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For decades, RRD has been helping enterprise organizations unlock new levels of communications engagement and efficiency through our unique combination of people, processes and technology. Today, this same recipe continues to drive innovative solutions that enable brands to keep up with constantly-evolving digital technologies and engage with their customers however and whenever they prefer. For instance, we developed a patented digital presentation technology—Digital Content Plus (DC+)—that seamlessly automates the task of tagging and activating data from static documents, powering fast and accurate content delivery to apps and devices. Building on this next-level platform, we then launched a web statement enhancement that transforms static customer statements into interactive, multi-functional communications. This new tool, RRD SuperDoc™, has delivered significant breakthroughs for clients by simplifying the process of retrofitting legacy documents into dynamic digital content that today’s customers demand. We’re also constantly expanding and optimizing solutions for nascent companion delivery channels, such as eCloud and Voice Response, to further support holistic digital transformation in the most cost- and resource-efficient manner possible. Most recently, we added bill presentment and payment capabilities to our digital suite. Through seamless integration with leading mobile wallet apps, these new tools give customers the flexibility to manage how they receive and interact with billing statements— including the option of paying through RRD’s secure, proprietary hosted portal: ePAY. RRD’s history of customer communications leadership has been built upon innovation; and it remains at the core of our promise to clients. These are just a few recent examples demonstrating this commitment. Unlike many other providers, we’re uniquely able to tailor programs that meet your unique goals and specifications—regardless of scale or complexity. So wherever your company is in its digital transformation, we can start paving the way to a higher level of future success … today.




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