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ABOUT ME Born in Indonesia 25 years ago, was profesionally trained in Bandung, Jakarta and Singapore. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology majoring Architecture at 2008. Her passion is deeply in architectural lighting design especially hospitality project. After working in numerous projects for 4 years, she is now continuing her study by taking master of architectural lighting design in Hochschule Wismar, Germany.

She always wiling to experience a new thing and discover a new life. For her, seeing is believing. By travelling around different cities and countries she encounter a lot of differences in life and understand more about people, design and enviroment.

EXPERIENCES 2009 - 2010 Lumina Group

Project : Pullman Hotel Legian Bali, Padma Hotel Legian Bali, Discovery Hotel Dili (concept), Darmadi House Jakarta, Michael P House Jakarta 2010 - 2011 WSP NG Pte Ltd, Singapore

Project : Bukit Kayangan Residence Brunei, Lucky Tower Apartment Singapore, Macquarie Bank Singapore, Franciss Lee Residence Singapore, Porche and Rolls Royce Show room Singapore, Campus for Research (CREATE) Singapore, Bread Talk Headquarter Singapore (concept), 71st Storey Apartment @ Anson Road

2011 - present

CWTC (China World Trade Centre) China

RESPONSIBILITY Involved in planning concept design and developing design development drawing.


26 CHANCERY LANE HOUSE type : Private Landed House location : Singapore time : 2009-2011 team : Amanda Choi, Rina Pradnya Pusthika DP Architect Singapore

Residence @ 26 Chancery Lane is a private residence designed by DP Architect. The lighting concept is to create a warm and nice ambience but have to be energy saving and long last. Since this is a private house, maintenance will be a main concern.

TERMINAL 1 CHANGI AIRPORT type : Redesign Departure Hall location : Singapore time : 2010 team : Mevlyn Law, Amanda Choi, Rina Pradnya P Woodhead Architect

3D M O D E L I N G by DiaLux

CONCEPT The lighting design intent for this project is to imitate nature astronomycal clock into rain tree sclupture at the departure hall. There are several scene such as, sunrise scene, overcast, dusk and late night scene. The purpose of this scene are to portray what happened in the out-

MACQUARIE BANK HQ SINGAPORE type : Relocation Office location : Singapore time : 2009-2010 team : Amanda Choi, Rina Pradnya P Geyer Singapore, WT Partnership

courtesy : Keppel Land Singapore

courtesy : WT Partnership

courtesy : WT Partnership

MACQUARIE BANK HQ SINGAPORE “ ccomfortable omfo ortable n new ew o office ffi ficce comes comes with with h a gold gold green green m mark” ark”


courtesy : WT Partnership

courtesy : WT Partnership

Macquarie Bank is located on the new central business district in Singapore, called Marina Bay Financial Centre. The lighting concept for office is to fullfill the lux level requirement from goverment yet create a warm, nice and cozy ambience. courtesy : WT Partnership

LUCKY TOWER APARTMENT ttype ype : La Landscape, andscape, Facd Facde de (concept desi design) ign) lo ocatiion : S ingapore location Singapore 2009 time e : 200 09 Choi Pradnya team : Amanda Amaanda C hoi (WSP Asia Pasific), Rina Pr radnyya P NBBJ Architect, ICN Landscape

CONCEPT DESIGN The lighting design intent for the landscape and facade drawing is to emphasize the curve shape of the building. To achieve this concept, we highlighted only the building crown and curve skin of the facade. Landscape lighting will remain calm, as we want the landscape lightint to be part of the facade lighting

LUCKY TOWER APARTMENT “ makes an amazing living in the luxurius place”

D E S I G N S K E T C H & 3D M O D E L I N G

ANSON SKY SUITE type : Landscape, Facde (concept design) location : Singapore time : 2010 team : Amanda Choi (WSP Asia Pasific), Mevlyn Law Rina Pradnya P

courtesy : Arcadia Development

CONCEPT DESIGN Anson sky suite is located around CBD (central business district) area, it will shape the city skyline, therefore the lighting design concept have to be submitted to URA (urban redevelopment authority). All lux level for important facade element that will effect overall CBD looks have to be check properly

courtesy : Arcadia Development

ANSON SKY SUITE “living “liv ving iin n tthe he ttallest allest cond condo do iin n ttown” own”



The crown building is not only a decorative item but also have a function as observation desk. The building crown lux level have to check properly, it should be bright but does not give much light pollution.

covered walk way become an important for this project. Average lux level 100-150 lux is required by URA. This reqirement is to synchronize one building to another, based on people eye level

HAMILTON SCOTT type : Exterior & Facade location : Singapore time : 2010 team : Rohan Abdullah, Rina Pradnya Pusthika, AMA Architect Singapore

Elegant yet colorful concept for the facade was the main Idea for this new luxury apartment in Singapore. Located near to Orchard famous and glamour area in Singapore, we would like to make this apartment outstanding from the facade lighting.

