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Your competitive edge

Keeping a cap on attrition


A strategy to increase personal training sales. By Mike Gelfgot


Facing the challenge of competing with underqualified trainers. By Andrea Leonard

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Career Builder by Brandi Binkley

Entrepreneur by Jim White

Social Media Strategy by Scott Rawcliffe

INDUSTRY STATS According to the Association for Talent Development, the average direct learning expenditure per

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firms is $1200-$1300. to what you’re investing


by Joe Drake

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in your continuing

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10 must-read books for 2018 By Lindsay Vastola


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Lindsay Vastola

Josh Bowen

What you want is what you see


ou need to buy a car. You have a set budget, you know the features you need and which extras you want. Maybe you even know the exact make, model and color. During the (usually) grueling car-buying process, you become consumed by finding that perfect car that meets your criteria. In the process, you find yourself paying attention to cars wherever you are — in parking lots, at stop lights, at car lot after car lot. Then something interesting happens. The exact car you want seems to be everywhere. Perhaps you’re seeing that car more now because it happens to be popular. But it’s more likely because you weren’t paying much attention when you weren’t in the car-buying mindset; your mind wasn’t focused on looking for that car. Compare this to how you invest in education in our industry. You (hopefully) have a budget. You know what you need — for example, the number of continuing education credits, a specialty certification, or a specific knowledge-base. You may have an idea of the extras you’re looking for — interaction with industry leaders, access to hands-on training, or an online platform with resources. Just like cars, there is certainly no shortage of learning options. If you’re looking for research and information to apply to your programming, you will find it. If you’re focused on how to start, manage, or grow your business, you’ll very quickly be inundated with the explosion of fitness business information, coaches, and conferences. With more access and connection than ever, the barriers to finding what you’re looking for are virtually non-existent. Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This perfectly captures the spirit of this issue — invest in knowledge and increase your success. We’re featuring education in all forms, from the more traditional ways of learning like the university-setting and continuing education courses, conferences, and workshops to virtual opportunities, as well as the less obvious and less structured (but just as valuable) approaches to gaining valuable knowledge. Whether it’s one of our highlighted feature articles, a focused column, information provided by partners, or our feature on our newest PFP Trainer of the Year, Josh Bowen, I encourage you to approach each of the pages ahead through the lens of seeking out what it is you need and want. What you want becomes what you see and ultimately what you get. Challenge yourself to constantly seek new knowledge and do so intently… with the same focus and attention as buying that new car. Committed to your success,

P.S. If you didn’t see our 2018 Continuing Education Calendar in our Fall 2017 issue, go to our website and click on 'Magazine.' You can view our Fall 2017 digital issue (along with all past issues!) and print out the calendar to help you plan your education for the rest of the year.

Learning beyond the books Our 2018 PFP Trainer of the Year winner, Josh Bowen, highlights how his education and practical experience has impacted his success and how fitness professionals should determine how to invest their time, money and energy. How has education played a role in the success of your career? Knowledge is power. I have a BS in Kinesiology and at one point in my career have held over 17 different certifications. Not to mention the hundreds of hours of continuing education work. However, though education has played a huge role in my career, practicing and performing my craft has been the best teacher. What advice would you give fitness professionals in determining their continued education? There are continuing education opportunities everywhere. Pick the aspect of fitness that you want to learn the most about and become an expert in your community. Go to live workshops where hands-on learning is encouraged. Spend your hard-earned dollars learning to earn back those dollars you invest. Make your goals a priority when you are thinking about continuing education. Where do you see opportunities in continuing education for fitness professionals to invest more time, money, energy? Psychology and business. Learning the human psyche is crucial to success in personal training. We need more time on emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing and goal setting. We also need to learn more about business and how to make a better business model for our lifestyles and goals. Learning these crucial topics immediately enhances your skills as a trainer.



Volume 20 | Issue 1





Josh Bowen, 2018 PFP Trainer of the Year Lindsay Vastola

Fundamentals of client attraction and conversion Scott Keppel





Education and certification opportunities for fitness and mind-body professionals

Timeless values of the technical trainer Nick Tumminello



LETTER FROM THE EDITOR What you want is what you see

Lindsay Vastola



Empowering YOU to Train for Life

Hedstrom Fitness


MINDSET & MOTIVATION Mindset practicality: a crash course




The three Rs

Kourtney Thomas



Shannon Fable


3 HR mistakes to avoid

Melissa Knowles



Unconventional education

Greg Vaughn

Brian Grasso





Embrace, Experience, Enjoy Technology with Myzone!




An educated consumer is our best client

Rick Howard



Power Systems



The latest trends in fitness equipment



Find your mentor

Lisa Druxman



Empowering YOU to Train for Life


edstrom Fitness’ purpose is to Empower You to Train for Life. Whether you are climbing a mountain or tackling the mountain of laundry at home, your body needs to be prepared for whatever challenge life brings. Hedstrom Fitness pioneered and has become the industry leader in Hydro-Inertia® training products with the Surge® and Kamagon® Ball. Hydro-Inertia® is the utilization of water to create an unstable resistance and movement within an object. These products will add a whole new level of training to your workout arsenal. Hedstrom Fitness provides you with the tools and programming to reap the full benefits of Hydro-Inertia® training. Hedstrom Fitness’ products are designed and manufactured in the same facility in the USA, giving us a unique advantage when it comes to design and quality. No detail is overlooked; quality and functionality are two key elements that go into the development of our products. Each product goes through a rigorous quality test to ensure they can take the beating of being dropped, scratched, and tossed. The Surge® and Kamagon® Ball will stand-up to the rugged environment of a gym or fit into the comfort of your own home. The Kamagon® Ball and Surge® are perfect for use in group fitness and personal training settings or in your home gym. Programming can be applied for group fitness or individual workouts. By adding or removing water, the weight can be adjusted in both Kamagon® Ball and Surge® products, allowing them to replace multiple weights, machines, and kettlebells. With the Surge® and Kamagon® Ball, your home gym can be stored under your bed, or in the closet, all while taking up minimal space. The Kamagon® Ball features two easy-to-grip handles on either side of the ball and is nine inches in diameter. This allows for expanded grip options and workouts. The Kamagon® Ball can weigh anywhere from 1 to 13 pounds, depending on how much water is added to it. The flexible, yet durable PVC construction allows for it to be dropped, preventing damage to the floors when compared to heavy iron kettlebells. The Surge® product line by Hedstrom Fitness is made up of revolutionary pieces of fitness equipment. Unlike bulky traditional weights the Surge® uses water as its source of weight. The Surge® Storm and Riptide have angles strategically placed to allow for the water to oscillate, dump or crash depending on the movement. Surge® products make a great space- and money-saving addition to

