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Uno terra Peace through Service Rotaract Club of PortPort-Louis Sponsored by the Rotary Rotary of PortPort-Louis

Editorial Dear Readers, It is with immense pleasure that I am addressing to you a few introductory lines on the first edition of “Uno Terra” (meaning one earth in latin).

Kevin Se Director of Public Relations RI year 2012-2013

This is our first magazine for the Rotary International year 2012-2013 and it came to life thanks to the invaluable contribution of our dear members of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis. A lot of hard work has been put into the write-up of the articles by our members. Special thanks go to our prospective member, Neha Ramjuttun, for proofreading and Isma Seetal, Director of Community Service, for helping with the layout. This magazine is the first of many and gives an idea about the past and the on-going projects of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis done for the period from July to November 2012. . We wish to duly thank all those people and sponsors who have supported us and helped us reach our goal: Serving Others. Kevin Se

Message President Divij Chuttoorgoon [Page 2]

In This issue

ADRR Bernadette How [Page 3] WHO ARE WE? [Page 4] Administration Board of Directors (2012-2013) [Page 26-28] Our sponsors [Page 31]

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Induction Night and After-party Talk on victim support and living with a chronic disease Food sharing Health for all one at Pailles Ebony Planting and fellowship Save Water Project in collaboration with Rotary of Port Louis In-House Fellowship (Talk on public speaking and kundali) President meeting International projects Guests to the Club meetings Rotaract Tsinjo (Twins Club) Yet another fellowship At Pere Laval Foster home Talk and in-house fellowship Mini fund raising Visit of President Nyou (Rotaract Tsinjo) Divali night (Abri de nuit) 1 Jumble Sale and Health for all TWO at Tranquebar Greener Port Louis project

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Our aim Our aim is to participate in the effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world while contributing to improve the society, the environment and our club.

President’s Message Dear members, prospective members and readers It is quite hard to believe that we are already halfway through the Rotary International Year. We have accomplished so much during this period as you will see in this magazine, but the club still has much to accomplish. I am honored that I am serving as the President of the Rotaract Club of Port Louis this year. This is a huge responsibility which I do not take lightly. I hope to keep on leading the club through a year of “Peace through Service” and doing projects which will help us attain this objective.

Divij Chuttoorgoon President of Rotaract Club of Port Louis RI year 2012-2013 “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into


Our Goals 

To develop professional and leadership skills

To emphasise respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual To recognise the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunities to serve


To recognise, practice, and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities

To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems, and opportunities in the community and worldwide

To provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote understanding and goodwill toward all people

To increase club membership

We are surrounded by people who, like ourselves, believe deeply in the service mission of Rotary International (“RI”). I have met many Rotaractors, each having different personalities but what we all have in common is a desire to serve. We want to build a better world for tomorrow. We are fortunate to be part of a family like the Rotaract where we can exercise our deep and heartfelt drive to help others. As Rotaractors we should aim at living up to the principles and standards of RI and devote ourselves for its laudable causes. December was the holiday season but also the period to reflect and make resolutions to do better. Human nature is such that people fail, people succeed or people falter but what is more important is to be responsible, to learn from yesterday to make a better tomorrow. Through different opinions come innovation and progress. I am thus looking forward for even more collaboration from each member to bring about yet more positive changes in society. Together we can do it… I wish you all a happy new year 2013. May this year bring you joy, love, brotherhood and prosperity.


Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better


© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 – 2013

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ADRR’s ADRR’s Message Cher lecteurs

Bernadette How Assistante District Rotaract Representative ADRR (Mauritius) District 9220 RI year 2012-2013 Immediate Past President of Rotaract Club of Beau Bassin/Rose-Hill

Apres avoir passé plus de 3 ans au sein du Rotaract, me voici votre représentante. C’est un rôle qui me tient à cœur. Mon rôle en tant que Assistante District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) pour l’année Rotary International 2012-2013, c’est de représentée DRR Gaëlle au mieux pour aider les clubs à être effectifs. Un ADRR a comme mission d’assister le DRR et de faire en sorte que les objectifs de son mandat soient atteints. En tant qu’assistante DRR, mon devoir c’est de communiquer les forces et faiblesses des clubs, de les conseiller et de participer aux événements du district, notamment les réunions, les actions de camaraderies et les projets. N’oubliez pas de fédérer vos projets autour du thème « La paix par le service » et du programme du DRR Gaëlle. C’est – à – dire de vous rapprocher des clubs Rotaract et surtout de votre club parrain sans qui nous ne serions pas présent. Etre dans le Rotaract m’a permis de grandir et de voir les choses différemment. Nous avons toutes et tous eu des expériences différentes qui ont dus nous marquées d’une façon ou d’une autre parmi les projets. Les activités et les camaraderies nous ont permis de nous raprocher d’avantage et de mieux se connaitre. Donc faites une rétrospective et penser à tous ce que vous avez vécus jusqu’ici et privilégiez ces moments. Un grand « Bravo » au Rotaract Club de Port Louis pour les projets réalisés jusqu’ici, je vous souhaite bon courage pour les mois à venir et rester souder ! C’est ca qui fait la force d’une équipe.

