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2012 Convocation

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Senior Spotlight: Colin Bye ’13

Letter from Alumni Relations


2012 Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend

16 Interview: Advancement Associate for Giving


Regional Reunions

17 TASIS England Class Agents

10 Lost Alumni

18 Faculty Focus: Mr. Phil Snyders

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20 London 2012 Young Games Makers

Alumni Profile: Kathryn Nussdorf ’81

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Dubai Reunion


Dear Alumni & Friends, Greetings from TASIS England! I hope that this newsletter finds each of you well and that you are enjoying the build-up to the holiday season. December is always a fun month at TASIS England. Our winter sports teams are competing and enjoying the exhilaration of many wins, and our younger students are taking the stage to entertain us with song and dance. Students are busy preparing for semester exams, and teachers are gearing up for the start of the second semester. We continue to move forward with the implementation of our Strategic Plan, striving to strengthen and enhance the vision that Mrs. Fleming had for our School when she opened its doors in 1976. During this time of the year, I like to stop to take a moment to consider the many blessings in my life. In doing so, I find TASIS England at the top of my list. As you well know, this is a magical and inspiring place—one that is difficult to describe to those who have not experienced it. You share this same blessing, because you have experienced the magic of TASIS firsthand. You are a part of an international community, which has benefited from the TASIS experience. This is an honor and privilege. Alumni are some of the most important members of the TASIS England family. You are our best ambassadors, helping to spread the word about the incredible opportunities that await prospective students. You help shape our reputation and our future. I invite each of you to come to our Alumni Reunion next fall. Together we will celebrate the legacy of Mrs. Fleming on Founder’s Day, and then we will celebrate our history with alumni events and parties. It would be my pleasure to welcome you back to campus to witness, once again, the magic and inspiration of TASIS England. I send you my best and hope to see you on campus soon. Michael McBrien Headmaster


ALUMNI RELATIONS Dear Alumni and TASIS England Community, Hello from the Thorpe campus! I am delighted to welcome you to our alumni e-newsletter, the first of three e-newsletters you will each year (December, March, June) in addition to the TASIS England Today magazine. If you have not yet received our most recent issue of the magazine, which was posted in October, please contact me and I will post one to you. Our Alumni Relations Team would like to take a moment to thank our Class Agents for their dedication to their class and to the School. We are searching for alumni who would like to serve as class agents for the years of 1977, 1983, 1993, and 1994. If you feel you are well-connected to your classmates and would like to step into this role, please contact us for more information. We welcome your involvement in the School and your participation at reunions, both on and off campus. The last few months have been exciting for us as we hosted the Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend on campus and now are in preparation for our upcoming reunions in San Francisco (March 16, 2013) and Thorpe (August 3031, 2013). Both of these reunions are free to you and your guests and are sure to be a fun time. We hope you will be able to join us at one of these (or both!) events. Throughout this magazine, you will see some familiar faces and learn about the exciting things taking place with our alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Big changes are about to happen for TASIS England on Facebook. If you are friends with us on Facebook, please refer to page 11 to learn more about the transition happening in the next week. If you are planning a trip to England, we would be thrilled to see you in Thorpe! By planning ahead, we can set up classroom visits and lunch with your favorite TASIS England people. If you are not London-bound this year, stay connected via Our online alumni community is one more way to stay connected to your classmates and the School. It is also the perfect place to update your contact details should they change.

San Francisco


Warmest wishes, Ruth Anne Snelson Advancement Associate for Alumni Relations

All alumni, alumni parents, and alumni faculty/staff are invited to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel March 16, 2013 6 to 11 PM Register today at



The inaugural Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend was attended by alumni, alumni parents, and alumni faculty/staff. Highlights from the weekend included alumni speaking to classes, an alumni luncheon, Convocation, alumni tea, day trip to Windsor, art reception, celebratory dinner at the Red Lion Pub, brunch at the Headmaster’s home, and a lively match of soccer. Over the course of the weekend, more than 100 people participated. Our next Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend will be held on on August 30-31, 2013.

Alumni Welcome Center, Renalds Herne

Robin (Guthrie) Fawcett ‘96 speaks with Mr. Dunlavy’s Psychology class.

Mike Bodie ‘07 teaches an improv class to the IB Year 2 Drama students.

At the Alumni Tea, Seann ‘13, Chawki Karam ‘07, and Alex ‘13 share their TASIS England experiences.


Brendan Harris (Head of Drama), Brian Smith ‘07, Ruth Anne Snelson (Advancement Associate for Alumni Relations), and Chawki Karam ‘03

Headmaster McBrien rallying the troops before the flag bearers enter the marquee for the Convocation.

Head of Upper School, David Jepson

Alex, Student Body President, addresses the Convocation audience.

Mr. Bett catches up with Mike Bodie ‘07 and Chawki Karam ‘03.

