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How to Rap Better - 5 Rap Freestyling Tips If you want to find out how to rap better, then read this now. You will learn to rap so you can impress your friends and win rap battles. Step #1: Use the 1-2-3-4 formula If you want to learn how to rap, then always follow the 1-2-3-4 phase formula. You can turn every hip hop song into a 4 step beat formula. Every time there is an emphasis in the rap, that is one of the 4 numbers. An easy way to use this formula is to use your hand and move from left to right every phase. That will make it easier when to make your flow rhyme. You want to usually rhyme on the same phase of the formula. For example, you want to rhyme every 4th phase. So the next 4th phase you want to make your word rhyme with the previous 4th phase of the 1-2-3-4 formula. Step #2: Rap with other friends Another secret on how to rap better is to freestyle rap with your friends. It is much more fun to freestyle rap with friends than to do it yourself. But you can make it a playful competition by freestyling against each other for fun. This will make your freestyle rapping skills to improve much faster than before. If you can't find anyone to rap with, just go to an online voice chatroom and look for a chatroom that has a lot of hip hop fans. You will easily find people who are willing to freestyle rap with you or battle. Just have fun because the more you have fun, the more you will get better at freestyling. Step #3: Create your own "Emcee Identity" Another tip to learn to rap is create your own rapper identity. A lot of hip hop emcees try too hard to be someone else. They want to be like the next big hit so they make their hair look like the latest hip hop artist or rapper. But when you do that, you lose a lot of your own originality. Instead of trying to be someone else, take some time to reflect on who you are. Look into your own life experiences and find out what makes you unique. Whatever that is, add them up to create your own unique emcee identity. Once you create your own rapper identity, you will have more ownership to it and thus you will have much more conviction and power when you rap. Step #4: Use a rhyming dictionary To improve your rhyming skills, just get yourself a rhyming dictionary. A rhyming dictionary is a dictionary that gives a list of rhyming words. This is a very helpful tool to help you incorporate words to make your freestyle rhyme and sound better. Step #5: Focus on your own skills A lot of rappers focus too much on other rappers. That is not good because you can end up being discouraged if you see other hip hop artists do better. So don't focus on other people's lives or their rapping skills. Instead, focus on your own skills. The more you focus on your own freestyle rapping skills, the faster you will improve as a hip hop artist. If you want to discover how to rap better, then get freestyle rapping tips at How to Rap Better - 5 Rap Freestyling Tips, Copyright 2010 by

How to Rap Better - 5 Rap Freestyling Tips