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USE MAIL TO DRIVE A BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN 2017 If improving the customer experience is one of the goals of your print and mail operation this year, here are our four top tips.


n my opinion, customer experience is the number one area where print and mail operations need to focus in 2017. If you help your clients deliver an improved customer experience, you will almost certainly be rewarded. If you fail to do so, you will most certainly be penalized. For mail service providers, this means holding yourselves accountable to a different standard and demonstrating value to your clients and business partners in different ways. In the past, most operations were measured solely on how cost-effectively they could process transactional mail. Today, they are also evaluated on how impactful and engaging their communications are and how much value they can add to the business in other ways. For those who are still being graded on the efficiency standard alone, you should demand, or



better yet, demonstrate that you should be measured on a broader set of criteria. Efficiency is essential, but we have much more to offer. Here are four ways you can drive a better customer experience in 2017: 1. Use More Personalization and Targeting Personalizing your communications starts with knowing your customer. That means collecting and leveraging meaningful and accurate data. Ensuring you have the right lists, audience, and information is critical. Good data can make your communication more engaging and help you avoid waste (e.g., sending an offer for a home equity line of credit to a renter). Making bills and statements personalized, colorful, and interactive not only reduces customer confusion, but it cap-

tures your customer’s attention and creates a vehicle for targeted marketing messages and additional engagement. Printing a personalized message on the statement and envelope drives higher open rates and can be a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool. 2. Take Advantage of High-Speed, High-Quality, Affordable Color Inkjet For a majority of businesses, the capability to produce 100% variable data color print is no longer a luxury, but instead an expectation. Monochrome, spot color, or color cut-sheet toner systems simply cannot produce the same results as digital color print. Your customers will see and react to the difference. Over a five-year period, digital production print shipments and services are projected to grow by nearly 11%. Much of this

Mailing Systems Technology Jan/Feb 2017