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Our dedicated team of logistics experts with over 30 years of experience, know where to look for incentives and optimization opportunities the carriers don’t want you to see.  Auditing  Reporting and analytics  Contract optimization  Freight payment processing  Expert advice 248-630-1326 | Our goal is to reduce your shipping costs, it’s all we do. Your shipping costs are too high. We’ll get you back on track.


After the craziness of the past couple of years, 2022 is definitely on an upswing, and nowhere is that more evident than in the small-package industry. No matter how many packages you ship a month, whether you’re in the hundreds, thousands, or into the millions, it’s likely that you’ve definitely noticed an increase in the number of boxes leaving your facility. And with that growth in package volume comes the possibility for numerous challenges — and opportunities.

So if you’re looking for an industry solution provider to help you navigate these exciting times, look no further than the 39 hot solution companies profiled on the following pages. For over a decade now, we’ve been highlighting some of the leading solution providers in the small-package shipping and supply chain industry with our special sponsored content issue. These companies are ready and willing to help you optimize whatever part of the parcel process you may be responsible for.

And mark your calendars for October 10-12, when you’ll be able to meet experts from many of these organizations in person at our annual PARCEL Forum. This year is our 20th anniversary celebration, so it’s bound to be better than ever. Check out for more details.

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a2b Fulfillment helps e-commerce and multi-channel merchants provide an exceptional customer experience through integrated Order Fulfillment (B2C and B2B), Value-Added Services, and Customer Care.

a2b is in its 21st year of operation. We operate facilities in both the east and west, which together can reach up to 94% of US households in just 2 days via ground service, and at reduced cost.

We begin by taking a holistic approach to the customer lifecycle. From Order Acquisition and Tracking, to Same-Day Order Fulfillment, to Customer Care and Returns management, we can provide you with a turnkey program or on an à la carte basis.


Order Fulfillment – Picking, Packing, and Shipping isn’t rocket science, but to do it quickly and accurately on a consistent basis requires both technology and experience. Our fulfillment process is completely paperless and system-driven. Pickers are told where to go, what to get, and where to take it, verifying throughout the process that it has been done correctly. Packers scan each item to further ensure accuracy, and then our logic-based shipping system follows custom-tailored business rules resulting in the package shipping with the best carrier, every time.

Order Management – Manage the entire customer lifecycle with our sophisticated and secure PCI Certified system. Orders are transmitted into our system from shopping platforms, call centers, and ERP systems where a host of value-adding tasks are performed, including channel tracking, inventory validation and allocation, credit card authorization, continuity management and installment billing, and more, as applicable. The system then serves as the Customer Care platform for efficient customer management. Extensive reporting helps merchants understand their businesses.

Customer Care – Treating customers well not only keeps them coming back but also encourages positive reviews, resulting in increased sales. Our expert team of careeroriented customer care professionals in our Georgia and Utah locations are highly trained to assist clients with orders, payments, returns, technical support, and even save-the-sale strategies to skillfully protect revenue. We also monitor social platforms and manage chargebacks.

Drop Shipping – Shipping on behalf of a retailer is serious business, as orders must represent the retailer well. Therefore, retailers have devised stringent guidelines encompassing every detail of the drop shipment, including packaging, presentation, speed of fulfillment, shipment carrier and service and finally, the data back to the retailer, which enables them to communicate seamlessly with their customer. a2b understands Drop Shipping. We support programs with dozens of retailers and make the process extremely efficient.

Retail Distribution – Fulfillment to Retailers is a complex and technologically challenging undertaking. Each retailer has a unique set of guidelines and requirements that must be adhered to, including case and pallet specifications, labeling requirements, routing and transportation guidelines, and integration requirements via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). We cut our teeth in Retail and have honed rock-solid processes that deliver outstanding results. We offer EDI connectivity with every major retailer making set-up a snap.

Amazon – Selling with Amazon is important for most marketers. For many Amazon Sellers, utilizing the help and expertise of an Amazon-experienced 3PL can be a more cost-effective option than FBA or self-fulfillment. a2b supports dozens of companies working with Amazon via Vendor Central and Seller Central (FBM and Seller Fulfilled Prime) all with an excellent track record of compliance and program success.

THE 2022-23
CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: a2b Fulfillment PHONE: 866.843.3827 ext 2110 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Advanced Carrier Technologies offers solutions to shipping cost concerns

Advanced Carrier Technologies is a logistics audit, consulting, and payment processing firm that has successfully helped our clients save significant dollars on shipping costs for 18 years and counting.

Auditing and optimizing is a zero-risk practice that can significantly improve your company’s bottom line. Our process is simple and straightforward. We analyze your shipping data in an ongoing process to uncover billing errors and overcharges as well as providing an unbiased cost analysis to help drive your actual costs down. Our tools, analytics and unique approach have positively impacted companies that do high volumes of parcel and freight shipping.

When you partner with us, our dedicated team of Logistics professionals help you become a smarter consumer of freight services. We know where to look and how to drive cost reductions and optimization opportunities tailored to your unique situation.

We save 100% of our clients real dollars on their shipping costs! CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Advanced Carrier Technologies PHONE: 248.630.1326 WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23

AFMS is the leading transportation price benchmarking firm in North America and Europe with business intelligence analytics focused on reducing transportation costs through carrier contract negotiations and automated freight audit and recovery. AFMS specializes in benchmarking your freight rates to tell you exactly what market discounts and concessions you deserve with your current carrier.

The pedigree of the AFMS senior management team is unparalleled in our consulting space; averaging more than 25 years of senior pricing and sales experience for various transportation carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. It’s an important foundation upon which our 30 years of business success has been built. Our inside pricing knowledge is why the largest shippers in the US and Europe use AFMS’s benchmarking and pricing expertise. Companies like GE, Sony, Disney, Under Armour, StockX, Dell, Honda, Toyota, DSW, Trek, Johnson & Johnson, Bose and over 3,000 other large shippers have all negotiated best in class shipping rates with AFMS’s help. Our fact-based negotiation strategies, advice, and management solutions are key strengths to why AFMS clients have the best shipping rates among various peer companies. Our senior managers are actively involved in every aspect of our clients’ carrier contract negotiation strategies and discussions. AFMS clients typically achieve 15-25% better rates than those companies that don’t use AFMS.

AFMS’s electronic invoice auditing and reporting tools are the most sophisticated in the industry. AFMS web-based reporting and management tools provide important operational insight into a company’s day to day logistics needs. AFMS audits freight bills for billing errors, late deliveries, and other mistakes. AFMS offers shippers a FREE contract /pricing evaluation and 30-day test audit.

AFMS is honored to have helped so many large and small businesses, both in the United States and Europe, over the last 30 years. It has been a pleasure helping our clients achieve best-inclass pricing solutions within their supply chain’s carrier network.

If we can be of any help to you and your business, please let me know.

THE 2022-23

AFS Logistics applies comprehensive, proven strategies backed by data-driven insights to transform our clients’ transportation operations across four lines of service.

Freight Audit and Payment (FAP)

We are a leader in freight audit and payment — in fact, we’re one of the founders of the industry. Our industry-leading proprietary systems and seasoned experts bring client data to life, extracting strategic insights that uncover cost-saving opportunities and reduce spend. The proof is in the numbers — we process over 4 million freight bills and find over 20,000 errors every week, giving clients peace of mind that they’re only paying what they should.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

With over $1.2B in annual LTL spend, the unique size and scale of our FAP work generates enormous amounts of data and value that we leverage to optimize our clients’ LTL networks. We apply our best-in-class data science and expert negotiation to yield the optimal combination of carriers and service level at the lowest price for your LTL. Our customized support and proprietary transportation management system give you visibility, control and confidence.


Our parcel experts have worked for the world’s largest carriers and now they bring their experience to AFS, to help clients optimize over $4B of parcel operations and negotiations. We drive out waste, optimize carriers and inject alternative solutions our clients may not have considered previously. Whether we’re identifying billing errors and resolving claims, analyzing carrier contracts, providing negotiation strategies, or auditing and optimizing total parcel spend, we provide actionable solutions in the rapidly evolving world of parcel.

Transportation Management

Our team brings decades of experience, leading technology, and buying power to strengthen your transportation network through managed transportation, freight brokerage, freight forwarding, network design and engineering or 4PL control tower services. With access to over 100,000 proven and vetted carriers, unrivaled data and our highly skilled team of experts, AFS Transportation Management gives our clients the competitive advantage.

