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We are excited to announce the 2023-2024 HOT CX SOLUTION COMPANIES. Each year at this time, we publish this special sponsored-content issue featuring a select group of CX solution providers. We will also continue to promote this list for the next 12 months to make sure you keep their solutions on your short list for

your upcoming plans.

This year’s special sponsored HOT COMPANIES issue is promoting 13 businesses that each offer a unique solution for your specific customer experience strategy.

There is no better time than the present to look deeply across your enterprise on ways to improve your customer experience. Businesses are looking for solutions that will best help them develop and manage their communications and at the same time give the the most personalized and interactive experience.

There are thousands of companies from many different industries that have made improving their customer experience their top priority. They all want customers to stay loyal; however, they also know there can be a large increase in revenue that comes with this enterprise-wide investment.

Take a look at each of our HOT COMPANIES, visit their websites, check them out on social media and even email or call them with questions. Right now is the best time to start making the changes you need in 2024 and beyond.

Wishing you all the very best! Take care.

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1. Integration With Your Business Applications — We provide an open integration to your customer data (relational, transactional, XML) stored in your business applications such as underwriting/claims, CRM, ERP, EMR, billing, and/or other systems.

2. Template Authoring — We provide an authoring tool, built on Microsoft Word with our custom-built components that enables your template authoring process to be easy, efficient and secure. To make changes to document templates, you simply check the template out from our secure content library, make changes and simply check it back into the content library.

3. Document Generation — We provide you with a choice of methods you employ to create personalized customer documents: high-volume production runs (Batch), one-toone customer service (Interactive) and/or customer self-service (OnDemand). We have built in easy-to-use automated business processes so you can apply business rules to the template design in order to dynamically include customer data, reusable images, paragraphs and prompts into your personalized customer documents such as letters, correspondence, policies, agreements, statements and EOBs.

4. Document Archival — We provide an out-of-box full-function document archive for the automatic storage and management of all of your distributed customer documents, making it easy to also search, view and redistribute customer documents for one to one customer service and/or customer self-service 24/7.

5. Multi-Channel Document Distribution — Our multi-channel distribution engine enables you to distribute documents based on your customer’s individual preferences — print, e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile and/or the Web.

20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24 CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Azuba Corporation PHONE: 630.420.1515 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Broadridge’s communications platform, the Broadridge Communications CloudSM, facilitates seamless omni-channel communications experiences on behalf of Broadridge clients.

Broadridge’s solutions and strategy help end consumers transition from print to digital, while amplifying the value of digital communications and experiences.

 Omni-channel Composition

 Identity and Preference Management

 Information and Journey Management

 Omni-channel Delivery

 Analytics and Reporting

“… Broadridge’s ability to really drive digital communications strategy makes it a strong contender in the market and one to watch.”- Aspire

Aligning with Client Objectives:

 Provides leading omni-channel customer experiences based on continuous innovation, like Wealth InFocus

 Unifies branding

 Personalizes messaging

 Enables business user self-service

 Speeds time-to-market and change management

 Facilitates bidirectional communications

 Manages regulatory and security risks

 Converts print to digital

 Creates a platform that all business lines can utilize

Company Facts:

 7B+ communications delivered annually across print and 12+ digital channels

 Positioned as the Overall Leader in Financial Services Customer Communications Solutions – Aspire CCM-CXM Leaderboard

 Named a Leader in the Everest Group Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

Learn more about how to take your communications to the next level.

20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24 CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Broadridge PHONE: 415.805.9772 WEBSITE: EMAIL: customercommunications@

Effectively Manage Evolving Expectations

Customer expectations shifted dramatically and, as technology and innovation persist, expectations will continue to evolve. Customers demand dynamic, relevant, personalized, real-time communications in their preferred delivery methods, and seek businesses that can satisfy their expectations.

Compart, the named leader in Enterprise Communication Processing (ECP) by Aspire, has been successfully optimizing customer communication processes for over 30 years. Our award winning, well-engineered solutions and highly responsive technical support are reasons for our success. Compart’s DocBridge Solutions address the entire Customer Communication Management (CCM) process workflow from raw data to Omnichannel delivery. Should your projects require optimization in only some process steps of ECP, Compart easily integrates into the CCM workflow through our open standards, REST, API interfaces.