your home gym. With the ability to target all muscle groups with three unique grip options, the exercise ideas are endless. Featuring two neutral handles, two soft end grip handles, and a single long center handle, you can efficiently progress through a full-body workout all with the same piece of equipment. If you’re truly seeking to freshen-up your workout routine, offer clientele a new and exciting training option, and training that translates to life, then you need to visit the Hedstrom Fitness booth at IHRSA 2018 and experience it for yourself.

Please see us at booth 407 for show specials or use the coupon code: PFP25 to take 25% percent off any purchase at


Mindset practicality: a crash course


hy do most people never achieve the goals they set? Here’s a metaphor that’s going to help you understanding exactly why... You go to the store to buy a brand-new iPod, fresh from the factory with the seal still on the case. You take it home because you can’t wait to try it out. You tear open the box, plug in your earphones and start looking for your favorite song. You check each and every folder on the device, but for the life of you, can’t seem to find the song you want to play. So, you decide to hustle harder. You practically kill yourself over the next several days – iPod in hand – trying desperately to find your song. No luck. So, you decide to use more willpower. You sit down, focus hard and refuse any distraction that comes your way in an attempt to locate this song. No luck. Next, you set a goal. You design a vision board, complete with photos of you actually listening to your song, and stare at it relentlessly as you work with all of your might to find that song. Still no luck. In frustration, you throw the iPod out, convinced that it’s broken or somehow defective. Thing is, it’s not the iPod’s fault. The iPod is just the hardware. Although it functions just fine, the only reason you haven’t been able to locate your song is because the song itself is a piece of software that you simply haven’t loaded onto the hardware yet. Starting to see the point? You’re the iPod. The hardware that makes the songs play. But unless or until you load the songs you want onto the device, it won’t ever play them. You can’t out-goal-set an unsuccessful mindset. You can’t out-hustle it. You can’t out-willpower it. And you can’t manifest what isn’t there. You aren’t broken or defective. The unconscious mind is the warehouse of all your “songs”. But it’s only able to play what it currently has. Want to play a different song? Load different software. 1. Review the direction you want to go with your life every single day. 2. Count your wins related to that direction. 3. Spend time imagining the outcome. 4. Listen to your negative internal language as a measure of awareness. That’s how you load new software. A completely new playlist. Your iPod won’t ever play the songs you haven’t loaded on it, and you can’t ever achieve what your unconscious mind doesn’t accept as possible.

For 20 years, Brian J. Grasso has been considered a revolutionary force within the fitness industry. In 2002, he founded the International Youth Conditioning Association and Athletic Revolution. In 2011, he created the Mindset Performance Institute. Brian has traveled the world as a guest lecturer and Performance Coach for elite level athletes of various sports.



LEADERSHIP Shannon Fable

The three Rs


longside crafting vision boards and strategizing big goals, try committing to 15 minutes a day for the three Rs: reading, research and review. Many of the entrepreneurs we admire attribute a large part of their success to the small act of daily, continued learning. The continued exposure and consumption of information via books, articles, websites, blogs, podcasts and more is a game changer. The three Rs are a fail-proof method to help move you forward, regardless of your career path. Bite-sized, informal learning every day inspires you, teaches you and elevates your game. Here are a few tools that will enhance your knowledge, improve your skillset and help build your network: Google Alerts - Google offers a free 'alert' service allowing you to set-up email digests delivered to your inbox on your favorite subjects. For example, set up a daily alert for prenatal fitness. Google then searches the web for relevant information and delivers a neat little email to your inbox. Scan the headlines and summary to determine if you'd like to click and dig deeper. Nuzzel – Nuzzel offers personalized news discovery and curated newsletters for busy professionals. Much like Google Alerts, you can create reports about topics most relevant to you and your work. Unlike Google Alerts, the reports curate information based on multiple keywords. So that report on prenatal fitness can also include key search words such as pregnancy, diastasis recti, prenatal fitness and fit pregnancy. Pocket – Pocket is a brilliant service that allows you to keep all the fantastic content you're finding so you can review at a later date. Pocket sends articles magically to a 'holding cell,' and when you have a few extra minutes, you can open the app and start reading. You can also add keyword tags to your articles to easily retrieve later. Bonus app: Article Reader works in conjunction with Pocket to read those articles to you aloud. Big goals happen with daily dedication (isn't that what you tell your clients?). So do it now. Commit to 15 minutes a day, minimum, for the three Rs. This time next year, you'll reflect and realize just how much you've received from this painless daily task.

Shannon Fable, 2013 IDEA and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year, is VP of Fitness Programming for the FIT4MOM® franchise. For more than two decades, she has consulted for impressive brands including Anytime Fitness, Schwinn, Power Systems, and BOSU®. An experienced educator, writer, and certified Book Yourself Solid® Business Coach, she helps fitness pros navigate the industry and make more money. She is Vice Chair of the ACE Board of Directors and owner of GroupEx PRO®, a cloud-based management tool.