See how efficient and cost-effective your logistics can be. Visit us online at




COMPANY: AFS Logistics PHONE: 877.242.3383 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

At best, the world of today’s transportation buyer is complex. At worst, it’s chaotic. Transportation networks are interconnected and require strategic management, and then there’s tight capacity, complex pricing models and painfully intricate invoices. Our team delivers reliable expertise to safeguard your financial and operational success.

At a glance

• 40 years of industry-leading experience

• $11B in transportation spend managed annually

• $183M in annual client savings

• > 1,800 clients in 35 countries

THE 2022-23

Alexandretta Transportation Consulting delivers the transportation advantage. Our value as your trusted advisor is to quickly go beyond cost savings, giving you the best way to stay ahead of transportation complexity.

With the parcel market being impacted by a multi-year carrier-dominated pricing market, recessionary headwinds and complexities regarding implementing regional carriers, a trusted team of experts is needed more than ever. We have the expertise to answer the question: What do these headwinds mean to my company and how do we find the best path forward?

Our services utilize technology, analytics, experience, and strategy to determine what the best options are for your business.


With over 80 years of cumulative experience on both sides of the table, our global parcel negotiation services deliver cost savings based on detailed analytics across the US and Canada, as well as offshore in Europe and Asia. In addition to providing services regarding the integrated carriers, our team has expertise with regional and postal carriers in the regions we serve as well.


Focused on US, Canada, and Europe, our trucking experts review and uncover cost reduction opportunities, always using detailed analytics to deliver optimized results.


Our audit services provide US-based parcel audit recovery for late shipment recovery, rating errors, and overcharges. In addition to recovery, portal-based dashboards provide reporting including trend analysis, GL coding, and an ad-hoc report builder.


Data-driven analytics quickly provide detailed recommendations that enable optimization for:  Network Optimization  Package Size – Large Package, Oversize, Over Max  Service Mix  Carrier Optimization – inclusive of regionals

Let us assist you in optimizing your parcel spend in a rapidly changing market. Please reach out so we can deliver the transportation advantage to you.

THE 2022-23
CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Alexandretta Transportation Consulting PHONE: 714.777.3377 WEBSITE: EMAIL:



The OptiSorter Horizontal provides high-speed sorting. The differentiator of the push-tray sorter is its enormous bandwidth and its ability to sort all types and sizes. You can sort a wide variety of items, from small to large, up to 70 lbs., regardless of the shape or packaging on a single system. The versatility of the OptiSorter Horizontal makes it the preferred solution for freight forwarders and last-mile delivery companies.


Despite its small footprint, the OptiSorter Vertical has the capabilities of a highperformance system and can handle a variety of products. The OptiSorter Vertical can process all mail formats including parcels, envelopes, and flats. Even bulky, irregular items, up to 33 lbs, pose no problems for the system due to its unique push-tray technology. The ideal sorting solution for rest mail operations and sortation depots.


The OptiSorter Single and Double Split-Tray Sorters are specifically designed to sort light items weighing up to 13 lbs. The items are sorted through a trap door into the receptacles within the smallest footprint. Irregularly shaped or round items can be easily processed – at speeds of up to 8,000 items per hour with the Single Split-Tray and up to 16,000 items per hour with the Dual Split-Tray version. The OptiSorter Split-Tray is the technology of choice for zone skipping and rest mail operations.


The BOWE GROUP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart automation solutions for the Production Mail and Intralogistics markets. The group’s strong brands are established leaders in the fields of document and card processing as well as intralogistics and software. Part of the financially strong Possehl Group from Lübeck, Germany, our solutions have optimized work and production flow across a wide range of industries for over 75 years.


When you want to optimize your goods in and goods out process, the ideal partner is a specialist who is large enough to manage the whole project from exploration to installation and small enough to focus on your specific requirements, without enormous overhead costs. Based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Caljan fits the profile. For more than half a century, Caljan has helped parcel carriers, retailers, and manufacturers around the world handle loose-loaded cargo efficiently.

Empty Trailers ergonomically and swiftly. When cargo is floor-loaded (loose), the easiest way to empty a trailer is to use a Telescopic Conveyor. Caljan Performer can be configured to suit your precise requirement. Upgrade your equipment throughout its lifetime, as the needs of your business change. If labor is scarce, Caljan AutoUnloader can empty a trailer filled to the brim automatically in just 30 minutes.

Label Inbound goods as they enter your premises by integrating Caljan Print & Apply with your Telescopic Conveyor. Text, barcodes etc. are printed and placed as appropriate, on top of the package, on the leading edge or even across the corner. Legibility is excellent, even when the package is soft.

Automate Document Handling to increase accuracy levels and flexibility. No need to pre-sort, documents are printed and inserted into, on top of, or below the item. The document could also be a pick note or even a delivery note placed in a pouch and attached after packing.

Print & Apply Shipping Labels to packages of any shape and size. Caljan Print & Apply systems use an advanced algorithm to determine the most cost-effective carrier for each item. Any item can be labeled anywhere on the conveyor belt.

Load Trucks Automatically to save on labor. A single person can supervise multiple Caljan AutoLoader units as they tirelessly fill trailers with packages, polybags etc.

Optimize Routing by automating the process. To give you the right result, we explore all angles until we understand why you want to change. Then we determine what is required to cope with current challenges AND those that will come in the future. We then engineer and deliver a plug and play solution that dovetails seamlessly with existing equipment.


Cass Information Systems, Inc. is the market leader in freight invoice audit and payment solutions. We help customers reduce processing costs, ensure invoice accuracy, and provide actionable transportation data. Cass’ comprehensive parcel spend management solutions help to reduce and manage your parcel shipping expenses. Our complete parcel audit includes duplicates, rates, manifested and not shipped, accessorials, adjustments as well as compliance and service failure audits. We also will allocate parcel spend to meet complex general ledger requirements. In addition, Cass’ web-portal provides data visualization dashboards and ad-hoc reporting to help you further manage and reduce your parcel spend.

Understanding and controlling parcel costs is nearly impossible without clear visibility into detailed cost components, trends, and more. With Cass, this information is easily available to you. With a few clicks, you will be viewing information for thousands — or hundreds of thousands — of shipments, by facility, account number, carrier, charge type, and more. Our clients consistently achieve high, ongoing value by leveraging the tools provided through CassPort®, our analytics and business intelligence engine.

With Cass you can:  Identify persistent problems  Ensure each package is audited  Be prepared for negotiations  Know your true cost per package  Ensure that invoices are processed and paid  Understand the effects of a new contract or GRI (General Rate Increase)  Bridge the gap between purchasing and transportation

If your company ships over 100,000 packages annually, we can provide substantial savings for your company. Reduce processing expenses, stop overcharges, accurately allocate costs, and receive critical parcel data. Contact Cass today to see how we help create a competitive advantage through reduced costs, increased efficiency, and better decision making capability.

INFO: COMPANY: Cass Information Systems, Inc. PHONE: 314.506.5500 WEBSITE:


PARCEL AUDITS Reduce parcel costs and save money with the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive package audit program. CTrak’s proven benefits include a completely automated, global audit system that delivers maximized savings. Customized Accounting Services: CTrak provides automation for general ledger account code allocations for every shipment and visibility of details at the shipment level. Complete automation ensures all pricing conditions and costs are rated including: optional bundled pricing rates, for all countries, for all currencies, including hundred weight pricing and third-party shipments.

REPORTING CT’s Qlik Data Analytics and reporting platform delivers graphs, dashboards and visualization for effective and efficient management insight into your total freight spend.

CONFIDENCE 99 years of experience allows us to create a full range of freight management solutions. CT will work with you, creating customized solutions so that you can focus on your firm’s core competencies, ensuring an efficient, effective, and robust supply chain management system for your global needs.

TRUST Firms of all sizes, including Fortune 100 corporations around the globe, rely on CT Logistics to assist them in making solid, informed decisions regarding their freight audit, payment, and business intelligence needs. Our team of professionals has been instrumental in assisting our clients in leveraging expertise, technology, and best-in-class processes to maximize return on the client’s investment. SOC II and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

LEADERSHIP With FreitRater™, the industry’s first choice for freight management software, AuditPay™, LION™, TranSaver™ and CT’s TMS software, our customized solutions for freight payment and 3PL will exceed your expectations.


SINCE 1923 These attributes are woven into our corporate philosophy, the foundation and tradition that our clients have relied on for 99 years. Our evolving services and software will enable you to better manage and reduce supply chain costs while adding more visibility and control to your organization, positively impacting your bottom line; that’s our commitment to you.

