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Push beyond the obstacles Get creative with OCR training. By Yancy Culp


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Career Builder by Brandi Binkley

Entrepreneur by Jim White

Social Media Strategy by Scott Rawcliffe

INDUSTRY STATS Since 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking of some sort, being highly networked is essential for both the job seekers and for those seeking them. -Lou Adler, LinkedIn Contributor


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Start a business with the end in mind. By Lindsay Vastola


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Lindsay Vastola

Josh Bowen

Reinvention is necessary


ave you ever had to go through a "reinvention" of yourself or your business? Like the time you left home for college, moved out on your own, or took your first job? When you were first married or had your first child? When you took the risk of leaving a safe corporate job to pursue fitness full-time? Or when you made the decision to start your business or open a studio? We all go through reinvention. Usually many times over the course of life. Sometimes we reinvent ourselves because we choose to and sometimes we're forced to. Sometimes it's exciting and sometimes it's scarier than hell. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it feels like nothing in life has ever been harder. Sometimes we embrace it, sometimes we resist it. Sometimes people will love you for it, sometimes people - even the ones you care about most - are not ready or willing to accept it. Or maybe they have their own idea of who you should be. But one thing is constant and true: reinvention is NECESSARY. Because if we're not reinventing ourselves, we become complacent, uninspired, and even bored. We end up feeling like we're not making progress, have no purpose, and we stop moving forward. The ultimate result? We feel like we're trying to climb a slippery pole, we get frustrated, unmotivated, depressed, anxious, and our self-esteem and confidence plummets. Reinvention doesn't mean that you have to compromise your values or change who you are at a core. I believe it means constantly striving to become a slightly better version of ourselves or of our business. In this issue, we’re focused on the pursuit of greater opportunity. With the pursuit of greater opportunity often comes reinvention. Like Sergio Rojas, our Journey to Success featured professional. From the very beginning of his long-standing career, each successful evolution of his career or business did not come without challenge, risk, difficulty, or the risk of letting one thing go in order to pursue another. If there is an industry with limitless opportunity, it’s fitness. However, we must seize these opportunities with a constant spirit of evolution and reinvention in order to create a lifelong, meaningful career. Reinvention makes you a stronger individual who can add greater value to those you serve. Reinvention means taking risks and making uncomfortable decisions. But reinvention and evolution are what opens up limitless possibility.

Create your own opportunities Our 2018 PFP Trainer of the Year, Josh Bowen, talks about seeking out – and even creating – opportunities that allow you to maximize your passion and potential. What would you say are some of the career-boosting opportunities fitness professionals can take advantage of right now? It is the digital age. The ability to literally work with anyone, at any capacity, from your computer offers a significant opportunity with endless possibility for fitness professionals to expand their careers and diversity their business. What opportunity in your career did you take advantage of that has been the most rewarding for you? When I decided to take initiative and create a position for myself at Urban Active and started developing the trainers around me. I carved a position for myself where I could help hundreds of personal trainers become the best version of themselves. What opportunities are you currently exploring to expand your business/career? I am currently expanding my consulting business and helping to open a new franchise concept called Every Body Fights. I love consulting and helping other businesses expand and develop.

Committed to your success,

P.S. Don’t forget to apply to become a 2018 PFP Trainer of the Month! Each month throughout the year, we’re recognizing one outstanding fitness professional who is raising the bar and making an impact and they’ll be among the 12 finalists of the 2019 PFP Trainer of the Year. Visit to see our recent winners and to apply!



Volume 20 | Issue 3





Sergio Rojas A vision of vitality Lindsay Vastola

Rise above under-qualified trainers Jill Ruth Rooks




FIND YOUR HIDDEN PROFIT Unexpected revenue in your fitness business Joe Drake

Case study: From start-up to legacy Greg Justice




Reinvention is necessary

Lindsay Vastola



Explosive training with the MostFit Core Hammer




Embracing abundance during change



Get what you deserve

Shannon Fable



Brook Benton



Gold stars make a difference

What is the “next level” for personal trainers?

Melissa Knowles

Rick Howard






Greg Vaughn


Marketing starts within

David Crump




Halo Trainer



The latest trends in fitness equipment



Upcoming industry events



Move forward

Lisa Druxman



Explosive training with the MostFit Core Hammer


ou can’t get more explosive than a sledgehammer swing. And sledgehammer swings are now much more accessible with the MostFit Core Hammer.

The MostFit Core Hammer - a first of its kind - is finally making sledgehammer workouts possible without the tire. The Core Hammer is designed just like a sledgehammer, but the head is round and composed of solid urethane, providing the right amount of rebound so the user can establish a rhythm that exactly mimics traditional sledgehammer swings. This means that sledgehammer workouts can now be done anywhere…in a gym, Crossfit box, parking lot, or at home, and multiple users can workout together in small spaces with the Core Hammer. Explosiveness plays such a critical role in so many sports, and it’s something the body needs to get acclimated with so that it becomes natural.

“I use the Core Hammer all the time as a fun and creative way to mix things up for my athletes, and get their bodies working in totally different ways. It’s a really unique tool and my athletes love it,” says Michael Rankin, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Drexel University. The Core Hammer goes way beyond explosive training, though. It is used in all corners of the strength and conditioning industry; from baseball, lacrosse, and football, to rehab, small group workouts, and golf. Rotational movements with a distally loaded weight are delivering results to a number of athletes in different sports and coaches are using the standard hammer slam in group settings and 1-on-1 sessions to help build explosive strength. The Core Hammer provides several great stability and grip strength challenges as well. The MostFit Core Hammer enhances any training program, without losing space in the gym, or having to purchase large equipment or programs. Improving stability, explosive strength, and coordination is an easy decision with MostFit’s functional training gear.

