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Table of Contents: THE RESEARCH PROCESS - Understanding the Target - Secondary Research - Primary Research - Surveys / Interviews - Focus Groups - Field Test

STRATEGY CREATIVE EXECUTIONS - In-Store - Out of Home - Commercials - Direct Mail - Digital - Promotions

MEDIA PLAN - Media Rationale

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Glidden paint is a brand that prides itself on having outstanding quality. With 97% of Glidden’s consumers recommending the product to a friend, it’s obvious that the proof is in the paint. But a lack of interest from consumers in recent years makes it clear that specific demographics are not connecting with Glidden. They’re not aware of the benefits of Glidden’s accessibility on Walmart’s shelves. We took every research avenue by storm and spoke to as many different people as possible to find out why Glidden isn’t getting everyone going. We studied three separate demographics and determined their overall needs. When we talked with our consumers, we discovered exactly what they wanted from a paint brand. This information lead us on a successful road to our strategy. Getting our target to test and compare Glidden to its competition first-hand allowed us to bridge the gap between the problem and the solution. When we discovered what really mattered to the Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers we knew just what Glidden and Walmart had to offer. Our campaign sought to unleash the potential of Glidden by showcasing its quality, coverage, ease and affordability. After a close examination of the leading competitors, we noticed a pattern that nearly every competitor was following with the exception of Glidden. While we could take the easy road and try to say the same thing louder than other brand leaders, we wanted to do something much more compelling. Our campaign embraces the DIY phenomenon, but appeals to the Walmart shopper and speaks universally to our key demographics. Our consumers want more than what Glidden has offered in previous advertising. This new campaign will definitely give consumers more and it won’t just get them going, it will inspire them every step of the way.



Promoting Glidden paint at Walmart has proven to be a great challenge. Our campaign must win over three different demographics, consider the budget of Walmart shoppers, embrace DIY and showcase projects that can be created with items sold at Walmart. Finally, the campaign should create consumer confidence by communicating quality, ease and affordability.

We took the following steps to get to our big idea


We researched over 150 news articles, dozens of DIY, decorating and home improvement blogs, as well as ad campaigns and promotions for the top paint brands within the past 5 years.



We compared the leading paint brands and what they focused on in their ad campaigns. We wanted to find out how Glidden could stand out from its competitors.


We used our findings and understanding of Glidden’s essence to determine the best way to position the brand.

We held interviews, gave out surveys, did observational research, held field tests and conducted focus groups. Then we determined the cultures, behaviors and trends of the targeted consumers.

We began our process by breaking down our demographics. We set out to understand the Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. We wanted to find out where each of the demographics fit in regards to Glidden and the overall paint market.




“Can I put my own spin on it?”

The “Creative Consumer” is a Millennial who is likely renting an apartment. When it comes to painting the walls it’s up to her landlord, so smaller DIY projects are right up her alley. She lives on a low budget, but can’t resist that great looking top that’s on sale. She will sometimes overlook quality for something trendy and is connected to most media outlets. She may shop at Walmart for necessities but it isn’t her go-to place for DIY. It’s important to note that she is less confident taking on big home projects because she’s living on her own for the first time.

THE PROJECT MOM: age 30-45

“What’s the best deal you can give me?” The “Project Mom” is a member of Generation X who may live in a rural area and is a regular at her local Walmart. She is also likely to be a minority. Her daily activities and purchasing decisions revolve around her younger children. She has a lower household income, which means coupons, sales events or special promotions tend to drive her purchasing decisions. She is connected to social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest, and she’s often involved in the community through her child’s school or extracurricular activities. She will make room in her budget to spend a few extra bucks on a good cause.


“Are you sure it’s good quality?”

The “Crafty Crusaders” are Baby Boomers who are more family oriented and purchase items as a unit. They have been living in their home for a long time, but due to the recent crash in the market they may be downsizing. With great confidence in completing DIY projects, they’re used to performing little home renovations year round. This generation appreciates a good in-store experience, making customer service a major factor in their purchasing decisions. When it comes to quality, they can’t be fooled, and instead of going to Walmart for DIY, they pick Lowe’s or Home Depot. They feel that if the quality is there, then it’s worth investing in.

• Spends a lot of time shopping online, looking at blogs and social media. • Watches shows online using Hulu. • Highly mobile, likely to own a smartphone. • Likely to take public transportation to school or work. • Likes to customize.

• Spends time on Facebook and shops online occasionally. • Watches TV with her kids. • Spends a lot of time in the car, driving to work, taking the kids to school, etc. • Already a Walmart shopper. • Looks to mail and the Internet for deals and savings.

• Looks at Facebook. • Looks to mail for deals and savings. • Permanent homeowners or downsizing. • Open to new technology but not as familiar with it. • Customer service is important to them. • Shops at Walmart, but not for paint.


