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Friday 6th July 2012

Issue Number 83

The Paper That Money Can’t Buy!

Lizzy Celebrates her 100th Birthday

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East End Summer Programmes

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husband, brother etc... will never be coming home again. Violent crimes, serious assaults and complaints of youth disorder figures, have also shown a tremendous dip within the whole area and that has to be applauded. Statistics are all right to look at over the period but it is the incentives that the police are introducing that are making the big differences these coupled with a more management driven leadership have combined to reflect the results now being achieved. Many people reading this will be saying, “That’s not our area they are speaking about, as we still have problems”, of course this is very true but Strathclyde Police are continuing to work on these problems and according to Chief Superintendant Mawson inroads are being made on a daily basis. He told our reporter, “

We have a number of operations planned in the forthcoming months including, addressing AntiSocial behaviour, Violent crime and Drug Crime and make no mistake we will be relentless in addressing these issues. We will also continue to focus on alcohol related crime, youth disorder, violence and other issues we realise the community is concerned about. Another initiative that is producing results and causing havoc within the criminal fraternity is the seizure of assets from criminal activities and local projects are beginning to benefit from the cash recovered from these results”. School Campus officers have been deployed at various schools in the area and this initiative is working very well in both an educational and public relations exercise and this coupled with extra patrols,




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police off road motor cycles, plain clothed and uniformed officers have made a big impact on the gang fighting culture. The Gang Reduction Initiative Programme (GRIP) plus a specially produced DVD for use at schools are both working towards reducing violence but as normal the police are also depending on calls from members of the public to alert them to youths causing disturbances. All it takes is a telephone

by Tom Scott Pages 19 & 20

call and the police will react to these situations. Since the re-organising of the police force in 2010 Strathclyde Police have produced excellent results and with these latest set of figures they continue to do so. The great thing is, Chief Superintendant Mawson and his troops will not let complacency set in but will continue to serve and protect the residents of this area to the best of their abilities.



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Re-GEN Sport

EAST END CRIME FIGURES PLUMMET FOLLOWING a meeting between Strathclyde Police Divisional Commander Wayne Mawson and the Re-Gen earlier this week to review the crime statistics within the East End we were very pleasantly surprised to learn that serious crime figures in our area have been drastically cut. Although these figures are a vast improvement on past years Chief Superintendant Mawson stressed to us that the force is totally committed on reducing them even more. Looking at Murders and Attempted Murders in “B Division” which takes in the East End area, these have dropped by an amazing 45.8% from 83 to 45 which in real terms are people’s lives we are speaking about here. This means less families in the area are experiencing that dreaded knock on the door with officers bearing the news that their, son,

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2 Friday 6th July 2012


Need the Skills to Get That Job… ? A few places left in our exciting programmes:  NC Computing & Digital Media  HNC Computing & Digital Media  HNC Healthcare  Introduction to Creative Technologies

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Friday 6th July 2012


Local Company boosts Lizzie Celebrates her 3 Parkhead Project AMAZING WINS FOR GLASGOW 100th y MSP high3 Birthday


Friday Friday 28th 28th January January 2011 2011 Friday 28th January 2011


Care Home in Easterhouse today mmunity lifeline INDUSTRY AWARDS (Friday July), celebrates the Friday 28th January 20116th3


fantastic Friday 28th January 2011 milestone of reaching 100

AMAZING WINS FOR GLASGOW years old and the Re-Gen popped y MSP highAMAZING WINS FOR GLASGOW in to wish her many happy returns y MSP highDENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK and offer our congratulations. DENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK munity lifeline INDUSTRY munity lifeline INDUSTRY AWARDS Lizzie was born in Calton and AWARDS moved to Tollcross Road later in life

ry ry





at a localwith level. I will beto working Margaret workingthe with Margaret ensure voices of theto ensure the theall east end arevoices heardofand eastlocal end post are heard the officesand areall the local post offices are protected”. protected”.

the clinical team Dr David Cunningham comfortable and is welcoming. Heading up who established practice in Garrowhill the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham over years ago. two who 14 established hisWinning practice these in Garrowhill Awards firmly these held belief over 14 recognises years ago. his Winning two that a community dental practice, Awards recognisesbased his firmly held belief where patient relationships and practice, trust are that a community based dental key, using the latest dental technology, where patient relationships and trust are key, using the latest dental technology,

in to support Yorkhill Children’s to raising providefunds excellent patient care. Its’ efforts Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s award forECMO Best Unit Community Project. Hospital won theCharity runner-up Spring Clinic is a leader in providing award Grove for Best Community Charity Project. dental cosmetic dentistry, Spring implants, Grove Clinic is a leader in providing invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dentistry. invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dentistry.

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al e e

SNEW YW NO toOP OURhi ls W cTkI t OP CIlA EN aNS s !

where she made many friends. Her closest friend though was her sister Catherine (who sadly passed away when she was 94), and both of them used to enjoy a wee night out in the Grapes Bar in Tollcross Road The can The team team at at Spring Spring Grove Grove Clinic Clinic in in can provide provide the the same same level level of of treatment treatment where Lizzie’s Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as aatipple was a “wee The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide the same level of treatment the fantastic of winning large centre based practice. theBarrachnie fantastic achievement achievement ofis winning large city city centre based dental dental practice. Road Garrowhill celebrating options, care andBacardi” surroundings as a something she is still fond LOCAL company RJ McLeod based End of Glasgow, RJ McLeod are two of the Private Commenting, said, two offantastic the top top UK UK Private Dentistry Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, the achievement of winning large city centreDavid basedCunningham dental practice. of as the staff in Fulton Lodge will of 2010, Practice of “The worked incredibly hard to two of top namely UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Awards ofthe 2010, namely Practice of the thePlaybusters “The team team has has worked incredibly hard to in London Road Mount VernonAwards very pleased to assist Awards of 2010, namely Practice the “The team hasGrove worked incredibly hard to Year and Patient Care. ItIt was also make Spring Clinic aa fantastic place Year and Best Best Patient Care. wasof also make Spring Grove Clinic fantastic place testify. have recently boosted a Garden in their endeavours to provide Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring GroveIIClinic a fantasticthat place awarded runner up in Community for patients. am our awarded runner up in Best Best Community for our our patients. am delighted delighted that our As you can see from the picture awarded runner up in community Best Community our patients. I am delighted that ourtop Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have recognised by Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been been recognised by the the top Project in the Parkhead area Charity the local with a for new Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by the top of UK “My has of the the Year Year along along with with being being shortlisted shortlisted UK industry industry professionals.” professionals.” “My focus focus has it hasn’t“My done her any harm and by presenting Playbusters with outdoor space for gardening & The team atYear Spring Grove Clinic inshortlisted can provide the same level of treatment of the along with being UK industry professionals.” focus has for always for Most Most Attractive Attractive Practice Practice and and Best Best always been been to to provide provide excellent excellent patient patient Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, carethe and surroundings as a down for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient she puts her longevity to this The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide same level of treatment Winning the of care with the best dental a fantastic cheque of almost theTeam. recreation.’ Team. Winning the Practice Practice of the the care withbased the very very best dental advice advice and and fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre dental practice. Team. Road Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental and Barrachnie Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings as a advicetime Year and Best Patient Care Awards is aa treatment. II believe in spending with Year and Best Patient Care Awards treatment. believe in spending time with and Cream on a regular two ofYear the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said,Ponds and Best Patient Care Awards is is a manager treatment. I believe in using spending time with £12,000. Bill Devlin (Project at the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. great endorsement of the Spring my patients, fully explaining preventative great endorsement ofof the Spring Grove mypatients, patients, fully explaining preventative Awards of 2010, namely Practice of Grove the “The team hasDavid worked incredibly hard to great endorsement the Spring Grove my fully explaining preventative two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, Cunningham said, basis. Although looking like a “Film This comes about from the Year Clyde Gateway) said, “The use of Clinic teams’ commitment and treatment options them and Clinic teams’ commitment to providing andtreatment treatment options to them and Best Patient Care. Itto was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place Clinic teams’ commitment toproviding providing and options toto them and Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard toand affordable, money, community Star” Lizzie never supporting them they choose their affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their got round to awarded runner up infor Best Community for oursupporting patients. Ithem am delighted that our affordable, value for money, community asas choose their Year and Bestvalue Patient Care. It benefit was also clauses make Spring Grove Clinic athey fantastic place company working in partnership community in all based, professional family oral treatment II am very grateful to based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. am very grateful to our our Charity Project and Individual have beenplans. recognised by the top based, professional family oraland anddental dental efforts I am very grateful our awarded runner upOutstanding in Best Community for ourtreatment patients. Iplans. am delighted that our to marrying and the staff quipped that to the service.” steps to protect protect thethe service.” ark steps steps to protect service.” with Clyde Gateway to develop of Clyde Gateway’s construction of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry “My focus has in in health care, advice, support and patients for their fantastic comments health care, advice, support andtreatment treatment patients for fantastic health care, advice, support and treatment patients fortheir their fantastic comments in Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts haveprofessionals.” been recognised bycomments the top for Most Attractive Practice and Best always beenprofessionals.” to provide excellent patient that was probably the main reason to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the to an exceptionally high standard. The o Frank McAveety says “ support of our Awards application.” At the Frank McAveety says “ to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Frank McAveety says “ of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry “My focus has land at Rigby Street as a home foraward contracts has provided some thepractice Practice of the care with the to very best dental advice and winning practice prides itselfon on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic winning prides Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic foraward MostWinning Attractive Practice and Bestitself always been provide excellent patient award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinichundred. rs Privatisation Privatisation of the Royal Team. of Royal she has reached one Privatisation of the the Royal and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. I believe in spending time with Showpeople in the area. As Year part fantastic opportunities for all its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence Team. Winning the Practice of thewhich care with the very commended best dental advice and its focussed approach team were for its patient patient focussed approach which is is team were commended for excellence excellence ngle Mail Mail has the term great endorsement of efficient the Spring Grove patients, fully explaining preventative has long term always courteous, and across the forfor the state of of Mailof has the longlong term Lizzie worked with Glasgow firm Year and Best Patient Care Awards isfriendly, afriendly, my treatment. Iall believe incategories, spending time with always courteous, and across all the categories, the state always courteous, efficient and friendly, across allofof of the categories, for the state of thethe community benefit clause sorts ofefficient groups inluxurious, the East End. Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to being them and within surroundings thatare areluxurious, the and a team who strive andthreat threat to jobs services great endorsement of the Spring Grove fully explaining preventative set within surroundings that the art facility, and being a team who strive to and services setset within surroundings that are luxurious, my patients, theart artfacility, facility, and being a team who strive threat to jobs jobs andand services George Boyd and Company at affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts teams’ commitment to providing andRigby treatment options to them and care. which Cldelevel. Gateway operate Clinic local We are delighted thatup localat at a local I will comfortable and welcoming. Heading to excellent patient comfortable andfamily welcoming. Heading upthe to provide provide excellent patient care. Its’ Its’ efforts efforts level. II will be at aa local local level. will be be based, professional andCunningham dental treatment plans. I am grateful to our the clinical team is Droral David in raising funds tovery support Yorkhill Children’s affordable, value for is money, community supporting them as they choose their Fielden Street Barrowfield packing the clinical team Dr David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s the clinical team is Dr David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s to protect the service.” Office steps working with Margaret to and projects can benefit greatly Street contract has provide such a health care, advice, support and treatment forplans. their fantastic comments established his practice indental Garrowhill patients Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up based,who professional family oral and treatment I am very grateful toinour working Margaret to working with Margaret to who established his in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won runner-up who established his practice practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the the runner-up steps to with protect the service.” telephones (not the mobile type an exceptionally high standard. The support of application.” At McAveety says “of the toldto over years ago. Winning these two Playbusters award forAwards Best Community Charity Project. on is Frank ensure the of voices health care,14 advice, support and treatment patients forour their fantastic comments in the Andy Gillan RJof McLeod the fantastic spin-off for over 14 ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity Project. ensure the voices the over 14 years years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity ensure the voices of the award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Project.ones that seem Frank McAveety says “ of the Royal Post Privatisation east end are heard and all but the big massive Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing Re-Gen, a national company and everyone who will team go on tocommended its patient focussed approach is were for excellence that a community basedwhich dental dental implants,the cosmetic dentistry, award winning practice prides itself onpractice, Awards presentation, Spring Grove Clinic end are heard and east end are‘As heard and all all Privatisation of the Royal Mail haslocal the long term e we east the post offices are acourteous, based dental practice, dental implants, that a community community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, always efficient and friendly, all of commended the categories, for the dentistry, state of family where patient relationships and trust are across invisible braces, tooth whitening and tocosmetic have disappeared now). In the itsthat patient focussed approach which is team were for excellence working alllong overterm Scotland use and enjoy the new Parkhead the local offices are the local post offices are andset Mail has the where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, within surroundings that arefriendly, luxurious, artdentistry. facility, and beingtooth a team who strive d threat to post jobs and services where patient relationships and trust are are the invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family key, using the latest dental technology, essary protected”. always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, forwhitening the state ofand year Lizzie was born here are a comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to excellent patient care. who Its’ efforts key, using the latest dental technology, protected”. key, using the latestthat dental technology, dentistry. local ties Community Garden.” y protected”. set within surroundings are luxurious, theprovide artdentistry. facility, and being a team strive d threat tostrong jobs and services al at awith local level. I will be to the East

few things that took place like, The Titanic sank, Captain Oates of the Scott of the Antartic expedition said “I’m just going outside; I may be away some time”. The first Electric Blanket was invented, Rangers won the Scottish League and Falkirk beat Raith Rovers 2 -0 in the Scottish Cup Final. Petershill won the Junior Cup and in England it was Barnsley who beat West Bromwich Albion to win the English Cup. Local Councillor

Maureen Burke joined Lizzie’s family at a wee pre-birthday party earlier this week (so that we could include Lizzie in this week’s paper). Lizzie looks as though she could be with us for another 100 years given her health and her great outlook on life. This is one girl who certainly deserves her new “Page Three Status”. Many Happy Returns Lizzie from everyone at the Re-Gen.


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ready to face them you may be left a little bewildered and stagnant, now is the time to decide what and who you still want around and to begin making steps towards changing unpleasant situations, just remember to think before you leap or speak as you’re not always known for diplomacy.

Su(21bApril Taurus st- 21itMay) u

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te There xxxxxxxxx may be times this month when xxxxxxxx you feel as everything is getting too your comp but please let me re-assure slipsmuch, you, you have the ability to overcome & upgrad you may have to face e allup difficulties, to personal issues, again listen to your flyer advice you give others as this will s to the benefit you too. 500 21 June) Gemini (22 May -0 Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec) I know that all saying all work and no play! But this month is all about opportunities at work, or new enterprises, things that you are passionate about, success can be yours if you are on the ball, there are major changes coming and also reviews of how you may have handled you money in the past but a new you is immerging a more fragile you?

Some xxxx of you are looking for work and may go back to your roots and use skill you learned a long time back for a current post, there are some surprises along the way with Jupiter in your sign it is bringing luck to your door, you have many thought and ideas of how to get your life going, now is the time, what are you waiting for.

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You seem to be creating a monster xxxxxxxxx where work is concerned, you are seeing challenges as problems, can I ask that you stop and look at your current situation as you have the ability to achieve all you set out too, it is important to look at your emotional state as I think you have a case of the green eyed monster, stay put until confusion settles.



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xx Decisions need to be made around a working relationship, although you are normally laid back and happy go lucky when it comes to work, someone has pushed you to the edge, remember to put your best foot forward, remain calm and get your point over, try not to down tools and walk away.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

You welcome responsibility and at times xxxxx you thrive on it, this month is about striking the right balance, try to avoid oppressing others and remain tactful under stress, delegate workloads and remember you need some free time too! Some of you may hear new regarding finances, and there could be some money coming your way.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

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• 1 Cup of long grain white rice • 2 tbsp Olive oil • 1 large clove of garlic crushed • 1 tbsp dried thyme • 1 finely diced onion • 1 fresh lemon or 3 tbsp lemon juice • 2 cups of boiling water Fry the onion and garlic in the olive oil. Add the rice, lemon juice and thyme fry for 2 min stirring continuously. Add the boiling water, reduce the heat and cover pan with a lid and simmer for 10-15 min until rice is tender and the liquid has been absorbed. Leave to stand for a few min before serving.


• Lettuce • Tomatoes • Cucumber • Onions • Black olives • Feta cheese • Olive oil • Lemon juice • Salt and Pepper

Roughly chop all ingredients to the same size .drizzle with the olive oil and squeeze the juice of a whole lemon on it. Season well and toss before serving. ** calorie counters omit the cheese.

~ KLEFTIKO (Roast Lamb) ~ • 1 boned shoulder of lamb • 1 cup of olive oil • 3- 4 finely sliced cloves of garlic • 1 lemon • Bunch of fresh rosemary • Salt and Pepper Heat the oven to 220c. Pour some of the olive oil in a large pan and brown the meat on all sides. Put meat in a heavy lidded casserole dish and make some slits in the meat with a sharp knife and insert the garlic slices. Srinkle with the lemon juice and herbs, season and cover. Roast in the oven for about 20-25 min. Reduce the heat of the oven to around 180c and continue to cook for around 30 min per pound. Once meat is cooked remove from oven and let stand for 15-20 min before carving. Serve with rice and salad or you could roast some potatoes.

