Personal Fitness Professional Summer 2022

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PRACTICAL CLIENT RETENTION TIPS The experience you create for them is what keeps them hooked By Brinda Desai


long and happy client-trainer relationship is a crucial part of the business of personal training. Having clients that swear by you for years, are willing to pay you your price and get you referrals are dream clients — and you can have them! No matter what, some clients will leave, but the majority will stay. The secret lies largely in the overall experience you create for them that keeps them hooked, not just your subject knowledge. The client wants that one hour with you to make them feel awesome! Here are some applicable tools to help you create exactly what clients want, divided into three parts: Before training, during training and after training.

 Part 1: Before Training  Prep, prep, prep! Do not go into a training session and wing it. Refer to the notes you made in the previous session and use them, always keeping their end goal in mind. Prep an amazing workout. When you are prepared it gives YOU a plan of action,


making you look forward to the workout, coming into the session with inspiring energy; AND you will be putting out a workout that is well thought of. Understand your client’s preferred style of training and make that the basic layout, peppering in what must be done as well. Do they like free weights more, slow reps, intervals? Remember, their bodies are telling them what feels good, so we must appreciate and work with it. Give the client what they love often, even when they don’t ask for it. This may not be in line with what they need to do, but do it anyway. Whether it’s breath work, a challenge, a dance-y warm up or their favorite exercise — put it on the schedule. Drop in a motivating message the previous night like, “Hey Jane! We are going to work on sculpting the thighs tomorrow with paper plates and you are going to feel it right away. I’m eager to get you onto this new tool. See you at 9:00 am!” Being flexible with clients occasionally cancelling class or slight delays goes a LONG


way! It shows you understand. See how you can best adjust this to what works for you.  Give more than expected.  Add creative tools, not just gym equipment, but try footballs, cleaning dusters, paper plates and let them know because they get intrigued and eagerly look forward to the next class.  Change the workout location. Take it outdoors or into the pool.  Finish 10 minutes early and use that as a bait (for those who are always wanting to rush off). “Shirley, if you hold the plank for 15 seconds longer today in both sets, you get to finish today’s workout 10 minutes earlier!”  Add extra time for eager beavers, but let them know a few days in advance. Do a 20-minute bonus. Part 2: During Training  Show up on time. Never make your client wait. Greet them with enthusiasm.  Recap the last workout, reminding them what they achieved.