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: CT Logistics PHONE: 216.267.2000, ext. 2190 WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23

Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS), founded in 1982, has grown to serve major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling, full-scale warehouse operations, and conveyor design solutions that are custom crafted for their needs. DCS does not sell ready-made conveyor systems but builds relationships that empower collaboration to prepare custom warehouse designs together. DCS utilizes consulting, engineering design, project management, installation services, and customer service to ensure our customers can keep their promises to deliver on time.

With 40 years of experience, DCS’ design and engineering team creates unique parcel handling systems for diverse customer applications. With installations including semi-automated handling in small city distribution centers and fully automated, integrated hubs with advanced conveyor and sorter equipment, DCS routinely thinks outside the box. While every project is unique, our system design and execution processes are the same, encompassing meticulous attention to detail, frequent communication, and a dedicated partnership with our clients.

Keeping your warehouse operations and material handling systems running smoothly and at the peak of productivity are the goals of DCS’ Customer Service Team. By partnering with DCS, your warehouse automation solution is supported from commissioning to end of life. In addition, you’ll receive comprehensive in-house personnel training, including specialized training of your designated internal system expert. Plus, DCS offers a complete package of spare parts and expert system troubleshooting support from qualified engineers dedicated to your installation.

If your facility is not currently looking for full integration support, the DCS Supply Chain Consulting team offers a range of services to help your operation address the challenges it faces. In partnership with you, DCS consultants analyze your business data — existing workforce, workflow processes, inventory, order data, operations, and more — to determine a strategy that addresses your unique needs. Whether you need an operations assessment, process improvement recommendations, or distribution design services, DCS consultants will help guide you to the solution that best meets your current and future needs, as well as your budget.

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS) PHONE: 615.377.9774 WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23

Automated Solutions that DRIVE Your Fulfillment

DMW&H’s Post and Parcel division provides solutions specific to the industry.

DMW&H is a premier Automated Material Handling Systems Integrator headquartered in Northern NJ. Our employees have recognized us as one of the best places to work in New Jersey for nine continuous years. As a leading automation company, DMW&H specializes in the design, integration, installation, and support of innovative distribution centers material handling systems.

Our talented team of consultants, engineers, controls and software experts, and project managers will work with you from conception through final commissioning. They’ll design and deliver a material handling solution that will transcend your strategic, operational, and financial goals.

 Analysis: DMW&H evaluates all the issues the distribution facility faces; limited space, increasing customer demand, lack of automation (or too much manual labor), insufficient speed, and other common problems.

 Finding Solutions: We discuss all of the potential solutions that will improve facility operations and scale easily in the future: automation, software implementation, addon construction, process improvement, and more.

 Design and Configuration: Our project team completes a top-to-bottom plan for new warehouse design, systems implementation, revamped processes, retrofitting current space, or building out a new one.

 Installation: We assemble a project manager and installation team that implements the chosen solution on time and within your budget.

 Testing: DMW&H completes rigorous testing to ensure that all the facility’s new elements work seamlessly with new software or processes, using in-house controls and software teams to ensure a fully integrated operation.

 Verification: We conduct acceptance testing to ensure that all of the equipment, software, mechanical elements, and electrical installations function properly.

 Support: After the facility project is completed, our service teams offer full customer support 24/7, with direct access to experts that are familiar with each facility’s specific needs, setup, and tools.


Moving as one.™

At e2open, we’re creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply, and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply, and logistics ecosystems. E2open is changing everything.

E2open provides a cloud multi-carrier shipping system that gives shippers the tools they need to minimize parcel shipping costs and improve customer service levels worldwide.

Carrier Network: Manage all carriers on one platform.

E2open instantly compares carriers and services to determine the best value for each shipment according to business rules. Our extensive carrier network gives shippers the necessary agility to accommodate volume spikes and manage supply chain disruptions.

Parcel Shipping Execution: Set each parcel up for successful delivery.

E2open integrates with the leading business systems to seamlessly execute shipments from any operation, whether it’s automated, manual, or somewhere in between.

Cross-Border Shipping: Prepare for a faster, more global future.

E2open enables shippers to ship every parcel, including HAZMAT and dangerous goods, across borders with the correct label and destination — no matter the carrier or destination.

Control Tower: Gain complete visibility over parcel delivery.

With user-friendly dashboards that present data in a harmonized format, e2open Control Tower empowers shippers to resolve delivery issues before they negatively impact the business.

Freight Audit: Save time and money processing carrier payments.

E2open combines and audits carrier invoices and shipping system manifest data for all modes of transportation in one consolidated platform, providing shippers with insight into transportation metrics and delivering better transportation cost control.

E2open is the connected supply chain platform, purpose-built for today and tomorrow. Visit today.


The shipping platform behind billions of packages, EasyPost is the complete and modern shipping solution designed to scale alongside your growing business.

EasyPost’s best-in-class multi-carrier shipping API gives e-commerce businesses worldwide access to over 100 shipping carriers through a single integration. Whether you’re a mid-sized business or a fortune 500 company, lean on EasyPost for your shipping and logistical needs.

EasyPost customers can expect:  A RESTful API with 99.99% uptime, the most reliable in the industry  Data-backed optimization to save up to 74% on shipping costs and improve on-time delivery to 90% or better  Lightning-fast response times — less than 300 milliseconds fast  Real-time tracking updates through custom tracking pages and webhook notifications  Address verification for both domestic and international deliveries  Hands-on customer support in an hour, not days

Integrating with EasyPost’s API is simple and takes weeks vs. months. Once integrated, your business can capitalize on our end-to-end flexibility. We’re on a mission to provide e-commerce retailers, fulfillment centers, marketplaces, and enterprises with more control over their parcel shipping and logistics processes.

We’ve already saved our customers tens of thousands of hours of development, removing technical complexities and allowing them to focus on growing their business. We’re just getting started!


Engineering Innovation Inc. combines years of postal and parcel automation experience into solutions that offer a streamlined sorting process. As demands increase, accuracy and efficiency become increasingly important. Our solutions are customizable, they can be adapted to fit any size operation including those that require a smaller footprint.

With over 15 years in the parcel industry, Engineering Innovation has grown from a three-employee start-up to a team of over 70 employees dedicated to help you save and automate your parcel processes. At Eii, we are committed to providing solutions that last and ensure success for all types of businesses. Various operations ranging from fulfillment, consolidation, returns, processing, mailing, and shipping can all benefit from our custom configured solutions.

Optimize your workflow by implementing automation that comes with excellent service and support after installation. Eii’s solutions are easily scalable once installed, with modular options and custom configurations, we will help to design and create a solution that is right for you.

Both of our most popular automation solutions offer a more accurate and faster parcel handling process to help keep your operations on track. As demands change, these solutions can be easily tailored to keep up with an increased workflow.

The LightSort System allows for scanned parcels to easily be picked, sorted, or processed by illuminating the destination on the rack. This solution allows for increased productivity and integrates data tracking for existing business logic. Combine multiple racks to create a connected system that can easily communicate and allow multiple workers per rack. Configurations include gravity-fed rollers in the Carton Flow Rack, or sort to large pallets or containers with the LightSort Gaylord Rack.

The Chameleon Parcel Processing System seamlessly automates the parcel sorting process, with options such as weighing, dimensioning, label application, OCR imaging, barcode technology, and RFID options to fit any need. With its modular design and various options, the Chameleon is able to shift and change to keep up with demands or expansion.

Increase your return on investment and keep your processes up and running with Engineering Innovation’s parcel solutions. Meet consumer expectations, create more affordable shipping options, and reduce training time for staff — all while choosing costeffective automation and sorting technology.

COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23 CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Engineering Innovation (Eii) PHONE: 800.350.6450 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

As global shipping experts and the largest privately-owned international shipping company in the U.S., ePost Global will solve your eCommerce shipping needs. Their key customer support team has an average tenure of 20+ years and collectively over 850 years of international logistics experience.

Technology Enhanced Processes

ePost Global has the most sophisticated automated parcel sorting systems, which processes parcels at a speed and efficiency that’s unmatched in the industry. Each custom designed sorting system can run 24 x 7 processing up to 3,000 packages per hour to efficiently handle volume during any season.

By utilizing one of the largest networks of global final-mile partners through ePost Global’s proprietary multi-carrier technology platform, customers can easily deliver to over 200 countries and territories.

Every package comes with enhanced visibility and tracking. Customers can view parcel tracking information in real time, and they can also provide reports with package level detail, along with a summary allowing them to view trends and make informed decisions.