3 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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About the Rotaract Club of Port Louis Rotaract emanates from the expression ‘Rotary in Action’ and is Rotary’s global network of young adults aged 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are part of the global effort to bring peace and understanding to the world. This effort starts at community level and knows no limit. The Rotaract Club of Port Louis is a club service which is sponsored by the Rotary of Port Louis. The club was chartered on 15th May 1998 and forms part of the District 9220. The District 9220 comprises of several countries such as Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles, Comores, Mayotte, and Djibouti. Our members meet every first and third Wednesday of each month from 6pm to 7.30pm at Kasa Building in Port Louis. The club was founded by Rotarian Roshan Ramoly who has been our mentor last year. His valuable support and dedication have been much appreciated and a hearty thanks to him. This year, our Mentor is Rotarian Desire Lan. He has been with us throughout, providing us invaluable support and advice. Members of our club seize this opportunity to extend our gratitude for his assistance and coaching. Our main aim is to help the under-privileged or stigmatized people in society to improve their lives. As individuals, we believe that each one of us has a higher purpose and a significant contribution to make in society: to serve others. The Rotaract provides a platform for young professionals to serve the community and the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis allows us to fully support this cause. Our motto is “Rotaractly Fun Serving Others”. Along with contributing for a social cause, we also have fun through our regular fellowship plans, where we get a chance to know each member in the club enabling us to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Be a part of Rotaract family As a Rotaractor, you can:  Volunteer locally and internationally  Build career contacts  Develop leadership skills  Network with service-minded people worldwide  Make new friends and have fun! Our theme for the Rotary International year is “Peace through Service”. For the RI year 2012-2013, the club is under the presidency of Divij Chuttoorgoon. Together with the supportive members of the club, the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis has been undertaking many projects for the first quarter of the RI year as outlined in this magazine.



© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Induction Night of President for RI year 2012-2013 at Clos St Louis

One of the most awaited moments of a Rotaract Club is the induction ceremony of the president. On the evening of the 7th of July 2012, we had our induction night at Clos St Louis in Pailles. We had the pleasure of welcoming our new president, Divij Chuttoorgoon. The family of the Rotaract Club of Port Louis has also grown bigger with the pinning of three new members. President Divij presented his team for RI year 20122013. The preparation of this special night required the effort and participation of everyone and has strengthened the bond between the different members, thereby forming a great chain of friendship. The amazing masters of ceremony were impressive as much as the location was elegant. Everyone was top-notch. It was one exquisite night which shall not be forgotten so soon. The theme of the night was “Peace” which was in line with the RI theme for the year which is “Peace through Service”. Members of the club did origami cranes for the decoration of this event in support of the theme of the night. Families, friends, Rotarians and Rotaractors have honoured the special evening by their presence. We were privileged to have amongst us, as our chief guest, Mrs Aumeeruddy Cziffra, Former Minister of Mauritius for Women. We also had amongst us the president of our parent club, the Rotary Club of Port Louis, Uday Gujdahur.

Family photo of the club

Later, we had our after-party at Amnesia Club which was organised by our Director of International Projects, Jayganesh Dawoosing. We had so much fun over there. Rotaract friends have joined us for a drink and party time! We also celebrated the wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Heerah. Following the amazing night, the team of the Rotaract of Port-Louis has eagerly embraced the new calendar to proceed with a series of projects under the leadership of President Divij.

Changeover ceremony: the crucial moment

Mrs Czifffra, President of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis, Divij Chuttoorgoon and President of the Rotary Club of Port-Louis, Uday Gujadhur Welcome to our new members

Our New Star

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. “Un pour tous, tous pour un”

Origami crane is a Japanese paper art which represents eternal flames for world peace

5 Louis 2012 - 2013 © Rotaract Club of Port

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Talk on Victim Support and Living Happily with Chronic Disease

For our first project held on 29 July 2012, we had organised a talk on “Victim Support and “Living happily with chronic diseases”. The speech was delivered by Mr Raj Moothoosamy of Victim Support Mauritius and a Canadian professor, Mrs Francine Major. Determination, passion and courage: these are the three inspiring words that drive our speakers towards helping people who need moral support. Statistics have shown that many youngsters nowadays face child abuse and the figures are on a high side. Mr Raj and Mrs Francine both shared their experience. They also advised us that we should neither judge someone from the outside nor remain insensible about these issues since we are all the citizens of the future. Indeed, we must extend our hand to make them feel better and to live a happy life. Guests, friends and members present on that day have seized this opportunity to broaden their knowledge and share their personal experience.

Live life to the fullest extent and fight for your dreams…

Thereafter, we all headed to the Caudan Waterfront for a dinner and fellowship.

Community Project – Food Sharing On the same day of the presentation, an hour before, our club had shared some food and “tam” (fruit date) for Iftaar to our muslim friends from two orphanages in Port Louis for this great moment of Ramadan fasting month. The beautiful smiles of these persons and the gratefulness in their eyes have deeply touched each and every one of us.

