Rathalla Review Fall 2016

Page 22

Trinkets Laura Widener

18 Flash Fiction

Someone moved my coffee cup, I’m sure of it. No, officer, nobody lives with me or has my key. Someone broke into my home, I tell you. My laundry was scattered everywhere, too. My dining table turned over. Someone was in my home! I don’t care if you can’t find any prints. Don’t you know burglars use gloves? Maybe they covered their tracks, too. I don’t know how they would’ve gotten in. I keep my doors and windows locked. I may be an old woman, but I’m not stupid. Yes, I’ll be fine tonight. I’d appreciate it if you patrolled the neighborhood; they could still be out there. Yes, I’ll call you if I notice anything else. My glasses are just fine, Sandra. You shouldn’t act that way to me; I’m your mother! I know someone was here. My trinkets were moved—you know how I am about my trinkets. I like my trinkets neat and organized. Samson is a cat, Sandra, he can’t knock over a table! He’s not fat, he only eats twice a day. There was a person in my house, a real person. No, nothing seems to be missing. Maybe they just didn’t find anything they wanted. Don’t talk about my trinkets that way. I’ve been collecting them all my life. Your father got those for me. Officer, my music box is gone this time and the window is broken. What do they want

with an old woman? My cushions are all over the floor, too. I told you I didn’t see anyone. I was taking a nap. They could have killed me! Why haven’t you found them yet? Maybe I will look into that security system. Did you find blood? Well, they must have used something to break the window then. What’s that? You found my music box? They must have dropped it outside when they ran away! I’m not bothering the police, Sandra. This is a real investigation! I’m worried and you should be too. If you hadn’t moved so far away, maybe you could come here and see how they’re making a mess of my house! I already told you it isn’t Samson doing this. Samson knows better than to mess with my trinkets. He sleeps most of the day anyhow. No, it isn’t a raccoon. My doors and windows are always locked. You know how I make sure to lock up. Hello? Yes, I need to see about getting a security system. Two hundred dollars for installation? My, that’s expensive. I agree, a worthy investment. I’ll take it. Seventy dollars a month, too? Is that with the senior discount? Well, alright. I need it this week. Thank you. I don’t know how this keeps happening. How are they getting in, officer? Past my security system? I already told

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