International Shipping Experts

The ePost Global team leverages its deep industry expertise to simplify the complexities of international shipping. ePost Global’s account teams navigate through IOSS and VAT changes, USMCA regulations, changes in U.S. and foreign customs policies, international postal requirements and many other nuances to provide consistent service to customers expanding globally.

Through personalized, dedicated and educated customer account teams at each facility, ePost Global can schedule, coordinate, and monitor all transportation segments of the parcel delivery journey. By partnering with ePost Global, eCommerce businesses can focus more attention on their customers without the headaches of the shipping process.

ePost Global has nationwide coverage with facilities located near Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami.

For eCommerce deliveries, you deserve to have everything you need to reach new markets, and expand, evolve, and expedite what’s possible for your business.

You deserve the TOTAL PACKAGE. Find out how ePost Global’s cost effective solutions can help you ship more quickly and efficiently.

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: ePost Global PHONE: 310.784.8485 (Local) 866.784.8444 (Toll Free) WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23


When your business is sorting cartons, polybags, and bubble mailers, trust the experts in parcel sortation. EuroSort’s proven track record in the post and parcel arena spans our entire 20-year history, and our equipment is trusted by post offices, final mile carriers, freight consolidators, 3PLs, retailers, and pharmacies around the world. These companies are experiencing reduced touches, increased items per day, and up to a 60% lower cost per piece as a result of implementing a EuroSort sorter.


EuroSort’s suite of Sorters gets the sort right the first time. This nearly eliminates rework costs, boosts your bottom line, and keeps customers happy. No longer worry about losing items off trays in the corners; on the EuroSort Split and Cross Tray Sorters, the unique pocket formed in the tray means that you will never again need to clean out nets around the corners of the sorter, saving you time, money, and labor.


Proven tough in the harshest environments, our heavy-duty, non-magnetic sorter trays are designed specifically for the rigors of your business. With a focus on simplicity and uptime in all aspects of the sorter design, EuroSort has eliminated all single-point-of-failure parts from our systems which reduces downtime, decreases maintenance costs, and lets you go back to focusing on growing your business instead of worrying about your sorter.


With the smallest discharge pitch in the industry, EuroSort’s parcel sorters offer a flexibility that cannot be matched. Whether that is fitting the largest number of mailsack destinations in your building, or reducing the overall footprint of the machine, EuroSort sets the standard in the parcel industry.

Make the easy choice and contact us today.


FirstMile — True Multi-Carrier E-Commerce?

If you’ve only used shipping for personal or low-volume shipments, it may seem pretty straightforward. You select a carrier and you pay the necessary postage to ship an item. You drop the package off at one of the carrier’s brick and mortar locations or at a mailbox, and then they do the rest.

High growth e-commerce businesses quickly find that shipping isn’t quite so simple. Transportation costs have a big effect on your bottom line. E-commerce is highly competitive, with more consumers shopping online and industry giants like Amazon setting a 2-day service expectation. If you want your cut of the e-commerce pie, you’re going to need help.

The Solution

Most shippers are forced to choose one carrier: UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Is any one of them perfect? No. USPS does a great job on lighter weight packages, UPS does a good job on heavier packages, and FedEx is known for its speed of service. How about regional parcel and mail carriers? They have their strengths and weaknesses too.

What if you had a company that could shop each of your packages across all these modes and drive the right label to your shipping software for each order? How about a company that could pick all the packages up on the same truck, run it through sort operations, and linehaul it into the right carrier network each day?

What FirstMile Can Do to Help

FirstMile is just that company. We’ve been helping companies of every size and market optimize their shipping in order to reduce costs, save time, and provide the best possible experience for every customer. Our system makes it easy and fast for you to access the best carrier for the job, selecting from a range of national, regional, and local parcel and mail carriers, including First Class and Priority Mail.

FirstMile is a multi-carrier e-commerce parcel carrier. Our unique approach allows small, medium and even large e-commerce shippers to get the best combination of price and service across a wide range of USPS workshare and parcel carrier partners — including our own network. We do this all with one API connection, one pickup via our FirstMile owned and operated vehicles, one invoice, and one point of contact. We even handle claims.

The FirstMile shipping algorithm works by first shopping each package for price and service. It then returns the right label for each unique package, which ensures the best combination of price and service for that package within the prescribed service limits you set. Need 5 day or less service? No Problem. Need 2-4 day service? No Problem. Just want the lowest priced service possible for every package? No Problem.

If you are tired of the headaches from trying to navigate the e-commerce shipping labyrinth, let FirstMile help.

Oh, and our systems integrate seamlessly into common shipping platforms like ShipStation, Order Cup, ShipRush, Ship Hero, and many more.


INFO: COMPANY: FirstMile PHONE: 888.993.8594 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

THE 2022-23

At GlobalPost, our mission is to support online sellers expand into new international markets.

GlobalPost is an international shipping service founded in 2016 with one mission in mind: to simplify international shipping for small and medium sized businesses. Our dedicated team has over 25 years of shipping industry experience and has helped thousands of customers save time and money.

Global parcel shipping volume is expected to double by 2026 and we want to help merchants take advantage of this opportunity. But we also understand that the increase in delivery costs is the main concern for shippers. So we’ve developed solutions that offset the enormous pressure to reduce parcel shipping budgets.

Sell worldwide without the hassle.

GlobalPost makes it easy to reach customers in over 200 countries and get the best mix of speed and affordability. When you ship with GlobalPost you automatically leverage our portfolio of global partnerships for secure delivery of your international shipments. Our extensive network of last mile carriers allows us to optimize delivery times, and offers you a disruption-free shipping experience.

GlobalPost also delivers a range of exclusive features not commonly offered by carriers, at no additional cost. Take advantage of free coverage up to $200, an easy claims process, instant refunds, no customs forms to print, free email and phone support and more.

GlobalPost simplifies parcel shipping so you can focus on growing your business.

Our services easily integrate with your existing shipping solution or tech stack. We are fully integrated in over 200 shipping platforms, including, Endicia, ShipStation, ShippingEasy and more.

Consolidate your parcels with GlobalPost and unlock big savings.

If your business is quickly expanding, consolidating your shipments is the best way to easily lower your operating costs. Our SmartSaver consolidation program can save you up to an extra 30%. We offer three convenient workshare options- you can send us your consolidated parcels, you can drop them off at one of our 15 GlobalPost hubs, or we can come and pick them up. Contact us for more information.



COMPANY: GlobalPost PHONE: 888.899.1255


If you are looking to save money on international shipments or are seeking ways to improve your overall cross-border shipping experience then we’re here to help. Whether you ship one or thousands of packages per day, GlobalPost has a solution for your needs. Contact our team of shipping experts today for a free shipping consultation. Visit or call 1-888-899-1255 for more information.

THE 2022-23

Did you know? GLS has invested more than $30 million in building the most advanced parcel delivery network in the Western United States.

In our current climate, speed and quality are of the utmost importance in delivering your products to your valued customers. These investments made by GLS went directly to improving our customers’ experience.

 Advanced technology: With visual proof of delivery, customer email notifications, flexible delivery options, and real-time geocoded tracking and confirmation. GLS has the most advanced delivery platform on the market today.

Flexible collections: GLS picks up packages for all industry customer needs, from a single priority envelope to a multi-level trailer full of packages.

Faster delivery: One to two days faster than national carriers. With overnight service between all points in California plus Reno and Las Vegas, 2-day service from Southern California to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.

Fantastic value: Pricing based on your business goals; our low overhead model allows GLS to provide superior service at a cost that respects your budget.



Green Mountain Technology (GMT), founded in 1999, brings innovation and technology together to create a truly powerful and unmatched parcel and LTL spend management platform. We’ve applied over 20 years of experience and lessons learned to create highly accurate and proven processes for the audit and pay, cost allocation, and overall strategic management of your transportation network. With a real industry expert and true strategic partner like GMT by your side, curbing increasing transportation costs and gaining visibility into critical optimization opportunities has never been easier.


Our Technology – Transformative technology is at our core. We were the first industry leader to provide a dedicated and automated spend management solution. We bring all your network data together to validate accuracy across your carrier contracts, manifest orders, package scans — even your credits. Our commitment to data accuracy is so strong FedEx has recognized us as a FedEx Certified Freight Bill, Audit, and Pay (FBAP) Provider


Our Market Intelligence – No one else has a view of the market like we do. We partner with the world’s largest brands, which brings us quick access to the trends and patterns happening in the market with some of the most complex shipping networks and gives you confidence to every network decision you make.



