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NEW ON THE MARKET The latest trends in fitness equipment

MICROFIT TREADMILL 1215 MicroFit, Inc. has announced the release of its latest product: The Treadmill 1215 PC Assessment System. This unique treadmill combines the durability of the patented Tuff Tread technology with their automatic workload adjustment feature controlled by your PC and their industry leading HealthWizard 5 Fitness Profile Software. It can also be used with their popular FAS-2 System which has set an industry standard since 1986. www.microfit.com


Lindsay's Review: Rolflex

Just when you think the limits of myofascial release products have been reached, in walks a Rolflex. At first glance, it’s a strange-looking contraption; until you begin to use the different parts and angles to replicate nearly 40 different massage therapy techniques. The Rolflex can be used to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension in ways that are often difficult with most standard self-myofascial release tools. With advanced biomechanics, an ergonomic design and interchangeable attachments for all parts of the body, Rolflex is the perfect first line of defense against pain and injury and a great addition to your toolbox. www.irolflex.com




Designed to help runners improve performance and enable anyone to run, the ZR8000 offers state-of-the-art design that replicates natural running but eliminates stressful impact that can compromise form, cause fatigue and lead to injuries. Aluminum legs feature lightweight pedals and independent hip and knee joints to customize running motion up to 58 inches. With the smart console, unique stride tracing technology enables users to monitor their stride throughout workouts for stronger form and better results. www.octanefitness.com

The Pilates Essentials Kit is the ultimate toolbox of Pilates props and accessories for instructors and at-home practitioners looking to add variety and challenge to mat work, Reformer or equipment-based workouts. Your kit comes with the Fitness Circle PRO 14” (blue); Toning Ball 2-Pack, 2lbs (lemon); Stability Cushion – Small (green); Foam Roller Deluxe 36” (purple); Mini Stability Ball 7.5” (blue); Flex-Band - 2-pack (regular and extra strength); and the Eco-Friendly Pilates Pad. Individual props come complete with bonus downloadable exercise guides included. www.merrithew.com

FitZone Multi Performance Flooring is specifically designed for activities in group exercise rooms and studios. This interlocking, DIY flooring provides increased shock absorption and protection against fatigue and risk of injuries. FitZone’s surface facilitates fluid and safe movements without blocking or slipping, protecting the joints and muscles involved in the exercise. FitZone Multi demonstrates its ability to absorb impacts, therefore reducing the risk of stress on the joints. Available in five unique colors. www.kieferusa.com


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