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Manual V 0.1 28.05.2014

CyberGhost is work in progress. This applies to everything we do and ourselves. We are never satisfied with the status quo because we have the chance to get better every day. We always ship code and change things the moment it is better than what is live – no matter how small the improvement is. We have results every day! We celebrate growth and improvements. We value waking up fresh over working extra hours. We are fully engaged during the day.

Here at CyberGhost we know our tools - because we work smart and not hard! We are at the top of the game, as we focus on getting the max out of the tools we use. We use Bitrix Piwik OpenX Interspire Kayako We know everything about this tools. We are experts and able to answer every question about this tools.

We are here for building something new. We spend our time with learning and understanding, not with working! Our focus is on a single task through the day. Everything we do is measurable. We know our numbers by heart. We build, measure and learn. Over and over again on the same task! We believe that everything is a hypotheses and we might be wrong! We design experiments to test our hypotheses: HYPOTHESIS + EXPERIMENT + DATA = INSIGHT

Cyberghost Manual V 0.1  

I started to work on a document to define the culture we have at CyberGhost. Work in progress ;-)