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GAME CHANGER MAKEUP The right wedding makeup can have you looking like the glamorous goddess you want to be on your big day. The wrong makeup can create an undesired look of being tired, older, or lackluster. Keeping up with the trends can help you create a look that is contemporary and gorgeous. Just be careful that you don’t choose anything will look dated later – you don’t want your wedding photos to elicit the same response of those 80s’ photos with the bright blue eyeshadow!

bold looks Many brides are choosing bold looks that are more reminiscent of the runway, including false eyelashes, winged eyeliner and strong eyeshadow colors in shades of brown, gray and even purple. Many opt for airbrushing to create a flawless foundation and a complexion that is magazine ready. Some even get airbrushing to cover their tattoos to create a classic look for their wedding. These bolder looks are paired with strong, thick eyebrows and nude lips. “no makeup” look Many photos of celebrities that appear in magazines are made to look like they aren’t wearing makeup. In fact, they are wearing dozens of products to get that naturally effortless look. Many brides are choosing this “no makeup” look to create a soft, romantic look. The makeup used for this trend should complement your natural coloring. The idea is to highlight your features to make them pop. That may mean just a little mascara, some peach or pink shadows around your eyes and cheeks and some gloss. natural glow Giving your skin

a dewy look will make it seem like


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you have a natural glow. You will seem like you have a light shining from the inside and have a naturally radiant beauty. Fortunately for those of us whose genetics don’t give that to us naturally, you can achieve it with makeup! The right highlighting (contrasted with contouring) will make your skin shine. The most important parts to highlight include the cheekbones, the inner eye corner and the line under your eyebrows.

ombre lip The ombre trend has infiltrated everything from wedding cakes to floral arrangements. It should come as no surprise that it’s part of a makeup trend, as well. The ombre lip includes two shades – one that is lighter in the middle part of your lower lip and a darker shade to fill in the rest of the lip. The lighter shade serves as a highlight that makes your lips look bigger and poutier, which can complement just about any look.

pink, glossy lips Pink, glossy lips

colored eyeliner If you want to go

can also give you a youthful glow. Even if you select relatively subdued makeup, having glossy lips can make your overall look pop. Choose soft pinks that complement your skin tone and cover it with a shiny gloss that is either tinted with a complementary color or that is clear.

really bold, you can choose a colored eyeliner. Purple is very popular, but you can also get away with blue or green. Use it to accent just one part of the eye, such as the outer corner, or you can use it for the full lower line. Use just enough of the liner to create a pop of color – not so much that you overwhelm your makeup.

eye gloss Eye gloss does the same

thing for your eyes that lip gloss does for lips. It is a creamy shadow that creates a wet, shiny look on your eyes that appears that a natural glow on your skin. Your eyes will pop with eye gloss. Just choose natural or neutral shades, like browns and pinks.

Experiment with some of these makeup trends to see what looks best on you and what makes you feel your best. You may want to combine a few of the trends, or you may have a totally different look in mind that will inspire others to start a new trend – it’s your big day, anything goes! wm

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We are the stylish trendsetting local wedding planning magazine for the Triangle, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding No...

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We are the stylish trendsetting local wedding planning magazine for the Triangle, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding No...

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