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The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Sunday School Student's Manual 2009/2010 UK, Ireland and Europe Edition

Sunday School Student's Manual 2009/2010 UK, Ireland and Europe Edition

Edited by RCCG Sunday School UK E. W.

Published by Delta Publishers A division of Delta Solutions UK E. W. July 2009 London, United Kingdom

Published for the edification of the Body of Christ However, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, except for brief quotations in reviews, without permission in writing from the RCCG Sunday School UK.

Preface The Bible admonishes us to be diligent to present ourselves approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. We are to seek the word of truth, know it and in essence, we are to study the Bible to discover the treasures in it. This knowledge starts with knowing some foundational truths. God is particular about our foundations this year and for us it is supposed to be a year of hard study. Therefore, the Sunday School Manual of this year has been prepared with this mind of God at heart. Our counsel to you now and always is to continuously study to show yourselves approved to God and as you lay new foundations and repair old ones, continue to prayerfully trim your lamps, getting ready for the Master.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye General Overseer The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Foreword Welcome to this maiden edition of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Sunday School manual. This manual forms the curriculum for the Sunday School program of the RCCG UK, Ireland and Europe and is borne out of the desire to make disciples of all the nations. It aims to challenge members of the society and in particular, members of RCCG, to diligently study the word of God. We are grateful to the Directorate of Christian Education in Nigeria for supplying us with the original script for this manual. Our hope is that we have put their excellent work into a more fitting context for those who live in Europe. We also use this opportunity to thank them for the invaluable advice and oversight of the process that has led up to producing this publication. We are also thankful for the selfless work that has been put in by the RCCG Sunday School team in collating, editing and printing this manual. It is our sincere belief that it will form an invaluable tool in our pursuit of God.

Pastor Agu Irukwu Chairman National Executive RCCG UK

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Beware Of Rebellion Doubt The Christian Missionary Part One The Christian Missionary Part Two The Christian Missionary Part Three Cure For The Wounded Soldier Faithfulness Tithing First Fruits The Divine Pilgrim Watchfulness No Controversy, Jesus Is Coming Soon

Week Fifty-two (quarterly Review)

Lesson 1

Power in Praise MEMORY VERSE “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;” Psalm 107:2 BIBLE PASSAGE: Psalm 103:1-22 INTRODUCTION The divine decision at creation to make Man a living soul had established an eternal link between Man and God. The strength of this link is determined by many factors one of which is the supernatural ability to praise God especially for His unique merciful acts, which was not extended to any other of His creations. May the Holy Spirit teach us and bless us as we study, in Jesus' name OUTLINES 1. THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO 2. THE LIVING BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT 3. THERE IS POWER IN PRAISE THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO The formerly hell-bound sinner whose sins are forgiven, now with a strong confidence of eternity in Heaven cannot but praise the Lord – Ps.103: 1-4; Ps.107: 1-2. Though difficult to comprehend, except by the Holy Spirit, the Christian now knows that he or she is a child of God. This is a mystery that is worthy of thanksgiving by the regenerated man – Rom.8: 15-16; Matt.6: 9. Christians are redeemed from the curse of law, a most terrible cause for perpetual weeping. THE LIVING BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT The Almighty God, our Shepherd, is the keeper of Israel that neither sleeps nor slumbers. He is the hedge of fire around His own, to consume all fiery darts of the enemy. Indeed, it is only the living spared from all the attacks of the enemy that shall praise the Lord – Is.38:19. All living souls in appreciation of the goodness of God cannot but praise the Lord. Such was the case of Mary – Lk.1:46-55, Hannah – 1 Sam.2:1-10 and Paul – 2 Cor.1:3-4; Eph.1:1-12. 1

THERE IS POWER IN PRAISE Appreciation rendered to God in praises and thanksgiving is not just empty noise for there is power in praises. King Jehoshaphat, for example, by the unction of the Spirit of God, chose the line of praise and he won the battle against the Moabites and the Ammonites – 2 Chron.20:14-22. Paul and Silas did so in the prison yard and their chains and fetters were broken, prison doors were unlocked, the prisoners were set free and the jailor and his household were saved – Acts 16:25-34. This was proved in the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ. His prayers at some remarkable periods were preceded by “I thank thee….” An example is during the raising of Lazarus from the dead after four days – Jn.11:4-45. CONCLUSION Christians, as peculiar people, a chosen generation, royal priesthood and a holy nation, are supposed to show forth the praises of Him who has called them out of darkness into the marvellous light – 1 Pet. 2:9. QUESTIONS 1. What should characterise the life of the redeemed of the Lord? 2. Only the living shall praise the Lord. Support with scriptures. 3. Justify the fact that there is power in praise

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Ps.35:28 – Lord, give me the grace to praise you always with my tongue. Tue: Lk.19:37 – Remember to constantly praise God for His mighty works. Wed: Acts 2:47 – Our praises to God brings results. Thurs: Is.6:3 – Always declare the holiness of God in your praises to Him. Fri: Acts 4:21 – Praises to God should be our right attitude even during persecutions. Sat: Rev.4:11 – The very reason of our existence is to praise God. Sun: Rev.7:10 – Glory be to God in the highest.


Lesson 2

The Attitude of Praise MEMORY VERSE “Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the people his doings.” Psalm 9:11 BIBLE PASSAGE: Psalm 150:1-6 INTRODUCTION We were able to discover in our last study amongst many things, who should praise the Lord, some reasons for which we praise the Lord and that there is power in praises. It is the living and the redeemed that praise the Lord but with what do we bless the Lord, we shall discover this today. May the Holy Spirit teach us, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. WITH SINGING AND DANCING 2. WITH CLAPPING AND INSTRUMENTS OF MUSIC 3. IN THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH SINGING AND DANCING Singing and dancing by a true child of God reflects the joy bubbling in one's heart. No one can be truly happy and successfully hide it. It is written that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks – Ps.35: 28; Ps.30: 11-12; Mt.12: 34. Singing and dancing furthermore can be a reflection on the mighty works of God that we have seen and heard – Lk.2: 20. This attitude is not limited in scope. People of all age groups are to praise God – Mt.21: 9, 15; Hos.2: 15; Lk.1: 59-64; Ps.67: 4; Ps.149: 3. WITH CLAPPING AND INSTRUMENTS OF MUSIC The clapping of hands and the use of instruments of music are other biblical ways by which the Christian can express his or her appreciation to God – Ps.47: 1. When it is done orderly and decently, it is pleasing unto God. Instruments of music vary from shakers, timbrels and violin to organs and pianos, including drums as well – Ps.150. IN THE HOLY SPIRIT The Christian is enjoined to redeem the time because the days are 3

evil – Eph.5: 14-19. A way of doing this is to make melody in the heart and sing spiritual songs, thus preventing the tongue from going astray and beginning to sing ungodly songs that do not edify. Additionally, it can be done by handing over the tongue to the Holy Spirit to sing spiritual songs to the Lord – 1 Cor.14: 15. CONCLUSION Christians are enjoined not to be hearers only but also doers of the word – Jam.1: 22. Today's teaching is a practical one, which should be put to practice now and always. Sing unto the Lord, dance before the Lord your Maker with clapping of your hands and musical instruments as well, for He is good and His mercy endures forever. It is pleasing to the Lord and highly rewarding too. QUESTIONS 1. Give a biblical reference on singing and dancing to the Lord. 2. Is it right to clap hands and use musical instruments to praise God? 3. What is Apostle Paul's admonition on singing to the Lord?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Gen.4: 21 – Praise God with harps and organs. Tues: 1 Sam.16: 16 – High praises directed to God will put demons to flight. Wed: 1 Chron.25: 7 – Praise God with the orchestra. Thurs: 2 Chron. 34:12 – Inspiring worship songs of worship encourage in business. Fri: 2 Kings 3:15 – Holy Spirit inspired songs provoke prophecies. Sat: Ps.68: 25 – Let the orchestra praise the Lord. Sun: Eze.33: 32 – Lord, give me the grace to be obedient to your word.


Lesson 3

Timeless Praise MEMORY VERSE “Rejoice evermore.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 BIBLE PASSAGE: Exodus 15:1-18 INTRODUCTION We discovered in our last study how to bless the Lord in our singing and dancing, with clapping and the use of musical instruments and in the Holy Spirit as well. May the Holy Spirit continue to teach and bless us the more as we examine when to bless the Lord, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. IN THE MORNING, ALL DAY LONG, EVERMORE 2. IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES 3. TILL ETERNITY IN THE MORNING, ALL DAY LONG, EVERMORE The merciful God is so mindful of man that He visits him every morning -Job 7:18-19. It is only wise, therefore, that such special love and concern be immediately reciprocal with adoration, worship and singing, not only in the morning but all day long and as long as there is life in us- Ps. 59:16; Ps. 134:1; Ps. 104:33. IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES God has not called the believer into a life of shame, trouble and confusion. In all these situations, God commands the work of His hands to praise Him only - 1 Thess. 5:18. Whether in fire or deep waters, God promised to be with the believer – Is. 43:1-3. He will be there in famine, persecution, imprisonment, poverty, loss and fiery trials. His command is that His name is to be praised - 2 Cor. 6:10; 1 Pet. 4:12-13; Jn. 16:33. TILL ETERNITY Whatever rejoicing or praise worship rendered to God in this world is a child's play compared to what operates in Heaven where there is no measuring of time. The heavenly language is the language of worship only - HALLELUJAH. This is what the angels say in Heaven 5

as they worship the Ancient of Days, the Holy One in His majesty and glory - Lk. 2:13-14; Rev. 5:11-12; Rev. 7:11-12. When Christians make it to Heaven and the lost glory is restored, the saints without doubt shall have new songs if only to praise the Rock of their salvation - Rev. 19:1-7. CONCLUSION Your present situation is not without the knowledge of an all-knowing God. God is surely greater than the situation. The Holy Spirit is reminding you today to rejoice anyway, for this may be the only weapon against your predicament. Rejoice evermore. QUESTIONS 1. Justify the fact that God wants us to rejoice evermore. 2. In how many situations are Christians called upon to rejoice? 3. What is the heavenly language?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Is. 61:10 - We have reasons to praise the Lord. Tues: Jer. 15:16 - The word of God brings rejoicing to our soul and spirit. Wed: Acts 8:5-8 - There is celebration of joy where unadulterated Christ is preached. Thurs: 1 Pet. 1:8 - Whatever the situation around us, let us rejoice. Fri: Ps. 126:5 - Your tearful sowing opens the door to joyful reaping so, do not worry. Sat: Is. 35:10 - The redeemed of the Lord shall rejoice in Zion. Sun: Neh. 8:17 - Our captivity shall be turned to songs of victory, in Jesus' Name. Amen.


Lesson 4

The Spotless Bride MEMORY VERSE “ That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. ” Ephesians 5:27 BIBLE PASSAGE: Ephesians 5:17-30 INTRODUCTION The Church, that is the congregation of all born again believers, is the Bride of Jesus Christ – Eph.5: 25. Almost invariably, when a man chooses a bride, he chooses someone who is closest to him in manners, attributes, aspirations, and ways of doing things because only birds of the same feathers flock together – Amos 3:3. The Lord Jesus Christ is holy, spotless and without blemish, hence, His bride must be without spot or wrinkle too. OUTLINES 1. WHY MUST I BE SPOTLESS? 2. SPOTLESS IN WHAT? WHY MUST I BE SPOTLESS? It is a reasonable question to ask why you must be spotless or why you must be holy and pure, so above board in all things that there cannot be found in you a single spot, fault or blemish. The reasons are very many but we will mention a few. a. A Christian is a child of God – Jn.1: 12. A child must be like his father. In fact, the Lord Jesus Christ said that every child of God must be as perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect – Mt.5: 48. b. A Christian is part of the Bride of Christ. This follows that a Christian is part and parcel of the holy and spotless Christ – Eph.5: 29-30. Since Christ is spotlessly holy, it follows that no part of Him can be any less holy than Him. c. The wedding between Christ and His Bride is going to take place in Heaven and nothing unholy shall be allowed into Heaven – Is.35: 8. Therefore, if you wish to be at the wedding of the Lamb, let alone be a partaker of it, you must be without spot or wrinkle – Eph.5: 27.


SPOTLESS IN WHAT? The next reasonable question is, “In what manner or ways must I be spotless?” The answer, of course, is that you must be spotless in all things. We will specifically look at three areas but mention just one in this lesson and look at the other two in the next lesson. We must first of all be spotless in all our words – Jam.3: 2. A gossip is in the class of a murderer in the sight of the Almighty God – 1 Pet.4: 15. As for liars, they are classified with murderers and sorcerers and their ultimate goal is clearly stated to be Hell – Rev.21: 8. CONCLUSION It is not enough for the Christian to be holy. He must be spotlessly so. Anyone who hopes to be in Heaven must be spotless in words. QUESTIONS 1. Give three reasons a Christian must be spotless. 2. Is it really necessary to be spotless? Explain. 3. Why is it dangerous to offend in words?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. - Amos 3:3 – Be in agreement with God. Be spotless. Tues. 1 Jn.3: 8-10 - If you are a sinner, you are of the devil. Weds. Ps.24: 3-4 - You cannot get to the presence of God unless you are holy. Thurs. Jam.1: 26 - Your religion is vain if you are not spotless in words. Fri. 1 Pet.4: 15 – Do you gossip? If yes, you are like a murderer. Sat. Eph.5: 29-30 – If you are a member of the body of Christ then you must be spotless. Sun. Rev.21: 8 – Be spotless in words or be ready to burn in hell.


Lesson 5

Without Spot Or Wrinkle MEMORY VERSE “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5:48 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 5:20-48 INTRODUCTION In the first part of this series we saw that a Christian must be spotlessly holy and be spotless in words. Today, we want to learn further that a Christian must be spotless in thoughts and deeds. OUTLINES 1. SPOTLESS IN THOUGHTS 2. SPOTLESS IN DEEDS 3. HOW TO BE SPOTLESS SPOTLESS IN THOUGHTS Before someone can be spotless in words, he has to be spotless in thoughts. This is because whatever comes out of your mouth is an overflow of what is in your heart. The Lord Himself said so in Matthew 12:34-35. The book of Proverbs also confirms that it is what a man thinks about that makes him – Pro.23: 7. Consequently, we are advised to watch very closely what we think about and meditate upon. In fact, there is a list of things that must occupy the thoughts of a Christian. These are things that are true, just, honest, pure and lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy – Phil.4: 8. SPOTLESS IN DEEDS We must also be spotless in deeds. In fact, our deeds are to be as pure as light. We are to shine at home, in the office, in the school and everywhere so that the world will know whom our Father really is – Mt.5: 14-16. True holiness cannot be hidden. It will always shine forth. HOW TO BE SPOTLESS The steps towards a life of spotless holiness begin with the new birth – 2 Cor.5: 17. This is then followed by purging yourself of all sinful habits and excesses – Job 11:14-15. After which you must steer 9

clear of all worldly situations that can stain you or get you thinking along wrong tracks – Jam.1: 27. Then, of course, you must live daily for God, taking one day at a time and living it as if it will be the last – Rom.12: 1-2. Since all determinations are useless without the help of God, you must constantly call on Jesus for help – Phil.4: 13. CONCLUSION Christians must be spotless in words and thoughts because it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Be spotless in deeds because, “by their fruits we shall know them.” Surely, also, we all need the help of our Lord Jesus Christ to be able to live spotlessly. QUESTIONS 1. Why is it not enough to be spotless in words only? 2. Why must a Christian be spotless in deeds? 3. Mention the basic steps to spotless living.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. - Pro.23: 7 – Are your thoughts holy? Tues. Jos.1: 8 - Meditate of the word of God ceaselessly. Weds. 1 Cor.6: 13 – You are the temple of God. Be spotless. Thurs. 1 Jn.2: 14-15 - To be spotless, you will not love the world. Fri. 1 Pet.1: 14 - Beware of former lusts. Sat. Mt.5: 14-16 – You are a city set on a hill. Be spotless. Sun. Phil.4: 13 – Ask God for grace to remain spotless.


Lesson 6

The Price Of Purity MEMORY VERSE “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6 BIBLE PASSAGE: Genesis 39:1-14 INTRODUCTION It is a common practice in marketing to place prices on articles for sale. The value of the article determines the price. Purity is of eternal value and therefore must be priced accordingly. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us as we examine this important aspect of the Christian life. OUTLINES 1. WHAT IS PURITY? 2. THE PRICE OF PURITY ILLUSTRATED 3. AFTER THE CROSS IS THE CROWN WHAT IS PURITY? Purity is absolute cleanliness of body, soul and spirit, expected of anyone who will want to ascend to the hills of the Lord – Ps.24: 3-4. It is the only condition to see God and dwell where He is – Matt.5: 8. It is a springboard for charity and other Christian virtues, for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks – 1 Tim.1: 5; Mt.12: 34b35a. THE PRICE OF PURITY ILLUSTRATED The prosperous, pure, gracious, honoured and favoured Joseph at Portiphar's house, later paid the price of temptation, false accusation, ridicule, demotion, dishonor and imprisonment – Gen.39:7-20. It is written that whosoever will live a godly life in Jesus Christ cannot but suffer persecution – 2 Tim.3:12. There can be no crown without a cross. However, the suffering of this present time can never be compared to the glory that is to be revealed – Rom.8:18. AFTER THE CROSS IS THE CROWN The pure are fearless and bold – Job 11:15; Pro.28:1. They shall be privileged to rapture with the Lord at His appearance – Eph.5:27; 11

2 Pet.3:14. The pure shall be enthroned with God – Rev.3:21. Therefore, the pure is privileged: a. To eat spiritual food – Rev.2:7. b. To have a new name – Rev.2:17. c. To rule over nations. d. To be clothed with the robes of righteousness. e. To inherit all things – Rev.21:7. CONCLUSION Prices should be readily paid for any noble Christian ventures. As Christians whose aspiration is singularly Heaven, there must be a strong determination never to tarnish the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who paid the greatest price for our redemption with His precious blood, no matter the cost. His grace is our sufficiency – Phil.4:13. QUESTIONS 1. What is purity? 2. How does the life of Joseph illustrate the price for purity? 3. What are the benefits of purity?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Lev.11:45 – Be holy for God is holy. Tues. 2 Cor.7:1 - Cleanse yourself of all filthiness. Weds. Heb.12:14 – Without holiness, you shall not see God. Thurs. 1 Pet.1:16 – Remain holy. Fri. 2 Pet.3:11 - Be of holy conversation. Sat. Mt.5:20 – Be righteous to enter Heaven. Sun. Hos.10:12 - Sow righteousness


Lesson 7

Purity Before Power MEMORY VERSE “Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.” Hebrews 1:9 BIBLE PASSAGE: 2 Timothy 2:15-22 INTRODUCTION It is a popular saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why power can be a dangerous thing if it is in wrong hands. This why the All Powerful God is at the same time the thrice-holy God - Isa.6: 1-3. The Omnipotent God is at the same time the one whose name is Love and Light. It is only reasonable that purity should precede power. OUTLINES 1. WHY PURITY MUST PRECEDE POWER 2. HEAVEN IS THE GOAL WHY PURITY MUST PRECEDE POWER Everyone wants power of one kind or the other. There is a natural joy common to man in being the number one, the head or the one in control. God wishes His children to be powerful. He wishes them to be the head and not the tail, to be the first and not the last. In fact, to be above always – Deut.28: 13. This may be why God is very strict about the purity of His children. Wanting them to be powerful, He at the same time insists that they must be holy and perfectly so – Mt.5: 48. He even said that the precondition for obtaining power is total obedience to His will – Deut.28: 2. This is probably because the more powerful a Christian is, the more severe will be the attacks from forces of darkness on him or her. It will, therefore, require the purity as of light to constantly frustrate the enemy – Jn.1: 5. A good example of how a powerful child of God will face severe attacks for no other reason than being number one is found in the case of Daniel – Dan.6: 1-4. Hence, to be a vessel unto honour, a Christian must purify himself – 2 Tim.2: 20-21. In any case, power of the divine type is a holy thing and holy things are not for dogs – Mt.7: 6. 13

HEAVEN IS THE GOAL The goal of every Christian should be making it to Heaven at last. It will be unfortunate to have used divine powers to heal, deliver and bless others and still fail to make it to Heaven. Hence, purity is crucial at all cost – 1 Cor.9: 24-27. The Lord Jesus Christ warned of the possibility of a miracle worker being excluded from Heaven because of lack of holiness – Mt.7: 22-23. The Bible did not say, “Without power no man shall see God” but “Without holiness no man shall see God” CONCLUSION Power can be sweet and dangerous in the wrong hands but it can be sweet and useful in the right hands. In the hands of pure, holy, compassionate, Christ-like children of God, power can be very useful. If you desire power, do not forget your ultimate goal, which is Heaven. QUESTIONS 1. In what ways can power be dangerous? 2. Why do you think God insists that His children must be pure? 3. How can power prevent a child of God from reaching Heaven?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Jer.15: 19-21 – Remain pure and God will always defend you. Tues. Lev.10: 8-10 - Put a difference between holy and unholy things. Weds. Mt. 7:21 - It is the will of God to be pure. Thurs. Acts 9:18-23 – God will purify you before using you. Fri. Mt.7: 22 – You risk being excluded from Heaven if you are not holy. Sat. Mt.7: 6 – Do not be a dog. Be pure. Sun. Mt.5: 48 – Like Father like son. Be holy as your Father is holy.


