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EMAIL: The past eighteen months have had an irreversible impact on customer expectations and behavior. Increased dependence on digital channels is at the forefront of these changes, but equally important is the increased willingness of customers to switch brands based on negative experiences. More than ever before, customer loyalty is only given to those organizations that meet heightened expectations relating to faster responses, access to information via the customer’s preferred channel of choice, and communications that are relevant, while also offering meaningful personalization and empathy. The challenge for organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries, is meeting these expectations at scale given the complexity of customer communications. The ability to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time in an efficient way requires organizations to break free of the constraints that a documentcentric view of customer communications imposes. It is only through modularizing the content, breaking it into smaller re-usable components, that organizations can drive the kinds of relevant experiences that customers demand at scale. Only Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub enables business users to manage content destined for customer communications (both text and images) in a modularized way that is abstracted from the composition and production templates. This centralized control eliminates the need to manage duplicate copies of content components across multiple templates and systems, improving not only efficiency, but also regulatory compliance. Messagepoint’s patented approach to content variations uniquely automates the targeting and curation of content required to easily deliver localization, relevancy and deeper personalization for batch and on-demand communications across all channels. Complementing these advanced content management capabilities is MARCIE, Messagepoint’s AI-powered Content Intelligence Engine. MARCIE acts as an intelligent assistant to eliminate issues relating to similar and duplicate content, brand violations, reading comprehension levels, and sentiment that negatively impact the customer experience. Whether you’re looking to migrate legacy content, improve your efficiency in managing customer communications or drive a better customer experience, Messagepoint provides an intelligent, comprehensive solution offering transformative business results.