DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2021

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of formats that cater to these preferences but are also easy to use and optimized to the channel they are received in. Orchestrating the output variations and coordinating delivery in the right channel is just as important as the content that is being generated. It should be able to respond to changes in preferences in real-time to not reduce the impact to customer experience.

an almost 8% drop. The least impacted category was first-class mail which only dipped by 4%, which is actually consistent with the standard year over year decline in this category. Despite a slight recession and concerns around paper transmission of the virus, firstclass mail does not seem to have been unusually impacted. What does this mean for print in 2021? It’s clear that there is still a preference for print despite the increased availability and options for interacting digitally. Print and marketing services providers need a CCM solution that

can handle both print and digital communication generation, in increasingly higher volumes, well. As many of us know from personal experience, communication preferences are not always black and white, or in this case print ‘or’ digital. Which means preference management and a variety of options to receive communications are more critical than ever, ensuring that consumers have a way of choosing how and when they want to receive their communications with as much granularity as can be acted upon with a great customer experience. This also means ensuring that your CCM solutions enable composing in a variety

How can print service providers respond? The good news is, PSPs and MSPs are the masters of print output already. The opportunity exists to emphasize the importance of print as part of the overall communications experience. As we move into omnichannel engagement models, it’s less common that a consumer receives a communication in a single channel. They want the print, but they also want the digital. Having a solution that can efficiently create and manage both while also enabling good experiences is critical for service providers looking to support their customers. How to incorporate all channels in overall DX/CX strategy with CCM Thinking about print as only a static silo is in the past. The print communication is the foundation for an overall omnichannel experience. There are opportunities to extend this static record of information into an electronic experience that complements the original communication and could encourage consumers to make the jump from print to digital. From a business or call-to-action standpoint, this could mean enabling an electronic payment from the print statement

As many of us know from personal experience, communication preferences are not always black and white, or in this case print ‘or’ digital.