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THE SHIFT FROM OUTWARD IN Why your well-being is essential for your success | By Kim Kisner


s fitness professionals, we are an industry of caregivers. The very crux of what we do is help others toward fitness and wellness, physically, mentally and emotionally. Now ask yourself, are you currently at the top of your own game in these areas? Or are you eating “burnt toast?” The Burnt Toast Theory asserts that a woman/mom will fix her whole family toast in the morning, and take the worst piece and save it for herself, and she will do this on every level: take the worst seat, buy the economical car, etc. In short, she makes certain everyone else gets the “good stuff” and she takes the rest. We, as fitness professionals, mirror this behavior. It’s the plumber who’s too busy


working on everyone else’s faucets to fix his own leaky one. The examples go on and on. Now, layer in the current environment — dealing with COVID. As professionals we are faced with our livelihood as we know it literally being pulled out from under us. We can’t “do” what makes us who we are due to hygiene protocols and regulations. So we are scrambling to pivot any which way to carry on and make a living and help our clients. Now, layer in that our clientele is more in need of us than ever before. They are clamoring to stay healthy and are stressed and fatigued. They need us — and we need to continue to try to find ways to give and give. All of these ingredients make for the perfect storm of us as professionals facing absolute fatigue and burnout.


Yet, we are still likely eating the burnt toast. More than ever, it’s imperative that we all take care of ourselves. There it is. Self-Care. It’s an overused term to be sure. It’s one we all clearly know is important. We literally coach others to be better caregivers to themselves… to seek wellness and a state of being well… so why don’t we take our own advice? Beyond the fact that we don’t think we have time, or are too tired, there could be some psychological and behavioral things at play here. According to Psychology Today, you might feel that being self-compassionate is akin to being selfish, self-centered or even narcissistic. It may also be uncomfortable or not “natural” to us to turn our focus — and care — inward toward ourselves, when what we do every

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