COMPANY: Green Mountain Technology (GMT) PHONE: 877.397.2834


Our Carrier Relationships – Our carrier relationships are second to none, and we utilize them to get to the root of complex issues and questions, seeking complete resolution amongst all parties involved. For example, when a claims denial occurs, we pick up the phone and work with your carriers to resolve the issue.

We operate as an extension of your team, partnering with you to develop a strategic roadmap that truly helps you achieve your network goals. Tap into our resources and transform the spend and strategy of your network today.

We seek to do right by all parties involved in the execution of your network. We believe the most successful solutions occur when you, your carrier, and your customer all benefit from interaction. We partner as an extension of your team to drive improved outcomes — cost, service, speed, innovation. We uniquely drive these outcomes by combining our human resources (engineers, analysts, data scientists, developers) with innovative digital tools and advanced analytics techniques.

THE 2022-23

Founded in 1996, Intelligent Audit is the global leader in multi-modal transportation invoice audit, business intelligence analytics, and secure carrier payment processing. We ensure carriers get paid on time while providing shippers with actionable, data-driven insights that take the guesswork out of decision-making. Our robust machine learning algorithms quickly identify anomalous patterns in transportation spend, paving the way for a more efficient, cost-effective supply chain.

Introducing Anomaly Detection using Machine Learning

Intelligent Audit’s proprietary machine learning algorithms are an ensemble of autoencoders, boosted decision trees, and LSTM (long short-term memory) deep learning frameworks, which can give real-time invoice-level results.

Training the algorithms includes a combination of self-supervised learning and supervised learning, which uses fully labeled datasets and leverages important insights on historical data made by account managers and other company experts.

The result is a suite of detection algorithms with high sensitivity and specificity in the face of enormous amounts of data that has saved shippers money by sourcing anomalous spending events with Intelligent Audit’s platform.

Become a smarter shipper with an Intelligent Audit

Without normalized cleansed data, it’s impossible to understand your actual costs across carriers, modes, and regions. Intelligent Audit pairs actionable intelligence and highly knowledgeable account managers to discover those cost reduction strategies for our customers. As a result, we can quantify decisions before making them, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

By leveraging freight audit reports from the same pool of data, departments with different priorities can begin to speak the same language, improving communication throughout the organization and aligning each department with the same strategic goals.  Reduce Wasteful Spend & Recover Costs  Achieve Real-Time Spend Visibility  Optimize Your Logistics Network  Streamline Carrier Invoice Processing & Cost Allocation  Monitor Carrier Performance

Improve Customer Satisfaction


Are your mission-critical supply chain operations inviscid? in•vis•cid [in vis’id] adjective

1. Having free flow and movement, without internal friction or resistance

Your customers demand faster, more accurate shipments, and they want them at a lower cost than ever before. How do you thrive in this increasingly competitive marketplace?

Inviscid Consulting is a team of subject-matter experts and problem solvers in warehousing, logistics, and distribution. Collectively, our consultants have hundreds of years of experience planning and improving supply chain operations for hundreds of businesses spanning most major industries. We apply warehousing science, industrial engineering principles, and supply chain best practices to reduce operational resistance.

Inviscid will help you plan and streamline your supply chain operations to:

Drive down operating costs

Boost capacity

Improve service levels

Mitigate risk

Our core practice areas include:

Logistics Network Optimization – Optimize your network so you have the right number of facilities, of the right size, in the right locations, to support your business the right way.

Efficient Facility Planning – Operate facilities that include the most effective blend of mechanization, automation, and labor based on your specific business requirements.

Effective Information Technology – Implement practical, cost-effective, real-time information systems and related technologies to automate your supply chain processes.

Operational Excellence – Boost the productivity and performance of your human and non-human resources.

Got a nagging supply chain challenge? Looking for ways to improve your warehousing, distribution, and logistics operations? Call or email us for a free consultation.

If there are sensible, cost-effective ways for your business to drive down operating costs, boost capacity, improve service levels, and mitigate risk in your supply chain, would you want to know? And what are the implications of your answer?

I founded Inviscid in 2004 with one mission in mind: To help clients plan and streamline warehousing, logistics, and distribution operations. That’s all we do. Let us know how we can help.


COMPANY: Inviscid Consulting PHONE: 404.832.5326


THE 2022-23

Go Beyond Freight Audit and Payment

Spend Optimization
team of transportation consultants and
carrier pricing
data into actionable intelligence, provide insights into cost savings,
reduce expenses, solve
tasks so you
time. Our Services & Solutions: } Global Freight Audit & Payment } Business intelligence – Purpose-built for FAP } Proactive Transportation Consulting } Strategic initiatives } Carrier Sourcing & Contract Optimization } Bill Pay solutions } ESG compliance & reporting } myShipINFO® – best-in-class technology } Shipment Experience Management Our Expertise: } All modes of transportation – global footprint } Highly experienced team of transportation experts } 1,000+ global clients across multiple industries } $11 billion spend managed annually } 14+ languages translated; 168 currencies transacted } Celebrating 20 years of success!
enterprises with dynamic supply chains looking to simplify complex transportation operations. Let’s connect. CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Körber Supply Chain PHONE: 800.328.3271 WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23
helps achieve true optimization through a comprehensive solution, enables strategic transformation of your spend management process and reduces operational risk through market leadership. Our experienced
managers bring exceptional
to improve operations for the world’s leading brands. Transform
eliminate non-productive

LaserShip and OnTrac have launched a new transcontinental delivery service connecting the two companies’ complementary East and West Coast operating footprints to help retailers reach their customers across the country with faster, more reliable home delivery at a lower cost.

As national carriers continue to prioritize profits, retailers finally have a supportive, longterm partner that can facilitate growth and offer nationwide coverage, speed, service, and reliability.

Benefits of LaserShip and OnTrac’s transcontinental service include:

 Meet consumer expectations and build brand loyalty with faster delivery at a lower cost  Move packages cross-country in 3 days  Reach 74% of the US population across 30 states and Washington, D.C.  Carrier diversification with a proven alternative with over 65 years of experience  Seamless technology integration

 Texas expansion in 2023

The combined LaserShip and OnTrac network empowers retailers to reach their customers with faster, reliable delivery, build brand loyalty, and gain competitive advantage.

Learn how a combined LaserShip and OnTrac delivery network and our new transcontinental delivery service can help you meet your customers’ expectations of faster delivery while protecting your margins. Visit or email us at


Over the last few years, in large part due to the pandemic, we have seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of e-commerce. With shops closed during various lockdowns, and people more hesitant to spend time in crowded shopping centers, more and more consumers found their way to the Internet. The elderly learned to shop online for necessary medicines. Children spent more time on Zoom calls than at recess. And parents looked to online services like Amazon®, Thrive Market®, and HelloFresh® to deliver groceries and other staples for the family. The ramifications for merchants, carriers, and the entire parcel shipping industry are still manifesting themselves. What we do know is that with a greater reliance on e-commerce, the importance of the physical address has never been greater. Since 1985, Melissa has helped companies pivot with market shifts by improving the quality of their customer data to reduce costs, maintain communications, improve customer satisfaction, and increase ROI.

Address Verification

Address verification is an integral part of the parcel shipping and logistics industries. After all, if you can’t verify where your parcel or shipment is to be delivered, it’s not likely to get there on time, or even at all. Here at Melissa, our goal is to help you develop solid customer loyalty and efficient operations with access to high-quality, fitfor-purpose address verification solutions including the following:


Identifying customers that have moved before you mail or ship helps reduce undeliverable mail and returned shipments. Melissa can update the US and Canadian addresses in your list quickly to reduce unnecessary packaging, wasted postage, and shipping delays.


Standardizing your addresses to a specific postal format helps reduce errors. Melissa works with postal authorities across the globe and can verify and standardize addresses for over 240+ countries and territories.

Verification of Accuracy and Completeness

Not all inaccurate or incomplete addresses are junk. Our advanced parsing and matching algorithms can identify addresses that can be corrected and/or completed. We can even verify millions of real addresses serviced by private delivery companies like FedEx® and UPS®, but not delivered to by the USPS®.

Fraud Prevention

One of the popular ways fraudsters try to escape payment is by having a package sent to the wrong address. Melissa makes this kind of behavior less likely to succeed by cross matching an address to an individual. Once the information is verified, you (and your customer) can rest assured that the products are sent to the right person at the right place.

Delivering Success

Melissa’s address verification solutions are available as Web APIs, software, and integrations for leading CRM and e-commerce platforms. We offer SLAs, international customer service (including after-hours support), and a 120-Day ROI Guarantee. We invite you to see how Melissa can help your business deliver success to and for your valued customers.


