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and I were playing at recess. Tiffany went to get a soccer ball. Since she left, I looked for someone to play with. April was sitting on the faded bench on the field. She looked lonely. I walked over and sat down next to her. “Hi Izzy, Do you know how to play crocodilly-oh-my?” she asked turning around.

“Yea! I love that game!”I said to her.I always saw April at recess, but she was always reading or with the social group teacher. Tiffany always said it was a stupid game, but it’s great. We sang to the number seven, then I heard a scream. It wasn't a bloody murder scream, but a “Eww!” scream. I recognized it. It was Tiffany. She grabbed my arm, gave April a nasty look, and dragged me away. I didn't know why. “What are you doing?!?” Tiffany said with giant, bug eyes. “I was waiting for you, and,um....., I didn't want to just stand there. So I played with Apr--” “No! Don’t even say her name! UGH!” We heard the whistle to go back inside. Tiffany ran ahead of me and I caught her eyes, and she caught mine. They weren't smiling.


The next day at lunch, I had a tuna fish sandwich. Tiffany walked over with a huge, giant smile. She has a smile that’s too big for her face. “Hey, OMG!!!! You’re so lucky, you have a tuna fish sandwich, I only have a bologna sandwich.” “Haha,”I giggled. “What?” “Nothing.’” It was funny because everyone thinks Tiffany is a mean old monster, and right now she’s sad because I got tuna fish. During math, I was partners with April. We had to figure out how many chocolate chips were in a jar. Ms. Waddle says whoever predicts the accurate answer gets to split the chocolate chips with your partner, and eat them. April and I decided to get the size of a chocolate chip, so it can be easier to count. “Izzy and April, I found an extra chocolate chip on my desk,” Ms. Waddle said waddling over to us. We took the chocolate chip and measured it. But, believe it or not, we got the closest number. There were 365 chocolate chips in the jar, we guested 345! “Here you go girls!” Ms. Waddle grinned, handing us the jar. ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ

Later that day, when we were allowed to eat the chocolate chips,Tiffany came over asking for some. April looked at me nervous. “But we are not supposed to share them,” April exclaimed. “Excuse me? She’s my BFF, she can give some to me!” She knocked the chips out of April’s hand and ate them. I asked April if she wanted some of mine. “It’s okay, my mom says not to eat chocolate anyway,” she shyly told us, walking away. “Um.....April,” I said standing up. Tiffany glared at me, and April was smiling. “Can you get the math homework for me?”I asked. Her mouth dropped, she didn't smile for the rest of the day.

I was walking home,it was raining cats and dogs. My mom had to pick up my little brother from football practice early because of the rain. She couldn't pick me up! I was more concerned about what April had said that day. My mom says not to eat chocolate anyway. Why would her mom say that? Chocolate is just fine. I stepped in a huge puddle.That image flashed in my head, of Tiffany knocking April’s chocolate chips out of her hand. Then, that’s when I realized it. The kids who said Tiffany was a mean old monster, were RIGHT! I can’t believe I'm so blind. April is the real BFF I should have! I sprinted home never taking my smile away. I ate dinner, brushed my teeth, and as soon as I was in bed I moved my cluster of pillows out of the way, and shifted off to sleep, my face was hurting from smiling so much.

“Honey, your lunch,” My Dad reminded me. “Oh, RIGHT!” I said backed up toward him. I grabbed my lunch and ran into the car, where my mom was waiting with my little brother Toby. “You’re a slowpoke.” He said with a scrunched up face. “NOT TODAY!!” I yelled happily. “Weirdo,” he coughed. When I got to school the first thing I did was run straight to April. I gave her a bear hug. “ Um.......hi?” she confusedly said. I laughed, and explained to her what happened when I walked home yesterday. “FINALLY!!” she screamed. “YOU JUST NOTICED THAT!!”she sat down and gave me a hug. “You wanna come over tonight?” I asked. “Yea,” she smiled. Tiffany was walking over there with a new elegant outfit, but next to her was Jessica. Tiffany looked at me and just walked away with her, doing an awkward hip motion. “Hey, Um..Jessica?” I stood up. Tiffany turned around grasping Jessica’s hand. I whispered in her ear. “Don’t be her friend, she’s a big bully to whoever comes across her,” She looked at Tiffany. Jessica hugged me and sat down with us. Tiffany’s mouth dropped. She was about to say something but before she could Ms.Waddle motioned her to the door in her classroom. She going to get in BIG trouble.


EPILOGUE Three months later... Now Tiffany is in this bully social group. Right now Jessica, April, and I are playing MONOPOLY. But we aren't keeping track of the score. We’re just having fun.That’s what best friends do. We don’t get mad one day and nice the other, we don’t switch off best friends, We stay together like glue, and never come apart.<3