WHO SHOPS AT WALMART? The Facts and Figures

Last year, consumers made an average of 52 trips to Walmart

This campaign isn’t just about Glidden paint, it’s also about Walmart and the people who shop there. Since two-thirds of our target already shop at Walmart, we decided to take a closer look at them.

Walmart Shopper Stats 1 They are:                             

Walmart Sales Stats 2

55% of Walmart sales come from the grocery department

52.1% Married 55.7% Female 54.8% Age 25-54 Household income: 79% earn less than $75,000 yearly

Average amount consumers spend $60 per trip

Walmart Says: 3 "Despite economic reports that show stabilization in the unemployment rate and slowing growth of food prices, our consumers tell us that their concerns about their personal economy are not improving. This is especially true for lower income moms." 69% of Walmart consumers cope by using coupons 1 Carmichael, Matt. "The Demographics of Retail.", 19 March 2012. http://adage. com/article/adagestat/demographics-retail/233399/ 2 Fox, Emily Jane. "Walmart: The $200 Billion Grocer.", 31 January 2013. 3 Walmart Economic and Consumer Insights Report - Q2 2012., Trends based on sales and survey data - May-July 2012. walmart-economic-consumer-insights-report-q2-2012


The three different demographics have one unifying commonality: they’re looking for a product they can afford. Because of their budget, household income and concerns about the economy, it’s very important that we express affordability in this campaign.




If it matters, we’re on it. • Partnerships (such as Habitat for Humanity) have increased overall brand awareness. • Endorsements from celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Molly Sims and Lea Michele have raised their profile. • Offers the “Love Your Color Guarantee,” a money-back guarantee for consumers unhappy with their color choice. • Currently runs a campaign that shows off the brand’s color matching efficiency.

Cover the Earth. • Has a widely recognized advertising campaign where paint chips create various scenes. • Easily navigable website features an accompanying “Chip It!” app, a successful mobile platform. • Boasts strong partnerships with brands like HGTV. • Provides a unique consumer experience through stand-alone stores with paint supplies available for purchase.

Good. Better. Behr. • Has a strong reputation and an even stronger in-store presence that commands attention. • Known for quality paint products and creative advertising to promote its line of professional level paint. • Features “Find Your Color” paint matching on their website for personalized room decorating. • Allows consumers to save and coordinate color samples on the main website.

For those who know more. • Enjoys a substantially larger social media following than its current competitors. • Focuses on environmentally friendly coatings with a “Green Promise,” an assurance from the brand that their products meet and exceed “the strictest industry standards.” • Offers a “Color Capture” app that instantly identifies colors from pictures taken on a smartphone.

Be a color genius. • Currently has a partnership with Lowe’s to provide a line of environmentally friendly professional paints. • A fair contender across all social media channels, specifically YouTube. • Promotes a “ColorClix” app that allows you to look at design collections and colors from pictures taken with your phone. • Color game on website suggests paints that match consumer’s personality and style.

Why Color?

Find your soul paint. • Benefits from the strong consumer service reputation already associated with Ace. • While new to the market, several DIY bloggers and consumer reviews speak highly of the paint, citing price and quality as top benefits. • Earned the highest scores of 65 products evaluated for overall finish and ability to hide according to the March 2013 Consumer Reports’ tests of interior paints.

We noticed that most of our competitors focus their efforts on helping people find the perfect color. But honestly, how many shades of blue do consumers need? Of course color is important, but there has to be a higher positioning that Glidden can own. That’s what we aimed to find out with our primary research.

PRIMARY RESEARCH What do consumers really look for in a paint brand? Is color the deciding factor when purchasing, or is there something more? We broke down our findings and dove into primary research to understand the paint purchasing funnel and to gather as many consumer opinions as possible. We examined the thoughts and actions of 810 people within our target market using the following tactics:

54 STORE VISITS to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, ACE

Hardware and Sherwin Williams in 8 states, observing more than 180 consumers as they shopped for paint and interacted with store employees.


IN-STORE COMPARISONS We made store visits to check out the paint department of various retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Ace Hardware and Sherwin Williams. Home Depot and Lowe’s revealed an obvious edge that competitors have over Walmart in regards to in-store display, interactive assistance and color matching technology. There was no helpful technology available at Walmart and the overall environment was lacking creative inspiration as well as customer service support. Behr at Home Depot Valspar at Lowe’s


delivered online and at shopping malls to determine our target’s opinion on DIY projects, paint purchasing habits and paint brand perceptions.


to determine the importance our target places on customer service at retail stores, specifically when attempting DIY projects.


of 4-6 people, told to create and paint their dream room, using colors sold at either Walmart or Home Depot to uncover store perceptions.

