Personal Fitness Professional Summer 2022

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FAREL HRUSKA’S REVIEW: SUPER SOFT OPTP PRO-ROLLER® The Super Soft OPTP PRO-ROLLER® is a welcomed option to traditional foam rolling with a softer and more "forgiving" experience. The softer feature eases the experience in a variety of positions and weightbearing movements. I have utilized foam rolling personally and with my clients for many years and this new softer option is a welcomed addition to my fitness toolbox! I love the comfort that it brings to movements like plank rollouts on my forearms and sensitive areas like hip flexors. The Super Soft OPTP-PRO is a piece of equipment that has been needed for a while and I am thrilled with the comfort and ease of use. This is a keeper moving forward, for sure!




Since 1986, quality fitness centers have relied on MicroFit assessments as an essential member service to promote a higher level of personal training. MicroFit helps trainers to easily engage their members, gain their trust, understand their goals, individualize their workouts and track their progress. PFP Summer Specials up to 20% off on their: HealthWizard Lite standalone software for private trainers, the FAS-2 interactive testing equipment and FAS-2 Fit-Lab for larger facilities and performance centers.

The Challenge weighted leggings are designed to maintain a stylish appearance and use weighted resistance to offer women a better workout. Each pair has a high-rise or high-waisted construction and comes with three pounds of removable Weight Thins that can be placed into six side enclosures. Quarter-pound weights are flexible, soft and only 1/8” thick. Legging color: charcoal black. Inner waist tie-band for adjustability. Nylon spandex blend.


Growing your fitness business, product or service in this industry can be tough, but with the right marketing that consistently brings you new customers and sales it becomes easier. Fitness Marketing Agency provides you with the modern tactics that’ll help you get the first critical mass of customers by using the resources we’ve tested over 5 years with a multitude of fitness businesses. FMA works alongside you to help you implement proven marketing systems so you can start and build the business of your dreams.

NAAMLY Naamly helps fitness professionals systemize and simplify their follow-up processes throughout the customer journey (from leads to clients) so they can build long-term relationships that translate into higher conversions, increased client visits, better results and more referrals. It does so by centralizing customers' information from different siloed systems and communications across different mediums (text, email, phone and video messages) so your staff can work as a cohesive team to hold your clients accountable.