“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.” 6 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 – 2013

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Community Service Project : Health For All at Pailles The Sunday 26th August 2012 may have been a common day for some. But for members of our club, it was a special one and represented yet another opportunity to help. Members, prospective members Binsha and Esha as well as friends of Rotaract under the leadership of the Director of Community Service Isma, thus landed at Garderie La Ruche in Pailles with loads of gifts, juice and food for the children. It was our first big project and on that occasion, free medical check-ups were done for the needy children of the region. The parents and relatives of the children were also invited to have blood pressure and diabetes tests by the BSSR Para Medical School representatives. The ‘Health for All’ project was in line with the Rotary theme of the year: Peace through Service. We strongly believe that being in good health and having a good nutrition are the basics of a healthy life as it gives way to our inner peace. How can we remain insensitive when children do not have these fundamentals?

Garderie La Ruche at Pailles

“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” We had three doctors, five dentists and a psychologist who voluntarily joined us to give consultations and medical advice to around 120 children aged two to twelve. “Brushing teeth daily will give you a very beautiful smile,” whispered a dentist. The Civic Action Team of Pailles, our partnering organisation, members present and other important, keen persons who have given a helping hand, all worked together and contributed enormously to the success of this project. We also had the pleasure to have the president of our parent club, Uday Gujadhur, and some of his members to encourage us, the new generation, in this cause. Rotarians, namely Mr Gunness and Mr Ujjval have contributed largely in terms of donations for this event and our heartfelt thanks go to them. There was a small corner, beautifully decorated with balloons and garlands for children where refreshments and gifts were given to the little angels. Entertainment was done by Rotaractor Jayganesh. We also had some mascots: Scoubidou and Pink Panther, who were dancing with the little children. Some were scared initially but once they got in the mood, they were all laughing and dancing happily. Parents enjoyed taking pictures of their little kids with the mascots. By around 2pm, all check-ups had been done and it was time for us to say goodbye to everyone and to Mrs Darsonia (Head of the Kindergarten). We were all tired but overjoyed to see smiles and happiness on the faces of these children of Pailles. Our club promised to be back soon for a continuous follow-up and also to ensure that necessary support is provided.

“The first wealth is health”


© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Black Ebony Tree Planting

Black Ebony Tree

Members Ziyaad, Preety, Jayganesh, Sweety and Kevin. Prospective Binsha and Esha

Kevin Se “God has cared for trees, saved them from drought, disease and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools” “The trees bend to caress us The shade hugs our heart” President in action This project was an initiative of the Rotaract club of Flacq and the Rotaract club of Port-Louis decided to join in this initiative. Our members planted a black ebony tree on Saturday 8th of September 2012 as a symbol of peace in one Rotaractor’s garden. Our intention is to bring to our Mauritian landscape our ancient treasure, the famous ebony tree. Back to history, this plant was exploited by the Dutch and today the ebony is an endemic and highly protected tree worldwide. It will take around 60 to 200 years for the ebony tree to reach maturity. It will be our kids or grandchildren who will get to see our efforts and enjoy the shade of this beautiful tree. After this exercise, we had our fellowship. We all had dinner at Miamees in Port-Louis where President Leena joined us and then, it was Movie time. We all headed to Cinecity in Port Louis. Some of us watched Batman – The Dark Knight Rises and others, Raaz 3.

“Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”


© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

Save Water: Participating in the Project of the Rotary Club of Port Louis

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We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one - Jacques Cousteau Mauritius has faced severe droughts in recent years which have depleted our reservoirs and natural water resources. The Rotary Club of Port-Louis’s laudable project on “Save Water” has created increased awareness about the shortage of water and the pressing need to save every drop of it. Many schools around the island have been involved in this project and students have received stickers on the theme. The Rotaract Club of Port-Louis’ members were happy to get involved in this initiative by welcoming Rotarian Desire Lan to Northfields International High School, the workplace of our Director of Community Service, Isma Seetal on Tuesday the 25th of September for a talk on this topic. Past President Dinesh Gajeelee from the Rotary Club of Grand Bay also joined in on the day to share his vast experience of the Rotary and the Interact club with the students.

In House Fellowship To promote friendship amongst the members of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis, an in-house fellowship was organised at Rotaractor Jayganesh’s place in Pailles on Friday 16th of August 2012. There were two talks on that particular day: 

The traditional way of match-making-Kundali by Director Jayganesh This presentation gave members an insight into the fascinating tradition of matchmaking that is practised by Hindus and also by some other local communities in Mauritius. The audience, made up of members from different cultures, had loads of questions which Rotaractor Jay had himself explored during the course of his study. An interactive session which everybody enjoyed, sceptics and believers alike…

Public Speaking by Director Isma Seetal The importance of public speaking in the personal and professional life of an individual cannot be over-emphasised. Director Isma, through her talk on public speaking, gave rotaractors an overview of how to make an effective and poignant speech. The members were also given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge acquired about the topic through the preparation and delivery of an informal speech. Hidden talents were discovered in a joyful and cordial atmosphere.