Beautiful takeaways and colorful displays

Useful color matching technology and alternate lighting displays

Glidden at Walmart


with 10 participants who were asked to paint a garage wall with Glidden and two of its competitors to discover perceptions of quality, coverage and ease of use.

Underwhelming in-store display

No employee was present to assist with customer service


SURVEYS We suspected the Walmart environment was going to be one of our key challenges to overcome. But we wanted to use survey research to verify that theory. We had to dig deeper into paint brand and store perceptions, paint purchasing habits and opinions on DIY projects. Our top findings are below. Do you attempt DIY projects for your home? 71% Yes List your top 3 sources of help when attempting DIY projects: 64% Friends and Family 61% Home Improvement Stores 45% Online Videos What is your biggest obstacle when completing a DIY project? 33% Time 27% Budget If you were to attempt a paint project, what are the top 3 brands you would consider purchasing? 64% Sherwin Williams 62% Behr 50% Benjamin Moore 23% Glidden (ranked 5th out of 7 brands) When purchasing paint, which factors are most important to you? 46% Color 36% Quality 10% Price How important is employee assistance when purchasing paint? 40% Very Important 21% Important Have you ever considered purchasing paint from Walmart? 48% No 17% I didn’t know Walmart sold paint


The results were telling. Glidden and Walmart ranked low on consideration, with our target turning instead to home improvement stores and top name brand paints for their DIY needs. Customer service is of high importance, which confirms that Walmart’s empty paint aisle is likely a deterrent. And the fact that quality ranked so close to color in terms of importance, with price a distant third, was an interesting find.

PERSONAL INTERVIEWS Because the issue of customer service became a repeating theme in our research, we decided to hold one-on-one interviews with our target to explore the topic further. When we asked for unaided recall of retail stores with great customer service, our target responded with Home Depot, Michael’s, Best Buy and Publix. When asked for unaided recall of retail stores with poor customer service, most responded with Walmart. When pushed further, here’s what they had to say:

What do you consider good customer service when shopping at a retail store? “It is really just assistance, the right amount of assistance.” - Millennial “Good customer service is not being ignored.” - Boomer “I was at a hardware store looking for materials for a project. I had a photo of what I was trying to achieve and when I showed him, the clerk was very knowledgeable and helped me with exactly what I needed.” - Gen Xer Tell me about a time where you were dissatisfied with the level of customer service you received in a store. “I walked into the store and I wasn't greeted. Then it took about three minutes for me to track down an associate, and even then it took her another five minutes to look up the books for me, another two minutes for her to look for it and then she didn't even have it. And by that time I could have been to another bookstore.” - Millennial “I had to search for several minutes to find someone, and when I did he didn't have a clue how to answer my question.” - Boomer Describe your usual customer experience when you do go to Walmart. “I'd say fair. Usually if I need assistance in finding something, it’s actually a little difficult to find somebody to help.” - Gen Xer “They obviously seem like they don't want to help.” - Millennial

Testing Time

After observing stores, analyzing the shopping experience and determining the target’s initial perceptions, we wanted them to interact with the product. We had to test Glidden’s quality and explore the extent to which the perceptions of poor consumer service at Walmart were casting a negative light on the brand.



In these focus groups, we assessed the perception of Glidden through its association to Walmart. Participants were given blank templates of a room, blank furniture cutouts and pre-cut Glidden paint chips. They were asked to design their own dream room, selecting their favorite furniture cutouts and paint colors. The Glidden paint chips were divided into two bags for each participant, one marked Home Depot and the other Walmart. The brand of chips was not disclosed, and they were told to assign chip colors to both walls and furniture in any manner desired. We asked if they chose paint chips solely from Walmart, Home Depot or made selections from both. We found that the participants were more reluctant to choose from the Walmart bag versus the Home Depot bag even though they both contained the same colors.

If you were to attempt this project, which store would you go to? Home Depot or Walmart? “I do know at Home Depot, it’s very well staffed, has a broad range of products, so I know I can find what I need there.” – Boomer “I guess I’d shop at Home Depot cause I’ve never done this before.” – Millennial “I don’t know if I trust the paint department at Walmart.” – Millennial “I feel like they’re geared towards every day life, not if you wanna change something in your house.” - Millennial The Walmart Reveal

After revealing that the color swatches in both bags were the same brand and could be found at Walmart as well as Home Depot, the participants began to consider the idea of purchasing Glidden at Walmart.

“ If I was more DIY savvy, I would go to Walmart if it has cheaper prices and I would definitely go if it was in my budget range.” - Millennial “I think if I wanted more accents to incorporate into my room, Walmart would be a better choice to find other things for my home decor.”- Millennial


It was evident that many decisions were influenced by the store where the paint was sold. People admitted time and again that store perception and customer service were influential factors. But are they unfairly overlooking Glidden at Walmart? We had to see how Glidden’s quality, coverage and ease of use stacked up against its competitors to find out.