WESTIN HOTEL SANYA type : Landscape, Interior, Mock-up Room location : Sanya, Hainan, China time : 2011 - present team : Hoosun Wong, Rina Pradnya P Belt Collins Asia, HBA Interior


“ unique and sophisticated design, bring the luxurious iin the Hawai of the east�

CONCEPT DESIGN The lighting design intent for Westin public interior, suites and landscape is to create a subtle sensation yet have a great effect with a minimum means. Light fitting is conceal between architectural detail and to highlight architectural accent and creat a strong impression

WESTIN HOTEL SANYA type : Mock-up Room location : Sanya, Hainan, China time : 2011 team : Hoosun Wong, Rina Pradnya P Belt Collins Asia, HBA Interior

The lighting design intent for Westin mock up guestroom (master king and standard twin room) & corridor is to portray the simple yet mesmerizing concept. Create a comfortable and nice atmosphere for the guest.

WESTIN HOTEL SANYA ” feel the warm and cozy feeling within the beach”

Reflected Ceiling - Lighting Layout

Plan - Lighting Layout

ASCOTT CHENGDU type : Interior location : Chengdu, China time 07. 2011 - present team : Astried Dwi Astuti, Dong Hyun Kim Hoosun Wong, Rina Pradnya P

courtesy : Capitaland


“ ffeeling eeling tthe he b bustling usttlin ng o off b business usiness iin n tthe he h heart eart o off C Chengdu hengdu C City” it y ”

Reflected ceiling plan

Plan lighting layout

HOLIDAY INN, HANGZHOU type : Interion (concept design) location : Hangzhou, China time : 2011 team : Rohan Abdullah, Rina Pradnya Pusthika, Lisa CN DWP Interior Design

courtesy : Lighting Images China

CONCEPT DESIGN The lighting design intent for the public interior is that lighting which suite with environment scene, which adjust to the time of day, controlled by astronomical time clock. It is syncronize with ID design theme, which one to bring nature ambience into interior scheme

HOLIDAY INN, HANGZHOU “staying with nature feeling right in the city center”

Main Lobby photoshop rendering

Corridor and Lift Lobby photoshop rendering

THOMSON LINE ORCHARD STATION type : MRT ( Mass Rapid Transportation) Station Development location : Singapore time : 2011-2015 team : Astrid Dwiastuti, Hoosung Wong, Kim Dong Hyun Rina Pradnya P, SAA Architect

courtesy : SAA Architect


A C A D E M I C P R O J E CT S (master + bachelor)

NORTH SEA DAY FERRY Graduate program assignment, Hochschule Wismar designing a short trip ferry (group : Kirin Tanglertpanya, Gita Listia, Rina Pradnya P)

courtesy : SHAPE CONCEPT

courtesy : Kirin Tanglertpanya

NORTH SEA DAY FERRY “ a short journey in our ferry which bring a forever memory”

THE CONCEPT Design project of my first semester was a short trip ferry. The ferry lane is from Den Helder to Texel Island (Netherland). Our concept to capture people’s intention who travelling using this ferry by designing an unique ceiling shape The overall shape concept inspired by the nature of Texel island which famous for the dune landscape. Therefore, we take this dune concept into our main idea and expand it into all elements in the ferry. The strong shape of ceiling and organic design all around the ferry are aiming to attract the guest while they are travelling with this ferry 3D modelling with Archicad+Photoshop

UNDER THE FOREST experiment of light in a box graduate program assignment

Architectural and nature inspiration. The story about the feeling under a shinny day and the moving of the shadow in between the tree, the moving of the shadow that creates by the sun’s position

Experiment #1 - with LED light

Experiment #2 - with Incandesncent 40W

UNDER THE FOREST experiment of light in a box graduate program Hochschule Wismar, Germany

Experiment #3 with Incandesncent 40W+ LED Light


Graduate program assignment, Hochschule Wismar making my own luminaire



EXPLO LAMP concept and idea

THE CONCEPT This year luminaire theme is sputnik. In this project I would like to explore about the shadow that create a dynamic feeling in a room. Therefore I come out with the sputnik sxplosions concept. The shape of the lamp is based on the aluminium sputnik sphere image. I would like to express the explosion by the shadow that created on the wall and ceiling. The long aluminium stick and blue plexiglass give the image of explode part of the satelite. Material : Hollow aluminium sphere, 2mm Aluminium stick, Blue Fluorescent Plexiglass, 40W incandescent lamp with silver reflector

Explosion effect mood image

Top View


Bottom View

SPRING GARDEN Small Project in Bad Doberan Graduate program assignment, Hochschule Wismar


PUPPETS SHADOW MUSEUM final project of bachelor program

CONCEP T The puppets musem is located in the heart of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This museum will be part of urban landscape around heritage area. The integration between new building and the existing element should be portray correctly, by designing a plaza between Vrederburg fortress, Yogyakarta culture center and museum it will be connected one building into another To respect the heritage building. Adapting local culture such as, batik kawung panel, Joglo roof and tumpang sari ceiling is needed.

Ground Plan

Elevation - Front, Back and Side Facade


Front Facade - 3D Rendering

Joglo Courtyard - Rendering and Modeling

MISCELLANOUS miscellanous stuff from the design works

O’ Channel TV Station - Model Making

Resort in Seribu Island - Model Making

Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta Airport- Model Making

Watercolor drawing

Pudica Lamp

Fin ‘ Learn like stupid, dream like a genius’

rararina p o r t f o l i o , 2013

- Ban Ki Moon -

Portfolio rara rina  
Portfolio rara rina