Melissa Knowles

Greg Vaughn

Three HR mistakes to avoid


ue to its complexity and direct impact on legal risk, a review of your Human Resources (HR) and pay practices is a great place to begin filling gaps in your business. Here are three issues you can start with:

Issue #1: LACK OF DOCUMENTATION A general lack of documentation seems to plague many fitness businesses, even outside of the realm of HR (customer relations, contracts, etc.). When it comes to employees, the two biggies are a failure to outline policies in writing and a failure to document issues. Your Policy and Procedures Manual and/or your Employee Handbook lay out expectations for team members, explain the business objectives behind those expectations, and provide the framework for how to carry them out. Without this, you and your staff are essentially flying blind. If the time comes when employment must end, it also provides a history should a claim arise unemployment benefits, discrimination, wrongful termination, etc. Issue #2: LACK OF TIME KEEPING This issue generally falls into one of three categories: 1) Connected to a misclassification issue where an employer is treating an employee as exempt when they shouldn’t be. All nonexempt employees should be keeping time records. 2) Time records are being kept in an inaccurate or haphazard manner. This typically comes in the form of written time sheets that don’t capture time in/out to the minute or assumed time clocks that simply plug in the employee’s standard schedule and ignore actual reporting times. 3) Failure to keep time records for piece-rate employees. Current best practice advises tracking actual time worked (including prep and wrap time), paying to the clock, and then adding in a bonus based on total classes taught or sessions completed, if desired. Issue #3: MISCLASSIFCATION OF INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS Here’s the bottom line, in 99% of cases the person you’re dealing with is an employee. Sure, you can manufacture a creative reasoning for paying them as a contractor, but it’s generally not worth the risk given the severe penalties. In short, if the position requires the person to be directed as to how, when, where and with what to do the job, he/she is an employee.

Melissa Knowles is Vice President of GYM HQ, providing corporate services including accounting, payroll, HR and customer service for the fitness industry. In more than 17 years of industry experience her expertise includes strategic operations, staff training, cost savings analysis, reporting development and implementation, fitness department overhaul, client retention systems and corporate management.



Unconventional education


o thrive in a fast-paced industry, it is extremely important to take time to plan and pursue different forms of education. Fitness professionals are inundated with copious amounts of information, especially around exercise and nutrition; when education becomes dull, it may be time to switch up the way you’re learning. Look to expand your sources of education. This will give you some variety, help expand your business skills, and provide new ways to connect with more people in your area. Here are a few unconventional sources for education: 1. For leadership and community reach, your local Chamber of Commerce is a go-to for leadership seminars, programs and other interactive courses and projects. There are always events to learn and connect with other businesses. 2. For education on entrepreneurship, find a “1 Million Cups” chapter in your area. This is a program that hosts presentations for local business owners. What makes this program unique is that the presenters are business owners who get to teach, as well as ask questions and advice to the audience. It is very interactive and area business leaders often attend, offering you a chance to both learn and network. 3. For business legalities and funding, the Small Business Administration (SBA) offers online resources that provide useable tools to create business plans, apply for financing, and information on day-to-day operations. The SBA offers free mentorship programs, where business owners can schedule meetings with consultants during any stage of business. 4. For design, marketing and technology checkout your local community colleges. You don’t have to go back to school for a full degree to take advantage of many specialty courses that most colleges offer. 5. Instead of taking another online course, try using your team to host in-house summits, led by a different coach each month. Or, reach out to a coach to shadow for a couple of days. Be sure to keep an ongoing plan for continuing education. Think of ways outside of traditional education to keep learning exciting and relevant for what you need as a fitness professional.

Greg Vaughn is the CEO of Premier Fitness and host of The Redefining Fitness Podcast. Greg started in the industry in 2009, and has grown multiple successful fitness businesses. He is an author, speaker and strength coach for the general public. To learn more about his mission of "Redefining Fitness," visit:


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Journey to Success

2018 Josh Bowen ORGANIZATIONS AND CHARITIES SUPPORTED BY JOSH BOWEN & ASPIRE FITNESS SURGERY ON SUNDAY: a charitable organization that offers routine, free surgeries for people who are either under-insured or do not have any insurance. NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP: a charitable organization that offers photography for parents who have lost their children at birth. OPERATION JOY (Aspire’s charity): an organization that buys specialty bikes for children who have special conditions, so they can stay active, even though their movement is restricted. REFUGE FOR WOMEN: an organization that offers rehabilitation work for women who have fallen victim to sexual exploitation and trafficking.


By Lindsay Vastola


How to give back like a #BuffGandhi


ur Journey to Success profile in the September-October 2015 issue featured Josh Bowen, founder of Aspire Fitness in Lexington, Kentucky, and formerly Quality Control Director of Personal Training for Urban Active for 24 gyms in three states. The feature entitled, “Challenge the status quo. Aspire for greatness,” showcased his journey from a 140-pound kid who serendipitously found the fitness industry to a successful fitness professional who continues to hold himself to the highest standards and empowers others to do the same. Flash forward to today, two years later, and we now are featuring Josh as the 2018 PFP Trainer of the Year. His continued success is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the industry, to his career and to his clients. While his professional and business career in the industry certainly deserves recognition and accolade, what sets Josh apart is how he combines his love for fitness with his deep commitment to significantly impacting the greater good. Service and helping others is not something Josh does out of obligation or because

it’s good business practice. Service, in some form, is a cornerstone of everything he does. Spend a few minutes perusing his social media or reading any of his three books and there is no question how important service and giving back is to him. His hashtag/pen name, #BuffGandhi, sums him up perfectly. We asked Josh to share more about his service, vision and how he integrates service into his business. LV: Why do you think community service has become such an integral part of your business and your personal life? JB: I have gone and fed the homeless. I have talked with the president of Refuge for Women about sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women. I have seen what a dramatic impact offering a free surgery to a person who could never afford it, is. Community service is my life. Much has been given to me. I feel I need to give back to the world the best I can. LV: Tell us a little about some of the organizations you work with and what you do for them. JB: For Surgery on Sunday (SOS), I do a 24-hour fitness event, Sweat4Surgeries, where I train on-the-hour, every hour, up to 30 clients at a time, for 24 straight hours. This event in the last three years has raised over $100,000 for SOS.