We used the wall in a garage to compare Glidden side-by-side with its competitors. To better test the application and coverage of the paint, we spray painted the walls beforehand. We bought three separate gallons of paint, all in the same color. We got one can each from Glidden, Olympic and Valspar. We chose these brands because they are closest to Glidden in terms of price and availability. We concealed the brand names from those involved to get an unbiased view of their perceptions. The group was divided into three teams and asked to cover sections of the wall with one of the three different paints.

INSIGHTS: What do you think of the paint you used? “It’s really thick, and I feel like if it’s this thick it should cover on the first try but it didn’t. That’s why I don’t like it” - Millennial (Unknowingly using Valspar) “You can still see the spray paint on the wall, even though it’s been painted.” - Millennial (Unknowingly using Olympic) Which brand do you think is most expensive? “Glidden. It just sounds expensive.” - Millennial “[Glidden’s packaging] gives you a sense of something premiere, it seems more elevated and better quality.” - Millennial


Glidden proved itself in overall quality and held it's own against the other paint brands. A survey that the groups took after the test, but before we unveiled the brand names, revealed that participants who used Glidden thought they were actually using Benjamin Moore, which is a high quality paint. But even though Glidden proved to be good quality paint in this field test, the discussion following the test revealed that their current brand image doesn’t resonate with a younger audience. It was clear our campaign would need to promote Glidden’s strengths not just by talking about them, but by showcasing them.


UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION After our focus groups and field tests we felt we had enough information to lay out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Glidden. A strong SWOT analysis then helped us to understand the brand’s key challenges and develop solutions that will help us overcome them.



Our research process led us to identify the following obstacles to purchase:

Key Challenge: Walmart’s Customer Service Walmart’s notoriously unsatisfactory customer service is an obvious deterrent for all demographics, yet people will still shop there due to the current state of the economy. Home improvement stores have a monopoly on the hearts and wallets across all three demographics, which means people view Walmart as a last resort for making paint purchases.

Solution: Enrich the In-store Experience


We need to enhance the in-store experience with tools consumers need to become more confident about their paint purchases. We need to make the shopping experience simple and easy for all three of our demographics, but especially Millennials with less paint experience.

Key Challenge: Glidden’s Low Consideration OPPORTUNITY


Glidden - S.W.O.T. Strength: Provides quality paint at a low cost, through a retailer

accessible to 90% of the country.

Weakness: Among consumers, there’s a lack of awareness of

Glidden paint due to the limited promotion both nationally and within Walmart stores. Opportunity: Glidden can position their messaging to match

the targeted demographic’s values in a way that fits their lifestyle and daily routine. Threat: Glidden’s brand is overshadowed by its competitors

aggressive advertising, despite the product being a strong contender in quality, cost and convenience.

Creative Consumers, Project Moms and our Crafty Crusaders all seem to be in the dark about where Glidden is in the lineup of paint brand options. Glidden doesn’t have a clear voice in the mind of the consumer and its connection with Walmart puts the brand in danger of being considered low quality.

Solution: Give Glidden a Stronger Voice For years, Glidden has been saying they “Get you going.” But where? And how? We need to do a better job of making Glidden’s tagline meaningful for consumers by showcasing the quality of the paint through design projects.

Let’s Strategize: Now that we know how Glidden needs to represent itself, it’s time to create a strong strategy that encompasses everything the campaign needs to say to the target market.


UNCOVERING A FRESH PERSPECTIVE Our strategy statement needs to reflect what sets Glidden apart. It has to be a springboard for creative executions that can showcase how Glidden benefits the consumer. We cannot ignore the importance of creativity and expressionism in the paint market. With those thoughts in mind we constructed a strong strategy.



QUALITY GIVES YOU THE CONFIDENCE Glidden will give Creative Consumers the confidence to complete a project they’ve never done on their own. It will tell Project Moms that their kitchen makeover won’t infringe upon their busy lives or budget. Finally, it will tell the Crafty Crusaders that the paint they’re using has exceptional and lasting quality. The same Brilliance Collection that Glidden provides at Home Depot is also available at Walmart, so consumers need to understand that no matter where they purchase Glidden, it’s good quality.

TO LIVE BOLDLY When we say live boldly, we mean decorate without fear and with the courage to design for the space you live in. Glidden gives consumers the possibility to renovate their space with a price they can afford. We can increase the purchasing of Glidden paint if we can show that a low price can help consumers be bolder.