Jonathan Kendall (Upper School Faculty), Kenette Wentner (Alumni Parent), and Brent Whitted (Upper School Faculty) get acquainted at the Art Reception in the M.C. Fleming Gallery.


Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend, continued...

Mr. and Mrs. Deere (Alumni Parents) catch up with Pam Waters (US Faculty).

Max and Marcia Page talk about the early days of TASIS England with Kenette Wenter and Brenda and Weldon Frost.

Sarah Nikkel (Advancement Associate for Giving) and Ruth Anne Snelson (Advancement Associate for Alumni Relations) welcome guests as they arrive.

Christina (Moyle) Campbell ‘02 and John Campbell

Clive Ungless (Alumni Faculty), Akbar Ali ‘87, and Diane Asekun ‘88

Headmaster Michael McBrien chats with Weldon and Brenda Frost (Alumni Parents).


Musical entertainment by Monica ‘13, Pam Espinosa (Lower School Faculty), and Emily ‘13.

Ladies enjoying brunch at the Headmaster’s home.

Brandon ‘14 chats with Mrs. McBrien before the soccer match.

Players prepare for the match.


Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend Soccer Champs!

30-31 AUGUST 2013





Alumni from the classes of 1992, 1993, and 1995 gathered together to reconnect and reminisce. Balaji Ramachandra ’92 organized the event with the help of Markus Thesleff and Sanjay Israni. Alumni who attended were: Janna Porrevecchio ’95, Jason Schmidt ’95, Sahan Abeysekera ’92, Fredrik Fallenius ’92, Tania Mansour ’93, Mohamed Hamedi ’92, Taro Noguchi ’93, and Rafiq Al-Gailani ’93. Everyone who attended enjoyed the company, the food, and revisiting their time at TASIS England.


ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Alumni from the Class of 1993 gathered at the home of Molly (Depner) Knipe in late September for a ‘Running of the Crabs’ soirée. Blue crabs and libations were the menu for the evening with lots of reminiscing! Some had seen each other in the past year; for others, the reunion had been 20 years in the making. It was a truly fun night making plans to get together for the 20-year reunion in 2013.

Morag and Stefan Muirhead, Sam and Scott Stein, Molly (Depner) and Arland Knipe, Curtis Melvin, and Christian Vainieri

UPCOMING REUNIONS San Francisco Sir Francis Drake Hotel March 16, 2013

2013 Founder’s Day Reunion Weekend

Thorpe Campus August 30-31, 2013 Register today by going to


Tell us about it. Send a photo of the group with a brief description to be included in the nextTASIS England Alumni E-News to the Alumni RelationsTeam at



We seem to have lost touch with the following members of our alumni community. Do you have contact with any of these alumni? If so, please ask them to contact the Alumni Team at Lori Abel 1998 Timothy Aden 2003 Jose Miguel Alcala De Cristino 1988 Ryan Allen 2008 Alaitz Alvarez 1993 Renee Anderson 1988 Daniel Ansley 2003 Marcela Araujo 1993 Andrew Augustus 2008 Stephen Baczko 1993 Lindsey Bales 1998 Leslie Banister 1983 Tristine Barth 1983 Anne (DeLisle) Beckman 1983 Craig Beirne 1988 Megan Benjamin 2008 Robert Benson 1988 Christopher Birr 2008 Allison Blouin 1978 Marcella (Fondas) Bond 1988 Mark Bratton 1993 Sean Brier 1993 Laura Brito 2008 Jite Brume 1993 Jennifer Burnaford 1988 James Byrd 1978 Benjamin Carr 2003 Laura Chapman 1988 Todd Cleveland 1993 Dorothy (Hawes) Collins 1983 Cheryl Conkling 1998 Kristin Conolty 2008 Peter Costelloe 2003 Kimberly Curran 1983 Lucia Da Costa 2003 Jenna Danneman 2003 Melissa Davis 1988 Carolina del Canto 2008 Elise Deming 2003 Enrique Diez Canedo 1998 Britt Diver 1988 Bradley Domorski 2008 Mazen Doueik 1988