Modernize and Transform CCM Operations a Better Way with Compart

Organizations and Government Agencies seek new ways to modernize communication platforms developed years ago for batch, print-based communications. Now, CCM solutions need to be capable of ingesting any format, connecting to any system, and extending to leading business applications. Legacy systems should not be replaced with additional proprietary and monolithic systems that caused the shortcomings the industry is faced with today.

Compart’s DocBridge Software easily augments current legacy systems, providing modern functionality without the expense and effort remapping existing workflows. Organizations can now leverage output from existing legacy applications and convert those applications into Omnichannel content for modern communications delivery according to customer preferences. Compart offers modern, modular, nimble, and flexible solutions that make budgetary sense to CCM operations and that satisfy those ever-evolving customer expectations.

Compart’s DocBridge Solutions Add Critical Value to CCM Workflows:

Request a demo: CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Compart PHONE: 877.AFP2PDF / 877.237.2725 WEBSITE: EMAIL: 20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24 Format Conversion Document Quality Assurance Digital-first Document Composition Post Composition Production Approval Accessibility and 508 Compliance Process Optimization Omnichannel Distribution Process Tracking and Tracing

Crawford Technologies is a renowned global company distinguished for its award-winning software solutions and services, empowering enterprises to enhance the secure and accessible delivery, storage, and presentation of customer communications. Recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, with a consistently exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS), Crawford Technologies has an unparalleled track record of delivering excellence.

Our groundbreaking innovations have transformed the landscape of Enterprise Communication Processing (ECP). Organizations can now optimize and transform their communications to perfectly suit the preferences of each end recipient, without the need to recreate every piece in various multiple formats like PDF or HTML for mobile or accessibility.

Our mission is to help organizations deliver more relevant content through digital, mobile, and accessible channels. We enhance your communications to improve customer experience while saving costs through print suppression and eDelivery. We leverage APIs for preference and consent management tools, ensuring the output is tailored to the recipients’ specific needs.

With our award-winning ECP transform solutions, organizations can effortlessly modernize legacy communications for various formats, including Mobile, HTML, Accessible HTML, and Accessible PDF. The key advantage of our solution lies in its ability to accomplish this transformation without requiring the costly and time-consuming task of recreating each application on new Customer Communications Management (CCM) tools. Our SmartSetup solution leverages ML & AI to address the tedious indexing process for application onboarding and migration projects. As a result, many organizations have achieved significant cost savings, while accelerating time to revenue.

At Crawford Technologies, our driving force is our client’s success. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, our ECP solutions harness the power of game-changing technology, encompassing the world’s fastest and most accurate transforms, document re-engineering capabilities, workflow solutions, eDelivery tools, and accessibility features. Our capabilities allow us to create cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of your valued customers. Join us in the future of Enterprise Communication Processing (ECP), where innovation meets excellence, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24 CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Crawford Technologies PHONE: 416.923.0080 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Today’s customers are more complex than ever before. They have different needs, interact in more ways, and have different expectations for how you service them.

And when it comes to communication, let’s face it, customer preference is key and at times those preferences can be quite complex, with consumers favoring email for some interactions, chat for others and at times a physical document.

Building relationships with your customers through effective communications is critical to driving loyalty and creating upsell opportunities. But with such diverse needs and preferences among your customer base, maintaining clear, consistent, and effective customer communications across every touchpoint can be a frustrating, disjointed experience — both for customers and your organization.

Fueled by AI data assets, the solution is a centralized, cost-effective solution to manage all customer communications ensuring a consistent brand voice and frictionless customer interactions. That’s where the FIS Customer Communication Management (CCM) stack, Touch-CX, with its holistic, one-view approach to customer communications, can help.

Touch-CX is designed as a stack of solutions that allow you to build the CCM experience you require at your pace, with a host of solutions to meet your needs. Touch-CX brings all of the touchpoints between you and your customers into one centralized experience, allowing you to provide consistency across all communications, real time or batch, regardless of delivery channel. FIS architects assist in you in building your perfect CCM environment using one or more solutions from the stack based on your unique needs. And what makes this even easier is the fact that Touch-CX can integrate seamlessly across all existing products and solutions.

Touch-CX is the hub that brings together multiple parts of your organization’s communication needs and empowering you to fully engage your customers across every channel, enhancing their experience, and building loyalty for your institution.