WITHIN YOUR BUDGET Glidden can show Creative Consumers, Project Moms and Crafty Crusaders that they don’t need to feel limited by their budget. Glidden works comfortably with consumers’ budgets and allows them to give their homes a refresh, while still paying the bills. Glidden at Walmart opens many opportunities for projects. Walmart has found a beautiful way to tell consumers why they should feel good about a lower price. Walmart’s famous tagline is “Save money. Live better.” Glidden at Walmart needs to have an equally comforting approach.

We’ve Got It

With our strategy solidified we developed a big idea that has the power to set the campaign into motion.


THE BIG IDEA Why does Glidden get you going? because it’s....


What we realized through our research is that yes, color is important, but to our target it’s about something more. Our concept shifts the focus from the color selection to aspects such as price, quality, expression and consumer confidence. It gives us the opportunity to show our audience the millions of DIY projects that can be done with Glidden paint from their local Walmart. Glidden offers consumers more, and its presence at Walmart only opens up the possibilities. Let the other leading competitors dazzle consumers with color. Glidden is so much more than just a swatch of your favorite color.


Our tone will be confident, universal and modern with just the right amount of boldness. The communication will be perfect for everyone from the Millennial who’s never purchased paint to the DIY expert. The style will reflect a crafty, mixed media feel that will be very approachable for the target market, while empowering them to start a new project with Glidden.

“More than color implies quality and other things besides just what you see.” - Boomer


Walmart is not a place where shoppers think to go for DIY projects and paint products, at least not yet. With this campaign we’ll open the consumer’s eyes eyes to the DIY gold mine of Walmart.


Glidden’s quality will shine through the inspirational projects that will be promoted throughout the campaign. Consumers will love Glidden’s price, the excellent quality they will get in return and all the great conveniences of Walmart.


Consumers will be inspired to take Glidden paint and run wild. They will be encouraged to try a range of different projects, and thanks to our step-by-step instructions they will be easier to complete than they thought.

“It means I’m going to get more for my money.” - Gen Xer “Sounds like I’d get more than just a nice, bright color; I’d get a quality paint as well.” - Boomer “It’s intriguing. It gives me ideas.” - Boomer “If I go to Walmart to get this paint, I’m going to get more than paint, I’m going to get service.” - Boomer “It’s not just about color, it’s about design.” - Millennial



To increase awareness of the paint department, we’ll place monthly shelf talkers in high traffic departments such as groceries and show how these everyday items could be used to decorate a home. Floor graphics would then lead the consumer from the shelf talker to the improved paint department. The end cap will showcase how that month’s project could be used in their home. The display will also hold the supplies necessary to complete this project as well as a detailed instruction sheet. We would incorporate social media by encouraging our target to upload a picture of their finished project to Instagram using a designated hashtag. Each month, Glidden will pick their favorite entry and that winner will receive a $1,000 prize.

INTERACTIVE TABLET In the paint aisle, consumers will find an interactive tablet which they can use to ask questions and get video responses from a Glidden professional, seek inspiration and view a live feed of Glidden’s social media interaction. The tablet would also allow consumers to choose from Walmart’s online gallery of “Projects Made Simple” videos.



BUS SHELTER What better way to show the space changing possibilities of Glidden than taking a drab bus shelter and making it feel like home? We would use wall decals to show how simple and affordable it is to change your space with Glidden at Walmart.

For this execution we wanted to show consumers that Glidden’s Brilliance collection is a quality paint that provides greater coverage than they could ever imagine. As our target commutes regularly, we would place billboards on two of the busiest roads in all 31 of our DMAs.

ESCALATOR According to CBS Outdoor malls are visited by 43% of consumers once a week with an average of 70-75 minutes per visit, making them the perfect location to reach our top demographics. This escalator decal will be placed in malls within our top DMAs.


COMMERCIALS We produced one TV spot called Ben’s Room and wrote three in total. Each commercial lasts thirty seconds and connects with a different target market. They will be streamed through Hulu, YouTube and in select cinemas throughout the duration of our campaign.

“BEN’S ROOM” One of the fun challenges for young families is keeping up with the ever-changing dreams of a child. In this spot, we showcased Glidden’s ease, quality and affordability when a Generation X mom paints her son’s bedroom, turning it into a place fit for an astronaut in training. This will be streamed through Hulu, YouTube and in select cinemas throughout the length of our campaign.

MOM’s VO: My son Ben wants to be an astronaut, but since he’s only six, I decided to bring outer space to him. (A white wall appears with a little boy’s

( Ben’s mom takes his drawings off the wall.)


VO: The great thing is, Walmart had just what I needed. Glidden’s “non-toxic” paint was a great find and we even got some of those little glowin-the-dark stars. (A Walmart bag appears. The mom’s

VO: It was in our budget and it only took one coat to create a galaxy. (Ben’s mom paints the wall

VO: It’s been a few light-years and it still looks great. ( Other planets start appearing and Ben plays with

VO: With Glidden I got more than color. (A can

with a roller.)

hand then takes out a can of Glidden paint, brushes and a pile of small plastic stars.)

(Ben adds a star to the wall.)

( A little Earth appears with a sign that says Ben’s Room.)

a rocket ship, moving it across the screen.)

of Glidden paint appears, spins to reveal the logo and then the tagline drops into frame.)



A porch is a place where families come together and in this case, we watch a Boomer with his grandkids. This spot demonstrates the ease and quality aspect of Glidden’s Porch and Floor paint.

GRANDPA’s VO: Every summer, my grandkids come over and spend all day outside “invading” my porch. (Shot of toddler making mud pies on the porch.)

VO: But this year I’m going to be ready for them. I went down to Walmart to grab a can of Glidden’s Porch and Floor paint. (Shot of the porch, Walmart

reusable bag with Glidden porch paint being pulled out of it.)

VO: Because it was self-priming, it only took one coat. And it’s durable, so I won’t have to worry about any future scuffs or scratches. (Shot of grandpa pushing toddler in a little toy car.)

VO: With Glidden, I got more than just the right color for my porch, I got a finish that can withstand my grandkids and all of our new adventures. (Shot of Glidden paint can on finished porch.)

“MOVING OUT” After high school, college students are faced with the scary, yet exciting, task of moving out of their parent’s house and into their new space. In this thirty second spot, we highlight a Millennial’s ability to re-purpose an otherwise out-dated piece of furniture and make it her own with Glidden paint. This spot will be streamed through Hulu, YouTube and in select cinemas throughout the length of our campaign.

VO: I’m off to college which means I finally get to move out of Mom and Dad’s.Thankfully, my parents helped me out by giving me their old dresser. Keyword: OLD. (A hand removes cardboard boxes to reveal an old dresser.)

VO: I wanted to make it more my style, so I went to Walmart and picked up a can of Glidden paint. (Hands seen picking up Glidden can out of Walmart reusable bag.)

VO: My dresser’s been through a lot in four years but looks just as good as the day I painted it. (Scenes of dresser being used as: dinner table, ironing board, computer desk & extra seating.)

VO: I’m packing up again for the big city and it’s definitely coming with me. With Glidden I got more than just color, I got a dresser that survived my college years. (Glidden paint can is revealed on top of a box.)



The mailers will run monthly throughout the summer and feature unique DIY projects. We would have four mailers, a kick off project and one specific to each demographic. The cover would have a peel-able tab that reveals the project inspiration and would double as a coupon for Glidden at Walmart. Inside the mailer you would find all the information needed to complete the project, such as price, supplies and step-by-step instructions. There would also be copy describing the More than Color campaign and how this project fits into that. As many DIY projects don’t require a full gallon of paint, the back cover would be used as inspiration for any leftover paint.




Previously, Glidden’s DIY projects were three to four clicks away and in Internet time, that can feel like an eternity. To resolve this, we felt that Glidden’s website needed to feature DIY projects right on the homepage, instantly engaging our consumers. As the DIY community is used to uploading and sharing experiences, we needed to create a space for people to be inspired. We would do this by giving users the ability to “love” projects and allow them to filter through projects by time and budget.

With so much of our target market regularly using Social Media, we need to refresh Glidden’s Facebook page in order to promote their new stance as the go-to DIY brand. The page would also be used to publicize the projects created in our Pinterest competition, “The DIY Dare” and our charity involvement.



The banner will draw traffic and attention to Glidden’s Facebook page, where they can nominate and vote on their favorite charity for Glidden to support. This banner will be placed on the top two websites in the DIY community. is one of the most highly visited websites in the DIY community. We created banner ads that feature a project and a click-through to the website, where consumers can find more information about the project.


PROMOTIONS PINTEREST Since Pinterest’s content is purely visual and their user base is largely female, it was the perfect way to engage our target. We would research the top 50 DIY pinners and invite them to take part in our DIY Dare. This exclusive contest would give these pinners a $100 gift card and challenge them to create their own project using only Glidden paint and supplies from Walmart. They would then pin their finished masterpiece to Pinterest using the tag #morethancolor. The image that receives the most repins will win $1,000 and be the featured project on Glidden’s website.

CHARITY “Glidden Gives Back” will partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and Ronald McDonald House Charities to inspire comfort and positivity in select cities. We will help rejuvenate their space with a fresh coat of paint and any other small fixes. Glidden will use Facebook as a platform to upload and share the transformations at each location. We will also use Facebook to give fans a chance to nominate a charity for Glidden to reach out to in the final month of the campaign. Doing this will not only help local charities, but reinforce the fact that Glidden is a quality paint brand that inspires and evokes confidence in the community.