The talks were followed by a Bring and Share and a dance party. Guests, Francine Major and her husband, Gilles, joined in for some Bhojpuri dancing with the RCPL team. This was only the start of many fellowships of laughs and camaraderie.

“Friends are born, not made”


© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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President Meeting

Our club has hosted the second president meeting on the 31st of August 2012. The Presidents and Secretaries of all Rotaract clubs across the island met at Le Capitaine Restaurant in Caudan Waterfront, Port-Louis. We were delighted to see the fervent motivation of each and every president and secretary. They all had lots of ideas and projects in mind. It was time for each to submit their reports and discuss the projects of the preceding months of July and August 2012. The plans for the forthcoming months were also brought to the discussion table. ADRR Bernadette How was also amongst us to share her experience and was very happy to see the enthusiasm of each. We are sure that together we can make a change. Let us work together as a team. We would like to wish all the presidents good luck for their future projects and endeavours.

International Projects Our club has also participated in various international projects during the first quarter of this RI year: (i) Contribution to Rotary Foundation for END POLIO. Polio is a viral disease that can affect the nerves and can lead to partial or full paralysis. This is a project which was started many years ago by Rotary International with the aim of eradicating this illness around the world. It is an ongoing challenge and project by the Rotary in making a Polio- free world. The Rotaract Club of Port Louis has joined in this initiative and has contributed USD100 for this cause. (ii) International projects - The club kicked off its international projects on the 31st of August. The Rotaract Club of Port Louis had an international project with Rotaract Club of Mysore. It was a photo Exchange. Rotaractor. Sweety Kisto Heerah – the Director of Club Administration shared the Group induction Photo and the same was reciprocated by Rotaractor Vijay Daaga, Director-International Service, RID 3180,Chamundi Zone, Mysore-Karnataka-India.

“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there” © Rotaract Club of10 Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Guests visiting our Club During our statutory meeting held on the 26 September 2012, we had the pleasure to have amongst us ADRR Bernadette How and Rotarian Stephane Henry from our parent club, the Rotary Club of Port Louis. Rotarian Stephane made a small talk on Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and the procedures to be followed. His advice was indeed of great help. ADRR Bernadette had come for a courtesy visit and had conveyed the message from our DRR Gaelle. Past President Philip Ah Chuen from our parent club came to visit the club to share his experience on culture sharing for peace and unity. We also welcomed Rotarian Pratik Ghosh to talk about community service.

Exchange of fanion and gift to DG Alain during dinner organised bythe Rotary of Port Louis

Manao ahoana: Rotaract Tsinjo (Twin Club) During the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) held in April 2012 in Mauritius, the Rotaract Club of Port Louis had twined itself with the Rotaract Club of Tsinjo in Madagascar. Since then, our family has grown and also we have built a strong friendship with them. The Rotaract Club of Tsinjo has welcomed the president Nyou Rabarijaona for the RI 2012-2013. The club has done several projects so far, in terms of fellowship and community service. Despite being far away from us, they are close to us in our heart. Our club has taken the commitment to do some projects with them and we are looking forward to work in close collaboration with their dynamic team, our brothers and sisters in Madagascar. On the 28 October, our twin club has done a fund raising activity “Tsinjo Charity Day” and the funds collected were used for one of its main projects: Rehabilitation de l’Ecole Primaire Publique (EPP) Ambohibato Ambohimanambola. The laying of the first stone was done on the 25 November 2012 by the Mayor of Ambohimanambola. The President Nyou together with the members has accomplished so much and we wish them good luck for their future endeavour. Special thanks to Rotaractor Anthony Chan (Tsinjo) for his invaluable input.


© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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And yet another Fellowship…

Happy Birthday to Director Kevin Se

Location: Spurs at Bagatelle

Any day is a good day for fun, laughs and fellowship but that particular day, the 5th of October 2012 saw additional reasons for celebrating. It was the Birthday of our Director of PR, Kevin Se, who was not only entitled to one but TWO birthday cakes. Dinner happened in a nice cozy atmosphere which was followed by the blowing of the candles. Eating until the team could not eat anymore, laughing until the stomachs started hurting and teasing one another endlessly, the evening went by in a wink… From left to right, Prospective Yuvna, members Isma, Kevin Se, Kevin Ip, Pauleyn Member Dev, Prospective Binsha, Prityea, Jenna, Pdt Divij, Yannick

© Rotaract Club of 12Port Louis 2012 – 2013

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At Pere Laval Foster Home…

Rotaractors love projects involving children and traditionally, every year, there is at least one project that revolves around children from an orphanage or foster home. This project happened on the 13th of October and was a real success. One single smile from a happy child was enough to bring a mountain of joy to the Rotaractors present.