For video demonstrations of the MostFit Core Hammer and the training possibilities, visit ABOUT MOSTFIT Founded by Andrew Gavigan in 2011, MostFit LLC provides unique, effective and efficient products to the fitness community to make optimum performance more accessible. MostFit firmly believes that accessibility is the key component to success for athletes and fitness enthusiasts at all levels. To that end, MostFit strives to make all aspects of fitness enjoyable and approachable, empowering individuals to be the “most fit” they can be.

PFP subscribers receive an exclusive 10% discount on MostFit Products with code PFP10.


Embrace abundance during change


his is a very exciting time to be working in the fitness industry. The general public is embracing exercise as a desired daily habit, and there has never been so many educated and qualified coaches or trainers filling out our ranks. If our goal is truly to have more of an impact, then it’s safe to say that we are certainly headed in the right direction. Like many trainers, while you may be nodding your head in agreement reading this you may also be feeling a little tentative about the side effects of this progress. Some examples may include Instagram coaches, online training, and new gym concepts that feel more like a dance club than a place dedicated to the fundamentals of exercises. With these types of changes in the market it doesn’t matter if you’ve been training for two years or two decades; it’s hard not to be shaken at least a little bit. The new fitness consumer is now faced with a sea of options and it can be easy to feel the pressure of competition or market saturation. The feeling is that your opportunities are being limited or that every client acquired by another trainer or gym is one less for you. This is known as the scarcity mindset – the idea that one (of anything) for someone else means one less for us. It’s not real, but it will drag you down. Sure, the concept is real, but statistics show that there are more people in this world that need fitness than those of us that can supply it. So, how can we cope with these feelings during times of uncertainly? First, we can acknowledge that as fitness professionals we are all in this together. Second, double-down on your authenticity because trends don’t last, but principles do. Third, embrace the abundance mindset – that there is more than enough to go around. While competition does exist in a broader sense, it is likely not what you think. The fitness professional down the block or the online trainer blowing up your newsfeed with ads are small potatoes compared to our biggest adversaries – quick fixes and misinformation.

David Crump is an entrepreneur, fitness business consultant, and NSCA certified personal trainer. Since entering the fitness industry in 2006 he has climbed the ranks of corporate management, opened multiple fitness facilities, and helped hundreds of clients improve their lives. Additionally, he owns and operates Spark Fitness, a private training facility in Orlando, Florida, and works with trainers around the country to help them achieve their dream of opening their own gym.



LEADERSHIP Shannon Fable

Get what you deserve


ersonal trainers notoriously undervalue their services. Our industry tends to attract service-minded, fitness enthusiasts that love helping people reach their goals. We rationalize away the money claiming, "I love it so much, I'd do it for free!" And most of us are not natural born sellers, which leaves us at a disadvantage. This isn't true for all fitness professionals. But even if you enjoy sales and aren't afraid to ask for money, you're surrounded by people who are. So the perceived market value isn't necessarily driving your prices in the right direction. Getting paid what you're worth usually requires negotiation, which happens at two key points: before you get hired and once a year after that. 1. Know before you go: Research pay rates and service fees in the industry, as well as adjacent professions. You'll also want to know nearby membership fees, training rates, and fitness service offerings. This will help provide a baseline for your negotiations. If interviewing for a job, always ask the hiring manager about the pay range, how salaries are determined, and whether the amount is negotiable before scheduling an interview. 2. Be prepared: Don’t just talk about why you deserve the rate you’re proposing, come with proof. Provide objective evidence of the value you will deliver. Have a professional resume prepared specific to fitness or related skills. You’ll also want supporting documentation of experience, education, and value differentiators. When preparing for clients, have a similar portfolio that would be displayed as marketing materials or a website form. 3. State your case: When discussing your pay or rates, be professional but straightforward. Always discuss money before agreeing to employment or a training schedule, preferably in person. For employment, prepare a brief statement that highlights your desire to join the team, your worth and previous compensation structure, as well as your willingness to reach an agreement. For new clients, be sure you prepare your ‘close’ with value-based statements versus apologies for your rates. Once you are hired or book the business, it’s important to negotiate annual increases. Make a pact with yourself, your co-workers, your friends, and your family that this will be the year you get what you deserve!

Shannon Fable, 2013 IDEA and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year, is VP of Fitness Programming for the FIT4MOM® franchise. For more than two decades, she has consulted for impressive brands including Anytime Fitness, Schwinn, Power Systems, and BOSU®. An experienced educator, writer, and certified Book Yourself Solid® Business Coach, she helps fitness pros navigate the industry and make more money. She is Vice Chair of the ACE Board of Directors and owner of GroupEx PRO®, a cloud-based management tool.




Melissa Knowles

Greg Vaughn

Gold stars make a difference illennials are accustomed to attention and praise from their earliest days and expect regular affirmation in the workplace. They are also prepared to switch jobs earlier and more frequently than previous generations, so employers need to take particular steps to maintain Millennial engagement," said Rodney Mason, GVP of Marketing with Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, an international incentives and engagement company. Millennials will make up over 75% of the workforce by 2025. Take a look at your workforce and understand that recognition must now go beyond a paycheck! Millennials don’t just expect recognition, they demand it. Work environments devoid of pathways for praise will find themselves with a revolving door. Millennials move more often than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. If retention matters to your business, recognition should matter to you. Your goal should be to slow down their pattern of switching jobs, show them a road to growth, and ensure that road is littered with countless opportunities for small successes. Like it or not, this is your team and what matters is getting the most and best out of them, participation trophies and all! Start with printing out a clipart-created star form. Explain the program to your staff and encourage them to give out as many stars as they’d like. They can give them to helpful teammates, overachievers, cheerleaders, or consistent performers. What matters is they give them away. Place the star forms in an accessible area, like your breakroom, and keep the stack stocked. Ask your managers to champion the process by getting some stars out early. Encourage your team to display their stars or you can put them on a visible bulletin board. Hold a monthly meeting where stars are shared with the entire group or post announcements. Give prizes! For every five stars in a month, for example, a team member could get one ticket for a prize drawing. Prizes could include gift cards, early-leave days, and longer lunches. It’s that simple. A stack of copied stars, some pixie dust from manager-driven participation to get things moving forward organically, and closure with additional rewards at the end of each month. You’re off to the races with your very own recognition program!

Melissa Knowles is Vice President of GYM HQ, providing corporate services including accounting, payroll, HR and customer service for the fitness industry. In more than 17 years of industry experience her expertise includes strategic operations, staff training, cost savings analysis, reporting development and implementation, fitness department overhaul, client retention systems and corporate management.



Marketing starts within


he best opportunity to generate new leads begins with your clients and your referral systems. First, be sure your clients have the right information to give to others. They are your walking, talking billboards! Often, they are bombarded with questions about your current schedule and services. So be sure to give them the tools needed to answer those questions so they can easily send people to you. Decide if you want your clients to help their friends schedule a consultation, attend a free class, or give you their information. Make it easy by keeping handouts and information available in your facility at all times. These can include business cards, brochures, guest passes, and any form of call to action you choose. To keep referrals coming consistently, try implementing a few of the following strategies: 1. At the point of sale, ask clients: “Can you think of three friends or family members who would benefit from a program like this as well? We can give them a one-day guest pass where they can either come in with you or set up a separate consultation.” Be sure to give the client three guest passes to give to their friends and let them know that you will give them a call soon. 2. Host special events that are open to the public. This can be a group class for charity, open house days, a walk at the park, or a challenge you’ve put together. Encourage clients to bring friends and family members and be sure to save their information and follow-up. 3. Highlight your clients often. Inside the facility, as well as on social media. This can be stories, progress photos, and leaderboards Remember to always communicate with your clients and ask what you can do to help get their friends and family exercising as well. A quick word of caution concerning rewards systems for referrals: Do not get consumed by thinking you have to give your clients something in return for referrals. Reward systems can be useful if implemented correctly. However, most of your clients will be happy to send people your way. If you do choose to use a reward system, try to avoid giving away sessions. Instead, consider giving away things such as gift cards for friends, t-shirts or other prizes. Reward systems work best when there is a level of competition and a time limit. Run these promotions for about a month at a time, rewarding those who have referred the most people.

Greg Vaughn is the CEO of Premier Fitness and host of The Redefining Fitness Podcast. Greg started in the industry in 2009, and has grown multiple successful fitness businesses. He is an author, speaker and strength coach for the general public. To learn more about his mission of "Redefining Fitness," visit:


Hosted by:


Whether it’s starting your own business or opening a studio — discover the first steps to doing it on your own, doing it successfully, and doing it for life.


Editor, Personal Fitness Professional (PFP); Founder & Owner, Body Project Your First Step: Create a sound business plan


Vice President, Gym HQ Business Best Practices: Understand the most critical do's and don'ts



Executive Director, VP of Sales & Marketing, Fitness Revolution Marketing: Strategies to attract your ideal client


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Journey to Success

Sergio Rojas TITLE: Owner, Vitality by Sergio; Director of Wellness, Hirschbach Motor Lines CERTIFICATIONS: FAFS, MAPS - Gray Institute; NSCA-CSCS; CES from NASM; CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) from AASDN EDUCATION: Loyola University FAVORITE QUOTES: Good health is the foundation to happiness CONTACT INFO:; @VitalityBySergio



By Lindsay Vastola

A vision of vitality

ergio Rojas, like many of us, found his calling to fitness by happenstance just over 20 years ago. The son of Columbian immigrants seeking the American Dream, Sergio’s journey to success has been inspired by serendipitous wake-up calls, seemingly chance meetings, and an unwavering desire to share with others his passion for vitality and longevity. For the better part of his teens and early 20s, Sergio battled depression and anger. He watched his parents struggle and saw his father being taken advantage of in business. His parents came from a hard life and it angered him that his father wasn’t being treated the way he deserved. His father, one of nine brothers and two sisters, witnessed the passing of his father and many of his brothers before their 60s. These early tragedies were a wake-up call for Sergio’s father; he stopped smoking and committed to eating better so he could have better control over the trajectory of his life. Seeing the impact of his father’s commitment to his health, Sergio, while in college, decided he wanted to buy a motorcycle. He worked two part-time jobs and committed to taking care of his health by working out and


eating better. Just four months later, as he was riding the streets of Chicago on his new motorcycle, he realized he was no longer depressed or angry. Sergio knew he felt better, not because of the motorcycle, but because of the exercise and the direct connection between his physical and emotional health. This wake-up call, much like his father’s, changed the trajectory of Sergio’s life. He decided to pursue personal training and learned all he could about the field. In 1996, he became a personal trainer and just one year later was promoted to managing director of personal training at one location of Chicago’s Lakeshore Athletic Club. Shortly thereafter, he became the managing director of all of the company’s clubs. This was just the beginning of Sergio’s journey to success. As Sergio’s career began to take off, and he was exposed to more facets of fitness, he recalls looking at what were viewed as “traditional” methods of exercise and eating and realized it did not feel right to him. As he gained experience as a fitness professional, studying and applying functional exercise and clean eating to his practice, Sergio became increasingly passionate about finding out what would really help people the most. He wanted to learn the science and be able to weed-out the gimmicks. He sought out proven ways to improve mobility, reduce pain, increase body, spatial and emotional awareness, and began applying a more holistic approach to health. Ultimately, he was passionate about what could give someone lifelong vitality. Sergio also realized early on that he wanted to create longevity and vitality, not only for those he served, but in his own career. He knew he didn’t want to get up early and train


late day-in and day-out. At two distinct times of his career – as head trainer at Lakeshore Athletic Club and again years later as owner of his gym – he realized he was spinning his wheels and felt confined by the all-to-familiar daily life of a trainer. He was determined to create a career that gave him “banker’s hours,” all while expanding his career, giving him more opportunity to share his message of vitality, allowing