Taking Glidden beyond our five month campaign is easy with our “More than Color” concept. Our approach gives consumers endless ways to improve their home or apartment. The projects demonstrate the quality, coverage, ease and affordability of Glidden paint. There’s plenty of room for more DIY inspired TV spots, ordinary public spaces to renovate and in-store project displays we can showcase at Walmart. All the avenues used to promote our campaign can be continuously re-imagined for the latest design trends and updated through social media coverage. Our charity executions also have the potential to become an annual Glidden tradition that will empower communities, and associate Glidden with uplifting causes. Our strategy was made to take Glidden into future, because it will always offer more.








Bus Posters Static Billboards Escalators Cinema Buy


Direct Mail


Pinterest Charity


Hulu YouTube Better Homes Apart. Therapy Facebook Adwords

Total Costs

Total Impressions

$450,000.00 $620,000.00 $1,317,414.16 $1,560,000.00

99,000,000 2,215,000,000 4,000,000 481,000,000



$6,000.00 $276,000.00

84,000,000 60,000,000

$133,250.00 $120,000.00 $78,000.00 $60,000.00 $350,000.00 $402,725.00

4,100,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 5,000,000 481,574,956 16,000,000


Endcaps Floor Graphics Shelf Talkers Int. Screens

$1,126,732.00 $175,000.00 20,000,000,000 $470,400.00 $720,000.00


$9,999,989.16 23,464,834,955

CAMPAIGN PROJECTIONS Across the length of the campaign, 80% of the targeted demographic will be exposed to Glidden’s More than Color campaign, as well as 15% of the national audience resulting in 23,464,834,955 audience impressions. Throughout the length of the campaign, the target audience will encounter the campaign an average of 18.5 times. The “Glidden Gives Back” Charity effort will garner an estimated $1,200,000.00 in earned media nationwide, in addition to 180,000 active online participants.

NY: Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Elimira, Rochester, Syracuse, Wateron PA: Harrisburg, Johnstown, Philidalphia, Pittsburg, Scranton OH: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown FL: Tampa, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach MI: Detroit, Lansing, Southwest, Northern CT: Hartford, New Haven

DMA RATIONALE According to Nielsen’s 2012 Insights into Home Improvement Series, the highest population of DIYers and those who engage in home improvement live primarily in the North East and Southern United States. With this knowledge, we further researched lower income household locations and cross checked them against our target age demographics. From this information, we selected our 31 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) across six states, which comprise over 22% of all Walmart locations nationwide.




BUS POSTERS According to the American Public Transportation Association, Americans took approximately 10.4 billion rides on public transportation in 2011. Furthermore, adult DIYers are 15% more likely to ride the bus than the average American, as cited by Ad-ology reports. Posters at major bus stops are a way to reach our audience on their commute at a low cost.

HULU/YOUTUBE Our cinema spots will also be shown on YouTube and Hulu, sites often frequented by Millennials, to maximize impressions at a low cost. We will be able to target videos relevant to our consumer with three targeted spots. Advertising with Hulu and YouTube also provides analytics to measure the success of the campaign.

STATIC BILLBOARDS Billboards placed in high-density traffic areas will reach our audience on their daily commute. 92% of the population drives to work alone as reported by the United States Census Bureau, allowing us to reach a large number of commuters at peak hours of the day. These billboards will be placed in all 31 of our DMAs.

ONLINE Through web banners, we can specifically target our separate demographics at a low cost with high impressions. We chose the top DIY websites according to that most acurately fit the interests of our demos. Better Homes and Gardens and Apartment Therapy are two such sites where our prominently female target would be looking for inspiration.

MALL ESCALATORS Simon Malls report about 64% of mall shoppers are female, which represents the majority of our target. We have chosen Simon and Westfield malls in ­­­­our 31 DMAs to stimulate sales near point of purchase locations.

FACEBOOK Ad-ology tells us that approximately 86% of people who attempt DIY projects are actively participating on Facebook. Targeted ads by demographic, age and interests will allow for an incredibly focused message ensuring we’ll reach exactly who we want to talk to.

CINEMA Of the total population of U.S. moviegoers, the Motion Picture Association of America indicates that 68% fall in within our target market. We chose to use cinema ads as a cost-effective way to reach a large portion of our target in a place where ads cannot be turned off, fast-forwarded or put down. We chose the month of July to air our 30-sec commercial due to the high frequency of summertime viewers.

ADWORDS By implementing Google AdWords, we will position Glidden at Walmart as a hub for DIY paint projects. At a relatively low cost, AdWords is an effective way to get the Glidden name in front of our target when they’re searching DIY. Through Ad-ology and we confirmed that 91.2% of DIYers predominantly use search engines when researching products or services, while 81% of DIYers use Google specifically.