For Refuge for Women, I lead clothing drives. In addition, all proceeds from my third book, To the Grave on Empty, go directly to the organization. I do the same for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep; all proceeds of my second book, Your Time is NOW are donated to offer photography for parents who have lost children at birth. Operation Joy is a charity we created and


have done dedicated boot camps and accept private donations. LV: You have written three books. Talk about how your books support your mission and are part of your vision. JB: Two of my books (Your Time is NOW and To the Grave on Empty) are completely donated to charity, meaning every dollar is donated back to the charities I designated. The books


allow me to be creative and have a voice. They allow me to reflect my mission through my words. At the same time, they allow me to raise money for such a great cause. LV: What is your vision for how you will continue to serve and how do you see that it integrates with your career and your business? JB: My business and any business that I will be involved with, will continue to do commu-

nity service. I anticipate our Sweat4Surgeries event will continue to get bigger and bigger every year. I anticipate donating more bikes to children who need it through Operation Joy. I envision working closely with the Refuge for Women to help eradicate sex slavery. LV: What have you found is most effective in getting your clients and your community aware of your causes?

JB: Social media and face-to-face contact. We broadcast the cause across all social media outlets, letting the world know what we are doing, most importantly, why. LV: Has your involvement in these organizations impacted your business? Impacted you personally? JB: We are impacted business-wise because we are associated with helping these

great charities, so it does give us quite a bit of recognition. Personally, working these great charities and being involved with their cause has helped me grow as a person and a personal trainer. Josh Bowen is doing community service the way most probably believes it should be done. The obvious is that he’s creating lasting change for the people helped by the money and awareness he’s raising for some incredible causes. The less obvious, but probably of greater significance, are the people he has inspired to follow his lead and make serving others a foundation for everything they do. Whether it’s training for 24 hours straight, trading his workout shoes for dancing shoes in a local “Dancing with the Stars” event, providing a simple pleasure for kids who need it most, or helping others through his books, service is deeply personal for Josh. He has undoubtedly raised the professional bar for the fitness industry through his professionalism, knowledge and contributions to the industry. But if one were to make a prediction, Josh Bowen’s legacy won’t be about his impact in the gym. It will be about his impact on the world. #BuffGandhi



DEFINING A QUALITY FITNESS PROFESSIONAL Timeless values of the technical trainer


en or so years ago, the professional fitness training field had a problem with “great trainer, bad business person.” With the current shift toward a greater focus on the business of fitness, we have the opposite – many more great fitness business people but bad fitness trainers. It is imperative that the importance of technical education as a fitness professional remain an equal priority to learning the business of fitness. Before discussing the qualities of a good personal trainer, we must first define what it means to be a fitness professional. Being a fitness professional means you’re in the business of relationships; you’re not going to get very far as a personal trainer unless people like being around you, you are relatable, communicate well, and they enjoy the environment and experience you provide. However, just having a relatable personality is not simply what makes for a good personal trainer. It’s not just about how you motivate people; it’s also about what you’re motivating them to do in the first place. This is where the technical aspect of exercise prescription plays a critical role. The technical side of being a fitness professional seems to be the most misunderstood and under-recognized.


A QUALITY PERSONAL TRAINER IS AN EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION EXPERT What makes for a good fitness professional will not simply be determined by the organization(s) one is certified by, using a formulized assessment or screening procedure, an intricate knowledge of anatomy, a fanaticism about certain types of exercises, or because of some allegiance to a given training method. Put simply, from the technical side of the profession, a fitness professional is (supposed to be) an exercise prescription expert. Let’s unpack this a bit. Many people, including many fitness professionals, think that simply knowing a wide variety of exercise variations and how to properly perform/coach them is what makes for a great personal trainer. Those elements are certainly part of the job, but if that is all you as a fitness professional bring to the table, there’s nothing that separates you from the everyday exercise enthusiast who has memorized how to perform a variety of exercises because they’ve spent a great deal of time watching exercise videos online and reading exercise articles, magazines and books. You must possess more expertise if you want to provide real value beyond the advice of an experienced exercise enthusiast.


Put simply, being an exercise prescription expert involves having expertise in: } The individualization of exercises } The application and modification of exercises } The organization and prioritization of exercises In other words, what separates a great trainer from a not-so-great one, or a great trainer from an exercise enthusiast is: 1. Knowing what exercises not to do based on one’s individual ability, physiological framework, medical profile, etc. 2. Knowing how to utilize, prioritize and organize the exercises used, (workout structure and program design) based on creating a training stimulus to maximize the specific adaption(s) one is looking to achieve. The ability to do these things does not come from following fitness trends or memorizing training models from a given organization. It comes from having expertise in analyzing exercises based on the universal principles of training (e.g., specificity, overload, etc.) and biomechanics. A QUALITY PERSONAL TRAINER IS AN EXERCISE ANALYZER