Robert Drown 1988 Claire Dunn 2008 Sammy Elhag 2003 Kaitlyn Eppinger 2008 Maya Estouani 1983 Alexander Farmer 1998 Melanie Fetters 2003 Micah Fischer 1998 Nadine Follini 2008 Theresa Forte 2003 Jason Freeman 1993 Tucker Fross 2008 Marjorie (Adham) Furnari 1978 Ciera Garcia 2008 Jennifer Gentry 1998 Marissa Ghegan 2008 Javier Gimenez Montes 1988 Brianna Goode 2003 Claire Gormley 1978 Cynthia Groves 1978 Rie Hada 1998 Hahn Haley 1988 Nathaniel Hallmark 2003 Leslie Harrington 2003 Asa (Kjellqvist) Hawes 1983 Tina Hibbard 1988 Kristina Hoeglund 1993 Peter Hovinen 1988 Laura Hughes 2003 Vanessa Ifergan 1993 Calvin Jackson 2008 Sarah Johnson 2003 Andrea Joseph 1983 Julio Kaiser Mendoza 1998 Inkara Kazakeyeva 2008 Anna Keith 2003 Timothy Kelsch 1998 Tabitha (Lingo) Keiser 1993 Celina (Apostolo) Klein 1993 Kelsey Korey 2008 Dylan Lahay 2008 Jill Langham 1993 Kristen Lauck 2008

Elizabeth Legere 2003 Kirsten Leon 1998 Rebecca Lindberg 2003 Dan Lingo 1983 Jay Long 1983 Henry Luessen 2008 John Mabon 1988 Kylie Madden 2008 Jessalyn Maguire 2003 Dennis Mannisto 1988 Jamie Marks 2003 Kyle Martin 2008 Miho Matsukawa 2003 David McClure 2003 Marykay McGovern 1993 Conor McKinnon 2008 Kay Medeiros Lavorin 1988 Julianne Miles 2003 Rhonda (Wilkins) Miller 1983 Joanna Mills 2003 Sayaka Mitsuhashi 1998 Tatiana Mompean 1998 Timothy Mooreman 1988 Samantha Mosier 2003 Thomas Murphy 1998 Michael Napierala 1988 Darren Nelson 1998 Todd Niccum 1993 Colin Nix 1993 Suzanne Noiret 1998 Jose Maria Nunes Da Silva 1998 Connor Oakes 2008 Britton Osborne 2003 Itziar Otxagabia 2003 Barbara Paladino 1978 Patricia Pavan 1993 Yvonne Peter 1993 Donna Pickett Nutter 1983 Julia Popenoe 1983 Bruce Prentice 1983 Ignacio Quinones 1998 Adrienne Rahn 2008 Jonathan Rieke 2008


Adam Robinson 1993 Kassim Rose 1993 Mahali Ruiz 1998 Alif Sajan 2003 Karina Sanchez 1988 Sebastian Schneuer 1998 Chris Schwanitz 2003 Lizeth Seco 1993 Jessica Shankman 2003 Holly (Taylor) Simon 1988 Dale Smerglia 2003 Dana Smith 2003 Michael Spencer 2003 Romie Stott 1998 Sou Suzuki 1998 Lauren Swigart 2003 Kristopher Taft 1993 Stephanie Teague 2008 Noel Thompson 2003 Christopher Toth 2008 Yousef Tuqan 1993 Martin Ubilluz 2003 Christian Vainieri 1993 Daisy van Kuyk 1998 Christian Vanderbrouk 1998 Kevin Vicinus 1988 Kellie (Hill) Wade 1983 Garrett Wallace 2008 Katy (Kelly) Weaver 1988 Torsten Westphal 1988 Amanda Wieland 1993 Kristen Witte 2008 David Yellen 2008 Katherine Zelasko 1993

Friends on Facebook, When we established our profile on Facebook in 2008, we had no idea of the wonderful online community we would create. It has been so much fun for our team to celebrate your life events with you from afar. Over time, our Facebook community has grown to include nearly 4,000 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. As Facebook itself grew, it developed different types of pages since the early years. We grew and Facebook evolved. Now, we need to change our profile to a page that complies with the new Facebook policies. So, as of December 20, 2012 we will switch from an individual profile to a fan page. While we will no longer have the ability to write on your wall, send you messages to wish you happy birthday, “like” those adorable photos of you or your kids, or comment on the exciting things happening in your life, we will still be thinking of you. We would love to know about your big life events — we want to celebrate with you, so please keep us in the loop. We will continue to post news on our new fan page to keep you up-to-date with what is happening here on campus and abroad. Don’t forget that we will maintain our presence on LinkedIn — a great way to keep in touch and network professionally with other alumni, alumni parents, and alumni faculty and staff. Please send us your news, post on our wall, and use Facebook to contact us. We look forward to continuing to connect with you online. If you should need to reach us for any reason, please email us at We are here for you. Warmest wishes, The Alumni Team


