Handbook On CFDs Trading

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New Release Apr 2011

This book is written for Singapore traders and investors who want to take advantage of CFDs in their trading. It shows you how CFDs are traded and the strategies you can use for both bullish and bearish market conditions. Unlike other CFDs book published by overseas authors, this book is unique as Singapore stocks are used as examples when explaining how a trading strategy can be applied. This book is written to help you to increase

Make Money When The Markets Goes Up or Down With CFDs Trading! Learn To Make Money All Year Round in Stocks!

your probability of success when trading CFDs.

The First Book On CFDs Trading For Singapore Investors!!! Title: Handbook On CFDs Trading

ISBN: 978-981-08-6670-9 Author: Nicholas Tan (BEST SELLING AUTHOR of Handbook on Forex Trading - No. 1 Bestseller Book On Forex In Singapore) Published by Rank Books Price: $18.00 (before GST)

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