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The mailing industry is sometimes a difficult one to be in. As industry professionals, we know the value of mail, especially with respect to customer engagement, but sometimes the higher-ups in our organizations don’t fully grasp the importance. It doesn’t

help that many news outlets often portray mail as being dead in the wake of digital communication methods. So it’s our responsibility as mailing professionals to ensure that the physical mail stream remains healthy and vibrant, since customer communications strategies rely on it. The 19 companies profiled within this special sponsored annual issue are experts at what they do, so they are willing to help you conquer whatever challenge your mail operation is facing. Whether it’s address cleansing or new equipment for your mail center, these solution providers are some of the most trusted in the industry.

Check out their websites or give them a call. As always, thanks for staying connected with Mailing Systems Technology. Ken 608.235.2212


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COMPANY: Anchor Software, LLC

PHONE: 800.237.1921



Anchor Software provides comprehensive software solutions for direct mailing and marketing organizations, financial and insurance companies, government agencies, utilities, and anyone that maintains and enhances mailing lists. Anchor Software’s solutions include USPS® CASS™ Certified Address Validation with RDI™ and DPV®, NCOALink® certified change of address processing, PAVE™ Gold-certified Presort, and document composition and printing. Our solutions are available as APIs and Web Service solutions supporting C++ and SOAP, as well as support for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM z/OS, including CICS.

MaxCASS Plus is the latest version of Anchor’s industry-standard solution for address correction and validation with an upgraded engine that processes hundreds of millions of records per hour.

AnchorConnect is Anchor’s proprietary enterprise platform that allows organizations to seamlessly access Anchor products and services on-premise, off-premise, or a combination of both.

AnchorGateway Services allows customers to expand their processing to include multiple address correction, validation, and enhancement processes on a per-job basis. This allows the user to decide when a job needs additional processing and which services to use to enhance data.

The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service: USPS®, CASS™, RDI™, DPV®, NCOALink®, PAVE™

THE 2023-24

From data through delivery, BCC Software’s expansive solutions enable and enhance direct communications anywhere along the workflow spectrum. For over 40 years, BCC Software has been the industry leader in postal presort software and address quality solutions.

BCC Mail Manager™, our USPS®-certified address quality and mailing preparation software, is relied on by thousands of companies, including some of the country’s biggest mailers. And with our new Companion Interface, we have combined the ease of use from Bulk Mailer with the raw power of Mail Manager. Plus, you’ll receive unbeatable customer service and support from our team of USPS Certified Mail Piece Design professionals.

Address quality and data accuracy is at the heart of our solutions, and as a non-exclusive direct licensee with the USPS, our customers have access to the broadest on-demand data services to ensure complete, correct, and current addresses for all their mailing purposes. Our SOC 2 Type II compliant move update service is used by thousands of customers processing tens of billions of addresses annually.

Whether your focus is direct marketing, order fulfillment, or billing, accurate contact data is essential. Quickly integrating that data into your communication systems is critical to delivering efficient and accurate communications. Built for easy integration and maintenance, BCC Architect is a comprehensive contact data quality solution that will meet the unique needs of your business.

From address quality to mail tracking, BCC Software offers the most expansive suite of mail preparation technologies in the mailing industry.

To learn more, contact us at




PHONE: 800.337.0442



THE 2023-24



COMPANY: CapStone Technologies

PHONE: 402.465.5400




Technologies: Revolutionizing Print and Mail With Robotic Solutions

Streamline your print and mail operations with CapStone Technologies, the leading provider of robotic solutions. Our cutting-edge technologies focus on labor reduction and fast return on investment (ROI), enabling you to optimize efficiency and achieve significant cost savings. Visit to explore our comprehensive range of robotic solutions.

With nearly 25 years of industry experience and expertise, we understand the laborintensive challenges faced by the print and mail industry. Our expert team works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that minimize manual labor while maximizing productivity. By automating tedious tasks such as tracking, traying, sorting, and palletizing, our solutions not only reduce labor needs but also ensure consistent accuracy and speed.

Our flagship automated Tray Management System seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, delivering unparalleled efficiency and substantial labor cost savings. By freeing up your workforce from repetitive tasks, you can reallocate resources to more value-added activities, driving innovation and growth within your organization. Experience a rapid ROI as our robotic solutions enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

CapStone Technologies is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. Our engineers and developers leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually enhance our products, providing you with the most advanced and futureproof solutions in the market. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value and ensuring the long-term success of our clients.

