Personal Fitness Professional Fall 2022

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FEATURE ARTICLE By Nick Tumminello


3 simple tips for how to choose courses more likely to help you increase your retention and revenue | By Nick Tumminello


ou can take all of the business courses you’d like to help you with marketing and sales, but you still have to be a great trainer to keep your clients satisfied beyond the initial sale, and to build your reputation for providing a high level of service that attracts more clients. That means you need to take technical education-based courses because they show you how to become a better coach and design better programs. Unfortunately, many of the CEU courses we do for our technical


education don’t help us make more money because it’s not well connected to what our clients are looking for. Here are three simple tips for how to choose CEU courses that are more likely to help you increase your retention and revenue by keep your clients happier and helping you to get more new clients by becoming more sought-after. 1. Invest in Courses for Your Clients, Not Your Own Fitness Hobby Trainers say they want to help their clients


achieve their goals, but they often spend most, if not all of their educational time and money learning about the training concepts and techniques they think are cool or aligned with their own training goals. Not every personal trainer is truly a fitness “professional” because many don’t treat their job as a true profession when it comes to learning the technical aspects of the trade. You see, when it comes to personal trainers, there are fitness professionals and fitness hobbyists. One common identifying trait of the fitness “hobbyist” who also happens to