Many trainers and coaches will look at a training program and say it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ simply because it does or does not use certain exercises or fit into the given training model they are biased toward; clearly demonstrating that they are putting training methods before training principles. This is the view of the exercise memorizer. On the other hand, the exercise analyzer holds no such allegiance to a given training method or a fanaticism about certain types of exercises (barbell exercises, kettlebell exercises, stability ball exercises, etc.). When you have a grasp of universal training principles, you have a clear understanding that 1) certain training methods are best for certain goals, and not one method is best for all goals, and, 2) unless you’re competing in a weightlifting-oriented sport, there is no particular exercise that any athlete or gym-goer must do in order to improve. There are only training principles (e.g., individuality, specificity, progressive overload, etc.) that must be adhered to, and there’s a wide variety of

exercise applications and variations that allow athletes and fitness enthusiasts to adhere to principles in order to achieve their goals. The exercise memorizer tries to fit individuals to exercises and into their own training methods. On the other hand, the exercise analyzer fits exercises to individuals and understands that the principle of specificity dictates that your goal ultimately determines the exercises that need to be part of your training. This is because the exercise memorizer is caught up with what an “expert” or athlete says and does with certain exercises, whereas the exercise analyzer understands the reality that resistance exercise is just a way to put force across tissues, across joints. That’s it! When you understand this, you quickly see that no particular exercise has magical powers because barbells, dumbbells, cables, machines and bands are all just different tools that allow us to apply force across joints. In short, a great trainer is very bad at fanaticizing about certain exercises, and really good at analyzing all exercises. Possessing a

high level of exercise prescription expertise is not determined by memorizing a bunch of exercises or following a specific training model; it is determined by how well you utilize the universal principles. This is because, when it comes to good workout/program design, we don’t go from methods down, we go from principles up. Fitness trends will come and go like clothing styles, but a great trainer today will have the same foundational qualities as a great trainer will have 10, 20, 50 and 100+ years from now because the universal principles of training and biomechanics never go out-of-date.

Nick Tumminello is the 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year, and the Editor-in-chief of the NSCA Personal Training Quarterly journal. He’s the author of three books: Building Muscle and Performance, Strength Training for Fat Loss, and Your Workout PERFECTED. He’s been a trainer for over 20 years, is the former strength coach for team Ground Control MMA and has trained professional athletes in field, court, combat and physique sports.



THE LIFEBLOOD OF LONGEVITY Fundamentals of client attraction and conversion


he beginning of the year is an opportune time for fitness professionals to market themselves to clients who are desperate for change. The following strategies will help a fitness professional, regardless of market or level of expertise, attract quality prospects and convert them into paying, loyal clients. ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT Be the solution Prospects are looking for a way to feel better, whether that means weight loss (which is what approximately 60% of women and 50% men want), getting ready for a 5k, improving sport performance or having a healthy pregnancy. If a coach knows the problem, he/she can create a marketing plan and materials to target that specific group. Be sure you offer a very clear solution to the problem your ideal client wants solved. Know ‘why’ A prospect who simply tells a coach he/she wants to lose weight is not offering enough information for the coach to communicate the value of the service and to provide an exceptional experience. The coach



must ask “why” (and often ask it multiple times) to really find why the client desires change. Knowing the real ‘why’ is crucial in creating content and programs to attract new clients. This will in turn help the coach maintain the client. Build it and they will come To attract new clients, the facility must have not only the necessary equipment to accommodate the type of client they are trying to attract, but they must have the right ambiance, play music that is appropriate and talk-the-talk of that particular client. For example, if a facility is trying to get more weight loss clients in their 30s and 40s, the facility should not be dirty, play vulgar music, have isolated equipment, or have pictures of extremely fit clients in swimsuits. Rather, the facility should be particularly clean, play music that is appropriate, have open space for dynamic movements, and post testimonials and/or before-and-after pictures of similar clients. This look is going to be much different than if the facility’s focus is youth athletes or bodybuilders. CONVERTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT Now that the prospect has signed-up for an initial consultation/

assessment, how does one convert them to a paying client? The following are tried-and-true ways to convert from prospect to client: Use the right information to offer the right solution If the client has come in for the initial appointment based on weight loss marketing, the coach should not worry about discussing programs that do not relate. Knowing which marketing tool and/or information brought the prospect in will allow the coach to know what questions to ask to help find the real ‘why.’ Here are sample questions that will help a coach create a solution for the client and that reinforce authenticity: } Why do you want to lose weight? } After we accomplish this goal, how do you think you’ll feel? } Have you tried to lose weight in the past? } What has worked for you in the past? What did you like? } What has not worked for you in the past? What did you not like about that diet and/or exercise? Listen, then respond Too often, fitness professionals feel they know the answer to the questions before they are even asked. However, the coach may often be wrong. The coach assumes they know what it feels like to be overweight, not be as fit as they want, not be confident. Maybe at some point, they themselves experienced this. However, everyone is different, and one must listen to what the client is saying about how he/she is feeling and what they hope to feel like after working with the coach. In this meeting, one should be listening for any concerns or barriers and know how to combat them. Some of the more common obstacles and barriers to clients are: } Cost: A way to overcome this is for the fitness professional to help the client think of ways they are currently spending their money. For example, unhealthy items they are buying or the amount of times they are eating out. Cutting out just one or possibly a couple of these items/dinners would free-up money for training. } Location: Having an app or offering online coaching will help the coach overcome this barrier. Offering that the client come in even just once a week and writing a plan for him/her to do on their own is another way to overcome the obstacle of facility location. } Time: An obstacle some prospects or clients may use is the amount of time they need to commit to the program. Offering 30-minute sessions and creating workouts the client can do on his/her own are ways to find a solution to this problem. Attracting new clients and conversion comes down to the coach knowing his/her strengths, knowing who they want to train, and creating marketing materials to attract these prospects. The coach needs to make sure their facility is set-up appropriately, and listen to the client and the real ‘why’ of starting a program. He/she must listen and be prepared for objections and know how to overcome them without being pushy. Ultimately, the coach must be willing to sell, and always under-promise and over-deliver.

Scott Keppel is the founder of Scott’s Training Systems, a world-class fitness and nutrition coaching team based in Chandler, Arizona. Scott and his team coach clients both in-person and online. They specialize in nutrition, pageantry, pre/ post-natal, post-breast cancer and weight loss.