According to reported Walmart statistics, Walmart stores greet about 100,000,000 customers per week. It’s crucial that we increase awareness of Glidden with our current Walmart shoppers by directing them to the paint department while they’re shopping in other heavily trafficked areas like the grocery department. All creative directs the consumer back to the paint section where we have showcased projects and provided virtual assistance with touchscreens.

PINTEREST Our Pinterest competition focuses on our Millennial and Generation X targets. According to Ad-ology, 39% of DIYers have seen a product mentioned in the media and then taken action afterwards. We found that in addition to being a helpful source, Pinterest is a great place of inspiration for those specific targets. Our contest will expose current consumers to Glidden’s quality and flexibility. As one of the largest social media outlets for DIYers, Pinterest is a site that represents the majority of our age demographics and skews female.

COLLATERAL DIRECT MAIL Our direct mailers will be sent to our target demographic that live within 15 miles of a Walmart store, in accordance with reported Walmart statistics. The interactive mailers will feature a seasonal DIY project as well as a coupon to direct the customers to the store. Direct mail allows for an extremely targeted method of distribution to Generation X families and Boomers. Our coupons will give recipients 45 days, instead of the usual 30, to allow time to plan weekend projects.

CHARITY To reinforce Glidden as a quality paint brand, we will pair with three charities in our top DMA’s to rejuvenate their spaces with a fresh coat of paint and other small fixes. The stories will be shared on Facebook where fans can vote to refresh a fourth charity of their choice and inspire confidence in the community.

MEASUREMENT Analysis and study of the effectiveness of our promotions for Glidden at Walmart are necessary throughout the length of the campaign. As these executions are pivotal to creating awareness within the store, it’s important to monitor the flow of consumers to the paint department in order to gauge their receptiveness to the ads. Glidden must measure the frequency of use of the interactive display screens, and evaluate their ability to meet consumer needs. These executions, as well as the ones placed outside the store, were designed to communicate Glidden’s new brand message of More than Color. In order to accurately measure the awareness and retention of this message, we propose a series of focus groups at the halfway point and at the end of the five month campaign. When compared to the focus groups conducted before the campaign, Glidden can analyze changes in awareness, consideration and purchasing behaviors. Monitoring sales at these same checkpoints will allow Glidden to assess its performance in relation to campaign objectives. Tracking coupon redemption rates from our direct mailers will not only support data related to return on investment, but aid in measuring the increase of our target visiting Walmart for Glidden paint. Social media analytics as well as Google AdWords will provide us with real-time data about how users are interacting with our campaign and tactics can be adjusted on a weekly or even daily basis to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our bids on Facebook are thoroughly targeted to hit all three demographics and should be constantly monitored to amend bids according to performance. Social media engagement can be benchmarked at key points throughout our campaign as we launch our Pinterest competition and Glidden Gives Back charity initiative to measure consumer interaction with the campaign. Communication with appropriate PR outlets throughout the length of these events will ensure the anticipated exposure. Through continually assessing these recommended executions, communicating with our consumers and following up with social media and PR, we will optimize our total reach and retention of Glidden’s message long after the life of the campaign.

CREDITS Amp’d Logic is a collaborative team made up of students from the following Ringling College majors: Advertising Design, Business of Art and Design, Graphic and Interactive Communications, Illustration, Motion Design and Photography and Digital Imaging. Our team represents a diverse skill set, which allows us to turn our collaborative efforts into the biggest bang of creative work on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our logic isn’t basic, boring or expected it’s amp’d.



Andrew Angstadt Jack Dess Michelle Kacerosky Meg Linen Frank Pellegrini Sasha Sickles Alexandra Tibbe Louie Zungia

Andrew Angstadt – Account Supervisor Blair Seward Alexandra Tibbe

DESIGN TEAM Alex Sanchez – Design Director Cory Fanjoy Alexandra Sanchez Ray Vazquez

COPY TEAM Sasha Sickles – Copy Director Emma Green Michelle Kacerosky

PRODUCTION TEAM Louie Zuniga – Creative Director Karen Arango James Heredia Nate Rothenberger Alberto Vildosola


SPECIAL THANKS Asia Akhmetova Jen Awe Sam and Joe Barr Brad Battersby Todd Beckwith Sarah Carter Ed Cheetham Sam Davidson Virginia DeMers David Foote Jennifer Friedman Rachael Hopkins David Houle Edyta Jaworek Lindsey Nickel-de la O Danny Samuels

2013 NSAC Plansbook  
2013 NSAC Plansbook  

Ringling College's 2013 National Student Advertising Competition Plansbook for Glidden Paint at Walmart retailers