Choose CapStone Technologies as your strategic partner in your print-to-mail automation discussions. Our comprehensive support and maintenance services guarantee seamless operations, while our responsive customer service team is always ready to assist you. With our labor-reducing robotic solutions, you can transform your operations, optimize efficiency, and achieve rapid ROI.

Unlock the power of automation in the print and mail industry with CapStone Technologies. Visit to discover how our robotic solutions can revolutionize your business. Contact us today and embark on a journey towards a more efficient and profitable future with CapStone Technologies.


Clear Image Technologies is a company focused on affordable, reliable solutions for the direct mail industry. With over 35 years of experience in direct mail, we understand that each mailer’s needs are different, and that one large, complex system is more than many companies need. Our goal is to provide user-friendly, scalable, inserting alternatives. All our products are modular.

In 2007, we developed the Picture Perfect Match System for companies doing match mailings by hand or hand checking the mailing off the end of their inserter. This visual match system, retrofitted to a customer’s existing inserter, displays images of the mail components on a monitor to allow the operator to visually inspect to ensure match integrity. This provided a low cost, semi automated system to companies with medium volume match mailings.

In 2009, after many customer requests to stop the inserter in the event of a mismatch, we incorporated the ability to upgrade to optical character recognition and barcode recognition. Using the same cameras from the basic system, we could now decode the images to look for names and sequence numbers to match on and data recording of each piece processed.

In 2014 we teamed with Pitcairn Engineering and rewrote that software to employ the .net framework, Tesseract OCR engine, and Sauvola binarization to increase speed up to 300%.

In 2015 we added Read and Print. Using our reading technology, Norwix’s printing software and HP print technology, we can insert, match, and print in one pass.

By partnering with equipment dealers like Tri-State Mailing Equipment in New York, Peak Business Equipment in St. Louis, CSG Automation in Niantic, CT, Mailing Equipment Company in Ft. Worth, Cowart-Gagnon in Seattle, and TLM and associates in Clearwater, we’ve been able to provide sales, service, and support to the US and Canada.

We are constantly in the field, listening to our customers, the salespeople, technicians, and operators that use our products. Have a need not mentioned here? Call us!


COMPANY: Clear Image Technologies, LLC

PHONE: 314.853.5867



THE 2023-24

When critical information needs to be delivered promptly and with accountability, ConfirmDelivery offers a fast and cost-effective solution for businesses. Our web-based program streamlines the Certified Mail process, allowing you to handle mail pieces individually or in large batches of thousands. Say goodbye to the typical 7-10 day wait for the green card and reduce postage expenses in the process! Creating an address sheet, placing it in our provided envelopes, and sending it out is all it takes. Our software is user-friendly and highly adaptable, allowing seamless integration with the USPS tracking and address verification system for easy access to address sheets and labels.

Keeping things simple is at the core of ConfirmDelivery’s philosophy. Once your account is set up, you can effortlessly create and monitor mail pieces, as well as get reports of critical mailings, all through our online platform. Multiple users can collaborate on mailings simultaneously, and our comprehensive reporting features display the activities of each user and department, enabling companies to budget accurately for their expenses. With no monthly fees or contracts, you only pay for the pieces you need.

ConfirmDelivery distinguishes itself by incorporating patented technology for tracking each mail piece. You can conveniently track items directly online via our software or from your database. Moreover, we work closely with the post office to assist clients in locating lost mail pieces and obtaining crucial delivery information, which is particularly vital for Certified Mailing. Sorting tracking data by recipient, company, location, customer reference number, or USPS tracking number is a breeze with ConfirmDelivery. Managing recipient signatures can be easily done through queries or automatic email notifications, making printing or electronic storage a hassle-free process.

For more than 15 years, ConfirmDelivery has been a trusted partner for city and county governments, law firms, banks, and hospitals, providing them with a reliable solution for their accountable mail needs. Contact us today to schedule a personal webinar and discover just how straightforward our services are!



COMPANY: ConfirmDelivery

PHONE: 888.960.6245




Crawford Technologies is a renowned global company known for its award-winning software solutions and services, empowering enterprises to enhance the secure and accessible delivery, storage, and presentation of customer communications. With an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) and recognition as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, Crawford Technologies has an unparalleled track record of delivering excellence.

Our approach is centered around an unwavering commitment to innovation. Leveraging the power of AI, our cutting-edge core technology encompasses the world’s fastest and most accurate transforms, document re-engineering capabilities, workflow solutions, security tools, postal solutions, low code interfaces, and feature-rich dashboards.

With our AI-based SmartSetup solution, organizations can effortlessly onboard new jobs and applications within minutes instead of hours or days. Unlike traditional workflow tools that require unique setups for each application, our Advanced Normalization capability allows bills, statements, letters, marketing material, and postcards to be processed through the same streamlined workflow enabling simplified operations, and facilitating improved reporting, tracking, and auditing.

CrawfordTech’s PDF Accelerator enhances performance and offers flexible optimization capabilities for handling large PDF files. It is industry-proven to streamline and optimize PDFs specifically for print workflows, resulting in improved performance, efficient asset and resource utilization, and substantial productivity gains.

Maximize your postal savings without compromising accuracy with our postal optimization solutions. Seamlessly connect to postal processing systems to access bulk mailing discounts and presorting benefits. Leverage our commingling and householding capabilities to easily drive increased efficiencies while achieving greater savings and an improved customer experience.

For a seamless, end-to-end production process across multiple sites and systems, PRO Conductor delivers with its interactive visual interface. Empowering critical stakeholders with real-time visibility, insights, and controls, PRO Conductor optimizes workflows and achieves impactful results in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) environment, encompassing both physical and digital channels.

Crawford Technologies’ dedication to innovation enables us to provide game-changing solutions that exceed customer expectations. Whether through our onsite software or secure cloud-based workflow solutions, we streamline processing to help organizations achieve operational excellence in customer communications.

Crawford Technologies
416.923.0080 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Delphax Solutions Inc. (DSI) is a North American based designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom developed cut sheet and continuous inkjet solutions for the production print and mailing industries.

Elan 170 Series

Targeted at envelopes and other short to medium run applications, the Elan 170 series of products features a 12.7” print width on media up to 13”x19” as standard (other sizes can be supported), with print resolutions up to 1600x1600 DPI, support for fully variable data, and pantone matching. This unique and scalable system offers built in support for printing on paper, corrugated, envelopes, paper bags, etc. with cost effective CMYK pigmented inks at print speeds of up to 170 letter sized impressions per minute, or over 17,000 #10 envelopes per hour, and handles standard windowed envelopes — no need for special laser envelopes.

Elan 500 HD Series

If you are looking for high-speed printing on uncoated offset or inkjet media, look no further than the Elan 500 HD. This high productivity device prints full CMYK duplex at 500 letter impressions per minute, on sheets up to 18”x26” at 1600x1375 DPI. Targeted at the transactional and direct mail production space, this system comes as standard with high capacity feeder and stacker modules at a significantly lower acquisition cost and a significantly higher throughput than competitive systems.

Elan WR Series

Finding an experienced offset press operator is becoming more and more challenging. DSI’s Elan WR series offers the opportunity to leverage the investment in continuous offset presses by replacing the traditional offset press mechanisms with digital inkjet, retaining your investment in the “heavy iron” transport. Available with either of the print engines from our Elan 170 or Elan 500 HD systems, this solution provides many companies with a cost effective entry point to continuous inkjet at less than half the price of a new equivalent system from the competition.

Delphax Solutions Inc. PHONE: 833.DELPHAX or 833.335.7429

For more than 35 years, Firstlogic has been recognized for its high-performance, selfmanaged data quality software. The largest companies trust Firstlogic to achieve top performance in CASS Certified™ address cleansing, NCOALink® change of address, address geocoding, data cleansing, standardization, matching, enrichment, and more.

Built for Enterprise. Deploy Firstlogic software on your own infrastructure, behind your own firewall. Or, deploy it on cloud systems from providers such as Azure, GCP, and AWS. Either way, you get highest quality results in the shortest amount of time. Validate against over 160 million USPS® mailing addresses without making an external network request.

Open Integration. Deploy our complete, out-of-the-box solutions or choose to integrate directly with your data quality workflows. With Java, C++, and .NET developer APIs, customers can easily add real-time data processing to custom apps, web servers, CRM plugins, and workflow managers.

Secure and Private. Comply with privacy standards and regulations to protect data through our secure on-premise architecture, keeping your data on your own servers. Firstlogic’s financial services and healthcare customers have some of the strictest data policies of any industry.

Word-Class Support. Experience the highest level of support and service — this is our commitment to our customers. Experts are available via phone and email to help with any questions or issues. Training and implementation services are also available to help get the most out of the software suite.

