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CoTé Software & Solutions has been proudly helping organisations solve challenges and increase engagement since 2009. Customer and business expectations today demand highly engaging and flexible omnichannel interactions with better technology and marketing strategies. Organizations must now focus on integrating and applying software applications that are adaptable and scalable for rapid change, extending innovation and their customer and employee experience. Most organizations have substantially increased digital interactions due to a new generation of digital customers and changing business environment. It is now vital to have the right platform, processes, and people within each organization to deliver a unified experience, moving to Customer Experience Management (CXM) cloud technology. A fully integrated CXM platform with efficient omnichannel capabilities has the power to provide personalized, and scalable delivery of proactive two-way customer interactions, fostering highly lucrative relationships with engaged customers. 86% of consumers said they were willing to pay more for a great customer experience. - PWC

The value of CXM cannot be understated, now rapidly determine organizational survival, and moving beyond customer experience issues in outdated systems is a matter of selfpreservation. And, in highly regulated industries where price and product are largely fixed, exceptional customer experience is even more crucial as it may be the only differentiator. We live in an era of new technologies and a need for greater transparency between organizations and their customers, with customers’ ever-increasing expectations driving change. Customers compare organizations’ digital experience as they know that great technology exists to simplify processes — and they expect it. An integrated strategy means organizations can execute a more seamless customer experience, realize better business outcomes and shorten timeframes to achieve success. According to Microsoft Dynamics, 60% of customers prefer to contact companies through digital means rather than by voice. There is an expectation that interactions will be thorough, two-way conversations. Millennials are four times more likely to switch brands because of poor communication. And a full 50% of Millennials and Gen Z will ignore communications that are not personalized to them. At CoTé Software & Solutions (CoTé) we help organizations bring IT, marketing, and lines of business together to deliver a strategy that supports responsive and adaptable change. Traditional approaches to strategy assume we live in a pretty stable world, which is unrealistic in this current day. With advances in AI, machine learning, business process automation, customer data management, and cloud technology in place, you can track and measure the success of your operational and technical performance while truly showcasing your brand as a key player in delivering unified customer experiences. Whether you are dealing with customers, employees, or other businesses, it is easy to simplify the technologies you use to create meaningful experiences. CoTé’s scalable, cloud-based CXM platform virsaic™ lets you generate engaging two-way interactions through any channel and intelligently automate key business processes. To find out more contact CoTé, we are here to help you create great customer experiences


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