National Presort, LP’s Parcel Sorter History and Milestones

NPI, is a minority-owned business with manufacturing plants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have delivered innovative automation and sorting solutions for 45 years. Streamlining automation is our passion.

Our leading design is NPI’s Gen-3 Xstream dual infeed parcel sorter, providing automated solutions for some of the largest delivery and warehouse operations in the nation.

With customers worldwide, NPI designs modular, cost saving sortation systems for parcels, including plastic polybags, boxes, and irregularly shaped packages, through affordable, high quality, low maintenance machines. Our customers are just as diverse as we are, ranging from 3rd party delivery, courier services, B2C, distribution, postal and warehouse operations.

Our team of experts design, engineer, build, and install automated solutions, while offering exceptional on-site service, maintenance, and 24-hour helpdesk. NPI sorters are some of the most compact designs available in the industry today. With our exclusive patented technology, our solutions are configurable into modular designs allowing you to save on labor, floor space, and cost, using the most advanced, user-friendly software available to streamline automation.

NPI Mission Statement

To provide our customers with innovative, best-in-class, hardware and software solutions to maximize their efficiencies, while lowering costs.

Addressing Key lssues

NPI systems offer state-of-the-art software with the highest level of customer service to maximize your investment in automation and efficiency, while improving the quality of your operations.

Unique Technological lnnovation

In 1977, Henry Daboub began his legacy when he developed groundbreaking technology by producing NPI’s first, fully-automated mail sorting machine. Over 25 years ago, Brent Daboub, Henry’s son, joined NPI and has continued that legacy through multiple patents, including his development of NPI’s first parcel sorting system, the Xstream. Henry and Brent both continue to support NPI’s team of engineers and R&D experts who share their same drive and passion for innovation. Our ability to solve problems quickly, and safely, combined with rare ingenuity to create the state of the art machines we produce today, make NPI the trusted provider people around the globe through the power of our automation equipment.

When I joined the company in 1994, CEO, Henry Daboub’s focus was on customer satisfaction. To this day, customer satisfaction remains NPI’s number one priority. Our agile, “common sense” strategy, combined with 45 years of automation experience, sets us apart from competitors by using a lean operational structure to cut-out a lot of the unnecessary red-tape. NPI systems are currently in operation for some of the largest e-commerce, package fulfillment, and courier companies worldwide.



COMPANY: NPI PHONE: 888.821.SORT (7678)


THE 2022-23


OPEX’s® Sure Sort® solution has changed the way companies handle small items, particularly as it relates to parcel sorting, multi-line orders, and reverse logistics. The Sure Sort solution reduces the number of excessive touches associated with existing sorters. Regardless of shape, packaging, or orientation, the Sure Sort sorter provides a better way to sort small items more accurately and efficiently. Single items in a variety of shapes and sizes, and parcels up to 5 lbs., can be delivered to their designated sort location at rates up to 2,400 items per hour.


OPEX® Corporation is a global leader in Next Generation Automation, providing innovative, unique solutions for warehouse, document, and mail automation. With a comprehensive suite of customized, scalable technology solutions, OPEX helps clients transform how they conduct business — improving workflow, reducing costs, and driving efficiencies in infrastructure.

Since 1975, the family-owned and operated company has served as a trusted partner to clients around the world, with more than 1,600 employees continuously reimagining automation technology that solves the most significant business challenges of today and in the future. OPEX is headquartered in Moorestown, NJ, with facilities in Pennsauken, NJ; Plano, TX; France; Germany; Switzerland; the United Kingdom; and Australia.


For nearly 20 years, OSM Worldwide has helped businesses deliver packages on time, at the lowest possible cost. We identify the fastest and most affordable way to ship your packages — ensuring your customers come back again and again. And with personalized customer service, you have a dedicated team always here to help you solve problems, save money, and get ahead.

Worldwide shipping services

USPS is a great option for growing businesses — and we make it even better. With the OSM Premium Network, we pick up and process your packages then optimize routes that boost USPS delivery times and reliability and lower your rates. Our services are ideal for subscription and ecommerce companies or any business depending on consistent, reliable and fast delivery.

 98% of packages delivered in 1-5 days  Leverage USPS for last-mile delivery  Attentive, personalized customer service

We also ship to more than 180 countries and territories worldwide, and our close relationships with international postal authorities help us optimize delivery and minimize your costs. All of our partners have access to our exclusive OSMART® technology, which lets you track, trace, and manage any shipment 24/7.

CarbonNeutral® certified

When you ship with OSM, you’re working with a certified CarbonNeutral® company. This means we’re certified to the highest worldwide standards aimed at reducing our total carbon footprint — and we then offset any remaining emissions by investing around the world in projects (such as solar and wind power) which provide verified greenhouse gas reduction or removal. Your customers will appreciate knowing that their shipping partner is a good steward to the environment.

Find out how OSM Worldwide can help you ship faster, more reliably, and more sustainably than ever before.


ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Making complex parcel shipping challenges simple and cost-effective. Peak season is coming, and preparation is key. Partner with the most trusted global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software for parcel, ProShip, to ensure that your supply chain is ready for whatever this season will bring. With unmatched speed of processing and advanced technology, ProShip’s fully integrated software shipping solution will automate the supply chain workflow and jumpstart your parcel shipping operation.

With a resume of serving the top retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics companies across the country, ProShip is number one in parcel shipping speed, compliance, reliability, and support. ProShip’s simple carrier connectivity and high flexibility enables complex features and functions with unified business logic that empowers brands with today’s most successful parcel shipping strategies.

How do top brands win with ProShip?

 Technology: ProShip’s carrier compliant engines are built and supported by in-house development helping shippers see millisecond transaction times and enabling an unlimited amount of parcel throughput. With a flexible, robust architecture, ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software seamlessly integrates into your existing software stack, automating and simplifying supply chain processes.

 Functionality: ProShip’s advanced functionality pushes your supply chain above and beyond what other multi-carrier shipping solutions offer. Our unique Advanced Date Shopping feature allows shippers to optimize carriers’ holiday schedules, special conditions, expanded timeframes, updated rates, and last trailer pulls to select the lowest-cost shipping option and generate an accurate delivery date for each shipment.

 Strategy: Because ProShip’s solution is flexible yet reliable, customers can diversify their carrier mix as needed — onboarding and leveraging multiple carriers (regionals, final mile, etc.) to ease capacity constraints, minimize surcharges, and avoid congested major carrier hubs. With multi-carrier shipping software serving as the core for important shipping information, shippers can access and utilize the best source of inventory regardless of location (store, 3PL, manufacturer), cultivating positive customer experiences while lowering shipping costs.

To enhance your parcel supply chain today, visit


Ship Faster and Better with Rakuten Super Logistics.

With over 20 years of experience, we really know how to pick, pack, and ship. 1-2 day shipping at ground prices? It’s not a dream. It’s our super fulfillment network. Plus, we live for the hustle — 1 day order turnaround means your customers stay super satisfied. We pick, pack, and ship the right product, right away, every time. It’s more than a promise. It’s backed by our Flawless or Free Guarantee.

Flawless or Free Guarantee

We ship out the right order within 1 business day, every time. While others talk about their skills, we put our money where our mouth is. If we make a mistake, we’ll pay to fix it.

Logistics Expertise

With millions of orders shipped, we know what we’re doing. Shipping quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively can make or break your brand. Trust the experts to give your customers the shipping experience they deserve.

1-2 Day Shipping at Ground Rates

With strategically located facilities across the country, reach 98% of the United States within 2 days at ground rates. Because all our fulfillment centers are managed by our own people, we ensure operational excellence no matter where your inventory is shipping from.

Best Combination of Price and Service

Using a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes a package’s weight, dimensions, origin, and destination, Xparcel chooses the best shipping service for your packages. No more wasting time shopping for rates and comparing prices.

Next-Day Fulfillment

We’re all about the hustle. Within 1 business day of receiving an order, we’ll have it picked, packed, and ready to ship. Combine that with our 2-day ground delivery network and guaranteed order accuracy, we’ll help turn your audience into lifelong fans.

COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23 CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Rakuten Super Logistics PHONE: 866.722.9687 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Reveel is a professional shipping and logistics intelligence platform that uses machine learning to transform complex shipping data into simple ways to save money.

The company’s Shipping Intelligence Platform enables shippers to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS by using data analytics to take the confusion out of carrier agreements. With over 15 years of parcel agreement management expertise and $200M+ in savings for its clients, Reveel provides actionable insights that empower shippers to make smarter business decisions and regain control over their shipping expenses.

