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Being Barça September 2012 · 256 pages

Total football

Excellent! A brilliant examination of why the club’s fates and fortunes always go well beyond the game itself.”

A unique, visual and gripping tale about the philosophy of a club that has become a worldwide phenomenon and an intimate look at how the club operates from within.

FC Barcelo Barcelona is much more than just a football club. It is tthe personal identity of the Catalan their pride and glory, and a symbol for people, the progressivism and rebellion. During Franco’s progressivis oppression the relation between supporters and closer as the club was more the team became b and more aassociated with Catalan nationalism. narrative perfectly captures the essence of “is narrativ fragmented by history, language and a club fra failing to inform on a neutral politics, without wi basis. Unique Uniq among the world’s biggest clubs, FC Barcelona Barcelo has stayed true to its origins as institution. It is effectively a a quasidemocratic quasidem club, made up of the 170,000 private members mem supporters whose subscriptions bankroll the team, but a sense of ownership extends across Being a Barça fan is an attitude, Catalonia itself. it philosophy that affects every day life. At the a philosoph heart of the book is the struggle for this unique iidentity id entity to survive the commercial colonization off the spor sport: an essential and revealing portrait o for anyone with even the most remote interest in football and its values.

Juan José Gonzalez Lamua is a renowned sports journalist who has worked with players, coaches and assistants at FC Barcelona for the past decade. When he is not on a football pitch he can be found writing about football together with co-author Eduardo Gonzalo Navarro.

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Ser del Barça es...  

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