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Vol. 8• Sept/201 4

selected literature with illustrations

Why I Don't Smoke Cigarettes by Julie Davis

I’m scared I will get stuck on smokes like I got stuck on you.

Zeus Cried For Victory by Winifred Harms

zeus cried for victory while i was lying on the grass dreaming of rendezvous the quintessential moments of my youth floated with the wind to a place i would never touch so here i began my quest my diabolical plan for when life goes on reading like a parable along the way i ponder the essence of beginnings and play with words on my tongue the phrases you used in our time this goes on like fiction torn from the pages of fate

Stuft Supreme

by Jahnavi Delmonico Here. Careful. Cloud-like, skeining crooked little threads of steam, square-tucked, a wrapped-in-newspaper veggie taco. A headline reads: Voter rage blooms viral peach secret Small grave invokes water Delicious, oh — beanslipped beanlipped —thank you.

August 31

by Chris Drew the taste of rice is your sunday as my heart is pure caffeine i drift in heavy breaths and consider shades of computer screen in shapes of post-war japan the purpose of which is to convey some significant message of humanity and the relationships between one another that give life meaning my feet stick off the bed your shoulders stick out the blouse i hear trains and cars passing the house but you don’t you are wearing headphones and i am wearing shorts


by Spencer Nix So time yields itself to a plane. Have we drawn numbers so close and many, to estimate its place in our minds, where measurements taper off into a length at least somewhat adequately divine. Form no opinion except bare foreboding where the littlest heads build themselves Cages to have championships in. Of course they all win, win, win, they're staring at an idol in a spitting image of self-provoked imagination. Where nothing In itself, finds all Things living In. -Untied


by Michael Prihoda another bag of garbage taken to the basement and I —conveniently— forget what happens next.

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Ataraxia Vol. 8  

Contributors. Julie Davis Winifred Harms Jahnavi Delmonico Chris Drew Spencer Nix Michael Prihoda

Ataraxia Vol. 8  

Contributors. Julie Davis Winifred Harms Jahnavi Delmonico Chris Drew Spencer Nix Michael Prihoda