Personal Fitness Professional Summer 2022

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Deliver a great online training experience


f you want to integrate online training into your business, it’s more than just sharing a workout and a few videos. You need to deliver the results your clients want through an experience they enjoy. Here are 5 components that will help you do just that.

Component #1: Live Coaching — This could be live workouts delivered via Zoom or some other live streaming platform or simply be coaching sessions that solve problems and keep someone on track. Clients will be more accountable if they have a personal connection, so results will be better and retention will be improved. Component #2: On Demand — By providing on-demand workouts and other deliverables, your clients can execute your program when and where it is most convenient for them. Component #3: Community — By creating a community for people to support one another, cheer each other on and share experiences, you’re providing an environment and culture that gives your clients the best possible chance of success. Even if you train clients individually, you can create platform-based groups or hold client-only events that allow people to be part of a community of like-minded and supportive peers. Component #4: Personal Connection — People want to feel important. They want to feel like they matter. They want acknowledgement for a job well done. They don’t want to be just another face in the crowd. So personal outreach from you is vital to the sustained success of an online coaching business. Making sure that each person is recognized as an individual, and they feel cared for and connected with, that’s going to be paramount to your success. Component #5: Accountability — Accountability is a must for the success of an online coaching program. The inherent accountability that comes with in-person training has to be strategically developed with an online one. You don’t need to micromanage your clients, but you need to be sure that you’re watching and giving them every opportunity for success. This could be as simple as texts or scheduled calls. This will show your client that they are not on their own — and that you’re with them every step of the way.

Pat Rigsby is one of the fitness industry's leading business coaches and the owner of He has built over a dozen businesses in the fitness industry as a CEO and co-owner, ranging from two-award winning franchises to certification organizations and equipment companies. Now he focuses exclusively on helping fitness entrepreneurs build their ideal businesses.




Steal these winning strategies 1. There is no glory in burnout. Over the years, I’ve experienced vocal nodules from teaching too much, poor sleep from chronic stress, strained relationships from busyness and injuries from overtraining. I know you have your own list of self-care fails as a fitness professional. Let’s stop making burnout our battle cry in the industry. When you feel better, you serve better. Working yourself into the ground will drive your business into the ground, too. If you are wired to grind, make sure you also unwind daily, not just on a vacation. I have achieved greater success in business by incorporating yoga, meditation, walks in nature, more sleep and personal development into my life. 2. More isn't better. Better is better. Take a look at your current business plan — personal training, memberships, group classes, boot camps, corporate offerings, kids programming, virtual classes, outdoor training, nutritional coaching, etc. They are all good things, just not all at once. I have three quick fixes.  Cut what is causing the most stress. That may include cutting a long-time service or even a staff member. We eliminated our onsite daycare, we scaled back our community weight loss camps and we removed a lone-ranger trainer who was draining the team.  Add things that easily scale. We added a virtual option to all in-person group fitness classes with a high-quality camera, microphone and zoom line. This hybrid model doubles our reach without doubling our effort. We reach 20 to 30 people in classes, with more than half participating at home or work. I also doubled down on my virtual coaching, outside of the club. It’s a way to earn more without having to physically deliver a service. I use top-selling workouts along with nutritional plans that are already created and provide accountability. This requires no overhead and no staff.  Repeat programs that are working. We needed to increase our client base after the shutdowns. Instead of waiting on people to be ready, we gave them a reason to act. We launched a simple “72-hour Burn Camp.” For three days, campers commit to good nutrition, hydration and group workouts. People come back for three days and re-sign up as a member. It is working, so we keep repeating it. Find things that work, and repeat until they don’t.

Trina Gray is a leading entrepreneur in the fitness industry with 20 years of experience from the trenches to the top. She owns Bay Athletic Club, an award winning medically-based health club in Michigan. She helps women in fitness expand their income to reach more people, outside of sessions and classes. Connect with her at or on Instagram @trinagray. Look for a webinar series from Trina this fall on creating a Virtual Studio with gut health, weight loss and recovery programs for your clients.