ALUMNI PROFILE Kathryn Nussdorf Class of 1981

Kathryn graduated from MIT in 1994 and went on to gain degrees from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen and Kunsthochschule Berlin (College of Art, Berlin). She has worked as an architect and currently holds teaching appointments at the University of Applied Sciences and at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. When not teaching she spends her time creating artwork. What do you value most from your TASIS England experience? Being from a small town on the East Coast of the US, I had almost no contact with people from other cultures. Going to TASIS England really opened my eyes to people coming from all kinds of countries. Also, seeing how European societies differ made me realize that the United States is just one of many systems. How did you discover your passion for art? I took oil painting classes when I was seven, and had taken painting courses every so often, but it really took off during a foundation course in painting here in Berlin. I was doing a Masters of Art at an art school here, and painting was part of the curriculum. The more I painted, the more I wanted to paint. The process is very satisfying. But not just painting, doing art, expressing myself creatively. It gives me power to go through life. Art can be very powerful in its statement. You can say so much more through art because you go beyond rationality and speak to people’s subconscious. What is your current project? I’m working on a large exhibition I’m going to have in Berlin in January, consisting of 35 paintings. Besides that, I have projects at all stages of development, and they never really end. I can go back and add to old projects or alter things after getting some distance from them. Ongoing, I love to paint portraits, and in the summer I work on landscape painting. Sometimes a certain topic will come to me, and then I will do a series. Of course, there are always ideas that stay in the brainstorming stage and may not get realized.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Graduating from MIT. Who are your favorite artists? Why? I love the period of art from about 1850 to about 1940 when, after the invention of photography, art started to move away from realism. I can never stop looking at Cézanne, Degas, van Gogh, early Picasso. I like movements: Cubism, Futurism, Impressionism, and some Expressionism. As for contemporary artists, I like Marina Abramovic because she lives for art and goes to the limit to make people reflect. I like the way Elizabeth Peyton draws people very quickly yet she catches their personality. At some point, I would like to work on projects like Olafur Eliasson, who mixes art and science in a very clever and elegant way. I admire the extremes Santiago Sierra goes to in order to show inequality and exploitation in society. I like Beatriz Milhazes’ playful, colorful mandala-like paintings, and I like Lucian Freud’s depiction of people, one my favorites being, “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping.” He simply portrays her, but you see her frustrating, unfulfilled, bland, probably unpleasant character. Though she’s just sleeping, you can read so much into the situation from her surroundings. It’s honest without being overdramatic (muted color palette). I like when art doesn’t tell you how to react, but makes you reflect. What are the essential skills for your field? To love color, to see patterns around you, to practice a lot, and to look at a lot of art. You have to be able to whittle things down to their essence in order to reflect them back to society, which I believe is the purpose of an artist.


Do you draw upon your global experience? If so, how? Yes. Once I left the Northeast of the United States and went to TASIS England, I realized there are many different ways to live, different value systems, different types of societies. Having been fortunate to have lived in five countries and traveled to many others, I have accumulated a wealth of experience, which of course influences the topics I choose to work on. I don’t do worldly pictures, but the results come from the sum of my experience. For instance, the Berlin pictures relate to my architecture experience. I also did an animal series, which reflects on human behavior. Yet the portraits and landscapes reflect my personal view of these subjects. So it’s not like I interpret my experiences one to one in my art, but it’s there in the undertones, so to speak.

What is the best advice you can give to TASIS England students who want to become artists? You have to live as a creative person. Art is not something that you do from 12 to 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays – it’s in your soul. The more you see life through creative eyes, the better your art will become and the richer your life. Also, it’s important to have a backup profession or skill to pay your bills. Art is probably the most difficult profession to live from. There are so many artists who cannot sell their work and live in dire straits. I’d love to live from my art, but I am teaching part time. Having an alternative income also frees you to do art that you want instead of trying to align yourself with what is trendy at the moment. That’s the only way you will stand out from the crowd and have your voice be heard.

For more about Kathryn’s artwork, go to





SENIOR SPOTLIGHT Colin Bye Class of 2013

Colin Bye ‘13 has developed a passion for helping those in need. His passion took him to India where he volunteered at the Prakash Deep - Schooling for Underprivileged Children. He now raises money and promotes the organization. How did you learn about Prakash Deep? My experience with the Prakash Deep School began when I asked my parents about volunteering in India over Spring Break. After much convincing, I was able to fly to Faridabad, India, and begin working with several orphanages and street schools. Prakash Deep had something that the others lacked. It was structured and had a sense of community unlike others. For the first time since I arrived, I felt a connection with the students and faculty. I visited the school as often as I could and fostered friendships with the children there, many of whom I am still in contact with.

What compelled you to get involved? What captured your heart? I wanted to go on an adventure where I would have the opportunity to make an impact on a new community. That was my plan when I originally set out, but soon after arriving, I realized that the kids I was working with were more important than their environment. Many of them were extremely intelligent, curious, and filled with excitement. The compassion the children showed almost offset the terrible conditions they were living in, but there was always the presence of poverty.

If you would like to make a donation, to volunteer your time, or learn more information about the Prakash Deep — Schooling for Underprivileged Chidren, please go to Also, you can follow Colin’s blog at http:// theadventuresofcolin.blogspot.


