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spring SuMMER


Get ready for a summer to remember. With Ke$ha singing in your ears, a Baby-G on your arm and the sea in sight, you’ve got everything you need to make it a perfect summer. Ke$ha is the rising star of the electropop scene and her songs are the ultimate summer anthems. And the Baby-G BLX-100 watches are the perfect choice for having fun on the beach, in the pool or in the sea. With a tide graph and moon age display, a casual glitzy watch face and water resistance up to 20 bar, these Baby-Gs are perfect for wearing on all your summer adventures – and ideal for Ke$ha.

BLX-100-1ER e 00,00*

*Recommended retail price

BLX-100-4ER e 00,00*

BLX-100-7ER e 00,00*

02| 03

BGA-200PD-1BER e 00,00*

BGA-200PD-7BER e 00,00*

Square watches that are anything but. Ke$ha’s style is categorically not about blending into the background. The 25-year-old is into extravagant and eyecatching looks – so it’s no wonder that she loves the new BGA-200 series: *Recommended retail price

The square face with asymmetric analogue/digital display and the shiny lacquer-look strap and case in a range of stylish colours are sure to turn heads. These watches are essential for anyone who’s into angular designs.

BGA-200PD-4BER e 00,00*

04 | 05

Back to the roots. Some accessories are so timeless that they’ll never go out of fashion. That’s why Ke$ha loves her casual aviator sunglasses and the BG-5600 with its retro design that evokes the first-ever G-SHOCK – a watch that set pulses racing back in the 80s. And history is now repeating itself in 2011 with these Baby-G models that, with their tone-on-tone look and features such as a world time function, calendar and five alarms, represent classic style with a modern twist. Just like Ke$ha herself.

BG-5600SA-6ER e 00,00*

BG-5600WH-7ER e 00,00*

*Recommended retail price

BG-5600BK-1ER e 00,00*

06| 07

Round-the-clock glamour. A night out wouldn’t be complete without the new models from the BG-1005M and BGD-121 series in gleaming white and stylish purple. While the glitzy display and lacquer look are perfect for taking to the dance floor, features such as an alarm, world time function and countdown timer make these Baby-Gs just the thing for wearing every day, too.

BG-1005M-7ER e 00,00*

*Recommended retail price

BGD-121-6ER e 00,00*

BGD-121-7ER e 00,00*

08 | 09

BG-1005M-6ER e 00,00*

Stainless steel/resin band

Resin band

BGA-112C-7BER e 00,00*

BGA-112C-1BER e 00,00*

BGA-110-7BER e 00,00*

It’s not just her catchy, hip-shaking music that’s made Ke$ha a star – the young American is also a real trendsetter when it comes to fashion. From April 2011, we’re giving you a chance to show the world that you too are every inch the style icon. Style up like Ke$ha, upload a picture at and, with a little luck, you could win the chance to be in a professional photo shoot and appear in the next Baby-G campaign. Visit for more information!

10 | 11

*Recommended retail price

Stainless steel/resin band

Catalog Casio Baby-G Kesha  

Catalog Casio Baby-G Kesha

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