him to spend time with his family and offering him the financial reward for his work. Sergio’s resume has no shortage of remarkable achievements. For more than 11 years, he was a member of the Chicago NBC 5 fitness team with weekly segments on the popular news program. He was the strength and conditioning coach for the Chicago Sky women’s basketball team and built a reputable clien-


tele boasting professional athletes, CEOs and a successful corporate wellness clientele. In 2010, he opened his own gym where he continued to train his high-profile clientele. But Sergio knew he had a deep desire to do more. While his clientele was impressive, and he financially felt rewarded for his work, he wanted to give back and sought out opportunities that were more meaningful. It was when he came across the prediction by the New England Journal of Medicine that this generation of children may live shorter lives than their parents, in large part due to obesity, Sergio was immediately compelled to take action. He began volunteering in the Chicago public schools and teaching community exercise classes. He started working with Arne Duncan, CEO of Chicago public schools, and this led to the opportunity to apply to the White House as the Director of President’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition. Though he never expected the appointment, he accepted the task. After a period of service in the prestigious position, he made the difficult decision to pursue his vision by returning to his business, as he wasn’t able to do both. In 2010, Sergio opened a gym in Chicago. Though that was seemingly the next logical step to building his business, a few years later he real-

ized he wasn’t happy, he felt limited and boxedin. Once again, he saw greater opportunity and knew he wanted to create and offer a more holistic program to those who needed it most. Sergio began going into companies to offer corporate wellness programs and serendipitously met a brilliant woman with three PhDs (psychology, divinity and preaching). She had developed a successful behavioral change model she integrated

into companies since the 1980s and early ‘90s. She and Sergio soon discovered the possibilities of bridging their expertise by overlaying his proven fitness and wellness program with her proven behavior change model. The success of the program reaffirmed the great need they both knew existed. Sergio was even offered full-time positions at three of four of the first companies where the program was intro-

duced. Sergio - once again - made the decision to take his journey in a new direction and accepted a full-time position as Director of Wellness - that came along with the relocation of he and his family - for a trucking company, Hirschbach Motor Lines, based in Dubuque, Iowa. Sergio unequivocally attests that this decision has led to the most joyous, rewarding and meaningful work he has ever done in his career thus far. Sergio has a very clear vision of making this holistic health coaching program and behavior change model accessible to fitness professionals, so they too can integrate it into companies; all while helping them create meaningful, lifelong careers in this great industry. His vision is to empower fitness professionals to become educators on health, mindfulness, happiness and help clients understand behavior change so that exercise becomes viewed as a gift, not a chore. Sergio Rojas is as authentic as they come. His competitive spirit has always driven him to seek the best in all he does, and his success is a testament to his unwavering commitment to give the gift of vitality to as many as he can reach. Sergio’s journey to success began on that fateful first motorcycle ride through the streets of Chicago, and his journey continues on as he pursues his vision of vitality.



BUILD A TRAINING BUSINESS THAT MATTERS Case study: From start-up to legacy


tarting a business, any business, is an incredibly rewarding experience. Even more rewarding is watching that business become something even greater: a successful business. It takes years of hard work and commitment to grow a business you’re proud of. Those in the business world refer to this pattern of growth, specifically its end result, as legacy. A legacy business is one that is founded on strong values, excellent customer service, and has a strong company culture. A legacy business is one that the owner can one day look back on with pride knowing that he or she has created something great. When I founded AYC (At Your Convenience) Fitness in 1986, I wanted to open a fitness center that was different. Over the years, this has led to many opportunities as my original business developed and others were started. I now have the chance to speak across the country and have written multiple books on topics in the personal fitness industry. Had I not built my first business, AYC Fitness, into a legacy business, those doors may not have been opened. The importance of business legacy is unparalleled when it comes to determining whether your company stands


apart from its competitors and whether it will be successful long after you leave it. THE LIFE CYCLE OF A BUSINESS Like almost everything, businesses don’t become established overnight or in the course of one day. Rather, there is a somewhat regular life cycle that a developing business goes through. As the owner begins with an idea or a dream, this life cycle also begins. It progresses through five stages until the business reaches maturity and is executing its purpose. A brief look at this life cycle will help you better understand how business legacy is built upon continuously from very early on. Stage 1: Dream phase Stage 2: Start-up Stage 3: Growth Stage 4: Expansion Stage 5: Maturity WHY IS LEGACY IMPORTANT? Aside from helping a business progress through the business life cycle more successfully, legacy is important in many other aspects of running a business. One of the key impacts is that legacy helps set your business apart from others in the industry. Fitness businesses


are forced to compete in an ultra-competitive marketplace. Any leg up in this competition massively helps your business not only stay afloat but thrive. BUSINESS LEGACY IMPACTS INDIVIDUAL CAREERS It is clear to see the tremendous positive impact that a company’s legacy has on its overall success. Perhaps the obvious way in which a legacy business bolsters the career of its owner is through reputation. Throughout the business’ life cycle, people in the industry and out of it will see how it develops. This network expands as the business does, with more and more people taking note of how the business is being developed and run. As the business develops successfully, people in the industry associate its success with the company’s owner and almost always attribute it back to him or her. As you might imagine, this gives the business owner a strong reputation for being able to successfully run a company and opens the door to many opportunities down the road. Some of these doors may include opportunities like speaking, authoring, and business consulting. After opening AYC Fitness and developing it into a successful fitness center,


I was able to branch out professionally into all of these areas. However, had it not been for the success of my first business, these opportunities would not have been possible or accessible. Successfully raising a business through its life cycle reflects a similar growth in the individual. As the business grows from a start-up to maturity, the owner grows from a worker into an expert and then as an influencer in the field. As others in the industry take note, they also begin to listen to what you have to say. After having years of experience and successfully growing a business, you can be considered an expert on the topic. Thus, people will not only listen to you, but model their own businesses after what you have to say. PRACTICAL STEPS TOWARD BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS INTO A LEGACY BUSINESS Here are three actionable suggestions that will prove helpful to steer your business on a path to legacy. These tips are not all-inclusive, and every company has a set of unique

needs. These tips are not cookie-cutter steps that will automatically turn your business into one with legacy, but rather they should serve as a framework of best practices that will help you get there over time. They will help your company run more smoothly and help gain the respect of those in the industry and of the all-important customer. } Know your non-negotiables } Hire smart; hire right } Create a strong company culture } Provide opportunities for growth and improvement for your team

write, and guide others has been a rewarding experience. With legacy, your business is a step above the rest and can impact your industry in incredible ways. By following the steps outlined above and by carefully considering how your decisions today will influence the future legacy of your business, you are one step closer to becoming the company and the executive that people look to for guidance and knowledge in your field.