Lesson 8

The Comforter - His Personality MEMORY VERSE “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.� John 14: 26. BIBLE PASSAGE: John 16: 1-11. INTRODUCTION Today's study marks the beginning of a series of studies on a personality often misunderstood or misinterpreted in the Christian faith. This personality is called the Holy Spirit. His outstanding numerous qualities, diversities of operations and dramatic influence (as the successor of Jesus Christ) on the Apostles and the Christians as a whole, are so remarkable and worthy of considerations. May He teach us today in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? 2. WHAT ARE HIS ATTRIBUTES? WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? He is not a feeling or a falling, a crying or a wailing. He is no emotion. He is however a person. He is the third person of the Trinity otherwise known as the Comforter - Jn. 16: 5-7. One that will make life more comfortable and profitable for His people especially as they engage in greater works than the Lord Jesus did - Jn. 14: 12 (as Jesus prophesied). Why? Because He is the Chief Executor of the divine programme on earth -Jn. 15: 26; Jn. 16: 7-14; the force behind every revealed plan of God; the Revealer of the hidden treasures of the Kingdom of God - Jn. 14: 25-26. He is the key to the inheritance of the saints in glory - Eph. 1: 18; Col. 1: 12 and the central figure behind any breakthrough in life - Acts. 1: 8; Lk. 4: 14; Acts. 4: 33, 19: 11-12. He is also the Revealer of the son ship of the sons of God - I Pet. 2: 9. He was the divine interruption of an ungodly order, who supernaturally released the Apostles from the clutches of fear (of the Roman Empire) to the realm of exploits for God e.g. taking over the synagogues as if there were not priests there previously - Acts. 6: 7; Acts. 4: 1-4. 15

WHAT ARE HIS ATTRIBUTES? He is the OIL of JOY - Isa. 61: 3, otherwise known as the oil of gladness - Ps. 45: 7. His presence in any human-vessel… “Does good like medicine”… Pro. 17: 22 as against the drying of bones that sorrow brings. This Oil of joy is the Strength of the believer - Neh. 8: 10 that keeps him/her healthy and active. He is also the LOVE OF GOD - Rom. 5: 5, that is shed abroad in our hearts, a function that is humanly impossible but easy through the Holy Spirit -Matt. 22: 3740. This Supernatural LOVE glues us to God irrespective of any prevailing negative circumstances - Rom. 8: 35-39. He is the HIGH PRAISES OF GOD - Ps. 149: 6 - because He shall constantly glorify God - Jn. 16: 14. In this process enemies are defeated supernaturally - II Chr. 20: 22 and strange afflictions in the body will become uncomfortable in their environment - Ps. 105: 15. CONCLUSION The Holy Spirit undoubtedly has a comforting ministry, which can be our experience today. Let us therefore pray for a release of fresh Oil of Joy, Love of God, supernatural Praise and Favour with God and men now in Jesus' Name. QUESTIONS 1. List what the Holy Spirit is not. 2. Who exactly is the Holy Spirit? 3. What are the attributes of the Holy Spirit?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT MON: Mk. 3: 28-29 - The Holy Spirit will empower and bless any sincere seeker of Him, provided he/she will not blaspheme against Him. TUES: Zech. 4: 6 - Thank God for the Holy Spirit, the energy of the New man. WED: Isaiah 41: 10 - God promises strength for His own people. Claim it now. THURS: Dan. 11: 32 - Be sure you know your God. It shall be for blessings unto you. FRI: Eph. 3: 16-20 - Strength in the inner man is all needed to run the heavenly race correctly. SAT: 2 Cor. 12: 9-10 - God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. SUN: Heb. 11: 13- Have faith in God.


Lesson 9

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit MEMORY VERSE “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth�. Acts. 1: 8. BIBLE READING: Acts. 1: 1-19 INTRODUCTION Last week we studied the personality of the Comforter and His attributes. Today, we will be looking at the significance and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. May He, the true Comforter, teach and bless us in Jesus' Name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE COMFORTER 2. THE MINISTRY OF THE COMFORTER. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE COMFORTER The Holy Spirit- the Comforter, is God's seed of power in a believer, planted at his baptism (of the Holy Spirit) and growing to bring forth the fruits of power- Acts. 1: 8. This power supernaturally makes the believer become a true witness of the word e.g. the initially timid, easily shaken like a reed Peter turns out to be an active, powerful, immovable Rock and witness of the word - Acts. 2: 1-47; Acts. 4: 10-19. The Comforter is also the Consuming Fire of God, which distinguishes the true believer -Matt. 3: 11-12. He is the divine wind of God's Church and the enabling Grace behind a fruitful and rewarding Christianity - Eze. 37: 1-10, I Cor. 2: 4, Lk. 4: 14-18. THE MINISTRY OF THE COMFORTER The ministry of the Comforter amongst many includes the following: 1. He quickens our mortal bodies - Rom. 8: 11, which makes it illegal for any sickness or disease to dwell there, but instead turns it to partakers of God's divine nature - Matt. 3: 12; 2 Pet. 1: 4. 2. Guides into all truth - Jn. 16: 12-13 - by enlightening the believers understanding on all issues of all life. He is, therefore, our only insurance against the deadly and enslaving grip of ignorance. By this divine guidance, we will always have solutions to every problem that may confront us. 3. He reveals things to come. - Acts. 21: 4, 10-12. 17

He reminds of things taught - Jn. 14: 26 - especially in the times of need e.g. The Lord Jesus in His encounter with the tempter. 5. He reproves the world of sin. The sinner gets conviction not by gimmicks but by the Holy Spirit - Zech. 4: 6. 6. He reproves the world of unrighteousness by making them to live righteous in the midst of a perverse generation. 7. He reproves the world of judgment - Jn. 16: 11 8. He testifies of the truth, which makes it easier therefore for a true believer to decree a thing and it is established unto him - Jn. 15: 26, Job. 22: 28. 9. He intercedes for the saints - Rom. 8: 26-27. 10. He gives spiritual gifts to hungry men and women who earnestly covet them - I Cor. 12: 4, 11. 4.

CONCLUSION The Holy Spirit is unique in significance and His ministry is comprehensive. It is dangerous for any true believer to run the pilgrims journey without Him. Put His house in order, that is, your body, which is His Temple so that He can dwell there. Pray accordingly in Jesus' Name. QUESTIONS 1. How significant is the Comforter? 2. Discuss the comprehensive ministry of the Comforter.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Eze. 36: 26-27- The Holy Spirit in a heart of flesh enables the believer to do the will of God. Desire Him today. Tues: I Jn. 2: 27- The truth is taught by the anointing. Wed: I Pet. 3: 18 - Jesus was quickened by the Holy Spirit. Death therefore had no dominion over Him. Thurs: 2 Pet. 1: 21- Holy prophets will prophesy only by the Holy Spirit. Fri: Jn. 14: 17- The Holy Spirit will indwell the holy Christian. Sat: Rom. 8: 9- Anyone without the Spirit of Christ is alien to the Kingdom of God. Sun: I Cor. 3: 16- The Holy Spirit indwells only the temple of God.


Lesson 10

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit MEMORY VERSE “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Acts. 2: 38. BIBLE PASSAGE: Luke 11: 9-13. INTRODUCTION Last week, in this series we studied the significance and the ministry of the Comforter. By now, hopefully, the Holy Spirit would have discovered in us clean vessels and temples of the Holy Ghost, ready for divine occupation. May the Holy Spirit continue to make us more comfortable in Him in Jesus' Name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. HOW TO RECEIVE THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 2. THE ACTUAL BAPTISM, THE BAPTISER AND THE EVIDENCE HOW TO RECEIVE THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The following steps will guide any sincere candidate for the baptism of the Holy Ghost: 1. Be born again - Jn. 3: 3; Acts. 3: 19. 2. Be desirous and thirsty for the baptism of the Holy Spirit - Ps. 37: 4; Ps. 42: 1; Isa. 55: 1 3. Believe that the promise of the baptism of the Holy Ghost is for you and all believers - Acts 2: 33. 4. Identify the Lord Jesus Christ as the right source of the baptism in the Holy Ghost - Matt. 3: 11. 5. Have confidence also in His word, which will never fall to the ground but is forever settled in Heaven - Jn. 7: 37-39; Ps. 119: 89. 6. Then ask Him and He will answer, “For every one that asketh receiveth;” - Lk. 11: 10. 7. Praise and thank God in advance for your baptism because He is the giver of good gifts - Jam. 1: 17; I Thess. 5: 18.


THE ACTUAL BAPTISM, THE BAPTISER AND THE EVIDENCE The Lord Jesus Christ is the Baptiser - Matt. 3: 11. The process of baptism in the Holy Ghost involves finding time to come before the presence of God, our Maker, in worship, praise, thanksgiving and with a right mind - Ps. 100: 4, Ps. 66: 18. The focus of attention at this time should be Jesus, who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith and the rewarder of the faithful and the diligent - Heb. 12: 1-2, 11: 6. After asking prayerfully and in faith, the Holy Spirit Himself gives utterance, which is evidenced in the speaking of tongues - Acts. 2:14; Acts. 10: 44-46. This baptism initiates the believer into POWER, the divine ability to do exploits, “greater works than these” as Jesus prophesied - Lk. 24: 49; Jn. 14: 12. CONCLUSION The baptism in the Holy Ghost is for you to make you strong, ride high in God and be perfect as God intends you to be. If you are born again then ask for the baptism in the Holy Ghost and the Baptiser will do it now in Jesus' Name. Amen. QUESTIONS 1. List the steps to the baptism of the Holy Ghost? 2. What is involved in the baptism of the Holy Ghost? 3. What is the initial evidence of baptism in the Holy Ghost?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Jn 1:. 25- The Holy Spirit can be received by impartation. Tues: Num. 24: 2- In the days of old, the Holy Spirit periodically came upon the prophet as the need arose. Thank God for the dispensation of grace that makes the Holy Spirit resident in the new man. Wed: Jn. 3:10 – Management becomes easy when it is quickened by the Holy Spirit. Thurs: Judg. 14: 6- The man of God does exploits by the Spirit of God. Fri: I Sam. 10: 10 – Any ordinary fellow becomes extra-ordinary only by the Holy Spirit. Sat: I Sam. 16: 13-14 – The departure of the Spirit of God from a man may create a room for evil spirits. Sun. Acts. 19: 2-7 – God is no respecter of persons. You too can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit if hands are laid on you. 20

Lesson 11

By The Anointing MEMORY VERSE “Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.” Joel. 2: 23. BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts. 4: 5-20 INTRODUCTION Last week, our study centred on how to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the actual baptism. Due consideration was given to the Baptiser and the evidence of baptism. Today, by the special grace of God, we will continue in the series by looking at the anointing; what it is exactly and the conditions for maintaining the flow. May the Comforter teach and bless us in Jesus' Name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. WHAT EXACTLY IS ANOINTING? 2. CONDITIONS FOR MAINTAINING THE FLOW WHAT EXACTLY IS ANOINTING? Anointing is the outflow of the Holy Spirit through a sanctified vessel. It is a divine enabling grace - Acts. 4: 5-20. It is likened unto Rain - Zech. 10: 1; Joel. 2:23, but it is neither the “WELL” of water springing up into everlasting life… Jn .4:14, nor the flowing “RIVERS” of living water… Jn. 7: 38 - for these are referring to the operations of the Holy Ghost at the new birth and at baptism of believers (not of water) respectively. This is the Rain of the POWER of God from above to increase the water levels of both the “WELL” and the “River” to bring about the overflow -Lk. 4:1819. The anointing determines the volume of water in the rivers, which in turn determines the functions to which they can be put. Similarly, for example, the level of anointing in a man determines the number of people he can carry along or his productivity as a man of God e.g. compare - Acts.2: 41 with Acts 4: 8-32 when three thousand and multitudes of people received Christ respectively after baptism in the Holy Ghost. The Lord Jesus as a perfect example came under a strong anointing and His fame went abroad - Acts. 10: 38. It makes the Christian life active and full of results. As it were, it enthrones the believer - Jn. 14: 12; I Pet .2: 9; Rev. 1: 6. The anointing breaks every yoke of the devil and demolishes any mountain etc - Isa. 10: 27. 21

CONDITIONS FOR MAINTAINING THE FLOW 1. Love for righteousness, hatred for iniquity. The Lord Jesus never ran out of anointing because He loved righteousness and hated iniquity Ps. 45: 6-7; Jn. 14: 30; 2 Cor. 5: 21. Sin places a limit on anointing. Paul, a successful Apostle, was no exception - I Thess. 2: 10. God enjoins us to “DO” righteousness also - I Jn. 3: 7. 2. Walking in Love. If a believer is to constantly flow in anointing, love for God, himself, the ministry, the church and people in general must be paramount. A release of fresh anointing always followed the compassionate feelings of the Lord Jesus - Jn. 11: 35, 43-44, Mk. 6: 34-41. 3. Living a life of praise. A life of praise increases the flow of anointing. Murmuring and complaints keep anointing far away so do not engage in either e.g. the journey that would have taken the anointed Israel forty days lasted forty years because of murmuring - Josh. 5: 6. CONCLUSION All true believers that want to succeed in the pilgrim's way must equally desire ever flowing anointing. The Kingdom of God is not in words but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Samuel was a highly anointed man of God that did not allow any of his words to fall to the ground - I Sam. 3: 19. Pray for your anointing now in Jesus' Name. Amen. QUESTIONS

1. Define anointing. 2. Explain anointing as the rain of power. 3. What are the conditions for maintaining the flow of anointing?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: I Sam. 12: 3-4 – The anointing in the life of any true minister of God, separates him into a divine position of integrity that no one can query. Tues: Ex. 29: 36 – Not only is God interested in the sanctification of the altar of God, but also the anointing as well. Wed: Ex. 30: 26 – It is good that every sanctuary of God be anointed so that God can be there. Thurs: Ex. 40: 10 – An anointing service sanctifies vessels unto honour for the master's use. Fri: Lev. 8: 11 – God is a respecter of procedure. He wants to anoint you too. Sat: Num. 7: 1 – Every vessel to honour must be anointed. Sun: Lev. 8: 30 – Priests must be anointed. 22

Lesson 12

Conditions for the Anointing MEMORY VERSE “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” I Corinthians .4: 20 BIBLE PASSAGE: Luke 10: 1-19 INTRODUCTION Last week, we examined in this series the fact that anointing is the divine enabling grace, otherwise referred to as RAIN-POWER. This Rain Power comes about after repeated in-filling with the Holy Spirit whose continuous flow is dependent on certain conditions including: Love of righteousness hatred for iniquity, walking in love and living a life of praise. May the Comforter Himself teach us and bless us more as we continue with the series in Jesus Name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. THE GATEWAY TO ANOINTING 2. QUALIFICATIONS FOR AND THE EFFECTS OF ANOINTING. THE GATEWAY TO ANOINTING Thirst is the gateway to anointing. King David for example craved for it – Ps. 42: 1. This craving should be a continuous one to keep the seeker constantly in the flow - Isa. 55: 1. Other great men of God such as Moses and Paul also had similar craving, which God satisfied - Ex .33: 12-14; Phil. 3: 10. After great achievements, God enjoins the Spirit filled believer to stand - Eph. 6: 13 - as this opens doors to greater heights in the pilgrim's journey - Phil. 3: 13-14. Additionally, a constant realisation of one's emptiness/ nakedness before his/her Maker triggers one into increased anointing e.g. the Lord Jesus Christ, who despite His baptism with the Holy Spirit after His water baptism at Jordan river, still craved for the fulfillment of prophecy over Him – Lk. 4: 14-21. QUALIFICATIONS FOR AND THE EFFECTS OF ANOINTING Those who qualify for anointing include the unworthy e.g. king Saul – I Sam. 10: 11-12, foolish (by worldly standard) I Cor. 1: 26-28, humble (self abased) I Pet. 5: 6; Jam. 4: 6 and the just as I am e.g. 23