Members together with prospective Roopesh and Jahaan and foster home staff

And the children posing for the camera

President Divij and Past President Kevin Ip and children of the foster home

© Rotaract Club of Port 13Louis 2012 – 2013

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At Pere Laval Foster Home‌

Secretary Preety followed by Director Isma participated in the games with the children while other rotaractors prepared the snacks for the children. A drawing competition was also organised which allowed hidden talents to be unveiled amongst our 20 boy competitors. It was a tough task for Rotaractors to assess the drawings which were all very creative. However, 2 winners were eventually proclaimed and they received loads of goodies from Rotaractors. Food was also donated to the Foster home. Team posing with children

President Divij congratulating one of the winners Prospective Yuvna offering donations to the Foster home on behalf of the RCPL

14 Š Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Talk and fellowship…

After the activity at Foyer Pere laval, Rotaractors made their way to President Divij’s place where an interesting talk on “Security awareness” was conducted by Rotaractor Dev. The audience learnt more about safeguarding computers against threats such as viruses. Dinner was a mixture of ordered pizza and roasted chicken amongst others. After an instructive session and dinner, the evening ended with some sorting of clothes for the upcoming jumble sale. A hectic but productive day…

Everyone is focus on the presentation

Sorting out exercise for our Jumble sale

© Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013


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Mini-Fundraising-Book Sale

A mini fundraising project carried out by Director Isma and her students, Maneka and Trisha, allowed the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis to collect some funds through two mini-book sales that happened on the 25th and 30th October at Northfields International High School. Books for the sale were collected from many people including prospective Roopesh, President Divij and Director Kevin Se. Some were also collected from the other students of Northfields and Director Isma was able to manage the sale successfully together with her students. The remaining books were kindly donated to the RCPL to be sold during the jumble sale.

Director Isma and her students selling Books Student Maneka donating funds collected to President Divij.

Good books at very interesting prices were sold


Š Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Visit of President Nyou

President Nyou of our twin club, the Rotaract Club of Tsinjo (Madagascar) on visit to Mauritius for professional reasons did not fail in spending some time with fellow Rotaractors. Over a simple dinner on the 7 November, President Nyou charmed everyone with her bright smile and easy-going approach. She shared her experiences as a president with the RCPL members present over dinner. Below: Directors Dev, Tania, Isma , President Nyou and President Divij

President Nyou also attended one Rotaract meeting which was held at Kasa Building in Port-Louis. On this occasion, the RCPL club donated funds to President Nyou for the“Rehabilitation de l’Ecole Primaire Publique (EPP) Ambohibato Ambohimanambola” project in Madagascar.

17 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012- 2013

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Divali Celebration at “Abri De Nuit”

The festival of lights “Divali” is primarily celebrated by Hindus in Mauritius but over the years, it has become more widespread with people of different communities joining in the celebrations. This year, the members of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis and the Rotaract Club of Beau-Bassin/R-Hill wanted to bring some light into the lives of the people who have no home and who sleep in the “Caritas Abri De Nuit” in Quatre-Bornes. Different members of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis each cooked and brought a vegetarian dish from paneer to curry burry. Some members cooked the “Ti Puris” on the spot, warm and ready to serve to the group of people at the night shelter. After they had their 7 curries and desert, they enjoyed some firework displays which brought about boisterous laughter and cheers. President Divij and President Leena proceeded with the distribution of the Divali cakes and gifts. It was an amazing night where a lot of happiness was shared. However, more fun was yet to come as some members made their way to the Bagatelle Mall for a fellowship after the event.

Prospective Esha together with member of RCBB/RH working together

© Rotaract Club of18 Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Divali Celebration at « Abri De Nuit » in Photos

The distribution of food by enthusiastic members.. Below: President Divij and Director Tania And “R” for Rotaract…

Above: Prospective Neha and RCBB/RH member

Above Photo on left: Secretary Preety and Rotaractor Geeta with friend of Rotaract Avi Above Photo on Right: Director Kevin Se and Prospective Yuvna

19 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012-2013

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Divali Celebration at « Abri De Nuit » in Photos (cont’d) To the right: Prospective Roopesh helping to light firecrackers Below:Dinner for members of RCPL and RCBB/RH

Above: Director Sweety, Past President Kevin Ip and Secretary Preety To the right: President Divij and President Nyou

20 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Health For all TWO

Pdt Divij and Pdt Uday

And one and TWO…After a successful “Health for all one project” which happened in Pailles a few months ago, the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis team has followed this first initiative up with a second one, this time in the region of Tranquebar, Port-Louis on Saturday, the 24th of November. The beneficiaries of the health check were 65 children from underprivileged backgrounds of the region. On the day, Guy Rozemont School welcomed within its premises a pool of doctors, dentists and a psychologist that were all willing to devote their time for a good cause. Members of the Rotaract Club together with members of the Moricien Sans Frontiere (MSF) team bustled around; preparing name tags for the children, guiding them to the medical practitioners, and collaborating in the distribution of food and gifts. Following their consultations, children accompanied by their parents and volunteers were guided to the on-site pharmacist who provided the required medications to the responsible parties. The children were provided with lunch before heading off home with a smile on their face and hands full of goodies such as muffins, juices, biscuits, gifts and stationery. And the good work doesn’t end there as follow-up of our little patients are done at no cost at all by different medical practitioners around the island. A hectic but fruitful day, and time well-spent for a bunch of enthusiastic and kindhearted Rotaractors with a common goal in mind: Peace through Service.