~ BAKED FIGS WITH HONEY AND GREEK YOGHURT ~ • Allow 2 fresh figs per person • Lemon juice • Large tub of natural Greek yoghurt • Jar of honey Quarter each fig without cutting the whole way through, and fan out a little. Place figs in a roasting dish , sprinkle with a little lemon juice and roast I n a hot oven for 10-15 min. Top with the yoghurt and drizzle with the honey to serve.

Friday 6th July 2012


Strawberries and Cream from a Terrific Team The Staff and Pupils at Mount Vernon Primary School held a special assembly recently to present a magnificent cheque to Breast Cancer Care following a couple of tremendous ideas of raising money for this great cause. Pupils from the school held, amongst other things, a Strawberry Tea event which went down well and the staff entered the Ignis Asset Management 10K road race and were sponsored by Parents Friends and Relatives, enabling both events to raise the grand total of £4,309.73p The Cheque was presented to Christine Turkington of the Breast Cancer Care Charity at the school assembly last week. One of

the teachers at the school is unwell at the moment and the school wanted to show their support by raising funds for this important charity. Along with teachers Alison Barr and Laura McAra and support assistant Ann Marie Sharp, the young people carefully planned a full morning of “Pink Activity” guaranteed to raise as much money as possible. They approached many local businesses and were taken aback by the response. Frankie and Benny’s in the Fort at Easterhouse agreed to sponsor a Strawberry Tea and supplied strawberries

and cream for 200 people as well as balloons, raffle prizes and of course their own personal time to help out. There were also stalls and games at the event with many taking part in either “Hook a Duck” or “Beat the Goalie”, getting their faces painted and hair sprayed and the culmination was a balloon release. The whole event was a tremendous success and raised £3,100 while the staff running team raised over £1000.00. All in all this was a fantastic way the school supported one of their own whilst raising much needed funds for the Charity. Well Done Everyone involved in this great initiative.


Shettleston Housing Association receive £190,000 Award Shettleston Housing energy advisers. In this way, Association is delighted to the advice given will benefit have been awarded £190,000 from local knowledge and can from the Climate Challenge be specific and targeted. Fund to roll out an energy Over the 33 month funding advice project in the local area. period the project will aim to The Shettleston Energy reach over 500 households Advice Project will employ two through individual home energy efficiency advisers who visits and to spread the will visit residents in their own energy reduction message homes to give information, to a further 500 through a advice and assistance on series of information days energy efficiency and carbon and special events. Speaking reduction measures. about the Climate Challenge The principal aim will be to Fund award, Shettleston help households reduce their Housing Association Director, energy consumption in their Chris Cunningham said: “The homes but the project will Association has for a long also aim to bring about other believed it could do more to behavioural changes that will address fuel poverty in our result in a reduction in carbon area, as well as contributing to emissions. Reduced energy the carbon reduction agenda. consumption means reduced This funding will allow us to do energy costs and tackling fuel just that.” poverty will be at the top of the agenda. Working in partnership with local community group, the Shettleston Community Growing Project, itself a previous recipient of Climate Challenge Fund support, the new project will also recruit local volunteers who will Results from previous award given to work alongside the Community Growing Project

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors Glasgow’s leading independent funeral directors Anderson Maguire have just opened another funeral home in the East End. Located at 658 Alexandra Parade, close to the Royal Infirmary. the new facility bridges the gap between the firm’s funeral homes in Springburn Way and Shettleston Road. “We have a large number of families in the Garngad, Townhead and Riddrie areas who use the company when they have a bereavement and this will be more convenient for them” said Angela Maguire, part of the management team at Anderson Maguire’s head office. ”More families than ever are now using our company. They recognise that we offer to very high level of personal service at a very moderate cost, something which is very important to families especially in the current economic climate” said Angela

“How Glasgow Say’s Goodbye” KEPPOCHILL 189 Springburn Way, Glasgow G21 1DU Tel: 0141 558 7345

DENNISTOUN 658 Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun G31 3BU Tel: 0141 554 4888

SHETTLESTON 1083 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G32 7PE Tel: 0141 763 1122

For immediate help call 0141 423 4400 at any hour.

The Alexandra Funeral Home is the fourth facility the company has opened in the last 3 years with others currently being planned. “As a family business we are focused on providing the best care and attention to families at a difficult time. We have invested continually in everything from staff training to our top of the range Jaguar hearses and limousines” said Angela, the next generation now involved in the running this family concern. ”We now have ten locations throughout the city all providing compassionate assistance to families on a local basis. We take care of absolutely everything from contacting the clergy or officiant, arranging the crematorium or cemetery, inserting paper notices right through to organising the catering and all at a moderate cost” To help enhance the level of personal attention on offer at their East End funeral homes Anderson Maguire has appointed Tollcross man Christopher Bradley as the funeral director dedicated to working across the three funeral homes. Christopher who has been based at the company’s head office for the past couple of years is a well known face in the East End. Reared on Tollcross Road he attended Wellshot Primary school before going on to Eastbank Academy. Says Christopher “I learned a lot about people and how to look after folk when I worked at one of the East End’s best known establishments Honest Johns on Braidfauld Street. Even in a very simple way I learned things there which have stood me in good stead during my life and which are invaluable now.”

6 Friday 6th July 2012


Views Sought on how Offenders can The Hidden face Payback for their Crimes of Jim Nelson GLASGOW is being asked on how offenders should be put to work to payback communities affected by crime. Last year 174,000 hours of unpaid work was ordered to be undertaken by offenders who had been sentenced to a Community Payback Order in Glasgow. Work included shovelling snow, clearing parks of litter, repairing community facilities as well assisting individuals and groups. But to ensure the greatest possible reparation for the harm caused by crime, Glasgow’s Community Justice Authority wants to hear suggestions from groups and individuals across the city on where unpaid work can make the biggest difference. The Authority has already set the ball rolling by holding a consultation event with sixty different community councils, faith groups and elected members, all of whom came forward with ideas on how can offenders can be best put to work. Bailie Elaine McDougall, Convenor of Glasgow’s Community Justice Authority, said the initial session had been very positive with many good suggestions being made,but so that public can see sentences are being served and that justice is being done, she believes it is vital as many groups and individuals offer their opinion on what work can be done through Community

Payback Orders. She told the Re-Gen, “The Community Payback Order, and in particular unpaid work, is there to help communities. It is a real sentence, a punishment, and staff within Social Work, alongside those organisations which supervise work in the community, make sure it is a sentence. They also work with the offender to use the sentence to address problems linked to their behaviour, to improve skills and where possible, improve employability, making it less likely that someone will reoffend.” “I am not complacent and so I am pleased to open a public consultation on unpaid work. We want to hear from as many groups as possible on how we use unpaid work in Glasgow to improve our communities while making sure offenders know they have served a sentence. The people of Glasgow should get involved and express their views.” One community organisation that makes extensive use of offenders is Glasgow Easterhouse Supporting Hands (GESH), which provides activities for disabled children and senior citizens among other things. Group chair Maureen Ferrie says GESH was able to refurbish its Garthamlock centre through people serving community sentences and they continue to contribute the

We supply and install better bathrooms

upkeep of the much used facility. Maureen said: “We just set them to work. There is no shortage of things to do around the centre. A lot of people use the centre and we have to make sure it is clean and tidy at all time. The people on community sentences really work and we keep them on their toes, that’s for sure. “But we also get folk like joiners and electricians coming to us as well and we always look to make use of their skills.” Working at the centre also has a positive impact on those who undertake their unpaid work with GESH. Ex-offender Michael is now a volunteer with Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands after serving his sentence under Maureen’s direction. He said “I



We offer a unique & spec ialist full installation & fitting service.