Simple Licensing. Firstlogic makes licensing simple by providing an annual license subscription without charging usage fees. Annual subscriptions include the software license, maintenance, technical support, and unlimited usage. Firstlogic provides the software, address directories, and assistance to help customers install and manage the software within their own operating environments.

For more information about Firstlogic’s products, use-cases and services, please visit or call (678) 256 - 2900 to talk to one of our Data Quality Experts.




COMPANY: Firstlogic

PHONE: 678.256.2900


USPS®, DSF2®, CASS™, CASS Certified™ and NCOALink® are trademarks of the United States Postal Service. Firstlogic Solutions, LLC is a non-exclusive Licensee of the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) to provide USPS certified NCOALink® interface software to authorized Licensee candidates.

GrayHair unlocks actionable insights from customer data for the largest companies throughout the United States, providing increased visibility into vital processes across many parts of an organization.

Since 2000, we have become the leading consumer and provider of postal data, processing over 125 billion data points annually. Today our mission is to enable decisionmakers with valuable customer insights by turning data into Business-Ready Intelligence.

This intelligence allows company leaders to make decisions that can significantly improve essential business processes: marketing campaign effectiveness, fraud reduction, improved client experience, and postal optimization.

Our approach to postal optimization is designed for high-volume mailers who focus on improving customer communications through:

Delivery Performance - Gain visibility into mail processing and delivery (outbound and inbound) for service-level agreement management, and improved operational efficiencies.

Address Data Quality - Exceeding industry standards to reduce undeliverable mail and improve customer satisfaction and responsiveness. These results return annual savings in the millions for our clients.

Security & Compliance - Ensure addresses are correct and current to meet industry regulations and USPS® standards while monitoring mail piece delivery for regulatory requirements. Gain the highest levels of data security — the same high-level security we use for processing the largest banks and insurance companies in the country.

Ready to unlock the value in your postal data?


Kern is your technology partner offering multiple options for your mail inserting needs. Our family-run business prides itself on being an industry leader that can assist you from the first to the last mile. Now let us share with you our NEW K3200 multi-format system. This impressive machine is already known for its speed, formatting options, and diversity, which sets it apart from the competition.

With the ability to process #10, 6x9 and flat applications, the Kern 3200 is reliable with cutting edge yet simple operations, making it ideal for use in transactional and direct mail markets. Advancements improving automatic format changeovers is a pivotal evolution in separating this machine from the current market. The K3200 inserter is the only system in this performance class that can be equipped with more than one envelope hopper. Making this a one-of-a-kind concept, processing different format envelopes job by job without the operator having to make a physical change. Additional diverting features allow the machine to automatically reject envelopes with quality issues; this eliminates unnecessary machine stops and operator intervention. These new features enable uninterrupted processing at the highest efficiency level. Kern is known for manufacturing robust and durable machines, and the K3200 is no exception. Count on its exceptional build quality and reliable performance to meet your mailing needs day in and day out.

The Kern portfolio also includes the K90, K91, and Card Sorter, showcasing the latest in robot technology for card fulfillment. These are most notably known for their streamlined efficiency and unparalleled ease of use. Additionally, the Pack on Time, right sized boxing solution, has been impactful in making strides to green and eco-friendly initiatives.

Every Kern system is backed by our Customer Success Guarantee to deliver 10 years of production grade output, when maintained under the Kern full-service maintenance agreement. Kern is a global leader in production mail and automated fulfillment solutions, we are truly committed to helping customers succeed.

For more information about our products, please visit or email info.usa@


COMPANY: Kern International PHONE: 614.317.2600



THE 2023-24

Since 1967, Kirk-Rudy has manufactured innovative solutions for the mailing and printing industries. From their state of the art factory just north of Atlanta, GA, a complete product line of feeders, transport bases, conveyors, inkjet printers, inserters, labelers, tabbers, sorting, stacking, tip-on, pick-n-place, folders, bump turns, drying, and matching/vision systems are engineered and produced with the highest standards of quality.

Harry Kirk’s principle of “Build a better machine, and it will sell itself” has been KirkRudy’s mission since day one. A highly experienced and dedicated team work together every day designing and manufacturing the highest quality mailing and printing equipment used by the world’s top companies.

Their most recent innovation is an all-in-one printing system that combines the heavyduty transport Kirk-Rudy is famous for with the quality and reliability the industry expects from Memjet technology. The FireJet 4C Color Inkjet System is a new breed of inkjet printer that offers a profitable alternative to the smaller desktop, toner-based digital color printers on the market today, as well as a low-cost alternative to larger production press systems.