EDUCATION RESOURCE CENTER Education and certification opportunities for fitness and mind-body professionals

AAAI/ISMA-American Aerobic Assoc. International/International Sports Medicine Assoc. AAAI/ISMA has been certifying & educating fitness professionals for 38 years. AAAI/ISMA is one of the original, largest and most recognized International Fitness Certification Associations, with over 180,000 members worldwide. To ensure quality education our faculty trainers have a Ph. D., M. D. or Master’s Degree. Modeled after a university system, students pre-study and attend a hands-on LIVE workshop. The certification exams are written & practical. With 32 certification options, we help you build a CAREER! The certification workshop & exam is $99.00.

Why Pay More for Continuing Ed? Exercise ETC is your one-stop shop for high quality, deeply discounted continuing education programs for fitness professionals. Whether you like home study courses, webinars or live training programs we’ve got you covered, and since our programs are approved by ACE, ACSM, AFAA, ISSA, NASM, NSCA and many other organizations you’re sure to find a course to meet your needs and your budget. Why not visit our website: Exercise ETC 800.244.1344

AAAI/ISMA 609.397.2139

Become a Functional Aging Specialist

LIVE Conferences for the TRUE Fitness Professional

Learn how to train aging Boomers and Seniors to improve the ONE thing they are MOST concerned about - maintaining their ability to do the things they need, like and want to do. FAI teaches an innovative, evidence-based approach to exercise that draws from the most current research and a combined 35+ years of experience training many types of older adults. The FAS credential will give you the approach, tools and confidence you need to train older clients safely and effectively. Plus, it will help you become the “go-to” local functional aging expert so you can get more clients and make more money.

FitnessFest has provided quality education from the fitness industry’s leading presenters for 20 years. The variety of workshops and quality content offered at FitnessFest sets this event apart from any other live fitness conference. Personal trainers and group exercise instructors can receive continuing education credits through hands-on workshops and lectures while networking with the best in the business. Choose a city near you in 2018!

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FiTOUR® Affordable, Quality Certifications & CECs

Free CECs with your NFPT Trainer Certification

FiTOUR® makes it convenient for fitness professionals to expand their knowledge and share their passion for fitness: } Online Study Materials and online exams included in purchase } FiTOUR® Certification renewals every two years for $25 } Immediate Exam Results } ACE, AFAA & NASM CECs available with select FiTOUR® Certifications } FiTOUR® ACE, AFAA & NASM in home CEC Study Courses available

NFPT celebrates 30 years certifying fitness professionals. Since 1988, NFPT’s unique value-add has been a foundational CPT program that is trend-free and real-world for on-the-job training that gets results! The NFPT partners with the Medical Fitness Education Foundation to give trainers access to additional credentialing for working with the medical fitness community. NFPT also provides its own in-house CECs so that trainers don’t have to worry about the high cost of credits, because they’re free! See what’s different about NFPT. Join the NFPT Trainer Family.

FiTOUR 281.494.0380


National Strength and Conditioning Association

Move, Train, Coach Better with TRX Education

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is an international professional organization. The NSCA advances the profession by supporting strength and conditioning professionals devoted to helping others discover and maximize their strengths. We disseminate research-based knowledge and its practical application by offering industry-leading certifications, research journals, career development services, and continuing education opportunities.

Rooted in a philosophy based around movement, TRX believes that the first step to achieving any fitness goal starts with moving better. TRX Education reflects this philosophy with it’s movement-based training curriculum, providing fitness pros with a progressive approach to learning a system of foundational movement coaching. TRX courses progress from practicing foundational movement standards with the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, to taking those skills and applying them in individual and/or group settings with a variety of training tools. Start your TRX Education Journey today!

NSCA 800.815.6826


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hile most are talking about how to get smaller, Kourtney Thomas is talking about how she can help women live bigger. And there’s no question she’s doing it in a big way. What started as a personal journey to stop living and playing small, Kourtney discovered that taking up more physical space created a complete mindset shift and impacted every part of her body and being. Kourtney’s success as an online trainer and coach has been featured in several leading publications and continues to expand her presence online with her compelling stories and conversation-starters. With her infectious smile, praise-worthy biceps, and a gift for connection and honest communication, there is no doubt Kourtney Thomas will continue to create an impact. Here is how Kourtney Thomas is sharing her message in a big way… My ideal client is a woman who is ready. She may know exactly what she’s ready for, or she might not quite be able to put her finger on it. But she knows she’s ready for change and next steps – physically, mentally, and emotionally. My message is to empower women to live their big, genuine, and limitless lives. If I had only one way to share my message it would be email. I love telling stories, and delivering those stories directly to inboxes is my favorite way to engage and interact. In-person meetings and speaking are a close second. Successful messaging is authentic and personal, not just what you think people want to hear. It’s also appropriately targeted for your specific audience. People follow me because I’m genuine. I’m open. And for a lot of people, the stories I tell are relatable. Mix it in with useful and actionable information, plus cat pictures, and there’s a little something for everyone.





Embrace, Experience, Enjoy Technology with Myzone!


yzone, one of the most ‘relevant’ wearable technologies for the fitness industry, has unveiled a fresh brand look. The new look has created a fresh and clean feel making the brand more appealing and showing its commitment to be a leader and modern in its thinking. Dave Wright, founder and CEO of Myzone, is very proud of what Myzone has achieved to date, and this re-brand is part of the Myzone’s journey and growth. “With more than 5,000 registered facilities in 64 countries, Myzone has seen tremendous success in the fitness industry. Since launching in 2011, Myzone has taken the term ‘wearable technology’ and made it relevant to its networks within the fitness industry. In the beginning, the brand invested heavily in its product, delivery and people. Now, Myzone is looking to achieve a more appealing brand identity, brand mission, and brand values; while also reflecting professionalism and commitment to its position within the wearable tech space. Myzone’s success is predominantly due to its ability to allow club owners to access user data, a feature unique to Myzone. Additionally, it provides clubs the ability to deliver challenges locally, leverage gamification in a club setting and, ultimately, improve retention. Myzone is reshaping its brand to sustain its success and raise awareness to club owners, trainers and end users. By creating this closed-loop ecosystem, Myzone will ultimately be delivering a solution that allows everyone to achieve consistent physical activity.”