SAATLHE FULL B ROOM N O W S U O P P L IE up to 3 DN 0% of&f ouFrITfT D FOR uE lly fi tte b OaNtLY hro£o3m 99s5d * subjec t to survey



Hanson Street, Parade, F U R N I4b TU RE • S U I T EAlexandra S • I N S TA L L AT I O N Glasgow G31 2JW

The Point Retail Park, Saracen St, Glasgow 0141 551 0000 OPEN 6 DAYS 0141 332 1456 Open 7 Days BRING YOUR ROOM SIZES FOR AN INSTANT QUOTE

have served time in prison and had other sentences, but this time, by working in my community, things were different. It was worrying at first, but then I got involved and saw the difference my work made. I felt proud and was treated with respect for my efforts. After my Community Payback Order finished, I continued volunteering and things are different in my life.” Community Payback Orders were introduced in February 2011 as part of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 and as a replacement for the traditional Community Service sentence. The CPO provides sentences with a range of options from which they can choose the most appropriate requirements. These include unpaid work or other activities, offender supervision requirement, compensation requirement, programme requirement, mental health treatment requirement, drug treatment requirement, alcohol requirement, residence requirement and conduct requirement. A sentence of unpaid work will be for between 20 and 300 hours and will need to be delivered within three to six months. In Glasgow sentenced offenders are managed by Glasgow City Council’s Social Work Services with unpaid work directly supervised by Glasgow Community and Safety Services, SACRO (Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders and GESH (Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands). A proportion of offenders may also undertake unpaid work through individual placements, for instance helping out at lunch clubs or church groups, or in charity shops. Glasgow Criminal Justice Authority is one of eight similar authorities across Scotland and has the overall responsibility for planning, co-ordinating, monitoring and reporting on criminal justice services in the city. Glasgow CJA aims to reduce re-offending, improve the management of offenders and create safer communities. Views should be sent to the Community Justice Authority at. Glasgow Community Justice Authority, Suite 4(a) 4th Floor, 101 Portman Street, Glasgow G41 1EJ. Tel No: 0141 287 0916 CommunityJusticeAuthority@

Jim with his nine month beard CHAMPION fund-raiser Jim Nelson of Denmilne Street Easterhouse was on call again last week to raise cash for another worth-while charity as he had his beard shaved off yet again this time for the RNIB charity. Jim has, over the past 21 years, (as far as I can remember

Centre Manager Renia Tysler told our reporter, “ I always look forward to a phone call from Jim saying he is planning to get L&R Hair studio to remove his beard as I know yet another good cause is getting much needed cash for their funds.” Looking back the Re-Gen (and

Jim (Cleanshaven) with Barber Bob taking the first pic of him in the old Casbah in Lochend Road), been raising funds for countless charities throughout the East End of Glasgow. Many people know Jim yet for a part of the year they walk past him as they don’t recognise him without his trademark beard and this due to him being clean-shaven prior to beginning yet another fund –raising quest. Shandwick Square Shopping

the original Gen), must have taken countless photos of Jim as he raised cash through sponsorship from his facial hair and although he told us to concentrate on the charities sorry Mr Nelson on this occasion we felt it was high time you got the recognition you deserved for all your efforts over the years. Long may you continue to help others, (and save on after-shave). Well done Jim Nelson.

Jim and some of those who sponsored the “Shave-in” at Shandwick Square Shopping centre


Friday 6th July 2012

Spooning in the Athlete’s Village

AS the Brickies, Joiners, Plumbers and Sparks toil away to get the houses ready for the influx of Athletes to the Commonwealth Games in 2014, they certainly need sustenance on a daily basis and thanks to Katrina Andrews they are getting, not only a hot meal but also their, five-a-day fruits on site. Katrina has just opened the new Spoon Cafe on site at the Springfield Road development which will cater for around 600 workers daily. Katrina had been unemployed for around 6 months prior to getting in tow with Unity Enterprises (a Glasgow based company which provides training,, work experience and employment

for young people with disabilities and other social disadvantages). Unity Enterprises were awarded the contract via the Glasgow City Council’s Business Portal which advertised the catering contract. Joining Katrina at the opening were Archie Graham(Executive Member for the Commonwealth Games) and Calum Murray of City Legacy who are overseeing the development in the Dalmarnock area. Councillor Graham told the Re-Gen, “ I am delighted that the Spoon Cafe will provide catering to the workers building the Athletes Village. This shows that all types of local individuals and organisations are sharing in the social and economic legacy


of the Games. We have always aimed to involve as many people, businesses and organisations in the Games because this way we can ensure the greatest benefit possible for the city.” Katrina was out of work for 6 months whilst looking after an infirm relative and she was delighted to get a chance with Unity Enterprises. She told the Re-Gen, “It’s great to be employed again and it’s really rewarding to support some of my colleagues with learning difficulties. I feel like Unity Enterprises has helped me and now it’s like I’m giving something back. I love coming to the Athletes Village every day and being involved in such an exciting project.”

Fuse Host Open Night SHETTLESTON based Fuse project recently hosted an Open Night in the premises within the former Sheiling Public House in Shettleston Road. Fuse Manager Gerry Baldwin (who has basically brought the project back to life), introduced the team from H4U with whom the kids at Fuse have been working closely with and they detailed everything they are jointly working on health-wise. Youth Worker Donna Sanderson then spoke about how she is interacting with Fuse on the Social Enterprise side and Denize McBride spoke






on the tremendous work the volunteers are doing with the project and the way more and more people are volunteering. There was then a presentation of awards ceremony where Councillor Frank McAveety handed out various awards including one for the club pool champion donated by Kenny Blythe. Gerry Baldwin then gave a synopsis of what the club was aiming to do in the next few months and he then handed over

to Liz McNeil (Chairperson of Fuse) who praised the work Gerry and the team

were doing and she told the audience she had high hopes that the club

would go from strength to strength under his leadership.


Come Hither Restaurant The Home of Good Food

First class produce • Free Mini-bus service

COME Hither Tae Yer Mither - For a good, wholesome home cooked meal just like your mother used to make then “Come Hither Restaurant” is the place to be. Fresh, local produce is sourced daily to ensure quality at an affordable price. Situated within Chapman’s Lounge Bar in Gartcosh just a ten minute journey from the East End. Chapman’s Lounge Bar also has entertainment on every Saturday night. Come Hither is a family run business, the hosts Ellie, Colin & Michael would like to welcome you to taste the excellent fare made to order fresh by Duncan an experienced chef. The team has well over 50 years experience in the hospitality industry and jointly with the team at Chapman’s Bar you are guaranteed excellent food and hospitality. For your convenience Chapman’s Lounge Bar operates a free mini bus service which is available to pick you up bring to the restaurant, enjoy a few drinks in the bar and drop you back home again in the evening.

Come Hither Restaurant

July Daytime Offer 12 noon – 5pm Child main meal free when eating with adult. 1 adult main = 1 child main free. Please bring this voucher with you.

C/O Chapman’s Bar 5 Whitehill Terrace Coatbridge Road Gartcosh G69 8DR Tel:07702519819

Come Hither Restaurant

July Evening Offer 5pm – 9pm Order 3 course meal & receive your starter or dessert FREE Please bring this voucher with you. Terms and conditions:- Lowest priced item free

8 Friday 6th July 2012


Friday 6th July 2012


k r a P a r d n a x e l A Sat 28 July 12pm – 4pm Live Wrestling Show

Scottish wrestling’s finest will battle it out for the Glasgow East 2012 Title Belt. Zumba Demonstrations • Sailing in the boating pond • Live music from the Tenements, The Nudists, George McIntosh PLUS MUCH MORE Urban Fox Mountain Bike Assault Course • Football Donut • Glitter Tattoos • Hair & Nails Tea Tent • Market • Confectionary • Home Baking • Toys • Arts and Crafts • Flowers. (Market runs from 11am – 4pm)

Community Stalls – Flower arranging • reptile zoo GHA Big Red Truck & Fun Activities Bike Station – Dr Bike and a bike swap. To big for your old bike? Bring it to the Bike Station and we will swap it for a bigger and better one for FREE Pony Trekking • Balloon Modeling • Caricaturist Glasgow Life Spot V Stripes Reidvale Youth N Action Sports and Games Glasgow Community Safety Services CCTV van PEEK Arts and Craft Platform – Art Attack – Help save the princess and paint the new Alexandra park Castle. (with live drama performances for the children) Milnbank HA prize stalls and giveaways ban The Ur



10 Friday 6th July 2012


The Dalmarnock Centre

3 Lily Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow G40 3HE





Monday 2nd July


Hamilton Water Palace

12.30 -4.00pm

Tuesday 3rd July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Wednesday 4th July


Springfield Quay

12.30pm – 4.00pm

Thursday 5th July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Friday 6th July

Drop in Day Out

Glasgow Green


Monday 9th July

Drop In

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Tuesday 10th July


Parkhead Forge


Wednesday 11th July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Thursday 12th July


Bellahouston Ski Centre


Tuesday 17th July

Drop In

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Wednesday 18th July

Drop In

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Thursday 19th July


Motherwell/ M&Ds


Friday 20th July

Drop in Day Out

Tollcross Park


Sunday 22nd July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Monday 23rd July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre

Tuesday 24th July

Water sports

Strathclyde Park


Wednesday 25th July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Thursday 26th July

Ayr Beach

Ayr Beach

Monday 30th July


Time Capsule


Tuesday 31st July

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Wednesday 1st August

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Thursday 2nd August

Safari Park

Blair Drummond Safari Park

Sunday 5th August

Drop in Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Tuesday 7th August

Drop in Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Wednesday 8th August


Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Thursday 9th August

Drop In Club

Dalmarnock Community Centre


Friday 10th August

BBQ/Fun Games & Activity Day

Dalmarnock Community Centre/ Dalmarnock Playpark


W EE K 1

W EE K 2

W EE K 3

W EE K 4

W EE K 5

W EE K 6

Sunday 12th August

Residential – New programme, Futures Forum, New issues that affect young people.

ban The Ur




Tel: 0141 556 4776

Friday 6th July 2012


Street Play Sites


Sessions will run from the 9th July and will end 10th August 2012 Monday Tu

Active East is working with local sports clubs and community organisations to provide young people with the chance to get involved with a variety of sports and physical activities across the East of Glasgow this summer. There are sessions on every week across the summer holiday for young people aged 9-12 of all abilities. Please find details below on what is on at Helenslea Community Hall or visit for details of other sites.

