys in an exclusive Gent’s Night at their Manchester Showroom. Under a significantly more masculine theme, the red carpet was rolled out for an evening of performance, style and competitions as Mercedes invited you to get up close and personal with their latest cars, in particular their amazing Mercedes-Benz SLS. Guests enjoyed vocals of talented jazz and soul singer Jessica Tansey whilst, tying in with the evening’s Gent’s theme, enjoying canapés served in the delightful form of mini fish and chips, burgers and cones of chips. A variety of experts were on hand throughout the evening to further entertain the guests and cater to all their leisure needs including the chance to meet Rugby legends the Sale Sharks, the latest collection of gadgets from Bang & Olufsen as well as the latest AMG performance models and products. The likes of Elite Fitness also delivered fitness and health advice whilst Castlefield Clinic and Spa were on hand to demonstrate the perks of male skincare. As well as the range of available retail therapy, the evening’s key activities were without a doubt the inflatable driving range provided by Golftorium enabling the guests to practise their golf shot safely indoors and Manchester235’s casino tempting the guests to try their luck on the roulette wheel. Funds raised from the night’s games and competitions were charitably donated to St Francis House.

Words and photography by Anna Westerman

LIFE - 29

T H E PA R T Y P O P U P B O U T I Q U E L AU N C H Held at suite 24 in Barton Arcade, Deansgate, Thursday 2nd December marked the launch of an exciting new Manchester venture in the form of ‘The Party Pop Up Boutique’ - an eclectic mix of Manchester’s independent fashion, jewellery and contemporary designers. The night’s designers and fashion included amazing jewellery by Fatz K and cutting edge fashion by the likes of Merabi by Nadine, Pretty Disturbia and Blaq to name but a few. The focus of the evening was without a doubt Nadine Merabi’s new debut womenswear collection ‘Merabi by Nadine’. Models were on hand all night modelling the 2010-11 Winter premier collection which consisted of jaw-dropping, stunning floor length gowns with heavy embellishment that oozed Hollywood and red carpet glamour. Perfect to stand out at those fast approaching Christmas parties! The tagline read “one party you don’t want to miss” and we had to agree! The venue was jam packed with Manchester’s fashionable elite who had braved to party the night away whilst showing their support. Guests enjoyed canapés and drinks whilst enjoying the sounds of the party’s DJ and admiring the vast and diverse selection of fashion on display. Alternative festive cocktails were also on offer via the party’s own mini cocktail bar! The Party Pop Up Boutique is now open upstairs in Barton Arcade, Deansgate from 11am-6pm daily until Friday 31st December. Photos by Carl Sukonik

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T HE I M P O RTA N C E O F C U S TOM FITT I N G The game of golf has changed in many ways over last few years with particular attention towards technology of clubs being a major benefactor. Each person has a very different swing and the clubs they buy can be tailor made to match their style. You wouldn’t buy a suit before getting measured, would you?... By Mark Marriott

1 GRIP SIZE The grip width can change the way a player swings the club if fitted correctly. A thicker grip will suit larger hands and will help prevent the golf club being released to quickly in the follow through. Likewise a thinner grip can help a player release a club better if a slice is a common fault.

2 CLUB LENGTH The length of the club is linked to the consistency of the strike. If a player’s club is either too short or too long it can lead to bad posture which results in a poor spine angle and effects the way a club impacts with the golf ball.

3 LIE ANGLE This is the angle between the shaft and club head. A lie angle that does not fit the player can lead to shots being pulled or pushed with no fault in the swing itself. It can also be linked with miss hit shots because the ball struggles to make contact with the centre of the clubface due to the club not sitting correctly behind the ball.

4 SHAFT FLEX The incorrect flex of the shaft can lead to shots that go left or right or too high or too low. With a wide range of shafts available for each club the golfer can determine which shaft suits them better. Using our golf simulators this can be done very easily be measuring the ball speed of the player. With this information we can match the speed to a shaft and help produce better ball flights and lower scoring.

5 SET MAKE-UP After finding what clubs suit the player, the set make-up is looked at. This is the club the player puts into his/her bag on a round. For example the player may struggle hitting long iron, a hybrid would probably then be a better option to the player to replace their 3 or 4 iron. These clubs are designed to get the golf ball airborne quicker. Or if a player may want more options with their wedges, then the breakdown in lofts could be looked at. The player may find a large gap in distance between their pitching wedge and sand wedge, a 52° club fit in between them to bridge that gap.

These plus many more options are available to the golfer to help them improve their game. At Golftorium we offer a custom fitting service where you can get fitted up and use the measurements how you like or when purchasing a set through us the custom fit is provided free of charge. So whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out it costs no more to get fitted up correctly so why don’t you see how custom fitting your clubs can improve your game! Call Golftorium on 0161 228 0681 to book a custom fit session with Cobra’s most advanced fitting centre in the north.

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This is a commitment Mercedes-Benz’ designers and engineers live and breathe by, a commitment adhered to by retailer and after sales teams across the world, which is why the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz is not simply a statement of who you are, but of what you consider to be important - purity of design, elegant styling, safety and reliability. Today, the brand’s evolution continues under the guidance of Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz’ Head of Advanced Design Studio. They have always taken a proactive approach to creating safer and safer vehicles, and it’s not just the cars’ occupants that concern them, but any individual involved in a collision involving a Mercedes-Benz.

