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Six tips for investigating and correcting errors By Nancy Garrison and Kurt Ruppel


he Mailer Scorecard has become an important tool for mail service providers (MSPs) to understand any quality issues the Postal Service is finding with the mail prepared for clients. As early users of this tool, we’d like to share what we’ve learned about validating and researching the information found in the Scorecard. We’ll provide an overview of some of the more common errors you may see on your eDoc submitter Scorecard, help you understand what the errors indicate, and give you resources to help identify possible causes for errors. We also want to share a new option to easily 22


retrieve all your Mailer Scorecard errors in near real time. Let’s get started.


SERVICE TYPE IDENTIFIER (STID) ERRORS STID errors occur when the STID on the mail piece IMb is missing, not valid, or does not match the mail class and/or service level identified in eDoc. An example of how this error may occur is if the STID in the mail piece IMb identifies the mail piece as First-Class but it is described as Marketing Mail in the eDoc. Another example would be if the STID on the mail piece identifies it as Basic-Service mailing but the eDoc identifies it as Full-Service.

PostalPro provides an STID table (https:// stidtable) where you can confirm the STID you are using is valid and correct. The table identifies STIDs by mail class for both Basicand Full-Service, as well as with and without tracking and address correction options


MAILER ID (MID) VERIFICATION – CONTAINER HANDLING UNITS AND PIECES The Mailer Scorecard evaluates all MIDs provided in the eDoc. If the USPS determines the MIDs provided for containers (usually a pallet), handling units (usually a tray), or mail pieces are either missing or

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