Active East- Summer Programme

Bridgeton Play Park 3.30 - 5pm in partnership with Playbusters Street 3.30 - 5pm

Cadder, Skirsa Square 3.30 - 5pm in partnership with Depot Arts

All sessions run from 1-3pm unless stated otherwise. Registration forms can be found of the back of flyers that will be distributed to all partners.


For further information email

Site 1: Glasgow Club Haghill and Alexandra Park

Site 2: RAPA

Site 3: Helenslea Hall/ MUGA

Site 4: Cranhill Beacon

Site 5: Fuse and Budhill Park









































Glasgow Fair Holiday

















Spaces avilable at Shettleston Harriers athletics camp at East End Healthy Living Centre. Registration required, please email for more information.












































Provanmil l Molendin ar Park 4.00 - 5.30 pm in partner ship with St Pauls Youth Forum

Haghill, Walter Street 3.30 - 5pm in partnership with St Andrews East Parish Chu rch Cranhill, Lamlash Square 5.30 - 7pm

STREET PEEK o perates on a n ‘open access’ principle m eaning t hat children are free to come and go as they please. PEEK is not a child care provider therefore is not responsible for the children. troubled we would take appropriate action but we are not registered to ‘look after’ children.

Tel 0141 552 5757 Email Address: Gallowgate Parish Church, St. Luke’s Building 17 Bain Street, Calton, Glasgow, G40 2JZ Twitter Football Basketball Arts & Crafts Tennis Outdoor Games & much more



Barmulloch, The Mugga 4.00 - 5.30pm in partnership with Wallacewell Parish Church

Calton Pla y Park 4.00 - 5.30 pm

3.30 - 5pm in partnership with SCYP



Cranhill, Strone Road 4.00 - 5.30pm in partnership with Playbusters













Riddrie, Lethamhill Park 4.00 - 5.30pm in partnership with Playbusters

Summer 2012 Football Camp Book up NOW for Hub Sports Football Camp on the following dates: Tuesday, 10th July, Wednesday, 11th July, Thursday, 12th July Times: 10am to 3pm (each day) Age: 8 to 14 yrs old Costs £5 for participation in all 3 days or £2 per day or Family Option, if more than 2 people attending in the same family for the full 3 days max. £12

Sign up at HubSports!

(Please note: all interested must sign up by Monday, 9th July)

Summer 2012 Basketball & Hoopla Challenges Not sure what you’re going to do over summer??, Why not try Basketball?? Sign up for the 4 weeks or just come to one or two: Day: Thursday Dates: 5th July, 19th July, 26th July, 2nd August, 9th August Time: Under 12’s – 1200 to 130pm Over 12’s – 1.30pm to 3pm Cost: £3.50 (all 4 weeks) or £1 (per session) Ending with a Tournament on Thursday 9th August and winners will be presented with trophies at the Gala Day on 11th August!







The Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, Wellhouse, Glasgow, G33 4LA Tel: 0141 781 2132 Email:


Friday 6th July 2012

x o F n a b E r M U M A e ThMMER PROGR SU


The Urban Fox Programme encourages kids of all ages and from all areas in the East End to mix together in breaking down barriers, whether territorial, religious or racial. Experienced team leaders and volunteers make it a point to encourage the kids to take part in activities, thereby fulfilling the undoubted potential each young person has.






Tue 3rd July to 14th August

Helenslea Community Hall

Drop - In Drop - In Bridgeton Community Learning Campus Fox Cubs

3.30 - 5.30 6.30 - 9.00 3.30 - 5.30

5 - 11 12 -16 5 -11

Wed 4th July to 15th Aug

Ruchazie Community Hall Helenslea Community Hall

Sports Foxy Dancers Wacky Wed

2.00 - 4.00 6.00 - 8.00 6.30 - 8.30

10 + 5 -16 5 - 11

Thurs 5th July to 16th Aug

Barlanark Community Centre Helenslea Community Hall Dalmarnock Community Centre

Sports Football Skills Foxy Dancers

2.00 - 4.00 4.00 - 6.00 6.00 - 8.00

10 + 5 -11 5 -16

Fri 6th July to 17th August

Helenslea Community Hall

4.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 4.00 6.00

5.30 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 5.30 9.00

8 - 11 12 -16 12 -16 12 -16 12 -16 8 - 11 12 -16

Sat 7th July to 11 August

Helenslea Community Hall Tollcross YMCA

6.00 - 9.00 6.00 - 9.00

12 -16 12 -16

Drop Drop Bridgeton Community Learning Campus Drop Tollcross Youth Centre Drop Cranhill Beacon Drop Carmyle Community Centre Drop

t c a t n o C s l i a t e D


In In In In In In

Drop -in Drop -in



For further information and registration for activities contact Michael McCourt

0141 556 1195 In partnership with

Friday 6th July 2012

Football Camps 10.30 - 12.00, 1.00 - 2.30 for 5-11 yrs 17th Jul, 18th Jul, 19th Jul, 6th Aug, 7th Aug, 8th Aug, East End Healthy Living Centre

Old Firm Alliance Football Programme

Celtic Training Ground 1.00pm - 4.00pm for 12 to 16 yrs 2nd Jul , 3rd Jul, 5th Jul, 9th Jul 1.00pm - 4.00pm for 12 to 17 yrs 10th Jul, 12th Jul

20th Jul, Wacky Weds Trip, 9am - 4pm, 5-11 yrs 10th Aug, Wacky Weds Trip, 9am - 4pm, 5-11 yrs Smithycroft Secondary School

11th Jul, Trip Out, 10am - 3pm, 8-11 yrs 17th Jul, Heads of Ayr, 9am - 4pm, 5-10 yrs 8th Aug, Blackpool Trip, 7am - 11pm, 12-16 yrs

5th July, Tollcross, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 7th July, Bridgeton 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 12th July, Cranhill, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 18th July, Dalmarnock, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 21st July, Helenslea, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 25th July, Dalmarnock, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 26th July, Calton, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 2nd August, Carmyle, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 4th August, North, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs 9th August, Helenslea, 9am - 3pm, 12-16 yrs

Multi Sports programme at Helenslea Hall 1.00 - 3.00pm, 9-12 yrs (Basketball, Rugby League, Rowing, Mountain Biking and Athletics)

Wacky Wednesday’s Trips Out

Mountain Biking

Active East

To register for events contact Michael McCourt @ Helenslea Community Hall. Call 0141 556 1195 Spaces Limited.

Celtic Training Ground, Lennox Town 4th July, 1pm - 3pm, 12- 16 yrs Celtic 6th July, 3pm - 4pm, Murray 11th July, 1pm - 3pm,

Park Tour, 12 - 16 yrs Park Tour, 12 - 16 yrs Ibrox Tour, 13th July, 3pm - 4pm, 12 - 17 yrs

Golf Camp 23rd, 24th July, EEHLC, 11am - 2pm, 12-16 yrs 25th July, Golf Trip, 9.00am - 4.00pm

Residential Badaguish, Aviemore 10th - 13th July, 12-16 yrs

Silver D of E

13th, 14th, 15th July, Silver D of E (Practice) 13th, 14th, 15th August, Silver D of E

All Services FREE of Charge


Paddle in the Park 19th July, 10am - 12pm/2pm - 4pm Age 12 +, Hogganfield Loch

Events 28th Jul, Alexandra Park, 12pm - 4pm 28th Jul, Sprire Veiw Housing Assocation - Community Day, 12pm - 4pm 29th Jul, Barlanark, 12pm - 4pm Nails, Hair, Glitter, Tatts and Bikes 3rd Aug, The Bidge Family Day, 12pm - 3pm 4th Aug, Calton Fun Day, 12pm - 4pm 5th Aug, Cranhill, 12pm - 4pm 9th Aug, BCLC - Fun Day, 12pm - 3pm 10th Aug, Glenburn, 12pm - 3pm 11th Aug, Helenslea Fun Day, 12pm - 3pm 11th Aug, World Pipe Bands, 9am - 5pm 12th Aug Camlachie Fun Day, 12pm - 4pm


14 Friday 6th July 2012


Parkhead Youth Project have a variety of activities available for young people 8-11 years and 12-18 years. If you are interested come along to the Project for more information and collect a consent form. Places are limited. For more information Telephone 0141 550 2621 or email

Summer Programm e



Friday 6th July 2012


Summer Safety Tips for Kids

NOW that the school holidays have started many of our kids will discover a new “Freedom” which they have never experienced before. Unfortunately with this “Freedom” comes some dangers and what we want to do here is just to reinforce a few things that may help. 1) Water is a Magnet to children. Even if the kids can swim, Make sure they know about the dangers that potential swimming areas such as local ponds, rivers, quarries and the like, can hold for them and warn them against going to these places. 2) Old Buildings are Dangerous. In the East End there are still many old buildings and kids love to explore these. One it’s probably against the law to even be on the site (but try telling that to, 11, 12, 13 years) and two, these buildings can collapse at any time. Kids can get trapped inside these and often help is not at hand until it’s too late. If there are any old sites in your area Make sure you warn the children not to venture there.