The Benefits:

 APIs and data-integration tools

 Intuitive tools to create communications

 Review, approve and control content

 Quicker change management

 AI data assets fueling the right message at the right time through the right channel


It’s time to modernize customer communication management

Today’s customer experience extends across both the physical and digital realms. While other CCM vendors still rely on old-school approaches built for printed documents, Messagepoint provides intelligent content management across all channels.

Only Messagepoint leverages a unique modular approach to content management that enables you to manage your content in reusable components. This means your content isn’t locked in a single document or template, but instead is easily used and reused in dynamically generated composed communications and via headless APIs in any modern digital endpoint including mobile apps, Web pages, messaging apps, or chatbots.

Maximize speed, efficiency, and control

By providing a centralized, intelligent content hub, Messagepoint eliminates the need to duplicate and redundantly manage content across individual document templates and different systems to support customer experiences across multiple channels. When content needs to be edited, make the change once in Messagepoint, and the update appears instantly across all the relevant touchpoints and channels — ensuring speed, consistency, and compliance.

Personalize every customer experience

We believe that all customer communications should be relevant and personalized. With patented variation management and intuitive business user-managed targeting rules, Messagepoint makes it easy to consistently create and deliver contextual customer experiences across all channels.

Optimize content with Generative AI

Messagepoint has pioneered the use of AI for customer communications with a focus on content migration and optimization. As the first solution to incorporate generative AI through integrations with ChatGPT and GPT-4, Messagepoint enables content authors to request rewritten content suggestions, accelerating content optimization processes while taking advantage of enterprise-grade security and controls.


Customer communication management is the face you show to the world, the language with which you speak to your customers, and the way an interaction with you makes them feel. But it’s easy for companies to overlook the importance of it. And in 2023, building the kind of personalized communications customers have come to expect may seem like a daunting task.

Enter MHC EngageCX.

Our full-stack CCM solution utilizes configurable templates to maintain a clear and consistent message to your customers while reducing operational costs. Prioritizing security and compliance, MHC EngageCX eliminates risk while providing the information your customers need. We have what your enterprise business needs to:

Craft personalized communications on-demand or in batch that meet the needs, tone, and language of your customers, ensuring that everyone feels seen and heard.

Automate document creation through template management functionality and reusable content fragments, offering the ability to build professional documents at speed and scale.

Build an experience for your customer using real-time data analytics and customer journey mapping, getting to know your customer while nurturing a foundation of trust and loyalty.

Schedule a demo to see how MHC EngageCX can take your communications from production and assembly to personalization and omnichannel delivery.

Designed for use by business users, your company will no longer rely on IT to harness the power of omnichannel distribution, digital forms, workflow management, and interactive smart documents. Capture, collect, and process customer information that will provide the insight you need to deliver a superior customer experience.

Hone your brand voice, perfect your workflow process, and delight your customers through a CCM solution that builds the communications you and your customers deserve.


Neps has been a leader in the customer communications management industry for over 35 years with a focus on developing technology, solutions, and services with a consultative approach. We have developed award-winning technology, transforming customer communications with a flexible, self-service focus that is scalable, costeffective, and customized to meet our clients’ needs.

Neps is consistently reviewing and evaluating the latest trends and client needs in multiple CCM verticals. Our philosophy looks toward future-proofing our solutions, allowing new technologies to integrate quickly into our infrastructure while solving the legacy challenges of our clients. This approach combined with our digital delivery/print provider agnostic philosophy makes it easy for us to create a customized solution that works for our clients–present and future.

Check out our solutions that set us apart in the industry:

 Clear™ is a combination of AI technology and professional services that creates positive customer experiences and maximizes IT ROI with every letter, statement, email, or text delivered.

 NSite™ is a unified CCM technology platform that gives clients control of document creation, composition, workflow, and reporting across all available channels.

 Transform™ streamlines fillable form processes using guided interview-style customer experiences to increase user engagement and data usability while decreasing operating costs.

As a technology leader, George has elevated the design and integration of complex client-facing technical solutions. In building, sourcing, and improving customer communication platforms, he was first impressed by Neps technology as a client and then extremely honored to tackle legacy challenges for other clients as Neps’ CTO/ General Manager and now President.