Moses – Ex. 3: 11-12 ,4: 10-12. Talking about the effects, the anointing transforms the believer. He becomes “another person” as it were, e.g. King Saul - I Sam. 10: 6. When backed up with biblical fasting, it speeds up the spirit of man Isa. 58: 1-8 - thus increasing the flow of anointing and making difficult cases a walkover - Matt. 17: 21. Consider the fasting lives of great men such as Paul and Moses - II Cor. 11: 27; Ex. 24: 18; Ex. 34: 2935. CONCLUSION Brethren, do not rest when you should be doing exploits for God. As the Lord satisfied the thirst for anointing of David, He can do likewise for you. Do not write off yourself but come before God as you are and be sure He will satisfy you in Jesus' Name. Amen. QUESTIONS 1. What essentially is the gateway to anointing? 2. Who qualifies for anointing? 3. What are the effects of anointing?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Ps. 38: 9 – God will satisfy a sincere groaning and desire for anointing. Tues: Ps. 27: 4 – It takes an anointed vessel to desire nothing but the presence of the Lord all the time, therefore, desire anointing. Wed: Lk. 6: 21 – Lord, satisfy me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually today, in Jesus' name. Thurs: Ps. 63: 1 – Satisfy me today, oh Lord, as I seek you early. Fri: Ps. 63: 5 – As you satisfy me today with your abundance of grace, my mouth shall be full of laughter and I will praise you. Sat: Ps. 107: 9 – Your word is truth; I shall certainly be a partaker of your good news today. Sun: Ps. 23: 5 – My cup shall overflow. 24



Lesson 14

Anointed for Victory MEMORY VERSE “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10: 19 BIBLE PASSAGE: Romans 8: 35-39 INTRODUCTION Last week's study emphasised the gateway to anointing, who qualifies for it and the effects on the recipients. Hopefully, we must be flowing in anointing by now, rich enough to prepare us for battles and assure us of victories. May the Comforter continue to enrich our spirit man in Jesus' Name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. THE COMFORTING ANOINTING IN WARFARE 2. THE COMFORTING ANOINTING IN VICTORIES THE COMFORTING ANOINTING IN WARFARE All genuinely born again Christians by our calling, are daily involved in spiritual warfare - Eph. 6: 10-12. In every spiritual battle, however, there is always a Lord mighty in battle to confront it on behalf of the Christian warrior Ps. 24: 8. The Lord's might can be engaged in any battle through the following: (a) The knowledge of the word of God: - The Holy Spirit, resting on the word of God inside a believer brings the enemy under his feet - Dan. 11: 32; Jn. 8:32. The word spoken creates a way of escape for the believer - Heb. 2:3. These words are sharp and quick - Mt. 28:20; 1 Jn. 4: 4; Pro. 24: 5. The believers of old, as well as the contemporary ones with the true and accurate knowledge of their God, never lose any battle. e.g. David defeated Goliath - I Sam. 17: 36-37. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego defied Nebuchadnezzar - Dan. 3: 16-18. Daniel survived the lions' den - Dan. 6: 21-22 and Paul and Silas in prison - Acts. 16: 25-29. (b) Confidence - Ps. 125: 1-3. Man easily becomes a victim of what he fears Job. 3: 25 - but confidence triggers anointing in battle. Confidence in the Lord's might is built upon: (i) Righteousness - II Cor. 5: 21. The righteous is as bold as a lion. Who will stand if God marks iniquity…? - Ps. 130: 3. (ii) Ever-abiding presence of God - Matt. 28: 2. (iii) The Name of Jesus. The anointed Name of Jesus, which means Saviour from all harassment of the enemy - Phil. 2: 9-11. (iv) The voice of the Lord - Ps. 29: 5, which can never be withstood by any obstacle no matter how strong. 26

THE COMFORTING ANOINTING IN VICTORIES The anointing backing up the believer constantly grants resounding victories. e.g. Samson conquered each time the Spirit of the Lord came upon him Judg. 14: 19. David, the man after God's heart, right from the day he was anointed fought battles but never lost any because of the anointing - I Sam. 16: 3. The Lord Jesus Christ is also a perfect example of resounding victories. His mission was to destroy the works of Satan I Jn. 3: 8. He conquered the hosts of hell - Mk. 1: 24, elements and the seas - Matt. 8: 27, death - Lk. 7: 14; Jn. 11: 43 and physical assailants (obviously possessed by the demons of accusation and murder) - Jn. 18: 3-6. It was the anointing that typified the Tribe of Judah as the conquering tribe - Gen. 49: 8-12. The Lord Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and every born again child of God automatically belongs to the conquering tribe with the conquering anointing -Rev. 5: 5; Eph. 5: 8; II Cor. 2: 14. This ever conquering anointing manifests in fearlessness, as a weapon of conquest; also uses absolute obedience to divine instructions as weapon of conquest 2 Tim. 1: 7; Jn. 8: 28 CONCLUSION Assurance of victory in any battle of life is the promise of the ever-conquering Lord Jesus to every truly born-again Christian. Engage His MIGHT now in whatever battle that is confronting you and obtain your victory. QUESTIONS 1. What is the comforting anointing in warfare? 2. How do you engage this might of the Lord in battle? 3. Prove from the Bible that the Lord Jesus Christ and truly born-again Christians are rightful possessors of ever conquering comforting anointing.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Jn. 16: 33 – By the Comforter, we have peace and joy and victory Tues: Rev. 3: 21 – We shall overcome and reign. Wed: Judg. 1: 1-2 – Whoever the Lord commissions by His power always become an overcomer. Thurs: Heb. 13: 5 –My Commander – in – Chief, my Chief Commissioner, will never leave me nor forsake me. Fri: Matt. 28: 20 – As I willingly obey my Lord, He will give me power to attain to the end Sat: I Jn. 4: 4 – I am persuaded because Jesus in me is greater than any circumstance Sun: Rev. 3: 5 – The anointed victor is not a loser after all. He shall have a new name in Heaven. 27

Lesson 15

Anointed for Wealth MEMORY VERSE “But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.� Deuteronomy 8: 18. BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 6: 25-34 INTRODUCTION Our last study, no doubt assures us as believers of our victory irrespective of whatever battles of life we may be going through. This is essentially because of the ever flowing comforting anointing for triumph in every battle. Today, we will be looking at wealth, a true sign of sonship and the release of the anointing for it. May the Comforter Himself teach and bless us today in Jesus' Name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. WEALTH - A TRUE SIGN OF SONSHIP 2. THE RELEASE OF ANOINTING FOR WEALTH WEALTH A TRUE SIGN OF SONSHIP Believers need the good things of life and this is why the Gentiles seek after them - Matt. 6:32. Christ redeemed us from the curse of law and made available to the saints the blessings of Abraham - Gal. 3: 13-14 - so that they can become true and all-round witnesses or ambassadors of Him - Acts 1: 8, I1 Cor. 5: 20. Christians are supposed to be representatives of the Lord - Jn. 14: 9-10, Acts. 4: 13 - even in riches too - 2 Cor. 8: 9; 3 Jn. 2. THE RELEASE OF ANOINTING FOR WEALTH The release of the anointing for wealth depends on the following factors: 1. Breaking the yoke of selfishness - Pro. 11: 24. Examples of selfishness include self-defence put forth by the fore-parents after their fall - Gen. 35: 9-13, the rich fool - Lk. 18: 23. The yoke can be broken by the reason of the anointing - Isa. 10: 27. 2. The grace of giving. The abundance of wealth, like any principle of increase, is always preceded by the grace of giving - 2 Cor. 8: 1-7, which in turn opens the heavens for rain - Joel 2: 23-24. God 28

planted a garden and gave Adam and Eve and ever since, seedtime and harvest never ceased - Gen. 8: 22; Jn. 12: 24; Gen. 22: 16-18; I Chr. 29: 2-3; II Sam. 24: 24. 3. Faith. The Christian must believe that wealth is part of his heritage in God. What is too much for your faith is too much for your reach. As Abraham sowed so he and his seed reaped - Gen. 22: 15-19. 4. Diligence. No doubt releases anointing for wealth because it brings about multiplications and increase - I Thess. 4: 11-12; Pro. 13: 4; Pro. 12: 24; Jn .9: 4; I Cor. 3: 6. CONCLUSION We can discover from the just concluded study, that it is possible for us to acquire wealth provided we will turn the anointing loose today by breaking every yoke of selfishness in us, applying the God-given faith in us, giving our substance to God regularly and making up our minds never to be lazy but be diligent. It will amaze us that wealth will become our portion as God promised. Amen. QUESTIONS 1. How is wealth a true sign of sonship? 2. Explain how breaking the yoke of selfishness can release anointing for wealth. 3. What are the three other conditions for the release of anointing for wealth?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Prov. 20: 4 – An anointed vessel must be industrious and never be a sluggard. Tues: Prov. 14: 23 – It is profitable to be anointed and hardworking. Wed: Prov. 13: 11 – Be anointed and avoid wealth gotten by vanity. Thurs: Job. 1: 5 – Worship is a clear sign, true mark of anointed vessels. Fri: I Chr. 29: 12 – Riches, honour and wealth belongs to our God. Sat: Deut. 29: 9 – Obedience is the key to prosperity. Sun: Pro. 10:4 – The diligent will always prosper.


Lesson 16

Anointed to Rule MEMORY VERSE “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.” Revelation 5:10 BIBLE PASSAGE: Ecclesiastes 10:1-7 INTRODUCTION Last week's lesson focused on wealth as our right of son-ship and how the Holy Ghost anointing, the Comforter, releases it. Hopefully by now, every student must be enjoying the God-given wealth. May the Comforter continue to teach and bless us as we examine the kingly throne of believers and the back up anointing to our authority. OUTLINES 1. THE KINGLY THRONE OF BELIEVERS 2. THE BACK- UP ANOINTING TO KINGLY AUTHORITY THE KINGLY THRONE OF BELIEVERS Believers, by the completed work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary, have been made unto our God, kings and priests and to reign on earth – Rev.1:5-6; Rev.5:10. The lack of this awareness results in an evil which Solomon refers to in Ecclesiastes 10:5-7. The believer as king is the head and not the tail – Deut.28:13. This is a position of honour made possible only by God, who alone can stand sure – Is.58:14; Dan.12:3; Lk.19:17. It follows, therefore, that these rather spiritually peculiar kings must be faithful, enduring, with full conviction in the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and victorious over Satan and his demons – Lk.22:28-29; 2 Tim.2:12; Rev.20:4. THE BACK- UP ANOINTING TO KINGLY AUTHORITY The anointing distinguishes the king and makes the saints enjoy their royalty – 1 Sam.16:1-13; 1 Kgs.19:15-16. The king cannot function effectively in the office by physical might but by the Spirit of God – Zech.4:6. The anointing produces the required wisdom needed on the throne – Pro.8:15. The oil of anointing that typifies the royalty makes the tongue of the king powerful – Eccl.8:4, his reign peaceful and calm, even in the face of numerous challenges – Ps.23:5-6, whether domestic or kingdom-based and his person free from any form of intimidation – Lk.10:19. The royalty of the saints has no 30

boundary. It covers the entire earth and there is the Comforter that is always there to soothe the work – Matt.28:20. The back-up anointing makes it possible for the king to constantly release his royal authority in holiness, integrity and dominion – Dan.1:8-20; Gen.39:7-9; 2 Kgs.22:1-2, 23:1-11. CONCLUSION The Holy Ghost anointing restores the believers into the original plan of God for mankind, that is, in absolute holy living, integrity and dominion. Release yourself to the anointing today and you will discover that you will not only begin to rule but with divinely ordained authority as well. QUESTIONS 1. What are the implications of the kingly throne of believers? 2. Describe in details the functions of the back up anointing for kings. 3. What distinguishes believers as kings?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Ps.91:14 – The fear of the Lord opens the door to divine deliverance and promotions. Tues. Heb.3:19 – Let God be your strength and you will reign in life. Weds. 1 Cor.6:2 – As we enjoy this divine promotion, let us remain as saints indeed. Thurs. Dan.2:21 – God is sovereign. Who can query His authority? Fri. Rom.5:17 – We as adopted children of God and joint heirs with the Son have divine privilege to reign in life.. Sat. Is.30:23 – Divine promises are forever settled in Heaven. Sun. Amos 9:13 – get connected properly to the Comforter and lack or ant will be a thing of the past. 31

Lesson 17

Fresh Anointing MEMORY VERSE “But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil. ” Psalm 92:10 BIBLE PASSAGE: Psalm 92:1-15 INTRODUCTION Last week's study reminded us of our kingly throne as saints and the back up anointing for our authority. By now, we are kings reigning with authority and having dominion even here on earth. Today, we will look at God's promise of fresh anointing and how to obtain it. OUTLINES 1. GOD'S PROMISES FRESH ANOINTING 2. OBTAINING THE FRESH ANOINTING GOD'S PROMISES FRESH ANOINTING Every born again, sanctified and Holy Spirit filled believer has some degree of anointing – 1 Jn.2:27. However, just as any automobile that engages in wear and tear requires regular servicing of its engine, all Christians require fresh anointing for effective performance of their Christian duties – Ps.92:10. This anointing is characterised by supernatural utterance e.g. diverse tongues, psalms and hymns, giving of thanks and submission one to another – Eph.5:18-21. Fresh anointing keeps the believer glowing until eternity with Christ in spite of all forms of adversities, hardships and oppositions from enemies – Ps.92:10-15. It is easy for Christians with fresh anointing to flow within God's plan only and not be tossed by waves of false doctrines unlike Israel that hewed for themselves broken cisterns that could not hold water – Is.40:28-31; Jer.2:9-13. OBTAINING THE FRESH ANOINTING Fresh oil, otherwise called fresh anointing, can be obtained in the following ways. 1. Through a daily life of thanksgiving and worship – Ps.108:1, 57:7, 92:1. A life of appreciation of all that God does helps us to praise and worship Him. Praise is the natural dwelling place of God. Just as fish cannot survive outside water, so is praise vital to the 32

Almighty God – Ps.22:3. High praises pave way to fresh anointing – Ps.149:6-7. This type of praise naturally results in joy, which is the strength of believers – Neh.8:10. No wonder Paul said we should rejoice in the Lord always – Phil.4:4. The Lord Jesus Christ is our perfect example whose life of thanksgiving and praise opened doors for exploits e.g. at the tomb of Lazarus – Jn.11:41. 2. Through a life that testifies of God's faithfulness – Ps.32:2. 3. Through a life of biblical fasting and prayer – Is.58:8-9. 4. Through the inspired word of God – Ps.107:20. CONCLUSION Determine today to live a life of constant praise, thanksgiving, testimonies, biblical fasting, prayer and study of God's word so that a constant release of fresh anointing will remain your daily experience until Jesus comes. QUESTIONS 1. How is fresh oil God's promise for the Church today? 2. How can we obtain fresh anointing?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. 1 Kgs 3:17-27 – Fresh oil can handle difficult situations. Tues. Rev.12:11 – The blood of Jesus Christ avails saints with numerous privileges. Weds. Is.59:19 – The name of Jesus deals with demonic appearances. Thurs. Acts 10:38 – Anointing makes the difference in the life of a believer. Fri. Lk.4:14 – The anointed Jesus in signs and wonders. Sat. Acts 4:33 – Evangelism is made easy only by the anointing. Sun. Zec.4:6 – The Holy Ghost power is mightier than physical forces.


Lesson 18

Transferring The Anointing MEMORY VERSE “…and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and will put it upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone.” Numbers 11:17b BIBLE PASSAGE: 2 Kings 2:1-11 INTRODUCTION Last week, we defined fresh oil and studied also how to obtain it. Hopefully, with clear understanding of what fresh oil is, we should be operating in it by now. May the Comforter continue to teach us as we examine the last part of this series, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. TRANSFERING THE ANOINTING: BIBLICAL EXAMPLES 2. WAYS OF TRANSFERING THE ANOINTING

TRANSFERING THE ANOINTING: BIBLICAL EXAMPLES Some anointed men of God, by the reason of their close walk with the Holy Spirit, have been lifted to an honourable position by God. The meek and the humble recognise these people and honestly desire to get close to them so that they can tap from their rich resources. Examples of such transference include Elisha who desired a double portion of the anointing that was on Elijah – 2 Kgs. 2:9. The Almighty God also transferred the anointing that was on the life of Moses to seventy others – Num.11:16-17. Paul the Apostle also transferred the anointing upon him to Timothy – 1 Tim.4:14. WAYS OF TRANSFERING THE ANOINTING Numerous ways exist but the following are considered: 1. Through personal contact. This is a purposeful interaction, which shall not be cut off – Pro.24:14. This means in effect that the purpose for which you seek an association with the man of God will determine the degree to which his gift is imparted to you. 2. Through audiovisuals. Listening to God's words spoken by an anointed servant of God can cause an anointing on him to be transferred to you - 1 Sam.1:10 -15. Seeing the Lord in His splendor and majesty may also lead to transference of anointing 34

– Ex.3:1-15, 34:29-35. 3. Through master-servant relationship. Example of this is that of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha served Elijah wholeheartedly and consistently until the promise of a double portion of Elijah's anointing became that of Elisha – 2 Kgs.2:1-11. 4. Through anointing with oil. Aaron and his sons were anointed after the oil of anointing was poured on them to minister in the sanctuary – Ex.30:30. 5. Through prophetic utterances - 1 Tim.4:14. 6. Through anointed materials. These include dresses, handkerchiefs – Acts 19:11-13. CONCLUSION God is not selfish concerning His anointing. It can be transferred. Remember that God is not a respecter of persons. If you are to be strong and do exploits for God, you must know Him by His anointing. The anointing will be transferred to you today, in Jesus' name. QUESTIONS 1. Give biblical examples of transference of anointing. 2. By what various ways can anointing be transferred?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. 1 Sam.10:1 – Do not joke with anointing services. Tues. 1 Sam.16:13 – Your separation into a spiritual office by anointing is extraordinary. Weds. 1 Kgs.1:39 – Anointing brings blessings. Thurs. 1 Kgs.19:16 – God is still transferring anointing. Fri. 2 Kgs.9:3 – The anointing services may be blessed with prophecies from God. Sat. 2 Kgs. 9:3 – Anointed vessels are willing to obey God Sun. 2 Kgs.11:12 – It will be difficult for kings to reign without anointing.


