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Keywords used: accident attorney Philadelphia & injury attorney PA Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer Now Accepting Shoulder & Knee Injury Cases this February Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer, is pleased to announce that he is now accepting shoulder and knee injury cases this February. The accident attorney of Philadelphia serves injured individuals in his Philadelphia and Voorhees offices. Day-to-day life can be affected by a joint injury. They can come out of nowhere, and if not treated appropriately, can cause major issues down the road. If an individual has suffered an injury that has cause shoulder or knee pain, it is important to contact Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer, for professional legal advice. He can answer legal questions involved with the injury and help clients prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. When faced with an injury, individuals begin to worry about many things like how they will pay their medical bills, lost wages from being out of work and most importantly, what their future has in store. Debilitating injuries happen to thousands of Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents each year. Rand Spear, the injury attorney of PA, works hard to assist clients with securing financial compensation for their injury. Clients who have been represented by Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer in the past, have suffered such shoulder and knee injuries as torn rotator cuffs, dislocated shoulders and ACL/MCL/PCL tears. Whether these injuries were sustained in a premise liability accident, or car accident, Rand Spear has done his best to win each case. Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents owe it to themselves to seek legal assistance for their injuries. In order to receive the best medical care possible, they must consider turning to Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer, for assistance. To speak with someone from the Pennsylvania office, call 215-985-2424. To speak with someone from the New Jersey office, call 856-9854663. About Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer Spear & Greenfield, P.C. is a personal injury litigation firm, which handles most varieties of personal injuries including those resulting from automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, workers compensation and social security disability. Spear & Greenfield attorneys are licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To learn more visit, or call 855-529-9920 today.

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