With George’s proven track record of setting strategic direction, designing client solutions, and managing technical teams, he truly enjoys working with our customer experience design experts to transform complex and regulatory communications. George is passionate about building collaborative communities and mentoring teams, merging years of industry knowledge and networks to orchestrate largescale digital transformations. EXECUTIVE STATEMENT


O’Neil Digital Solutions, a division of William O’Neil Companies, is a total communications service provider and a recognized leader in technology-driven, marketing communications for nearly five decades. O’Neil specializes in Customer Communication Management (CCM) and provides hosted managed services in Customer Experience Management (CXM) for the Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services industries. O’Neil has managed client communications to over 120 million people in the U.S.

ONEsuite©: A Complete CCM/CX Solution for Digital Transformation

ONEsuite is O’Neil’s comprehensive, end-to-end CCM / CX platform that delivers unparalleled customer communications and experiences. ONEsuite continues to elevate service delivery and prove its innovative, next-generation data management, analytics, and next-best actions capabilities. ONEsuite helps organizations deliver tailored communications demanded by today’s sophisticated, technologically savvy customers. The Campaign Management Module provides clients with a powerful workflow to build, manage and deliver omnichannel campaigns, and track results. Dashboards enable clients to view funnel conversions and revenue generation for each campaign.

O’Neil recently released ONEsuite 4.0, which includes sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) integration, empowering businesses to deliver personalized, engaging, and seamless customer experiences like never before.

A Nationally Recognized Industry Leader

For the second consecutive year, O’Neil has been recently recognized as a global leader on Aspire’s Service Provider Leaderboard, a digital-first positioning grid that ranks toptier service providers across the CCM and CXM industries. O’Neil’s leaderboard position is based on an evaluation of the strength of strategic direction and capability.

“O’Neil differentiates itself through its technology, data legacy and its ability to segment individual recipients into ‘Live Personas’. This is the lifeblood of its ONEsuite platform. Organizations that use it to send their customer highly targeted interactions will be in a position to not only realize cost savings through increased digital adoption, but to also drive better business value by improving customer experience, adding upsell opportunities, and boosting their brand’s image with every touchpoint.”

— Aspire Customer Communications Services

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: O’Neil Digital Solutions PHONE: 310.448.6400 WEBSITE: EMAIL: 20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24

Modernizing Communications in Today’s Technology World: Embracing the Digital Evolution

Effective communication has become the cornerstone of success for individuals, businesses, and societies in today’s rapidly advancing technology-driven era. The proliferation of digital platforms and the relentless march of innovation have revolutionized how we interact, collaborate, and exchange information.

Real-time communication tools have bridged geographical gaps, making long-distance interactions seamless and empowering a new era of virtual collaboration.

For businesses, modernizing communications means embracing digital transformation to stay competitive. Integrating cloud-based solutions, artificial intelligence, and data analytics has revolutionized customer engagement, employee collaboration, and organizational efficiency.

Moreover, modernizing communications also holds the potential to address global challenges and promote social progress. Technology-enabled communication facilitates the dissemination of critical information, enhances disaster response efforts, and fosters cooperation for sustainable development.

OpenText partners with your company to embrace these advancements with a thoughtful and responsible approach to address the challenges posed by cybersecurity, data privacy, and the digital divide. By striking the right balance between technology and humanity, we can usher in an era of more inclusive, efficient, and meaningful communication.

The OpenText™ Experience Cloud platform integrates experiences, media, communications, messaging, and data for customer experience management in one cohesive platform. Enabling organizations to seamlessly personalize experiences and communications, deliver relevant engagement and optimize the customer journey, OpenText helps maximize revenue, improve operations, and create customers for life.

OpenText’s Experience Cloud helps organizations deliver relevant, efficient omnichannel customer experiences personally tailored for internal and external use cases, authenticated and anonymous experiences, and more to exceed customer expectations and optimize operations.

About OpenText

Helping you tackle the most complex digital transformation programs with confidence. OpenText can help you tackle the most complex digital transformation programs with confidence. With the world’s most complete and integrated Information Management platform, we empower our customers to organize, integrate and protect data and content as it flows through business processes inside and outside their organization.


From CCM design to delivery — differentiate & drive value with Quadient

Customer communications often serve as the only interaction that customers have with brands, but meeting expectations can be challenging. With end-to-end design and delivery from Quadient Inspire, it does not have to be.

Quadient Inspire is a customer experience management (CXM) portfolio that powers your business needs across the complete customer lifecycle. Inspire lets you deploy, integrate and create efficient, journey-centric customer communications, faster and easier.