Lesson 19

The Grace of Giving MEMORY VERSE “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. ” Luke 6:38 BIBLE PASSAGE: 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 INTRODUCTION The body of Christ today needs to be clearly taught about sound Biblical principles on the proper use of money, since oftentimes, it is a neglected issue. Our money can be used to gain eternal riches by spending it on the spreading of the gospel. Scriptural giving as a doctrine is equally as important as any other doctrine. OUTLINES 1. THE BASIS FOR GIVING 2. THE CHRISTIAN'S RESPONSIBILITY 3. BLESSED ARE THE GIVERS THE BASIS FOR GIVING Nobody can be genuinely involved in scriptural giving unless he has experienced genuine salvation by which he has a personal knowledge of the Almighty God. God gave His only begotten Son for mankind. He sacrificially gave Jesus – Jn.3:16, 4:10; Rom.5:15; Eph.2:8; 2 Cor.8:9; Phil.2:5-8. THE CHRISTIAN'S RESPONSIBILITY Christians are commanded to give to the saints, the body of Christ and to our fellow men – Mt.6:3; Rom.12:8; 1 Cor.16:2. We should give willingly – 2 Cor.8:12-15 – according to our ability and possession – 1 Cor.16:2, as illustrated in apostolic giving – Lk.21:14; Acts 4:32-37, in proportion to the desired blessing – Lk.6:38; Mt.19:29, and at every opportunity – Gal.6:6-10. BLESSED ARE THE GIVERS The blessing is always proportionate to the giving – 2 Cor.9:6-11; Lk.6:38. God promises to supply all our needs here and after this in 36

glory – Phil.4:18-19. Above all, there is a greater reward in Heaven – Mt.6:19-21; Lk.16:9-12. CONCLUSION Pray today for the grace to give. You will not be a loser for it. QUESTIONS 1. What is the scriptural basis for giving? 2. What is the responsibility of a Christian over the issue of giving? 3. What are the blessings of giving?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Lk.12:33-34 - Give because it has heavenly impact. Tues. Heb.13:15-16 – You are not the loser for being benevolent. Weds. Gal.6:6-10 – The word of God is forever settled in Heaven. Whatever you sow you will reap. Thurs. Matt.6:19-21 – Your heavenly treasure will be full of treasures if you load it now. Fri. Lk.21:1-4 – We cannot hide what we have from the Master. Sat. Acts 20:35 – It is more blessed to give than to receive. Sun. Lk.6:38 – We are serving a faithful God who rewards diligence and simple obedience. 37

Lesson 20

Preaching The Gospel MEMORY VERSE “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!” 1 Corinthians 9:16 BIBLE PASSAGE: Mark 16:15-20 INTRODUCTION Shortly after the wilderness and baptism in the Holy Spirit experiences of Jesus Christ, His earthly ministry started with the preaching of the gospel and ended with the commissioning of the disciples for the same assignment – Mk.1:14; Mt.28:18-20. Without doubt, this must have been an issue topmost in the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ for all generations. May the Holy Spirit teach and help us to obey the will of the Master today, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. A MUST FOR ALL BELIEVERS 2. NONE SHOULD PERISH 3. THE MESSAGE IS SIMPLE A MUST FOR ALL BELIEVERS The Lord commands the believer to go and preach the gospel – Mt.28:18-20, the power and the wisdom of God – 1 Cor.1:24. A refusal to preach as Apostle Paul was concerned is a curse – 1 Cor.9:16. It is a duty unlimited by seasonal changes, spiritual or marital status – 2 Tim.4:2; Acts 18:26. NONE SHOULD PERISH Our Commander-in-Chief does not want anyone to perish – 2 Pet.3:9; 1 Tim.2:4. He promises rest for the weary, rescue for the perishing soul and everlasting life for the repentant sinner – Mt. 11:28; Jn.3:36. He remains our Advocate with the heavenly Father – 1 Jn.2:1-2 – and His blood still cleanses from all sins – 1 Jn.1:7. THE MESSAGE IS SIMPLE The word from the beginning – Jn.1:1, 14 – makes it abundantly clear that all souls are His – Ez.18:4 – and that these souls have all sinned 38

– Rom.3:23. Whosoever confesses and forsakes his or her sins will obtain mercy – Pro.28:13 – since the grace of God in Christ Jesus will grant him or her eternal life – Rom.6:23. This is a new covenant in the blood of Jesus, which alone can atone for the sins of the whole world – Heb.9:14. CONCLUSION If the Lord Jesus Christ saw the preaching of the gospel as unavoidable, then, believers therefore have no excuse. He has promised that we will do greater works – Jn.14:12 – and that He will be with us always – Mt.28:20. Pray and obey now. QUESTIONS 1. Why is the preaching of the gospel a must for all believers? 2. By what is the preaching of the gospel unlimited? 3. Justify why our Lord does not want any to perish? 4. Give a summary of the simple message.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Matt.9:35 – The Lord Jesus Christ has left us a perfect example to follow as Christians. Tues. Lk.9:6 – Teaching and preaching the gospel is our primary assignment as believers in Christ. Weds. Acts 28:31 – Do not stop to teach and preach Jesus. Thurs. Eph.2:17 – No doubt, God is gracious to us. Fri. Acts 5:20 – If your obedience to Christ is total, angels will run errands for you. Sat. 1 Pet.3:16 – Preach Christ only and leave your accusers in His hands. Sun. Acts 8:5 – Our preaching assignments will take us out of our immediate environment. 39

Lesson 21

Passion for Souls MEMORY VERSE “But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:24 BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Corinthians 1:18-24 INTRODUCTION We were made to understand last Sunday that the preaching of the gospel is compulsory for all believers. It follows, therefore, that if this assignment is to be carried out cheerfully and fearlessly, and with divine approval, divine wisdom, compassion and the Holy Spirit, power must be possessed by any would-be preacher of the gospel. May the Holy Spirit teach us as we study, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. WITH WISDOM 2. WITH COMPASSION 3. WITH POWER WITH WISDOM It is God's perfect will to give wisdom to any who lack it and who will ask in faith – Jam.1:5-8 – for it is the wisdom of God that can confound the wise of this world – 1 Cor.1:27 – as it happened during Paul's ministration to the Athenians – Acts 17:15-34. Furthermore, the preaching of the gospel that has Jesus Christ as its theme always, is indeed wisdom because He does not only expose carnality but also impacts spiritual things – 1 Cor.3:2-4; 1 Cor.2:13, 16. WITH COMPASSION This was the divine nature that was manifested in the Lord Jesus Christ throughout His earthly ministry – Mt.9:36; Mt.23:37; Mk.1:41; Lk.7:13. Gospel preachers, like Pharaoh's daughter to the rescue of baby Moses (Ex.2:6), must take a cue from our Lord and be compassionate. His admonition to persecutors as well reveals this – Lk.6:28. When we were yet sinners, Christ died for us – Rom.5:8.


WITH POWER The need for power in gospel preaching cannot be over emphasised. The Lord made an open declaration of this in His great commission to us – Mt.28:18-20; Acts 1:8. Believers are to preach the gospel with boldness, for the Spirit of God is for boldness, love, power and sound mind – Acts 4:31; 2 Tim.1:7. This power will pull down all the strongholds of the enemy, Satan, in and around both the speaker and the hearer, which may want to render the message ineffective – 2 Cor.10:4-5.

CONCLUSION Let us, as true ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor.5:20) rise up in obedience to the command of our Lord and preach the gospel with compassion and power. His grace is our sufficiency – Phil.4:13. Please pray to God and go. Tomorrow may be too late. QUESTIONS 1. The Lord Jesus Christ is what and what from our study? 2. Why is it compulsory for gospel preachers to be compassionate? 3. Give reasons for the need of the Holy Ghost power in gospel preaching?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon.Ps.78:38 – Let us have the compassion even to restore the backslider. Tues. Jer.12:15 – The Christ-like compassion can even restore the backslider. Weds. Lam.3:32 – Glory be to God for His mercy. Thurs. Jn.11:35 – Jesus wept for compassion, so take the case of that sinner friend serious. Fri.Pro.11:30 – The wise, as far as God is concerned, is the soul winner. Be wise. Sat. Acts 9:29 – Supernatural boldness is the identification mark of the Holy Ghost carrier. Sun. Acts 14:3 – preach the word and signs and wonders will follow you.


Lesson 22

Go Ye MEMORY VERSE “And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. ” Mark 16:20 BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts 1:1-8 INTRODUCTION We were able to discover from our last study that the gospel preacher must be full of divine wisdom, compassionate and empowered in the Holy Spirit. He or she is equipped, without doubt, to preach anywhere and everywhere though persecuted. May the Holy Spirit bless us as we study at His feet today, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE 2. IN PRINTS AND MASS MEDIA 3. WITH PERSECUTIONS YET HIGHLY REWARDING ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE The primary vision of the Lord Jesus Christ is a Church ignited in the fire of the Holy Ghost, glowing everywhere and anywhere with the message of the gospel - Acts 1:8. From villages to big cities and even cross culturally – Acts 8:25; Acts 26:11. Coasts are enlarged and doors are opened even in the prisons, among the nobles in palaces too – Acts 16:26-33; Acts 8:26-37. Just anywhere and everywhere the soles of our feet touch, His light must shine there. A city set on the hill cannot be hidden – Matt.5:14. IN PRINTS AND MASS MEDIA In these days of increased knowledge, (Dan.12:4) the Holy Ghost is not taken aback but has equally equipped all soul winners with more supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding to meet up with the challenges. The use of printed pages as well as the mass media has been tapped in recent times. The best preacher in print ever known over the ages is the Holy Bible. The printed messages of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Paul, Peter, James and John are still preaching the gospel today and souls are being won to the Lord – Jn.20:30-31; 2 Tim.3:16-17. 42

WITH PERSECUTIONS YET HIGHLY REWARDING The true gospel preacher cannot escape the wrath of Satan whose camp is being constantly depleted. The Lord Jesus Christ forewarned us – Mt.10:16-18; Jn.16:1-4, 33; Mt.5:10-12. The tribulations or persecutions mostly serve as stepping-stones to other unreached areas – Acts 8:1-5, 9:20-28. The gospel preacher's labour is not in vain but rewarding – Dan.12:3; Pro.11:30. CONCLUSION The true believer in Christ is inexcusable as far as the preaching of the gospel is concerned. Therefore, let us watch out for all opportunities or create some by ourselves to preach the gospel – Mt.10:22; Mt.10:39; 1 Cor.4:10; 2 Cor.4:11; Rev.22:12; Mt.25:23; Rev.20:4. QUESTIONS 1. What is the scope of the preaching of the gospel as recorded in Mark 16:20? 2. Justify the reason for the preaching of the gospel messages through printed pages?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Matt.10:22 – Persecution is not new. Do not let it hinder your work of soul winning. Tues. Matt.10:39 – Let us get committed to Christ. Weds. 1 Cor.4:10 – Whatever horrible names we bear as Christians, it is all for Christ's sake. Thurs. 2 Cor.4:11 – Even in dying serving Christ, we need not be sad, for it is all for His name's sake. Fri. Rev.22:12 – Our labour of love in Christ shall not be in vain. Sat. Matt. 25:23 – It is impossible for God to lie and forget His promises. Sun. Rev.20:4 – Do not give up serving Christ. We shall surely reign with Him but why not start reigning now. 43

Lesson 23

The Revelation Gifts of the Holy Spirit MEMORY VERSE “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 12:4 BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 INTRODUCTION Today, we are starting a series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul rightly counseled believers to “…earnestly covet the best gifts….” 1 Cor.12:31. There are different methods of operations used in evangelism but by the same God - 1 Cor. 12:6. Examples are through church planting or establishing of schools and hospitals. There are also differences in administration to be able to carry out specific leadership and supportive roles in the church, yet, by the same Lord – 1 Cor.12:5. Additionally, there are also diversities of gifts yet by the same Spirit – 1 Cor.12:4. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us as we begin to examine in details the revelation gifts, the vocal gifts and the gifts of prophecy, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. THE WORD OF WISDOM 2. THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE 3. DISCERNING OF SPIRITS THE WORD OF WISDOM This is a gift of the Holy Spirit – 1 Cor.12:8. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge thus bringing solutions to problems and consequently victory to mankind. Little knowledge with the right wisdom becomes magnified while knowledge with no wisdom at all becomes buried. The gift of the word of wisdom is not human wisdom but supernatural ability that wonderfully solves problems in difficult circumstances thus bringing glory to God. If requested for, it can be given – Jam.1:5. It is the word of wisdom and this is why it comes into operation only by the dictates of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ manifested the gift – Mt.22:15-22; Jn.8:4-9. It manifested in Solomon – 1 Kgs.3:16-28. This gift is a promise of the Lord Jesus Christ to faithful Christians, especially during persecution for the sake of the gospel – Lk.21:12-15. THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE This is the gift, which God releases at particular points in time and according to His will. It is a supernatural ability to understand the truth concerning certain situations as it pleases the Holy Spirit. It is divine information revealed to one who manifests the gift when a special need for the kingdom 44

of God and cause of the gospel of Christ must be revealed to the children of God either by visions, dreams or even direct revelation. The gift manifested in Joshua – Josh 7, Samuel – 1 Sam.9:20, Elisha – 2 Kgs.6:8-12. This is not intelligence network of men. God can use it to uncover crimes, thefts and so on. DISCERNING OF SPIRITS This is another gift of the Holy Spirit – 1 Cor.12:10. This is neither mind reading nor the role of spiritual detectives as may occur in some churches today. The Bible differentiates between the spirit of Satan and human spirits. This particular gift is as the name implies because we are in the last days and there are satanic spirits all around – 1 Jn.4:1; 1 Tim.4:1; 2 Thess.2:912. This gift is of great significance to disallow great harm that may be done to weak believers in the congregations – 1 Kgs.22:19-23; Acts 16:16-18; Mt.16:15-17, 22-23. This gift also helps in trying other gifts too whether they are of God or not. CONCLUSION These gifts of the Holy Spirit are absolutely for the saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost baptised believers in these last days when the love of many is going cold. It is he or she who asks from God that also receives from Him. Ask today in Jesus' name and you shall receive. God shall be glorified through you. QUESTIONS 1. What is the gift of the word of wisdom? 2. Describe the gift of the word of knowledge. 3. What is the discerning of spirits?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Rom.8:11 – We possess the same Spirit of Christ that can make us alive and active for God. Tues. 1 Jn.2:20-27 – The Holy Spirit teaches us all things and makes us abide in Christ forever. Weds. Acts 2:17 – If we believe, we will have the experienced prophesied by Joel. Thurs. Mk.3:8 – Multitudes came to Jesus because of Hs gifts. Get yours. Fri. 1 Cor.2:10-16 – The things of the Spirit are made known only by the Spirit of God. Sat. Jn.16:13 – The Spirit of truth ill guide you into all truths. Sun. Acts 1:16-17 – Prophecies from the bosom of the Holy Spirit will be fulfilled. 45

Lesson 24

The Vocal Gifts of the Holy Spirit MEMORY VERSE But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. 1 Corinthians 12:11 BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 INTRODUCTION Our last study saw us through the revelation gifts. Without doubt, the Holy Spirit must be doing something great in our lives and ministries along this line by now. Today, as we discuss the vocal gifts, may the Holy Spirit teach and bless us. OUTLINES 1. THE GIFT OF TONGUES 2. THE GIFT OF INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES 3. THE GIFT OF PROPHECY THE GIFT OF TONGUES This gift is not the same as the sign of tongues, which is an external proof of the inward fullness of the Holy Spirit. Bible readers without any preconceived theology will believe that instances of tongues recorded in the Acts of the Apostles are the external signs of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues is mentioned in 1 Cor.12-14. The initial sign of tongues comes up only during the baptism in the Holy Spirit and ceases immediately after it. It becomes a gift when it continues frequently and freely thereafter. This gift paves way for deep spiritual communication with God – 1 Cor.14:2, and edifies the Christian's spiritual life – 1 Cor.14:13. It is also a sign to the unbeliever especially in these days of increased apostasy and doubt – 1 Cor.14:22, proving the existence and everlasting nature of God. THE GIFT OF INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES This is not the word-to-word translation of a foreign language but the clarification of the overall meaning of a foreign language. For instance, the message may be short and the interpretation long or the other way round. Much caution is needed in manifesting this gift as it can be influenced by the interpreter's condition of faith, prayer life, depth of spiritual communication with God and even Satan. God alone prompts the interpretation – 1 Cor.14:2, 13. The gift can manifest in the following ways: 1. The same person manifesting the gift interprets the message by faith through the function of the Holy Spirit. 46

2. The interpretation of the message in tongues is revealed in the heart and the summary is given in clear language. 3. Interpretation may be given sequentially. 4. The interpretation given by another person with the gift who will flow in the same way as the one speaking in tongues. 5. Message given in a foreign language is heard in the vernacular. THE GIFT OF PROPHECY Prophecy simply means the revealed word of God about the future. This gift operates in the lives of holy men moved by the Holy Spirit – 2 Pet.1:21. Prophecies so given are not to add to the Bible – 1 Cor.14:3. The pattern of operation of this gift is for two or three to speak and the other to judge – 1 Cor.14:29. All prophecies should be adequately discerned by the gift of the discerning of spirits – 1 Cor.14:24-25. This gift is of tremendous value to the Church as it judges sin and manifests the secrets of the heart. Paul emphasised its significance – 1 Cor.14:1, 39. Some have manifested this gift but now in their apostasy are misguided by lying spirits and are not different from fortunetellers. CONCLUSION The Almighty God has not changed. The gifts are available for whosoever wants. You can desire them today and God will be willing to give you. Remember the counterfeits are all over the place. QUESTIONS 1. Explain the gift of tongues. 2. Differentiate between the interpretation of tongues and translation of languages. 3. What is the gift of prophecy?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Jn.16:8-11 – The Comforter is here already operating to reproof sin, righteousness and judgement. Tues. Eph.4:30 – Believers are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. Weds. Acts 7:51 – Do not resist the Holy Spirit. Thurs. Acts 9:31 – The Comforter will make you grow in all areas. Fri. Job 33:4 – All you are as a believer is by God the Father, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sat. Is.32:15 – Come Holy Spirit and make us abundantly fruitful. Sun. 2 Pet.1:21 – Prophecy comes as moved by God.


Lesson 25

The Power Gifts of the Holy Spirit MEMORY VERSE “To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; …” 1 Corinthians 12:9-10a BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 INTRODUCTION Hopefully, by now, those who have sincerely prayed to God must be operating by the grace of God, gifts of tongue, interpretation of tongues and that of prophecy in their various ministries. Today, we shall consider the power gifts, which can be very exciting. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. THE GIFT OF FAITH 2. THE GIFT OF HEALING 3. THE GIFT OF THE WORKING OF MIRACLES THE GIFT OF FAITH Faith is an important treasure in the life of any individual. It takes faith that the automobile is in good condition to make passengers travel by it or that the house will not collapse on top of the dwellers to make them live in it. To every individual, therefore, is imparted some level of faith – Rom.12:3. This measure of faith can grow through the hearing of the word of God – Rom.10:17. Even if it is small, it can still do exploits – Mt.17:20. The gift of faith, however, works differently from all this in that the Holy Spirit deposits divinely in the heart of the believer, faith beyond any human comprehension to produce great miracles. Such faith is not resident in the believer permanently but put into operation according to the need, time and place. Examples include: 1. Faith for impartation of supernatural blessings – Gen.27:27-33, 48:3-20. 2. For personal protection in perilous circumstances e.g. Dan.6:16-24. 3. Supernatural sustenance in times of famine – 1 Kgs.17:1-7. 3. For casting out demons, raising the dead and trusting God to honour His word when prayers are offered in His name – Jn.14:13-14; Jn.15:16; Jn.16:23-24; Mk.4:37-41. 48

THE GIFT OF HEALING This is a Holy Spirit-given ability to heal any emotionally, physically or spiritually sick person and make them free from all forms of sickness and disease. This type of healing is absolutely divine, being void of any aid whatsoever. God spoke about it to the children of Israel – Ex.15:26. David spoke about it – Ps.103:3. It was included in Malachi's prophecy – Mal.4:2. The public ministry of Jesus Christ was full of them – Acts 10:38; Is.53:4-5, 10; Mt.8:16-17; 1 Pet.2:24. It is a sign gift that attracts people to the gospel – Acts 8:6-7. THE GIFT OF THE WORKING OF MIRACLES This is a Holy Spirit-given ability that operates by the supernatural laws suspending the natural laws, thus intervening in the affairs of men and bringing about miracles – Rom.4:18-22; Heb.11:11-12; Ex.14:21-33; Josh.10:12-13. The Bible is full of examples. CONCLUSION The gifts of the Holy Spirit are certainly the promise of God for this dispensation and to profit thereby. The church of God is suffering because many have lost their birthrights. Acknowledge the gifts of the Holy Spirit today, pray and desire them. Ask God and you shall receive them. QUESTIONS 1. What is the gift of faith? 2. Explain the gift of healing. 3. Give some examples of those who exercised the gifts of the working of miracles.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Acts 12:2-14 – Prayers offered to God in faith works out miracles. Tues. Acts 8:29 – The Holy Spirit is meaningful only to those who are led by Him. Weds. Mk.3:8 – Many will come to Jesus today if they see signs and wonders. Thurs. Heb.10:15 – The Holy Spirit will always witness the love of God in our soul and spirit. Fri. Matt.12:28 – In these last days full of gimmicks, the Holy Spirit is still in operation. Sat. Acts 4:8-13 – Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Sun. Acts 6:3-5 – The true Architect of all spiritual assignments is the Holy Spirit. Submit to Him. 49



Lesson 27

The Purpose - Driven Life MEMORY VERSE “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: ” Col. 1:16 BIBLE PASSAGE: Ephesians 1:3-14 INTRODUCTION A purpose-driven life is one that sets out to identify and fulfill the purpose of existence. Ignorance of your purpose of existence can make you waste Heaven's allocated resources. God allocates resources to individuals according to His mandate. Events, situations, circumstances, tests and trials come to you according to the purpose of your existence – Rom.8:28. OUTLINES 1. HOW CAN YOU LIVE A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE? 2. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LIVING A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE? 1. HOW CAN YOU LIVE A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE? a. By worshipping God. Worship is our first responsibility to God. We worship God by enjoying Him. God wants our worship to be motivated by love, thanksgiving and delight, not duty – Ps.66:4; Rev.4:11; Eph.1:5. b. By loving other believers. When you were born again, you became a part of God's family. Following Christ is not just a matter of believing but also includes belonging and learning to love the family of God. 1 Jn.3:14; Rom.15:7; Jn.13:34-35. c. By becoming like Christ. Once we are born into God's family, He wants us to grow to spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is becoming like Jesus in the way we think, feel and act. The more you develop Christ-like characters, the more you live a purposeful life that brings glory to God. 2 Cor.3:18; Phil.1:11; Jn.15:8; 1 Jn.3:2. d. By serving others with your gifts. Each of us was uniquely designed by God with talents, gifts, skills and abilities – Matt.25:14-30. Such talents and abilities were given to 51

benefit others just as others were given abilities for your benefit – 1 Pt.4:10-11; Eph.2:10. e. By telling others about Jesus. God does not want His love and purpose kept a secret. Once we know the truth, God expects us to share it with others, which will help them to discover their purpose and prepare them for their eternal destiny. Matt.28:18-20; Mk.16:15-18; Acts 1:8; 2 Cor.4:15; Jn.17:8. 2. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LIVING A PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE? a. It gives meaning to your life. We were made to have meaning. Without God, life has no purpose and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope – Jer.29:11; Eph.3:20. b. It simplifies your life. It defines what you do and what you do not do. Your purpose becomes the standard you use to evaluate which activities are essential and which are not – Prov.13:7; Isa.26:3. c. It focuses your life. It concentrates your efforts and energy on what is important. You become effective by being selective. Without a clear purpose, you will keep changing directions, jobs, relationships, churches or other externals – Eph.5:17. Apostle Paul almost single-handedly spread Christianity through the Roman Empire. His secret was a focused life – Phil.3:13; Phil.3:15. d. It motivates your life. Purpose always produces passion and passion dissipates when you lack purpose. Nothing energises like a clear purpose – Phil.3:10-12. e. It prepares you for eternity. What ultimately matters most is what God says about you. A wiser use of time is to build an eternal legacy because you are put here on earth to prepare for eternity – Rom.14:10b; Rom.4:12; Rev.22:12. CONCLUSION A purpose-driven life is fulfilling your divine purpose of existence and to answer two questions from your Creator. What did you do with Jesus Christ? What did you do with what He gave you?


QUESTIONS 1. What is a purpose-driven life? 2. How can you live a purpose-driven life? 3. What are the benefits of living a purpose-driven life?


Mon. Isa.44:2a – You are not an accident. Tues. Isa.26:3 – Living on purpose is the path to peace. Weds. 1 Jn.2:17 – There is more to life than just here and now. Thurs. Lk.16:10a – Life is a test and trust. Fri. Ps.39:4, 119:19 – Life is a temporary assignment. Sat. Eccl.3:11 – You are made to last forever. Sun. Rev.21:7 – You were not put on earth to be remembered but to prepare for eternity and inherit all things.


Lesson 28

Transformed By The Word MEMORY VERSE “And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.” Luke 5:5 BIBLE PASSAGE: Luke 5:1-11 INTRODUCTION At a point in Peter's life, he came to his wits end and he saw the limits of human wisdom, knowledge and abilities. His best could fetch him nothing, not even a fish. Then, he had an encounter with Jesus and this produced a turning point. Getting your breakthrough is not necessarily dependent on new techniques discovered but on fresh revelations received from the Master. In this lesson, we shall examine the product of fresh insight into the word of God. OUTLINES 1. REVELATION PRODUCES TRANSFORMATION 2. BY-PRODUCT OF TRANSFORMATION REVELATION PRODUCES TRANSFORMATION Peter heard what he had never heard before and saw what he had never seen before as he waited upon Jesus while He was ministering in his boat. A divine revelation was brought to his doorstep, which brought him in direct encounter with Jesus. He knew that those words were not ordinary – Matt.7:29; Lk.4:32. He saw the word bringing positive outcome, hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless and changes to the static, so he made exception of the word. – Lk.4:3336, 38-41; Lk 5:5; Jn.11:41-44. BY-PRODUCT OF TRANSFORMATION Revelation produces its recipient a platform, a foundation on which to lay desires and requests. If you catch the revelation of the word, you will take God for His word and it will surely work for you like it did for Peter who said, “Lord, at your word…” What he got next were two ships full of fishes. To embark on that journey, or job, agreeing on that marriage proposal or taking a crucial decision, hear God's word. If in doubt after receipt of the word, ask God for confirmation, and then 54

safely act – 1 Cor.3:11; 1 Kgs.17:16; Ps.119:101, 11, 49; Jer.15:16; Ezek.3:3; 1 Sam.30:6, 17-19. CONCLUSION The transformation in your life that came as a result of divine revelation will produce a platform upon which your miracle will roll in. QUESTIONS 1. On what does getting your breakthrough depend? 2. A product of what is transformation? 3. To take God for His word, what must you have done?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Amos 3:7 – Be ready to receive the secret of the Lord Tues. Gen.28:12-16 – Encounter God where you are. Weds. Gen.32:24-29 – Change of name after a divine encounter. Thurs. Jdgs.6:36-40 – Seek confirmation from God. Fri. 1 Sam.23:7-12 – Seek counsel from God in all situations. Sat. Rom.8:35-39 – Divine encounter that produced a point of no return. Sun. Rom.12:2 – Be not conformed to this world


Lesson 29

His Word Is Yea And Amen MEMORY VERSE “His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. “ John 2:5 BIBLE PASSAGE: John 2:1-5 INTRODUCTION God leads His children in definite ways. He loves to speak plainly with His own but when He speaks in codes, using signs and symbols, it is important that the recipients of such messages return to ask for the meaning or else the purpose of the communication is defeated – Jn.10:3. How do you hear from God plainly? May He speak clearly to you from now on, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. THE WORD IS FOR A PURPOSE 2. THE WORD IS SPECIFIC 3. THE WORD IS TIME BOUND THE WORD IS FOR A PURPOSE The word God sends is for a purpose. It is to meet our needs. He sent His word: a. To heal physically, spiritually and all-round – Ps.107:20. b. To deliver from trouble, dangers, and deaths, etc – Ps.107:20. c. To set us free from satanic bondages and self-indulgence. d. To bless and deal with frustration, failures, etc – Lk.5:4. e. To save from sin and its consequences. f. To direct and show the way – Ps.119:105. g. To comfort and encourage us – Josh.1:3, 5-6. h. To protect – Deut.28:1, 6; Ps.91:11-12; Ps.105:14-15. i. To instruct us – Josh.1:8; Prov.1:10; 23:1-3. j. To correct us – Prov.3:11-12; Heb.12:5-8; 2 Tim.3:16. Just receive the word as sent, obey and the purpose will be accomplished in your life – Isa.55:11. 56

THE WORD IS SPECIFIC The word instructs on what to do and how to do it. The word that came to Peter was very specific – Lk.5:4; Josh.1:3; Jonah 1:1-2; Mk.16:15. While some obeyed, others disobeyed but with dire consequences – Jon.1:3, 12. Are you obeying God? Even when the word sent is coded, seek Him for the meaning – Lk.8:4. THE WORD IS TIME BOUND The word sent also states when action is to be taken. No procrastination is allowed. The purpose will be defeated if action is not taken at the right time. Delay is dangerous and it is a sin. God is a God of time. Jesus followed suit and we must also follow in His step. Any giant you fail to kill will destroy you before you know it – Eccl.3:13; Ps.102:13; Jn.9:4; Is.55:6; Heb.4:7.

CONCLUSION The word is all embracing. It will meet all your needs – physical, spiritual, social, economic etc. It comes very straightforward and time bound. Hearken and it shall be well with you. QUESTIONS 1. Mention three purposes for which God sent His word. 2. What do you understand by the word of God being specific? 3. God is a God of time. Support this assertion with a Bible passage.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Rom.15:4 - Build your hope in the word of God. Tues.Jon.1:11-12 – The word came purposely to save us. Weds. Matt.13:36 – May the Lord give us the meaning of coded word. Thurs. Jon.9:4 – Procrastination is a thief of time. Fri. 1 Kgs.17:13-15 – Obey the word and it shall be with you. Sat. 2 Cor.6:2 – Now is the accepted time. Sun. Matt.13:23 – Receive the word and you will bear fruits.


Lesson 30

Power In The Word MEMORY VERSE “And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.” Matthew 15:6 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 15:1-6 INTRODUCTION The presence of anointing in your life destroys satanic yokes and burdens. It can enable you to preach powerfully and obtain results for God's kingdom. When God has clearly given you a message for the congregation, if you lack the appropriate level of anointing to deliver it, your effort may be in vain. This is why the church, which should be a spiritual clinic that impacts life, has become a graveyard where the word is released without anointing and therefore kills the hearers – Jn.6:63; 2 Cor.3:6. OUTLINES 1. THE DILUTED WORD 2. THE ANOINTED WORD THE DILUTED WORD Diluted word involves deliberate omission of salient transforming truths, trivialising weighty issues of the kingdom and twisting the truth to suit personal purposes – Mk.7:7-8, 10-13; 1 Kgs.22:5-14. Some of the characteristics of diluted words are: 1. It ministers to the flesh – 2 Tim.4:3-4. 2. It fails to rebuke sin. 3. It provides a safe haven for all manner of spirits in the congregation. 4. It is always applauded – Acts 12:21-22. 5. It kills – 2 Cor.3:6; Acts 12:23. THE ANOINTED WORD The word in the mouth of an anointed preacher has propensity to root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down, build and plant – Jer.1:10. 58

Some of the characteristics of the anointed word are: 1. It is easily received and absorbed into the spirit man – 2 Tim.3:1415. 2. It increases knowledge – Prov.2:1-2, 6. 3. It acts as spiritual calcium to build spiritual bones – 2 Tim.3:1617. 4. It touches the soul and generates a sincere response from the inner man Lk.19:8. 5. It transforms e.g. Saul to Paul – Acts 13:9. 6. It gives life – Ezek.37:1-10. 7. It is celebrated – Acts 8:6-8. CONCLUSION Is your congregation a haven for all sorts of spirits? Check your word and your anointing level. Make amends where necessary. The Lord will restore you and His word in your mouth shall be fire ready to purify you and the congregation. QUESTIONS 1. What do we mean by a diluted word? 2. Mention four things anointed word is capable of doing. 3. Mention two characteristics of a diluted word and an anointed word.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Rom.12:2 – Renew your mind with the word. Tues. 1 Tim.4:2 – Do not partake in this sign of the last days. Weds. 1 Tim.4:7 – Train yourself to be Godly. Refuse old wives' fables, Thurs. 2 Tim.2:16-18 - Be warned. You will account for souls sent to hell by your word. Fri. 1 Kgs.22:14-18 – You will be hated for the truth. Sat. Acts 4:20 – Speak on. god is on your side. Sun. Acts 5:12-16 – God is moving you to this level.


Lesson 31

His Word Is Settled Forever MEMORY VERSE “ Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, Let the LORD be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.” Isaiah 66:5 BIBLE PASSAGE: Isaiah 66:1-5 INTRODUCTION How do you react to the word of God? Do you tremble at His word or are you one of those who do not care? – Jas.2:19; Heb.12:1. OUTLINES 1. GOD'S WORD IS CONSTANT 2. MY ATTITUDE TO THE WORD GOD'S WORD IS CONSTANT God's word is settled – Ps.119:89. What has the word said about you, your family and your situation? It shall surely come to pass – Hab.2:3. As long as there is an area in your life for which the word of God needs to attend to, that portion of the word will not pass until it is has accomplished its purpose in that area in your life – Mk.13:31. The word did not fail Peter. It will not fail you – Lk.5:5-7. The word did not fail Sarah and Hannah – Gen.21:2; 1 Sam.1:17-20. The word worked for the Centurion in Luke 7:7-10. You will be empowered – Acts 10:38. MY ATTITUDE TO THE WORD How do you receive the word of God? Is it with joy or nonchalantly? If you tremble at God's word, you will pay attention to it, take notes and put it into practice. You will not let the word of God fall to the ground. You will hold the Bible and everything about God in high esteem. God looks on one man according to His word in Isaiah 66:2 – a man of contrite spirit, which trembles at His word. God will make a difference between His children on their ability to tremble at His word. Those who do so will joyfully be rewarded while those who do not will be rewarded with shame. 60

CONCLUSION Because God cannot fail, His word cannot fail. Those who tremble at God's word never tremble before their enemy. QUESTIONS 1. Mention two instances in the Bible where the word did not work and why? 2. God looks on one man. Who? 3. Who, according to our study trembles at God's words but has no salvation?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Rom.6:1 – Sin hinders the fulfillment of the word. Tues. Matt.14:28-31 – The word saved Peter from sinking. Call on Him. Weds. Mk.4:39 – The word still the storm. It will still your storm. Thurs. Lk.7:7 – Just speak a word. Fri. 2 Tim.1:13 – Hold fast to the word. Sat. Deut.28:1-2 – hearken diligently to the word. Sun. Josh.1:8 – Let not the word cease in your mouth.


Lesson 32

Fruitfulness MEMORY VERSE “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis 1:28 BIBLE PASSAGE: Genesis 1:26-31 INTRODUCTION God commanded all creeping, flying and swimming creatures to be fruitful and it was so. It is the sincere desire of God that we are blessed in all areas of our lives. God hates stagnancy with a passion. Jesus Christ, being the True Vine, is ever ready to spring out branches that shall continuously produce more fruits. OUTLINES 1. SOURCES OF FRUITFULNESS 2. EFFECTS OF FRUITLESSNESS SOURCES OF FRUITFULNESS God is the only source of complete fruitfulness. At the creation of Man, God gave a fivefold blessing: be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and dominate. These are all-round increase for children of God in this world. Fruitfulness is not only measured in the material possessions but in all other aspects of our lives – 3 Jn.2. Fruitfulness can be greatly enhanced by: 1. Do not forget your Creator, if you want to be fruitful. Jer.17:5-8 2. The counsel of God – Ps.1:3; Jn.15:4-5. 3. Diligence. Fruitfulness does not come through laziness – Prov.22:29. 4. Faithfulness. Joseph passed through trials in the land of Egypt but he was faithful till the end. He became fruitful in the land – Gen.41:39-53. 5. Obedience. Abraham was obedient, so, he was blessed – Gen.22:15-18. 6. Giving. Giving and receiving go together – Lk.6:38. Prosperity 62

begins with investment. 7. Total surrender. Peter surrendered his boat to Jesus and had a net-breaking catch – Lk.5:4-7. The Zarephath woman surrendered a little oil in a cruise to the prophet and she became an oil merchant – 1 Kings 17:10-16. EFFECTS OF FRUITLESSNESS 1. Withering. The withered are those who used to be fat but because something went wrong, things have changed. They were once head but now tail – Jn.15:2. 2. Dunghill. A fruitless being will eventually become a dunghill or firewood and become useless or a waste – Jn.15:6. 3. Cursed. A fruitless being has been cursed because that was not the original plan of God for mankind – Jer.17:5-6. 4. A fruitless being is wicked – Lk.19:12-22. 5. A fruitless being shall be cut down or eliminated – Lk.13:6-9.

CONCLUSION God has made provisions for you to be fruitful and He wants you to be fruitful. Beware of the effects of unfruitfulness. QUESTIONS 1. Mention some sources of fruitlessness. 2. What are the effects of fruitlessness?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. 3 Jn.2 – God will make you fruitful in all areas of your life. Tues. Jer.17:7 – Put your trust in god and you shall be fruitful. Weds. Lk.5:4 – Surrender everything you have to God and you shall be fruitful. Thurs. Jn.15:2 – Ask God today for the grace to bear fruits. Fri. Gen.26:12 – When God smiles at you, you shall be fruitful. Sat. Jer.29:11 – Ask God that His thought over you on fruitfulness shall come to pass. Sun. Gen.22:15-18 – Ask God for an obedient spirit for fruitfulness.


Lesson 33

Prayer: The Master Key MEMORY VERSE “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” Matthew 7:7 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 6:5-15 INTRODUCTION It is a common practice to lock up valuables in special rooms and with special keys. Where to keep these valuables, whether in the outer rooms or in the inner strong rooms, depends on how valuable they are to you. Though there are different keys to these rooms, there is a master key, however, that is available to the master of the house to unlock at will any of the doors to these rooms. Today, we will begin to examine the spiritual master key of the house to unlock doors to answers to petitions of God's children, that is, prayer. OUTLINES 1. WHAT IS PRAYER? 2. WHY SHOULD WE PRAY? 3. WHERE AND WHEN CAN ONE PRAY? WHAT IS PRAYER? Prayer, simply put, is the soul of man talking to God. It is worship addressed to God the Father, in the name of God the Son and through the power of the Holy Spirit – Acts 12:5; Jn.14:13; Eph.6:18; Rom.8:26-27. Prayer should consists of the following: 1. Adoration i.e. praise and worship of God for what God is e.g. God is good, merciful, kind, powerful, faithful, just etc. When you praise God for what He is rather than what He has done for you, it is true worship - Ps. 95:6. 2. Confession and repentance from every known sin - Ps. 32:5. Washing in the blood of Christ will follow. If you are already sanctified and you have no sin to confess, wash in the blood all the same. You can never be too clean. 3. Thanksgiving. Be thankful for anything and everything that God has done - Phil. 4:6. 4. Supplication i.e. intercession, requests, petitions and desires 64

can now be addressed to God, in the Name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit - I Tim. 2:1. WHY SHOULD WE PRAY? 1. God commands us to pray – Lk.18:1; 1 Thess.5:17; 1 Chro.16:11; Jam.5:13; Ps.50:15; Mt.26:15-36. 2. Jesus prayed and Christian followers of Jesus are expected to pray – Mk.1:35; Lk.6:12; Lk.3:21. 3. The early Church prayed, so, churches too should pray – Acts 4:23-31; Acts 12:5-6; Eph.1:15-20; Col.4:12. 4. The believers of old prayed too e.g. Moses in Exodus 15:23-25; Jesus, Matt.26:39-42, David in Psalm 51:1-2 and Elijah too - 1 Kgs.18:37-39; Jam.5:17-18. WHERE AND WHEN CAN ONE PRAY? We can pray everywhere - I Tim.2:8, in the closet - Mt.6:6, or in the church, - Lk.18:10. Private prayer may be made in the secret place. Family prayer will involve a large group and may be made in the sitting room while public prayer may be made before the congregation. We can pray in the morning - Ps. 5:3, at noon and in the evening - Ps. 55:17, day and night - Ps. 88:1, daily - Ps. 86:3, and always - Lk. 18:1. It is not only when you are on your knees with your eyes closed that you can pray. You can pray as you drive to work, while at work or while resting. Singing praises to God is also a form of prayer. Pray without ceasing – 1 Thess. 5:17. CONCLUSION We have just discovered some fundamental truths about the master key, especially the aspects of when and where to apply it. Let us, therefore, act now and present all our petitions to God in the name of Jesus Christ. It is certain that He will answer accordingly to His perfect will for us.


QUESTIONS 1. What is prayer? 2. Where can we pray? 3. Why should we pray? 4. When can we pray as believers?


Mon: Mk. 11:24 - God is ready to answer us when we pray to Him in faith. Tues: Jn.15: 7 - Requests placed before God will be answered according to the word of God only. Wed: I Jn.5: 4-15 - The will of God is an essential condition to answered prayers. Thurs: Phil. 4:6 - Anxiety is a negative response or reaction to situations. Pray instead of being anxious Fri: Heb. 4:6 - The divine promise of eternal rest is obtainable only through faith. Sat: Lk.18: 1 - Do not be scared by prayers. Though time and energy consuming,


Lesson 34

The Elements Of Prayer MEMORY VERSE “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.� Philippians 4:6 BIBLE PASSAGE: Philippians 4:4-9 INTRODUCTION In our last study, considerations were given to the definition of prayer, reasons for praying and where and when to pray. Hopefully, most of us should have cultivated the regular attitude of prayer by now, as we consider other aspects of prayer today. May the Holy Spirit help us even as we continue in our studies on the master key, prayer. OUTLINES 1. FOR WHAT SHOULD I PRAY? 2. HOW SHOULD I PRAY? 3. WHY ARE SOME PRAYERS UNANSWERED? FOR WHAT SHOULD I PRAY? Subject for prayers includes the following: a. Pray for the sick - Jam.5:13-16. b. Pray for all men, for the President, Governors, Commissioners, the General Superintendent, Pastors, Deacons, workers, the Choir, the ushers, the Sunday School Teachers, the children, the youths and the elders - I Tim.2:1-4. c. Pray for every Christian to be made perfect in Christ Jesus - Col.1:28. d. Pray for your enemies - Mt.5:38-48. e. Pray for wisdom and understanding - I Kgs.3:5-9. f. Pray for personal safety and the safety of others - Dan.6:18-23. g. Pray for a longer life - Isa. 38:1-5. h. Pray for the second coming of Christ, that you may be able to do the will of the Lord, to receive daily bread, forgiveness, guidance, victory over temptation and sin - Mt. 6:9-13. i. Then include your own individual requests. Do you think it is still difficult to pray without ceasing? HOW SHOULD I PRAY? For a vibrant and result driven prayer life, the following key responsibilities should be taken into consideration: a. The Holy Spirit should guide us in our praying - Rom.8:26-27. b. We must pray with faith in the existence of God - Heb.11: 6. 67

We must pray persistently - Lk. 18:1-8. We must pray with humility - 2 Chr.7:14. We must not ask God to do anything contrary to His will - Mt. 26:39. We must forgive others if we want God to answer our prayers Mk.11:25. g. We must be obedient to God - I Jn.3:22. h. We must not stray from the way - Jn.15:7. i. We must pray in Jesus' name - Jn.16:24. c. d. e. f.

WHY ARE SOME PRAYERS UNANSWERED? There are four major causes of unanswered prayers, namely: a. Unbelief - Jam.1:6-7. b. An unforgiving spirit - Mk.11:25. c. Sin - Ps. 66:18. d. Asking amiss i.e. asking with wrong motives or against the will of God Jam.4:3. CONCLUSION Has any of your prayers been answered? Do you enjoy talking to the Almighty God? God enjoys listening to you as you talk to Him. Any sinner is privileged too to pray a simple prayer that God should be merciful to him or her. QUESTIONS 1. List some terms of prayers. 2. How should a Christian pray? 3. Mention four reasons some prayers are unanswered.


Mon. Ezra 9:5 - Pray in humility. Tues. Dan.6:10 - Pray with boldness. Weds. 1 Kgs.8:22 – Pray with a surrendering heart. Thurs. Lk.22:44 – Pray fervently. Fri. Eph.6:18 - Remember to always intercede as you pray. Sat. Ex.2:23 – The Lord hears prayers. Sun. Jam.4:3 – Do not ask amiss for lustful pleasure.


Lesson 35

The Christian Family MEMORY VERSE “Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.” Ephesians 5:33 BIBLE PASSAGE: Ephesians 5:22-23 INTRODUCTION Discussions on Christian living will be incomplete without a thorough discussion on family life. This is an institution that the Lord Jesus Christ likened to the relationship between Him and His Church. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us the more, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. THE WIFE IN TRUE SUBMISSION 2. THE LOVING HUSBAND 3. THE KING'S CHILDREN THE WIFE IN TRUE SUBMISSION The truly Christian wife must recognise and joyfully accept the Godordained headship of the husband and be submissive – 1 Pet.3:1; Col.3:18; 1 Tim.2:11-14. The scope of the submission should be as unto the Lord Jesus in everything. Other qualities of the wife include obedience – 1 Pet.3:1, reverence – Eph.5:33; 1 Pet.3:5, humility in outward appearance – 1 Pet.3:4; 1 Tim.2:9. The true Christian wife should adorn herself with meekness, quiet and prayerful spirit only, which will make greater impact in the home, church and the nation – 1 Pet.3:4; Tit.2:5. Other qualities include purity and holiness – Titus 2:4-5; 1 Pet.3:5, loveliness – Tit.2:4; Songs 1:6-7, mother's heart – Ps.128:3; 1 Sam.2:19; Pro.6:20-25, diligence and dependability – Ps.144:1112; Pro.12:14; Pro.31:30-31, hospitality – Ps.31:20; 2 Kgs.4:8-10 and prayerfulness – Mt.15:22-28; Acts 1:14. THE LOVING HUSBAND The husband, by Godly plan, is the head of the wife – Eph.5:23; 1 Cor.11:3. It has nothing to do with education, talent or wealth. The husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church – Rom.5:6-10. 69

He must love in sickness, pain, sorrow or weakness. His love must be sacrificial – Eph.5:25; Phil.2:5-8. The love must not be because of what the man can get from the woman but be God-ordained. The head stays with the body until death – Eph.5:28-29, 31. Where the home is blessed with children, the husband is to train them and not to provoke them to wrath – Col.3:21. THE KING'S CHILDREN In the family also are children who must be trained and nurtured in the fear of God – Pro.22:6. They are God's heritage and blessed is the family where they are found – Ps.127:3-7; Ps.128:1-6. They are the crown of old age and the glory of their fathers – Pro.17:6. Of them also is the kingdom of Heaven – Mt.19:14. God commands them to obey their parents in the Lord – Eph.6:1; Col.3:20. CONCLUSION The family life is a precious relationship ordained by God. How is yours? You can prayerfully answer the question today as you turn to the perfect architect and master builder, that is, the Lord Jesus Christ who can perfect all about your home. QUESTIONS 1. What is the Lord's command to the wife? Justify with scriptures. 2. What other qualities should a Christian possess? 3. What is the responsibility of the husband in the family?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: 1 Cor. 7:32 - God will have us care more for the things of heavenly value because that is the ultimate, anyway. Tues: 1 Cor. 13:1-13 - God is Love. Christian marriages should be wrapped up in Godly love. Wed: Ps.127:3-5 - Children belong to the Lord and are of great significance at home. Thurs: Ex. 20:14-17 - The word of God is forever settled about Christian marriage. Ask for grace to adhere to these precepts. Fri: Lev.20:10 - The sin of adultery is not ordinary as far as God is concerned. Sat: Eph. 5:25 - The instruction to the husband is clear and simple and absolute obedience would usher in the blessings. Sun: 1 Tim. 3:11 - The duty of the wife is simple enough for the sober and sanctified heart. 70

Lesson 36

Family Issues And Solutions MEMORY VERSE “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.” Ephesians 5:31 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 19:3-32 INTRODUCTION In the first part of this series, we discovered the various responsibilities of the husband, wife and even children. We believe that miracles are now happening in various homes to the glory of God. OUTLINES 1. DIVORCE AND GOD'S REMEDY 2. OTHER FAMILY PROBLEMS AND REMEDIES 3. SEPERATION DIVORCE AND GOD'S REMEDY Divorce is not the will of God for the family. Many things could be responsible for divorce among which are: failure to actually leave and cleave to the wife as instructed – Gen.2:24; Mt.19:4-6, giving the devil a place – Eph.4:27; 1 Pet.5:7-9. The devil can come through gossip, false prophecy and suspicion – 1 Jn.4:1. Other things responsible for divorce include extravagance and worldliness – Eph.5.22-31; Rom.12:1-2, comparing your family with others, criticism and failure to forgive – 2 Cor.12:5; Jn.17:20, and lack of love and affection – Eph.5:25-28; Tit.2:4. OTHER FAMILY PROBLEMS AND REMEDIES Problems include the wife usurping the duty of the husband. This is not God's pattern – 1 Pet.3:4-7; Col.3:18-20. The head of the family is the seat of duty. When the headship of the husband is challenged, he should turn to the Lord Jesus in prayer. Otherwise, pride sets in – Jn.13:3-5; 1 Sam.1:9-19. The Lord's command is that we have faith in God - Mk.11:22- otherwise help centered on unbelief will not be acceptable in God's sight – Rom.14:23. Polygamy is another problem. It is not allowed by God – Gen.29: 2932. Family income budgeting can also be a problem. The family should avoid being in bondage to creditors. 71

SEPARATION Marriage is intended by God to be a lifetime affair. In case of fornication, separation is allowed – Mt.5:31-32; Rom.7:2-3. CONCLUSION Jesus can make all things right. Hand over your family to God today. QUESTIONS 1. Justify why divorce is not of God. 2. Mention some family problems and God's remedy. 3. Is separation allowed by God?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: 1 Cor. 7:32 - God will have us care more for the things of heavenly value because that is the ultimate, anyway. Tues: 1 Cor. 13:1-13 - God is Love. Christian marriages should be wrapped up in Godly love. Wed: Ps.127: 3-5 - Children belong to the Lord and are of great significance at home. Thurs: Ex.20: 14-17 - The word of God is forever settled about Christian marriage. Ask for grace to adhere to these precepts. Fri: Lev.20: 10 - The sin of adultery is not ordinary as far as God is concerned. Sat: Eph.5: 25 - The instruction to the husband is clear and simple and absolute obedience would usher in the blessings. Sun: 1 Tim.3: 11 - The duty of the wife is simple enough for the sober and sanctified heart. 72

Lesson 37

Christian Family Discipline MEMORY VERSE “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:21 BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Thessalonians 5:15-24 INTRODUCTION This study intends to focus on some aspects of the family life that are very essential for steady spiritual growth expected of Christian homes. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us as we study, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. FAMILY WORSHIP 2. FAMILY DISCIPLINE 3. FAMILY FINANCES FAMILY WORSHIP Worship simply means reverence and respect given to God – Ps.95: 6. God commands and deserves our worship – 1 Chr.16: 29; Ps.150: 6. Consider who God is truly: a. El-Shaddai – Gen.17:1 b. Love – 1 Jn. 4:8. c. Strength of Israel – 1 Sam.15:29. The true Christian home is special before God – 1 Pet.2:9. Every member of the family should worship God – Ps.150:6. Your family should stay together. Constant assurance of divine presence is needed – Ps.22:3. With worship, darkness recedes from the home – 1 Jn.1:5. Consider a few examples of God-worshipping families: a. Cornelius – Acts 10:1-2; b. Joshua 24:15; c. Louis/Eunice – 2 Tim.1:5. 73

FAMILY DISCIPLINE Ideally, the Christian family should be potential soldiers/tools of Christ ever ready to launch deep into the enemy's camp. Therefore, there is the need to be on guard daily. Do not get entangled with the affairs of the world. Affairs of this world are devil incarnates – 2 Tim.2:4; 1 Jn.2:15-17. Tame your appetite, otherwise, you will suddenly become spiritually weak – 1 Cor.7:5, 29-31. It is better to teach by examples than by precepts – Col.4:5. Redeem the time. The days are evil. You will account for your slothful hours – Eph.5:15. The “rod” (discipline and not physical abuse!) should be applied for correction and reproof especially in the lives of the children – Pro.14:24; Pro.22:15. FAMILY FINANCES The Lord owns you, your family members and all that you possess – Ps.24:1. Consider the example of the Corinthian church that gave to themselves and to God generously. For two minds to become one in total unity, this must involve your financial viewpoints as well. Keep joint bank accounts – Amos 3:3. Submit your financial programmes to God – Ps.37:5. Jesus must be the centre of your family budgeting – 1 Cor.10:31. Order your priorities well with spiritual consideration on top of the list. Support God's work e.g. Aquila and Priscilla – Rom.16:3-4. Avoid being spendthrifts. You are accountable to God and remember that anyone who does not provide for his home is worse than an infidel. Beware of the love of worldly pleasure because it leads to: a. Poverty – Pro.21:17. b. Spiritual death – 1 Tim.3:6. c. Unpreparedness – Lk.21:34. CONCLUSION Jesus is still on the throne to handle all your family needs. Hand over all to Him today and He will help you.


QUESTIONS 1. What is family worship? 2. Describe family discipline. 3. How does God see family finance?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: 1 Tim 2:11-15 - God's order for the Christian home is clear enough. Tues: Gal. 3:13 - Homes turned to Christ are redeemed from every curse and becomes a blessed one. Wed: Pro. 31:10-31 - Are you a virtuous mother or wife? Thurs: Heb. 12:7-8 - Do not neglect discipline in your home. Fri: Titus 2:9-10 - Let every member of the home including servants be alert to their responsibilities. Sat: 1 Sam. 3:13 - God will not spare parents who fail to correct their children who err. Sun: 2 Tim. 1: 5 - Let us take a cue from Lois and Eunice as parents.


Lesson 38

Dangers Of Unforgiveness MEMORY VERSE “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Matthew 6:15 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 18:21-35 INTRODUCTION Unforgiveness is to blame someone or be angry with someone for something that person has done. It is failure to pardon sins and let go as if they had never been committed. Unforgiving attitude is an act that must not be found among Christians. Any believer in Christ who thrives in unforgiveness is standing on dangerous grounds. The Bible commends us to be imitators of God as dear children Ephesians 5:1. In light of this, we should look up to God who at all times and in different circumstances forgives us our sins through the blood of Jesus Christ – Heb.9: 14. OUTLINES 1. GOD COMMANDS US TO FORGIVE 2. CONSEQUENCES OF AN UNFORGIVING ATTITUDE GOD COMMANDS US TO FORGIVE God made provisions for us to forgive whenever we sin and confess so that we can receive cleansing. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers forgiveness. Also, from our Bible passage, the king forgave his servant who owed him much. That king is God. 1 Jn.1: 7-9; Mk.11: 25; Matt.18: 21-25. CONSEQUENCES OF AN UNFORGIVING ATTITUDE Any believer in Christ who thrives in an unforgiving attitude is standing on dangerous ground. a. Unforgiveness invokes the wrath of God and makes Him to hand you over to tormentors – Pro.11: 21. b. Unforgiveness brings a harvest of evil deeds done to your offender upon you – Matt.18: 30-34; Eccl.12: 14. c. Unforgiveness prevents you from benefiting from the cleansing power of Jesus – 1 Jn.1:7-9. d. Unforgiveness makes Heaven reject your gifts and sacrifices. 76

e. Unforgiveness hinders answers to prayer – Matt.6:15. f. Unforgiveness makes someone a candidate for hell. CONCLUSION An unforgiving attitude can rub you of God's presence. Do you still keep records of wrongs done to you in the black book of your mind? Repent today. QUESTIONS 1. What is Unforgiveness? 2. Mention four consequences of an unforgiving attitude.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Matt.6:12 – Pray that God will always give you the grace to forgive. Tues. Gen.43:21-32 – You can forgive that family member of yours that hates you so much. Weds. Eph.4:6 – Forgive as many times as possible. Thurs. Lk.17:3 – God counsels you to forgive. Fri. Col.1:14 – In Jesus we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins. Sat. 1 Cor.15:3 – Always remember that Christ died for your sins. Sun. Deut.28:13 – The blessings of obedience will be yours if you forgive.