3) Kids love to set off for picnics. On a warm hot sunny day kids love nothing more than making up sandwiches, getting a couple of bottles of ginger and setting out for a picnic. Nothing wrong with this as long as they been well warned about not talking to strangers, not getting into strange cars, not being compromised by any seemingly “Nice” men (or Women for that matter). If they feel they are being pressured into doing something they feel uncomfortable with then don’t be afraid to tell them to SCREAM their loudest and Run away to someone in authority. It may be something quite innocent but BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. 4) Fountains Of Fun. Fire Hydrants are always a draw for kids and what amazes us is that “Parents” laugh and say what real problem are they causing by

A. S. SCAFFOLDING LTD Scotland’s Largest Independent Scaffolding Company

playing under the torrent of water cascading from the Hydrants. The Problems are, 1) Broken Bones as the force of the water is unbelievable and 2) The water is needed for emergencies which could happen right on your doorstep. How would you feel if a neighbour’s house caught fire and no water could be obtained due to the kids “Having Fun”. Put a STOP to this practice as soon as you realise it is happening, it could save a life. 5) Fields of Fire. Kids with Matches and Lighters sneaking a fly smoke can end up setting fire to dry grass as the summer sun dries out acres of farmland. Not only can children be trapped and panic the damage this can cause can be very costly. It can also cause accidents as the smoke billows across roads, drivers can’t see clearly and crashes can occur. So check to see if your kid has access to Lighters or Matches and once again let them know of the dangers. In Short BE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT. It is your duty to look after your children, not someone else’s.

If an accident occurs over the holiday period (and unfortunately they do) hopefully you have played your part in keeping our child safe. Don’t leave it too late and regret it for ever.

90/130 Glenpark Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 1NZ

A Question for Parents Are you confident enough to discuss alcohol issues with your children ? is a fun, interactive & informative website where your child can find out all about alcohol, such as its history, how it is made, how it affects your body & what happens when people drink too much.

With a Parents’ section & alcohol quizzes linked to computer games, giving the chance of *winning an ipod touch each month! It’s full of fun facts & information. Your child can also safely ask anything about alcohol online! Just by clicking on the Becky Booze Buster image on the home page

*children under 12 years need parental permission to register with

Telephone 0141 556 7082


Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands

Community Bingo Night EVERY MONDAY



1 Redcastle Square Garthamlock, Glasgow G33 5EG

Tel: 0141 774 7261

“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”

“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”



Friday 6th July 2012

Parkhead Credit Union Expands

PARKHEAD Credit Union based in Springfield Road have just opened a new office next door to their existing premises and already they have had an influx of customers to the new surroundings. Parkhead Credit Union is one of the most well established credit unions in Glasgow and have numerous members from the area so it was only natural that they expanded and finding premises right next door was ideal for their plans. This not for profit organisation has been a lifesaver for many over the years and now with a bigger more

spacious office it means more can be done to assist the residents of the area manage their money in a way that suits them. The Credit Union is owned equally by the members and whether you have £1 or £500 in shares each member only has one vote. Members save regularly and from this pool of savings and low cost loans are made to the members for productive purposes at a low rate aof interest. The necessary expenses of the credit union are paid from this loan interest and what is left over is given back to

the members as a dividend and used to build reserves for the security of members savings. Every officer in the credit union, signs a declaration of secrecy, thereby ensuring that any transactions remain confidential between the member and the credit union. The staff at Parkhead are delighted to work between the two offices and you can rest assured that they will be working at their utmost to give their members the full benefit of being part of Parkhead Credit Union.


YOU CAN SAVE WITH A LOAN FROM YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION INSTANT LOANS FROM £100-£400 (subject to status) Community Saving and Borrowing Together Savings Accounts, Loans, Free Insurance, Junior Savings Account, Christmas/Special Occasions Account. Benefits can be paid into the Credit Union If you live or or work within the following Postcodes: G31,G32, G40 For more Information call 0141 551 8387 Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9:30am-2:30pm Wed-Fri: 9:30am- 12:30pm Saturday: 10am-12:30pm

For further information or to apply for a loan: CONTACT US AT: 922 Springfield Road, Glasgow, G314HE

Tel: 0141 551 8387

Email: Web:


Friday 6th July 2012

Out n’ About

In the East End


The Clachan Bar Entertainment

Sat 7th July - Aileen Finn Sun 15th July - Nicole Collins Sat 21st July - Amanda Kerr Sat 28th July - David McAllister

Live in the Bar Sunday afternoons - 8th, 15th & 29th July Jimmy Mack

Beer garden & smoking area (at rear)

The East End’s first

SOFT PLAY area is now open!

Play Kingdom is the place for kids to meet, play and eat. It’s a healthy, safe and fun environment for kids to enjoy while mum and dad relax in the King & Queen cafe. Play Kingdom offers the following features: * Climbing Frame * Tubular Slide * Motorbike Track * Toddlers Creche * Kids Parties * Cafe Area for mum & dad PARTY PACKAGES AVAILABLE - CALL FOR FULL DETAILS & AVAILABILTY Open 7 days 10am - 7pm

PLAY KINGDOM Next to the Forge Market


Units 1-3, 1201 Duke Street, Glasgow G31 5NZ • 0141 550 4996 Free Parking

Join us on

183 Baillieston Rd, Glasgow G32 0TN

0141 573 3751

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Friday 6th July 2012

St Andrew’s Secondary School

Lochend Secondary School

North East Glasgow Youth Health Summits YOUNG people from third year classes in each Secondary school in North East took part in the recent School Health Summits Events during the month of June at Platform, The Bridge, Easterhouse. The events allowed third year pupils to present their action plan on how to deal with a specific health issue raised in their school report in the latest School Health & Well Being Survey. Each school presented their ideas to a group of representatives from health services, education, Glasgow Life, and Glasgow Housing Assocaition among others at a Dragons Den style event. Each school pitched their idea to the dragons to gain support to take the work forward in partnership in the new school year; this

support was monetary, staff support/time, or resources. Karen Gray, from the North East Sector Health Improvement Team of Glsgwo City Community Health Partnership was one of the dragons. She offered support to the pupils from All Saints Secondary School who wanted to raise awareness about the effects of second hand smoke. Other issues covered by schools included Exam stress by Bannerman High School, and Mental health by Lochend Secondary. All mainstream secondary schools within Glasgow city took part in the 2010 Health & Well Being Survey. This resulted in an area report and also school specific reports being generated and launched in December 2011. The aims of the 2010

Glasgow City Schools Health and Wellbeing Survey were to gather current demographic information on the pupil population (S1 - S4), gather trend data on key areas of health, and gain

Bannerman High School

an understanding to individual pupil perceptions of their health & wellbeing. The study primarily focused on health behaviours, personal factors and wider social and

environmental issues that influence the health, perceptions and wellbeing of young people in Glasgow. Using comparisons from the first health study carried out three years ago,

the new study, carried out in conjunction with the council and NHS Great Glasgow and Clyde, was used to form health summits in learning communities across the city.

Glasgow East Rugby Club Festival

Glasgow East P1s – P3s. Special well done to their coach Nicole McIntosh!!!

CART CONSTRUCTION LTD All trades covered



GLASGOW East Rugby Club held their annual festival at Barrachnie recently and what a fantastic day it was as the weather held up to allow all games to be played. Eight teams from thoughout Scotland took part along with the home teams and some of the rugby played was tremendous as far as the kids and coaches were concerned. There were lots of things for the crowd to enjoy including a DJ, Tarot Card readings, Bouncy Castles and various rides for the kids. Those hungry enough were able to feast on the various offers from the Home baking stall, the Tuck Shop and of course the Hot and Cold food stall. The raffle went down well and overall it was a great wee fund-raising day and much thanks must go to

Glasgow East P4’s shake hands with their opponents after their successful win against Clydebank. Special mention goes to Sarah Swan (the only girl in the team) who scored her first try! Well done Sarah!

the newly formed Glasgow East Rugby Club first team, all the coaches, parents, friends and family of the members.

Thanks to from the Re-Gen to Janie Thompson who got the story and pictures in after contacting us.

Coach Steve McPhail with his P6/7 squad.