Realize operational efficiency. Realize revenue gains. Realize the power of transformation with Quadient’s market-leading customer communications management solution.

Transform communications management today, with no implementation limitations Design, manage, and deliver personalized, compliant communications across all channels from one centralized platform. Inspire allows employees (or the business user) to manage less, gain time and enhance efficiency with hundreds of capabilities for more data-driven automation, more cloud deployment and more intelligent content control of customer communications. Deployable in any environment — on-premise, cloud, hosted managed service, or a hybrid — organizations have unmatched flexibility to meet their needs today and at any point in the future.

Enhance customer experience by linking communications to data-backed customer journey visualization

CX transformation starts in just hours, Inspire CJM is the only cloud-based journey mapping solution that integrates customer journey mapping and communications integration technologies to optimize the process of delivering customer-first, omnichannel communications experiences.

Never lose sight of a communication again

Communication automation simplifies the distribution of physical and digital customer communications, improving processes, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.


Empower Your Business, Boost Customer Loyalty. That’s SMART.

Every engagement — from onboarding and enrollment to delivering letters and contracts — is part of a larger, ongoing conversation between you and your customers. But, as your organization grows in size and complexity, the conversation often begins to break down. Smart Communications helps organizations regain control over their customer conversations and transform the experience faster than any technology provider on the market.

Insurance Redefined

For the insurance industry, Smart Communications is a game-changer. Hundreds of insurers globally rely on our cloud-native solutions to create and deliver personalized, compliant communications and conversations at every touchpoint in the policy and claims lifecycles — from letters and correspondence to applications, quotes, forms and more. We complement core system investments, driving new business, boosting policyholder satisfaction, and optimizing claims outcomes.

Financial Services Transformed

Smart Communications has revolutionized how banks and financial institutions engage with their customers, advisors, and intermediaries in the digital-first economy. With measurable results like revenue growth and improved operational efficiency, Smart Communications is trusted by the world’s largest banks, lenders, and investment management firms to automate key processes and deliver regulated communications across the enterprise — from loan origination and trade documentation to account opening, servicing, reports, statements and more.

Healthcare Elevated

Leading health payers, providers, and life sciences companies worldwide rely on us to deliver personalized, compliant conversations that drive loyalty and operational efficiency. By integrating with core systems like Salesforce Health Cloud, Pega, HealthEdge, and TriZetto, our SaaS solutions ensure deeply personalized, real-time customer interactions — from optimizing data collection like enrollment, intake, health assessments, and clinical trials to streamlining communications such as enrollment kits, digital discharge, correspondence and more.

The SMART Choice

With a global reputation built on trust, innovation, and excellence, our solutions empower enterprises across industries to thrive in the digital era. Experience the advantage of delivering customer conversations that will set you apart from the competition.

That’s SMART.

CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Smart Communications PHONE: 877.604.2117 WEBSITE: EMAIL: 20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24

Envision this: You’re an employee for a compliance-driven company responsible for working with customers to develop compliant driven critical communications. You rely on tools like email, Excel and SharePoint to gather feedback on those communications, relay that feedback to the document owners, and obtain final approvals. Searching for documents, requesting reviews, and implementing changes is not only painstaking, but it requires more time than you have. Deadlines are approaching fast, and the lack of visibility, communication, and collaboration are holding you back.

When you depend on disparate systems to manage this complex process, you end up with a messy web of communications. This creates a disconnect between stakeholders and leaves everyone feeling confused and frustrated. What if there was a better way?

The first tool of its kind, Symphio enables users to manage all documentation from a central location — simplifying the creation and approvals process from end to end. Both internal and external stakeholders have the power to leave comments, send replies, and approve content items. As a result, content is more organized, accessible, and exact.

With its record of document iterations and user actions, Symphio promotes individual ownership and ensures that all collaborators are on the same page. Plus, it provides updates on the status of your projects so that you can quickly eliminate bottlenecks and meet crucial deadlines.

Ultimately, Symphio streamlines the content management process to provide an improved experience for employees, customers, and recipients. Because when commitment and control are shared, everybody wins.

“So excited for our go live that I can hardly stand it! I appreciate the partnership, transparency and collaboration throughout this project.” – Director of Client Services, Fortune 50 Company

20 COMPANIES HOT THE 2023-24 CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Symphio powered by ViaTech PHONE: 330.604.7885 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

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