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ctivePDF, Inc. is a leading software provider of PDF creation, conversion, modification, and viewing tools that integrate seamlessly within business processes of virtually any workflow application including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), Document Management and many more. Catering to the increasing demand for automated documents to digital practices within key vertical enterprise markets, the ActivePDF suite is designed to streamline large volumes of rendering and assembly of content to secure, accessible, compliant PDFs. The suite of server-based products address a number of enterprise business demands such as drag and drop PDF creation; conversion from many file types to and from PDF; dynamic form-filling; stamping; PDF viewing and editing; digital signatures; PDF/A secure archiving; CAD conversion; extraction of text and images; and conversion to PDF from any URL, HTML stream or file while providing industry leading fidelity.






The company first entered the PDF solutions arena with its flagship product, ActivePDF Server and quickly became a market leader with a reputation for providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Additional server-based products soon followed including Toolkit, WebGrabber, DocConverter, Meridian and Portal. New on the horizon of product introductions is Xtractor and CADConverter. ActivePDF offers a free 30 day evaluation downloads and are available for purchase on the company website, Delivering innovation, ActivePDF prides itself on providing high-quality products and renowned 4 hour response with 24/7 support to its clients and strategic business partners, demonstrating ActivePDF’s commitment to working closely with clients to satisfy their evolving digital needs. Enterprise and government clients rely on ActivePDF’s comprehensive, reliable and performant technology in delivering time saving, end-to-end PDF-based solutions in driving their digital business. Founded in January 2000, ActivePDF has since built a substantial market presence with over 23,000 customers and approximately 300,000 server licenses worldwide. Headquartered in Laguna Niguel, California, ActivePDF is privately held and self-funded, with a global distribution network spanning every continent. ActivePDF clients consist of over half the Fortune and Global 500 organizations, represented in literally every vertical market including healthcare, financial, manufacturing, utilities, engineering, legal, transportation and government.


Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Software Architect, is the founder of ActivePDF. Tim began his career as a naval engineering programmer and then migrated over to education working for the University of Southern California. He then began consulting for companies and institutions in industries such as education, utilities, manufacturing, communication, transportation and entertainment. As the Internet began to boom, Tim identified the need for server-based PDF tools to address the demand to implement best practices for the automation of digital documents. Tim is an active member and speaker for the PDF Association and reviewer for the ISO32000/PDF standard.




DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer  

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer