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THE FALLS Byron sees in 2014


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EDITOR’S LETTER I find it a humbling, even a daunting, honour to write this, my first page as MouthZoff Magazine editor. Randy has worked with tireless, tactful, and always gracious energy to create this wonderful creature bound to grow and be the foremost voice of the Queensland music community. As editor I wish to reaffirm MouthZoff’s commitment to publish pieces that reflect the vibrant Queensland music scene and push the boundaries of music journalism and photography. I have been blessed with an amazing month of music with the main feature being the Byron Bay Falls Festival. Was super cool to see the Queensland flag flying high through brilliant acts like Emma Louise, Cub Sport, The Good Ship, Tyler Touche, Little Odessa and Violent Soho. This issue is packed with the best new bands coming out of Queensland, music reviews and attractive coverage of live music. Hope you can join me for the ride. Think Music, Think MouthZoff! ben knight

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


talks to aimee from

aVabeRee Your new track is amazing, how did you find the process of adding a bunch of synths to your style or singing? Thank-you! Adding synths started with our producer in the studio. He has a Prophet 08 which is amazing and with the help of him, we played around on that until we got the sounds we wanted and it went from there. Are you spending a lot of time learning new instruments or do you get session players to add other layers to your recordings? We are expanding from just being three vocals and a guitar to adding minimalist electronic elements. So we’ve been spending time getting to know programs and playing with our voicelive looping station and Korg synthesizer. In terms of session musicians, we have recently had a drummer come on board to our live

Pic: Ben Knight

show who plays a sample pad of electronic beats, which adds a whole other aspect to our live sound. What do you think of the music scene in Brisbane at the moment? We think it’s great! Really thriving at the moment. There are heaps of amazing bands and singersongwriters coming out of Brissy who are doing great things around the country and overseas at the moment. It’s a nice little supportive community that we’ve got going.

New recordings and some overseas travel and writing! Anything you want to mouth off about? The lack of smaller music venues with a good sound system in Brisbane. Although we’ve got a sweet little scene going on, it would be amazing to see some more smaller live venues (like Black Bear Lodge for example) pop up around the place. It would help make the music scene even stronger we think !

What is next for Avaberee?


bassline emerging artists program


EBRuARY 2014 will see the official launch of a concept for new comers to the live music scene when Fatty and Skinny & Comoja present Bassline | Emerging Artists Program. Bassline | Emerging Artists Program has been put together by Luke Spittle (Founder and CEO of Fatty and Skinny Music Management) and Bernard Raffaut (Sales and Marketing Strategist and Managing Director of Comoja) who are keen community activists and have the most wonderful ethos behind what they do. The guys have put together a 12 week course for anyone who wants to establish their career in the music industry without having to get a degree. Luke and Bernard set about constructing the Program after realising that there was no developmental course that catered for the grassroots emerging artist who was battling to launch, promote and grow their music without going to college or university. I think the best way to sum up Luke and Bernard’s vision and passion can be found in the derivation for Bernard’s


MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

company name Comoja. The name is a combination of two words from two different languages, Como is Spanish for “as” and Moja is a Swahili word for “one”. Both have in excess of a decade of experience in marketing and promoting live music and are well qualified to produce the program. The course will cover all aspects of the music industry including Promotion, Producing, Marketing, Getting Gigs, Touring Logistics and Becoming a Performer. You will also learn about Distribution, Royalties and navigating APRA. Designed to take you to the next level whether you just want to gain a better understanding of the industry or achieve better results for your band in 2014 this is the course for you. Bassline | Emerging Artists Program. If you are keen to jump on this opportunity you may apply for assistance with course fees through Foresters QuickStart Interest Free Loans. Visit for more details.

M JANUARY RecommeNded

! r a e Y w e N Abby

outhZoff’s very own Abby skye took centre-stage at the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Party at the sydney opera house this New Years Eve and delivered an absolutely unforgettable performance. We couldn’t be prouder, as our magazine boss and local music veteran showed the sydney big-wigs at this exclusive, invite-only event how it’s done! hired for her huge voice and performance prowess, it was never a doubt that Miss skye would deliver big time. smashing out a specially-crafted set of 80s and 90s rock including Barnsey, INXs, the Divinyls and John farnham, Abby brought a tear to the eye of her supporting Queenslanders. Even as we eagerly watched the inadequate ABC coverage of our favourite local artist, she shone in a setting befitting of her talent. snippets of the event are available from her facebook and Youtube channels, while we hope for the release of ABC’s un-aired footage of the event.

Pics: Drew McPherson


MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

Soul CanvaS WarehouSe Party


riday night SOUL CaNVaS review at a funky warehouse party in West End, with a cool crowd, red wine, lights, camera, action … Soul Canvas is a collaboration of four very talented artists – Noah Slee, Knovell Capote, Mark Lowndes & Jordan rakei. Each of the artists performed two songs, to showcase their talents as individuals. Jordan kicked the night off with his silky smooth voice and his songs “Point of View” & “Hope”. i’m hearing a little bit of Stevie Wonder in this, which can only be a good thing. Look out for Jordan’s EP released in March. Next up, talented rapper Knovell Capote took the stage ably supported by Brisbane musos dan Spirovski & Phil Hirvela, and performed his song “raucus” before being joined on stage by Noah Slee for the song “Bad Woman”. if you can combine rapping and the blues – this is it!

All pics by Lauren Brodie

Mark Lowndes then gave a powerful spoken word rendition of “Streetlights” before moving into a beautifully melodic song “afternoon”. His sense bound writing impressed me almost as much as his amazing vocal ability. Noah Slee then rounded out the night with his song “Even When i”, a soulful, wailing, passionate tune with an amazing crescendo, showcasing Noah’s vocal ability. Soul Canvas – redefining Soul – seriously, check them out! aNGiE EVEriNGHaM

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


4-PAGE PicturE SPEciAL

Words and pictures by BEN KNIGHT


hree days of absolute bliss… this was the collective agreement amongst the Falls faithful who attended the new site just outside of Byron. The organizers got just about everything spot on from the small toilet and bar lines, to heaps of shade and most of all a killer lineup.

The first day allowed the punters to ease in to the festivities with the UK’s Correspondents hyper jumping and Clairy Brown and the Bangin’ rackettes super soul. have to say I was a little worried about hot Dub Time Machine’s ability to get the crowd going, but did he ever prove me wrong. his ‘flashback’ dj set certainly put everyone in the mood to bring in the new year with a bang. Which brought us up to The roots New Year set. These dude certainly know how to party, their electrifying set (complete with mega bottles of champagne) had it all. Amazing 10 minutes plus jams with Questlove holding everything together whilst hammering out a 5 minute drum solo. New Years resolution…see more of The roots. Day 2 saw a rubbish clash with The Preatures and Violent Soho but was so happy with the choice to see the Brissy lads who managed to pull a major crowd who was not disappointed with their high energy set. The War on Drugs chilled to the steaming crowd with some synthy guitar tunes and plentiful jokes about the heat. There was a collective “who is Johnny Marr?” from the youthful crowd but for the matured and Smiths faithful he pulled out an amazing display of fluid guitar moves and a splattering of Smiths classics played to perfection. Bonobo then set about to win over the crowd that probably had not listen to much of his cool electro

grooves. Was a tight set with full band and enough danceable tunes to get the crowd moving. has to be said though that the dance crowd had to be worn by the home boy rUFUS. The crown was heaving and with every song seems to grow and grow with a collective text being “rUFUS is killing it!”. Grizzly Bear played an atmospheric set perfect as the air cooled and set the crowd up for the final act Vampire Weekend. The Weekend guys have grown from young ambitious rockers to a tight professional outfit that had everyone keen for more. Was a fitting end to an amazing day. Day 3 and some sore heads were cruising around the dusty festival site. Luckily for the Brisbane punters there were cool sets from The John Steel Singers, emma Louise and Cub Sport to get the day going. everyone performed to such a high standard that shows the depth of the Brisbane music scene at the moment. Add to this an amazing set from Little Odessa in the Jack Daniels bar and The Good Ship’s crazy set in the Club house Brisbane music was the word on everyone’s lips. Pond brought their regular high energy set to the hot afternoon with the lead singer doing his very best to knock out all the photographers with his microphone. Violent Femmes and Neil Finn stood out as crowd pleasers with The Femmes running through their entire first album starting off with a cracking version of Blister in the Sun. This brought to the stage The Wombats who really got everyone moving with hit after hit. There seemed to be a collective sigh when MGMT commenced their set. Didn’t really hit the mark with a lot of the crowd with many leaving early. So a score of A+ for the first Falls at Byron, bring on next year I say!



The Roots

Violent Soho



The Wombats

Johnny Marr

The Good Ship


Neil Finn

RETURN TO START: THE FORMATIVE YEARS BY JAE SALMON MATT OkINE – Comic, Actor, Writer, Producer, Triple J Radio Announcer, Hip Hop Artist Let’s get one thing straight: school is awesome. I’d do anything to go back there right now. I think the key to enjoying school is making sure you choose the right subjects for you and only doing what you really want to do. I enrolled in subjects that my dad wanted me to do but every time I went into those classes it was such a burden because I sucked at them and I was doing them for the wrong reason. I liked drama, and legal studies, and logic - all english based subjects - because they didn’t feel like work. And that’s essentially what school should be about: helping you find a career that doesn’t feel like work. And eating lots of $2 sausage rolls.

Jeremy Neale – Velociraptor, Solo artist, Running Gun Sound, Teen Sensations, Tiger Beams, Lovely Legs (and probably many others) When I was in high School I couldn’t really sing and although I was a multi-instrumentalist I wasn’t an overly good one. My writing ability hadn’t developed yet either - but remember readers - always play to your strengths. And what was my strength? Pop culture nerd I guess. Formed a theme song band with some of my best buds. Played classics including Dragon Ball Z, Beverly hills Cop, Ghostbusters, The theme from Buffy and Angel and many more.

JaKe from maJor leaGUeS – Drummer Three teachers were instrumental in supporting me through my last years at school. They supported my tendency to spend lunch times in the art room or the music room ‘dicking’ around with a whole number of projects. School was good for figuring out everything I didn’t want to do in life. From year 10 I was playing in some pretty hilarious bands but now I am on a real stage performing real songs.

JohN meyer – Solo Artist, The Good Ship, Bertie Page Clinic UnForTUnATely I wasn’t allowed to study music at high school as the music teacher refused to have me in her class. Anyway I didn’t let that stop me, took a few private lessons then mostly taught myself guitar and singing. The subjects I did the best in were biology and ancient history and I had really great teachers in those classes. The history stuff still makes a big appearance in my song writing but haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate biology. I don’t look back on my school days either positively or negatively, it just felt like it was something to endure before the interesting part of life kicks in.

Dom mIller – Solo Artist, Manager, formerly of Rocketsmiths ST lAUrenCe’S in South Brisbane was known as an arts-orientated school. In grade 9 I started my first band ‘lizid‘. The school let me set up a lunchtime “music festival” in the school hall it ran all week at lunch time with other school “rock bands” and usually a visiting old boys’ band. Anthony young, my music teacher, was a massive influence on me musically. his enthusiasm for singing and music in general made music a fun thing to do. I also remember lenore Batemen in primary school asking me to join the choir because she said I had “music just pouring out” of me, which made me feel pretty special.

Pic: Lily Slater

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


don’t forget...

BIG DAY OUT 19 january


Tickets selling fast!

Who is Quatro and how did you get together? Hi, I’m Amity, next to me is Claudia, Vanessa and on cello is Radha. Claudia and I play the fiddle and Vanessa the viola. We definitely wouldn’t describe ourselves as a string quartet although that is how we started, but more of a girl band with vocals and harmonies being a major impact in our music. We have been playing together pretty much since primary school. We were the nerds that would rather sit around the music room in our lunch hour. We always loved making music together then and it just never wore off. How would your describe your music? It’s quite an eclectic mix of modern, Celtic and crossover styles. We put our own take on many different artists some of our favourites being Coldplay, Led Zeppelin and of course Guns and Roses. Although technically we aren’t dancers we love to add movement to many of our pieces and really jazz them up. This is a really interesting genre, what other groups have been an inspiration in developing your music? Early on probably Bond as they play the same instruments but now we really enjoy some of the iconic eighties bands. We listen to a lot of different genres as we like to surprise our audience with pieces they wouldn’t normally except to hear from a band like us. All the right music on all the

talks to

Amity from

QUATRO wrong instruments. You have been blowing people away with your live slots, is that something that you work on or has it come naturally? I would have to say it must have come naturally – even when we know we have the pressure to perfect a new piece in a short time, we just get excited at the prospect and enjoy the challenge. Both our albums were recorded to a deadline and we felt like we lived, slept and ate in the studio. Yes, we did work very hard but it just doesn’t feel like work to us. Is a big tour on the cards? Oh we wish! We’d definitely rather be touring than studying so it would have to fit in with uni but we seem to be pretty good and juggling study

with music, usually music wins but we haven’t failed a subject yet. One of the gigs we are looking forward to, I think in May next year, is playing at Parliament House in Brisbane for a concert in aid of Destiny Rescue, an international organization dedicated to recuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Any releases on the horizon? This year we have had two of us finishing school in Bundaberg and two of us doing our first year of uni so probably not ready for a new album just yet. We are definitely excited about spending more time living closer together again next year and developing so much more. A new piece we haven’t recorded yet that we love is a mash up of Adele’s Skyfall and Rolling in the Deep. We have a plan to perfect a few other really fun pieces while busking in Queen St Mall. It’s a great way of telling when a piece is actually working as you can really draw a crowd. Anything to mouth off about? Gosh, I feel like I have been mouthing off through this whole article, but when Mark Wood, America’s best Rock Violinist was on tour in Australia this year he saw us play Sweet Child of Mine and Bohemian Rhapsody and told us he wanted to sign us to a recording studio and take us to the States and fit us out with electric instruments, so fingers crossed! BEN KNIGHT

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014





onighT the self confessed, psychedelic dance commanders The Belligerents celebrate Christmas and launch their film clip for ghost VS in style at the Black Bear Lodge. Joining them tonight are the good time vibe masters Tourism and the angels of song Avaberee. The night gets going with radiance in triplicate, otherwise known as Avaberee. The last time i saw them play was also at Black Bear Lodge and tonight they replicate the experience of the previous gig by bringing a family atmosphere to the venue. i personally love going to the smaller venue gigs and seeing the support the acts get not only from their friends but from their extended family as well. it’s lovely to see Aunts, Uncles, Parents and grand Parents out in support, particularly at Christmas. Summing up Avaberee - if you love pristine female vocals, flawless harmonies, creative use of digital vocal looping and a Daft Punk cover then Avaberee are for you. it’s the sonic equivalent of bathing in milk.

some dark clouds on the horizon of that beach and they can bring home a brooding introspect normally associated with much heavier rock outfits, just as easily. The guys played their Single Launch in november last year for A Song For You (once Beaten Black and Blue) which addresses the issue of domestic violence and is the first single from a much anticipated second EP out early this year. Look out for EP launch information and get along to the show. The place is packed tonight and the atmosphere is positively charged, everyone is having fun and enjoying the vibe. So when The Belligerents take the stage the dance floor ignites in the first few bars in a blaze of flailing arms and bodies. There is no possible way to stay still when front man Lewis Stephenson is in the groove. When the band is having just as much fun playing as the audience is having listening that right there, is the recipe for an awesome night out.

Tourism are a name to watch. i describe the sound the quartet are bringing tonight as Brit/Beach, but don’t be thinking it’s all a boppy fun mix. no. Tourism are also showing us that there are


MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

They are test driving some new songs on the audience tonight and all are being well received. i interviewed the guys in november last year before their appearance at Solbar in Maroochydore and they told me of their plans to begin recording their album this year using the unquestionable talents of Producer and Bassist Konstantin Kersting. The band is also set to enjoy some major exposure later this month when they take the stage at the Big Day out along with headliners, Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Snoop Dogg et al. if you are like me and prefer attics to auditoriums as your live music venue experience then i would get out to see The Belligerents next time they play, because it won’t be long and they will be tucked away in green rooms out the back and unable to enjoy a beer at the bar alongside their adoring fans as they do now. JAE SALMon

SonicBoom with SONIC EDWARDS



his article is both a continuation and departure from the last series of articles where we studied the different popular song forms. Now, I want to focus on common themes and practices in songs. Let us first define ‘catchiness’: how easy it is for someone to remember a song, tune or phrase. This is most easily measured by its commercial viability and particularly by looking at songs that are extremely popular.

by how fast a ballad can shoot up the charts, but then not stay up there as long as a medium speed hit. The lyrical content is a huge factor, in fact 74% of all earworms (the psychoacoustic phenomenon whereby a song is stuck in your head, also known as ‘smurfing’. See? I got you, right…) are songs with lyrics, with jingles (15 percent) and instrumental songs only accounting for 11%. Pop songs take advantage of this and often use well known sayings as their title. Ooh la la, Va Va Voom, Kiss and Tell, the list goes on, just listen to the radio for more. The prominent position of the title is the difference between you trying to hum a song to a Dj at 2am and being able to find it in the record store first time. Essentially the tried and true method is to start or finish the chorus with this word or phrase and not bury it in the middle of a line.




Let’s look at some of the common features of a song that sells well (presumably because it is indeed catchy and not because the evil music industry has used subliminal messages to trigger us like hypnotized zombie slaves). Typically it has some common characteristics, like when things happen: the length of a song (between 3:30 and 4 minutes) lets us focus on the main hook or ‘catchy bit’ and not lose interest and forget it before the end of a song; the title of a song will occur before a minute has passed and then repeat anywhere from 3 to 30 times throughout; the vocals often start after a 13 second intro (interestingly enough, this is regardless of the tempo or speed of the song). The tempo is usually mid-tempo to fast, and the correllation between how long a song is in the charts and the tempo is shown



Perhaps the most important aspect is the part that gets stuck in your head and you find yourself singing in the shower – the melody. Sure the chord progression sets the mood for the lyrics to say what you’ve always wanted to say, well timed changes in a song can



capture your interest but the melody will embed itself in your brain. Singability is a common rule for songwriters, including having a range that’s practical for the entire audience to join in with to fill the stadium, however this rule can be broken if it’s memorable enough, just think of the Mariah Carey songs that are butchered at karaoke bars because it requires a special talent (and 3 octave range) to pull it off. There is also a trend to add a lyricless hook to a pop song, such as in Katy Perrys ‘Roar’ or ‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5 (coincidentally, both produced and cowritten by the same pool of producers). I’ll leave you with a question. Does an artist (or producer) make the fans like a song or do they produce something that contains enough familiar elements? And instead of giving you more to ponder, here are earworms, some of which should get stuck in your head regardless of your vintage or taste in music: Achy Breaky Heart, Macarena, Who Let The Dogs Out, Tequila, Popcorn, Telstar and Axel F/Crazy Frog.

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


Switchblade Suzie + Moonshine Sally Ric’s 12 DEC picS: BRUCE HEATH


risBane currently seems to be alive with young bands that are quickly developing a solid following. ric’s Bar saw two of these bands play to a packed house just before Christmas.

Nick Herrera, Kalacoma



OniGHT is one of those gigs that i have been looking forward to ever since they announced they were coming to Brisbane. Kalacoma are a five piece trip/experimental/warp rock group who come to us fresh from the Melbourne underground scene where their particular blend of intricate and expressive modulations are receiving warranted attention. The gig tonight is part of the ‘Making Waves’ tour that is seeing the band play outside of Melbourne for the first time. Joining Kalacoma tonight are two acts that are the perfect accompaniment to their melodic wash. Mutanteer, the one man act that is alex (sleepy) Morrison wowing us with experimental genius and Big Dead shake the dance floor with avant-garde jazz replete with euphonic waves of shadowy tones. But it is Kalacoma who steal the show and rightfully so with their immaculate attention to crafting harmonic content


while still maintaining their ability to free flow. The result is etherial complexity carrying the receiver to alternative experiences. Visually the band delivers too, the equipment on stage alone is an impressive, high tech arrangement of waist high, pedal racks and various keyboards. all the regular instruments are present as well. With their track ‘Waves’ recently being voted one of the top five songs in the world that must be listened to by Vulture magazine, Kalacoma are proving their live performance is every bit as good as their recorded offerings. The dancefloor is jumping tonight the crowd are really loving the sounds coming from the stage. i’ve been waiting for Kalacoma to come to Brisbane for so long and i am proud to see Brisbane audiences lapping them up. Hopefully they will return soon and i will definitely see you there.

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

Jae saLMOn

Moonshine sally is a Brisbane 6 piece rock band with blues / rnB overtones - strong lead vocals from Martin norris backed by tight percussion and guitars with the wail of Matt Caldwell’s harmonica giving the band unique sound. Featuring a slightly changed lineup (Jess Gilbert filling in for regular drummer Billy Dixon who is currently Os) Moonshine sally opened to an enthusiastic crowd. Headlining the night was switchblade suzie - a 4 piece band with clear blues/ jazz influence. These young guys and girls have been playing a number of shows around town in recent months (Glass Bar, The new Globe - Campfire

Test, Tempo) and have been receiving rave reviews. Lead singer Willow nicholls brings a sultry jazz style coupled to a massive vocal range - she sends shivers through the audience in the best possible way. Duet’s with lead guitarist (sam De Calmer) and bassist (eliza Heath) see the band producing beautiful harmonies while still managing to give strong rock performances courtesy of alex Marzullo’s brilliant percussion. With one eP under their belt and clearly more to come this is a band to watch out for - they had ric’s absolutely pumping! BrUCe HeaTH

Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes – HiFi 19 DECEMBER PIC: GREG ELKENHANS


Lairy Browne and the Bangin’ rackettes, a nine-piece soul group originally hailing from Melbourne take the stage in shifts. First come the musicians launching into a musical intro reminiscent of the sixties soul greats, to which Clairy herself plus backing singers, the Bangin’ rackettes, make their strutting entrance. already you feel thrown back into a bygone era. an era of soul and old-school rhythm and blues, of gents in sharp suits with hats, and ladies in tight dresses with smoky eyes and big hair. Then they start to sing, and you realise that this is no tribute act, this is no group re-creating some imagined glory days. This is a band taking its musical roots in jazz, soul and roots music and making something fresh, energetic. all songs are original bar a superb cover of ‘Whatta Man’, released also as a single.

Above: Matt Caldwell, Moonshine Sally Below: Sam De Calmer, Switchblade Suzie

right from the opening number, the title track from their debut album ‘Baby Caught the Bus’, Clairy Browne has the audience in the palm of her hand. Channelling the great divas, her charisma and stagecraft brings to mind eartha Kitt, especially when she was Catwoman, among others. The band is coming off a tour of the Us and in australia, and their tightness shows in every song, from the keys and guitar melodies to the rhythm section to the wailing baritone sax to the apparently artless choreography of the singers; it’s all there. The Bangin’ rackettes, with their coordinated outfits and retro-grooves provide immaculate harmony to the powerhouse that is Clairy Browne’s voice. and the crowd doesn’t stop dancing, soul-clapping, and cheering for more. CaT anDersOn

Clairy Browne

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


s s o G e g a r a G

news fro



f you believe in six degrees of separation then the experiences of Brisbane based Stone Chimp on their recent tour in the States will leave you with no doubt that the world if full of interesting connections if you just get out amongst it. At the end of 2012 a few of the band members went to the States for a holiday with the express purpose of promoting the band there. on that trip they met some people who introduced them to a promoter who helped them connect to venues they could play on their next visit. The band returned to the States in october last year with four dates booked. Two in Los Angeles, one in oakland and one in San francisco. I spoke to Steve Nichols the drummer of Stone Chimp after they returned from the tour and asked him what differences he noticed between the music scene in the States and Brisbane. The main difference he noticed was that audiences in the States were more interested in the band and the music they performed than they were in the popularity of the band, as in how many Likes they had on facebook.

The band performed at the Mint in LA which unbeknownst


MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

to them turned out to be one of the premier venues for live bands. The gig was set for a Monday night so they weren’t expecting much of a crowd. But as it turned out the drummer of the supporting band The young Rapscallions, Chris MintzPlasse had been in the Superbad Movie and the band had a good following so the place was packed for a Monday. The gig in San fran was at Benders and the Chimp played with Altamont, a band that formed in 1994 as a side project for Dale Crover of Melvins. Steve said there are great opportunities for bands from Australia in the States and everyone they met were so appreciative of the fact that they had travelled so far to bring their show to them. They are planning another trip to the States soon and hope to do ten to fifteen dates this time taking in florida as well. Next time you see Stone Chimp have a chat to the boys about their experiences State side, particularly if you are thinking of taking your band oS; I’m sure the guys would be happy to give you some pointers. They would probably say something like “Just get out there and play and talk to people. you just never know who you might meet.”

om the stArs of our smAller venues with JAE SALMON THE BEN EATON TRIO The band broke onto the scene in 2008 with the launch of their debut EP “Life gets in the way” at the Noosa Jazz festival. for lovers of John Butler, The Ben Eaton Trio are a must-see live act commanding attention wherever they play. Ben Eaton joined by Chris Gilbert on bass and Michael Grabbe on drums combine blues, jazz, soul and funk into a heady mix of high energy beats. Their second EP “The Hunger” shot straight to No1 on the Reverbnation alternative charts for Queensland even before its official release in 2011. Their new album “The Animal Inside” is receiving rave reviews and is available on iTunes.

MUTANTEER It’s not everyday that lovers of live music get to witness something bright, shiny and new on the scene, but the day you witness a Mutanteer performance will be that day. Experimental music is a term used widely to describe a range of alternative sounds and is a genre that is making its unique presence felt more and more in the mainstream. This dynamic young performer Alex (Sleepy) Morrison conjures up instrumental magic right before unsuspecting eyes and ears. It can be tricky to track down a Mutanteer gig so best bet is to like him on facebook. Just Google Mutanteer.

THE GOOD SHIP Sailing ahead in popularity The Good Ship may not be performing small venues for very much longer. Having just finished appearances at the festival of the Sun and falls festival Byron Bay, 2014 is promising to be another stellar year for the super troop. However they will now be one member lighter after the recent announcement of founding member Captain Darryl (Daz) Gray’s decision to disembark The Good Ship and go ashore for good. His contribution will be greatly missed. To keep abreast of all upcoming gigs make sure you Like The Good Ship on facebook and when you are at one of their gigs anchor yourself in the front row for the show of your life. your next chance for a sighting of The Good Ship will be at the Bearded Lady in West End on January 10.

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


CD Reviews adam hole adam hole Collection Vol 1 When you look at the album cover you would be forgiven for thinking you were about to hear something from Pantera or steel Panther. What you actually get is a soulful blues with strong, rich guitar sounds that is both unique and familiar. the vocals seem to play second fiddle but it works well, showing a strong, driving instrument backbone. With a mix of covers and adam’s originals, the majority of tracks feel like Jeff healey Band meets Cream. these influences are strong but there is more than plenty of the artist’s individual flavour. the standout track for me is ‘Not expendable’. It’s like a bluegrass pop with a smidge of progrock. I will definitely be finding the album this song originates from. a good blues collection, certainly worth having in your playlist. aBBY sKYe

Rogues of the sea Rogues of the sea


the CReases I Won’t Wait (single)

dd dumBo dd dumbo eP

the Creases’ new single has a very laid back sixties surf vibe, complete with jangly guitars and harmonised backing vocals. a catchy hook and smooth feel will have it turning up as earworm for some time to come. Cat aNdeRsoN

d.d. dumbo aka oliver Perry’s first track and single ‘tropical oceans’ transports the listener to the mississippi whilst infusing the sound with amazing african rhythms. the eP also provides a haunting rendition of Roy orbison’s ‘Crying’. Keep your eye on this guy. IaN PIX

these young dudes really know how to make an entrance. the albums first track “City of gold”, demonstrates a luminous lyric pattern driven along by a catchy drum beat that keeps the head pleasantly bobbing about. “ghosts Inside a frame”, instantly keeps the audience guessing with a strong synthy track while maintaining the catchy beat. there is a foreboding darkness to the album presented through earthy rhythms, cool harmonies and strong lyrics. “letter for lillian” has a stronger beat but maintains the intense lyricism consistent throughout the album. You can tell that the band has a lot of foundational work to do as a band but their strong lyrical presence and willingness to push moody boundaries are sure to impress in the future. If the band is able to build a strong fan base that approaches the intricacies of the lyrics and dark vibes this band is sure to go a long way. Impressive start guys. IaN PIX

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

talks to PHIL MONSOUR late 2011 to film the Ghosts of Deir Yassin video clip in the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

So how did you connect up with Mohamed Youssef? We first connected through the formation of Artists against Apartheid - Australia and discovered we shared a lot of similar musical interests and social concerns. We continued to connect at a number of concerts and events in Sydney that we both performed at. In 2012 he performed at my Sydney CD launch for the album Ghosts of Deir Yassin and he joined me on stage for the first time. We resolved here to do something more substantial together. Mohamed has also come up to Queensland and performed solo and with various ensembles at Woodford.

What made you want to support this cause? I guess my background led me to a long term interest and connection to these people and their region. I have found music a powerful way of sharing this interest and often reaching audiences with little knowledge of the current situation.

I collected heaps of music, classical, popular and contemporary and have always had it in the back of my mind to explore the influence in my own music. The word Guitar has its origins in Arab -“QITAR”

It’s a crazy cool instrument, the oud, would you call yourself an oud master like Mohamed?

It is very exciting to be working with the Oud on this latest recording.

He is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets and has taught and mentored some of our most prominent oud players. I find his performances and mastery of the instrument captivating. It really is a sublime experience to listen to him perform. Unfortunately my skills on the instrument are limited.

The funds have been sent to assist refugees in Lebanon from the war in Syria. There are about 1 million people in freezing conditions in a country of about 3.5 million people with very limited resources. Many of the people who have fled Syria are already refugees from Palestine.

Have you been interested in eastern music in the past or is this something new? I have always been fascinated by the oud and had an interest in Arabic music, growing up with the influence from my parents and the various Arabic music records they would listen to such as Fairuz, (a Lebanese singer who is among the most widely admired and deeply respected in the Arab world). On various trips to the Middle East


What is the fundraiser all about?

I have been fundraising for Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA for a number of years through concerts and by donating a percentage of CD sales from the last two albums. APHEDA is the overseas development agency of Australia Council of Trade Unions. In 2010 I travelled on a study tour with APHEDA to the Middle East visiting Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine/ Israel and saw first-hand how this assistance is used. Most of the songs on the Ghosts of Deir Yassin were written after this trip. I returned in


In relation to this current appeal I have a large extended family in Lebanon and this has given me a personal connection to the terrible problems unfolding there. My family’s village is close to the Syrian border. Anything we should be looking out from you in the New Year? We are looking forward to completing the new album. This recording has an acoustic flavour with limited use of the full drum kit, focusing more on the djembe and features Mohamed and the oud on seven of the songs. The mix of western styles and some eastern sounds is starting to develop and provide an interesting context for my lyrics. Anything to mouth off about? Keeping it together, trying something new, singing stories about people ignored and forgotten, and keeping it enjoyable.


Phil-Monsour-Band/213390992033614 mideast/pages/1364435318_24687.html

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014




his month saw the start of a collaboration between the New Globe Theater and John Meyer (Good ship, Bertie Page Clinic) to present local acts in an acoustic/cut-down version of their regular shows. “if it sounds good around a campfire, it must be a good song” - that’s what Campfire Test is all about. Take away everything else and you’re left with a songwriter communicating something directly to you with their voice, guitar, piano. You know a song is a good song when you hear it without all the bells and whistles of a band or studio production. “ said John. The first two sessions, run on a Wednesday night in the foyer bar at the New Globe Theater, featured a mix of some of Brisbane’s best young (and not so young) bands and artists. A mix of country, light rock, indie and urban

groove - there’s something for most tastes. sometimes solo artists, sometimes cut down versions of your favourite bands, whatever the case it’s a chance to hear the songs stripped back and in the raw. More intimate, and maybe a little less refined, these shows have all the signs of being “must see” nights for anyone interested in great live music. As always, the Globe has done itself proud - for a small space the sound is outstanding. Artists so far have included : John Meyer (with a special guest spot by Bertie Page), Jane Cameron (Whiskey Archive) and Phil smith, David Beattie (Anti-Thesis), Megan Cooper, switchblade suzie, Ben Tilney and Alex Miller (street Pieces). Campfire Test resumes Wednesday 8th January 2014. Don’t miss it! BruCe heATh Right: John Meyer All pics by Bruce Heath

Top: Switchblade Suzie Bottom left: Ben Tilney and Alex Miller Bottom right: Megan Cooper


MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014



here’s a real sense of anticipation as I walk into The Zoo. It’s two hours before headliners Pond are due to hit the stage but this 500-capacity venue is already almost full. The show is a sell out and a quick look at The Zoo’s Facebook page shows there are plenty of Brisbane punters who wish they had a ticket. The excitement is understandable – Perth psychedelic rockers Pond have a reputation as an awesome live band and the line-up features three members of Grammy nominated outfit Tame Impala, including charismatic frontman Nick Allbrook. No wonder British music bible NMe named Pond ‘hottest New Band in the World’ last year.

Tonight’s crowd are up for a good time with whoever is on stage. When opening support act Peter Bibby strikes up his first chords, the area around the stage is heaving – there’s little of the usual hanging around at the back near the bar. It’s saturday night and people are here to party. Perth native Bibby is a pleasant surprise. his storytelling folk rock is a departure from the other, noticeably heavier, acts on the bill but it’s full of humour and really works in this setting. he is even joined by Pond’s Nick Allbrook, who does an admirable job on drumming duties. If anything, the crowd has swelled further for second support act Doctopus – also from Perth. These guys amp up the volume with their heavy

garage rock and start a ra in the crowd. Although st infectious I Don’t Wanna enjoying their first time in Frontman stephen Bellai and he enthusiastically n state high school.

By the time Pond hit the s packed like sardines dow the heat under the lights of the Perth six-piece. Dim Nick Allbrook is a joy to b in stature, he makes up fo enthusiasm.

Pond are touring to prom


ash of head banging tandout track is the Be here, they’re clearly n Brisbane as a band. ir grew up in Brisbane name checks sunnybank

hobo rocket, so the set features most of the songs from this seven-track LP. Poppy Xanman gets an early airing, as does the trippy, expletive laden O Dharma. however, it’s the slow-building Whatever happened To The Million head Collide and single Giant Tortoise that get the loudest reaction from the audience.

Pond’s acclaimed 2012 album Beard, Wives, Denim also features prominently. The low key You Broke My Cool is well received but the real audience love is reserved for Fantastic explosion Of Time and Leisure Pony. The crowd go nuts for these two infectious, driving rock songs, which showcase Pond at their best.

stage, the crowd are wn the front, enduring s to get the best view minutive frontman behold. What he lacks or in energy and sheer

Pond are definitely a band to see live. They sound so much heavier and more vital in the intimate setting of The Zoo compared to on record. Around half way through the set, Nick Allbrook is feeling the effects of the summer heat (Dear The Zoo, some air con would be nice), exclaiming that it’s the ‘hottest I’ve ever’ been. You can’t tell though – the intensity of the show just keeps building.

The set ends with the cacophony of noise that is eye Pattern Blindness and gives Nick Allbrook the chance to join the crowd surfers in the heaving mass of bodies in front of his stage.

mote their latest album

Perth is over 4,000km from Brisbane but tonight – thanks to Pond and friends – its music scene is firmly on the map. ANDreW DAWsON

Tumbleweed + KADAVAR + B TEMPO B


o the call goes out: “hey Jae - come out and see if tumbleweed can still rock it like they did in the 90’s” . eveready for a challenge I accept and head down to the tempo. the room is rapidly filling up with hard rock enthusiasts and tonight they will not be disappointed.

longtime fans of the group and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. the show commences with a few old numbers and then jumps into the new tracks from ‘sounds from the other side’ with no imperceptible difference. It’s as if the guys picked up where they left off in the 90s.

supporting tumbleweed are three other bands, sun God Replica, Blues Pills and Kadavar in that order. sun God Replica, a three-piece from Melbourne use guitar effects that are out of the ordinary to my ears. there are moments when the guitar sounds more like a pipe organ than a guitar. the drummer is also impressing me as he chimes in with pitch-perfect harmonies while all limbs are firing to produce complicated rolls.

I spoke to lead singer Richard Lewis recently and he said that after their album Galactaphonic the band changed and went in different directions and then finally broke up. Richard said that getting back into the studio to record ‘sounds from the other side’ did feel like they were picking up from where they were after Galactophonic.

Blues Pills are up next and the lady out front, elin Larsson, is a sight and sound to behold. she and the Findlay sisters of stonefield fame share a similar look but the voice is just something else and the presence on stage is Janis Joplinesque. this is hard psych rock at its finest and the audience is eating it up. the third band tonight is Kadavar and they are a jaw dropping experience of immense proportions. the relentless bass haze overlaid with bright lead guitar licks is a wonderful blend of sound. If you see Kadavar advertised in a line up and you are a lover of heavy rock then definitely get out to see them; no disappointment will be experienced. the crowd is absolutely pumped now for the main act tonight. Many who are here this evening have been

tumbleweed tonight leave us in no doubt that they can indeed still rock as hard and as long as they ever did. the crowd is not letting them get off the stage tonight, calling them back for two encores and even though they are exhausted they politely and obediently oblige us. tonight we are treated to at least an hour and half of Weed. Richard does not stop dancing from the moment he takes the stage. his ‘inflatable man’ type movements enhance the performance and assists everyone to cut loose and simply enjoy themselves. the band seem to genuinely care that no one goes home tonight without feeling satisfied. It’s interesting to consider that tonight may not have happened had it not been for a few sets of circumstances. one where a former manager was contacting each member of the band to garner interest to perform



MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

at homebak result. Next a ‘Where are Richard was the final co Paul hausm Richard exp the band ap get the ban if they still h they did and been missin

songs from tion that ca which broug of ’What are that all the m the decision from there.

speaking to says it is nic stress of for have other s something t show. soun purchase on were presse Richard has they always

Blues Pills + Sun God Replica BAR 5 DECEMBER PICS: IAN PIX


ke 2009 and receiving a flat, non-positive t coincidence was when a journalist wrote e they now’ piece that wrongly suggested s the reason the band remained disbanded. oincidence was a chance meeting between meister and Richard at a restaurant where plained that it wasn’t him who was keeping part. From that conversation they decided to nd back together for a practice session to see had a sound. they quickly discovered that d what is more they all realised what had ng in their lives for that past decade.

m the other side was born out of a realisaame about after a few return appearances ght the band to the inevitable cross roads e we actually doing?’ the answer confirmed members were enjoying playing again so n to write new material was an obvious one

o Richard about touring this time around he ce to just be able to play for the fun of it. the rmer times is not there now that the band sources of income so the music remains they do for fun and that spirit infuses their nds from the other side is available for n limited edition vinyl. only 500 albums ed so jump in a grab one before they all go. s been quoted as saying it was the album s wanted to make. JAe sALMoN

Tumbleweed (above and right)

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


All pics: Greg Elkenhans


wArd-wiNNiNg six-piece reggae/dub band from Brisbane, Kingfisha, combine Jamaican rhythms and their distinctive ability to craft songs that create a unique sound. Kingfisha’s selftitled debut album was recorded and produced by Pauli B (Beautiful girls, george) at the Tanuki Lounge in Brisbane’s west End. released in 2012 the album was eight years in the making from the first demos laid down in 2004 by the three founding members of the band. winning the QMusic award for best Blues/roots contribution for 2013 with their track Fallen Empire, Kingfisha are well worthy of a spot in the top five of your “Must See Live” list.