The FireJet 4C can print A3+ and A4 cut sheets in full color (CMYK) at 1600 x 1600 dpi and can print at speeds up to 150 ft/min. The newly designed user-replaceable printhead has been engineered to provide a longer life — approximately 120 liters — and outstanding image quality across a broad range of porous, uncoated offset, and inkjet-coated media.

Their Phoenix UV LED 4.25” inkjet system continues to be the choice among mediumand high-volume printers and mailers for addressing mail and variable data imprinting. Followed by the UltraJet v21 with its 2.12” print area producing high volumes of addressing and card imprinting at blazing speeds.

Using HP’s thermal inkjet technology, the NetJet inkjet system is a fully modular, low cost system for addressing mail especially for low- to medium-volume operations. The KolorJet is a super-fast inkjet system for producing large volumes of full color envelopes at high speeds.

All of Kirk-Rudy’s equipment is sold through a worldwide network of authorized dealers who have been factory-trained on sales and service and fully supported by the factory.



COMPANY: Kirk-Rudy, Inc.

PHONE: 770.427.4203



THE 2023-24

Mail-Gard is the leading disaster recovery (DR) print-to-mail provider in the USA and we’ve held that position for the past 25 years! Our DR services & solutions are head and shoulders above anything our competition has to offer because Mail-Gard is uniquely dedicated only to disaster recovery, and time-tested through many successful disaster recoveries.

Mail-Gard wrote the book on Critical Communications Recovery

Mail-Gard was established in 1996 as the recovery industry’s first, stand-alone print-tomail recovery provider. Mail-Gard’s client base continued to grow to include Fortune 500 companies, as well as state and federal customers, and we continue to lead the field today as the premier provider of print-to-mail business continuity ad recovery services.

Mail-Gard is solely dedicated to Disaster Recovery Production

Mail-Gard only offers production services for disaster recovery & occasional overflow support to our DR clients. Our equipment is available when you need help and disaster recovery is always our top priority. Our sole focus is our clients who look to us for disaster recovery support at a moment’s notice.

Mail-Gard’s equipment configuration offers many options

Mail-Gard’s equipment list shows a great range of equipment from different manufacturers so we’re not limited to a single vendor and your DR plan isn’t either should your equipment footprint change.

Testing is essential

We conduct an average of 3 tests per week year-round which means that we’re practicing every day to be on demand for all our clients! We consider it essential for every client to test on a regular basis and we will work with your team to ensure that your tests are conducted promptly and per your requirements.

Mail-Gard meets high-level security standards across industry specifications.

 ISI/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

 PCI-DSS 3.2.1 – Level 1 Certification

 HITRUST CSF v9.3 Certification

 HIPAA Compliance SOC 2 Reporting

We don’t tell you what constitutes a disaster, you tell us!

Whatever event or circumstance is impacting your business, causing you to need a hand, that’s when we’re here to provide assistance. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an operational recovery due to downed equipment, employee strike, or utility failure, or even a scheduled equipment update, Mail-Gard will never set a limitation on when or why you can declare a disaster; neither will we set a waiting period before you can declare. You can call our hotline whenever you need us.

Our experience and success speak for themselves

Mail-Gard has assisted 40+ clients over the years with their critical mail recoveries, with a 100% successful recovery rate. And while a successful disaster recovery is truly a team effort between client and vendor, we’re the ones who’ve actually been through the DR process before. Our employees’ average tenure is 10+ years. The value of actual DR experience can’t be overstated and we bring that experience and knowledge to every recovery solution.

Recovery is our only business and we do it better than anyone!

THE 2023-24

Melissa Direct, a division of Melissa, helps mailers stay current with domestic and international address quality. Melissa continues to strengthen its position as the address expert with the recent acquisition of ZipInfo, offering complete, comprehensive ZIP Code databases including associated MSA/PSA and CBSA data. In addition, Melissa has partnered with Global-Z International with a mission to help enterprises maximize the value of their global customer data while providing a unique consultative approach. Since 1985, Melissa has helped thousands of companies worldwide stay in touch with customers, reduce undeliverable mail, and increase ROI with address and other contact data quality solutions.