21 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

Page 22

Health For all TWO in photos (cont’d)

Right: Eye test

Below: Height measurements

Above: Eye Check-up

Above: Doctors’ consultation

Left: Registration

© Rotaract Club22 of Port Louis 2012-2013

Page 23

Jumble Sale - Tranquebar

“Rs 20 jupe, Rs25 robe…aller vini guetter la” On this beautiful morning of the 24th while the « health for all 2 » project was in progress, another project, the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis Jumble Sale was happening at the same time on the neighbouring volleyball court. Second hand as well as new clothes, books, toys as well as accessories were being sold in a cordial atmosphere by dynamic Rotaractors who turned out to be very convincing sellers...Despite the scorching sun, people came in crowds to the Rotaract stalls taking their time to choose the best items and bargaining for more discounts. Rotaractors themselves found books to their liking that they did not hesitate to buy. This project required a lot of prior organisation, namely in the collection and sorting of clothes which happened several nights in a row at President Divij’s place. Indeed, the latter had to put up with the “mess” for several weeks before the project was done. Many rotaractors, Rotarians and the general public brought clothes to donate and the team is grateful for the massive contribution obtained. Embarking and disembarking the clothes was tedious but the team was up to the challenge. This event was very successful and allowed the club to collect the funds needed for upcoming projects. The remaining clothes were given to the Association Socio Culturelle de Tranquebar to be distributed to needy people.

Prospective Binsha – Our best salesgirl (high class service)

Entertainment by Director Jay

Treasurer Ziyaad

23Port Louis 2012-2013 © Rotaract Club of

Page 24

Jumble Sale

Director Jayganesh, Past President Kevin Ip, Friend of Rotaract Saheen

Prospective Yuvna and Friend of Rotaract Prityea Secretary Preety, Director Kevin and Prospective Neha

Š Rotaract Club of24 Port Louis 2012 - 2013

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Greener Port Louis Project: On-going

The Port Louis City, during peak business hours, can get dusty and hot. Plants provide the oxygen and shade that give us solace on a hot summer day… The Environmental cause is not only our, but everybody’s concern. Imagine a city with a lot of green, a city that breathes, a city that every citizen would feel at home in…This is the mission that The Rotaract Club of Port-Louis has set for itself: contributing to making a greener city. Members of the club have thus been distributing plants to different schools around Port-Louis. While the president Divij went to SSS Renganaden Seeneevasen, Director Jay went to Xavier Barbe primary school and Director Kevin Se went to Notre Dame de la Paix RCA. More schools are targeted and members hope to distribute 100 plants by the end of the RI year. Furthermore, after negotiation with the Municipality, the RCPL has been granted a green corner in Port-Louis which members will aim to keep as flowery and green as possible.

25 © Rotaract Club of Port Louis 2012 - 2013

Page 26

Introducing our members

Presenting our members

We have the pleasure to present the team of the Rotaract Club of Port Louis for RI year 2012-2013 and the Board of Directors:

President: Divij CHUTTOORGOON This young man is 27 years old and lives in Port Louis. He is a holder of a Masters in Linguistics along with a Masters in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. He worked as Crew for Air Mauritius and is currently teaching in a secondary school and lecturing at the University of Mauritius. Previously, he joined the Rotaract Club of Beau-Bassin Rose Hill and held the position of Vice President there. He has been doing social work since the age of 18 and has represented Mauritius in several conferences in Africa.

Immediate Past President: Yashwant BHUDAYE Yashwant Kumar Bhudaye was the President of The Rotaract Club of Port Louis for the RI year 2011 - 2012. He served as Secretary of the Club twice. He also formed part of the District Rotaract Committee for RI year 20112012. He was introduced by Mrs Sweety Kisto to the Club and it has been four years since he is a member of the Rotaract Family. He is an ICT officer working for a group of companies which specialises in the manufacturing of high quality labels.

Past President: Kevin IP TING WAH An MSc graduate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, PP Kevin joined the Rotaract Club of Port Louis in 2007 and was Director of Community Service in 2008, before being President in 2009. During his presidency, the club developed strong links with Mon Seigneur Leen and the Convent of Mother Teresa. He was elected as Best Rotaractor for RI year 2010-2011. Kevin works at IBL Logidis as a Business Analyst in logistic development. His hobbies include jogging, going to the beach, admiring nature and doing social work. His motto: “Vivre sa vie à fonds!”

Vice President/Secretary: Preety Rekha CALLICHURN This lovely, young and dynamic lady is our Vice President and the Secretary. She formed part of the District Rotaract Committee and represented Rotaract Club Mauritius in a cultural show during the RYLA for RI year 2011-2012. She was elected as Best Rotaractor in the same year. She has in the past volunteered as a part-time tutor and held the position of Prefect during her high school years which shows her devotion towards helping others. She owns a BA in Banking and is the Assistant Accountant and Client Administrator at African Links. Although fond of puppies and dancing, we should not underestimate her as this future leader is a karate and hiking athlete.

