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WHAT’S OUR VOICE-ACTIVATED COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY? How to answer the big questions By Lynne Andrews


ustomer communications have transformed into conversations. This is because outbound marketing monologues are being replaced by customer-initiated dialogues. For brands, this means taking another look at a voice-activated communications strategy. Creating near-human interactions by combining artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology, user-spoken intents, and client transactional document data is simply smart business. We continue to see steady growth and use of voice-enabled devices. In fact, Forrester forecasts that smart speaker adoption in US households will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34% by 2022, and nearly twothirds of Internet users access their voice


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assistants with their smartphones, according to the “Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report 2018.” These one-to-one engagements between a brand and its intended audience lead to more efficient two-way communications, reduced inquiries for customer support centers, on-time bill payments, and increases in e-adoption rates. Perhaps this is why a reported 62% of senior decision makers in the US plan to invest in voice technology within the next two years, according to research by eMarketer. Implementing a voice-activated communications strategy can also help brands to deliver content (including historical and current statement information) via popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, encourage self-service

capabilities, and allow customers to set and receive reminders and status updates across all smart devices. Before a customer can ever ask, “Alexa, how much more is my gas bill this month compared to last month?” some legwork behind the scenes is required. Often, senior-level decision makers rely heavily on strategies used for other tech investments when implementing voice-activated technology. To build confidence in your investment, you’ll need to answer the big questions: What is your competition doing with this technology? Can you leverage it in a way that uniquely positions your brand? Do you understand how your customers will use voice-activated technology? Is this technology safe from a privacy standpoint? Which documents

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DOCUMENT Strategy Spring 2019  

DOCUMENT Strategy Spring 2019

DOCUMENT Strategy Spring 2019  

DOCUMENT Strategy Spring 2019