NCOALink® National Change of Address Processing

Melissa is a NCOALink® Full-Service Provider licensee of the USPS® and will match your list against the full USPS NCOALink dataset of over 160 million moves filed over the last 48 months. Plus, Melissa leverages mCOA and pCOA databases — millions of change-of-address records from multi-sourced and proprietary data — to reach those 40% of households that do not file a change-of-address with the USPS.

Melissa also provides NCOA services for many international countries. As one of only a handful of Canada Post® licensees, Melissa updates your file based on a dataset of 10 million move records from the last 72 months while simultaneously performing Canadian Address Hygiene.

Online Presorting

Mailers Online is the easy-to-use SaaS mailing solution that prepares USPS-compliant mailings and presorts in the Cloud. All you have to do is simply upload your list and Mailers Online will standardize, verify, cleanse, dedupe, and update all addresses to increase deliverability and qualify for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, and Destination Discounts. Mailers Online offers the flexibility for your entire team to process mailings without installing and updating software at each workstation, no long-term contracts, and easy pay-per-job pricing.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Melissa’s LeadGen Mailing List APIs provide access to over 200 million consumers, 15 million businesses, as well as Occupant and Property Owner mailing lists. With wholesale pricing, these lists may be for internal or retail use. Build, order, and download lists that contain demographic and firmographic location information and more, at any time. Define market segments, reach the ideal audience, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers with updated and accurate information.

Solutions for Everyone

Melissa’s address hygiene solutions are available as Web APIs, Automated FTP (fast, convenient and secure processing 24/7/365), SaaS, and desktop software. Stay in touch with your customers and prospects, improve deliverability, cut costs, and increase ROI all with better address quality.

“Melissa is honored to have helped so many large and small businesses in the US, Canada, Europe, and around the world over the last 38 years. It is our distinct pleasure to empower our clients with the clean, accurate, and verified address data they need to achieve their mailing goals in a rapidly changing environment.”


THE 2023-24



COMPANY: microglue (GMS VanSco of Valco Melton)

PHONE: 707.285.3392



Gluing Systems & Machinery, INC. (GMS) has been servicing the needs of the converting, graphic arts, and direct mail industries since 1977. Our focus is on providing Americanmade, high-quality performance-based hot melt, and cold gluing systems. GMS understands your business and can provide you with a product capable of performing beyond expectations.

microglue® is our complete line of hot melt and cold gluing systems and accessories, consisting of programmable 2, 4, and 8 channel pattern controllers, adhesive melt units, hot and cold glue applicators, and various cold gluing systems. Capable of producing high-quality results at a fantastic price, the microglue® line is an effective choice for all your adhesive application needs.

The micromailer® consists of flow fold tables that come integrated with a 20” feeder, inline product scoring, inline perforating, card tipping, and gluing in one simple, affordable package. Designed to be expandable for future applications, the micromailer® offers an affordable solution for most direct mail applications and complies with current postal requirements.

microgluer® is a family of small-format buckle plate folding and gluing machines designed to simplify and streamline the folding and gluing operation for mailing applications. These machines are available in formats starting from basic half and letter folds, with or without glue, to more complex mailers that include z-fold and micro-perforation options. The microgluer® features dot, line, or stitch patterns, patented output seed compensation, shutter control output, product and batch counters, and a production rate meter. The microgluer® is the simplest and easiest-to-use tabletop folder with an integrated glue system; capable of being configured for all small format and direct mail applications. Made affordable and accessible to our customers, expandability and flexibility are just part of the advantages to working with GMS and our microgluer® family of products.

THE 2023-24

Unleash the power of automation for Letter and Flat sorting to stay ahead of the competition. Since 1977, NPI has remained a leader in innovative sorting solutions, streamlining automation worldwide. NPI designs modular, cost-saving sortation systems for mixed mail, including letters, flats, and thick marketing mail. NPI’s best-in-class technology improves operational efficiency, increases production, reduces labor costs, and is configurable to meet most floor-space requirements.

NPI allows customers to tailor their letter and flat sortation systems according to their unique requirements. With customizable configurations, businesses can prioritize specific criteria such as size, weight, delivery speed, or destination address. This flexibility empowers businesses to optimize their processes, meet customer demands effectively, sustain ROI, and improve the efficiency of any operation.

Accuracy is essential. Manual sorting is susceptible to errors, resulting in misrouted or delayed deliveries. NPI systems are equipped with state-of-the-art software and advanced optical character recognition (OCR) to ensure accurate identification and routing of mail items to minimize manual handling errors, reduce processing time, ensure timely delivery, and effortlessly handle a large volume of letters and flats, maximizing productivity and enhancing the overall efficiency of the sorting process.

Our team of automated sorting experts not only design, engineer, and install automated solutions, but also provide exceptional on-site service, maintenance, and a 24-hour help desk.

Vsort Letter & Flats Sorting System:

The NPI Vsort has revolutionized flat-sorting technology with an industry-leading throughput of 24,000 per hour. Equipped with patented anti-jam technology and remarkable speed, the Vsort effectively reduces the necessity for human intervention, resulting in significant cost savings and improved profits. It boasts industry-leading throughput capabilities and processes letters and flats up to 0.6 inches thick.

Maxim High Volume Letter Sorting System:

A high-performing, reliable and flexible solution is NPI’s Maxim. With its advanced reading and sorting technology, lightning-fast processing speed, and a wide range of pocket options, the Maxim is the obvious choice for high-volume mail sorting. With a throughput rate of up to 50,000 letters per hour, you can trust the Maxim to deliver the flexibility, reliability, and high performance you need to streamline your operations and take your letter and mail sorting requirements to the next level.

Omega Letter & Flats Sorting System:

NPI’s Omega is one of the most compact sorters on the market today, with an impressive throughput of up to 20,000 pieces per hour, and the most advanced Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR), capable of reading both handwritten and text. We have incorporated patented anti-jam technology in our sorter pocket design, providing a more dependable and efficient process that reduces downtime and increases productivity. The Omega has proven to be the right choice for businesses looking for a productive mail sorter with a small footprint.

For more information about NPI’s automated systems contact NPI at 888-821-SORT (7678).




COMPANY: Rena By Quadient

PHONE: 888.444.7362



Rena By Quadient offers an all-inclusive line of monochrome address printers. The AS-450, AS-650 & AS-850 each include modern designs, an easy-to-use color touch screen, the ability to print on UV stocks and more! They are great for any size business, including but not limited to entry-level mailers, schools, commercial printers, and packaging/fulfillment companies.

Rena occupies space in the digital printing world as well. The Rena MACH 6 uses revolutionary technology from Memjet® and has an all-new design. The MACH 6 is capable of printing full color graphics and variable data on a variety of material, including substrates up to 3/8” thick, such as stuffed envelopes, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, folding cartons, and much more. It is great for printing long runs, but also perfect for those on-demand short runs.

Rena is a brand of Quadient, a company that is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. By focusing on four key solution areas including Customer Experience Management, Business Process Automation, Mail-Related Solutions, and Parcel Locker Solutions, Quadient helps simplify the connection between people and what matters. Quadient supports hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in their quest to create relevant, personalized connections and achieve customer experience excellence.

All of Rena’s products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA with the primary focus on providing the highest quality products on the market. We invite you to learn more about the above products plus more at


SmartSoft Inc. is a leading provider of workflow management software, offering address correction, postal discounts, and print workflow automation software for the United States and Canada.

SmartAddresser – All-in-One Postal Software

If you want to switch to a more user-friendly and feature-rich mailing software solution, then now is a great time to try an industry leader. From state-of-the art address correction features and the very latest postal presorting options to advanced features such as automated mail processing with job scripting, SmartAddresser is the USPS® Certified postal software you can trust. Your data will be accurate and your mail prepared correctly, saving you time and saving you money.

AccuMail – Address Verification Tools

Available as standalone desktop software or cross-platform APIs (Linux, Windows or MacOS) that are easily integrated into most existing third-party applications or homegrown systems, SmartSoft’s address verification tools let you validate addresses one at a time, at point-of-entry, or in batch across your entire database. They are fully scalable to the size of any organization and designed to improve the accuracy of your customer contact data.

PressWise – Print MIS and Workflow Automation

Designed by a printer as an alternative to purchasing independent modules (or custom development) of Print Estimating, Workflow Automation, Print MIS, Shipping and Mail Preparation Software, PressWise provides a single print workflow system, with all the tools needed to streamline your operation and grow your business. Available cloud or selfhosted with NO long-term contracts, and browser-based for instant access — anytime, anywhere. PressWise also integrates with most existing web-to-print systems storefronts and lets you handle more orders with fewer touch points, improving productivity and maximizing your ROI.

Solutions that are easy to use and designed to save you money.