LEGACY IS EARNED NOT GIVEN Whether you’re just dreaming up your business concept or have been in the game for a few years, it’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for your company’s legacy. Building a business that matters and building a business with legacy is no easy task. For me, building a personal fitness business into a platform from which to speak,

Greg Justice, MA, is a best-selling author, speaker and fitness entrepreneur, and was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2017. He opened AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Center, in May 1986. He is co-founder and CEO of the National Corporate Fitness Institute (NCFI), a certifying body for fitness professionals, and Scriptor Publishing Group. Greg holds a master’s degree in HPER (exercise science) and a bachelor’s degree in Health & Physical Education from Morehead State University.



THE NOTSO-SILENT COMPETITION Rise above under-qualified trainers


igh quality trainers are likely to be found actively bettering themselves to be able to guide others on the same mission. Words and phrases like passion, selfless, all-in, knowledgeable, motivating, and endlessly seeking to learn often describe them. The distinction between qualified and under-qualified trainers might not be obvious to the untrained eye. As a result, business goes both ways. However, under-qualified trainers are less likely to be all-in, often serving themselves first and their clients second. It is disheartening that the reality is that we are competing for business. Many variables differentiate a qualified trainer from an under-qualified trainer, but first we must wonder, how could anyone in our industry be content with being un-


der-qualified? Second, how is it that we are competing with them? While we are attending conferences, earning higher education and certifications, and investing in our clients, our under-qualified competition seems to be filling their books. To know why this challenge exists, we need to know the mindset of the people who are being drawn to the under-qualified competition. They are clearly doing something right if they are getting the business. Who are their customers and what is it they are looking for? If we can answer these questions, we can begin to face and overcome the challenge of competing with under-qualified trainers to the point that a year from now, we will be saying, “What challenge?” Keep in mind, our struggles make us stronger. With this perspective, let’s thank the under-qualified


trainers for the opportunity to better ourselves. Now let’s roll our sleeves up and get to work establishing why potential business should choose us over them. DIFFERENTIATE BY APPEALING TO VALUES For a behavior to stick, actions need to be congruent with values. For example, client “Susie” highly values family and health. She wants to keep up with her grandchildren for a long time. She also values time and money. She is working to pay off bills before retirement. She has an opportunity to spend money on herself and has decided to make health a priority after a disappointing medical exam. If a client values time, offer 30-minute sessions. If they value money, offer memberships that can be budgeted instead of big packages. If they value family, share testimonials

a qualified trainer matters. This creates the scenario that begs the question with a potential client, “How can they not train with you?”

of clients whose health has enhanced their family lives. This proactive practice of who you are and how you can help solve potential customers’ problems has to begin now and be done daily. Always be asking, “How can I help you?” actively listen, then deliver on your promise. PROSPECTS NEED TO KNOW YOU BEFORE THEY NEED YOU For a prospect like Susie, fitness is not a part of her lifestyle, nor does she surround herself with others who engage in it. The only place she knows to go is the local gym. This is where our under-qualified trainer is ready and waiting for her. How many clients liked Susie are in your town, in your radius, down the street from you? To attract Susie and all the potential clients like her, we need to be attracting her to us before

she even knows she needs us. This is where you are different. You are proactive in the content you deliver via email, through social media, on posters around town, and you are actively asking your current clients to spread the word of what you offer. LET YOUR GREATEST INVESTMENT PAYOFF Fine-tooth-comb your notes from conferences, certifications and educational experiences. You will surprise yourself with the powerful information you already possess. Share this information with your clients, prospects and community. Information from the presentations you’ve attended. In your certification courses, sharable information is embedded in the material. Tap into your greatest investment - your education - and continually communicate why working with

PRACTICE EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt. Simply, care more. Demonstrate it with acts of kindness, of empathy, of service. Get so good at the little things. Share books, share recipes, leave your clients with daily thoughts, funnies, meditations, greet them with a flower. And as Maya Angelou stated, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This will certainly differentiate you and your value of service. Anticipate your clients’ needs before they express them. Sense if they have a question they are uncomfortable asking. Sense if they need a change of scenery and sense when the kind of day they had is better served with a stretching or rehab session versus a power or lifting session. Act on your intuitions, perceive their needs and exceed their expectations. Keep taking steps to introduce yourself and your expertise to potential clients before they even know they need you. Continue to learn how to serve clients based on their values. Your reputation for caring more and being responsive to your clients’ needs before expressed is noticed and your education and ability to stay ahead of industry standards is a given. But the most important thing that is so simple it is often overlooked is this: consistency. People like to know you will be there next month, next year, five years from now. The truth is, this is more valuable than almost any other thing you can do. The difference between qualified and under-qualified is in showing up, not just when it is convenient, but every day.

Jill Ruth Rooks founded The Energy Lab in Redlands, California in 2011 where she creatively coaches and teaches clients of all ages and abilities. Jill is a sought-after speaker, teacher, and coach on the art of listening. She is the best-selling author of “10 Stories of Strong Living,” is a Platinum member of Todd Durkin Mastermind, Institute of Motion Level 3, and has over 18 years of experience in the industry.



FIND YOUR HIDDEN PROFIT Unexpected revenue in your fitness business


he number one job of any fitness entrepreneur or business owner is to drive sales. In a passion- and purpose-driven field this may not sound like what you signed up for, but without increasing profits and bottom line growth there is no expanding your reach to help more people. The end goal is to then find the sweet spot where purpose can drive profits and fuel passion. The good news is that the solution isn’t


complicated. Regardless of whether you are a personal training or group-based facility, there are really only two ways to make more money: get more clients or increase the value of the clients you already have. Most businesses should be looking for a blend of both, but focusing on one or the other for a period of time can be key to sustainable growth. Overdelivering on your business’ core offering is imperative before getting too distracted by other opportunities. This means


ensuring that you are delivering results better than anyone else and getting significant referrals within the business before diverting your attention to other outlets of business. Once a business has achieved this success, the focus can shift to increasing unique client value and exploring other revenue streams. To do this, look at ways to increase the amount each current client spends with your business every month. The objective of additional revenue streams is to better serve

your clients’ needs and drive further results while in alignment of your company’s core value; this might mean thinking outside of the box. The following are examples of two under-utilized revenue streams that cannot only greatly improve your bottom line, but when done correctly also add massive value to your clients and community. PRO SHOP SALES Pro shop sales can offer significant returns with little effort. Unfortunately, many businesses still fall short. If you’re able to get a hundred clients to spend just $3 more, twice a week throughout the year, that could equal an additional $31,200 in sales. Your pro shop could be as simple as a protein bar or post-workout drink, neither of which take much space or inventory. Leverage companies that offer valuable services or products your clients want and need while making it easy for you to sell and manage inventory. While selling supplements brings up ethical questions for some fitness entrepreneurs, the reality is that most clients are already buying and consuming them. If you offer quality products, out of trust, your clients would likely prefer to buy from you rather than many retail supplement companies. Branded t-shirts, gear, and swag are also a no-brainer for your pro shop. If you’re truly delivering on your brand promise and your customers are raving fans, then you should be unveiling a new piece of gear every month or two. Clients love representing your brand because it has become part of their identity, so don’t deny them this opportunity for self-expression. Most items you can markup 100% and that can bring in decent profits while getting more mobile marketing outside of your doors. There is great opportunity for selling items like gloves, foam rollers, heart rate monitors, and other fitness accessories. These are items your clients want and will pay a premium for if you can supply the convenience. Don’t have the time to manage a pro shop? Find a team member who can maintain this

piece of the business and offer them 10-15% of profits for driving more sales. Done right and your pro shop could easily account for an additional 5-10% of monthly sales, not to mention more loyal customers. ADVERTISING If you have a successful fitness business, then chances are you have a community of high quality clients. Believe it or not, this is a valuable asset that other businesses would pay to access. Success here takes reframing your preconceived notions of advertising and thinking of it as more than just sending sales emails to your email list. It’s not about selling them out but creating a formalized opportunity to connect them with businesses you believe in and services they need.

IF YOU’RE ABLE TO GET A HUNDRED CLIENTS TO SPEND JUST $3 MORE, TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, THAT COULD EQUAL AN ADDITIONAL $31,200 IN SALES. You’re the gatekeeper here, so feel free to be selective with the partners you work with. Start by picking just one business in each category of resources that you’d like to connect with your clients (chiro, physio, dietician, massage, food delivery company, etc.) and offer them the opportunity to become an official marketing partner with you for $100 per month or $1,000 for the year. Let them know that it will mean exclusivity in their trade and that it will include marketing on your TV in your facility as well as regular social media and email marketing content all geared toward creating value for your clients through education. No hard sells, just opportunities to add value. They only need to gain a few clients to make it worth it, so it’s an easy sell. Delivering on this means being organized with your marketing but pays off double in

the end because you become the connector and community resource not only with clients, but other businesses in the area. To sweeten it further, many of those business owners are likely already your clients so you don’t have to look too far for great candidates. Ten advertising partners not only provides an additional $10,000+ revenue potential but ensures that those ten businesses will also be sharing your content throughout the year and prioritizing sending more business your way. If they trust you enough for you to help handle their marketing, then they undoubtedly will prioritize referring more business your way. LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADDED REVENUE Pro shop sales and advertising are just two examples of the many possibilities of undervalued revenue streams that could make an impact on any fitness business. The effectiveness stems from understanding clients’ problems, needs, and creatively identifying solutions where everyone wins. Generating significant revenue from supplement sales will only work if you are truly filling a need. Paid partnership marketing can succeed because many small businesses aren’t organized in their marketing, so it solves a problem for other businesses. Each business has to find their own path and decide what’s right for them when it comes to integrating additional revenue streams, but a great place to start is taking a close look at the additional needs and problems within your clientele and community. Then figure out whether you can provide a solution that people won’t think twice about paying for.

Joe Drake is a fitness educator and studio owner in South Florida. He is committed to helping other hungry fitness professionals simplify the path to success and reach more people. When Joe isn’t working with his team at Gravity + Oxygen Fitness and teaching through the Axiom Fitness Academy, you can find him somewhere on a paddleboard or off finding new ways to include peanut butter in every meal.







hether you’re working out alongside one of her best-selling videos, taking a continuing education session with her at some of the industry’s best conferences, or reading her motivational blog, you’ll quickly see why Brook Benten has been successful at sharing her message with so many. She is authentic, relatable and has a gift for connecting with anyone she meets. A consummate professional with a fierce determination to make an impact, Brook is a role model for both aspiring and veteran fitness professionals. Here is how Brook shares her message… My ideal client is ready to make changes for the long haul. They’re tired of the alleged “quick fixes.” They are in it to learn healthy behaviors; I’m there to make it joyful so that they may never stop. My message is make movement fun. I always say, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Exercise can be instrumental in beating America’s weight problem, getting people off antidepressants, building social bridges, and improving mental health; but only if fitness professionals deliver content that people actually want to do! If I had only one way to spread my message, it would be brief video snippets. People watch more than they read. Videos allow me to deliver education while showing the world a glimpse of my personality. People follow me because I keep things light and make exercise appealing to everyday folks. Successful messaging enlightens people on something they didn’t know before tuning-in to you but does so with a panache that you uniquely deliver. Some of the best social advice I ever received was, “If they like who you are, they’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.”