What did you do to make the most of your experience? I did all I could to expose myself to the culture and learn as much as I could from my environment. From getting into the habit of bowing while exploring the market, to introducing myself in Hindi, it all contributed to the experience of trying to fit in to a completely different environment. Visiting the schools was nerve-wracking at first, but after a couple introductions, it became much easier to work with them. The language barrier was another issue that I had to deal with during my work there, but with a bit of patience, it was easy to overcome.

What impact can one person have by helping out this school? The Prakash Deep School isn’t supported by the government or charity organizations. The only income they have is through donations and the kindness of others. Seeing the unbelievable opportunities they are providing for an entire community of children drove me to do as much as possible for them. For example, £800 pounds can provide a full year salary for three teachers, and we have raised over £2000 pounds in the last yearand-a-half, with the intent of raising much more.



Our New Advancement Associate for Giving In July of 2012, Sarah Nikkel joined the Advancement Team filling the role of Advancement Associate for Giving. She comes to TASIS England with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The Alumni Team took the opportunity to find out more about Sarah and her transition to TASIS England. What brought you to the UK? I moved to the UK with my husband and daughter in January 2012. My husband joined the faculty in the Physics Department at Royal Holloway, University of London. Before we moved, I had been working in Yale University’s Office of Development. Prior to that, I worked in marketing and taught high school English.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your position? I think it’s helping people understand why the School asks for money. Until 2005, TASIS England was a for-profit institution. All that changed when Mrs. Fleming bequeathed the School to the TASIS Foundation. In developing the School’s strategic plan last year, the committee for Sustainability and Culture explained succinctly the School’s current status: “TASIS England is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the TASIS Foundation, a not-for-profit educational foundation based in Switzerland. Any net profits realized from the operation of the School and any donations thereto are, ultimately, the property of the Foundation and held for the benefit of the School.

What is one factor that attracted you to TASIS England? I was impressed by the generosity of the TASIS England community, which donates over £25,000 a year to local and international charities. Plus, each year the TASIS England student body gives more than 9,000 hours of community service. What’s something interesting that you have learned about the School since joining? I have found it fascinating to learn about Mrs. Fleming. She really trusted her instincts. If she thought something was a good idea—like establishing a school in England—she dove in with the faith that the resources (and students) would follow. She was generous, too. She bequeathed all of the TASIS schools to the TASIS foundation so that they could exist in perpetuity. It’s a bit humbling. Mrs. Fleming trusted people like you and me to keep her legacy alive.

How would you explain the role of Advancement? Advancement is about building relationships and inviting people to be partners in the School’s future. Do you have a favorite philanthropist? One of my favorite philanthropists is the late Paul Newman, actor and founder of Hole in the Wall Gang Camps that provide free summer recreation for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. He once told a reporter, “I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.” I love that.

To learn more about giving to TASIS England or to make a donation, go to


Who is your


The Alumni Team is fortunate to work with a dedicated team of alumni who serve both their class and the School by keeping classmates connected, planning reunions, and helping collect Class Notes for the annual TASIS England Today magazine. Want to get in touch with your Class Agent? Find their details below. CLASS OF 1977 We are currently looking for an alumnus/a to serve the Class of 1977 as a Class Agent. Contact the Alumni Relations Team for more information. CLASS OF 1978 Michele Key CLASS OF 1979 Brian Dalgetty Suzanne Zebedee CLASS OF 1980 Carol (Zebedee) Kriesmer CLASS OF 1981 Lilian Eilers CLASS OF 1982 Dan DeJoy Kristen (Jackson) Seymour CLASS OF 1983 We are currently looking for an alumnus/a to serve the Class of 1983 as a Class Agent. Contact the Alumni Relations Team for more information. CLASS OF 1984 Harold McLeod III CLASS OF 1985 Tope (Adeosun) Shonekan CLASS OF 1986 Eden Diver CLASS OF 1987 Jeff Klaus Kristin (Casner) Wilson CLASS OF 1988 Dave Decker Mike Partridge Tina (Garbiso) Ring

CLASS OF 1989 Mary Ann Merikoski-Cashman CLASS OF 1990 Adria (Kelly) Pistell CLASS OF 1991 Janelle (Kottke) Chandek CLASS OF 1992 Balaji Ramachandra CLASS OF 1993 We are currently looking for an alumnus/a to serve the Class of 1993 as a Class Agent. Contact the Alumni Relations Team for more information. CLASS OF 1994 We are currently looking for an alumnus/a to serve the Class of 1994 as a Class Agent. Contact the Alumni Relations Team for more information. CLASS OF 1995 Kathryn (Tucker) Rutkowski CLASS OF 1996 Ashley (McKinney) Taylor Nick Wormley CLASS OF 1997 Tracy (van den Heuvel) Laskos CLASS OF 1998 Lara Mansour Anna Toonk CLASS OF 1999 Carolyn Stack Kaitlin (Keon) Taylor CLASS OF 2000 Colin Nederkoorn CLASS OF 2001 Vishal Patel