Under the direction of its president, founder, and inventor Jim Malatesta, Tritek Systems has been evolving and providing unparalleled and field-proven mail processing solutions since 1984. Following Tritek’s development of the 88-5 Optical Character Reader, numerous US and European patents have been awarded for advanced technologies that make the equipment manufactured by Tritek the best in the industry.

Throughout its history, Tritek Technologies has designed and custom-built machines and software to meet the unique application needs and objectives of our customers. Tritek configures machines to fit small areas when necessary and builds expanded designs to accommodate large-scale sorting operations with multi-tier bins. Tritek also offers portable units customers can wheel about the facility.

Continuous, customer-driven innovation

Tritek is proud of its accomplishments in adaptability. “We work with companies to provide technologies that will enhance the operations they already have in place,” says Jim Malatesta. Tritek offers solutions that process mail items, parcels, and documents using proprietary imaging systems that capture images on one or both sides of the material automatically, in a single pass. The equipment reads address information in any orientation.

One machine for everything

A single machine from Tritek is designed to accurately feed, read, image, time/date stamp, archive, track, digitally email and sort postcards, letters, flats, magazines, postcards, polywrapped materials, and newspapers. One Tritek machine processes all these different types of mail — up to 3/4 of an inch in thickness — simultaneously on the same transport. See for a demonstration video.

Return mail, parcel handling, and customizable sorting rules

Tritek’s return mail processing is an efficient and cost-saving application. It interfaces with a database that automatically updates mailing addresses for delivery.

Tritek’s versatile, small-footprint, high-performance parcel sorter handles all sizes of parcels up to 80 pounds with a sorting capacity of 1024 hampers. Tritek’s imaging system reads all labels and barcodes on parcels omni-directionally and also provides dimensioning. The Ace Workstation offers companies that send or receive parcels and mail items a way to automate labor-intensive processes. This compact unit determines mail or package weight and dimension, looks up addresses, and creates labels with a unique barcode ID for mail delivery tracking.

Tritek’s “Rule Editor Software” is a unique, customized database that enables accurate delivery to a mail recipient’s location automatically. Customers make any adjustments necessary to handle situations such as industry-specific abbreviations and acronyms, relocation of employees, mail forwarding, mail tracking, and email delivery.

Over the last 39 years, Tritek Technologies has solved mail processing challenges for customers in a wide variety of industries. Tritek’s dedicated and experienced field service providers and a talented, innovative group of engineers serve Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government organizations (including vote-by-mail), financial corporations, insurance companies, universities, mail presorters, and facility management companies. Tritek is an international enterprise with installations throughout the world.

To find out how solutions from Tritek Technologies can make your organization more productive, please visit the company website: 302-238-6663. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Tritek Technologies PHONE: 302.238.6663 WEBSITE:

Annually, over 1.2 billion pieces of First-Class Mail® are returned to sender as undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA). It is inevitable and could be a serious detriment to company finances, sustainability, and overall efficiency.

Businesses can alleviate these issues using the United States Postal Service® Secure Destruction option. USPS BlueEarth® Secure Destruction is a no-additional-cost option offered to all ACS™ customers sending out letter- or flat-sized First-Class Mail.

Here’s a quick overview of how Secure Destruction works:

1.First-Class Mail is processed.

2.The UAA mail is labeled, sorted, and individually verified.

3.Verified UAA mail is securely shredded.

4.Shredded UAA mail is recycled.

5.Daily reports of securely destroyed UAA mail are available for businesses.

Undeliverable-as-addressed mail isn’t just an inconvenience. It presents real problems that could be resolved by using Secure Destruction. Here are three benefits of using Secure Destruction for your business:

1.Reduced carbon footprint – Secure Destruction reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the impacts associated with the reverse logistics of return-to-sender mail. It also negates the need for businesses to manage, destroy, and dispose of returned mail.

2.Reduced costs – Manually handling and destroying returned mail requires extra staff, increased hours, investments in proper equipment, and higher energy bills. Some companies hire third-party contractors to deal with UAA First-Class Mail, which are quite expensive. With Secure Destruction, these expenditures can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

3.Reduced privacy risks – Secure and reliable UAA mail piece destruction benefits customers by cutting down touchpoints at which sensitive information is exposed. The shredding is done to a maximum size of 0.24 in. x 1 in. or 6 mm x 25.4 mm, meeting the international standard, further reducing businesses’ liability.

To learn more about USPS BlueEarth Secure Destruction and how to get started, visit



COMPANY: USPS PHONE: 877.640.0724

WEBSITE: Secure Destruction | PostalPro (


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