Lesson 40

Beware Of Rebellion MEMORY VERSE “Because they rebelled against the words of God, and contemned the counsel of the most High: Therefore he brought down their heart with labour; they fell down, and there was none to help.” Psalm 107:1112 BIBLE PASSAGE: Psalm 107:10-14 INTRODUCTION To rebel is to go in opposite direction of what was commanded. It also means using one's power of influence in a negative direction. OUTLINES 1. WHO IS A REBEL? 2. DANGERS OF REBELLION WHO IS A REBEL? 1. A rebel is someone who has drawn the battle line between himself and the one under whose government he is – Num.16:1114. 2. A rebel revolts against his boss and God's government so that he can become his own boss – Num.16:1-3. A rebel wants to be like the Most High – Is.14:14. 3. A rebel resists being under God's authority and that of his boss – Is.14:13. DANGERS OF REBELLION 1. It relocates the rebel into the realm of darkness. Every believer dwells in the light of Jesus Christ. However, the moment you team up with people to rebel against the authority of the Church, your Pastor or leader, you move from light into darkness. 2. Rebellion makes the rebel a candidate of death. If anyone rebels against God or His bona fide servant, that fellow could be destroyed when the life of the righteous is targeted – Num.16:2533; Num.16:42-49. 3. Rebellion ties the rebel with iron chains under serious affliction. If you feel tied to the same spot and you have prayed and fasted for long without respite, examine yourself. It could be that Heaven 79

identifies you as a rebel. Some are deceived into believing that it is when they become rebels that they will be notable or outstanding. No, they will only be outstanding in afflictions and bondages – Num.12:1-10; Num.16:42-49. 4. Rebellion causes the helpers of rebels to turn their backs on them – Num.16:1-6, 29. 5. Rebellion leads to falling – Is.14:12-14. CONCLUSION What makes you outstanding on earth also makes you outstanding in Heaven or Hell, depending on whether it is good or bad. If rebellion makes you outstanding on earth, you will be noted in the lake of fire. In what ways are you rebelling against God and His servant in your family or in your place of work? Go and settle such issues now. QUESTIONS 1. Who is a rebel? 2. Why is rebellion dangerous? 3. Briefly explain what is in Numbers 16:25-33.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Is.59:1-3 – Ask for forgiveness for your past rebellious activities. Tues. Rom.9:16 – Pray for mercy for past rebels. Weds. Matt.16:18 – Pray against every spirit of rebellion in the church. Thurs. 2 Sam.15:30-31 – Pray for people that are facing problems as a result of rebellion against them. Fri. Ps.122:6 – Pray for peace to reign. Sat. 3 Jn.2 – pray for love among brethren. Sun. Gen.39:9 – Ask God to put His fear in you so that you will not be a rebel but obey Him.


Lesson 41

Doubts MEMORY VERSE “And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Matthew 14:31 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 14:23-33 INTRODUCTION Doubt or unbelief is the opposite of faith. It is a feeling of being uncertain about something or not believing something. Doubt is of the heart and it manifests in action or inaction, decision or indecision. Any decision or action done in doubt has no chance of success. Doubt hinders God's blessings. We stand strong in Christ by faith – 2 Cor.1: 24. We fall away from Christ through doubt or unbelief. Doubt is the absence of faith. Faith is fundamental to all Christian service – Mk.11: 24. OUTLINES 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF A DOUBTING MIND 2. FAITH IS FUNDAMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF A DOUBTING MIND A doubting mind is like a wave of the sea blown and tossed by the wind. It is unstable and cannot receive anything from the Lord – Jam.1: 5-7. Doubting is a condition of faithlessness and it is impossible to please God without faith. Doubt says, “Unless I see, I will not believe.” Jn.20: 24-29. Doubt is pliable, willingly moveable and lacking steadfastness, totally contradicting to the scriptures - 1 Cor.15: 58. Doubt makes a man miss God's provision for his life - Num.13: 2733; 14:22-23. A doubting mind will not believe the Lord's report but will believe the evil reports of situations and circumstances, doctors' reports, economic reports etc. – Num.13:31-33. Doubt or unbelief makes a man have alternative to God's solution to any problem. Doubt sinks a man in the storms of life – Matthew 14:28-30. A fearful man is a doubting man – Mk.4:40. Doubt makes God hide His face from man and unattended to them – Deut.32:20. Doubt is a sin and gives birth to worry. 81

FAITH IS FUNDAMENTAL The only antidote to doubt is faith. Faith is fundamental to all Christian service – Mk.11:22-24; Heb.11:6; Jam.1:6-7; 1 Jn.5:4-5. We can only overcome doubt, fear and worry by faith. The Lord Jesus told Thomas and all of us in John 20:27 that we should not be faithless but believe. The more we believe the word of God, the less we doubt – Heb.10:23. Faith is what Satan hates the most and it is one major thing that God demands. When we are in faith, we stand. When in doubt or fear, we sink. Whatever we see, hear or think feed our faith and fuels our fear. Keep your gaze off anything capable of breeding doubt, unbelief or fear. Feed your eyes on the word of God – Pro.4:20-23. CONCLUSION Doubt sinks a man in the storms and challenges of life but faith makes a man overcome. The greater the room for fear, the more the descent – Heb.10:35. A doubting man can never please God or receive anything from Him. When Peter began to sink because of doubt, he did not keep quiet. He cried out to the ever-present help in trouble, our Lord Jesus Christ and help came his way. Are you presently sinking? Do not keep quiet. Cry unto Jesus and He will deliver you. QUESTIONS 1. How does the scripture describe a doubting mind in James 1:6-7? 2. What is the only antidote to doubt? 3. Explain why faith is fundamental. 4. What makes a man sink in the storms of life?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. 1 Jn.5:4-5 – You are an overcomer because you are born again. Tues. Mk.11:23 – If you doubt not, you can move mountains. Weds. Jam.1:5-6 – Ask for wisdom today and God will give it to you, if you do not waiver. Thurs. Num.13:27-33 – You will not miss God's provisions for your life today. Fri. Matt.14:27-30 – Keep your eyes off the waves of the sea and you will not sink. Sat. Mk.4:40 – Do not be fearful. Sun. 1 Cor.15:58 – Be steadfast and unmovable.


Lesson 42

The Christian Mission MEMORY VERSE “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 BIBLE PASSAGE: Genesis 3:1-15 INTRODUCTION The word, Missionary, comes from the Latin word “Mitto” which means to send. The Greek equivalent of the word is “Apostello.” A missionary, therefore, is someone who is sent with a commission from a higher authority. The work of missions is that of people sent by God to bring His work and power of salvation into the world. OUTLINES 1. GOD'S PURPOSE FOR CHRISTIAN MISSIONS 2. JESUS AND CHRISTIAN MISSIONS 3. THE HOLY SPIRIT AND CHRISTIAN MISSIONS GOD'S PURPOSE FOR CHRISTIAN MISSIONS God is a missionary God looking for Man for fellowship. He reestablished this purpose and covenant with Noah in Genesis 9:1-17. God's call of Abraham in Gen.12:1-3 was not intended to give special privileges to a special nation but to provide a means for God to reach all nations, that is, salvation to all mankind. This intention was regularly passed on through the prophets of old. JESUS AND CHRISTIAN MISSIONS Jesus, in His earthly ministry, emphasized that He was sent into the world by the Father – Jn.3: 17; Jn.5: 36-37; Jn.6: 57; Gal.4: 5. This is so that the world might be saved. His food was to do the will of Him that sent Him – Jn.4: 34. Jesus finished the work by teaching the disciples and by glorifying God on earth – Jn.17: 8 – and by giving His life for our sins. Jesus was sent to all mankind –Jews and non-Jews – Mt.10: 5-6; Mt.15: 21-28. He identified with the people to whom He was sent – Heb.12:14-18; Heb.4:15; Phil.2:5-8. Jesus purposed that the gospel would be preached to the whole world – Mt.24:14. He also gave a great commission after His death and resurrection – Mt.28:18-20; Mk.16:15; Jn.20:21-22; Lk.24:46-49. He repeated the instruction more than once to show its importance – Acts 26:13-18. 83

THE HOLY SPIRIT AND CHRISTIAN MISSIONS The Holy Spirit was sent in a special way to the world at Pentecost – Acts 2:1-4. He was sent by Jesus to replace Him as the divine presence with believers – Jn.16:7. His ministry to believers is to teach and encourage – Jn.14:26; Jn.16:13-15. His ministry to unbelievers is to convict them of sin and to regenerate them – Jn.16:8-11. He is the sender of the New Testament. The missionary work started with the Holy Spirit – Acts 8:29. Peter was sent by the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles – Acts 10:19-20. He sent out missionaries in Acts 13:2-4 and prevented them from going to Asia Minor or Bithynia – Acts 16:6-7 – directing them to Troas where they got the Macedonian call to a whole new continent – Acts 16:8-9. The Holy Spirit continued to direct their movements – Acts 19:21; Acts 20:2223; Acts 21:11-14. CONCLUSION It is very clear from our study that the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are committed to missions. It automatically follows, therefore, that the Holy Spirit-inspired believers must equally be mission conscious. There are thousands of people across the world yet to be exposed to the gospel truth. God is still asking for who will go for Him. What will be your reply? Pray now. QUESTIONS 1. How is God a missionary? 2. Describe Jesus as a missionary? 3. How is the Holy Spirit a missionary?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Mt. 10:7, 27 - Go preach that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Tues: Mk. 16:15 - The mandate is to preach the Gospel to every creature. Wed: Lk. 9:2, 60 - Preach about the Kingdom but also heal the sick. Thurs: Acts 5:20 - Preach everywhere, including sanctuaries. Fri: 2 Tim. 4:2 - Preach all times, whether it is convenient or not. Sat: 1 Pet. 3:19 - Preaching everywhere should include unusual places such as prison yards. Sun: Eph. 2:17 - We are not mandated to go without a backing. The Lord Jesus Christ is our perfect example.


Lesson 43

The Christian Missionary MEMORY VERSE “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” 1 Peter 3:15 BIBLE PASSAGE: 2 Corinthians 5:12-20 INTRODUCTION Apostle Paul in his epistles emphasised that each member in the body of Christ has an important function to perform and that there is no spectator in the body of Christ. All are supposed to use their gifts for the work of the ministry – Eph.4:12. These spiritual gifts, if properly put in active use, will undoubtedly result in missionary works. This is a glorious assignment that includes members of the body of every type of class, sex and nation – 1 Cor.12:13. OUTLINES 1. APOSTLE PETER'S IMPRESSION OF MISSIONS 2. THE EARLY CHURCH AND MISSIONS APOSTLE PETER'S IMPRESSION OF MISSIONS Apostle Peter taught that the Church is a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people to show forth the praises of Him who has called them from darkness into His marvelous light – 1 Pet.2:9-10. This declaration must be in holiness – 1 Pet.2:12-20 – that others will glorify God and in readiness to give reason for the hope in us as Christians. THE EARLY CHURCH AND MISSIONS The early Church was fully engaged in missions. Paul the Apostle was a model. No wonder he said people should imitate him – 1 Cor.4:16. Priscilla and Aquila were Christians who started churches wherever they went – Acts 18:26-28. Paul's team was composed of missionaries – 2 Cor.8:23. The word of God sounded forth from the Thessalonians church to Macedonia and Achaia – 1 Thess.1:8. All Asia heard God's word while Paul was teaching in Ephesus – Acts 19:26; Col.1:4-7. Epaphras heard the gospel in Ephesus and from there carried it to other towns. The Philippians supported Paul's 85

missionary work – Phil.4:14-18. The Ephesians were asked to support the missionary work with prayers – Eph.6:18-20. Missionary work extended to Rome and other places. It is noteworthy that a church without missionary activities is unknown in the New Testament. CONCLUSION God reconciled the whole world to Himself through Jesus Christ. He equally has made us ambassadors and has committed unto us the word of reconciliation – 2 Cor.5:18-20. The Christian has no choice but to obey the institution of the Lord and get busy on missions. Now is the time to obey. Tomorrow may be too late. QUESTIONS 1. What is Apostle Peter's impression of missions? 2. Give some examples illustrating the early Church as a missionary church.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: Acts 13:2-3 - Believe it or not, the Holy Ghost still commissions the true Christians today. You can be one. Tues: Mt. 9:37-38 - Our prayers today can increase the number of labourers on the missions field. Wed: Jn. 4:35-36 - A great opportunity is waiting for you. Seize it now. Thurs: Mk. 2:3 - God is waiting for the next faithful Christian worker who will bring souls to Christ. Fri: Jn. 1:41-42 - The missionary activities start with the members of your distant and immediate relations. Sat: Jn. 1:45 - Your friends are within the plan of God for salvation. Sun: Acts 11:25-26 - Remember now and always that the life of a missionary should be that of motivation and blessings. 86

Lesson 44

The Christian Mission Support MEMORY VERSE “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 BIBLE PASSAGE: Philippians 4:8-20 INTRODUCTION In our last two studies, we have been able to learn that the business of missions does not exclude the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Church. Mission is a must and all truly born again Christians should be interested. Today, we will continue as we look into missions by proxy. May the Holy Spirit teach us and bless us in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. CHRISTIAN MISSIONS AND HOME SUPPORT 2. LESSONS FROM THE MACEDONIAN AND PHILIPPIAN CHURCHES 3. YOU CAN BE PERSONALLY INVOLVED CHRISTIAN MISSIONS AND HOME SUPPORT Missionaries are those Christians sent across geographical and cultural boundaries to proclaim the gospel. The take off point is usually from an established body of Christ. It automatically follows, therefore, that the upkeep of the missionary there is the sole responsibility of other members of the body at home. It is written that if a member suffers, other members suffer also – 1 Cor.12:25-26. Christians are supposed to be co-labourers together with God – 1 Cor.3:8-9. Support in prayers and provision of physical needs for the missionaries on the field are the responsibilities of Christians at home. This is “missions by proxy”. There on the mission field, it is expected of the missionary to concentrate in order to achieve the purpose for which God has sent him or her – Mt.6:20-21. Any distractions whatsoever may hinder the speed of his or her primary assignments; hence, the need for active and prompt home supports. LESSONS FROM THE MACEDONIAN AND PHILIPPIAN CHURCHES The Macedonian churches submitted themselves to the will of God 87

and they willingly gave of their substances for the cause of the gospel. Similarly, the Philippians church communicated their substances with Apostle Paul, their gifts were sacrifices acceptable and of sweet odour unto God – Phil.4:15-18. The unique ability of the Philippians church to give to the mission field as compared to other churches at that time was also commended by Paul – Phil.4:19. YOU CAN BE PERSONALLY INVOLVED The woman of Shunem in her spiritual perception found out about the man of God – 2 Kgs.4:8-10. God needed a place for the man of God to lay his head. Both she and her husband agreed to make a chamber for the man of God and put there some essential things needed by him. Priscilla and Aquila, a wonderful Christian couple, were helpers of Apostle Paul – Rom.16:3-4. CONCLUSION It is obvious that not all born again Christians can be out there on the mission field but all can be involved either directly or by proxy. God is still calling today. Whosoever is willing should respond. You can decide to begin to support a missionary, at least. QUESTIONS 1. Give the biblical support for missions and home support. 2. What is peculiar about the Macedonian and Philippians churches in relation to missions? 3. Give two examples of families involved in mission by proxy, in the early Church.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Lk.6:38 - Give to missions and God will reward you. Tues. Prov.11:24-25 - Money spent on missions is wisely spent. Weds. 2 Cor.9:6-7 - Sow into missions. Thurs. 1 Cor.12:25-26 – Give to missions so that the body of Christ will not suffer. Fri. Phil.4:15-18 – Emulate the Philippians by giving to missions. Sat. Rom.16:3-4 – Help God by giving to missions. Sun. Mt.6:20-21- Giving to missions is a way of laying treasures for yourself in Heaven.


Lesson 45

Cure For The Wounded Soldier MEMORY VERSE “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” Ephesians 6:10 BIBLE PASSAGE: Ephesians 6:10-17 INTRODUCTION The Christian race, more often than not, is not a bed of roses. It may occasionally bring physical or spiritual wounds. God, however, has given us the equipment for victory. There is no need to be defeated because God has given us His word, which is all we need for victory. May the Holy Spirit grant the needed anointing to cure the wounded soldier, in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. DETERMINE THE SOURCE OF THE WOUND 2. STAND YOUR GROUND 3. LIVE HOLY 4. PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD 5. SHUN UNBELIEF AND DOUBT 6. CONFESS POSITIVELY 7. GIVE GLORY TO GOD DETERMINE THE SOURCE OF THE WOUND It is necessary to determine the source of the wound before having a feeling of disappointment, depression, dejection and so on. Satan is the source. He is a thief, destroyer and tempter – Jn.10:10; Job 2:7; Lk.4:5-8. STAND YOUR GROUND God's expectation for His children is to stand their grounds in whatever situations they may find themselves – Eph.6:13-14. Look unto Jesus only and not the wound – Heb.12:1-2. The wound is an evil report – Num.13:32 – and it may lead to depression. God's word gives the faith that you need to stand – Rom.10:18.


LIVE HOLY God commands holiness. There is need for regular self-examination based on His word and with the help of the Holy Spirit to discover any sins – Heb.4:12. A daily life of holiness, however, automatically keeps the believer covered in the blood of Jesus – 1 Jn.1:7. Sin hinders faith and prayer – Mk.11:25. PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD God has a well-equipped spiritual armoury available to His children – Eph.6:10-18. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Our weapons of warfare are not carnal but strong towards the pulling down of these strongholds of the devil – 2 Cor.10:4. SHUN UNBELIEF AND DOUBT Unbelief and doubts are weapons in the hands of the devil but God says such cannot receive anything from Him – Jam.1:2-8. God's word is constant even when situations are not favourable – Mt. 24:35. All you need to do is to submit to God and resist the devil and all doubts and unbelief will flee from you – Jam.4:7. Let every thought and desire affirms that you will have what you desire – 2 Cor.10:5. CONFESS POSITIVELY We walk by faith and not by sight – 2 Cor.5:7. The moment you pray and without any doubt, believe that God has heard and begin to confess that He has answered you – Mk.11:24. He took all our infirmities – Mt.8:17. He healed all that were oppressed of the devil – Acts 10:38. GIVE GLORY TO GOD This is the perfect will of God concerning us – Phil.4:6. Consider Abraham who by reason of faith was fully persuaded that what God has promised, He was able to perform, even though both himself and his wife were old – Rom.4:19-21. They gave glory in advance of this testimony.