Whether a shipper is in the middle of a carrier agreement or about to renegotiate, Reveel’s easy-to-use tools give customers control of their shipping and deliver peace of mind.

The key elements of Reveel’s platform include:

Reveel Peer Index


The Reveel Peer Index scores shipping health in a single number, from 0 to 100, calculated based on benchmarking the six shipping Vital Factors that shippers care about relative to a cohort of companies with a similar shipping profile.

Actionable Insights

The platform’s AI shows shipping professionals exactly what to do to save money and improve their RPI.

Rate Modeling & Simulation

Each customer’s unique shipping data is used to determine the cost impact of discount or surcharge changes.

Active Agreement Monitoring

Agreements are actively monitored 24/7, so no discounts are ever lost.

Agreement Comparison

Carrier agreements can be quickly uploaded to see saving differences in a side-by-side comparison.

Audit & Recovery

Customers get every last shipping credit they’re owed, no gain share, absolutely free.

Expert Negotiation Support

Direct assistance from data-enabled, seasoned shipping pros in negotiating the best deal possible.



COMPANY: Reveel PHONE: 877.842.9443


Shipping performance can mean the difference between gaining or losing market share. Rate increases are particularly detrimental in highly competitive markets where margins are low. When rates rise, shippers are forced to make tough decisions between eating the costs, passing them along, or diversifying their shipping. Here at Reveel, we’re dedicated to eliminating the complexity and confusion around modern carrier agreements and delivering the data and decision support tools that shippers need to optimize their shipping spend.

THE 2022-23

Leading the New Era of Dimensioning

At Rice Lake Weighing Systems, we develop and manufacture dimensioning solutions for every shipping need — from small to large packages, long flats, poly bags, unboxed items such as inbound objects for item identification, to pallets and LTL freight. Our expertise in designing solutions for the shipping and logistics industry is built on our steadfast history as a weighing and measurement manufacturer.

Our commitment to growth allowed us to become leading innovators in emerging technology, including dimensional measurement. Dimensioning is essential for companies — especially those transitioning from manual, time-consuming processes to modern, streamlined ones. To meet that need, we developed the iDimension® Series of dimensioners to capture dimensional data for virtually all shipping environments.

Innovative Dimensioning Technology

Rice Lake has created the fastest static parcel and pallet dimensioning technology available. Our iDimension systems are certified for accuracy, simple to use, and engineered with innovative features to make shipping teams more productive.

Our dimensioning technology goes beyond market expectations. Instant scans of any shape. Parcels are dimensioned faster and more accurately than other solutions, all without the risk of human error. In as little as the industry-leading 250 milliseconds, parcels are automatically dimensioned.

Certified accuracy. With the iDimension Plus calculating at just 0.2 inches and our iDimension PWD and LTL calculating at 0.5 inches, our iDimension Series ensures precision. Our Legal for Trade models provide the certified accuracy needed to meet strict regulations.

Complete data capture. Our patented designs use the latest in sensor, camera, and dimension capturing technology to ensure exact dimensional weight measurements and package data.

Simple interfacing and peripheral support. Our touchscreen displays allow an intuitive user experience, and iDimension SS software integrates the dimensioner with scales, barcode scanners, PCs, and more — streamlining warehouse operations.

Rice Lake is a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified corporation, and has been manufacturing and distributing weight and measurement products since 1946.

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Rice Lake Weighing Systems PHONE: 800.472.6703 WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23

ShipX is a technology-enabled delivery service provider specializing in ecommerce parcel delivery. ShipX can help you expand or diversify your transportation network by adhering to our delivery solutions and company values with relentless pursuit of exceeding client expectations.

For the best possible delivery experience for both you and your customers, ShipX’s Vetted Delivery Network (VDN) optimizes the entire delivery process, from picking up to delivering your products. ShipX now has the full ability to work the mid-mile, service Truckload and Less than Truckload amounts, or service parcels end to end with final mile delivery, thanks to our recent acquisition of Princeton Logistics/TriStar Carriers. We will supply these services in connection with your needs and expectations, and we will do it in a manner that is both sustainable and ethical. Simply said, we believe a delivery partnership should be viewed as an asset to your company’s growth and success rather than a cost center.

ShipX Turnkey Delivery Solutions

Eco friendly delivery.

ShipX engages with our Vetted Delivery Network carriers to create creative techniques for introducing battery-electric vehicles into their fleets, At ShipX, we’re not simply talking about being more environmentally friendly. Every day, we continue to incorporate new and better methods to advance our sustainability efforts!

A Tech-Enabled, Redundant Network. A comprehensive Vetted Delivery Network (VDN) and new technologies allow us to construct dynamic routing with built-in redundancy, ensuring that every cargo will arrive on time and on schedule.

Dock-to-Door Tracking. We provide complete visibility into the whole parcel journey and provide real-time tracking data on our site or yours by scanning every package at every checkpoint.

Simple, Predictable Pricing.

First, middle, and final mile cost is simplified by us. Using our rate sheets, you can plan and price your products with ease.

The Capacity You Need Right Now. Our mission is to provide an efficient, reliable, scalable alternative to the handful of national delivery carriers that dominate — and restrict — the shipping marketplace.

A Flexible Partner.

Shippers have never had this many alternatives for domestic ground shipping until now, thanks to ShipX. Depending on the size, speed, and volume of your shipping output, we’ll implement delivery options that are flexible.


E-Commerce brands

3PL & Fulfillment centers

ShipX Summary

Green approach

e-commerce final mile delivery

Scalability to enable growth

and major carriers


Middle mile truckload and contract capacity services

41 states, 11,000+ zip codes serviced

Seamless delivery experience

 Private

Sparck is a leading provider of automated packaging solutions that optimize all steps of package fulfillment. Its two models, CVP lmpack and CVP Everest, offer savings on material, shipping, and transportation costs, decrease labor constraints, and aid in sustainability efforts.

These auto-boxing systems measure, construct, seal, weigh, and label each variable dimension single- and multi-item order in a custom fit-to-size box. The CVP Impack creates a right-sized box every seven seconds, while the CVP Everest creates a rightsized box every three seconds using two operators. These solutions offer up to 50% reduction in shipping volume and an average of 88% reduction in packing labor as they can replace up to 20 manual packing stations. They help you operate lean, use fewer materials and void fill, and ship parcels efficiently. In fact, customers see a full return on investment in as little as six to 18 months depending on parcel volume.

Benefits of the CVP Automated Packaging Solutions include:

 Combats labor constraints: By only requiring one or two operators, the CVP combats several labor issues, including sourcing labor, lack of labor reliability, unpredictable peak periods, and space constraints. The CVP solutions seek to eliminate these issues, coupled with the continued increase of e-commerce to ensure optimized package fulfillment.

 Reduces transportation and DIM weight costs: Due to fit-to-size boxing and eliminating/ reducing the need for void fill, the CVP lowers transportation, shipping, and DIM weight costs. As a result, fewer truckloads are needed, and shippers experience an average of 32% savings in freight costs.

 Sustainability: By creating the smallest parcel necessary, businesses can lessen their environmental impact and lower shipping material costs by an average of 38%, for a more environmentally friendly parcel.

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Customers consider shipping an extension of the purchasing process and a reflection on your brand. Partner with a delivery company that cares about your customers and their delivery experience. We are TForce Logistics, a leading same-day final-mile transportation solutions provider, successfully delivering over 100 million shipments per year, and our final mile gets the smile. Whether you are going to a business, a customer’s doorstep, a construction site, or other fun destination, chances are we’ve probably been there. Experienced in the demands of final mile, B2B, financial, big and bulky as well as e-commerce-generated shipping we’ve got coverage across all the major metropolitan communities in the US and Canada. In the 50 United States of America, we cover 16,000 ZIP Codes (yes Hawaii and Alaska, we’ve got you covered) reaching 90% of the population.

Re-imagine your delivery experience with our integrated supply chain that puts you closer to your customers. Our service includes more than 70 operating facilities, leading technologies, and a fleet of more than 6,700 final-mile delivery partners and equipment. Ship anywhere and almost anything with our purpose-designed network.

We focus on customization rather than standardization. We take pride in our ability to create flexible solutions and provide accessible, competitively priced same-day and next-day delivery services. We can pick up and deliver from your warehouse or store, or consolidate your deliveries at our docks to provide more flexible delivery and pricing options. Shipping something unique? We are ready for the challenge: our delivery service professionals deliver parcel to post, live fish, clothes, cosmetics, HVACs, computers, cleaning supplies, home improvement, and more.