CLASS OF 2002 Jill Harte CLASS OF 2003 Catherine (McQuown) Eby Chawki Karam CLASS OF 2004 Tenley (Wood) Huste Lauren Nieuwland Naim Takla CLASS OF 2005 Caroline Troein CLASS OF 2006 Kenryo Mizutani Chelsea Vincent CLASS OF 2007 Caitlin Cross Alex Lowe Josh Shin Brian Smith CLASS OF 2008 Haley Ham Phillip Lomax Rebecca McGoldrick CLASS OF 2009 Zach Isler Sydney Manning Alex Schmitt Anna Troein


CLASS OF 2010 Catherine Davison Amro Elahwal Gus Manzi Joyce Tsao CLASS OF 2011 Eduardo Fasano Youn Kyung Lee Vivi Kan Julia Phelps CLASS OF 2012 Rohit Bhatnagar Ellen Jarman

Have you received your copy of the 2012 issue of the TASIS England Today magazine? If not, send an email with your current postal address to alumni@tasisengland. org. We will send you a copy.

FACULTY FOCUS Mr. Phil Snyders

The Alumni Team recently had the chance to sit down with Mr. Snyders to learn more about him and his TASIS England experience.

Who hired you when you first came to TASIS England and what were you hired to teach? DeHaven Fleming, who was no relation to Mrs. Fleming. He was here for two years, and I came during his second year. My second year was the year Lyle Rigg arrived. I was hired to teach Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. I was also the junior class advisor, then became senior class advisor for the next ten years or so.

Who inspires you? I’m inspired by a lot of people. When I first came here, it was more of a case of being inspired by the students. I found it amazing that these students would come halfway around the world; I don’t think I could have done it at their age. I am amazed by them. I’m inspired by my family. They have come along with me. I have two children who have graduated from TASIS England. Both of them are an inspiration to me. Now I have two young How did you discover your passion for mathematics? ones in school, and again I am amazed by them. My wife I don’t know if it was discover as much as develop. I just inspires me, as well. seemed to always be good at mathematics. It was one of my favorite classes all the way through school. It is What do you consider your greatest achievement? one I found I had to study the least, but at the same My greatest achievement is having four wonderful time did very well in. All of my teachers were the right children and a wonderful wife. people at the right time for me. I look back and can’t think of a math class I didn’t enjoy, whether it was third What do you value most in your TASIS England students, grade or high school. past and present? The thing that I admire most about TASIS England What roles have you played in your time at TASIS students of today and of the past is their desire to do England? well. I am amazed by the students who do so many I have been a high school math teacher for the majority things: athletes, ambassadors for the school, honor roll of it. I’ve also been the junior varsity softball coach, students and, again, I just cannot imagine myself at varsity softball coach, junior varsity boys basketball their age doing the things that they do. coach, junior varsity girls basketball coach, varsity girls basketball coach, Assistant Head of the Middle School, What have you learned about yourself in your time here in-program travel coordinator, busing coordinator, and at TASIS England? Assistant Director of the Summer School for twenty- I think I have learned a lot from the internationalism some-odd-years. of TASIS England. I would like to think that I am open-minded in relation to the various cultures and Which living person do you most admire? backgrounds. But when I came, I was from a small town This might sound cheesy, but the people I admire in Illinois and didn’t think of myself in the international the most are, again, my family. I admire my oldest sense. I have learned so much from the students from daughter, Danielle, for her accomplishments in life, different nationalities who have come here. her passion for traveling, her passion for doing good work. When she was in university, she went to Uganda What have been the highlights of your career here at to dig wells for the villages that didn’t have water. I’m TASIS England? always amazed by my son, Steve. I’m not saying this There are two or three that I would classify as highlights. just because he is my son, but he is a nice person. One was years ago when I had the yearbook dedicated From what I have heard from the boys in his dorm to me. It was extremely nice because it was something and others, many people look up to him. I think that done by the students, and to be recognized by them was is great. I am no longer just Mr. Snyders, I’m now Mr. fulfilling and also very humbling. Earning gold medals Snyders’s father. My wife inspires me. I think she is one at softball ISSTs were all highlights. Those were the main of the most intelligent people I have ever met. I love highlights, if you like, but I consider everyday a highlight. talking to her and, at the same time, learning from her. She is an inspiration to me.


