DOCUMENT Strategy Hot Companies 2021-2022

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Customer communications are complex, but your content management platform doesn’t have to be. The first tool of its kind, Symphio simplifies the arrangement, review and distribution of complex customer documents. Through our market research, we discovered that speed to market (or a lack thereof) is a big issue for traditional CCM customers. Template alterations require IT support and can take weeks to complete — time that healthcare payors with mandatory deadlines simply don’t have. We also learned that many healthcare payors struggle to manage the sheer volume of templates required for their member communications. In fact, research by Aspire Customer Communications Services reveals that the number one challenge organizations face when it comes to transforming legacy documents into modern, omnichannel communications is “too many templates.” For some, the bigger challenge is how to achieve digital transformation using their legacy systems. We developed Symphio to solve these problems, so you can remain focused on creating the best customer experience. Not only does Symphio reimagine traditional templates, but it allows you to work with stakeholders both internal and external to get products to market fast. Simply stated, Symphio is changing the way organizations administer content and connect with their customer bases. “Our old customer communications management system was slowing us down. Symphio allowed us to customize the experience so that it worked best for us and enabled our team to create policy books at the pace we needed.” — Director of Member Experience, Fortune 50 healthcare company If you’re interested in understanding how Symphio can help your organization, contact our team to learn more.