Your customers can track their order throughout the delivery to see when their package will arrive. We also provide minute by minute status updates, push notifications, and location visibility.

From coast to coast, we are ready to deliver a truly integrated shipping experience with the highest level of professional customer support. Every mile counts, but the final mile matters most.


Tompkins Robotics is a global leader focused on the robotic automation of distribution and fulfillment operations. Our primary system, tSort, consists of autonomous mobile robots that sort a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points for order fulfillment, store replenishment, returns, parcel distribution — virtually any process in the supply chain. tSort is a truly modular, scalable, and portable robotic sortation system that helps build world-class supply chains while providing unmatched flexibility and throughput. With three models, tSort; tSort Plus; tSort Mini; and two sortation methods, tilt trays and cross belts, Tompkins Robotics systems handle the broadest range of product on the market. Along with our tSort solution, another proprietary solution, xChange, has been introduced as a robotic sortation order removal and replacement system for orders and shipping systems. Our systems maximize performance, making our clients more agile, adaptable, profitable, and successful in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Postal and Parcel Sortation

Exponential growth, along with labor shortages in global economy and e-commerce have compounded the demand on post and parcel shipments globally. During these disruptive times carriers, handlers, processors, and all supply chain organizations must invest to increase capacity and to compete for best-in-class speed and cost along with a slew of other KPI’S and metrics to deliver for the business.

Benefits for Parcel Sortation:

Reduce Processing Times & Deliver Savings on Labor and Capital

Flexible Warehouse Execution System Integrating Weighing, Dimensioning, and Bar Code Reading

Scalable Solution Providing Unlimited Number of Sort Destinations

Sort to Bags, Gaylords, Totes, Roll Cages — Flexibility Allows Mix of Sort Destinations on Same System

Allows Continuous Sorting While Full Bags/Containers are Exchanged with Empties — System Diverts Volume for Full Destination to Secondary Sort Destination

Difficult to Handle Packages (bubble envelopes, loose bags)


5 ways to cut costs at every mile. Shippers are facing major challenges as small parcel costs increase, budgets shrink, and more customers expect free shipping. Carriers are adding and increasing surcharges on top of rising annual rates, resulting in higher costs and greater pressure on shippers’ budgets. Meanwhile, corporate expectations are to hold the line on costs and maintain service levels while offering free shipping. So, what can companies do to get a handle on the last mile? These five steps are an important place to start.

1. Get visibility into the entire supply chain. We all know shipping isn’t free, but customers increasingly expect not to pay for it. That’s why businesses need to understand the true allocated cost per package. Business intelligence that allows a holistic look at the supply chain enables shippers to understand details that, over time, can make a serious impact on shipping budgets.

2. Focus on financial validation. Using a fully automated process, shippers can break down freight costs and assign GL codes. Essential for tracking costs, GL coding can be a key component of fraud prevention. Marrying carrier data with shipper data allows shippers to look for any misuse of the account.

3. Identify opportunity with proactive account management. Smart information management is key to streamlining processes and cutting costs. However, disparate systems and lack of resources to analyze data often means improvement opportunities are missed. U.S. Bank Freight Payment makes small parcel data manageable with easyto-use reporting functionality and proactive account management

4. Audit all shipments. While many companies only spot-check small parcel shipments, it’s essential to audit every package that’s sent to ensure overpayments aren’t being made and to capture the data needed for internal review. To do this correctly requires a true small-parcel rating engine that audits every package. If a package arrives late or damaged, we’ll know, and fees can be recovered.

5. Move toward automation. This final step enables the previous four, so it’s essential for any shipper. Manual processes are time-consuming, more error prone, and make data analysis nearly impossible. A partner like U.S. Bank Freight Payment can automate your small parcel and large freight processing, streamlining data feeds from multiple carriers’ systems.

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The e-commerce business volume ramped up significantly. In the US and worldwide, the peak e-commerce shopping does not go from Thanksgiving/Black Friday to Christmas — we are currently seeing peak level volumes continuing throughout the year. In addition, COVID-19 has definitely spearheaded a growing number of shipments. In just a few weeks, all CEP providers experienced a volume increase that might have, under other circumstances, occurred over the course of several years. As a result of this, supply chains found themselves under extreme strain.

Logistics companies have high demands on the degree of automation for their processes. No matter which application — sorting, incoming and outgoing inspection, material flow, storage, order picking, or optimal utilization of transport capacities: The basis for optimizing logistical processes is the automated capture and processing of product, package, and customer-related data — easily, efficiently, and transparently.

VITRONIC offers automated solutions for warehouse, distribution and e-commerce logistics, CEP sectors, and air freight. Fully automatic camera-based data capturing systems capture and analyze all relevant information such as barcodes, 2D-codes, customer specific codes, and plain text (OCR). The data is captured on all items — no matter if it’s a small and flat parcel, a bag, or a pallet.

The Auto-ID systems are available for all sorting systems such as belt conveyors, crossbelt, or tilt-tray sorters and are specialized on high throughputs. The orientation of the shipment on the conveyor system makes no difference, text and codes are captured even behind foil. Parallel, the volume and weight of the consignment is captured. VITRONIC systems are OIML/MID and NTEP certified and therefore suitable for legal-for-trade applications.

Besides the camera-based systems for the logistics division, the systems are also in operation for industrial automation and traffic technology. VITRONIC, head office in Wiesbaden, was founded in 1984 and is one of the world’s leading industrial machine vision companies. VITRONIC has a workforce of more than 1,300 people on five continents. The global network is completed by a number of service centers and partner companies worldwide. Our products are currently in use in 80 countries.

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Established in 2022, WCAworld Courier Network is the latest addition to the extensive network group at WCAworld — known as the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders. Founded in 1998 by chairman David Yokeum and with over 10,878 member offices in 193 countries around the world, it is the world’s first worldwide non-exclusive network.

Over the past 20 years, WCAworld has focused all their efforts in ensuring high quality and excellence across the entire network. WCAworld remains a true innovator in the logistics networking space by developing leading solutions and creating opportunities for growth to our members. We take pride in supporting our members and providing worldclass benefits to the independent freight forwarders.

Why WCAworld Courier Network?

WCAworld Courier Network provides a single platform to grow members’ domestic courier network, expand international reach, and generate new business opportunities with qualified partners from around the globe. By becoming a member of the WCAworld Courier Network you are also automatically covered by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry under the WCAworld network.


Member to member
Insurance Cost-effective insurance specifically designed for the courier members needs
Access to our neutral NVOCC
Instantly pay your member partners without paying wire fees A WCAworld Network | Leading the World in Logistics Partnering CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: WCAworld Courier Network PHONE: 954.973.5537 WEBSITE: EMAIL: COMPANIES HOT THE 2022-23
Courier Network Members have immediate access to the following benefits: Financial Protection
payment guarantee up to $100,000 WCAworld
All World Shipping
Partner Pay

In 2003, Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions was founded with one goal: To help companies save money. And over the course of the last two decades, we’ve been doing just that. Our consultative approach has helped dozens of businesses around the country reduce their transportation costs and eliminate unnecessary expenses, with little to no effort on their part.

Our comprehensive, strategic approach starts with our core services:  Business Intelligence: Our best-in-class advanced logistics platform, FreightOptics, provides cutting-edge supply chain visibility, leaving nowhere for savings to hide. With one login, you can quickly examine high level trends in your company’s shipping profile, or take deep data dives into individual package details.

 Audit: Next, our automated audit process combs through your invoices line by line, looking for savings down to the penny level, across all modes, while you sit back and watch your savings roll in.

 Optimization: After that, the fun starts. We work with you to negotiate better rates and optimize your network, handling every step of the bid process and analyses. Typically, we save our clients 10% of their shipping costs in each negotiation, along with removing the headache of managing the bid process themselves.

 Transportation Management System: Once we’ve optimized your supply chain, our best-in-class TMS will help you run it. Get quotes from multiple carriers, find the lowest cost option, book shipments, print labels and BOL’s, and track shipments end to end, all from our easy-to-use system.

 Claims: Finally, no matter how sophisticated your supply chain is, exceptions can and do happen. Our last core service takes care of that for you as well, filing claims with your carriers to recoup lost revenue and repair relationships.

For the past two decades, Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions has been working hard to level the playing field for businesses everywhere, and put money back in our clients’ pockets. If you’d like to see how much money your company could save, reach out to us today!

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