For a Free Quotation Call: Alan: 0141 316 2591/07815 189 857 Garrowhill Business Centre, 68 Whirlow Road,Glasgow G69 6QE

Beautiful GERFC cakes made by our lovely Glasgow East Mum (Sharon Morrison).

Lewis Morrison & Kyle McCraynor take a well earned breather from a hard day of rugby.


Friday 6th July 2012

City puts on a show for Armed Forces Day Glasgow’s Armed Forces Day (AFD) celebrations took place in George Square last Satur-

day, and Lord Provost Sadie Docherty welcomed members of the Army, Navy, Royal Air Force and veterans and cadets from all three services as they paraded to mark the occasion. The parade began at Holland Street and followed a route along West Regent Street, West George Street and around George Square. The Lord Provost in her capacity as Lord Lieutenant took the salute at the march past. Following this there was a Typhoon fly past from No 6 Squadron RAF. This year’s council run event had an array of army action and activities including military vehicles and unarmed combat displays, an assault course, 30ft

climbing wall, Beat the Keeper challenges and much, much more. Performances from Glasgow’s very own Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Edward Reid; X Factor’s Holly Burns; That Swing Sensation featuring Claire Knight and the Kennedy Cup Cakes, as well as Pipe Bands and Choirs, kept crowds entertained. Lord Provost Docherty said: “Every year Glasgow puts on a great show for Armed Forces Day. The event allows us the opportunity to celebrate the

honour, pride and courage of those who have served in the military. “It’s always a pleasure to welcome the armed forces and their families to our city and to show our support. “This year we had a host of attractions and activities for all


the family to enjoy and it was a great day. I was delighted to see so many people from Glasgow and beyond come along on Saturday and show their support and appreciation and enjoy the day’s entertainment.”

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20 Friday 6th July 2012


Parkhead Housing Association’s 35th Birthday Gala Day Although the weather last Saturday was horrendous it certainly didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those who attended the Parkhead Housing 35th Birthday Gala Day celebrations held in Helenvale Street. Chief Executive Jim Strang and his team laid on entertainment for the kids (and Adults) and judging by the amount of laughter emanating from the car-park

everyone seemed to enjoy it. Especially when Jim took on the role as a target for the “Wet Sponge” throwing championship. It seemed a few people had saved up their energy just for that alone and Jim ended up soaked (but he got his own back by chasing some people with a bucket of ice-cold water). Here are a selection of pics from the event.



Friday 6th July 2012


Parliamentary Patter Paul Martin MSP

LAST week in Parliament I spoke in a debate about the cuts our colleges in Glasgow are facing because of the poor financial deal from the Scottish Government. Over 39,000 college places have been cut in the past year in Glasgow because of the shortfall in funding. That means 39,000 people will not now get the chance to train or learn skills that could help give them a chance of employment. Having good local colleges can deliver the training programmes that people need to get out of unemployment that is crucial to our communities.

The Glasgow Provan constituency I represent has been well served by both John Wheatley College and North Glasgow College and these colleges provide an excellent range of courses that provide flexible and practical learning. Many courses are designed to suit part time learning, people who work or have young families and also stepping stone courses that lead onto university and elsewhere. Glaswegians are facing the brunt of these cuts from a Scottish Government in Edinburgh that doesn’t care. At the minute there is no parity between

College students and University students. I believe that proper educational opportunity should be given to all of our students so that they have a genuine chance to improve their educational attainment and prosper in their local community. That is why the Scottish Government should stop the damaging college cuts to our Glasgow colleges. If you would like to speak to me about this or any other issue then do not hesitate to call my office on 0141 564 1364 or emailing me on paul. martin.msp@scottish.

Margaret Curran MP

Advice Surgery Details

1st Friday of the Month 10am Carmyle Community Centre, Hillcrest Road 11.15am

The Bridge, Easterhouse

1st Saturday of the Month 10am St Andrew’s Secondary School, Torphin Crescent, Carntyne 11.15am

St Andrew’s Church, Church Street, Baillieston

3rd Friday of the Month 10am Parkhead Housing Association Online Surgery Email:

There will be no surgeries held during school/bank holidays I also offer specialist surgeries throughout the year for young people, schools and others as requested. Please contact me for more details.

Your Member of Parliament for GLASGOW EAST

5 ways to contact Margaret... Write : Academy House 1346 Shettleston Road Glasgow, G32 9AT

Phone: 0141 778 8993 Web :


Tweet: @Margaret_Curran

Ruth Davidson MSP ALTHOUGH the schools have now stopped for the summer holidays, sadly the summer weather hasn’t started. I was very pleased to see such a large number of events taking place across Scotland to celebrate Armed Forces Day recently. The events give us the important opportunity to pay tribute to those serving men and women who have sacrificed so much on behalf of our country.

Some have given their lives or been injured in conflicts around the world, but there are others, too, who continue to endure hardships every day. It is important that we thank all those who wear the uniform and serve our country so bravely and Armed Forces Day is a great opportunity to do so. Here in Glasgow, I am always happy to meet constituents to discuss any issue that I may be

Paul Martin MSP

Your constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament

Surgery Details 1st Friday of the Month* Cranhill 11.00am Cranhill Community Project, 109 Bellrock Street, G33 3HE Wellhouse 12 noon Wellhouse Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, G33 4LA Easterhouse 1.00pm The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, G34 9DU Budhill 2.00pm Budhill Family Learning Centre, Hallhill Road, Springboig, G32 0PR * No Surgeries on Public Holidays

2nd Monday of the Month* Barmulloch 5.15pm Barmulloch Community Centre, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21 4th Monday of the Month* Garthamlock 4.00pm GESH, 1 Redcastle Square, G33 5EG Craigend 5.00pm St Rose of Lima Primary School, 295 Mossvale Road, G33 5QS Carntyne 6.00pm High Carntyne Church (Carntyne Square), 358 Carntynehall Road, G32 6LW

Constituency Office: 604 Alexandra Parade Glasgow G31 3BS 0141 564 1364 Open Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Closed for Lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Email: Website:

Margaret Curran MP WHAT a busy year it has been so far! With the local council elections, the referendum campaign picking up pace, and lots of local issues, the first half of the year has been hectic. I looks like the summer will be equally busy. I plan on holding a number of coffee mornings and I am looking forward to seeing some of the usual faces and plenty of new ones too. I am also helping to launch the campaign

to save the local jobs at the Freshlink Factory in Shettleston. These jobs are vital to the local economy and I will do all I can to keep them in the East End of Glasgow. The campaign will be launched soon and I hope that as many people as possible will get behind it. The summer will also be full of fun days, fetes and community events for us all to get along to. These are always great fun and I

will do my best to attend as many as I can. Remember my local surgeries do not run during the school holidays but you can always get in touch with my office by phone or email, or attend one of my summer roving surgeries if you need my help. So keep an eye out for me out and about in your area over the summer. I just hope that the weather gets better so we can all enjoy the summer and all the events on offer!

Ruth Davidson MSP able to help with. Over the summer I will be holding a special surgery tour, when I will be available to meet constituents across the city. No appointment is necessary and the surgeries operate on a first come first served basis. If you think I may be able to help with any issue, please come along. For details of specific dates and locations please contact my office on 0141 357 2739.


Constituency Office:

M2.13 The Scottish Parliament Edinburgh EH99 1SP

1373 Argyle Street Glasgow G3 8AF

Telephone: 0131 348 6370

Telephone: 0141 357 2739 Text relay calls welcome.

Parliamentary Office Information:

Constituency Office Information:

Edmund Dalziel edmund.dalziel@scottish.

Elaine Herlihy: responsible for constituency casework Tel: 0141 357 2739 Email: Elaine.Herlihy@

Surgery Times:

If you wish to meet Ruth please call 0141 357 2739 or 0131 348 6370 to arrange an appointment



Friday 6th July 2012

Re-GEN Classified

Call Elaine On: 0141 771 7039

Cannabis Cultivation OFFICERS from ‘B’ division’s community policing teams are asking local residents to be vigilant as a number of cultivations have been found within properties in the local area. These sites often are at risk of fire due to electrical tampering. Your Housing provider will take action against any tenant found to have such a cultivation in their property. Many of these cultivations are linked to serious and organised crime groups. Their criminal activities threaten communities, businesses and jobs. They make profit from the misery of others. You can help us reduce the threat of serious and organised crime by telling us when you see anything suspicious. It’s often the little details that count, helping us to build up a picture of an individual or business. ADVICE FOR THE PUBLIC HOW TO SPOT CANNABIS CULTIVATIONS Some of the signs to look out

for are: • The windows of the property are permanently covered from the inside, often with foil or bin bags. There may be a build up of condensation on the glass. • Pungent smells may emanate from the premises, or excessive use of air fresheners or moth balls to disguise the aroma. • Noise coming from equipment on the premises, eg fans or heaters. • There may be vents protruding through the roof or rear windows. • The Cannabis or by-products, such as used fertiliser, may be removed in black bin bags, laundry bags or suitcases. • Tenants do not live on the premises and only make short visits, daily or weekly to maintain them. • Powerful lights on all day or night. • Compost bags or gardening equipment may be left outside the rear of the premises. • Visits to the premises can occur at unusual times of the day or night.