TASIS ENGLAND READS! We asked a few people around campus to tell us what book they are currenlty reading. What are you reading? Let us know at Ariana Ladjevardi Upper School Librarian Le Chevalier Sans Armure by Jehan de Montangon Rob Hudgens Middle School, History The Story of Ain’t: America, It’s Language, and the most Controversial Dictionary Ever Published by David Skinner Wendy Gediman Lower School, Grade 2 A Long Way From Paradise by Leah Chishugi Robert Kennedy Upper School, Mathamatics Mathematical Masterpieces: Further Chronicles by the Explorers by Knoebel, Laubenbacher, Lodder and Pengelley

Jason Tait Dean of Student Life Flourishing by Maureen Gaffney Perrin Tingley Upper School, History Absolution by Patrick Flanery Frances Lovett Advancement Assistant for Alumni Relations The Missing by Jane Casey Sarah Nikkel Advancement Associate for Giving Art of Fielding by Chad Harbah

Russell Jarman Head of Maintenance Nancy Davison Is that Bike a Diesel, Mate? Middle School, Mathematics by Paul Carter The Racketeer by John Grisham David Jepson Head of Upper School In our next Alumni eNews we will be featuring a Faculty Mind & Cosmos: Why the Materialist NeoFocus interview with Ms. Perrin Tingley. If you had Ms. Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Tingley as a teacher and have a funny question or one that Certainly False by Thomas Nagel highlights a situation which happened in class, we would love to hear it. The Alumni Team is collecting questions. Erica DeVoir Moore Lower School, Pre-Kindergarten Send your questions to 7; Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker



During the London 2012 Olympics this past summer, there were 2000 Young Games Makers. Twenty of them were TASIS England students. Our students went through a rigorous application process, interviews, and once chosen completed 92 hours of training over a six month period of time. They were assigned Beach Volleyball at Horseguards Parade. A few shared their favorite Olympic memory with the Alumni Team. Wunmi O. ’13: When Team GB played Brazil, I was playing the third position, kneeling by the judges table. The crowd and the whole environment was crazy with the spectators cheering for Team GB. I knew that Brazil was likely to win, but still the whole stadium was thumping with people cheering. It was very exciting. Jack H. ’13: The first time we went out on court in front of the 15,000 people watching, we received a pretty incredible reception. To me, it meant that all of the hard work that we had done in the training was starting to pay off. It was an amazing atmosphere when we first went out onto the court and received a huge round of applause. It was nice to be appreciated for all of the work we had done. It was a great experience to sit courtside and watch all of the games.

Charlotte R. ’13: At the final of the women’s beach volleyball, the USA Misty May-Treanor team had won against the other USA team. The other ball girls and I were marching off around the square when Misty MayTreanor came to shake our hands. Then, she slapped me on the bum! As if to say, “Thanks for helping out.” It kind of caught me off guard, but at the same time, I was like “Misty May-Treanor just slapped me on the bum!” It was funny. Alex B. ’13: My favorite moment during the Olympics was during the women’s final. The raking crew of Shantanu, Jack, Brian, Tad, Tom, and I were playing volleyball on the practice courts behind the stadium during the match. About 300 people started to watch us play and cheered us on, instead of watching the final on the big screen. It was a fun moment to entertain 300 fans.

Brian H. ’13: My greatest Olympic memory was the buzz that I would get before walking out of the tunnel before each game. The reception that we received as rakers really emphasized the feeling of the Olympic spirit.



David West, Tamako Sugiyama ’10, and Morna West

Class of 2004 Kathryn Wheeler, Veronica Roberts, Jennifer Bodie, Katherine Rollo, Eric Olson, and Maggie Lind

The Alumni Team also enjoyed visits with Chris Berthiaume ’98, Kelly Wyper ’05, Hannah Dunham ’06, Tessa Dunham ’08, and Chris Halversen ’90.

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TASISMissionStatement TASIS is a family of international schools that welcomes young people from all nationalities to an educational community which fosters a passion for excellence along with mutual respect and understanding. Consistent with the vision of its founder, M. Crist Fleming, TASIS is committed to transmitting the heritage of Western civilization and world cultures: the creations, achievements, traditions, and ideals from the past that offer purpose in the present and hope for the future. Seeking to balance the pursuit of knowledge with the love of wisdom, and promoting the skills of lifelong learning, an appreciation for beauty, and the development of character, each school combines a challenging academic program with opportunities for artistic endeavor, physical activity, and service to others. Believing in the worth of each individual and the importance of enduring relationships, TASIS seeks to embody and instil the values of personal responsibility, civility, compassion, justice, and truth.



The TASIS Summer Program (TSP, ages 14-18) offers French, Italian, English-as-an Additional Language, Musical Theatre, Architecture and Design, Digital Photography, Drawing and Painting in Ticino, AC Milan Soccer, and the Armani Junior Basketball camp. Based on the TASIS campus overlooking Lake Lugano, TSP attracts students from around the world. The program includes sports and activities, and weekend excursions are offered to locations throughout Switzerland and Italy.