Treasurer: Ziyaad OOZEERALLY Timid and kind, Ziyaad is a fervent believer in humanity. ‘Doing well to all beings’ is his life motto. Currently holding the post of Accountant at Huawei, he holds a BCom in Marketing from UNISA and has completed his ACCA Level 2. He enjoys swimming, travel, mountain climbing and tennis.

“Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men”

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Introducing our members (cont’d)

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Director of Community Service: Isma SEETAL Isma is working as Education officer in Chemistry at Northfields International High School. She holds a Bsc (Hons) Chemistry, a Masters in Educational Technologies from the University of Mauritius and is currently completing a Diploma in Educational Management from MANCOSA university. She loves laughing, dancing and having fun. However, she also points out that life is not all about that. Some people are less fortunate than us, so giving them a helping hand is important. Her interest in social work has grown over the years and the Rotaract is a beautiful family that provides her invaluable opportunities to help others in a relaxed atmosphere.

Director of Public Relations: Kevin SE HIN SON Kevin works as an Audit Manager at Kemp Chatteris. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (“ACCA”). He previously worked at Deloitte Mauritius and at Rey & Lenferna Ltd as a Financial Accountant. His hobbies include visiting the gym, badminton, swimming and spending time with friends and family. Kevin aims at achieving new heights with his motto: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”.

Director of Membership: Tania VING TAI CHEUNG Currently a Reinsurance Underwriter at Mauritian Eagle Insurance, she worked in London after completing her MSc Insurance and Risk Management at Cass Business School. In addition to reading, swimming and horse-riding, she also enjoys doing voluntary work especially for the elderly and kids.

Director of International Projects: Jayganesh DAWOSING Jay, alias Ali Baba, works as Lecturer at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute Moka and is a Master in Research Methodology graduate. He represented Rotaract Club Mauritius during in cultural show during the RYLA for RI year 2011-2012. He also holds the job of a part-time priest and actively participates in the socio-religious activities of his locality. Jay enjoys reading adventurous books, nature exploration, jogging, singing, socialising and has a passion for cinematography. His motto in life is "Learn, Live and Lead!"

Director of Club Administration: Sweety KISTO HEERAH Sweety is actually working as Information Security Analyst at Emtel. She joined the club in 2007 and was previously the Vice President of the club for RI year 2010-2011. Several times, she has represented our Rotaract Club on international projects in India. She is very interested in digital forensics. Her hobbies are swimming, gardening and cooking delicious plates. She believes in serving the others, especially the needy ones. Her motto is always “Smile and the world will smile at you”.

“Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart”


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Introducing our members (cont’d)

Sergeant at Arms: Dev Rishi CHOORAMUN Dev holds a Bsc in Business Information Systems together with ACCA and CISA. Friendly and truthful, Dev is always ready to help the needy. He formed part of the District Magazine Committee chaired by Rotarian Dinesh Gajeelee for Rotary District Conference 2012 held at Le Meridien Hotel. He also assisted the RYLA Organising Committee 2012 with PHF Vishal Luchmun and IPDRR PHR Ashvin Doseeah in ensuring participants’ accommodation and transport facilities. This Information Risk Analyst at the MCB is passionate about singing, dancing and research on technology. He has been the Prefect during his school days at Royal College Port Louis from 1997 to 2000.His motto in life is “Strive to succeed. If you fall, rise again and do your best; for, when you look back, there should be no regrets.”

Rotaractor: Reshma MUNNOHUR BHUDAYE Reshma Munnohur Bhudaye was the Secretary of the Club for this RI year 2011-2012. She works at ABC Autotech Ltd as an Accounts Clerk / Debtors Clerk / Credit Controller. She found it really enriching to be working along other members: be it for social work, professional development or networking.

Rotaractor: Geeta Devi SOMAROO Geeta is a lecturer in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Mauritius. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Geeta has been involved in various environmental projects in Mauritius and Rodrigues. One of her recent projects is the nation-wide training programme designed to provide 300 small vegetable planters with composting skills, with the collaboration of Mission Verte. Geeta is very interested in using her expertise to contribute to the club’s social activities. Contact details of the members and Board of Directors for RI year 2012-2013:Name