MouthZoff JANUARY 2014

The WhatZon gig guide is TOTALLY FREE! – list your shows for nothing! Just head to for details for details

January 2014 DATE 08 JAN 08 JAN 08 JAN 08 JAN 09 JAN 09 JAN 09 JAN 09 JAN 09 JAN 09 JAN 09 JAN 10 JAN 10 JAN 10 JAN 10 JAN 10 JAN

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DeAfheAveN JessiCA MAuboy the strAy the boys of suMMer w/ blessthefAll, like Moths to flAMes, the Color MorAle pArAMore, you Me At six, tweNty oNe pilots DAughters the buZZbees DeADlights, heiress, Dire wolf, the brAve, DeAD wolves toM CooNey spyNDrift Mi-sex wAAx wehrMACht, grAve, priMAte Mi-sex kiNgswooD, CAlliNg All CArs MusiC by the seA festivAl w/ slAvA AND Zivko, the uNusuAl suspeCts, twADros trio, Cole & vAN DiJk, lAique, the soJourNers, Joseph tAwADros trio, solA voCe ChAMber Choir AND More iNheArtswAke, hAND of MerCy, hellioNs the gooD ship, uNDersCore orkestrA, NuNChukkA superfly, hits, (_fAt_), le MurD MerCury suN, hugo sliDe JuliAN MArley & the uprisiNg, NAtAlie pA’ApA’A, pAuA, JuggAriZZA, tuff tuMAs, DJ bAsMAti Mi-sex the CriMsoN proJekCt luCky brADforD kArNivool, DeAD letter CirCus, sleepMAkeswAves kiNgswooD, CAlliNg All CArs iNheArtswAke, hAND of MerCy, hellioNs MelANie horsNell MAyheM kArNivool, DeAD letter CirCus, sleepMAkeswAves kiNgswooD, CAlliNg All CArs lou DoilloN questioN everythiNg the bAby ANiMAls D At seA lilly wooD AND the priCk rottiNg Christ, the AMeNtA AND terrA AustrAlis thoMAs CAlDer kiM ChurChill sArAh blAsko borN of osiris, After the buriAl Misfits

CrowbAr eMpire theAtre the Zoo

fortituDe vAlley toowooMbA fortituDe vAlley

the rev brisbANe eNtertAiNMeNt CeNtre CrowbAr the Zoo CrowbAr blACk beAr loDge the JoyNt wooMbye pub the Zoo the hi fi eAtoNs hill hotel the NortherN

fortituDe vAlley booNDAll fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley south brisbANe wooMbye fortituDe vAlley west eND AlbANy Creek byroN bAy

sANDgAte towN hAll sANDs tAverN beArDeD lADy priNCe of wAles hotel the Zoo

sANDgAte MArooChyDore west eND NuNDAh fortituDe vAlley

the AreNA CoolANgAttA hotel the hi-fi the Zoo rNA showgrouNDs the teMpo yAC blACk beAr loDge the hi fi CoolANgAttA hotel solbAr powerhouse theAtre the Zoo CoolANgAttA hotel blACk box theAtre powerhouse theAtre CrowbAr blACk beAr loDge solbAr st JohN’s CAtheDrAl the teMpo the Zoo

fortituDe vAlley CoolANgAttA west eND fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley byroN bAy fortituDe vAlley west eND CoolANgAttA MArooChyDore New fArM fortituDe vAlley CoolANgAttA NAMbour New fArM fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley MArooChyDore brisbANe City fortituDe vAlley fortituDe vAlley

DATE 17 JAN 17 JAN 17 JAN 17 JAN 17 JAN 17 JAN 17 JAN 17 JAN 18 JAN 18 JAN 18 JAN 18 JAN 18 JAN 18 JAN

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BorN of osiris, After the BuriAl eyehAtegod PAPA Pilko ANd the BiNrAts the Aussie AlterNAtive W/ helm, triNAtyde, guArds of mAy, stellAr greeN kim ChurChill iCehouse, models missioN X mutiNy ABBy skye kim ChurChill iCehouse, models mAJor lAZer & sNooP lioN trAiNsPotters W/ the steveNs little dAy iN W/ eAteN By dogs, mAX sAvAge ANd the fAlse idols, lA BAstArd, PAPA Pilko ANd the BiN rAts, flAP!, stellA ANgeliCo, kirA Puru ANd the Bruise, CAsh sAvAge ANd the lAst driNks, gAy PAris, Juke BAritoNe ANd the sWAmP dogs d At seA the lumiNeers felguk mudhoNey, feedtime, grAvel sAmWidge ABBy skye duo viCki o’keefe kim ChurChill steveNs Big dAy out W/ PeArl JAm, ArCAde fire, BeAdy eye, deftoNes, the hives, sNooP dogg, mAJor lAZer, steve ANgello, flume, the lumiNeers, Primus, tAme imPAlA, vistA ChiNo, Bliss N eso, 360, the droNes, Css, grouPlove, mAC miller, PeZ, kerser, dilloN frANCis, flosstrAdAmus, PortugAl. the mAN, toro y moi, BlueJuiCe, the NAked ANd fAmous, ghost, mudhoNey, CosmiC PsyChos, the 1975, NorthlANe, rufus, Big gigANtiC, kiNgsWood, Bo NiNgeN, the Algorithm, dZ deAthrAys, PekiNg duk, violeNt soho, the JuNgle giANts, looN lAke, All the Colours, BeN morris the Wolfe toNes We Are sCieNtists glokeNsPiel kim ChurChill tyroNe NooNAN & Pludo lAidBACk luke AviCii the BAskervilliANs, deAd ZePhyr, mAlo ZimA, the holloW drums tyroNe NooNAN & Pludo the mistAeks heAdhuNterZ - hArd With style tour the Butterfly effeCt, helm, eNgiNe the mistAeks AustrAliA dAy JAZZ luNCh Cruise AustrAliA dAy ft hoodoo gurus, you Am i, BusBy mArou, JeBediAh, good oAk, NAt duNN hANds like houses White summer keN striNgfelloW & Chris stAmey lemuriA PeriPhery

199 (All-Ages) the hi-fi the JoyNt

SUBURB West eNd West eNd south BrisBANe

the NeW gloBe theAtre the souNdlouNge southPort rsl elePhANt Arms the Zoo BreeZes BAr, tWiN toWNs BoN AmiCi CAfe eAtoNs hill hotel rNA shoWgrouNds grANd CeNtrAl hotel

fortitude vAlley CurrumBiN southPort fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley tWeed heAds tooWoomBA AlBANy Creek fortitude vAlley BrisBANe City

the JoyNt the lAB the tivoli the hi fi the Zoo elePhANt Arms kedroN WAvell serviCes CluB BlACk BeAr lodge greeNsloPes BoWliNg CluB

south BrisBANe BrisBANe City fortitude vAlley West eNd fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley kedroN fortitude vAlley greeNsloPes

metriCoN stAdium & CArrArA PArklANds tivoli theAtre the Zoo the Zoo the NortherN the Zoo fAmily NightCluB riverstAge

gold CoAst fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley ByroN BAy fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley BrisBANe City

the NeW gloBe theAtre AlBANy Creek tAverN the Zoo the hi fi CoolANgAttA hotel the Zoo kookABurrA river Criuses