Since launching in 2011, Myzone has taken the term ‘wearable technology’ and made it relevant to its networks within the fitness industry. Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that shows and rewards effort when you workout. Myzone displays real-time heart rate, calories, and intensity with five simple color-coded personalized zones. The telemetry can be displayed collectively in group settings and exercise

classes, or individually direct to your smartphone via the Myzone app. The app allows engagement, motivation, and communities to flourish. Myzone amplifies the group exercise experience; it provides valuable data for personal training departments with built-in challenges, personal goals, gamification and an online social community, users are motivated to sustain physical activity through a fun, engaging, and inclusive platform. Represented in over 5,000 facilities in 65+ countries and translated into 19 languages, Myzone is used by health and fitness clubs, corporate wellness sites, educational establishments or anyone wanting to track their physical activity. In 2018, Myzone has been recognized by IHRSA as the Associate Member of the Year. PROUD PARTNERS OF PFP! Interested in purchasing the Myzone platform? PFP members get 2 months free licensing!


An educated consumer is our best client


he phrase “An educated consumer is our best customer” was a popular advertising slogan years ago. In modern personal training, the same phrase is true for a number of important reasons: 1. The more a client knows about exercise, the more likely they are to take personal responsibility for their health and fitness. 2. The more a client knows that you know about your profession, the more confident s/he will be in your ability as a personal trainer. 3. The more a client knows about your personal training philosophy and how it matches your credentials and program design, the more likely they are to keep training with you and promote you to others. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH We want our clients to be educated so that they take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being. This is part of self-determination, where clients find the intrinsic motivation to exercise because they embrace it. You play a critical role in providing evidence-based information and expressing the information in a way that is meaningful to your client. Sorting out the misinformation is as important to your client as understanding how to embrace the path to self-determination. CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY Part of what makes you an expert personal trainer is your knowledge in these key content areas: } Exercise science } Program design } Behavior modification and lifestyle management

One of the best things you can do is to establish your own personal training philosophy, which of course is borne from your own knowledge and experience. While the debate on certification and minimum level of education continues, think about it in terms of being the best you can be — always try to maximize your fundamental knowledge in key content areas. The best always seek to be better. Take inventory of what your clients have asked about and in what area(s) you can enhance your education.



LONGEVITY AND PROMOTION It has been said that many personal trainers subscribe to a specific training philosophy without ever establishing their own. One of the best things you can do is to establish your own personal training philosophy, which of course is borne from your own knowledge and experience. If your program design aligns with your personal training philosophy, clients notice. If your philosophy, or lack of a philosophy, leads you to be sporadic in your program design with inconsistent programs and results, client notice that as well. WHEN THE EDUCATIONAL COMPONENTS ALIGN Education is critical to the success of your personal training career. You must make a conscious effort to not only educate yourself, but to educate your clients. Your education should enhance key concepts and challenge your current philosophy. The alignment of your philosophy, educational pursuits, program design, and strategies for helping your clients become self-determined will promulgate your reputation as a highly-qualified personal trainer.

Rick Howard, M.Ed., CSCS, *D is completing his doctorate in Health Promotion and Wellness at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. He has been training athletes of all ages and abilities for more than 30 years. He currently is the Director of Fitness at the Wilmington (DE) Country Club and a college professor at West Chester (PA) University and Rowan (NJ) University.






Step360™ Pro Now available exclusively from Power Systems, the Step360™ Pro brings a full 360º experience to your workouts! Designed to improve balance, stability, agility, core, muscular strength, and more. The dual, air-filled balance discs under the platform allow you to customize the stability level of your workout by adding or reducing the air in each individual chamber. The Step360™ Pro platform features

Kneeling Trunk Rotation

six notches along the outer rim to pair easily

This is a great core activation exercise to use at the beginning of a workout. Begin in a kneeling hands and knees position with the core braced. Place the right hand behind the head. Rotate the right elbow under the body towards the left elbow, then unwind and open the right elbow as far as you can towards the ceiling.

with resistance band exercises. An ideal tool to add adaptable instability to training programs of all fitness levels.

Squat Jump Begin standing behind the Step360™ Pro, then load the hips and prepare to jump. Land onto the center of the platform with the knees bent and chest lifted. Pause for a moment in the landing position. Then step off the back of the platform and repeat the squat jump.



Exercises designed by Power Systems

Lunge to Single Leg Overhead Press Complete this exercise using medicine ball, dumbbells, or body weight only. Begin standing on the right leg behind the Step360™ Pro, holding the weight of your choice. Lunge onto the center of the platform with your left foot. Keep the chest up, the elbows slightly bent, and reach the weight over the front knee. Slowly return to the single leg balance starting position as you press the weight overhead band exercises. An ideal tool to add adaptable instability to training programs of all fitness levels.

Reverse Fly Ideal for the underactive postural muscles of the upper and mid back. Secure a resistance band into the tubing notches of the Step360™ Pro. Step onto the platform with feet hip width apart. Tip forward at the hip with a flat back, core engaged, and knees soft. Pull the resistance bands laterally to make a “T” with your arms.

Single Leg Lateral Hops Split Squat Jump Begin standing on the floor with the Step360™ Pro on the left side. Place the left leg onto the platform, then load the hips and prepare to jump. Land with knees bent and chest lifted in the same position as the start. Execute the desired number of reps, before switching to the right side.