What is the “next level” for personal trainers?


o be recognized as a profession, personal training needs to take it to the next level. What is the next level and how do we get there? While there are differences of opinion as to what the best next level is, several next level constructs exist in other professions, which might help us sort through the plethora of educational next level opportunities in personal training. The three primary next levels that need to be explored are: the career ladder, education, and professional credentialing. The three next levels often occur together (e.g. the need of increased education, such as a master’s degree, for example, in order to climb the career ladder).

confirmation bias. Challenge yourself to learn things in your proximal zone of development, which is right outside your comfort zone. Another way to look at increasing your educational value is to change audience from whom you learn or to whom you present the information. Think about how expanding into different areas can improve your professionalism, perspective, and knowledge-base. Experience as an instructor in a certification program or at a local college could expand your horizons and connect the theory and application of personal training, both to your students and to your clients. Other possibilities include life coaching, wellness counseling, nutrition counseling, and strength and conditioning. PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALING


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Attributed to Albert Einstein While climbing the career ladder is not often thought of in terms of increasing education, on-the-job training (also known as experience) is a key criterion for employment in almost any profession. This is due to the invaluable learning opportunities that experience provides. When you find yourself bemoaning the fact that you have not climbed the career ladder quickly, be sure you did not inadvertently skip a rung of the ladder. Check the educational and experiential requirements of the rungs on your career ladder that will get you where you want to go and work backwards from the top rung to be sure you are gaining the right educational experiences. Ask yourself if you truly have put everything you have into each position you have held along the way and maximized your potential to learn and grow. EDUCATION

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Attributed to Aristotle When taking education to the next level, most personal trainers think of the two most common methods: college degree progressions (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral) and certifications (unaccredited to accredited, certificate, certifications, and specialty certifications). While this path is important for increasing knowledge and skills as well for climbing the career ladder, getting another certificate or certification just to get one is not necessarily going to get you to the next level, especially if it serves only to validate your



“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” Attributed to Sidney J. Harris While we are improving ourselves to be the best personal trainers we can be, there remains the elephant in the room—what are the nextstep opportunities that will improve the credibility of the profession as a whole? With so many choices available to get certified, every certification cannot possibly provide a minimum standard of education and practical application (when choosing a certification, be sure it meets independent accreditation criteria and has a comprehensive continuing education component that must be verified). Getting to the next level means that accredited providers should share criteria and create a minimum standard of proficiency that all personal trainers should meet, which should include steps to climb the career ladder and how to make the most of educational offerings. Similarly, this is an excellent opportunity for next level personal trainers to share best practices in the art and science of personal training from their experience and from what their education has taught them. By building a network of professional colleagues that share best practices and evidence-based information, a solid base of participants in the process of establishing accreditation information and standards can be established. Personal training can be taken to the next level, but only if we all step up to the next level.

Rick Howard, M.Ed., CSCS, *D is completing his doctorate in Health Promotion and Wellness at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. He has been training athletes of all ages and abilities for more than 30 years. He currently is the Director of Fitness at the Wilmington (DE) Country Club and a college professor at West Chester (PA) University and Rowan (NJ) University.


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Halo® Trainer Plus The ergonomic Halo® Trainer Plus is an evolutionary device that offers dynamic and challenging ways to engage muscles while incorporating strength work, flexibility training and total body conditioning. Great for group fitness classes, the Halo® Trainer Plus offers core-integrated bodyweight training options to advance strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization, and can be used with any 55-65cm exercise ball, such as the Stability Ball™.

Scapula Isolations in Plank Starting position: neutral. Protract scapulae (glide shoulder blades away from the spine). Retract scapula (glide shoulder blades closer to the spine). Return to starting position.

Regular Burpees: Standard Mountain Climbers: Reverse Standard or Standard Starting position: plank. Bend elbows and lift one knee toward shoulder. Repeat on other side.



Starting position: standing with elbows flexed, holding Halo® Trainer Plus in front of torso. Extend elbows to lift Halo® Trainer Plus overhead. Squat down to place Halo® Trainer Plus in front of feet on floor. Extend legs to plank position. Lowest point of pushup. Flex elbows. Extend elbows to plank position. Return to squat position. Extend legs to stand up and lift Halo® Trainer Plus overhead.

Exercises from Merrithew’s Halo® Training program.

Side Plank: Standard Starting position: side plank with forearm on Stability Ball™ wedged in Halo® Trainer Plus and legs staggered. Side bend, lifting the side of ribcage and pelvis up toward ceiling. Return to starting position.

Bridge: Standard Starting position: lie on mat with knees flexed about 90 degrees and feet on the Stability Ball™ wedged in the Halo® Trainer Plus. Lift hips to bridge position with weight on upper back. Return to starting position.

Swan Dive from Floor: Standard Starting position: lying on stomach, head off the floor, arms long, reaching forward, holding Halo® Trainer Plus. Legs wider than shoulder-distance apart, laterally rotated. Extend spine, lifting up torso, lowering Halo® Trainer Plus. Return to starting position.

Forward Lunge with Twist: Reverse Standard Starting position: standing, elbow flexed, holding Halo® Trainer Plus in front of chest. Step one foot back to lunge position, rotate the torso to opposite leg, lowering the Halo® Trainer Plus down to the floor. Step other foot back to lunge position, rotate torso, lowering Halo® Trainer Plus down to the floor.