fortitude vAlley AlBANy Creek fortitude vAlley West eNd CoolANgAttA fortitude vAlley eAgle st Pier

eAtoNs hill hotel CroWBAr riCs BAr BlACk BeAr lodge X ANd y BAr the hi-fi

AlBANy Creek fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley fortitude vAlley West eNd

dreNge, eArL sweATshirT, four TeT, frighTeNed rAbbiT, hAiM, JAgwAr MAr, JAMie XX, kiNg kruLe, DATEkiriN ARTIST VENUE J CALLiNAN, kurT viLe, Lorde, MouNT kiMbie, MT wArNiNg, PArqueT CourTs, ruN The JeweLs, 31 JAN sAvAges, The sCeNiC, MisTAeksThe growL, The JezAbeLs, uNkowN The LofT (ChevroN isLANd) 31 JAN MorTAL LANewAy fesTivAL w/ AdALiTA, AuTre Ne veuT, orChesTrA, vANCe Joy, wArPAiNT, XXyyXX, youThCAshMere LAgooN CAT, CAss MCCoMbs, ChvrChes, rNA showgrouNds CLoud CoNTroL, dANNy browN, dAughTer, diCk diver, dreNge, eArL sweATshirT, four TeT, frighTeNed rAbbiT, hAiM, JAgwAr MAr, JAMie XX, kiNg kruLe, kiriN J CALLiNAN, kurT viLe, Lorde, MouNT kiMbie, MT wArNiNg, PArqueT CourTs, ruN The JeweLs, sAvAges, sCeNiC, The growL, The JezAbeLs, uNkowN MorTAL orChesTrA, vANCe Joy, wArPAiNT, XXyyXX, youTh LAgooN

s w e N s Blue

rNA showgrouNds

s w e N s e Blu

2014 promises to be an exciting year for blues fans. We enjoyed the top US acts, Robert Cray, Taj Mahal and Shuggie Otis in the 2013 Byron Bluesfest side gigs at the Tivoli Theatre. 2014 artiststoannouncements 2014 promises be an exciting yearEarl for blues fans.Dukes, We enjoyed are: Steve and The Allenthe top US acts, Robert Cray, Taj Stone, KC & The Sunshine Band. Mahal Get Otisbird in the 2013offer Byron in quickand forShuggie the early ticket Bluesfest side gigs at the Tivoli which is great value for money.

Theatre. 2014 artists announcements

are: Steve2014 Earl and 17-19 January seesThe theDukes, year Allen Stone, KC & The Sunshine Band. Get kick off with a bang. Thredbo Blues in quick for the early bird ticket Festival celebrates its 20th Anni- offer is great value for money. versary.which A star studded line-up with 17-19 January 2014 sees the year kick off with a bang. Thredbo Blues Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary. A star studded line-up with

Queensland’s own Kevin Borich, Hat Fitz and Cara plus Nick Charles and Doc Span.

SUBURB surfers PArAdise

forTiTude vAL

forTiTude vALLey

the region, particularly the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in January. Check out the gig guides in the free local street press available at music outlets, venues and cafes.

On the local scene, the New Globe Theatre recently opened in the Valley Queensland’s Kevin region, particularly the Gold and it is givingown blues fansBorich, a realHat treat theWe are enjoying a resurgence in live Fitz and Cara plus Nick Charles and and Sunshine Coasts in January. of top blues artists. On Sun 12 Janublues it will continue Doc Span. outmusic the gigand guides in the free if ary, Brodie Graham band has a single Check it is supported. There are plenty local street press available at music of Onvideo the local scene,Brodie the New and launch. is aGlobe young outlets, venues featuring blues artists with venues and cafes. recently opened in the Valley upTheatre and coming blues guitarist. He has free entry. Take advantage of that and it is giving blues fans a real treat are enjoying a resurgence in live been invited to sit in with some of the Webecause it can only be encouraged by of top blues artists. On Sun 12 Janublues music and it will continue if top blues guitarists in the country. if the people come.of ary, Brodie Graham band has a single it isvenues supported. There are plenty and video launch. is a young There are plenty ofBrodie local and tourvenues featuring blues artists with and coming He has free entry. Take advantage of that ingupblues artistsblues to seeguitarist. throughout been invited to sit in with some of the top blues guitarists in the country. There are plenty of local and touring blues artists to see throughout

s d n la w o R e v Da

because it can only be encouraged by venues if the people come.

Dave Rowlands

talks to

Nina and Ken from



ew band Tiger Street (named after the very Ipswich street that two members call home) are representative of the highly individualistic musical acts coming from this sun-baked corner of the world.

about playing well enough together to capture some kind of magic.”

I catch up with singer Nina Florence and guitarist Ken weaver on a hot summer Sunday in a local watering hole located on, you guessed it, Tiger Street.

The result is a blend of filigreedelicate acoustic ballads with an appealing lo-fi feel, complete with tape hiss and ambient background noise. There’s also a secret bonus track on each disc which could be one of around 12 songs randomly placed on the CD.

we chat about their debut eP Good Crazy, which was created with spontaneity brought about by little more than sheer naïveté! “we recorded everything at home, just to experience actual recording,” Ken says matter-of-factly about the band’s greenness. “It was really just

CD Review

“But I find the music I like the most isn’t overly produced,” Nina enthuses. “You can watch someone just playing to a microphone on YouTube and there’s magic in it.”

“we actually recorded those songs on iPhone, so you can hear birds in the background!” says Ken. And while it captures the stripped back essence of a Tiger Street live

performance, the experience of seeing the band perform is surprisingly diverse, with three core members but an ever-floating array of guest musicians and singers. “Tiger Street is more a project or a community than a band,” Ken explains. “Various people who want an outlet to perform can utilise Tiger Street to let their voice be heard.” These include Miss Gertrude, who injects some old school soul grit to Tiger Street performances, and an array of musicians, lyricists and visual artists. Good Crazy is available as a limited edition eP (with surprise random bonus track!) by contacting the band at www.facebook/tigerstreet or

visual artists to be part of their collective. For the simple thrill of recording their own music, they have released this limited edition eP with a collection of tunes as well as one of 12 Sometimes bands spend years perfecting their random hidden bonus tracks. This is a raw but craft so they can get something pricey and accurate sonic document of one aspect of their sonically perfect recorded and released as their sound, namely their hushed jazz-folk element. debut finely crafted recording. Other times, Live gigs also come alive with up-tempo pop you get scruffy, organic outfits like Ipswich’s Ti- and soul belters, but this disc provides a gentle ger Street who revolve around three members entry point into the group’s sound. Ranging but can have multiple players and vocalists from the personal to the political, Good Crazy on stage and an open, collaborative spirit that is a low-key gem. MATT THROweR allows musicians, non-musicians, writers and

TIGeR STReeT Good Crazy (EP)

MouthZoff JANUARY 2014


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