Personal Fitness Professional Summer 2022

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Chuze Fitness: Our Hybrid Approach to Meeting People Where They Are


multitude of factors have forced change, growth or extinctions over the last two years. As a pillar in the fitness industry, Chuze Fitness looked at these numerous factors head-on to remain relevant in the lives of our current and future members. A clear and obvious need was met with the creation of our online platform iChuzeFitness. This project was developed to highlight collaborations, bringing together our Group Exercise, Team Training, and Culture/Education professionals to pour into a space created to touch the Body, Mind and Heart. At iChuze Fitness we focus on the whole being: Body, Mind and Heart: BODY: With iChuze Fitness, you get an awesome workout, anytime and anywhere you find yourself. Wherever you are in your fitness journey and whatever your favorite workout is — we’ve got you covered! We may even entice you to try something you’ve never considered before — with all the choices at your fingertips, why not?? Our top-tier instructors are here to guide you through safe, fun and results-driven workouts. MIND: What would it be like to walk through your days with a greater sense of ease, focus and calm? True fitness is so much more than what you do with your body; taking care of your mind is equally (if not even more!) critical to your overall health. We’re here to support you through meditation, mindfulness and more to help you be your very best self. HEART: At the heart of iChuze Fitness is kindness, giving back and making an impact. We do it for our community, our loved ones and ourselves to keep us feeling complete and connected. We’re excited to help spread awareness of the importance of heart health by providing healthy heart tips and workouts and through our support of the American Heart Association! At iChuze Fitness, you have convenient options and increased opportunities to access your favorite coaches and instructors. The

easily navigated site is full of incredible content and your favorite formats & programming types. The excitement continues with periodically released NEW content and special events all priced to be easily accessible to everyone. Chuze is growing and there is a lot of action within our walls in-club and online. We are continually building our teams and hiring instructors and coaches who are interested in aligning with our mission, our culture and our goal of making fitness classes and sessions an allinclusive, non-intimidating and motivating space for all. Our fitness teams are full of diverse, authentically talented professionals who could pursue several different career paths based on their interests and goals. We have opportunities in Group Exercise, Team Training, Program Management, or a combination of all — contact us for details — we can’t wait to share Chuze Fitness with you.