NEW ON THE MARKET The latest trends in fitness equipment


LINDSAY'S REVIEW: KETTLE GRYP The kettlebell is now nearly as mainstream and accessible as the dumbbell; but integrating kettlebells can pose challenges for both trainers and exercisers. Enter Kettle Gryp. Snap in most standard dumbbells up to 55 pounds and within seconds you’ve converted it into a fully functional piece of equipment offering the fun and dynamic training of a kettlebell without the wrist discomfort or difficult grip and without having to purchase or store multiple weights. Whether you’re a trainer, studio owner or an avid fitness enthusiast, versatility in your fitness equipment is key. The Kettle Gryp is a perfect portable, affordable, and adaptable addition to your toolbox!


Part of the new Power Systems studio line, the ProElite Stability Ball is the most durable available, made of heavier, thicker-gauged PVC material with an updated, dimpled surface. This ball is more resistant to puncture, deformity or losing shape. Ideal for heavy traffic and commercial-use facilities. Full 360-degree range of use, no raised surfaces to impede comfort when rolling on it. Offered in black and in two sizes with the diameter clearly marked. Storage options and pumps available.




Perform Better’s First Place Rock Mat is an acupressure mat that stimulates the reflex points in the feet, helping balance the body’s flow. This dense foam mat has different size “rocks” to vary the pressure and stimulation when standing or walking on it and can help improve blood circulation, relieve pain and increase energy at the same time. This lightweight recovery tool can roll up for easy storage and is only available through Perform Better.

This simple machine delivers the best design for a complete abs, legs and core workout. The incline bench attachment makes the X3S Bench more versatile and can assist with those working their way up to the full stand-up movement. Incorporate dumbbells or medicine balls to increase the intensity and train your entire body. The X3S Pro is designed for portability, easy storage, and extreme sturdiness. This hybrid full-body system provides maximum results in minimal space.

With an ergonomic build that is easy on the wrists and thick, durable rubber grips, the Halo Trainer Plus 4 provides an additional 4-pound load to the original 8.5-pound Halo Trainer Plus frame for increased challenge and the facilitation of loaded movement exercises. Pair it with a Stability Ball for core-integrated bodyweight, stabilization and proprioceptive feedback for all exercisers. Easily progress and regress exercises in group classes and in one-on-one personal training.



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Club Industry Show


BE BETTER Lisa Druxman

Move forward


s fitness professionals, we know that the body fights for a state of homeostasis. This is true from our body temperature to our weight. From our glucose levels to our immune system. But perhaps we stay in homeostasis in our careers, too. Are we stuck? Is it complacency? Is it fear? Or do you just not know what’s next? Or how to get there? While our body might want to stay the same, our human spirit continues to want to grow. If you are in your dream job, getting paid what you desire and feeling totally satisfied, then read no further. For the rest of us, let’s see what we need to do to move forward. First, think about what has been holding you back. Baby elephants used to be trained by tying a thin rope around their foot and attached to a stake in the ground. As they got older, they assumed that they were still held back and didn’t realize that they could easily break the string. They think the rope is holding them back and so they never try to break free. What is holding you back? A parent’s voice in your head? Fear of failure? Are you stuck in a cycle of blaming and complaining? It’s time to break the rope and move forward. It’s time to create the life you want to live. So, what do you want to do? What’s next for you? What would make you excited to come to work every day? Think about what you love. Think about what you are good at. Think about what the world needs more of. Do not narrow your opportunities to the tracks you have seen before. Your next opportunity may be something totally new, totally unique. Give yourself some space to daydream, to really feel what it is you want. This thought process does not need to be limited to your career. Think about your relationships. Your health. Your dreams. Here are 5 action steps you can take if you are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to move forward: 1. Create a vision board. Before you poo poo it, let me alert you that successful people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carey, Kerry Walsh, Katy Perry and Beyonce all swear by the power of visualization and vision boards. It doesn’t matter if you get artsy and cut out images from a magazine or create a digital board on Pinterest. What matters is that you get clear on what you want, what you want to have, what you want to do, who you want to be, how you want to feel. A vision board alone won’t change your life, but it will help program your brain for success. The more you see it and get clear on it, the more your brain becomes aware of opportunities to take you to your goal. 2. Change your environment. Sometimes we feel stuck because we are stuck in the same physical environment. When you feel



in a funk or stuck, change your space. Physically, get outside. Change your surroundings. A nostalgic place can change your state. A novel new environment can change your state. Dance. Exercise. Move. Sometimes just playing music can be enough to change your state. 3. Success leaves clues. Chances are that someone has done what you want to do (or something similar to it). Approach each day as an opportunity to learn and lessen your own learning curve. Listen to a podcast. Read a book. Take an online course. Go to a conference. Join a mastermind. Interview someone who has done what you want to do. People are achieving success quicker than ever because we know better how to get there. 4. Take action every day. We tend to live our days based on what we have to do and react to what’s put in front of us. I want you to take some action every single day towards your goals. I call it my Power 3. I do three things each day to move me towards my goal. For example, if I want my new book to be a best seller, I do three things to move me towards that goal. I ask to be on a podcast. I ask for a review. I put myself out there. I want to ask, ask, ask. Put yourself out to be rejected. If you don’t ask, you are in the same position as if you got a no. 5. Stretch yourself. As fitness professionals, we understand the benefits of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Do the same in your life. When it comes to your goals, do the things you don’t want to do because they will get you where you want to go. Go to the networking event even though you are tired. Wake up earlier or stay up later to move yourself forward on your goals. If you are waiting for your results to magically show up, think again. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Moving forward is a choice. You need to decide where you want to go and take that step. You need to move the obstacles that get in your way. You need to be persistent. The time is now. Propel yourself forward!

Lisa Druxman is the founder of FIT4MOM and the author of the Empowered Mama. She has worked for over two decades in the fitness industry focusing on women’s wellness. She has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and more. Lisa is a speaker, writer and thought leader with a passion for teaching entrepreneurship and self-care.


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