DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2021

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FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS Stephanie Pieruccini is a Senior Manager of Product for OpenText CCM. She is responsible for CCM Orchestration for OpenText Exstream as well as the StreamServe and Exstream platform solutions. Her experience comes from a strong knowledge of communication and production management from creation through delivery acquired from covering the print, marketing and CCM markets as an analyst and consultant.

Gautam Jit Kanwar Suyash Kaushik is a Customer Experience Manager at FieldCircle, a field service technology company. A writer by heart, he loves to spread the word around how customers interact with business across channels and the role of next-generation technology in customer experience and business success.

is President of BelWo, Inc., a global provider of managed services specializing in customer communications management (CCM) consulting and delivery solutions that help companies meet strategic CCM goals. fall.2021