T H E B E S T . . . O R N OT H I N G In 1885 the townspeople of Cannstatt, Germany, were startled to see Paul Daimler, drive around on a woodenspoked two wheeler powered by a fraction of a horsepower four-cycle internal combustion engine. Shortly after Daimler applied for his combustion motor patent, Karl Benz of Mannheim, Germany, was granted a German patent covering a three-wheel motor car he also constructed in 1885. Daimler’s first four-wheeler was built in 1886. By 1890 demands for Daimler’s engine made expansion necessary and a corporation was formed, the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Benz, with several associates formed another corporation, Benz & Company, at Mannheim. The first recorded motorcar race took place in 1894 and was conducted over a Paris to Rouen course. It attracted 46 entries and the first three winning cars were powered by Daimler-built engines. A wealthy banker-sportsman Emil Jellinek was impressed by the success of the Daimler vehicles in racing competition so purchased controlling stock interest in Daimler in the early 1890’s and put nearly unlimited funds at the disposal of DMG.

In 1900 the 4-cylinder Daimler was completed and the car was named in honour of Emil Jellinek’s daughter, Mercedes. The new car was an immediate sensation. From its flaring front fenders, rakish rearward sloping steering column to the T-head type cylinder construction and twin carburettors, the new ‘Mercedes’ was a true beauty.

Daimler-Mercedes and Benz came together through financial need rather than anything else. The years prior to the First World War were disastrous for the German automotive industry; wild inflation drove the price of a new Benz to 25 million marks. In 1924, from sheer economic necessity, Benz and DMG signed an “Agreement of Mutual Interest.” The two companies merged on June 28, 1926. “The best or nothing.” A statement by Gottlieb Daimler has remained a guiding force in every car Mercedes-Benz has ever created.

In 1969 they established an Accident Research Department. This led to Mercedes-Benz owning the patent for ‘crash zones’ and it has been more than 25 years since they patented the airbag. Much of what Mercedes-Benz develops as a result of their studies becomes standard in other marques in the years that follow, so we have Mercedes-Benz to thank not only for the airbag, but for ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) too. The latest safety developments include Active Bonnet, which uses sensors to detect an imminent impact and raises the bonnet by 50mm to create an extra crumple zone in a vehicle collision. This raised level also helps protect pedestrians and reduce the force of impact. Other highlights include Attention Assist, which monitors driving behaviour and alerts the driver if there are signs they are becoming fatigued; Distronic Plus, Night View Assist, Neck-Pro active head restraints, pelvisbags and much more still in development. All this means that whether you are buying a new car or an Approved Used vehicle, you can be sure that you’re benefitting from what can only be described as an obsession for creating the best - or nothing. LIFE - 33

Specialising in all things design Manchester based Interiors Studio NoChintz offer trend focused interior design services for live, work or play. Differentiate through design.

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H OW TO S U RV I V E T H E SALES It’s sale time again and we all love a bargain but before you dash into town beware, because the sales are the time when we Brits make our biggest fashion faux pas, buying things that don’t suit us and we will probably never wear.

Report by Natalia Colman Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist t: 07775 932782

A recent survey by Churchill Insurance revealed that 23 million adults will visit the sales and purchase clothes that they will never put on their backs. This means we will each spend an average £25 on unwanted garments. The research shows that the average woman already has nine items in their wardrobe they haven’t worn in the last year. Men are almost as bad with eight garments clogging up their drawers and cupboards.

COLOURFULTHINKING Does the colour of the garment suit you? Be careful to check that a particular colour flatters your skin tone. Hold it up against your face to see if the colour makes your skin look radiant or harmonises well with your colouring. If it doesn’t then put it back.

CONSIDER YOUR SHAPE Think of the style of clothes that you already have in your wardrobe that suit your body shape and use this as your benchmark. Bootcut trousers and jeans suit everyone and are a timeless shape that will still be in fashion next season. The A-line skirt is also incredibly flattering whether you’re hourglass, apple, atheletic, petite or pear shape.

TRY THINGS ON There are a number of reasons for the unworn clothes trend - the main one given for not wearing sales buys is simply having nothing at home that matches them.

Always try on your sale items before you buy them. When the shops are crowded it’s often tempting to take the risk and try your purchases on at home.

Women are more likely to buy a garment that is too small (12%) or that they bought smaller in the hope of dieting into them but failed (4%). Nearly a fifth of women (18%) have bought high-fashion garments that they know look better on the hanger than they do in person.

Beware, as a lot of retailers will only allow an exchange rather than a refund on sale items. Check on this before you part with your money.

So here’s how to survive the sales without spending a fortune and finding some treasured bargains that will suit both your budget and your wardrobe.

FOLLOW THE THREE OTHER ITEMS RULE Ideally, everything new you buy should go with at least three other things in your wardrobe. Do a mental scan of your wardrobe before buying, or as soon as you get home with your new purchase try it on and match it with other pieces in your wardrobe. If you don’t have any items that will match there’s a strong likelihood it will become an unloved ‘orphan’ so take it right back.

INVEST IN COSTUME JEWELLERY Jewellery is often the first thing to undergo vast reductions in the sales. Since jewellery styles change each season, this time next year your sale purchases will be vintage…meaning no one else will be able to get hold of them, giving you a totally unique look. Plus jewellery always fits no matter how much weight we gain or lose!

AVOID HIGH FASHION Certain sale items are extremely high fashion and will only last one season. If you try to wear them next year they will look horribly dated. Buy trendy bargains if you must, but make sure you wear them to death before they go out of fashion.

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