Begin standing on the floor with the Step360™ Pro on the left side. Hop onto the center of the platform landing on the left leg only. Hop back to the right onto the ground with the right leg only. For stabilization training, try this exercise with a slight pause at the landing. For agility, remove the pause and complete the movement as fast as desired. Execute the desired number of reps, before switching to the right side. WINTER 2018 | WWW.PERSONALFITNESSPROFESSIONAL.COM | 27

NEW ON THE MARKET The latest trends in fitness equipment


LINDSAY'S REVIEW: BOSU NEXGEN PRO BALANCE TRAINER For the better part of the last decade, I’ve integrated the BOSU Balance Trainer into my personal training and group exercise programming. I’ve found that clients, especially if unfamiliar with BOSU or balance training, needed additional guidance on consistent foot/ hand placement in order to execute the movement safely and successfully. The new BOSU NexGen Pro Balance Trainer does just that. With new channel markings and a textured surface, users can more accurately place feet or hands on the dome, making cueing and coaching much more efficient – a priority for a safe and effective workout for our clients!


The Axle is an ultra-light barbell that is fully collapsible for easy storage, suitable for indoor or outdoor use and easily portable. This unique equipment can function as a barbell, core roller, planking tool or a foot anchor for core exercises. Holds any Olympic plate for added resistance. The Axle Barbell’s ease of use and functionality provides anyone with the opportunity to master hundreds of exercises in a wide range of vertical and horizontal planes. Programming is also available.




Easy-click connectors make it a snap to assemble and dissemble the new Halo Trainer Plus for travel or storage. Use the Halo Trainer Plus on its own and with the Stability Ball™ to offer core-integrated bodyweight training options that advance strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization. The ergonomic Halo Trainer Plus offers dynamic ways to incorporate strength work, flexibility training, total body conditioning or physical and occupational treatments.

K-VEST allows fitness professionals to develop and administer precise exercises for clients to become stronger and fitter, faster. Using medical grade sensors, trainers measure their client’s motion to detect inefficiencies, followed by patented technology that guides coaches to prescribe the correct training programs. Whether supervised or unsupervised, patented audio and visual cues ensure each rep of every exercise is executed with perfect form.

Perform Better’s Mega Trap Bar is perfect for deadlifting and teaching squatting techniques for your larger and stronger athletes. Unlike regular trap bars, this bar weighs 85 pounds and has 20-inch long sleeves so it can accommodate more weight on each side. The inside diameter is longer and wider than traditional hex bars, making it more comfortable for your bigger athletes, while the top and bottom handle options allow them to have multiple grips.



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IHRSA 2018 Convention & Trade Show March 21-24, San Diego, CA

APRIL 2018 NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning April 2-5, Norfolk, VA

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Find your mentor


sk any successful person and they will tell you that they got to where they are by learning from others. No matter where you are in your career, embrace the fact that we never stop growing. Our education doesn’t end at the conclusion of our schooling. Yes, there are conferences and certifications. But, there is much that is taught outside of these formats. Lessons in leadership and life usually happen outside of school. Have you considered the benefit of learning from a mentor? At every stage of business, mentors can play a vital role in your professional and personal development.

At every stage of business, mentors can play a vital role in your professional and personal development. When I first started franchising, I found a mentor to help me learn about franchising. When I became a mom, I joined a moms group to mentor me in motherhood. When I started podcasting, I joined a virtual coaching group to be mentored in podcasting. What do you think of when you think of a mentor? A one-to-one relationship with some sage person? It doesn’t have to look that way anymore. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a mentor as "a trusted counselor or guide." How great would it be to have a trusted guide to help you find your way? Someone to help you achieve your goals? Mentors often fall into two categories: life mentors and subject mentors. Life mentors can inspire you and guide you to develop in various areas of your life. Subject mentors can help you when you want to improve in a specific area or domain. What can mentors do for you? } They can coach you. They can listen to you and help you figure out solutions to challenges. Mentors can help create connections. } They can connect you to resources from people to systems. They have a deep network of people and companies to connect you with. } They can challenge you (yes, you want them to challenge you!). They ask the tough questions. You are not always right, and you need someone to challenge your ideas.



Before you seek out a mentor, it is important to get clear on who you are, where you are and what you need. Where do you find these mentors? 1. Identify someone whom you would like to learn from. Do your research on what they offer. Read their books, listen to their podcasts, participate in their programs. Once you have done this, ask if they would consider mentoring you. Show that you have done the work and see how you can be generous with them. Then, just ask. Chances are that they are very busy and you will get a no. But you never know unless you ask. 2. Find people who are just a step beyond you or are on a similar path and start a mastermind group. Set up a monthly meeting and share what you are learning, what resources you have and what you need. You can mentor each other. 3. Join a coaching group that already exists. As my business grew, I joined a CEO group where I was surrounded by successful CEOs. It was an invaluable investment as they lessened my learning curve. 4. Find a virtual mentor. The experts in just about everything are offering free podcasts, courses, blogs and more. Soak it all up. You have the opportunity to learn from them.

There will always be a need for different mentors at different stages of your life and career. Sometimes, it’s a big investment. There will always be a need for different mentors at different stages of your life and career. Sometimes, it’s a big investment. Why would we expect others to invest in us if we won’t invest in ourselves? And, of course, it’s important to give as well as to receive. I bet that there is someone who could learn from you. Consider how you might mentor someone who is a few steps behind you.

Lisa Druxman is the founder of FIT4MOM and the author of the Empowered Mama. She has worked for over two decades in the fitness industry focusing on women’s wellness. She has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and more. Lisa is a speaker, writer and thought leader with a passion for teaching entrepreneurship and self-care.


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