CONCLUSION There is still a balm in Gilead for the wounded soul – Jer.8:22. God is the absolute cure. Call on Him today, believe His word and act your faith now. QUESTIONS 1. What are the first three steps to the cure of the wounded soldier? 2. What is the perfect will of God concerning us?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Is.53:5 - Jesus became wounded so that we will be healed. Tues. Jn.19:1-17 – Jesus became wounded to receive the name above all names. Weds. Heb.9:28 - Jesus will come back for the wounded that look for Him. Thurs. Lk.10:24 - Are we not privileged? Fri. Is.1:16 - Cease doing evil. Sat. Jam. 5:14 – Prayer and anointing breaks the yoke. Sun. Eph.6:13-14- Always put on the whole armour of God.


Lesson 46

Faithfulness MEMORY VERSE “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2 BIBLE PASSAGE: 2 Timothy 2:1-2 INTRODUCTION One of the attributes of faithfulness is the ability to positively affect others with one's zeal. Those who intentionally sit on others and prevent them from rising are far from being faithful. Faithfulness is a very important requirement to eradicate all forms of losses– Dan.6:2. Faithfulness is efficient management of resources. It is also proving oneself worthy of trust – 1 Cor.4:2. OUTLINES 1. INGREDIENTS OF FAITHFULNESS 2. BENEFITS OF FAITHFULNESS INGREDIENTS OF FAITHFULNESS Crucial ingredients of Faithfulness include: a. A faithful man must be able to reproduce himself in others. If a teacher, he must mentor more teachers. A faithful leader must be able to develop other leaders capable of taking his place – 2 Tim.2: 2. b. Faithfulness is faith – Rom. 14:23. To be faithful implies being full of faith. Anyone who walks in doubt and fear can never be faithful. c. Faithfulness is also the ability to keep secrets – Pro.11: 13; Matt.16: 20. You must be able to keep secrets and confidential information. A leader must not turn confidential information of subordinates into gossip. d. Faithfulness requires one not to be wasteful – Jn.6:12. For one to be faithful, one must become more prudent in determining what will be enough. e. Another ingredient of faithfulness is faultlessness. A faithful person must be perfect and upright – Dan.6:1-4; Job 1:1; Acts 24:16; Gen.17:1.


BENEFITS OF FAITHFULNESS Faithfulness brings along pleasant benefits to the believer who makes it an important tool of the ministry. These benefits include: a. A faithful servant is blessed – Matt.24:45-56. b. Faithful servants will have their coasts enlarged – Mt.25:21; Lk.19:17-19. c. Faithful servants will enter into the joy of the Lord – Mt.25:21, 23. d. A faithful servant will get the true riches – Lk.16:11. e. Faithful servants will become their own masters eventually – Lk.16:11-12. CONCLUSION How faithful are you in the things that God has committed into your hands? It is only the faithful servant that will receive “well done” from the Lord. QUESTIONS 1. Mention some attributes of faithfulness. 2. List some blessings attached to faithfulness. 3. Does God expect us to be faithful?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon.Pro.14:5 – Speak the truth always. Tues. Ps.119:86 – All God's commandments are faithful. Wait upon Him. Wed. 1 Thess.5:2 –We must strive to be faithful just like God has called us. Thurs. Pro.28:20 – Do not make haste to be rich. Patient is a virtue. Fri. 1 Tim.5:6 – We must not give ourselves up to self-indulgence. Sat. Heb.4:16 – There is always help from God. Sun. 2 Tim.2:11-13 – We must be ready to give all to God.


Lesson 47

Tithing MEMORY VERSE “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, …” Malachi 3:10a BIBLE PASSAGE: Malachi 3:6-12 INTRODUCTION Today's study centres on an age long principle and practice applicable in all dispensations, including this. As some try to infer, it was neither instituted during the dispensation of law nor terminated by the dispensation of grace. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us mightily today in Jesus' name. OUTLINES 1. TITHING BEFORE AND DURING THE DISPENSATION OF LAW 2. TITHING DURING THE DISPENSATION OF GRACE 3. THE BLESSINGS OF TITHING

TITHING BEFORE AND DURING THE DISPENSATION OF LAW Tithing was first mentioned in the Bible in connection with Abraham in conquest of the seven kings – Gen.14:18-20. This is remarkable and instructive since we are Abraham's seed and therefore are expected to walk in the faith and steps of Abraham – Gal.3:26-29; Rom.4:12. Jacob vowed to give God his tithes – Gen.28:16-22. All Israel were commanded by God to pay their tithes to the place of His choice – Lev.27:3-33; Num.18:21-24. When God-fearing kings ruled, Israel was kept in true worship of God which made it easy to obey God in tithing – 2 Chr.31:5-12; Neh.10:37, 13:44; Mal.3:12. In cases of disobedience, prophets were sent to rebuke, correct and instruct in absolute obedience.

TITHING DURING THE DISPENSATION OF GRACE The Lord Jesus Christ condemned the Pharisees of hypocrisy – Mt.6:2, 5:16; Mt.23:13-15. Praying, fasting, giving of alms, witnessing, righteous living and even paying of tithes are normal 94

Christian services, which are not condemned by the Lord Jesus Christ. He compared tithing with mercy, faith and love of God – Mt.23:23; Lk.11:42. THE BLESSINGS OF TITHING When Christians obey, there is food in God's house – Mal.3:10. God will also rebuke the devourer for their sakes – Mal.3:11 - and the nations around shall call them blessed – Mal.3:12.The “storehouse” is where you receive spiritual food and nourishment for yourself and others as well. It is where you get spiritual seed to plant in other's hearts. Tithing is for support for the ministers of the gospel for them to continue in God's work. CONCLUSION This is a duty for all born again children of God. Obedience does not only nourish the body of Christ but it is also a means of extending the kingdom of God on earth. Get involved now. QUESTIONS 1. Discuss tithing before and during the dispensation of law. 2. What is the opinion of Jesus on tithing? 3. What are the blessings of tithing?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Pro.3:9 – What you think is yours actually belongs to God. Honour Him with it. Tues. Lk.11:42 – Do not get mixed up with or confused by false teachers. Pay your tithe. Weds. Lk.18:9-14 – God will not justify the ostentatious. Thurs. Rom.16:3-4 –There is no self-sacrifice too great for the Lord's sake. Fri. Deut.12:5-6 – Failure to pay tithes and offerings is gross disobedience to God's command. Sat. Deut.16:10 – Be willing to give your free will offering and this will be your source of blessing. Sun. Deut.23:23 – Pay whatever you have promised God soonest. 95

Lesson 48

Firstfruits MEMORY VERSE “Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase:” Proverbs 3:9 BIBLE PASSAGE: Exodus 13:1, 12-15 INTRODUCTION First fruits are in various types. Our God asks us to give Him all and all we have to submit. In this lesson, we want to know what first fruits are, how to give it and benefits of giving first fruits. OUTLINES 1. WHAT ARE FIRST FRUITS AND HOW IS IT GIVEN? 2. BENEFITS OF GIVING FIRST FRUITS WHAT ARE FIRST FRUITS AND HOW IS IT GIVEN? First fruits are in three categories: 1. The first fruit of increase – Pro.3:9-10. For example, increase in salary (the difference between the old and new salary.) 2. The first fruit sacrifice – Genesis 22. God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, his only son. This means the entire January salary, for instance. The difference between the first fruit of increase and the first fruit sacrifice is in divine response. In the first fruit increase, God promised that your barn will burst while in the first fruit sacrifice, your blessing will become global, they will be irreversible and they will extend to your generations yet unborn - Gen.22:15-18.) 3. Redemption of the first male child - Ex.13:13; 34:20; Num.18:1519. The first child belongs to God. You can redeem him with a price. The first fruit is for the Chief Priest. Dedicating first fruits to God is a way of thanking Him for providing them. BENEFITS OF GIVING FIRST FRUITS Our perfect example is Abraham – Gen.22:15-18. When he kept the commandment according to Proverbs 3:9, God lifted him. So He promised to lift as many as will keep or obey His voice on the matter of first fruits as on every other commandments. Abraham honoured 96

God and he was mightily blessed – Gen.24:35-36. Hannah honoured God with Samuel and she had five more children – 1 Sam.2:21. Solomon honoured the Lord with a thousand burnt offerings at the beginning of his regime as the king of Israel. For this, God visited him and blessed him with what money cannot buy – 1 Kgs.3:3-14. CONCLUSION A first fruit of every type is what God asks from His children and this is a way of declaring our love for Him, and to thank Him for His blessings. To pay our first fruits is to be established more firmly in His covenants with us. QUESTIONS 1. What are first fruits? 2. How can we pay or offer our first fruits? 3. What are some benefits from paying our first fruits?


Mon. Is.1:19 – No compromise. You are either an obedient child or a disobedient one. Tues. Lk.6:38 – Only giving can make one to receive. Weds. Eph.6:6 – Our total obedience must be from the heart. Thurs. Jer.32:27–Our God is the Lord of all flesh and there is no impossibility with Him. Fri. 1 Chron.17:20 – Our God never changes. Sat. 2 Pet.3:9 – The Lord is not slack concerning His words. Sun. Jam.1:18 – You are God's choice possession. 97

Lesson 49

The Divine Pilgrim MEMORY VERSE “Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.” Heb. 10:38-39 BIBLE PASSAGE: Hebrews 11: 8-16 INTRODUCTION God wants us to know that we have the citizenship of Heaven. We must be careful not to lose our gaze on Him. He is interested in seeing us through to the very end. OUTLINES 1. IS IT POSSIBLE TO MISS THE WAY (JESUS)? 2. HOW TO BE VICTORIOUS IN SOJOURN IS IT POSSIBLE TO MISS THE WAY (JESUS)? There are some reasons some children of God get discouraged and decide to backslide. a. Unbroken bridge (link with old life) - Ex. 16:3. b. Unequal yoke – 2 Cor. 6: 14 – 18. c. Discouragement - Heb.10:39. d. Unanswered prayers. e. Cares of this life - Lk 21:34, Mk 4:18-19. f. Looking back - Lk 9:62, Gen 19:26. HOW TO BE VICTORIOUS IN SOJOURN The divine pilgrim's victory can be speedily achieved and subsequently sustained by taking the following actions: a. Looking unto Jesus - Heb. 12:1-2, Jn.14:1-3. b. Knowing the experience under God will work for you - Rom 8:32. c. Get busy with winning of souls - Rom 12:11, Dan 12:3; Prov.11:30. d. Apply importance to prayer – 1 Th.5:17. e. Heaven (the Home) should be your target - Heb 11:10.


CONCLUSION He who began a good work in us is ready to complete it. We must be in His company (Lk 2:44). Look unto the Lord Jesus Christ until we get home. QUESTIONS 1. Mention four reasons a Christian may go back. 2. Discuss four ways to prevent one from backsliding.

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Heb. 10:25 - Do not forsake the assembling of God's children. Tues. Prov. 24:10 - Do not faint in the day of adversity. Weds. Ps. 62:11 - Know today again, all power belong to God. Thurs. Jer. 32:27 - It may be hard for human beings. Fri. Heb. 11:6 - But without faith it is impossible to please God. Sat. Jer. 33:3 God has promised to answer you. Sun. Prov. 16: 25 - Follow the way of life and not death.


Lesson 50

Watch And Pray MEMORY VERSE “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come”. Matthew 24:42 BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 24:37-51 INTRODUCTION The ten virgins were waiting for the arrival of the Bridegroom. At His appearance, all were found sleeping – Matt.25:5-7. Naturally, anyone who is sleeping cannot explain the hour he or she has spent sleeping, not to talk of the activities around him or her. Not all who are waiting for the rapture today are well prepared. Today, many are pretending to be serving the Lord but that day will reveal the true virgins. Are you pretending to be serving God while in the secret you serve something else? OUTLINES 1. BE PREPARED 2. DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND BE PREPARED God gives everybody equal chances to perform in the journey of life. To the ten virgins, He gave equal opportunities to prepare for His coming. Only five prepared very well – Matt.25:1-13. In preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ, there are certain things to watch out for – 2 Tim.4:1-5: a. Watch your words – Matt.12:36; Jam.3:2; Eph.5:4; Prov.15:1-4 Prov.21:23. We are going to give account of every idle word. b. Watch your action. Action speaks louder than words. This has to do with your activities, what you do or fail to do - 1 Sam. 2:3; Tit. 2:1-8. c. Watch your thoughts - Jer.17:9; Pro.23:7; Pro.24:12. d. Watch your character. This has to do with integrity, reputation, probity, honesty and having strong moral principles - 2 Tim.3:16; Rom.1:26-29. You need to be vigilant so that nothing will rob you of that lifetime opportunity. e. Watch your habit. Habit is a fixed and regular way of doing things i.e. what you eat, drink, wear, say etc. Is there any bad habit you have found so difficult to leave? Do you fornicate, smoke, drink 100

alcohol, and embezzle government money or church funds? Do you love to dress carelessly to 'kill' other people in the kingdom? Are abusive words your own habit? How do you address your workers in the office? Be prepared. 1 Pet.2:11-12. DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND For the ten virgins, the day of reckoning came – 1 Pet.4:17-18. We should pray that nothing will keep us behind for a second after the rapture. As a Pastor, how can you stand to talk to members of your congregation who are also left behind? They will blame you for their inability to make the rapture – 2 Cor.6:1-3. Those left behind will be used to settle scores between the antichrist and the Lord. The antichrist will reveal his anger on them. Punishment awaits anyone left behind because of worldly pleasures -Rev.12:9-13; Rev.13:9-18; 2 Pet.2:4-9. CONCLUSION What vices capable of hindering you from making the rapture still persist in your life? Repent and deal with them before it is too late. QUESTIONS 1. Name five things we are to watch-out for as we are preparing for the coming of the Lord? 2. Mention the dangers of being left behind. 3. Compare Luke 12:37 and Matthew 24:14. What are they telling us about His coming?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon. Rev.19:7-9 – The saints will be assembled at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Tues. Matt.24:14 – His coming may be in the next second. Are you ready? Weds. Rev.21:8 – Careless brethren will have their parts in hell. Thurs. Eph.5:27 – Jesus Christ is coming for holy and prepared Christians. Fri. 2 Pet.3:10-14 – We should not allow earthly things to rob us of reigning with Him. Sat. Eph.5:14-18 – Redeem the time and understand what is the will of God. Sun. Phil.3:14 – There are prizes waiting for us.


Lesson 51

Behold he Comes Soon MEMORY VERSE " When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:" Matthew 25:31 BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 INTRODUCTION The Second Coming of Christ is a sound biblical fact prophesied by Daniel - Dan .7:13 - and foretold also by Paul - 1 Tim. 6:14 - and by the angels as well in Acts 1:10-11. Three Greek words were used to reveal it: 1. Paraousia, meaning personal presence, 2. Apokalupsis meaning revelation, 3. Epiphaneia meaning appearing. Christ will definitely return in a public, personal revelation of Himself to the world. This return will be in four phases: the Rapture, Christ pouring down His wrath during the Great Tribulation, Christ fights the Anti-Christ at Armageddon and the Millennial Kingdom set by Christ Himself. May the Holy Spirit teach us and bless us as we begin to look at these details, in Jesus' name. Amen. OUTLINES 1. WHAT AND WHEN IS THE RAPTURE? 2. WHY THE RAPTURE? 3. WHO QUALIFIES FOR THE RAPTURE? WHAT AND WHEN IS THE RAPTURE? Rapture simply means to seize or be caught up. It is a moment of time when true and faithful Christians, dead or alive will in the twinkling of an eye rise to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air - 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:23, 51, 58; Phil. 3:20-21; 1 Jn. 3:1-3; Lk. 21:34-35. The rapture is also referred to as the translation of believers or transformation of believers 1 Thess. 4:16-17; 1 Cor. 15:51-58 as in the case of Enoch - Gen. 5:22-24; Heb. 11:5 and Elijah in 2 Kgs. 2:11. The believer at rapture is changed from mortality to immortality, 102

from natural body to spiritual body - 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:23, 51- 58; Phil. 3:20-21; Lk. 24:39. The rapture will precede the tribulation - 1 Thess. 1:10, 5:9; 2 Thess. 2:1-12. WHY THE RAPTURE? Some of the reasons for the rapture include the following: 1. To resurrect the just of all ages from among the dead so that they may fulfill the purpose for which God has saved them - Ps. 50:1-6; 1 Thess. 4:13-17. 2. To take the saints out of this world before the great tribulation - Lk. 21:34-36; 2 Thess. 2:7-8; 1 Thess. 1:10. 3. That Jesus might present to Himself a Church without spots or wrinkles - Eph. 5:27; Jn. 14:1-3. 4. To change the bodies of all faithful saints from mortality to immortality -1 Cor. 15:21-23, 51-58. 5. To assemble the saints at the marriage supper of the Lamb - Rev. 19:1-10. 6. To allow the revelation of the Anti-Christ - 2 Thess. 2:1-8. WHO QUALIFIES FOR THE RAPTURE? 1. Those who will qualify at rapture must be those who belong to Christ - Gal. 2:20; 2 Cor. 5:17 - and earnestly desiring His appearing - Tit. 2:13; Phil. 3:20. 2. Those whose citizenship is in Heaven - Phil. 3:20; Eph. 2:16. 3. Those who will live holy even as He is holy - 1 Pet. 1:16 - because without holiness no man shall see God - Heb. 12:14; 1 Jn. 3:1-3. CONCLUSION The rapture, like all biblical prophecies, will be fulfilled. However, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming for a Church without spots or wrinkles, getting herself ready. The Lord's coming will be as a thief in the night. Are you ready? Pray to God today that you would be ready to meet with the Lord.


QUESTIONS 1. What is rapture? 2. When will it occur? 3. Who qualifies for the rapture?

BLESSED WEEK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Mon: 2 Thess. 2:1-5 - The signs are clearly stated. Jesus will come again but the man of sin would be revealed first. Tues: Rev. 7:9-14 - The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be after the great tribulation. Wed: Rev. 3:10-11 - The faithful saints shall be rewarded when Jesus comes again. Thurs: Matt. 6:10 - His Kingdom shall be established here on earth as it is in Heaven. Fri: Titus 2:13 - Let us earnestly expect the second coming of Jesus. Sat: 2 Tim. 4:1-2 - Jesus will sit to judge when He comes again. Be ready. Sun: Matt. 25:31-32 - There shall be supernatural separation between the sheep and the goats when Jesus comes again. Which is your choice? 104



Sunday School Hymn O Sunday School, on the Lord's day, O how I love Thee well, I am happy, it makes me glad To rejoice at Thy birth O Sunday School, on the Lord's day, Thy friendship suits me well, Both young and old will sing Thy song, We long for Sunday School O Sunday School, on the Lord's day, Christ was Thy first teacher, The Holy Spirit, great teacher, Does manifest in thee O Sunday School, on the Lord's day, This testimony is sure, That God, the Father Almighty, Poured His blessing on Thee O Sunday School, on the Lord's day, Though the sun be so bright, Or if the clouds be black with rain, I'll be in Sunday School O Sunday School, on the Lord's day, I rejoice to see Thee, Will thou pass over me today? Without being my blest?



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