LEGAL NOTICE Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence Francis Murphy trading as Frank Murphy Haulage of 6 Cunningham Street, Motherwell ML1 3EW is applying to change an existing licence as follows To keep an extra 1 goods vehicle and 0 trailers at the operating centre at 279 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G31 5JL Owners or occupiers of land (including buildings) near the operating centre(s) who believe that their use or enjoyment of that land would be affected, should make written representations to the Traffic Commissioner at Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS9 6NF stating their reasons, within 21 days of this notice. Representors must at the same time send a copy of their representations to the applicant at the address given at the top of this notice. A Guide to Making Representations is available from the Traffic Commissioner’s Office.

THE RISKS Cannabis cultivations represent a direct threat to our communities. Properties used to house Cannabis cultivations, and those near them, are exposed to a number of threats. The growing process requires a large amount of heaters, fans, and high voltage lamps and the amount of energy required increases the risk of electrical fire. In addition, to reduce their costs and increase profits, criminals will divert the electrical supply, bypassing vital safety mechanisms, further increasing this risk.

Good Work Cannabis Cultivation On 27 June, response officers from Shettleston Police Office, Constables Douglas Scott and John Bell, received intelligence from an anonymous member of the public regarding a possible cannabis Cultivation. They attended and carried out checks of the address before obtaining a search warrant. Entry to the property was forced where the officers found a male within. The address was searched and a number of cannabis plants and cultivation equipment were recovered. Subsequent investigations revealed that male responsible had also bypassed the electricity meter. Knife Crime Whilst on patrol, plain clothes officers, from the Proactive team based in the east end of Glasgow seen a male cycling on Westmuir Street, the male seemed very unsteady and vehicles were swerving to avoid him. The officers decided to stop the male as they believed he was under the influence of drink or drugs,

which whilst cycling poses a huge risk to the cyclist and other road users. The male searched and was found to be in possession of a locking knife which was secreted within a pair of gloves in his right hand jacket pocket. The male was also found in possession of cannabis, the officer arrested the male and he was held custody for court the following day. Housebreaking On 26th June the ‘B’ Divisional Support Unit, which form part of the Divisional Support Group, responded to a report of males breaking in to a house on James Street, Glasgow. The officers attended and saw a smashed window on the ground floor. The officers entered the premises through the broken window. One inside the officers found two males within. As the two males did not belong to the address and could provide no lawful reason for being there, both were arrested and held custody for court the following day.

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 information can be given anonymously.

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6th July 2012 FridayFriday 29th June 2012





SPORT No.1 for Local Sports Coverage

NATIONAL YOUTHS VISIT LARGS CENTRE SQUADS from the Scottish Youth Football Association Development Programme received a welcome end-of-season training camp boost at Largs. Inverclyde’s National Sports Centre - used for SFA coaching courses - hosted a fair sprinkling of East End-based players in the Under-15 and Under-16 age groups. National Development coaches organised a varied three-day programme involving ball work and some excellent educational themes. SFA Director of Football Jim Fleeting highlighted the new Player Pathway Initiative alongside Positive Coaching Scotland. A Drug Awareness seminar was delivered by Strathclyde Police, and SFA Referees’ Association chiefs explained their role in football. Facilities at the trim Ayrshire venue are superb, but it was not all hard work for 36 players as coaches organised a fun

game’s night, which proved highly entertaining. Players can be selected at national level if they are part of their region, and West Secretary Jim Smith admitted : “It has been a great end of season for these players.” Mr Smith, who is on the SYFA Development Committee, added: “I would urge clubs to support the regions. Put the players’ nominations in as soon as possible, and no later than midAugust.” Meanwhile, The Celtic Boys’ Club failed to prevent Milngavie running up a treble this year. The Under-13 league champions, who had already beaten Celts in a one-sided GADYF League Cup final, crushed them 5-0 in the Only Sport West Regional Cup at Petershill Park. Celtic had won three different

SYFA National Development coach Steven McDonald has the attention of this Under-16 squad during the end of season training camp at Largs. age groups in the history of the tournament, but never recovered from losing first half goals to Rory McInnes (2) and Mitch Duffy. After the break, Scott Simpson and Daniel Cairney made it 5-0. Scottish Under-15 Cup finalists Antonine Blacks took revenge on St Peters for their defeat a year ago. A blistering first half display saw Saints ship five goals, and the final scoreline was 9-0. Congratulations to Bonnyton Thistle for a clean sweep of Under-19 honours. The Scottish Cup, League Cup and League winners produced a powerful second half display against

Rossvale. Calum Watt put them into a 1-0 interval lead. After Stuart Walker increased their advantage, Stuart Davidson and Greig Mitchell added additional goals for a 4-0 victory. FINAL RESULTS: Under-13 - Milngavie 5, The Celtic Boys’ Club 0. Under-14 - St Andrews 3, Moorlands 5 aet. Under-15 - Antonine Blacks 9, St Peters 0. Under-16 Barrhead Yellow 1, Port Glasgow 0. Under-17 - Albion Rovers 2, Erskine YFC 1. Under-19 Bonnyton Thistle 4, Rossvale 0.

PLAYERS WANTED FINNART BC Under-14 require players born on/after 1st January,1999, for next season in the Glasgow and District Sunday Football League. Trials will be held next month. Call 07717723149 or email ainslm@sky. com EASTEND Thistle 1998 seeking players for next season. Play Sunday morning in South Lanarkshire League. Contact 07894637991 or 07974344347. SOUTH CAMLACHIE Youth Project are looking for players born 1991, 92 and 93. To arrange a trial, call 07921151411.

TOURNAMENTS THREE age groups from the SYFA West Region are poised for summer tournaments - Under-14 Denmark Cup (25th-30th July), Under-15 Donosti Cup (1st-8th July), and Under-17 Intersport Kaposvar,Hungary ( 15th-22 July). Meanwhile, all SYFA-registered clubs should note the date to register for next season’s Scottish Cup and West Regional Cup competitions is Wednesday, August 1.

ROLL OF HONOUR LSK Supplies West of Scotland Under-21 League. Season 2011-2012. Premier Division - Campsie Black Watch. First Division - Broomhouse. Second Division - Johnstone Burgh. Third Division - The Celtic Boys’ Club. Scottish Under-21 Cup - Harmony Row. LSK Supplies West of Scotland Cup - Rutherglen Glencairn. Trophy Centre (Scotland) League Cup - Goldenhill. Only Sport Golden Goals Trophy - Drumchapel United. League Cup (2nd/3rd Division) - The Celtic Boys’ Club. Glasgow Cup - East End United. GLASGOW and District Youth Football League - Under-13 - Milngavie Wanderers. Runners-Up - Arsenal BC. Under-14 - Moorlands. Runners-Up Rossvale. Under-15A - Antonine BC. Runners-Up - Clydebank United. Under15B - Clyde BC. Runners-Up - Leabank Thistle. Under-16A - Clydebank FC. Runners-Up - Park Villa. Under-16B - Wolves BC. Runners-Up - Shawfield. Under-17A - Erskine YC. Runners-Up - Aston Villa. Under-17B - Clyde BC. Runners-Up - Clyde BC. Runners-Up - Easthall Star. Under-19 First Division – Renfrew Victoria BC. Runners-Up - Linwood Rangers. Second Division Clydebank BC. Runners-Up - Haldane United. Third Division - East End United. Runners-Up - Springboig United.

CENTRAL AWARDS WELLHOUSE Amateurs midfielder Thomas Sinclair and Lee Drummond (Garrowhill Thistle) were joint runners-up in the Central Scottish AFL 1st Division Player of the Year awards. Kevin Fotheringham, of Bannockburn, took the nomination. A 3-2 play-off win against Pollok has secured Wellhouse Amateurs’ top-flight place in the Central Scottish League next season. GARROWHILL Thistle have been paired away to Pollok in the first round of the Bunrigh Trophy League Cup. Winners entertain Campsie Minerva in round two. Wellhouse have a first round clash against Drumchapel, and Mill United await the winner.

UNITED CRUSHED GLASGOW City Ladies F.C. crushed Muireston United 13-0 in the second round of the sponsored Henson Scottish Cup. On target for the holders were Jane Ross (4), Emma Mitchell (4), Lisa Evans, Danica Dalziel, Emma Fernon, Leanne Ross and Ciara Barnes. CELTIC recorded a comfortable 5-0 victory against Kilmarnock thanks to goals from Heather Richards (2), Chloe Craig, Rhonda Jones and Emily Thomson.

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