Phone Number

Email address



Yashwant BHUDAYE

Immediate Past President



Past President


Vice President/Secretary




Director of Community Service


Director of Public Relations


Director of Membership


Jayganesh DAWOSING

Director of International Projects



Director of Club Administration



Sergeant at Arms







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Esha BOODHOO Presently Claims Officer at Reinsurance Solutions at Le Caudan, Esha holds a Bsc Hons in Management with Finance from the University of Mauritius.Having gone through hard circumstances in life at a tender age, she has successfully pave her own way to success. Her belief is: ‘Service to man is service to God!’ She enjoys reading, music and exploring the nature. Neha RAMJUTTUN Holder of a Bachelor degree in English from the University of Mauritius and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the Mauritius Institute of Education, this just-turned 25 lady is employed as an English teacher at Northfields International High School. Confident that they pave her way to happiness, books, movies, music and hanging out with friends and family members are things that she enjoys the most. She strongly believes in smiling as a way to the heart and enjoys and lives the smile of all those around her. Her only wish is to give people reasons to be happy and smile. She believes a lot in family, friends and herself and trusts that the right way is the way. Yuvna NUCKCHEDEE Holder of a Chartered Institute of Marketing’s diploma level and a BA Hons Business Studies with specialization in Marketing from the University of Wales, Yuvna currently works as Business Development Analyst at the MCB. She tends to be very passionate about things she enjoys the most and can devote most of her time to achieve the best results; this can be through her tasks at work where she likes to get everyone around me involved. This can be through sports and social activities. She is a very outgoing, open minded and fun person who could also be a workaholic when needed. She enjoys sports and has always been part of volley ball, badminton, tennis teams since college days and she also a passion for bowling and playing pool. Some other key features of hers are that she is a very spontaneous, hardworking and a very good teammate as well as a selfmotivator depending on the situation. Competition sometimes drives the best out of her: it could be anything caused by teammates or by factors around her in general. Binsha RADERAM Dedication, enthusiasm and an ever-present smile - the three essential aspects of her personality. She is a graduate in Bachelors of Business Management (e-Banking & Finance) from Manipal University in India and is presently employed with Compliance department of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. Also doing her MBA Finance with Coventry University, UK, Binsha is always keen to assist in the project management of many events. This 24 year old loves helping others and is always ready to contribute to the welfare of the underprivileged in the society. She reckons that money can be lavishly spent but sparing time from one’s schedule is the true challenge in today’s busy world. However, when there is a will there is a way! Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment. Roopesh KOOLWANT Roopesh currently works as Core Network Engineer at Emtel Ltd. He was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communication engineering in India, after which he returned to Mauritius and joined Emtel as Satellite and ILD Engineer. His hard work and smart thinking have always been appreciated and rewarded. Roopesh joined the Rotaract Club of Port Louis to indulge in community projects with the aim to help those in need and the less fortunate ones.. Caroline HON Caroline, a lady of 25 years old is a degree holder in Banking and International Finance From the University of Technology Mauritius. She actually works at ENL Limited at the Corporate Secretarial Department. She greatly values the work of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louisand wants to make a difference to the lives of others. Her enthusiasm, willingness to serve and her interest in the well-being of others encouraged her to join the Rotaract Club. Her wish is to bring a smile to less fortunate people. Dhavina CHOMROO After three years of studies in Australia, Dhavina recently graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Melbourne. She now holds a Bachelor degree in International Business and Logistics and her academic achievements enabled her to become a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. During her studies, she had the opportunity to correspond and make a difference to the life of vulnerable children and a deprived community from the Senegal. This correspondence has brought her a great deal of willingness to further contribute to the life of the less fortunate. Today, she endeavors to become actively engaged in her home country, hence her adherence to the Rotaract Club, seeking an opportunity to serve.


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Health is Wealth

Is an apple a day really enough to keep the doctor away? Exercise is also important and goes hand in hand with healthy eating habits to preserve the good health of the individual. President Divij tries to encourage members and prospective members to indulge in exercise on a regular basis for the personal well-being and fitness of each. In that light, a special package has been negotiated with ISPA Gym which would allow members of the RCPL to access the gym facilities at Le Suffren Marina and Henessy Park Hotel at a preferential price. Besides the Gym, members can also access the Hammam, the swimming pool and are entitled to a free massage. All the ingredients for the anti-stress recipe are there and many members have not hesitated in registering right away and are now regulars at the gym. Furthermore, the France Martin Badminton Court has been booked on Sundays from 1h-4h for Rotaractors who like the sports and would like to practice. Sparing some time to keep fit can only bring about enormous benefits…indeed “Health is wealth” On the 11th November, some members gave a helping hand to TI Diams for its Zumba party at Loreto Convent of Rose Hill.

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Our Sponsors

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The success of the different projects carried out to date is attributed to the members of the Rotaract Club of Port-Louis, to our parent Club, the Rotary Club of Port-Louis as well as to the friends of Rotaract who have all provided their invaluable input, support and financial aid. Funding for these projects has come from the Club as well as numerous sponsors and partners across the island who has been donating generously for these noble causes. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all these contributors. Our sponsors and partners include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

BSSR Paramedical School Unicornprojects-Doctor Madhewoo Unicorn Oxenham Ltee Avino Concrete Construction Ltd Scott Co. Ltd Civil Action Teams (CATs) Pharmacie Nouvelle Ltd Edendale Ritesh Jaunky Morisien Sans Frontier Panagora Marketing Relaxmaster Ltd Didus Art Gallery Panache Ltd Municipality of Port-Louis Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius DAV Hall – Arya Saba CMT Ltee MCA University of Mauritius printing Kasa Building – Edith Cavell Street Port Louis (for holding our meeting) TNY Company Friend of Rotaract Avinash, Sharmeen, Prityea and Bhooshan

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