The TASIS England Summer Program (ages 11-18) located on the TASIS 46-acre campus 18 miles from London, offers three- and six-week courses including: Reading, Writing, and Math Skills for the Middle School Student, Algebra II, Geometry, ShakespeareXperience, Art in London, Theatre in London, London Through a Lens, Television Broadcasting, SAT Review and College Admissions, International Business, Writing Enhancement, Public Speaking in English, Pre-IB Advanced Mathematics.

Intensive English Language Courses are offered at Le Château des Enfants (CDE, day ages 4-10, boarding beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, in ages 6-10) is an international summer camp of learning addition to a TOEFL Review course. All English Language and fun. Located on the Lugano campus, with its own courses are accredited by the British Council. separate living and dining facilities and swimming pool, CDE teaches French, English, and Italian through lessons, Both programs include a wide variety of sports and games, activities, sports, music, and art. The close-knit, activities, which take place every afternoon. There caring, family-style community is specifically tailored to are weekend trips and excursions to places of interest younger children. throughout Great Britain, including Windsor, Oxford, The Middle School Program (MSP, 11-13) offers French or English-as-an-Additional Language, Musical Theatre, AC Milan Soccer, and the Armani Junior Basketball Camp. The MS Program is designed to challenge students academically and socially during this special transitional age. Classes meet in the mornings; afternoons are devoted to sports and activities (musical drama, art, archery, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, waterskiing, tennis, and soccer). The TASIS Summer Language Program (TSLP, ages 1418) is a four-week course located in Château d’Oex, an idyllic French-speaking alpine village. The program offers students intensive language instruction in French and English in a picture-postcard setting, along with sports, activities, and interesting weekend excursions. Extensive alpine activities and traditional sports are offered daily. All students may participate in an optional 6-day trip to Paris.

Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Bath, as well as to Central London. The programs end with a riverboat cruise and dance along the River Thames with the historic buildings of London floodlit in the background.

SPAIN The TASIS Spanish Summer Program (ages 11-17) is an intensive three-week course for students in high school and middle school. It is located in the beautiful city of Salamanca, center of the historic Kingdom of Castile and home to one of Europe’s oldest univeristies. Six levels of Spanish are offered, from beginning to advanced, and all classes have a small student/teacher ratio. The program includes frequent travel to Madrid, Granada, Toledo, and other sites in Spain with an optional week on the Costa del Sol for High School students.



TASIS The American School in Switzerland offers a challenging college-preparatory academic year program on its Lugano campus to day students (Pre-K-13) and boarding students (grades 7-13). With over 50 nationalities, TASIS takes advantage of its location in the heart of Europe to provide an outstanding educational program with an international dimension. In addition to a strong American college-preparatory program, the School offers the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and ESL courses, along with many travel opportunities. A winter highlight is the annual January Ski Week, when students and teachers relocate for skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating to Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

TASIS The American School in England offers an American college-preparatory curriculum to day students from Pre-K-13 and to boarding students grades 9-13. Located 18 miles southwest of London on a beautiful 46-acre estate of Georgian mansions and 17th-century cottages, TASIS England combines an excellent academic program for art, drama, music, computers, and sports. TASIS England also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a full ESL course of study, and Advanced Placement courses in all disciplines. The School makes full use of its proximity to London, the cultural capital of the English-speaking world.

TASIS Dorado is a coeducational day school with English as its language of instruction from pre-kindergarten through high school. Located in Puerto Rico, it offers a top-quality academic program within the most modern physical facilities and attractive natural surroundings. The School will continue to add a new grade each year until reaching twelfth grade, with a total capacity of 800 students.


To receive a catalog with application materials or for more information, please contact: TASIS The American School in England, Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe, Surrey TW20 8TE, England Tel: +44 1932 582316 • Fax: +44 1932 564644 Email: for academic year applicants or for summer programs

In the U.S. contact:

TASIS Schools and Programs, 112 South Royal Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA Tel: +1 703 299 8150 • Fax: +1 703 299 8157 • Email:

FRANCE Les Tapies Arts and Architechture Program (ages 14-19) offers an intensive three-week design and cultural experience through hands-on study of French vernacular architecture and the functional/aestetic relationship it shares with the landscape. The program is designed for mature students who have a strong interest in the arts or who are considering a career in architecture, art, or design. Les Tapies’ ideal location just north of Provence provides extensive opportunities for excursions which draw on the cultural richness of this fascinating area. Les Tapies Arts Teacher Workshop and the IB Visual Arts Teacher Workshop provide an outstanding opportunity for professional growth and allows teachers to reconnect with their passion for art and education. TASIS has offered challenging summer programs in Europe for nearly 50 years. Many of the summer courses offer academic credit. For further information, please contact the Director of Summer Admissions at +44 1932 582346 or


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